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This is loosely based on a true story. Most of the details have been changed, but like I said, same concept. This is how I fell for an Unexpected Lover. Enjoy :)
It was the summer I turned 19, headed off to college, and began a new life. Kristy, my former girlfriend, and I had separated after 9 months of dating, and I was ready for something new. My entire life I was determined to date your typical American dream. Tall, blonde, big boobs, and even bigger smile. My Uncle Max, knowing this, introduced me to a dating website as a joke to check out the “desperate horny guys,” just to see how crazy these guys were for a hookup. Free entertainment, laughing and harassing desperate guys, and feeling better that I wasn’t quite THAT needy for affection yet.

Late one night I got a message from a guy Brock. Unlike most of the guys, he was my age and appeared to be somewhat decent, so I started talking to him. I kind of, surprisingly, liked him. Just friends, obviously, though. I mean, I AM straight after all.

Weeks go by and I find myself caught up in classes and the social aspect of clubs, especially after becoming president of a small social group on campus. Up until now, I haven’t liked coffee, as it makes me spaz out, and I really like being able to control myself. Like most college students, you find yourself breaking at some point in the semester and loving that black battery-like backup. I guess I have to blame this story on coffee. And my Uncle’s sick sense of humor.

Weeks go by, past midterms, and I find myself walking into a coffee shop in a local outdoor mall. Its mid October and starting to cool down, and I wrap my jacket around me as I head for the door. The wind teases my blond hair into a cute mess. I brush it back into a uniform shape and open the door.

Stopping short as I take off my glasses, I notice the guy sitting at a table straight in front of me. My stomach flips, suddenly nervous. Wondering if it really could be him, and thinking he’s actually cuter in person. Wait. WHAT? I shake my head and make my way to the counter as he looks up, making eye contact for a brief second.

Standing in line, staring for a very long time at the menu on the wall, I feel someone standing beside me. They let out a sigh, as if trying to muster up courage to do something daring. “Um…you must be Cameron?” a nervous voice says, and I look over, staring straight into the bluest eyes I have ever seen.

I shake my head, realizing I was right. It was Brock. Pictures did this guy no justice. I stammer “H-h-hiii!” I laugh nervously and extend my hand. “Nice to meet you!”

I order some coffee and we make some small talk as we sit at a round table. Every time he smiles I get butterflies. Its so strange. We talk for hours, then realizing the time, make out way out to the cars to go our separate ways. Strange meeting, but pleasant. It seemed as if we had known each other for a lifetime. I nervously extend my hand, not sure about how I’m feeling, and knowing Im probably the only one with strange feelings.

A week later we plan to hang out. We walk the local mall again, and find ourselves sitting on a bench and joking about a local massage parlor and what that must be like. My mind keeps running, fantasizing what it would be like to rub his soft, pale skin. Wondering what those firm abs must really look like with out a shirt, but mostly lost in a dream of touch. I’m brought back when he laughs, pointing at a little kid freaking out over a stuffed animal. I glance at his arm as he rubs it, wishing that was my hand instead of his.

After a few hours we make our way back to our cars, hug, and go our separate ways. Over the next month my mind kept drifting to what it would be like to touch him. To feel his soft skin. Finally, I get the courage to tell him we need to talk. Four days later, he’s sitting on my couch in my college apartment, us finally alone.

“Brock…I don’t know how to tell you this but I…I kinda…” I lower my head, not sure of how to put it. His face twists, giving him an adorable confused look. He brushes a loose strand of dirty blonde hair from his eye. My eyes meet his, not sure of how to say it.

He nods his head and slides over closer to me. “What’s up bud?” he says softly, is arm around me, rubbing my arm. This only makes me more nervous. I finally tell him everything. What I thought, felt, everything.

A small smile slips past his lips. “I feel the same way Cameron,” he confesses.

I look up shocked. “Really?!” I blurt out in complete disbelief.

“Yeah, really.” He nods. “Since I met you I have had the biggest crush on you. Just wasn’t sure you liked me.”
I shake my head, confused now more than ever. “Its just hard you know? I mean…I’m straight right?” I say, lost in confusion, things now worse than I thought. I cannot date the guy. My family would kill me.

In a soft whisper I hear him say, “I really wanted to kiss you the other day but I settled for the hug.”

I stare into his sparkling blue eyes. “Being honest,” I say slowly, ”I’ve never been kissed.”

“No way! Haha” Brocks laugh mesmerizing. “You look like such a ladies man!”

I shrug. “I wanna kiss you too. Its just…” I trail off. He rubs my leg, trying to calm me down. “I don’t know how.

“I can show you silly!” He says as he rubs my hair, making it a mess. I playfully glare at him as I try to make it look decent again. Then nod.

“OK Coach.” I wink. My tongue makes a lap around my lips in playful seduction as I stand up to face him. I stick it out and giggle “Player one: Ready!” I grab my crotch. “Player 2! “Then pause and giggle nervously, “He’s not quite ready!” I giggle. I make a face like a duck, sticking my lips out ridiculously far and leaning over him. He laughs and I respond, “Hey I’m nervous cut me some slack! First timer here!” I sit back down beside him and nudge him with my elbow.

Brock’s mouth slowly curls into a grin as I speak, and by the time im sitting by him hes fighting back exploding from pure happiness. “You’re too cute Cameron!” he giggles, then wraps his arms around me, pulling me in. “When it happens, it happens buddy.”

“It happens,” I whisper as I tilt his chin so he looks at me, then slowly kiss his soft warm lips, “now,” I saw after our lips part and smile. He stares at me for what seems life forever. My hands slip down his back, under his black t-shirt, and start to finally feel that soft skin. He lets out a sigh.

“I love you so much Cam,” he breathes, his arms around my neck as he pulls me in for another kiss. Stopping short, he winks, “This is how we make out.”

Out tongues fight back and forth, both giggling at the silliness of the whole thing, then getting serious, our lips lock. His shirt slips easily off his head as I stare at his firm stomach. I run a hand down it, stopping just above his jeans. He looks straight into my mischievous green eyes, pushes me on my back, arms over my head, and runs his hands under my shirt.
He rubs my nipples till they’re firm, then removes my tight shirt. Leaning over, he kisses each one, and teases them with a wet, ticklish tongue. I giggle as I wrap my legs around him playfully, my hands exploring lower and lower down his smooth back.

He pauses for a moment to kiss me, then resumes as I slip my hands under his jeans to feel the warm, firm, cute boy’s butt. He giggles, then asks how it feels. Its soft.

He kisses down my stomach, my hands now beside me, and stops at my jeans snap. They undo slowly, one button at a time, until I spring lose, my green boxers standing at attention. The warmth of his breath drives me mad as his tongue licks the fabric before he pulls them off, leaving me naked on the couch.

“Let’s go to my room,” I pant, sitting up and grabbing his hand. I grab the pile of clothes and lead him in, shutting and locking the door behind us. He gently pushes me onto the bed, then kisses my hard cock. His mouth is warm and his tongue swirling around the head drives me mad. My back arches and I moan softly. My fingers brush through his thick hair as my toes curl.

With his right hand, he slowly slips off his boxers and jeans. His cock is about the same size as mine, though its much bigger than I imagined from the outline I saw the other day. Perfect.

Sliding over me, Brock brushes his hardening dick against mine as we kiss. I wrap around him and roll on top. Sliding down, I take his now throbbing cock in my hand and move my mouth closer.

“Take it slow. No pressure now” He says, gently placing a hand on my head as I attempt to swallow his massive manhood. I bob up and down, deciding this is actually pretty good. I massage his testicles with my right hand, my left stroking the few inches I cannot take in my mouth. After a few moments, I pause for a breath and go in for another kiss.

Grabbing his pants, Brock pulls out a small tube of lube and rubs some on my cock. “You wanna go all the way?” he asks as his hand rubs up and down my pulsing veins.

I nod nervously and stand as he lays on his back and pulls his feet up, exposing his pink hole. I step forward, my cock head brushing his butt. My dick twitches in anticipation. My balls tighten. I look into his eyes, he smiles, and I slowly push.

A soft grunt escapes his mouth as the head slips in. I push slowly, millimeters at a time, until I am buried in this tight heaven. I grip his cock and stroke it a few times as I bend down to kiss him, letting him adjust. After letting out a deep breath. I pull out, until just the head is buried in his ass. Then slowly push in. Then back out. I watch as his testicles pull up and fall, as he is obviously enjoying this. I get harder at the thought.

My hips begin to move faster as I grab his legs and hold them open. I rub his stomach with one hand as I jerk him off with the other. After a few minutes I am fucking as hard as I can, and he pants with each thrust, an occasional moan of pleasure pushing me deeper and deeper. My balls tighten. My dick slips out just before orgasm. Its throbbing.

“Wanna switch?” he asks, stopping his furious jerking session. I bite my lip nervous. I heard this was painful but want to give him pleasure. I lay down and he kisses me, taking a handful of lube and soaking his cock. He pushes in.

I moan in pain, but its not too bad. He’s gentle. HE begins to move in and out very slowly, caressing my face. Rubbing my arms, legs, my body. Suddenly, I feel a wave of ecstasy . He giggles at my deep moan, “Someone likes it!” then grabs my legs and speeds up, giving my prostate a hard massage.

My balls tighten, dick throbs, and he continues to fuck faster and faster. Together we pant between long kisses. He finally pulls out and lays on top of me, grinding our dicks together. “I’m gonna cum,” he moans between breaths.

“Me too,” I sigh, “like now.” My cock twitches between his hand as he jerks us off together, our cocks grinding still. Soon a pool of white liquid surrounds us. “That was amazing.”

He grins, “Yeah babe.” And gives me one more passionate, tongue filled kiss.

We clean up then crash on a fresh set of sheets. In the morning I wake up and find him there, curled up in my arms. “I love you Brock,” I whisper as his eyes flutter open to the morning light. “Love you too Cam.”
From a coffeehouse one autumn day, I fell in love. Brock, my unexpected lover.

Based on a true story.
Any advice or ideas for plot on a sequel would be amazing and much appreciated. Hope yall enjoyed. If I can ask, please keep the comments free of hookup ads and all, especially if you are underage. Any comments on the story and ideas for another, if you would like one, would be awesome though! Thanks!

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very good story, can't wait to read more of your work

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You are an excellent writer. Keep writing!!! You made me cum from your sincere love.

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I agree! This one was great. Did the two of u continue the relationship through college? Would like to know more

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