Moving on to a wild adventure
Saying Good-bye

The next morning I woke to a clean bedroom, as if nothing happened. Neat stacks of money neatly lined on the dresser from Marcus. My two angels wrapped around my right, Jessie snuggled up in close on my left. They were so cute.!

I managed to extricate myself and made it to the water closet expelling my piss into the toilet, beginning with a small burn bursting past the dried cum on piss hole.

“Aaaaahhhhh”! As I stopped and shook off the last dribbles, I turned seeing three sweet girls lined up at the door frame. Their fascination with watching a man piss will never cease to amaze me.

“Good morning ladies” I announced.

“Good morning”? Shelly chimed, “It’s 1:30 in the afternoon silly head”.

I began laughing with them, as they lined up to take turns peeing, I stood there and found an interesting fascination with watching them pee, I think I get it.

How about a shower and lunch girl’s? I asked. Heads just bobbed up in down in agreement.

The shower was uneventful except for a few loud screams and giggles as the girls woke up and were beginning to get playful. I stuffed $15,000 into my pockets before following the girls towards the diner. The BMW still in the place I parked it last night, but no sign of it's owner or the kids.

“You girls head on in, I’m going to look in on Jeb” I announced. They all just nodded quietly as they went for the diner door.

I rounded the corner seeing a new window being installed, three young men working hard at getting it placed, Jeb and an older gentleman leaning up against a truck supervising the job.

“Hey, why aren’t you showing these young men how it’s done, Jeb”? I shouted.

“Just waiting on you”, Jeb returned. “This is Jose, Javier’s father. Jose, this is Robert the man who broke my window”!

“With a little help from Pete", Jose said, shaking my hand. “See this”, he continued, pulling his hair up from his forehead, “Pete gave me this one night at the Legion, the bastard. That’s the night you had to shoot him Jeb”.

Jeb just grinned.

“You got a second Jeb? I need to chat with you”.

“Sure my young friend”, as he guided me to the open garage bay, “Say, you want to press charges on Pete”?

“No, not really, no big deal except for your window”, I followed.

“Ah, he’ll pay for that, I’ll cut him loose in an hour or so and send him home to lick his wounds”, Jeb replied. “What’s on your mind”?

I reached into my pocket and handed Jeb the $15,000 I received from Marcus, telling him it was for Jessie. “Add it to her college fund, but let her go shopping with some of it, she deserves it”.

“That’s awfully nice of you. This is too much”, Jeb started as he began thumbing through the stacks of cash.

“No, no it’s not Jeb. She’s a good girl and deserves good things to continue happening for her”, I said.

“So it seems you’re getting ready to go”, he asked.

“Yeah, probably clear out tonight, letting the girls sleep on the road seems the easiest, and it isn’t as hot. It was an honor and pleasure meeting you, this place will hold some great memories for me”, I added.

“Don’t just treat them as memories, you’ll always find a place for yourself and your girls here”, Jeb said. I shook his hand and headed for the diner.

The diner wasn’t very busy, Jolleen was sitting with the girl’s, her chin in her hands just listening to them gab. Marcus and the family were having lunch, Alicia and Tawny waved excitedly. I walked over to their table and told Marcus of my decision to take him up on his offer if it was still good. He smiled happy with my decision and we made curt plans to pull out this evening.

I finally joined the girls, Jolleen was gone but no sooner did I sit I had a massive tenderloin sandwich with all the fixings and trimmings in front of me, “Bon apple tits”. She said, the girls just giggled.

“Where’s Jessie” I asked. Jolleen informed me she was packing to get ready to fly back home.

She asked me what my plans were this evening asking if I would mind taking her to the airport. She thought Jessie would enjoy that, and the timing was right as I explained my plans, it wasn’t much out of the way.

The girls and I left the diner and went back to our room, I stopped and told Marcus about dropping Jessie at the airport and we planned on leaving at 7:00 giving us plenty of time to make it there. Going into the room, it was all quiet, Sam and Shelly had curled up in the bed, and I set the alarm, packed our bags leaving them at the door and joined them for a nap.

The alarm woke us with a light beep. Rushing the girls in and out of the bathroom for a pee before loading up then we headed for the door. We stopped taking a long look, and then popped out the door for the car. I was not surprised as I watched Marcus, Zachary and the twins file out in military precision starting his engine precisely at 7:00.

Jessie was giving hugs goodbye as we pulled up to the office. I loaded her bags into the car, shook Jeb’s hand and received a big hug from Jolleen.

“Don’t be strangers” Jolleen said.

Jeb handed me his card, telling me to call anytime I need to talk, or need an old Ranger with some grit still in him, I chuckled and smiled.

Jessie had jumped into the front seat wearing a simple but beautiful sundress that hung open at the neck, her cleavage proudly displayed.

“That’s a very pretty dress” I told her, she smiled and told me she just bought it this afternoon with some of the money she got from me. She went on to say that her granddad would deposit a few hundred dollars a month into her account for fun and put most of it away for college. Jessie gave me a big hug around the neck saying thanks, but I explained she had earned it. Jessie settled in the seat sitting very close to me, her head resting on my shoulder.

We were on the road about 20 minutes when Jessie’s hand began moving up my leg. “Do we have time for me to play with your cock before we get to the airport, just one more time”? She asked, her eyes looking up at me.

I tilted the steering wheel up and she began unzipping my pants, gently removing my cock, her soft hand began pulling up and down my shaft. Shelly and Sam both leaned over the back seat watching her stroke my dick. Jessie’s head moved down, she lightly and lovingly began kissing my head, her tongue making light licks around my crown. Thank god I had cruise control as my legs stiffened against the floor board pushing my hips upward pressing my cock upwards past her full lips into her mouth. She continued each move slowly and measured, nothing rough or fast, a soft and sweet blow job from a very soft and sweet fourteen year old girl.

My right hand reaching down her back, rubbing the small of her waist above her ass, I gently pulled at the fabric finally raising the back of her dress up. To my delight I found she wasn’t wearing any panties which gave me full access to her ass. It was very smooth and soft yet very firm. Jessie continued her soft and gentle cock sucking but had pulled the rest of her dress up and begun fingering herself. The light odor of her pussy circulated through the car.

Shelly and Sam crawled over the seat to Jessie’s right and climbed down onto the floor board. The massive 1972 Chevy Impala had lots of leg room and more than enough room for these little girls to rest on their knees between Jessie’s open legs. Sam and Shelly took turns licking and sucking Jessie but Shelly wanted more. She had managed to work Jessie’s dress up further urging it over Jessie’s shoulders forcing her to stop sucking my dick, she leaned up and Shelly pulled it over her Jessie’s head. Jessie our fourteen year old lover was now completely nude in the car, it was very erotic and the danger of her so openly exposed added to the thrill. Jessie had taken my cock back into her mouth in the same way she started by kissing it lightly, licking lightly and lovingly taking me back into her warm soft mouth. Jessie’s right hand moved to my balls making light finger dragging movement up and down my sack, sometimes making little circles with one finger around one or the other of my balls.

Shelly was fully immersed in kissing, sucking, licking or kneading Jessie’s large round breasts, Sam seemed very content having Jessie’s pussy all to herself.

Jessie was now taking me deep into her throat sliding up and down my shaft with slow movements but increasing the strength of her sucking. Each time she took me fully down her throat she would hold my cock there for thirty to forty seconds while squeezing my balls. My body began to tense, sensing my orgasm was well on it's way, she increased her bobbing up and down then as I erupted she held me deep in her throat, my cock twitching with each eruption. Jessie slowly, very slowly took me from her throat into her mouth lovingly sucking, milking the rest of my cum into her mouth. Her head rose up to my lips, giving me some of my cum into my mouth with a soft passionate kiss.

I struggled to keep the car on the highway, when she moved away I noticed tears lightly flowing down her cheeks, Jessie whispered in my ear.

“Remember, be gentle with our sweet girls, they love you very much, and I do too. I will always remember you. Remember sometimes you can focus on your heart. Focus on the power there rather than your hunger”.

“I love you too Jessie”, I said running my free hand pushing her hair behind her ear. “How did you get so wise, so young”?

Jessie’s eyes brightened, “Grandma Jo”, she replied smiling.

Sam now, no longer listening, returned to lapping Jessie’s fine pussy. Shelly scooted down and began taking turns with her sister, Jessie’s seat pushed back her feet on the seat and knees spread wide, my angels lovingly pleased Jessie’s clit. Jessie had both hands full of her tits, her breath becoming short giving voice to her sweet moans of pleasure.

“Girls we’re pulling into the airport drive”, I warned.

They continued, “come on I added she needs to get dressed”.

I continued while handing Jessie her dress, they still continued between her legs. Shelly now furiously tonguing Jessie’s clit, Sam was sliding her small hand in and out Jessie’s wide open pussy, Sam’s whole hand buried beyond her wrist was pumping in and out. Jessie with her dress slightly pulled over her head screamed out, her hands wrapped around Shelly’s head pulling Shelly’s mouth tightly over her clit.

The bright lights of the terminal were shining in the car as I pulled up to her terminal, just before stopping I announced we were here. A young porter around the age of nineteen or twenty got a full view into the window as we passed, his jaw open in disbelief stumbled towards the car. Sam and Shelly came out from between her legs exiting the now open door, Jessie’s sweet slime and their saliva was shining off each girls faces, Jessie pulled her dress down, smoothing it out as she got out.

The tall blonde porter stood there stammering,”hel.. help you with your bags”?

I was out of the car looking at him over the top, I said, “no”, but Jessie countered with a very polite, “Yes please” then she glared at me. I could only smile sheepishly.

It was a whole family affair on the side walk, by the time I had her bags out of the trunk, Alicia and Tawny were giving Jessie hugs, Zachary was waiting in line for his, Marcus was distracting a perturbed TSA guy on a two wheel scooter urging us on. I saw Marcus slide the agent something in the palm of his hand while speaking to him in a hushed but direct fashion, the agent backed up his scooter and stood security watching everyone intently as he waved people by us.

Sam and Shelly, with now cleanly wiped faces were sadly squeezing Jessie, I approached, wrapping my arms around them all, hugging them close.

“I love you Jessie”, I began, “thank you for allowing me to get to know such a sweet and loving girl, here is my cell number, if you EVER need anything you call me, you hear”? She smiled, tears flowing.

I walked to the porter handing him forty bucks, “you see her all the way to the gate. Do you understand me”? He nodded, “yes sir”!

Marcus and I nearly had to drag all of our girls back to the cars through frantic waves and tears we finally got them loaded up and was on the road.

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having sex whilst driving is DEADLY, I know because I tried it, girl died because of crash into oncoming semi trailer, I do not recommend any one trying it...

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