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Little story I thought of about one of my chat buddies.
The day had been one of those crappy ones, a day which you would have wanted to end after two hours of working; everything had gone wrong since Dave got up. His coffee cup’s ear broke as he picked it up, fell on him, pouring scalding hot coffee all over his work clothes. He had to get dressed again; this made him five minutes late already, then his car didn’t want to start; he had to rush to make the bus and his five minutes became twenty minutes. The bus had to make a lot of stops and in the end Dave made it to the office an hour late. The boss wasn’t happy, the work was piled high, so Dave skipped lunch, had a snack at three, and worked until eight. It was a very long day; he was too late to catch the last bus and had to wait and see if he could get a taxi. Overall a very shitty day.

Once he got home, he had a look at his car and it started perfectly, at least it was the weekend and he decided that since he had such a bad day, he was going to go out to the club. He needed a beer or three. Getting changed he drove the seven blocks to the club, it was a nice place overall, they played great dancing music, the drinks was reasonably priced and they only stopped when the last person left. He paid his admittance fee, got the stamp on the back of his hand and went inside, the bartender was Lucy. They casually flirted and even though they were both single, it never went further than that. Dave never had thought about it, she had a killer body, clearly well-looked after, long red hair and she almost never wore any more make-up than red lipstick. Her blue eyes always seemed to light up when she saw him and at times she favoured him with a lovely smile, that smile flashed over her face as she saw him take a seat.

“Hey luv, usual?”

He nodded at her,

“Hey there lovely, keep one on the ice as well.”

She nodded and soon he sat with a cold beer, the next one lined up, but still in the fridge. She leaned on the counter, offering Dave and any other man in the vicinity a good look down her creamy cleavage.

“So what’s up? You look rather haggard tonight.”

Dave sighed and took a sip of his beer,

“Had a real crappy day.”

He quickly recapped the day and she tutted, shaking her head,

“Tell you what luv, you can have a shot on me tonight OK?”

Dave chuckled,

“Thanks Lu, but I’ll pay this evening if that’s OK with you.”

She flashed him a smile,

“Looking for something more?”

He made a show of ogling her firm breasts,

“Hmmm perhaps, I usually get my inspirations from visuals.”

She laughed and moved to another customer, Dave finished his beer; he took the next one with him as he headed for the dance floor. He took a seat at one of the tables lining the edge of the dance floor, there weren’t a lot of people dancing and that was probably why the girl immediately caught his attention. She wore black knee length boots, a black mini and as she was dancing with her back to him, he could only see that the top had an open back and was sleeveless, the back was cut so low, he was sure she wore no bra at all. She was dancing alone, clearly enjoying the music, her long black hair moving along with her as she shook her head. Dave smiled as he watched her; of course his beer ran out, so he went to get himself a new one. When he returned she was gone, so he watched the other people as they danced, it was fun and he also caught a few moves as he watched them.

He was drawing to the end of his beer when he saw her again; she came to the floor and found a spot close to his table. He could see the top more clearly now, it was loose in the front, it was cut in such a way that it fell in folds from her shoulders down to below her breasts, baring a rather big cleavage. She had studs through her lower lip which glinted in the lights of the club, there was a tattoo running from her wrist up her arm and ending at her neck, he couldn’t clearly see what it was. Her eyes were darkened with mascara and it made her eyes looked like they smouldered as her gaze moved around the floor. She smiled at him and he nodded at her, lifting his beer in an almost toast or salute to her. She laughed and favoured him with another smile, she started to dance and he watched as she shimmied and shook her body to the beat of the music.

He finished his beer and waited until the song stopped playing, she looked at him as he got up; he motioned to the bottle and tilted it to show it was empty. She nodded and kept dancing as the music went on. Strange enough when he returned with a beer and a shooter she was gone again, he slowly sipped on his whiskey and beer. Laughter caught his attention and the girl came past with two others, they carried bottles cooldrink, she gave his a small wave and he waved back. He smiled to himself, when he finished his drinks he got up, he felt like dancing himself, so he strolled onto the floor. He closed his eyes for a few moments, allowing the music to get into his system; then he started to dance.

He opened his eyes only to find the girl like a few feet away from him; she was dancing, almost like she hadn’t notice him, but he saw her glancing towards him at times. He just grinned and danced, it was fun, almost like hitting the gym, a good, hard work out to get the blood pumping and the muscles working. Only this was like the treadmill, a good cardio workout, but his attention got pulled towards the girl as she danced. Then a guy came up to her, dancing close, almost crowding her, Dave could see the annoyance on her face, she wasn’t enjoying herself anymore. The guy moved even closer, his hands touching her arm, shoulder, back as he tried to make what he called dancing look good. He failed miserably with that. Dave moved closer and tapped the guy on the shoulder; he looked over his shoulder at Dave.


“Could you perhaps move to the side a bit? I want to watch her dance.”

“Fuck off dude.”

Dave smiled,

“Nope, I’m sorry, but I have a preference and you’re interrupting it.”

The man rounded on Dave,

“Listen motherfucker, I’ll fucking kick your ass if you don’t fucking leave me alone.”

Dave kept his smile on his face,

“Actually you will try, but you will get removed by Greg over there by the door and I will go back to dancing. So quit while you’re ahead.”

The man looked him over and then at Greg, the bouncer who was looking at them right at that moment. He looked back at Dave,

“Just because you’re white doesn’t mean I’m going to back off fucker.”

Dave sighed,

“Listen, you have a choice, either leave her be and go hassle somebody else or get thrown out.”

The man raised his hands and shoved Dave away from him, or at least tried to; Dave took one step backwards and shook his head.

“I’m not dropping this…”

The fist came from the side; Dave ducked under it, swayed backwards away from the next one. He was no boxer, but he did pick up a few things watching the guys train in their part of the gym. The guy stormed at him, his fist flying, but Dave slipped under a right and stepped to the side. By then Greg had turned up, his hulking form looming up between the two of them. The man of course tried to get at Dave, but a huge hand grabbed him by the collar and held him in place.

“What is going on here?”

The man spat towards Dave,

“That motherfucker were hassling me!”

Dave was about to answer when the girl stepped up next to him,

“Actually he was busy hassling me, this man just told him to leave me alone.”

Greg nodded,

“Well then, that means you have had enough of the club.”

Greg pulled the man away from the dance floor, Dave sighed as he watched the man getting thrown out and then he turned to the girl.

“Sorry about that, I just didn’t like what he was doing.”

She smiled,

“No need to be sorry, that was sweet, first time anybody have done that for me.”

He returned the smile,

“Well let’s dance, I did enjoy the music.”

She chuckled and shimmied away, slipping into a dance, giving Dave a playful wink, he chuckled and started to dance again as well. A few songs later he decided that it was time for another drink; he waited for the bridge between two songs, then he headed for the bar.

“Hey Lu, Gold and Lemonade.”

“Coming up luv.”

“Can I get a Coke please?”

Dave looked at the girl and she grinned up at him, she was much shorter than him, even with the high heels of her boots.

“So do you have a name?”

Dave smiled,

“David Knight, but people call me Dave.”

She stuck out her hand,

“Tamryn Tucker, people call me Tamsy.”

Dave shook her hand,

“Good to meet you Tamsy.”

“Likewise, so you come here often?”

He nodded,

“Yeah, best spot in the suburb.”

She motioned vaguely to a table, when Dave looked he could see the other two girls sitting there,

“Yeah they said so too, so far I think they’re right.”

He saw that the tattoo was quite a nice work of art; it was a highly detailed dragon.

“So what do you do for a living Dave?”

Their drinks arrived and Dave tapped his chest, Lucy nodded and moved away to put it on his tab,

“I’m a programmer, busy working on a payroll program for the company. In my free time, I’m working on a low level AI.”

They had moved to a table as he talked and they say down,

“What about you?”

She shrugged,

“Art student, third year.”

She motioned at her arm,

“I am planning to do this as well, but first I need the funds to get me set up and a student always needs money.”

He nodded,

“Yeah I know, I finished my studies last year, still paying off the student loan. It’s hectic to be a student and having a need for cash all the time. It sucks actually.”

She nodded her agreement,

“So you live nearby?”

He took a sip of his rum and lemonade,

“Yeah, seven blocks away at the Escalade flats.”

“Hey I know somebody that lives there, Darian Smith? Think he lives in flat number 28?”

Dave nodded,

“Yeah the photographer student, I know that he had visited me a few times to help him figure out his editing software.”

“Yes! That’s him. So you’re the guy he always visits.”

Dave grinned,

“Small world hey?”

She nodded,

“Yes indeed.”

They continued talking, he found her quite likeable and of course with her being pretty it didn’t hurt at all to talk with her. They danced a bit as well, but spent most of the time talking, it was well past midnight when Dave decided that it was time to go home. Tamsy bid him farewell, giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, heading where her friends probably was. Dave paid his tab, giving Lucy a nice tip and headed out. Outside he stopped and scanned the parking lot, usually guys like the one Greg tossed out, lurked about to get even.

“He got in a car and left Dave, I checked him out. Big mouth no cajones, probably just went at you to save his rep as a bad ass.”

Dave grinned at Greg,

“Thanks man.”

They bumped fists and Dave walked to his car, getting his keys out, he got into his car and started the engine when he saw Tamsy coming alone out of the club, looking around the parking lot. She didn’t seem very happy about something. Dave pulled out of the parking space and rolled the car up to the steps, he rolled down his window.

“Hey Tams, is something the matter?”

The frown on her face turned to a smile when she saw him and came down the stairs,

“My friends left without me, their phones are off. I can bet you they picked up some guys and went home.”

She was leaning forward, resting her arms on the open window, the top opening up to show more of her caramel skin and heavy breasts.

“Where do you live?”

“Gallaghan heights.”

“Well I am not going to let you walk to there, why don’t I take you home?”

She bit her lower lip, then slowly nodded,

“Sure, why not?”

She opened the door and got in, settling her small hand bag on her lap, she slumped into the seat as he pulled away.

“I can’t believe they did that. I mean if they at least asked me it would have been fine.”

Dave smiled,

“You need to get you a wingman, or wingwoman in your case. Never leave without each other unless you tell them that you’re going.”

She looked over at him,

“Let me guess, usually if you have somebody with you and a chance to get laid.”

Dave nodded,

“Yup that one.”

She chuckled,

“You ever played wingman Dave?”

He shrugged,

“Back in college yeah, usually was the double D as well.”

“Designated Driver? You never went home with a sweet little college girl?”

He shook his head,

“Nope, was a bit of an obese guy back then.”

She snorted,

“So? It’s about the personality, not what you look like.”

He grinned,

“Perhaps, but not to me, to me it’s all about what I look like.”

She brushed her hair over one shoulder,

“Ohhh you want to look good?”

He nodded,

“I try yes.”

She seemed to think as she looked at him and then looked at the road,

“So what do you think of me? Am I pretty?”

He glanced at her,

“Yes you are.”

“You’re not just saying that? I mean most guys don’t like the piercings and tattoos.”

He shrugged,

“I have seen pretty girls screw up their looks with piercings, tattoos, implants and you name it. You’ve done just enough, you look very pretty just the way you are.”

He made the turn into the street she had mentioned she lived; she motioned for him to stop at a five storey building.

“Well this is me.”

She got out and closed the door behind her, she seemed to pause and then leaned down,

“I suppose you wouldn’t be interested in a foul brew we students live on? I think somebody labelled it filter coffee?”

He smiled,

“If you have sugar, I’m game.”

She nodded,

“I have sugar, not much, but it should be enough.”

He rolled up the windows and switched off the car, he was looking forward to talking more with her; she was quite a lot of fun. He got out and locked the car, following her to the front door; she entered a code and opened the security gate. Stepping inside Dave allowed the gate to click close behind him, his first thought was that she lived on one of the upper floors, but instead she led him down the small hallway to the last door on the right. Unlocking the door; she entered and he followed her inside. Of course it wasn’t pristine, but it wasn’t a mess either, he tried to find a word to describe it all and finally came up with one. Art.

She pulled off her boots and waved her hand around the flat, it wasn’t huge, but not a shoebox either. Most of the things that lay around were figures made out of paper mache, papers, books even a few pencils. Leaning against the wall was story boards and Dave assumed she used the figures to draw them.


He walked over to a drawing, it seemed like she was busy making a short film from the sketches she had laid out.

“That is for our finals, we have to hand in a short film.”

Dave nodded,

“Animation will take a lot of time.”

She sighed,

“I know right? And the worse thing is that I’m way behind schedule.”

He nodded as he looked her work over, she was good.

“Well if you want I can help you with that, I have a little program that links with editing programs like Corel Draw or Photoshop. You just scan your picture into the program and it picks up the basic lines. You just select the points that you want to animate and it can animate the figure for about two minutes.”

“Wow really? Why haven’t you brought it out yet?”

He shrugged,

“Work regulations. Any work I bring out is sole right of the company, will most probably just get ripped off anyway.”

“That blows. Well I will be very thankful, but I can’t pay you for it though.”

He snorted and waved her objection away,

“I want you to have it; I don’t want to sell it to you.”

He stood up,

“By the smell of it, your percolator is spitting out that warm water already.”

She nodded,

“Yeah it is old, but it gets the job done.”

He looked around the apartment, there stood a computer in one corner, from the sleek lines he took it to be a gaming box.

“So you game?”

She came to stand next to him,

“I used to, now I use it to work on. Processing speed, RAM and graphics are really just what I need.”

He nodded and took in the scanner, while not new; it was top of the line and only three years old,

“I guess gift from your parents?”

She nodded,

“Yeah, was sort of a birthday present.”

He smiled,

“That’s a nice gesture.”

He moved over to a couch and sat down, stretching out his legs in front of him, she went into the kitchen and came back, she stopped and he could see she felt a bit embarrassed,

“I forgot, would you like a cookie?”

He nodded,

“Sure, why not just give me a taste of the one you took a bite of?”

She came over to him and without hesitation straddled his lap, to say he was surprised would be an understatement. She leaned in and kissed him, her lips parted and her tongue slipped into his mouth, then she broke the kiss and leaned back, a blush on her face, darkening the light brown skin slightly.

“Gosh…that was all that was left of it.”

He could detect a faint ginger and grinned,

“Well I will not complain about it.”

“Oh really?”

She arched an eyebrow at him and he nodded,

“Yes, really, there is nothing to complain about.”


She leaned in again, kissing him again, almost hungrily. He returned the kiss, only placing his hands on her back when she wrapped her arms around his neck. The tongue stud she wore glided over his tongue; she worked it around, clearly having a lot of experience with teasing with the stud. He could feel himself getting very excited as his hands explored her lower back and slid over the smooth skin of her exposed back. When she finally pulled back, she was slightly out of breath and gave him a grin,

“So much better than my friends.”

He smiled,

“Glad that I meet your approval.”

She chuckled,

“Oh you met that at the club already.”

She leaned forward again, looking into his eyes,

“If you say you don’t want this I will stop. I know some of you don’t want to be with girls like me.”

He arched an eyebrow,

“Girls with piercings and tattoos?”

She grinned,

“Coloured girls you nut.”

He smiled,

“If I had a problem I wouldn’t have kissed you.”

“Good, because I’m fucking horny.”

She silenced any reply with another kiss; he could feel her hands sliding over his body, unbuttoning his shirt. She clearly wasn’t a shy girl once you got her in the mood and boy was she in the mood. Any button that seemed a little resistant she just pulled off, her hands slid over his skin as her tongue fought his for dominance of each other’s mouths. He slid his hands over her buttocks, squeezing them firmly, making her push her hips forward, her groin grinding against his and moaning into the kiss. She opened his shirt, pushing it open to run her hands over his skin again, he was no tanned Greek god, but he was no slouch in the gym either and it seemed to have a very good effect on her as she kept grinding her crotch against his hardening cock, the heat emanating from her and her rapid breathing testimony to her own arousal. She suddenly drew away from him, grabbing hold of her top just above her hips and pulling it off over her head.

She had full hips, thin middle with a toned tummy, she obviously spent much time working on herself as well, he stared as her breasts came into view, full, round and swaying gently with her movements. He saw in dumbfounded awe, they were lovely, she sat there looking at him, gently biting her lower lip as if wondering if he liked what he saw. Fact was he did, he reached up, running his fingers over her tummy with it’s silver belly ring, up to cup a breast in each hand, he looked up at her and smiled,

“Absolutely lovely.”

She smiled back at him and gasped when he ran his fingers over her brown nipples, the studs through them making them stand out proudly. He gently squeezed her breasts, she moaned softly as he slowly kneaded her breasts, he leaned forward, running his tongue over one nipple; she pushed her fingers into his hair arching her back to proudly present her breasts to him. He practically worshipped them, kissing, licking and sucking on her nipples, using his tongue to wiggle the piercings, this seemed to drive her wild as she groaned and her hands clenched at his hair.

After a lot of groaning and moaning in pleasure, she pushed his head away from her breasts and leaned down to kiss him hungrily, without a word she got up from his lap, she undid her mini and slipped it off, revealing a sexy little g-string, the dark blue material barely covered her pussy. Dave sat up, pulling off his shirt, then pulled out his shoes and socks, his jeans followed and left him in a visibly tented gray boxer. She gave him a smile and stepped up to him, he smiled back at her, pulling her into his arms, his hard cock pushing up against her as they embraced, their lips finding each other’s. He cupped her naked buttocks, stroking them and squeezing firmly, making her moan into his mouth, he felt a hand slip in between their bodies, pushing the top of his boxers down over his shaft. Her soft hand clasped his cock, not able to reach around, she started to glide her hand upwards to the tip, suddenly pulling back from the kiss and looked down. She looked up at him with a grin,

“Now that is a very nice cock you have there.”

He smiled,

“Thank you.”

She gripped his boxer and pulled it down, marvelling at his cock as it stood proud at attention, throbbing in the air in anticipation, she wrapped her around his shaft again and pulled the skin away from his head, leaning in to lick up some of the pre-cum escaping his hole.


She got to her feet, slipping the g-string over her hips and with a little shimmy sent it to the ground, he admired her smooth pussy, it seemed so wet and inviting. She took his hand, seemed to head for a door, paused and then pulled him to the kitchen; the kitchen was neat, mostly built-in cupboards and counters, against an open part of the wall stood a table, she led him to this, first he wondered if she wanted for them to drink coffee. Instead she stopped at the table and hopped on, pulling him to her parting her legs and grinning at him. He smiled at her, then he kissed her, she wrapped an arm around his neck, he felt her hand wrap around his cock, slowly running up and down his shaft. He placed his hands on her lower back, holding her as they kissed and her hand slid up and down his shaft. A tight grip on his shaft and her pulling on it, made him move forward, he felt the tip of his cock making contact with her soft, wet lips. She rubbed the tip of his cock over her wet lips, moaning as she teased herself with his throbbing cock, she broke the kiss, looking up at him as she bit her lip and then slipped the tip of his cock into her pussy. She moaned softly, letting go of his shaft, resting her hand on his shoulder, he pushed forward slowly, feeling her body open up for his slow intrusion and drawing a deep moan from her body as he eyes slowly closed.

He kept pushing deeper, sinking his cock deep into her body, he came to her cervix, feeling her wince slightly. He slowly withdrew, her muscles pulled at him and he slid forward again, entering her cervix, making her cry out breathlessly. He slid further down her tight pussy, feeling her groin meeting his, he withdrew slowly and slid back in, making her moan with each movement. She held tightly on to him, her breasts pushing up firmly against him as he pushed against her lower back, keeping her close to the edge of the table as he slowly worked his cock inside of her, feeling her hot breath in his neck as she moaned deeply as he penetrated deep inside her. He started to pick up the pace, stroking faster, settling into a gentle rocking motion with his hips, feeling her pussy contracting around his cock as she seemed to moan continuously, holding on to him like he was a life support in the ocean.

He felt her nails dig into his skin, her breathing becoming erratic and her moaning increase in tempo, without warning a scream erupted from her parted lips, her legs squeezing him tightly, her nails breaking his skin as her tight pussy convulsed around his shaft, becoming almost vice-like in its grip and he could feel her juices forced past the tight fit of her lips around his shaft. It took her several moments to relax again, yet her body kept shivering in orgasmic bliss, gasping for breath. She finally opened her eyes and smiled up at him,

“Wow, that was the fastest I ever got there.”

She giggled,

“Come to think about it, you are the biggest thing I ever had inside me.”

He chuckled,

“That could be it.”

Her eyes widened suddenly,

“Oh shit, I’ve forgotten…uhm…”

She blushed,

“Do you have any protection with you?”

He looked at her in disbelief,

“You think about that only now?”

He smiled,

“Then again, I haven’t even started to think about it. Yeah, I have a condom with me.”

She seemed to blush even more,

“I’m sorry, I just got carried away a bit.”

He tilted her head up and kissed her, slowly withdrawing himself from her, making her shudder and a soft whimper escaped her lips as he slipped out. He went to his clothes and pulled out his wallet, he knew it was cliché to carry a condom in the wallet for that “just in case” moments, but it did come in handy now didn’t it. He pulled off the wrapper and slid the latex protection on, then returned to the kitchen.

“You’re probably wondering right?”

She looked at him as he came, he nodded,

“A little bit yes.”

She seemed to blush even more,

“I have forgotten to get my pills; it only just dawned on me.”

He chuckled,

“You really should get new ones.”

She smiled,

“I’ll put it on my shopping list, now get over here, we’re not done.”

He moved over to her, they kissed again, he moved closer, lowering her down onto the table, she rested on her elbows, the back of her head resting against the wall, he kissed her neck, she moaned again. He kissed down to her breasts, sucking one nipple into his mouth, then the other, she arched her back as his tongue played over the hard nubs. He had to admit, he really loved her breasts, he slowly kissed down her body, tonguing her belly ring and then he went further. Her legs parting for him as he kissed further down her body, his tongue reaching out to taste her wet lips and flick over her clit, a moan escaping her lips as she shuddered in pleasure. He looked up at her as she looked down at him, he started to slowly lick her soft lips, dipping his tongue into her velvet folds and her eyes closed as moans started to escape her body once again.

He loved his women being vocal and Tamsy was being very vocal, her moans and groans telling him more about her pleasure than any words would have told him. He ran his tongue over her clit, making her body shiver and then went on working his tongue into her wet pussy, she seemed to enjoy the oral stimulation and he started wondering who the friends was who she had mentioned earlier. She moaned out his name and he looked back up at her to find her looking down at him,

“Please? Fuck me.”

He stood up; gripping his cock at the base he slid it into her pussy, pushing in as soon as her lips slid around his head, a loud gasp followed his action. He leaned against the table, his resting on the top next to her body, thrusting into her, driving his cock deeper with each thrust. Her breasts swayed and bounced with each thrust, she had her head tilted back, pressed against the wall, moaning with her eyes closed as her pussy quickly lubricated the condom, saturating it as soon his groin was just as wet as her own with her juices. He kept on thrusting deep into her, moving faster than the first time, their groins slapping loudly together, the kitchen filled with her loud moans, the slapping of their wet groins together and a curious mixed smell of the rich aroma of coffee and their sex. This time the fast pace of his cock pistoning in and out of her tight confines had his orgasm rapidly on the rise; he just tried to hold back his impeding orgasm. It felt like he could not hold out any longer when she suddenly sat up, forcing herself to rest on her arms,

“Oh God, oh God, oh FUUUUCK!”

She grunted, clenching her teeth and a loud scream burst from her lips as her pussy clamped down on his cock, this suited him just fine as he pushed hard against her, feeling his cock sliding even deeper despite the resistance and he released his pent-up orgasm, throwing back his head as it felt like his cock had just exploded in an array of pleasure. When he finally came down from his orgasmic high, he found her still shuddering through her orgasm, eyes still closed as she gasped for breath. He was gasping for breath as well. It took her longer to recover this time and by the time she had opened her eyes, he had caught his breath again. He leaned in to kiss her, she happily accepted his tongue and wrapped her arms around him, it took a long time for the kiss to break and he slowly slid his softening cock from her. She leaned back onto her arms, looking at him,

“That was much better than I have thought it would be.”

He disposed of the condom in her dustbin and grinned at her,

“You make it sound like you have planned it for some time.”

She shrugged, making her breasts sway with the action,

“Only since you spoke up to that idiot at the club.”

He arched his eyebrows,


She laughed,

“Hey every girl wants a man to stand up for her OK? It just made me hot that’s the only difference.”

He smiled and moved over to her, leaning against the table,

“I’m glad that you did, you made this day much better.”

She smiled,

“Yay, glad I could do something good for you in return.”

He returned her smile, then glanced at her wall clock,

“I should get going, have some work that I need to get done tomorrow.”

“Awww, do you really have to go?”

He nodded,

“Sorry, but yes, I have to get some sleep.”

She sighed and slipped from the table,

“OK, but can I at least get your number?”

He grinned,

“You read my mind; I do have to give you that program after all.”

She hugged him and looked up at him,

“Thank you Dave, you really are a good guy.”

He hugged her back,

“I do my best.”

She briefly laid her head on his chest,

“Well it’s perfect.”

She let him go and after getting dressed, programming her number onto his phone, he bade her goodnight and left, getting into his car he let out a breath, now that was something else. He grinned, well now his friends could not look at him as the outcast anymore, he now had experienced sex with a girl of a different race. In fact judging from the girls they have slept with, he just had sex with the hottest one, in fact he felt like the king, he laughed at his thoughts,

“Yeah Dave, you’re being silly.”

He started the car and drove off.


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Just started the sequel, with luck it would be ready in a week or two.

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