The fun and the plot thickens into a wild night!
CHAPTER 6 An Offer Made

I chuckled my goodnight, and headed for my car. Pulling around the station I noted the Motel parking lot was full, the swimming pool very busy with children jumping and screaming delightfully. I saw my girls, Shelly and Sam in a huddled mass in the corner of the fence chatting it up with the cute dark haired twins, Jessie amongst them.

The memory of the overheard conversation the twins were having reminded me of the stern conversation I needed to have with Shelly and Sam. “Talking about my cock again” I mumbled pulling into my parking spot in front of the honeymoon suite. I popped ou oft my car noticing nearly every light in the once empty motel rooms were on.

As I approached my room, the twins father was exiting theirs, closely followed by his teenage son. Glancing my way nodding at my existence, he cleared his throat, “long day”, he inquired?
Noting my disheveled appearance from the fight and ensuing clean up I responded, “Longer than I ever expected”, I said with a half-smile.

Walking towards me extending his hand, “My name is Marcus Powell.” I shook his hand.

“I’m Robert Allen”, I said, continuing my somewhat false identity.

“I see you’re from Illinois”, glancing back at his son. “This is my son Zachary. My girls are Alicia and Tawny”.

“Nice to meet you”, I shook the boys hand. He glanced away towards the diner.

Marcus rolled his eyes, “sorry about that, teen angst”, he chided.

“I understand”, I said smiling. “My girls, Shelly and Sam seem to be with your girls at the pool”, I continued.

“Probably conspiring as girls do”, Marcus returned.

I couldn’t help to think, “If he only knew”.

“Dad I’m starving, Zachary chimed in.

“And I’m exhausted and in need of a shower”, I said, "enjoy your dinner”, moving towards my door.

Marcus spoke walking away, “maybe a beer later, or some Scotch. I have a great bottle of Scotch with me and a few cigars if you’re interested”?

“Absolutely, nothing better than great Scotch and a couple cigars”, I added, turning the door handle. Marcus raised his hand in a see you later fashion as I went in closing the door.

The room smelled of sweet preteen pussy, clothing and other articles scattered all around the room. Grabbing a pair of flower patterned white panties from the corner of the sofa. I brought them to my nose inhaling the fragrance into my lungs.

“Mmmmmm, Sam”, I thought out loud. My cock stirred in my shorts.

Snatching another plain blue cotton pair from the edge of the bed, I pulled them open examining the crotch a small tan stain lined to bottom, I breathed them in deeply. “Shelly” I announced moving in the direction of the shower room, only to discover two neatly folded starch white blouses on the back of the chair. Stooping I sniffed the clean perfumed perfection of one of the blouses, noting high lights of a clean soap scent. Below the chair rested four patent leather shoes neatly side by side, small white bobby socks folded on each pair. Also resting neatly folded were two dainty pleated skirts on the seat of the chair, a glimpse of white silky panties were peeking underneath the fold of one skirt. Pulling the panties out I discovered to my delight they were small G-string panties that had “Baby doll" embroidered on the front panel with blue thread.

I brought them to my face. The aroma of preteen pussy filled my sinuses making my head swim as if I was inhaling nitrous oxide. My cock hardened at the new delicate odor. The panties were soft and pristine in their cleanliness, small and silky soft, reaching for the other pair that must be hidden somewhere under the other skirt, finding them I spread out the front panel reading “Cutie Pie” also embroidered except in pink silk thread. I of course had a lung full of these thinking
“I’m going to keep both”. I walked to my duffel bag finding an extra baggy in my shaving kit and I folded and tucked them in, zipping it shut to preserve their state and then carefully stashed them inside my duffel bag.

Very pleased with my perverted acts, I headed for the shower, washing myself thoroughly I noted it was time to shave the bits and tackle, after a little manscaping I took on my burly face. “There”, I thought quite happy rubbing my chin, I shut off the water.

Quickly I dried off, and as I was about to dress when I heard sounds of squealing and laughing girls rapidly approaching the room with thunderous slaps of feet running down the sidewalk.

Shelly burst through the front door yelling, “Daddy’!

What a sweet sound I thought as I scrambled to hide in the armoire on the opposite wall from the chair and entry to the shower room .

“Daddy”, Shelly continued joined by Sam.

“He must be at the diner”, the distinct voice of Jessie easily overheard in the armoire.

A new voice followed, “Tawny, did Dad say he was going to eat”? Must be Alicia, I concluded.

“Yes”, a blunt retort from who had to be Tawny.

“Well let’s go” blurted Shelly, “I’m starving and I want to hug and squeeze my Daddy”!

The girls bouncing from the room except for Alicia and Tawny, “We’re going to dress for dinner”, all proper Alicia shouted after them. The front door slammed shut with no answer as was the way of excited young girls.

I could see movement in the room, pressing the door open a bit more my eyes were greeted with the twins pulling their arms through the tops of their swim suits stretching the fabric rapidly below their chest exposing their sweet small breasts, stopping the movement only to undo their pigtail braids. Their dark raven colored hair was very long and reached below their waist. The outline of pink sun burnt skin highlighted the beauty of their bare flesh contrasted by their dark hair. Both girls’ tits had hard brown nipples centered perfectly on their upturned breasts, as they peeled the fabric down further one of the girls turned hopping on one foot, giving me a full view of her tight jiggling little butt. Bending further over her parting ass cheeks gave me the treat of a small brown rosebud buried between her cute ass mounds.

What turned out to be Tawny, her suit pushed down past her nice tummy with only hints of remaining baby fat, squeezing her thighs tightly together pushed her swim suit the rest of the way off exposing her bald pursed pussy. My cock throbbed as I grasped it, pulling slowly on its thick warm shaft.

Just then the clock radio clicked on, the girls jumped and screamed at the surprise assault of music, some sort of rap pumping into the room with a great beat the girls starting dancing and gyrating their hips, Alicia stepped towards Tawny running her hands up her arms to her breasts in what seemed a very practiced move. Tawny’s arms rested on Alicia’s hips pulling her close to her, their lips met. Tawny’s arms moved to the small of Alicia’s back pulling her in tighter, their breasts pressing together. Their kiss suddenly broke.

“Fuck I’m horny”, Tawny expressed, her fingers searching her cunt and two disappeared into her. Pulling them out, she took each finger to her mouth tasting her wet fingers.

“Do you think Dad will want to do any shoots here”, Alicia asked?

“I don’t know, but this room would be awesome. We could do a cool shower scene for the website in that massive bathroom”, Tawny answered.

“That was it”, my mind screamed!

This was Baby Doll & Cutie Pie from a website I found about 2 weeks ago. I remembered their cute bodies displayed in non-nude scenes crisp in high resolution. I was contemplating joining their website as a VIP member but it was $995 bucks, for one year with unlimited downloads of current content and other updates, including opportunities to purchase exclusive VIP videos. Now I had a free show!

Tawny was picking through her skirt, “I can’t find my panties” she exclaimed in frustration.
Alicia right next to her shaking her skirt noting hers were missing too.

“Dad will be angry, I bet Jessie or Sam hid them because they couldn’t stop playing with them dancing all around with them on their heads”, Alicia continued.

Tawny bent down on all fours looking under the chair, her gorgeous little butt wiggling in the air as Alicia looked under the bed. Their search continued as they began opening and closing doors of the night stands and dresser moving closer to the armoire.

“Oh shit, I have gone and fucked myself”!

I watched them both come at the armoire. The door flew open my hands went to cover my rock hard cock. Both girls screamed and danced wildly, their beautiful legs pumping up and down in the cutest manner.

“Oh my god”, Alicia screamed looking down towards my cock with my ill attempt to cover it. Neither girl made the slightest attempt at modesty, both standing with their hands covering their mouths.

“You were spying on us weren’t you”? Tawny asked in a shrill voice with no hint of anger.

“And jacking off too”!

“You caught me girls but it isn’t what you might think”. I quickly accounted for the past 5 minutes explaining I jumped in here to hide and scare my girls, but when I found that all of you were in here, I thought it best to keep my naked ass hidden.

“Then, well, you started undressing and as you can see it gave me a thrill seeing such beautiful bodies displayed in front of me. You both are very beautiful! My cock couldn’t help but get very hard”.

I took a risk removing one hand and began stroking my cock with the other, both girls gawked at it and their expressions changed to wry but naughty smiles.

Alicia spoke first, batting her eyes. She licked her lips saying, “You do have a very beautiful cock Mr. Allen.

Tawny’s head just shook up in down with agreement, her lips slightly parted.

“Thank you” I said stepping out of the armoire now that they had calmed down and seemingly accepted my explanation. “And you are”?

“Oh, I’m Alicia and this is my twin sister Tawny” she quipped, raising her hand to shake mine. Her cute little body straightened as she introduced her and her twin. Her gorgeous pert breasts proudly poking upwards towards me, I licked my lips as my eyes drank in their bodies.

Shaking Tawny’s hand her breasts jiggled with firm quakes.

“One more risk”, I thought. “Would you like to touch my beautiful cock” I asked slyly with a knowing smile written on my face.

Two hands reached out as they nodded wrapping slender soft fingers around my shaft.

“Oh, that’s nice girls”, as they began pulling on my cock.

Tawny’s hand slipped down and began fondling my balls. “Big balls too”, she said.
Both girls looked up at me simultaneously, precious eyes blinking, tongues smoothing out wetting their full lips.

“You can suck on it if you’d like”? I grinned.

Both girls dropped to their knees, their breasts jiggled with the impact of their rapid decent meeting the white carpeted floor. Very practiced mouths and tongues bathed my cock in saliva. Tawny’s hand continued teasing my balls in her silky soft palm as Alicia pumped my cock in and out her mouth only releasing it to pop it into Tawny’s.

I moaned loudly their eyes looking up at me cute and innocent, but these girls knew their way around a man’s cock, “no innocence lost” I thought. I rested a hand on top of each head increasing their efforts then Tawny jerked back.

“Dad”, she said, “Dad’s waiting on us for dinner”. Each girl leaped up as if nothing had happened running for their clothes leaving me in shock of their retreat.

Alicia groaned, “I still can’t find my panties”.

“Fuck it”, Tawny exclaimed while pulling her skirt up, “just go commando”, looking at Alicia.

“Um, girls are we ok here, no telling your Dad”? I said firmly.

Alicia looked over at me saying, “No worries”, Mr. Allen, sorry to leave you in such a state but”…

“Our Dad hates it when we’re late”, Tawny finished her sisters sentence in true twin style.
Each of these sweet little girls finished dressing and bolted out the door, I was amazed at their efficiency, while one was buttoning her blouse the other was braiding the other sister’s hair in a single braid gliding perfectly down the center of their head reaching to below their shoulders, all the while ignoring me stroking my cock.

I continued the risk, bringing myself to a rapid shooting of cum jetting out of my cock while the girls eyes kept darting towards my meat, watching my cum stream out of my cock during their efforts to dress.

“Ahhhh, that’s better” I exclaimed.

They giggled, and headed out the door.

I reached into my duffel bag searching for my favorite cargo shorts, quickly putting them and my shoes on, pulling on a polo shirt exiting the room towards the diner.

As I entered, the stark white fluorescent lights greeted my eyes, giving a nod towards Marcus and his family, Alicia and Tawny not so much as giving me a glance starting their meal.

“Daddy, where have you been”? Shelly said flying out from the booth rapidly followed by Sam.

Sam asked, “Are you ok? We heard about the fight”.

“Great” I thought, “I am just fine my dear ones”, returning their exuberant hugs. I smacked each on the butt as they turned back towards the booth. Jessie was nowhere to be found.

“Where’s Jessie”? I asked.

“She’s helping Jolleen with dishes, I think”, Sam filled me in.

I looked at them both saying, “Really, and what are you two doing”?

“Waiting for you” they chimed in together. “We missed you” Shelly added.

“I missed the both of you too”, leaning forward whispering, “I missed my sweet lovers very much”, kissing each girl lightly. I had to remember not to go too far in this public setting as each light kiss hinted of restrained passion, soft and light each kiss was, with slightly parted lips.

Jolleen showed up at the booth, just as the girls were heading towards the kitchen, wiping her brow with the back of her hand. She looked a little war torn.

“So what will it be sweet cock”? She said with no reservation.

I felt myself blush slightly looking about to see if anyone heard, at that moment I noticed Alicia and Tawny rapidly talking to their dad, his eyes on me, while they spurted some kind of
information very enthusiastically.

Glancing back at Jolleen, “I’ll take whatever is ready and hot”.

“Mmmmm, more pie then”, Jolleen quipped.

“Left myself wide open for that one, didn’t I”?

Jolleen just grinned at me walking away shaking her ass and quickly returned with a plate of roasted chicken, a side of mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes, and a tall class of what looked to be coke.

I grabbed the glass and took a big swallow and to my surprise discover it was mostly bourbon,
“mmmm” I mumbled, raising the glass to her as she sat across from me.

“Had a bout of trouble with Pete I hear? Jeb called me from the lock up wanting me to send a plate down for poor ol’ Pete”. Jolleen giggled and began filling me in with the history of Pete and the town he so often acted as if it was his own.

I sat mostly quiet only nodding or saying a quick word as I consumed my food. “Damn, I was hungry pushing the plate away”.

“More” Jolleen asked?

“No, that was perfect, but I might be up for some hot pie later”, I added.

“Left myself wide open for that one didn’t I”, she smiled.

We both started getting up together, I paid our bill noticing Marcus and his family was already gone.

“Tell the girls when their done helping I have headed back to the room” I asked Jolleen.
She winked and headed for a new table of guests.


CHAPTER Lights. Camera. Action!

Walking across the parking lot I spotted Alicia and Tawny milling around the door to their room, when they spotted me they rushed in. Just as I reached my door Marcus came out carrying a bottle of scotch and as he exited the girls were right behind him.

Raising the bottle while walking towards me, Marcus said, “Scotch and conversation”?

“Sure come on in”, nothing in his manner lead me to believe he knew a thing about me seeing his pretty pedo-porn angel’s nude or watching them with delight service my cock.

Marcus walked up stopping at the door, “Wow the girls were right, this is a fantastic and erotic room”.

I walked into the kitchenette searching for some glasses, “ice”, I inquired, and Marcus shook his head sitting at the small table as the girls closed the door behind them. Each stood prim and proper at attention. Yet the buttons of each blouse was now open more at the top with fewer buttons pinched shut, exposing very frilly lace bras pushing their tits upwards and out of the openings in their shirts, each girl glancing up and down as they fidgeted their cute feet and bowing one knee or the other slightly.

Marcus smiled across the table as I sat, and uncapped the Scotch pouring two fingers into each glass. “Cigar”, he questioned?

“Don’t mind if I do”, taking a fine looking dark Robusto from his hand, he struck flame to his torch lighter as I lit what tasted to be a finely aged Cuban cigar.

Marcus lit his cigar and asked, “What brings you out to these parts”?

“Just a bit of fun, thought I’d bring my girls out on an adventure out west, maybe hit the western coast of Mexico south of Santé Fe, I answered. “And you”?

“The same” Marcus replied. “Except we will go further south to a small secure community, I own some property there, the beaches are exceptional, the food is out of this world and the women”. Marcus pursed his lips pressing to fingers against them kissing outwardly in an Old Italian gesture.

“Hmmm, maybe in the mob”, I pondered.

“Marcus, I can’t help but think you wanted to talk to me about something or am I mistaken and this is all idol chat”? I said watching his facial features for some indication of his intent.
“Straight to the point and efficient, I like that”, he answered. “All bullshit aside, I’d like to use your room for a few hours, take a few photos of my girls here”. I am fairly confident you won’t misunderstand me or pretend some false sense of propriety so here it is, I run a very exclusive website that features young girls, my daughters”.

I simply smiled and said, “Go on”.

“This room is perfect for an erotic expose’ of my fine little girls and as you can see they are very beautiful”. “You are more than welcome to watch”, Marcus continued, “I will pay you for the time and”, he paused, “if you wouldn’t mind I’d like to take photos of your girls as well, paying you handsomely”.

There it was, Marcus’s whole plan laid out before me. In gambler fashion I acted slowly, thoughtfully taking my glass up and finishing the aged Scotch. Setting the glass down, Marcus ready with the bottle began pouring, stopping at a four finger pour. Rubbing my chin I asked,
“How much money are we talking here my new friend”, smiling brightly at Marcus.

He leaned back relaxing in his chair, “as little as $5,000 per girl and up to 10 if all goes well, maybe another $5,000 for you.

“Me”? I coughed. Why in god’s name me”?

“Come over here girl’s”, the girls bounded over to us their eyes glued on me with not the slightest reserve. “Tell him sweethearts”.

In unison, the girls told me how much they wanted to suck my big cock, and have it up their pussies and assholes. “We both think you have the most beautiful cock ever”, Alicia continued, “and we have seen lots of them on the internet but have”…. “Only have had Zachary’s and Daddy's”, Tawny finished.

Marcus went on to say, “From my understanding you have some porn worthy meat dangling between your legs”.

Looking at Marcus I expressed a concern. “I don’t know Marcus, I mean having my face on film banging preteen girls could be”….

Marcus raised his hand, “I have masks for you and your girls if you’d like, pretty Mardi Gras types for the girls and a full dark mask for you, no one would be the wiser”. As a matter of fact I have costumes for all the girls, none needed for you, but hey that brings up a couple small questions.”

“Shoot”, I said.

Smiling Marcus said, “Straight to the point, I like that”. “Your daughters, they don’t really have much of a family resemblance to each other, which works great, but…”

I cut him off this time replying, “Two different mothers, we’re divorced and separated”.

“Ok, he said, “Now will your girls mind seeing you naked or fucking my little eleven year old daughters”?

I started laughing, “No, no they won’t mind at all, as a matter of fact your daughters may have a hard time keeping them off my cock”.

“Excellent”, Marcus replied, "I thought this was a happy family."

The door burst open, Shelly, Sam and Jessie flying into the room breaking the calm quiet and intense conversation.

All the girls exploded seeing each other jumping and hugging, Alicia and Tawny letting loose of their prim and proper ways.

“Girls” I shouted above the roar, “settle down a second, I need for you to all go take a shower and do up your hair all pretty for daddy”.

I was barraged with “why’s and where we going, what are we doing”? I went on to explain that we were going to have some fun and have some play time with Alicia and Tawny.

Jessie inquired, “Me too”?

I looked over at Marcus he nodded his head, “I could use her in a scene with Zachary, she is a hot one. With big tits, round full hips, by the way how old is she”, he asked?

“She’s fourteen and a wild girl, sucks dick like a pro”. I vetted her.

Two hours later, Jessie with approval to spend the night again, Marcus had his cameras and equipment all set up including blackout curtains attached behind the ones hanging, covering the extra light and ward away prying eyes. Everyone showered and the girls in costume, I went for my small stash of little blue dick pills expecting this to be a long and wild night and I judged Mr. Happy could use the reinforcement.

I looked around the room taking in the glory unfolding in front of me. The air filled with the sweet pepper like smell of young pussy. I was sporting a chub for the last twenty minutes. Alicia and Tawny were dressed up in matching school girl uniforms. Bright white pressed shirts, blue plaid skirts with shiny wide black leather belts and gold buckles, white bobby socks and their black patent leather shoes. Their hair brushed and straight slightly pulled back behind their small ears and tied with blue satin ribbons.

Sam was wearing a thin white cotton summer dress reminiscent of the same material of those fancy doilies from the 40’s, the dress tied with a pink satin ribbon gathering the material close to her waist in a neat bow at the small of her back. I couldn’t help but noticed how the tightness of the bow dramatically emphasized her pre-goddess ass all bubbly and firm. She wore white bobby socks and an interesting pair of little white shoes. Her hair also straight and pulled back behind her ears tied with a matching pink ribbon. Her makeup of pink rouge highlighting her elfish cheek bones with shiny glitter lip gloss that really made me want to cram my cock straight into her mouth disturbing her appearance purity.

Shelly, my little ring leader, was dressed in what had to be a custom made blue leather bodice with rolled black leather piping. The bodice was tight against her figure, pressing her tiny developing breasts up and out the top creating the appearance of her having a little more than what she had. The bodice was tied tightly with a crisscross pattern of black satin, the bodice coming down tightly around her waist and crotch, her bare pussy lips barely covered by the tight leather. She had on matching blue high heel spike shoes that were a little too big for her dainty feet but she looked amazing in them. Her makeup was much starker in comparison to the other girls, tan rouge and dark red lipstick giving her the look of a hot little dominatrix. Her hair pulled up into tight braids at each side then both pulled back to the center of her head exposing her face fully, her small cute ears, and her thin but graceful necklines.

Jessie was wearing tight skinny jeans with tears and rips showing the beautiful perfection of her legs, these jeans rode low on her waist accentuating her hips nearly showing the top of her pussy, black tall leather boots forming around her muscular calves. Jessie’s top was a bright yellow torn t-shirt with the lower part ripped away exposing her fine firm tummy, yet the shirt was very loose at the bottom hanging open from her large round breasts. Jessie’s cleavage shown through a long cut down the shirt, the fabric lay open wide as the collar of the shirt had also been ripped out. Her auburn hair hung natural, dropping in long curls around her neck and shoulders. Her makeup was the simplest of all three. White powder covered her face and black eyeliner around her eyes, black lipstick covering her full lips giving her a Vampire, Goth look I never thought would look good on her, but she was stunning!

Zachary was lounging in a chair near the door wearing what looked to be normal attire for him, black skinny jeans, and a Black Flag concert shirt with an old school black leather jacket. His boots however were short snake skin cowboy boots completing a hard core British punk rocker look. His dark hair heavily spiked, his ears had silver or white gold ear ring hoops, a cigarette burning from his lips completed the look, but I’m sure it wasn’t for that.

Marcus sat down next to me asking, “What do you think”?

“I am amazed Marcus”, I replied, “All of them look very sexy and erotic. The girls, oh my god the girls, so hot, the mixture of innocence and slutty is incredible. Where did you get the outfits”?

Marcus looked a little glum, “I have most custom made, and getting erotica wear for preteens and small girls is rough, especially here in the US. We had tons more back home but had to leave in a small rush”… Marcus cut the rest short.

I added, “Your son pulls off the jaded punk rocker very well”.

“Yeah, he’s a good earner too”, Marcus returned, “He has one of the hottest websites out there, he sometimes brings more in than the girls, gay men love him”.

“Really and how much is that if you don’t mind me asking”?

“On the slow months, 200 grand after costs”, Marcus answered.

“No shit”? I spurted. “That’s a lot of coin”!

Marcus laughed, “Yeah, we do ok”. “If things work out, I could set you and your girls up for a small management fee”, he continued ending with a big grin. “So you ready to play with my hot little girls”? I’ll warn you they are two dynamos once you wind them up, they can be insatiable”.

“I consider myself duly informed, I replied,” any restrictions I should be aware of”?

“No, Marcus assured me, “they will let you know if something is too much for them, but don’t be afraid to push those boundaries, they have had plenty of sex with me or Zachary, and have used many toys but from what I hear, nothing in the size of what you are carrying”. Alicia is my orally fixated girl, while Tawny is my little anal queen, both love being vaginally fucked, but as I said Alicia is an oral whore and prefers cum blasted in her open mouth or squirted all over her face”. Tawny will take your cum any way she can get it, in her ass, in her pussy but buried cum shots do me no good, remember to pull out and give her a cream pie or shoot all over her little asshole, back, ass, whatever”.

Marcus stood up clapping his hands, “ok, girls time for still shots, Alicia and Tawny we will start with you in the bedroom, the rest of you girls watch closely, and remember Alicia’s and Tawny’s body positions, but pay close attention to the little things like their mouths, lips, tongues or eyes. Only look at the cameras directly when I ask”.

Thank god the rooms were large, everyone piled into the room staying close to the walls, Tawny and Alicia went to work, standing close to each other, hands placed at a shoulder or hip, eyes meeting passionately they teased the cameras. After many pictures on and off the bed, the girls slowly worked their clothing off exposing fine custom lacey bras and panties. Each G-string panty had been embroidered with “Baby doll” who turned out to be Alicia, and Tawny wearing hers, “Cutie Pie” across the front panels. Each girl taking turns making love to the camera, I watched in awe as Tawny expertly popped Alicia’s bra off, Alicia’s face registering fake and innocent shock at her twin sister’s bold advances.

Tawny was definitely the aggressor pushing Alicia to the bed dropping to her she began kissing her deeply, her mouth moving down her neck Alicia moaned arching her back while opening her neck for Tawny’s bites and nibbles, Tawny continued down to Alicia’s perfect breasts, each breast standing up firmly, Tawny took her time licking and teasing each rock hard nipple, her hand reaching back releasing her own lacey bra. Alicia’s arm came up opposite of the camera pulling her sister's mouth firmly to her breast, Tawny‘s mouth opening and sucking it in.

Towards the other side of the room I heard another camera rifling off shot after shot, glancing over Zachary had a camera in hand taking pictures of Shelly and Sam locked in a passionate kiss.

Marcus spoke commandingly, “Take them into the front room, give Shelly the riding crop and have her dominate Sam. “Make sure she whips that fine ass to a bright pink”!

Looking back at the twins on the bed Tawny had already removed Alicia’s panties and was teasing her sisters little pussy with her hard darting tongue. Tawny continued to lick and kiss the folds of her sisters labia as Alicia’s leg, again away from the camera, came up and spread wide giving her sister full access to her slit. Marcus moved over Tawny’s shoulder but never entering the view of the camcorder with its watchful lensed eye.

I looked over at Jessie sitting in the large pink chair in the corner of the bed room. She had one hand up her shirt, the other down her unbuttoned pants. I quickly picked up a camcorder from the dresser top snapping it open, I clicked record, zooming in on this large breasted tart. She seemed to know, lifting her shirt off exposing her large firm breasts to me, looking directly at the camera, eyes half open Jessie began licking her lips slowly through her partially opened mouth, her free hand opening the jeans further then plunged deep into her twat. The pants were so tight it was easy to see they restricted her fervent movements. Jessie reaching down unzipped her boots pulling them off, her curled auburn hair covering her face. Her toes pointed as she began working her jeans off, panties and all fell to the floor. Jessie brought both legs up into the oversized chair bending at the knees her feet flat in the seat, legs open wide giving me a clear view of her soaked 14 year old pussy.

Rasping breaths dragged my attention briefly back to the bed, Alicia’s back arched, the top of her head pushing her shoulders and back fully up off the bed, her nipples pinched between her slender fingers as Tawny sucked madly at her pussy.

Never taking the camcorder off Jessie, I returned my attention to her. Jessie had somewhere came up with a vibrator she was working it up and down her slit pressing firmly on her clit at each pass, she had two fingers buried deep into her sopping love hole, her hand and thighs soaked with cunt juice, her mouth open in ecstasy. Jessie’s eyes opened slightly, she slithered slowly out of the chair crawling on all fours, her big tits dangling and swaying from brushes of her arms. Jessie continued her slow cat like moves towards me she reached up and unzipped my shorts pulling out my cock. She began cranking on my engorged shaft looking innocently up into the camera, her head leaned forward never looking away from the camcorder she kissed my cock lightly with her dark painted lips, a string of pre-cum stretched from my cock to her lips, her tongue rolled out licking it into her waiting mouth.

A loud scream pulled my eyes back over to the bed, Tawny had a dildo strapped on and she had mounted her sister, fucking her with loving gentle thrusts, her right thumb sliding up and down Alicia’s clit.

My attention pulled back to Jessie as she had taken my cock deep down her throat holding it there her nose pressed firmly into my abdomen. Pulling back, her eyes still on the camcorder full of hunger she began taking my cock rapidly in and out of her mouth. Pumping my shaft with her hand, she rotated taking me fully down her throat gagging yet, holding it in deeply, and then bringing her hand up stroking my shaft as she slid it out of her mouth. Her saliva glistened off my thick cock, globs of it gathering at my pubic hairs.

The room was filled with sounds of a camera clicking off shots and the perverse moans of preteen Alicia and Tawny locked into passionate fucking, highlighted by the slurping sound of Jessie gorging on my thick meat.

Jessie’s head bobbed gliding my cock in and out of her mouth, her blinking eyes with long eyelashes still look directly into the camera, one hand sliding up and down my shaft, the other cradling my balls, I felt my cum frothing up my shaft, as I pulled my cock out of her hungry mouth I told her to lean back and open her mouth wide. Taking my cock into my left hand I began to crank my shaft exploding cum straight into her waiting mouth.

“Don’t swallow”, I said to her.

The prolific amount of cum had filled her entire mouth and was running down her chin dripping onto her breasts. My cock continued it's release of cum, squirt after squirt on this innocent looking yet very perverted cum whore. As my cum stopped her hands were rubbing my spunk all over her 36 DD breasts, her tongue poking in and out, white creamy sperm leaking out her full mouth, I nodded to her and she swallowed, reopening her mouth showing it all gone with that innocent good girl look, only young girls can really pull off. Her tongue rolled across her teeth, just before sliding each finger into her mouth sucking each one clean like a good little girl.

Turning off the camcorder my attention went back to Alicia and Tawny. They had moved into a 69 position with Tawny’s back to the bed. Alicia was working the strapped on dildo in and out of her mouth, Tawny’s face firmly implanted between Alicia’s legs.

I could hear muffled whines coming from the front room, I moved quietly towards the fervent sounds of pain. My eyes were greeted with the most perverse sight I had ever seen. A rocking chair had been turned over, pillows piled high across the bottom of the rungs and seat bottom, Sam was laid across this homemade restraint device, her hands tied spread to each of the front legs and corners of the arched rocker rungs, her snow white dress pulled high up over her back, her panties gone, and compromised tight bubble butt arched upwards towards the ceiling. Her ankles locked to a small black metal bar holding them wide apart, each ankle strapped in leather cuffs attached by two small carabineer hooks. Each of Sam’s cute butt cheeks had pink glowing welts contrasting her milky white flesh.

Shelly kneeling on one knee next to Sam, her perversely erotic feet packaged in blue spiked high heels, the tight leather dominatrix bodice and black silk glove covered hands held the instrument of Sam’s demise. Shelly brought the riding crop up and down across Sam’s intimately exposed ass. Sam’s muffled moan escaped past her ball gag, tears streaming down her pink flushed cheeks. Shelly’s free hand would softly rub and soothe the new welt created by her cruel thrash. Her hand moving in widening circles of each ass mound giving each cheek a squeeze, then “whack”, another cruel dispense of the riding crop would crash against Sam’s shivering flesh.

After this last smack, Shelly spoke, “You have been such a naughty little tramp, keeping daddy's cock all to yourself”, another harsh thrash of the riding crop met with Sam’s ass.
Sam squealed loudly followed by continued muffled crying. Shelly bent forward and lightly kissed Sam’s ass, her hand pulling Sam’s cheeks apart roughly Shelly spat a huge wad of saliva onto Sam’s pink little rosebud. Shelly brought the handled end of the riding crop to her mouth. Shelly’s tongue snaked out licking the balled leather end then took it into her mouth, pulling out the saliva covered riding crop she slowly slid it down between Sam’s ass cheeks. Sam’s ass answered with wiggles and an arching motion upwards, Shelly inserted the rod slowly past Sam’s anal ring. Sam’s tight little asshole stretched around the pressure of the riding crop. Shelly leaned her face up and over Sam’s ass, another large load of spit began to gather at Shelly’s lips letting it fall from her mouth dropping just above Sam's anus. The warm wet glob oozed down rolling around the sides of the anal probe, Shelly began working it in deeper up Sam’s bunghole. Sam’s groans of pain shifted to moans of pleasure, Shelly continued working the shaft of the riding crop into Sam’s asshole while gently rubbing Sam’s inner thighs.

I glanced over at Zachary operating the camcorder. He looked at me and mouthed the words, “Oh my god”! Zachary’s cock was pressing hard against the fabric of his jeans estimating he had a nice 7 or 8 inch dick that appeared to be of good width.

Marcus had come into the room, he asked Shelly to remove the riding crop and slowly reinsert it. Shelly removed it very slow, Marcus’s camera produced sounds of a constant whirr. Surprisingly Shelly brought the crop up to her pouty lips and eased it into her mouth sucking deeply on it, then pulling it out rolling her tongue around it leaving her saliva thickly on it, she placed it back to Sam’s waiting hole pressing it slowly past Sam’s anal ring, her ass swallowed the riding crop, her ass arched upwards again, Shelly’s hand spreading her wide as she glided the riding crop in and out of Sam’s pink asshole.

Marcus moved around to the front of Sam taking more photos, Shelly reached up grabbing a hand full of Sam’s strawberry blonde hair pulling back using her hair for reigns. Sam’s head pulled back, her face fully exposed to Marcus’s camera, Sam’s pink flushed cheeks had the slight remainder of tears, pleasure filled agony registered across her face. Sam’s lips pressing out and around the ball gag had saliva leaking from the sides. Once again the most erotic and perverse thing I had ever witnessed.

Marcus signaled to me with a pulling action downwards from his head, I realized he meant for me to pull down my tight black mask. I did, Marcus motioned me to move to the front of Sam, as I passed him he whispered, “Take the ball gag out and fuck her little mouth”.

I bent on one knee in front of my sweet little Sam, her eyes imploring me to save her, the look in her eyes only excited me further, I popped the ball gag from her mouth, Sam sighed in relief only realizing a second later that it would be replaced with my thick throbbing 9 inch cock.

My cock bobbed up and down in front of her face, I guided my cock to her waiting open mouth, and she sucked down hard, hungry for me. I placed both hands on her head and commenced fucking her cute angel face. I noticed another camcorder had been placed on a small tripod pointing directly at my cock entering and exiting her mouth, my animal instinct beginning to wash over me, my eyes full of the perversions surrounding me. Shelly had continued working the crop in and out of Sam’s puckered asshole, Shelly’s thin arm moving it in and out rapidly. My thrusts into Sam’s mouth became more brutal. Sam’s muffled deep throated growls only ceased with my deep thrusts down her gullet stretching the sides of her elfish neck, her gagging on each deeply held moment of my dick.

Looking up I noticed Zachary had gone, faint sounds of the shower entered our room. Marcus signaled me towards Sam’s ass. I pulled my cock from Sam’s throat and as I began to place the ball gag in her mouth Sam looked up at me and exclaimed, “I’ll be good daddy, I promise, I promise I will be a good girl, don’t put that back in my mouth, just fuck me, fuck me as hard as you want daddy, please fuck my tiny pussy”!

Grabbing her chin forcefully I pulled her face upwards, her eyes pleading for mercy, I said, “I know you’ll be a good girl, learn your lesson my little princess”, dropping the ball gag I bent over further kissing her lightly through my mask slit, I rolled my head past her ear whispering away from the camera, “are you ok baby”? Her head nodded slightly, “I love you Sam, know that Daddy loves you very much”.

Sam’s voice squeaked, “I love you too, Daddy, please have my pussy for your pleasure”, she said loudly, “I want to please my Daddy, fuck me hard Daddy, fuck me and make me cum for you.”

I stood and moved around Sam, Marcus’s mouth hung open, lost in the total exchange of what he was capturing on cameras.

Shelly shuffled slightly over removing the riding crop from Sam’s now puckered anus, I watched it open and close like a blinking eye. Straddling Sam I guided my cock to her pussy, pressing and rubbing the head of my dick up and down her cunt slit, her pussy juices oozed over my crown and I pressed in past her labia. Sam’s head arched back and she cooed with delight at my penetration.

I felt the sharp sting of Shelly’s riding crop fall across my ass, “Fuck her Daddy, fuck her hard, I said”, Shelly commanded.

With Shelly’s occasional encouragement of her riding crop, I began to take on a fevered rhythm sliding my cock in and out of Sam’s tight pussy, her silky walls grasping my overly large cock filling her, stretching her wide. “Whack”, another stinging blow of the crop across my ass.

“Fuck her hard I said” Shelly shouted, “Pound her pussy like the first time you fucked me”.

The fire from her stinging whips seemed to pass waves of heat through my body, I felt instinct taking over my loins, my skin began slapping hard against Sam, burying my cock to its hilt I pummeled her cervix, her ass jumped and jiggled sending waves up her flesh with each thrust,
Sam’s panting breath turned into screams of “fuck me, fuck my pussy,“ settling into a rhythm of “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me”, and I obliged.

Sam’s head was hanging forward, her arms limp bouncing with each thrust smashing into her cervix wall, her “fuck me’s” turned into guttural groans and pants now becoming higher in pitch. Sam was cumming! I could feel her pussy convulse and vibrate, yes, vibrate in waves of orgasm, her pussy gushed, her climax on her, her head now back up, her hands firmly gripping the chair as she met each of my fast and powerful thrusts. Sam collapsed back down into her trap, lying fully onto the stacked pillows, her amazing ass extended up. I gathered a large wad of saliva spitting it forcefully on to her anus, pulling my cock out of her exasperated pussy. I pressed my thick rod past her anal ring. Sam’s head arched back, her stomach and chest pressed down further into the pillows, her hungry ass raising more towards me, a large groaning intake of air escaped her pert open mouth.

I announced, “I’m not done with you yet, naughty girl”. I sent my cock deep into her anal cavity. I could feel the pillows underneath her give as my cock pressed forward burying all 9 inches into her.

Looking over, lying next to my leg, Shelly had undone the clasp of her crotch exposing her soaked puffy snatch, six dark pubic hairs glistening from the bright utility lights around the room, a nice sized purple vibrator was being worked in and out of her cunt with her tiny gloved hands. I had to have that I thought, noting the sweat pouring down my chest as I pulled from Sam’s spent little body.

I knee walked over Shelly’s head and placed my cock to her lips, “Lick Daddy's cock clean baby”. Her hungry little mouth opened taking me in, moans of her pleasure driven hunger rasped deep in her throat, Shelly increased the pumping action of her arms driving the humming purple vibrator deeper into her now more experienced cunt.

Shelly arched her back with the arrival of her orgasm, she was pounding every bit of the vibrator into her she could manage, my cock popped out her mouth with a loud sound.

“Fuck me Daddy, give me your cock”, she growled through gritted teeth.

Marcus moved around as I did keeping the camera view clear I nudged my cock to Shelly’s pussy, I pressed slipping more easily inside her than our previous experiences. Her pussy stretched from the work of the vibrator and her complete juice saturated pussy welcomed my thick cock. Shelly’s mouth opened wide, I looked down on her tiny little body under mine in awe of her beauty. Shelly wrapped her little legs around my waist, the high heel shoes dangling from her dainty feet swayed with my thrusts. Even though Shelly had worked her tiny pussy well, I could still only press about 6 inches of my cock into her smallness, I felt the wave of my hedonistic instinct flowing through my body as I began crashing my cock into her wall. Shelly’s open mouth, cute and sexy, released moans of sexual pleasure building into a vocal crescendo as her orgasm rocked and convulsed her body involuntarily.

Shelly could take no more but my need to release was powerfully on me. Looking over at Sam, she had extricated herself from her confinements. A look of “oh fuck” came across her face as she saw me glare at her with hunger all over my face. My sweet angel Sam rolled onto her back, her long thin legs poised up in the air, her naked feet pointing exotically. Sam leaned up reaching between her legs she curled her finger at me beckoning me to her. I moved over her, positioning myself between her legs she whispered, “Take that silly mask off and be easy with me Daddy, make love to me”.

My heart swelled, I pulled the mask off looking down into my little elf angel’s eyes, fear still clinging to her face knowing all too well I could lose control and begin ruthlessly fucking her. I entered her slowly, moving gently in and out of her well lubed love hole, delighting in it's silky warm softness, I took my time focusing on the feelings in my heart rather than the animal power waiting in my groin. My arms wrapped around her, we rolled over, and placing my hands on her hips she began riding me, taking my cock smoothly and slowly into her. Her arms up and hands holding the back of her head, her sweet small pink breasts were beautiful. Sam made love to me. She made love to me slowly. Coming down to my face, our lips met in a deep passionate kiss, I felt the pressure build in my balls, and knowing I was about to come I rolled her over underneath me. I continued our slow movements gliding in and out of her, her knees came up, her feet dangling from her ankles, Sam began to quiver, her body releasing waves of orgasmic rushes.

“I love you Daddy, I never want to be away from you ever”.

I pulled my cock from her sweet silky wetness, I spoke to her softly, “I love you too baby girl, I will love you forever”, my cock erupted all over her firm belly rising and falling in gasps of air.

Load after load erupted from my cock across her body splashing onto her tits. Sam dipped her fingers in my cum, scooping it up and sucking into her smiling mouth.

Applause rocked the room, as I totally forgot everyone and everything around us. The twins, Jessie and Zachary stood naked in the doorway. Marcus closed the viewer on the camcorder with a huge grin on his face. Shelly sat leaning against Zachary’s leg’s got up and scrambled over to us.

“That was amazing!" she said, curling up into my lap, “can you make slow love to me like that next time Daddy”?

I looked at Shelly in amazement, her words spilled out over my mind as I took in her cute childish face sometimes forgetting that she is only 12 but acts so grown up during sex.

Marcus broke the silence, “Let’s all have a break for about an hour”, looking at me “then I’d like for you to have some time with my girls”.

We all lounged around snacking, and chatting, both my girls trading space on my lap. As I enjoyed more of Marcus’s Scotch I noticed the twins had gone back into the bedroom, closing the door behind them, Zachary apparently had been with them as he came out and grabbed a large makeup case and disappeared as quickly as he showed up, prepping for the next scene I guessed.

I spoke to Marcus, “about the no mask thing”?

“Don’t worry, I’ll digitally blur your face some”, he answered.

We sat awhile looking at other footage I or he missed, all incredible.

Marcus looked at me directly. “I want you to consider coming with us to my place in Mexico, we have an eight bedroom house with a small 3 bedroom guest house out back. A swimming pool, sauna, weight room, game room, and of course an excellent theater room, all would be at your disposal”.

“That’s a very nice offer Marcus, I’ll consider it”.

He continued pressing, “It won’t be all fun and games, well some fun, and maybe a few games”, and he chuckled. “Let me be fully honest here, we’re permanently moving out of the country, a big client of mine works for the Fed and he tipped me they were about to seize all my US assets for running my little websites. I am only staying there long enough to make other off continent arrangements and need to create a broader income stream to accomplish my goals. I will make sure you and your girls are included in my financial plans, I am talking about millions Robert, millions. You, Sam and Shelly would be set up for life”. Slapping my knee he rose up from his chair, “think about it Robert”, he moved to the bedroom door holding it open, “you ready my little ladies”?

Marcus stepped back as Alicia and Tawny appeared at the door, my jaw hit the table. Both girls were dressed in identical red baby doll lingerie outfits, “Baby Doll and Cutie Pie” monogramed in black thread just above the left breast of each perspective girl. They wore matching black stockings with garter belts and tall red “come fuck me” high heel shoes that were so tall each girl was standing on her toes. Their black raven hair fell long and straight with nothing in it, their makeup was light except for bright red lipstick with clear shiny gloss perfectly painted over each of their full lips.

“Ready dad, question is, is Robert’? Alicia chimed.

Tawny said grinning, “I hope so, I want that fat cock in every hole I have”.

“Holy fuck”, I exclaimed out loud.

Zachary laughed.

Marcus said, “like that do you? There is so much more Robert, keep thinking about my offer”.

Marcus explained the setup, “I will go outside with you Robert, you and I will pull up in my car and I will walk up to the bordello door. After knocking, Zachary will answer as the proprietor.”

I noticed Zachary was wearing a smart suit, hair slicked back neat and proper with a fake mustache attached below his lip, I didn’t recognize him.

“After entering the room”, Marcus continued, “Zachary will ask you several questions, answer them in a nervous manner. He will ask you pointed questions about underage girls so play it up. The rest of you will be in the bedroom waiting, when Zachary calls for you I want you to line up over here in front of the sofa, Robert is going to choose both Alicia and Tawny, this is just an act so don’t take it personal! Clean this room up and hide all the stuff behind the sofa, places in 5 minutes”.

Everyone bustled around the room, as I bent picking up the rocking chair my cock dangled in my shorts, blood beginning to flow into my member with mental anticipation.

Marcus handed me a piece of paper telling me to look at it before knocking on the door and to simply place it in my pocket after. We parked and exited the BMW, the camcorder recording every moment. I walked to the door, glanced at the piece of paper. “Pedophile’s Dream Bordello” was inscribed boldly on it, Marcus, pulled back as I shoved the paper into my pocket and I gave the door three quick raps.

The door cracked open and Zachary slowly opening it stepped out and looked each way, his hand in the chest of his suit jacket as if handling a weapon. “What do you want”, he quipped.

“Uh, I’m looking for the Pedophile’s Dream Bordello”, I answered.

“You found it”, Zachary returned, opening the door wide, “Come in, come in”.

I stepped into the room. Marcus passed me on my right getting the camera angle.

“You come here to get your fuck on with some really hot young girls”, Zachary asked eyeing me up and down.

“That depends”, I returned. “Depends if they are really hot young girls or just some used up meth heads dressing up like little girls”?

Zachary smiled at my improvisation, “Mister, I have the hottest and youngest little tramps north of Mexico and southeast of Vegas, as a matter of fact I have some real special treats behind that door if you can afford them”.

“Let’s see what you got” I demanded.

Zachary walked to the bedroom door opening it up, “get your fine little asses in here girls and show this man I got the cute goodies his cock and mouth is searching for”.

The girls filed out of the room, each in their previous outfits except Jessie, she now wore a sexy little pale yellow see through nightgown, her round hard nipples pressing the fabric.

I walked up and down the line slowly taking each girl in, leaning in sniffing the neck of Shelly she just giggled. I boldly caressed one of Jessie’s premium tits, she cooed at my attention.

Zachary yelled, “No fondling the merchandise until it’s bought and paid for, these girls are $200 dollars apiece cash, per hour and that’s all inclusive”.

“An hour” I screamed, "I’ll need more time than that”.

“That can be arranged, $500 will get you 3 hours”, Zachary volleyed.

“This all you got huh? I mean they are beautiful and all, but I was looking for something really unique, something truly special”.

“Get out here superstars”, Zachary shouted. The twins appeared at the door hugging each side, one leg arching up and wrapping around door frame. Zachary continued, “And my extra special treats direct from places unknown, for one night only, the internet sensational sex twins, Baby Doll and Cutie Pie”.

Alicia and Tawny curtsied at their introduction, coy expressions on their faces they moved to each side of me dipping and rubbing their hands across my chest or along my inner thigh. My cock leaped in my shorts, my mouth filled with saliva.

“You like”? Zachary asked.

My words stuttered without effort, “Oh, I, I like them a lot”, I replied, “how, how much”?

“Since you seem to be a man of impeccable taste”, Zachary started, “I’ll give you the deal of a life time, normally I’d charge $400 each, per hour, for these primo 11 year olds, but tonight $1,500 for three hours for both girls, no nude pictures will be taken, but I’ll throw in a polaroid of you three before you start your thrill ride. Hell I’ll even throw in use of the master fuck suite, a bottle of Champaign, and some Xtasy”, he concluded.

“Deal”, I said, digging into my pockets.

“Cut”, Marcus shouted. “Fucking excellent Robert, you sure you haven’t done this before”?

Zachary immediately joined in, “I know, right? I about lost it when he adlibbed so well”.

Marcus just frowned, “glad you held it back son”, breaking into a small smile then winking at Zachary. Marcus loved his kids, it wasn’t easily seen. Pimping them out and all, but after spending time watching them interact it was obvious they all felt deeply for each other.

We moved to the bedroom, Marcus asked me to stand next to the twins, each girl holding my hands. Zachary was busy propping pillows against the headboard. Camcorders were mounted in several locations around the room, some suspended from the ceiling, others placed on tripods. A mobile stripper’s pole had been installed in the room with a small round table at its base creating a small stage at the foot of the bed, a boom box sat on top of the dresser directly behind the stage. I noticed I would get double views of the girls as the dresser had a full length mirror attached.

“Ok, we’re ready, girls you know what to do, Robert just do your best to hold on”, Marcus grinned.


Tawny and Alicia pulling my hands led me to the bed sitting me down on its edge, Alicia shoved a small pill into my mouth, “was it a placebo, or really X I wondered”, Tawny was pouring Champagne into three glasses as Alicia popped another small pill into Tawny’s mouth, Tawny sucked on Alicia’s finger as she withdrew it from her mouth. Tawny handed me a glass of Champagne one to Alicia, and keeping one for herself, they both tipped their glasses back and gulped theirs down, each looking at me saying simultaneously, “lean back Mister and enjoy the night of your life”.
Alicia and Tawny stepped on the small stage, their high heels clacking on the hard surface,
Alicia, bent slightly at the knee dipping, “My name’s Baby Doll”, smiling the cutest smile.

Tawny dipped saying, “and my names Cutie Pie”, giggling a little girl’s innocent giggle.

Baby Doll reached over turning on the boom box. “Pour Some Sugar on Me” began filling the room with sound. A small multi-colored light globe that I had missed began throwing light around high lighting their small bodies with glimmers of different color lights, fog began to appear from what I guessed was a stashed fog machine from under the stage.

They each began gyrating and dancing, their hands running over their own bodies searching out their pert breasts, Cutie Pie took one of her slender fingers into her mouth up to her last knuckle, then as she pulled it out, bit down on breathing in making a hissing sound as she glared at me with her dark brown eyes.

“Take off your clothes Mister and make yourself comfortable”, Baby Doll said to me. I was grateful for the suggestion as my cock was uncomfortably trapped in my shorts. Pulling off my shirt and sliding out of my pants I began feeling a rush of excitement thinking that was no placebo Baby Doll had tucked into my mouth. The old familiar sensation of Xtasy coursed through my brain adding its effect to my little blue dick pill I had taken earlier.

Baby Doll had turned her attentions to Cutie pie sliding the spaghetti strings of the lingerie over her shoulders, the silky fabric fell to her feet exposing her pert “A” cup sized breasts, naturally curving upwards, her small dark nipples hard enough to drive nails poking outwards. Cutie Pie lifted her leg and kicked her discarded lingerie over at me, it landed on my face. I inhaled her sweet perfume deeply pulling the fabric slowly from my face not wanting to miss a second of their performance.

Sweat began to bead my brow as I felt every sensation of each hair on my skin, my hand firmly stroking my cock in slow measured pulls, up and down, my crown swelling to a deep purple hue. I noticed a small breeze created by the air conditioning dancing across my skin. The Xtasy was coming on fast I concluded.

Baby Doll crossed her arms pulling each strap of her lingerie from her shoulders allowing it to lower slowly her hands holding the fabric close to her body slowly she exposed one breast, then the other, they were exact duplicates of her twin sister's. Cutie Pie leaned into Baby Dolls slender neck biting into her sister’s vunerable flesh, Baby Doll's head arched backward, her hair cascading down around her hips and tiny ass. As Cutie Pie pulled away their eyes met and as if on cue, they hooked their fingers through the waist of their G-strings and began lowering them slowly, teasingly downward, dipping only one side or the other stretching the fabric out from their skin.

Each girl facing me, I could see their tight little butt cheeks reflected in the mirror, the small string tantalizingly disappearing into each crack. The girls noticing me checking out their fine little asses looked at each other, then spun giving me full direct twin views of their succulent cute butts, then dropped their panties completely off. Both leaned forward placing their hands flat onto the dresser they spread their legs wider than shoulder width pushing their hips upward raising their butts giving me the tantalizing view of their fat, bald, puffy pussies.

I nearly lost my load, to make matters worse or hotter, each girl brought one hand back exposing their dark brown ass buttons, each puckered in tight brown gorgeous rippled circles of anal flesh, they were exactly the same. I sat up onto my knees heading across the bed in their direction but both girls turned waving their fingers side to side, “not yet you naughty man” they said in unison.

Both Baby Doll and Cutie Pie exited the stage, I noticed the song had changed. The song belting out “I want to fuck you like an animal, I want to feel you from the inside.”

Each girl heading for different sides of the bed, exactly in the same moment they pulled me back to the headboard raising my captured arms towards the posts, hidden handcuffs locked firmly down onto my wrists.

“Holy fuck”! I said out loud, watching them escape to the end of the bed, they pulled thick black and red satin corded ropes up from underneath the bed and began lashing my ankles to these new restraints. I was fully at their mercy.

Baby Doll moved to the foot of the bed and began crawling up between my restrained legs, Cutie Pie climbed on top the bed straddling my chest facing away from me, her cute butt cheeks inches from my face, I could smell her sex, my cock lurched in response as additional blood rushed into my already engorged cock, throbbing in tortured anticipation.

That’s when I felt Baby Doll’s fingers lightly dancing up my thighs, roving further inwards, Cutie Pie dropped to her knees exposing her wide open ass and soaking wet slit, her chest pressed my cock bending it forward, her hands joined her sisters dancing down my inner thighs ever so lightly, the Xtasy heightening my experience as finger nails dug into my thighs, Baby Doll pulling slowly downward, Cutie Pie pulling upward. I hissed in painful glory of the erotic sensation these twin preteen fuck goddesses unleashed on my flesh, my arms pulled tightly against the handcuffs.

“Fuck”, I screamed in ecstasy! Pulling frantically at my restraints to no avail, the twins just giggled.

Cutie Pie stood and turned dropping her wet snatch onto my chest, looking at me she answered my scream of frustration, “in good time, in good time, we will fuck you silly, taking all that delicious cum into our bodies”, She grinned a perverted evil smile.

“Holy fuck, holy fuck” I shouted.

Baby Doll began kissing and licking her way up my thighs, Cutie Pie would lean forward while grinding her wet pussy on my chest placing her beautiful perfect tits just millimeters away from my mouth occasionally brushing my lips. My tongue would dart out only to miss each time as she backed away. Grabbing my face with one soft hand she pulled my gaze to her chest as the other hand cupped her beautiful breast.

“You want my titties don’t you? You want this in your mouth naughty man? How much more will you pay to suck my perfect young tits”?

“Wait a second”, I said, “I have already paid”, lost in the fantasy of what was occurring the Xtasy in full effect.
That was for three hours with us and we can torture you and your big fat cock all night long”, Baby Doll said over Cutie Pie's shoulder.

“$20 bucks” I begged.

“That won’t do, that won’t do at all” said Cutie Pie teasing my lips with her hard nipples again.

“$50 bucks”, but they are all mine as much as I want them the rest of our time together. Her sweet nipple entered my mouth as Baby Doll began sucking my toes. The duel sensation was mind blowing. Cutie Pie buried more of her young firm flesh into my mouth, her body answering my sucking and licking. All of her tit sucked into my mouth, her hand was rubbing up and down her wet slit, she pulled back poking her slender soaked fingers into my mouth. The sweet taste of her eleven year old preteen pussy ignited every taste bud in my mouth. I sucked greedily on her fingers.

Baby Doll proceeded up my thighs, I could feel her hot breath on my balls, but never did she touch them, she was working me like I have never experienced before. Alternating kisses, licks mixed with fervent sucks and bites on my sensitive thighs.

Cutie Pie extracted her fingers and moved up across my chest now taunting my mouth with her bald wet pussy. She danced her pussy so incredibly close to my mouth and nose, the smell of her sweet little snatch was overwhelming.

“So now you want to suck my pussy don’t you”? Cutie Pie taunted. “You want my tight little girl pussy pressed against your open mouth so you can explore my cunt with your tongue”, she followed.

“Yes” I panted, I want your pussy”.

“How much” she teased, “how much for my young pussy”?

“$100” I answered, “$100 dollars”!

“Mmmmm”? She mused, while she bit the tip of her finger, “Ok, naughty man”.

Cutie Pie arched forward, smothering my mouth with her cute, fat cunt, my tongue hungrily dove into her. I sucked and drank from her perfect little snatch. Cutie Pie wiggled and moaned as she fucked my face with her tight snatch. That’s when I felt Baby Doll's tongue lick my balls, they pulled up tight lifting up towards my shaft, cum immediately shot up into the air, Baby Doll’s hand wrapped around my cock cranking it rapidly cooing with excitement that they could bring me off without direct contact to my cock.

As I continued sucking Cutie Pie’s marvelous pussy, Baby Doll was busy licking cum from my thighs carefully searching with her mouth for every drop. I felt my cock begin to shrink but that would not do for Baby Doll, I felt her slender fingers wrap around my shaft bringing my cock to her mouth, her lips stretched around my shaft sucking hard draining the last bits of my orgasm into her.

Cutie Pie's body quivered, her moans filling the room, my mouth was filled with her juices as she exploded, cumming into my mouth. It was a warm flood of fluid, I was amazed and drunk from the experience, I never knew a girl could cream so much, she was a squirter of historical proportion. Cutie Pie rolled over next to me, curling up.

I looked down and Baby Doll had worked my cock into rock hard status, she moved up and straddled me, rubbing my head with her pussy slit. The heat pouring from her was intense, her wetness rolling down my shaft.

Baby Doll looked at me continuing their game, “you want my tight little pussy wrapped around your big fat cock” she queried. “You want to bury it in my warm wet little snatch don’t you naughty man”?

I could only nod watching this pedophile treat rubbing her slit back and forth tantalizing my crown.

“How much”, she inquired.

“You girls can have every bit of cash I have, $1,500, all of it, just give me all of your bodies. No more deals. I want it all for the rest of our time together”!

Baby Doll pressed slowly down, her tight lips sliding over my cock. “Fuck you’re tight” I groaned.

Cutie Pie began to undue my restraints, first setting my legs free, my left wrist followed quickly with my right. My now free hands reached forward grabbing Baby Doll’s firm upturned breasts. Looking over at Cutie Pie, I commanded her to lick my balls and her sister’s ass.

Cutie Pie slipped around us and over my leg, I felt her begin up my thighs, her tongue finally reaching my balls teasing each one delicately. Her tongue worked its way up to where mine and Baby Doll’s flesh met. I felt her tongue leave my body and knew she was working it into Baby Doll's ass as she moaned and wiggled with delight. Soon I felt her tongue drop, she spent a lot of time sucking and lapping her sister’s juices running her tongue up, trying to follow my shaft into her sister’s cunt. Down she traveled back to my balls, lower, lower. Arching my ass up, Cutie Pie pressed her hard tongue up between my cheeks tickling my asshole. When her tongue left my ass one slender finger pressed past my anal ring, her finger hooked as she massaged my prostrate.

Baby Doll was now bouncing up and down on my cock like I was her personal joy stick. Finally she took my full length into her, grinding her clit down into my pubic patch, her hands tweaking each nipple with fierce hunger. My right hand moved down to her clit applying firm rotating pressure with my thumb she began to cry.

Tears flowing down her precious face, words started passing her trembling lips, “I think I’m going to cum”. “I’m going to cum”. Her vocalizations became higher pitched.

Cutie Pie’s head came up to Baby Doll’s ear whispering, “Come for us dear one, let your pussy go”!

Baby Doll’s tears stopped, she renewed her passionate screams’ “I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming, oh my I’m cumming”. Baby Doll screamed, her body convulsing with massive tremors, her pussy clamping down onto my cock.

Then her body froze in one tremendous seizure like state. A gush of vaginal fluids flowed like someone dumped a bucket of warm sticky water on my waist and thighs. Baby Doll fell forward onto my chest like a rag doll, huffing and gasping for air. Cutie Pie was lovingly kissing and rubbing her back with light soothing touches.

Cutie Pie came up close to Baby Doll’s ear whispering, “You came baby, you really came”.

Something in all of this told me this was new, there was something different.

Cutie Pie recovering, realizing she was still in a role that needed finished.

“Mister you gave my Baby Doll something special, something she hasn’t been able to reach, you can keep your money. I want to thank you for my sweet Baby Doll. Here help me with her” Cutie Pie asked.

We gently rolled Baby Doll off of me, my still rigid cock slowly pulled from her sweet little body. Once she was secured Cutie Pie looked at me.

“Take anything you want Mister, Take my mouth, take my pussy, you can even pound my tiny little ass if that’s what you want”.

Looking at Cutie Pie, I smiled an evil grin, “I will have all three”!

Grabbing her by the hair, her arms clasping my wrist, I moved off the side of the bed pulling her to the edge hanging her neck off the side, my hands holding the back of her head and hair I roughly fed her my cock.

“Suck my cock little one, lick it and suck it, take it deep down your pretty little neck”! I commanded.

Cutie Pies eyes went wide as did her mouth, my swollen head pressed past her lips, my shaft entering her mouth pushing past her tonsils into her throat. Her mouth stretched to accommodate my girth, her groans confined deep down her neck by my cock chasing the sounds deeper. I had made up my mind she was going to get the reaming of a life time for her tortuous little game.

My hips rocked back and forth, the grunting sounds of Cutie Pie grew louder but her hunger grew faster as I fucked her beautiful eleven year old face, my eyes drinking in her body’s perfection spread out across the bed. I leaned forward grasping an ass cheek in each hand, my cock fully buried down her throat I bent back, picking her up off the bed my head curved forward as I lifted her to my mouth. My tongue searching out the deepest parts of her as I sucked, taking the entirety of her muff into my mouth, Cutie Pie screamed loudly into my cock. The shrill sound of pleasure escaping past her stretched lips, her vaginal fluid rushing up to my mouth spilling down her abdomen, her body tense with the vaginal eruption taking her over. Her juices flowed down her chest, dripping from her nipples splashing in small puddles on the carpet. If I didn’t know better from the flavor I would have thought she pissed herself.

Slowly pulling her away from my cock, raising her up higher in one powerful movement I lifted her body, both legs going over my right shoulder then sliding her down my chest into my arms. I placed her on the bed and cramming two pillows under her waist, her ass properly lifted, my mouth went to her anal ring. My tongue quickly pressed past her anus, my face in between widely spread ass cheeks I buried the full length of my tongue into her. The clean earthy flavor of her turned me into a mad man.

I pulled my tongue from her delightfully squirming ass thwacking my cock head at her brown asshole, with each smack of my cock her ass would arch up meeting the dick spanking she was getting. I placed my thumb on top of my cock just below my crown and pressed my swollen head into her asshole. Cutie Pie squealed loudly, slightly shuffling away from my intrusion. I firmly gripped each hip as I pushed deeper into her ass pulling her to me. Her next scream of pleasure mixed pain was thunderous as I drove my cock to it's hilt. I began thrusting into her. Cutie Pie’s whole body quaked with the force of this brutal ass fucking.

“Oh my god” Cutie Pie howled, “your fucking cock is so big”, she cursed,” it feels so good stretching my hole filling me up, fuck me Mister, fuck my ass”!

The mixture of perversions danced through my brain, seeing her tiny frame spread out before me, taking my nine inch, thick meat up into her small body combined with the sounds of her eleven year old voice saying the things she was screaming, sent me over the edge. My efforts double, the slapping sound of skin on skin was the only sound other than Cutie Pies cute little girl grunts and my rapid pants, gasping for air. My first load of cum shot deep into her bowels, I pulled out holding my spraying cock, the second and third load splashing at her opening and closing hole.

Stepping back I cranked my cock with my hand dispensing another load on her ass cheeks, then I plunged my cock back into her ass, my legs trembling, my body nearly spent, but I found enough effort to pull my cock out holding it back waiting for her ass to start closing again then jammed it back in, holding her hips close to me for one last load of cum deposited deep into her body.

Finally, I crumbled on top of her. My cock firmly implanted in her rolling to our sides, I held Cutie Pie close to me, occasional quakes of orgasm shaking her tiny frame. I nuzzled my face close into her neck, her arm arched back to my head pulling me closer.

“Cut” I heard Marcus scream. “That’s a wrap”.

Neither I nor Tawny moved. We were lost in each other from our superhuman efforts. My cock lovingly being cradled in Tawny’s ass had no intentions of coming out soon. I glanced up looking into Alicia’s face as I lay with her sister, her whole face smiling, her eyes filling with tears again.

“Thank you for making me cum Robert, thank you. I’ve had orgasms but could never cum like Tawny”. She had the face of an angel, her tears streaming down her cute cheeks.

I knew then I would accept Marcus’s offer, I didn’t want to be away from my girls, or his either.

Tawny unceremoniously announced, “I have to pee”! We all began laughing, as I let her climb up and away from me, my cock dropping from her ass, cum dripping from her taught ass as she ran for the bathroom.
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