Dangerous times
A strange turn of travel
CHAPTER 8 On The Road Again

Shelly and Sam were silent for about an hour, their cute heads bobbing downward, they would jerk awake. Looking into the review mirror I told them to grab the blanket and pillows from the floor and to try and get some sleep. Mumbles of “I miss Jessie” passed between the two of them as they snuggled up together, sleep soon washed over them.

Just as I finished filling up the car while munching a donut Marcus walked over, “my girls want to ride with you, Shelly, and Sam awhile”, handing me a coffee, “I have movies and a laptop they can use, I think they’re bored. It seems Alicia and Tawny are tired of arguing with Zachary”, he smiled. “I know of a great place to stop for the night just south of the border, we can rest up there, it’ll be a full day’s drive to my house from there.

Looking at Marcus I answered, “Sounds good, the back seat in this is massive, have the girls head over when they get back”.

Marcus asked me to hold on a minute as he walked toward his car popping the trunk he began rustling around with bags removing a metal briefcase. He set it in front of him out of my view. Looking as if he tucked something into his pants, he placed the briefcase back in after a little more shifting of baggage he closed the trunk and walked over to me. Reaching into his waist, he produced a Glock nine millimeter and handed it to me.

“The chamber is clear, the clip is full, Mexico can get dicey, so it would be good if we’re both armed having such pretty young girls with us, I’m sure you know how to handle this”? He finished looking at me.

I simply smiled saying, “yes”.

I held the weapon low, popped the clip, examined it then slid the chamber back making sure it was clear, slapping the clip back in, I tucked it into my waist band pulling my shirt over it.

Marcus smiled, “thought so”, he said walking back to his car.

Marcus was full of surprises I thought, then I reviewed my thought, watching him move towards his car. He moved in measured steps, that of someone with extensive training. His head and eyes always moving judging every aspect of his surroundings, my sex fogged brain had missed these simple signs. Marcus was a dangerous man.

All four girls were settled in the back seat, the new smell of added young flesh was wafting through the car. Alicia and Tawny took great pains in keeping themselves clean and manicured, their light perfumed bodies were intoxicating, each girl was neatly presented even wearing simple running outfits of white and pink. So adorable I thought glancing back at them again in my review, their hair was pulled up from their faces clipped at the top with simple hair clips while the rest of their long raven black hair cascaded down over their shoulders and back. Alicia and Tawny’s make up was light but impeccable, light eyeliner surrounded their dark eyes with lip gloss brightly dancing across their exquisite lips. My mind began playing back my night with them tied up playing their game for the camera.

The hours and miles clipped by, the girls watched movies, chatted and napped. With only the occasional “pee breaks” breaking the mind numbing monotony of the highway. At this current break, Marcus and I were topping off our tanks, I noticed three, black Chevy Tahoe’s with blacked out windows parked toward the back of the lot tucked slightly behind a semi. I gave a short whistle at Marcus nodding slightly at the SUV’s, Marcus acknowledged my glance towards the vehicle’s with a slight shake of his head up and down. I had noticed these several times in our long trip and it was obvious he did too. As Marcus placed the gas handle back on the pump, one after the other pulled out and headed back for the highway.

I walked over towards Marcus, “Feds”?

“Not sure” he replied. “They shouldn’t know my vehicle, it’s titled to a shell company of some good fellas I know back in Jersey, we just need to keep an eye out as they are beginning to make me nervous”.

A few hours raced by and we crossed the border with ease, nothing out of place we motored down the highway at 85 miles per hour heading for Marcus’s overnight stop.

Alicia, Tawny, Shelly, and Sam were giggling and whispering in the back, all of a sudden a flurry of frilly bras and panties flew into the front, some landing on the seat, some on the dash.

“Hey”! I shouted laughing.

The girls broke out in the hilarity of their naughty act. Reaching up I brought a pair of red cotton panties to my face, inhaling in the fragrance. “Mmmmmm, Sam”! I said. The laughter increased.

Sam’s little squeak of glee bounced through the car, “Yes Daddy” those are my panties” she said, her face beaming.

I grabbed another pair from the dash, a royal blue silk G-string, holding it to my face I breathed deeply, inhaling the sweet smell of Tawny’s pussy. “Mmmmm, Tawny” I announced.

Claps of joy and laughter reverberated from the back seat, Tawny was bouncing up and down, “correct” she blurted.

Holding the steering wheel I stretched for a pair of snow white, simple little girl panties, again I brought them balled up to my nose, I inhaled in their fragrance expecting to smell Shelly’s cunny juices but it wasn’t right. “Mmmmmm, these are a surprise”! The silence from the back was stunning. I inhaled deeply again, “Jessie”! These are Jessie’s panties”! The girl’s burst into screams of joy, at my announcement.

“Oh my god Daddy”, Shelly blurted, “we wondered who’s those were” all the girls came up towards the front seat leaning over Sam grabbed the panties from my hand sniffing them then holding them to Alicia’s face.

“These ARE Jessie’s”, she laughed!

“Where’s mine”, Shelly inquired, “smell me Daddy, smell for me”!

Finding a pair of yellow silk G-string panties on my right leg, the front panel embroidered with “Baby Doll” glaring up at me, I gathered them up holding them to my nose. I held them there for several seconds, breathing in the intoxicating odor of preteen pussy, my cock straining to be released from its constraints. I continued smelling them. My tongue snaked inside, the girls giggled with delight watching me suck on the panties.

“Huh? They say “Baby Doll” on them, but these pretty panties smell and taste of my sweet and naughty Shelly bird”.

The ensuing eruption from the back seat of screaming and bouncing preteen girls made the back of the car rock up and down.

“You’re right Daddy, you’re right”! Shelly said kissing my cheek frantically, “we tried to trick you, but finding Jessie’s panties made it even better.”

“I know my pussy”! I said smiling, while looking out my left rear view mirror I saw three black SUV’s closing on us, I flashed my lights on and off brightly at Marcus, hoping he’d seen them too.

In a stern command I told the girls to get down onto the floor of the car and be quiet.
“What’s wrong Daddy”? Shelly inquired.

“Do as I say now”! I urged!

They all crouched down as I pressed the accelerator moving into the passing lane, the custom built 396 big block engine answered my call as it dropped into passing gear. I rocketed past Marcus, he glanced at me nodding as I flew by. I wasn’t sure, but it looked as if Zachary was in the back seat holding an AR-15.

Marcus straddled the highway with his car taking a flanking position inches from the left corner panel of my car. I looked into the rearview seeing that the SUV’s were now three wide on the highway, I pressed the petal to the floor engaging the 426 horses of my car. Pulling away, my speedometer was buried past the limited gage markings of 120 mph. estimating we were traveling at speeds over 135 the SUV’s were beginning to fade ever so slowly, Marcus’s BMW 735i keeping pace with my car.

Rising over a small hill my car floated like the big boat it was down the opposite side, wind rushing loudly around the car. In the distance a white SUV with green and gold stripes leading to a big gold star in the middle of the front door, blue and red lights flashed on as we ripped past. I saw two cops sitting in the front seat. One had the cars radio microphone to his face. A large plume of dust trailed from the police vehicle as he pulled out onto the highway behind us, looking into the review I saw the black SUV’s come over the top of the hill, I kept the peddle down. The SUV’s had slowed and cut across the median headed back the other way, I slowed and pulled over into the emergency lane, Marcus followed as we allowed the cops to catch up.

I quickly rolled down my car window, raising both hands out, I watched the cops approach our vehicles with guns raised ready to fire. I fought back the urge to grasp my weapon, my mind filling with stories of corruption in Mexico. My heart slowed, my mind began cataloging everything in sight, the adrenaline under control, its energy stored, ready.

“Get out of the car” the lead officer screamed, “and keep your fucking hands where I can see them” in a thick accent.

The second officer was standing slightly behind Marcus’s car, gun aimed, and Marcus’s door opened simultaneously with mine. Marcus was shouting something loudly in Spanish, his right hand held a nine millimeter pistol, the slide towards his palm, barrel pointing down, the grip pointing outward, his left hand was full of cash. Slowly he stooped laying his weapon on the asphalt. He turned and faced the car, still shouting in Spanish. I followed suit facing my car and my hands clasped behind my head.

A loud vocal exchange began, but slowly becoming more sedate. Marcus still waving his left hand slightly with a wad of cash, the lead officer holstered his weapon, stooped and picked up Marcus’s weapon, the other officer held his aim as the conversation in Spanish continued.

“Fuck, I need to pick up Spanish”, I thought as the lead officer approached me. He held his hand to the small of my back feeling for me to move as he peered into the back window of my car. A smile broke across his face as he saw the girls huddled in a mass on the floor board.

“You don’t speak Spanish do you sir”? He queried.

“No, I do not, wish I did now sir”, I answered.

“It’s ok, it’s ok now”, he spoke loudly to the girls. “You have any weapons on you I should know about," he asked glancing at me.

“Yes sir” I replied, I have a pistol in my front waist band. His hand slowly felt around my waist, removing the weapon.

“Anything else”, as he patted me down.

“No sir”, I smiled.

“You are so polite, you ex-military”? He continued.

“Yes sir I am”, maintaining my politeness.

“Ok, you can put your arms down”, he said backing away. “Join your friend at the back of his car”, he signaled with a nod of his head. “You girls stay in the car he yelled”.

“Thank you”, I said to him.

“Again”, so polite” he answered, smiling placing my weapon next to Marcus’s in the waist of his pants.

We stood at the rear of the BMW, Marcus explaining what had occurred over the last several hours about the three black SUV’s and ensuing chase. The cops proceeded to tell us there had been a rash of kidnapping’s and robberies ending in brutal murders about a hundred square mile radius from where we now stood. Some at rest stops, some on the highway, hence their increased patrols funded by the wonderful government of the US, and kind citizens like Marcus, the lead cop thanked him for his donation. During the conversation another patrol car had appeared sitting about 100 feet away.

By now the girls were hanging out the window in protests of needing to pee. Marcus got some bearing of how far we were from the resort he had planed stopping at, and with a little more green encouragement, he got the cops to agree to escort us the rest of the way to our destination only 30 minutes away.

We all climbed into the cars. After the girls took turns hiding behind the front door of my car squatting to pee, and to my delight I add, my newly acquired fascination with watching girls pee sated for the time being.

The second patrol car pulled up and a quick conversation had with the lead cop took point in front as we sped down the highway at 100 mph, the lead cop was behind Marcus.

The girls now all energized from the event began drilling me for information as to why the other cars had chased us, thinking best I was honest with them. I wanted them to understand the full dangers of traveling out of the US and why they need to always be conscious of whom and what was around them at all times.

Alicia leaned across the front seat holding her panties to my face, “I didn’t want you to miss enjoying my panties” she giggled.

I took them from her pulling them over my face peering out through the openings of my new mask
I loudly went “Mmmmmmmm, Alicia”!

The girls screamed laughing, but the sweet light smell of Alicia’s panties washed through my head. The memories of her riding my cock, exploding in wet orgasmic release returned to my mind, I felt myself stiffen as I began to dream of future encounters with her.

We pulled into a massive sea side resort built in traditional Spanish designs with bright and clean adobe walls, a huge water fountain splashing in the circle drive complete with valets and porters.

I whistled getting out of the car, “Swanky”!

“Only the best for our families” Marcus stated grinning. “Besides”, he whispered, “they have fully armed security details at night inside and out on the perimeters”.

We entered a heavily marbled lobby, nicely appointed with furnishing, chandeliers, and another ostentatious fountain. The lobby was buzzing with activity. The hotel was packed with teen and preteen girls everywhere. Porters busy running luggage this way and that. I was wondering if there was some sort of gymnast competition being held or some pageant. You know the weird ones with the mothers always dressed like their adorable daughters, except there were only a few mothers around.

Marcus walked to the front desk. “Reservations for Mr. Powell”, he announced to the clerk.

“Right away sir” a very beautiful dark skinned woman answered.

I couldn’t help but notice how stunningly beautiful she was. Tall and slender, small globes of tan flesh pressing out from her silk blouse. Her thin face had high cheek bones under large dark eyes. She was exquisite!

I began to notice all the people behind the counter were women, each as beautiful as the next. One man was sitting behind a desk, a swarthy looking brut done up in an expensive suit. On hearing Marcus’s name he rose and walked over.

“Welcome back Mr. Powel”! “It is so good to see you and your beautiful family again”, he continued taking over the registration process.

“All arrangements have been taken care of. Mr. Sanchez will be here tomorrow at 4:00 as requested, here is your room keys for you and your guests, please let me know personally if there is anything you require”.

The manger snapped his fingers and six boys, all dressed in porter jackets, appeared and began taking our bags, Marcus surrendered all except for two large duffel bags setting them on the counter, and then reaching for a third held by Zachary. “Hold these in the usual manner for me please, not the house safe, the Executive safe please”. Marcus directed in his commanding tone.

“Right away sir”, the manager returned, again snapping his fingers but several times.
Two large men appeared from an open office door, quickly gathering the bags and disappearing into the passageway they had entered.

Marcus turned to me and smiled, “Here’s your room card. We are on the top floor and all twelve rooms are adjoined, with a large common room at the center. Don’t even start Robert, this is all on me”, as he handed each of the kids a room card.

As we entered the elevator, Marcus swiped his card as he explained the room cards were needed to access our floor. Also they would buy anything that we wanted or needed within the entire complex. He told all the girls he wanted them to go shopping before dinner and to get whatever they wanted but to be sure to buy some very nice dresses for dining while we were here. Alicia and Tawny know what I expect, looking at his daughters, “and make sure you buy several of party dresses, jeans, tops, jewelry, the whole enchilada”, he finished smiling!

“Lastly, do not leave the grounds or go anywhere near the exits of the facility grounds, period! Do not go anywhere with anyone, even if they say they are following mine or Roberts orders”.

"Zachary you know the drill, stay with them at all times, have a porter go with them when they shop, you know how your sisters are”, again lightening the mood with a chuckle.

The elevator chimed and the doors opened to a marbled foyer with a love seat on both walls, a heavy bank of two oak doors opposite of the elevator waited. Marcus swiped his card and opened both doors allowing for the porters to carry the baggage in. A broad bank of windows overlooking the ocean was the first thing that captured the eyes. The furnishings had the appearance of being very luxurious and of equal quality of a fine hotel in New York, or Vegas.

The girls exploded into the room. Alicia and Tawny being fine hosts began showing us around the suite larger than most homes.

Shortly after the porters had left, Marcus told the kids to go shopping, reminding them of his earlier statements to stay on grounds. After they had left Marcus asked me to have a seat at the bar, he began pouring us some Scotch.

“I need your help here in the next several days Robert”, Marcus sliding the glass over nearly full.

“That bad”, bringing attention to the extent he filled our glasses.

“No, not really”, he said smiling.

“I have some business here, closing several accounts and getting money moved around”. It would be nice to have someone of your, talents at my side”.
He continued, “I will have some paid security with us, but, well, I trust you Robert, and I have keenly noticed your training”.

“I need a friend”, Marcus’s face serious, even sullen.

Marcus looked me in the eyes, “I think it was no accident we met, I liked you from the start. My girls adore you, Zachary’s opinion is you’re dangerous but in a good way”. “I think our families have a future together as friends, like one family, and I see you as an excellent business partner”.

I don’t know what to say Marcus. “That’s a pretty overwhelming assessment, however, I agree”.

I got up from my chair meeting Marcus as he approached me, hugging me and kissing both cheeks. He grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes, a stone serious expression on his face.

“We’re family now Robert, as deep as any blood, your interests are mine and mine are yours”.
Marcus held his glass to mine then emptied them both.

I began walking away, Marcus looked at me, “where you going”?

“To the gym, if I’m going to be your right hand, then it needs to be a fit right hand. I laughed.

Marcus guffawed, saying we had a workout room right down the hall near the sauna.

After an intense work out, I was enjoying the sauna, very aware the girls were back from the laughing and running up and down the halls. I exited the sauna met by a scream of a little girl running to hide.

“Sam”! What’s up with all the hiding”? I asked approaching a bedroom door.

All the girls were yelling, “Don’t come in, it’s a surprise”!

“Stay out daddy”, Shelly added.

Properly shunned and dismissed, I went to my room. I entered a lush and large room that looked more like an apartment rather than a hotel room. I discovered what appeared to be a tailored black suit laid out across the bed, complete with a white shirt, and blood red tie. Feeling the material of the suit lapel, “hmmm, expensive”. Next to it, a box containing a black pair of Cole Haan’s and matching leather belt, several pairs of black, red and white silk boxers, and socks to finish the ensemble.

A note on the bed, written neatly read, “I presumed you may not have something more formal and had this made a day ago. I am sure it fits proper, but if not we will have it adjusted. Enjoy, Marcus”.

Donning my new threads and looking rather spectacular I made my way to the living room, Marcus sat on the large balcony smoking a cigar. A bottle and two glasses of straight Kentucky bourbon rested on the table, another cigar resting on an overly large ashtray.

“There he is” Marcus exclaimed, “looking very sharp sir” he added. “I hope you don’t mind I bought you that suit”?

“Not at all, but now I’m feeling a bit kept” I said laughing.

“Oh, you’ll earn it, I’m sure of that and the six more being made to go with it, if the fit’s right, I have to have that right hand looking the part”.

Marcus was certainly having a good time, he seemed more relaxed than I have ever known him, and that has been just a matter of days, yet I felt as if I’d known him for years. My final decision made, I liked Marcus.

“Excuse me Gentlemen”, Zachary announced from the balcony door wearing a fine navy blue suit of Italian heritage I guessed. “It is my sincere pleasure to introduce Miss Alicia and Miss Tawny”!

Zachary began a slight golf clap as the girls, arm in arm came, floating from the hall and glided to the doorway, stooping in a very low curtsy before us. They began spinning slowly presenting themselves for our approval. They were stunning! Alicia wore a shimmering skin tight see through yellow silk gown, two spaghetti straps glittered across her shoulder, her breasts easily seen through the fabric, her nipples were hard and the dress accentuated her pert upturned “A” cup breasts. The dress swept down to her ankles with a long and high slit up exposing her right leg and her right hip. I thought it impossible she had any panties on as it showed part of her cheeks as she spun. Her pretty little feet covered by very high heel open toe formal shoes,
“very, very sexy” I thought as I turned my attention to Tawny.

Tawny wore a slightly less risqué dress that was again, skin tight. Black sequence glittered from the wide one strap gown that exposed one shoulder and dipped low to her chest, her pretty cleavage pushed up and out exposing her uncommonly beautiful flesh. The dress fell skirting out like a party dress in wide flowing fabric ending just below her cute firm butt. Her black strap high heels had straps that came up her calves. The open form of them treated me to her perfect feet arched high on her toes.

Zachary cleared his throat, a massive smile on his face from the quick kisses on his cheeks from his sisters as they passed him, joining us on the balcony. Alicia and Tawny could barely contain themselves.

“Now again, it is my distinct honor and sincere pleasure to introduce you fine Gentlemen of incomparable tastes and demeanor to Miss Shelly and Miss Samantha”, Zachary finished shuffling back giving a more fervent golf clap.

I shot straight up in my chair, my right foot slipped off the stool rung nearly making me fall forward. I caught myself in a jerk, Alicia and Tawny giggled at my reaction. I don’t know if I had seen anything more surprisingly beautiful in my life. I mean Alicia and Tawny were exceptional in no uncertain terms, but I had come to expect that.

My mouth hung open, my eyes gawked at my two angels approaching me like runway models, their feet crossing with each step, their hips swaying. Shelly’s hair fell in beautiful long curls, her eyes were noted in pink eye shadow, her lashes black and long batted at me as she approached, her smile bright and wide, her pouty lips covered with pink lip gloss glimmered and looked perversely seductive. She wore a strapless dress that clung to her body showing every part of her chest leaving no imagination, her small buds hard and poking out in her excitement. Her rib cage expelling air and bringing it back in, stretched the fabric giving her an erotic look. The dress came to a stop high above her knees, hugging tightly to her widening hips, giving more emphasis to her preteen pubescence, the dress barely covering her. My eyes followed her olive skin legs down to impossibly high pink strapped shoes that any high end escort in New York would kill for.

Sam or Samantha rather, filled my stunned eyes. Her strawberry blonde hair cascaded down, falling in heavily curled locks that bounced with every step. Her eye lids dusted in a glittering white eye shadow, her lips naturally pink were covered in clear sparkling lip gloss. Samantha’s dress had ultra-thin straps gripping her shoulders holding a see through white fabric gown. It was so sheer she appeared nude except for the shimmer the fabric created in the bright sun. Her pretty pink areola breasts stretching the fabric with each excited breath. The fabric stretched down past her flat tummy tightly over her thin waist, the fabric exposed each of her perfect perky ass globes, my eyes noting she wore a pair of white G-string panties, the string disappearing between her cheeks. As she spun slowly my eyes fell to the front panel of her G-string, the fabric just as sheer as the dress, you could easily see, without effort, her lips pressing against the panel of fabric that barely covered her hairless form. The dress tightly gripped down her legs stopping above knees. I followed her legs down to a pair of white glittering strap high heel shoes that again seemed impossibly high to walk in.

I sat there speechless and stunned, Alicia smacked my arm. “Well say something”!

“I, I don’t know what to say! You both are beyond words to explain”, I stuttered in complete awe. “Spin again, let me take you in”.

Shelly and Samantha just giggled in sheer delight as they spun for me, Marcus snapping off photos with his camera, a look of complete satisfaction on his face. He removed the memory card and tucked it into his pocket.

“I still have no words, you girls are stunning! Beautiful beyond my wildest dreams! All of you”!

Zachary said, “Hey what about me”? He spun with one finger atop his head.

“Handsome fine sir, very handsome”! I said, as laughter broke through all of us at his antics.

“Just a few more things”, Marcus announced, reaching to pick up a small white paper bag by its handles.

He removed two small white boxes, each with a bright red bow, looking them over carefully he handed one to Shelly and one to Samantha. The girls began opening them, each pulled out an embroidered pair of white G-string panties. The girls laughed with delight. Shelly held hers up showing everyone the panel that said “Cutie Doll” and in as much delight Samantha showing hers said, “Sweetie Pie”.

“We have names, we have names”, they both danced.
Watching them prance around in their dresses looking so sexy was oddly at conflict with their child like glee.

Marcus again reaching into the bag, “one last thing”, he announced, and this is a serious commitment of family, no silly time girls”.

Zachary walked to his dad’s side, a dagger in his hands that had a family crest of some sort, in gold on its black handle.

“Robert, today we made verbal commitments to bring our families together in respect, love, honor, in business and in life”. Marcus opened a small leather jewelry box taking out a gold ring with a one carat diamond set at it's center. Showing me he wore an exact copy he motioned for my hand. Feeling slightly odd I raised my hand, he turned my palm up, Zachary slid the dagger across my palm, the blade easily passed through my flesh, and my blood rose up into the open wound. As Marcus opened his palm I noted it had two other scars on it. Zachary drew the blade across Marcus’s open hand, he then brought our hands together and clasped them together, his eyes firm and dark.

“Today we affirm the commitment of our words with blood bringing our families together as one”.

He brought up his other hand with the ring and slid it down over my pinky, “This ring signifies our commitment as family, sealed with blood, my life is your life, and your life is mine. Neither business, nor events in life can break this bond in this life or the next. We are brothers”! He finished pulling me close, kissing me again on both cheeks.

“Again with the kissing” I thought.

Zachary holding a handkerchief of silk placed it in my left hand then shook my right, hugging me, acknowledged me as “Uncle Robert”.

Tawny and Alicia walked over each in turn kissing me lightly on the cheek, curtsied and called me “Uncle Robert. Then Alicia whispered encouragements to Shelly and Samantha, they did the same motions with Marcus calling him Uncle, then hugged Zachary and the girls..

Marcus suddenly clapping his hands, “Ouch, that stings, I forget every time. Let’s go to dinner, and then maybe some dancing, tonight we celebrate”!
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