Wildest night EVER!
Dining, Dancing, and lots of Fucking

As we left the penthouse I could only imagine the looks we were going to get, Marcus and I walking with two barely clad girls on our arms, Samantha might as well been naked.

The elevator stopped a few floors down, an elderly man stood at the entrance, his eyes wandering all over our girls, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride.

“Good evening”, he said as he boarded in a thick Russian accent. “Going to the dinner ball I see”, he continued.

I noticed he was wearing a fine tuxedo, reaching his hand towards Marcus he introduced himself.

“My name is Demetrius Povalovich, I am the MC for the pageant, and you are”?

Marcus took his hand and introduced us all.

Demetrius grinned widely, “Mr. Powell, it is a great honor to meet you, and thank you for choosing me to be Master of Ceremonies”.

“Huh”? My brain tilted!

Demetrius nodded repeating our names shaking all our hands but took his time greeting each girl.

“This shall be a wonderful week I think. I look forward to seeing you all again and enjoy your evening and again an honor Mr. Powell”, Demetrius nodded his head towards me, bowed lightly and finished just as the elevator chimed its arrival.

“Marcus what was that and all of this”, I asked.

Marcus smiled, “Later my friend, later”. As he patted my arm, “Just take it all in”.

The lobby was a ghost town except for five large armed security guards, three were white, the other two black. Shaved heads, clean shaven faces, all wearing black fatigues and all were wired for sound. Four were stationed at corners of the lobby. The fifth was behind the check in counter, no hotel staff to be seen. Each had a side arm at their waist but each also held an AR-15.

Leaning over to Marcus, “What is up with the mercenaries”?

“They are part of the higher paid elite guard this week. Local and or less experienced security are outside with a few of the elite over-seeing them. “This is a highly important series of events with parties that happens only twice per year, for some very wealthy people, that share our tastes”.

I did not mention it because I was unsure if we would be able to attend, but since I am the organizer of the event, it’s good I could be present”.

Once again, I have underestimated Marcus, from this moment forward I will take nothing in stride.

We walked down a grand hall, 80 feet wide, beautiful finished wood floors covered at its center with a blood red and gold thread custom Persian Rug that ran the length of the one hundred and sixty foot hall. Seven large crystal chandeliers lit the room softly.

The opposite wall from the entry was lined with nine double set oak entry doors, above the center door hung a sign that appeared to be gold leaf marking the “Ball Room”. A light sound of music grew louder as we approached.

When we entered the room was set with large round dining tables, voices of mixed languages reached my ears. Each table was full of people but most notably by young teen and preteen girls as remarkably dressed as our four young ladies. The smells of perfume, and food greeted me, as well as many eyes nodding or smiling as we walked the center pathway towards two long tables broken at the middle with a podium between them.

Seven empty seats awaited us near right side of the podium. An inscribed piece of folded stock had our first names at the table’s edge, Marcus next to the podium, Alicia, Tawny, then Zachary, followed by Samantha, Shelly, and myself.

Waiters pulled out our chairs seating us, an incredible beautiful preteen Japanese girl directly to my left smiled up at me as I sat, I estimated her to be about eight years old. She wore a jade green gown that had gold threads throughout making the fabric shine and glitter all the more. Her small dark nipples were easily enjoyed through the sheer garment. Her hair pulled up tightly, held by ivory bone combs, her eye shadow glistened of gold, her round full lips colored in a bright red lipstick. My cock already firm became completely hard, as her soft voice greeted me.

“Welcome, my name is Lilly”, in perfect English.

“Hello little beauty, my name is Robert”, taking her hand and lightly kissing it. I ran my tounge across my lips, a faint taste of honey and cream danced lightly at my senses.

Next to her was a short Japanese man engrossed in conversation with a beautiful tall blonde girl, with striking blue eyes. Her long hair flowed down her back, arms, and over her chest rising up over large breasts pressing outwards against a light purple gown of sequence jewels.
Turning my attention back to Lilly, “Is he your father”?

She smiled, lightly bowing her head in a demure manner, “No, he is. I am his ward”, she finished blushing.

“For the competition”, I pressed, “is he a talent manager”?

Lilly bowed her head again, seeming far more embarrassed, I stopped and apologized explaining I don’t mean to be rude.

“That is ok, I am very sorry”, she said smiling through her embarrassment.

“Mr. Miyoki, is a very wealthy man and my parents are deeply indebted to him”.

“He paid for many surgeries that saved my baby brothers life after he was born”.

“I am honorably paying our family's debt in gratitude to him.”

“He is very kind to me and my family. They now live at his large home caring for us in gratitude to Mr. Miyoki”.

“I understand, you are a very sweet and pretty little girl Lilly”!

“Are you just here as a, uh, a companion to Mr. Miyoki, or entering the competition, whatever that is”?

“Yes”, she smiled very lightly, but getting perky. “I am competing in the six to eight year old class, I have practiced very hard but many of these girls are so pretty, I do not know if I can come in third”.

Smiling at her I was amazed at how poised, reserved, and modest she was. “Oh, don’t say that, you are very pretty. So you are competing in the six to eight year old class, how old are you dear”?

“I am seven”, Lilly reported.

“Good evening Gentlemen, Ladies, and girls”. Demetrius at the podium was waving to the audience.

“Welcome to the 21st annual dinner and gala presentation parade”.

“It is now time to have the young girls and ladies rise from their tables and make their way around the room from table to table presenting themselves for our enjoyment, they will pass our judges table to my right last and return to their seats, enjoy desert then on to a night of dancing and festivities next door in the Disco”.

Lilly and all the young girls entered in the competition rose from their seats and began forming a swirling line that wove in and out among the tables. They all slowly walked, curtsied and smiled as they greeted all that remained seated. I estimated that there were 140 to 160 fine and very beautiful girls parading around the room as the beginning of the parade finally reached our tables to the far left, led by the oldest of girls groups, guessing they were about eleven or twelve to maybe fourteen.

Girl after beautiful girl passed the front of our table, the smells of perfume, the glittering makeup, and the majority wearing very sheer gowns, stooped, bowed, curtsied, spun, smiled and giggled, wooing us all. Each gorgeous picture of all that is beauty in the world, moved before me. Black, Asian, White, Eastern girls filling my eyes. My mouth watered, my cock strongly pounding in my pants. I was in heaven! For years, I spent my life stealing looks at such beautiful girls, but here, it was openly welcomed to look boldly at each girl, soaking in the mind numbing exceptional perfection of it all, safe in this bastion of likeminded gracious people, safe from what is considered a perversion outside these walls.

As luck would have it, the line slowed greatly as the girls approached the judges table at the far right, slowing the girls and creating a near stop to the parade of young preteen delights in front of me.

Quadruplets! Four exact little blonde princess’s came to a stop in front of me. Each girl with their hair pulled up, held at the back of their pretty little heads with golden combs, wisps of hair dangling down the sides of their ears and small delicious necks. These sisters each wore a different colored gown made from the same sheer material showing their cute small bodies without effort. They appeared to be about eight or nine years old. Their flat chests fell to exposed ribs accentuating their perfect soft tummies and abdomens.

All of these girls dipped and curtsied before me, they each knew I was drinking them in deeply to my mind. They smiled and giggled and whispered to each other in their presentation to me, the world around them fell away. Nothing existed for me except these quadruplets. None of them wearing panties, their pretty mons colored in the shade of their sheer gowns. They turned and continued their stand still dances for me, as if I was the only man left alive. They had the cutest tight little butts that begged to be squeezed. My mouth salivated at the thought of lavishing their bodies with kisses allowing my tongue and mouth to explore their pert little bodies.

I felt Shelly’s hand undo my zipper. She pulled my cock out and began stocking me slowly and lightly under the table. She knew I was captured in these girls powerful display of succulence.

“Girls, the line is moving” Demetrius signaled from the podium.

A five foot gap had appeared in the line as the girls appeared to be just as captured performing for me as I was in their stunning beauty.

Suddenly but lightly, I felt a silky wet warmness, wrap around my cock. Shelly, my dear sweet Shelly, had disappeared under the table and had begun taking my cock into her mouth. Slowly and deeply she took me as the line of preteen girls displayed themselves before my eyes. The erotic sensation of all this eye candy and Shelly’s artful consumption of my cock made me dizzy. In only moments she had me erupting in her mouth, she slid my cock deep into her throat as I continued shooting my salty spunk into her sweetness. She sucked and licked me empty and clean.

“My dear little girl, I love her so much”, I thought as the last girl in the parade passed me.
Shelly, reappeared from under the table wiping her mouth with a napkin, only a few knowing eyes smiled from a few tables as the complete look of satisfaction and love for my girl was written on my face.

“That was nice daddy, did you enjoy the girls as I sucked you” Shelly asked smiling.

“Yes baby, I enjoyed that very much”. “Have I told you in the last five minutes I love you”?
She simply smiled and cuddled into my shoulder. “I love pleasing you daddy”, she whispered and added, “Those four sisters are amazing aren’t they”?

“Yes my dear, they certainly are”! I answered.

“Sam and I were talking earlier, when we saw them. We would like to play with them, they look like life sized princess dolls”, Shelly giggled.

Demetrius tapped the microphone, “Gentlemen, ladies, and dear ones, the dance hall and veranda are now open, please enjoy the rest of tonight’s festivities, the competition will not begin until 1:00 pm tomorrow. As a reminder, we ask no one is to attempt to leave the secured grounds until the end of the competition and finally, Good Luck to all”!

Most of the people in the room were getting up from the tables, I watched as little girls chatted with each other excitedly, or were hugging and kissing father figures and matrons.
Looking over at Marcus he was in a hushed conversation with two men.

“Excuse us”, from over my shoulder, a tiny voice said in a German accent.

I turned finding the four perfect princess dolls from standing behind me.

“We would like very much to introduce ourselves”, one continued. “My name is Anja, and these are my sisters Anka, Anna, and Annette”. Each girl curtsied as they were introduced. Then Anja pointed toward the front of the table, “and this is our Grandfather Erik Von Eisen”. A very elderly gentleman of about 80 years old, stood at the front of the table, rising I shook his hand.

“My name is Robert and this is Shelly and Samantha”, my girls waved getting up from the table to hug and kiss the girls.

“I am sorry to impose. I am wondering if you would be so kind to escort my granddaughters this evening with your girls, if it would not be too much an imposition”, Erik said shaking my hand.
“I have been coming here beginning with my two daughters the last twenty years and I am a bit old for these late nights and long parties. They are so young and full of energy and excitement.”

“Oh daddy that would be so fun, can they, can they”? Shelly was on me!

All four of the sweet little sisters stared at me blinking their cute painted eyes and smiling widely.

“We would be most grateful” Anja continued, “We would very much like to dance, and play after such a long trip, and Grandfather needs to rest”.

Marcus appeared at the front of the table distracting Erik, “It is very good to see you, sir”, Marcus said shaking Erik’s hand and slightly bowing.

“Robert I see you have met Erik, he is one of the founding members of our little gatherings and a very generous contributor to many of our projects”.

Samantha and Shelly were tugging at my arm, “so please daddy, please”.

Looking at Marcus, “Any obligations I need to be aware of this evening”? I asked.

Marcus was laughing while answering me, “no, nothing until 4:00 tomorrow”, enjoy fine sir, enjoy’!

I turned to Erik, “It would be my pleasure sir”.

Erik smiled thanking me and informing me that Anja was the oldest by two minutes and the leader of the girls, she had their room key and he asked that I have them to their room by 4:00 AM. He gave some instructions to Anja in German. All the girls bobbed their little heads in understanding.

Suddenly I was being whisked away by, not one, not two, not four, but six very happy and excited little girls.

Erik’s voice followed after us, “I am sure it will be your pleasure Sir Robert”, laughing and going back to talking with Marcus.

As we entered the disco, the room had a large dance floor, lights and fog machines working along with the pumping dub-step music thumping from a great sound system. I saw Alicia and Tawny dancing with two nicely dressed teen boys, they waved as we rocketed to the dance floor.
The room was full of barely dressed preteen girls it smelled of pussy. It was intoxicating surrounded by fifty to sixty gyrating little sex angels openly glorifying in their bodies. They danced, spun, twisted, groped and rubbed on themselves as well as other girls, women, and or men.
It was one massive pulsating dance that appeared on the edge of an orgy, more so than a series of people dancing.

Looking around the club drinks and other paraphernalia were being freely passed around. A small framed teenage Mexican girl completely naked, made her way through the dance floor with a tray of assorted colored pills, that had a little sign displaying a big “X & V” in the middle. Hands groped her exposed body while free hands took the pills from the tray.

Shelly looked up at me, “Can we Daddy, can we try”?

“I don’t know sweetheart”? I shouted over the music to the naked girl inquiring about her tray. She explained the pink ones were weak Xtasy, perfect for preteens, the yellow for adults, the red ones for the very experienced.

“What are the blue ones”? I asked.

“They are for your cock”, she yelled. “The green ones are stimulants for women’s clits”.

I took up six pink pills and deposited one on each outstretched tongue, I took a red one. Then taking three green ones I snapped them in half, distributing to my nearly naked girls grinding and rubbing themselves on me or other girl’s legs, lastly swallowing a blue pill for myself.

The drugs didn’t take long with all the smells and visual stimulation going on in the room. Small areas of couches or large bedded oasis’s were soon covered in naked bodies searching, rubbing, sucking or licking adult or young nubile bodies. Shelly was openly on her knees in front of one of the quads, her head under the gown, sucking and lapping at her bare pussy. Sam had two of the sisters molesting her, as I felt a tugging on my belt buckle. Looking down there was a beautiful young black girl with firm small breasts, her skin shinning in its soft perfection and Anja with her dress completely off crumpled under her knees working at my belt buckle and pants.

As the button of my pants released, my cock sprung out bouncing at its release, both girls giggled with moments of glee and awe at the size of my member.

They began stroking me and placing light kisses on my head. The little blue dick pill and Xtasy coursing through me in full effect, the smell of preteen pussy in the air filled the club, moans of sexual release and pleasure mixed with the pumping beats of wild music.

This was no dance. This was a massive perverted orgy! Men, a few women, teens and preteens naked everywhere the eye could see. Little girls spread wide on the bar with men and women or other young girls between their legs. Small feet dangled from thin legs up in the air as men took turns climbing down between their legs, impaling them with hard full cocks. Little girls on all fours with exposed small asses spread by strong hands while shoving tongues or cocks between their intimate soft netherworld places.

One stunning bright red head girl of about fifteen was surrounded by four men and a boy, all jacking their cocks ejaculating into her open mouth. This hot little tart had cum all over her body, in her hair, on her face, and perky tits, I watched as she took the boy into her mouth, he arched his back in what was possibly a dry orgasm due to his age.

Another dark hair teenager was suspended by chains from the ceiling, her wrists tied together, her legs pulled wide apart tied to two posts, a woman wearing black latex covering what looked to be a fine full figured body, was whipping the poor girl with a cat of nine tails whip. Each strapping jolt sending the girl’s body tense with pain but her face expressed a twisted joy.

My eyes and ears filled with delicate sounds, grunts, moans and shrieks of ecstasy, my body answering the pulls and licks of two tiny girls expertly servicing my cock took me over. I surrendered to the raw power of every sense now consuming me. I knelt down taking the pretty black teen by her hips placing her on all fours. I knelt behind and pressed the head of my cock to her wet slit sliding it up and down lubricating my head. Anja straddled the teen’s body like a horse and began kissing me fiercely. Her hunger was wild and passionate. I pressed my cock into the small black girl's pussy, her vaginal walls tightly gripping my shaft, I placed my middle finger at Anja tight little gateway, exploring her labia with my finger.

My finger slid into her as I began fucking the pretty girl knelt before me. Anja lay back across her companion's back as I curled my finger in and out of her sweet bald pussy. The small black teen held tightly to a post holding against my cock’s intrusion also propping up the light body of Anja. I slid my finger from Anja and grasped her small body lifting her to straddle my shoulders, her knees on my shoulders balancing her pussy at my face. The sweet smell of her filled me, but nothing compared to Anja’s wet pussy juices filling my mouth. Oh, the taste of her, the pressure of her fervent attempts to get all of her little girl flesh into my mouth was intoxicating. My right hand at the small of Anja’s back suspending her on my face, my left grasping firmly at the teen girl thrusting hard at my abdomen. The sounds of orgasmic releases all around the club added to my intoxication. The small black teen slithered from my cock, rolling over, spread her legs wide and was being taken by a young man’s tongue.

Lowering Anja she bent her head forward to me, “Fuck me please! Stretch my pussy and fill me with your cum”, she screamed above the roar of music and moans.

“Not just yet, my little princess”, I said to her.

I kissed her small neck sucking her sweet flesh into my mouth. I moved to her chest, her nipples nearly the same color as her surrounding skin were hard and they pointed for my tongue to please. I teased her nipples until she pulled my head down to where her breasts would someday be. Her soft flesh pulled into my mouth from her flat chest, my tongue artfully teasing her hardness. I gave her a light bite to her nipple before following her urgings to move lower down her body. Remnants of baby flesh still clinging to her stomach and waist, the soft skin greeting my light sucks and hard kisses. I crossed her pelvic bone spreading her bent legs wider, her small pretty feet pressed upward raising her delicate flesh to my mouth. My tongue wide and flat I licked her from anus to clit in one big and slow pass. Slowly I moved my mouth back over her, the top of my lips just above where her clit should be hidden by the folds of her skin. I sucked down onto her, sliding my tongue deep into her. A gush of vaginal fluid washed into my mouth as I worked her humping little body with enthusiastic licks and sucks to her tiny baldness. Her whole pussy fit easily in my mouth, so small and fresh.

Again slowly I worked my tongue up her lips, pressing her labia out and around the edges of my tongue, I found her clit. At the first flick of my hard tongue she screamed out in an orgasm, her body flexed tense, every muscle tight, I sucked her tiny button flicking madly as she convulsed underneath me, I pulled my mouth from her.

“Now little one, now I will give you my cock”!

I positioned myself over her small body, my right hand guiding my cock I pressed my head to her tight opening. Her pussy felt so hot and wet, it felt as if the heat from a blast furnace was exiting her love hole.

I pressed again but only gained a third of an inch access. Anja was very small, and very tight. It did not help I was nearly as wide as a beer can in width, a monster pushing and prodding its way into such a small body.

Anja spread her legs wider, her little arms pulling at me urging me into her, I pressed again gaining another third of an inch as she squirmed and bucked upwards pressing me further. Anja drew in a deep breath and on expelling it she pulled hard at me, raising her hips I pressed hard, my cock pushed past her tight labia into her tiny cunt. She took in a short breath and screamed as I entered her four inches, her tight walls gripping my cock. As I eased back preparing for another thrust she inhaled deeply, her tight walls gripping me, not nearly allowing my cock to retreat, she waited for what she knew would be coming, what she begged for, my nine inch heavy and thick dick.

I dove forward, bringing some weight to bear as I pushed from my hips ramming my meat into her tight body. I felt my crown press into her cervix, bending my cock upwards meeting with the hard inflexibility of her cervix wall. Looking down I could see my cock press her abdomen, my head poking upward. Her tiny legs wrapped around my waist as she screamed wanting to pull away from me, wanting me deeper at the same time. Deeper won, as she began fucking me, this little eight year old princess was trying to take more of me into her with each thrust.

I put my hands beneath her and pulled her up to me as I rolled over onto my back, grasping her hips I began lifting her up and down my shaft, her blonde hair came untangled from its combs and was flying wildly in the air as she bounced up and down half my cock. Anja fucked me, fucked me as hard as her little pussy would allow.

I craved more. I craved to have all of me inside her. I knew of only one place her body might accommodate my whole cock. Grabbing her to me I stood up and walked with her impaled on my shaft, her little hips pumping my cock. I walked her to the side of a leather sofa. Two small girls were kissing on the couch, one a cute white skinned red head, the other was Lilly.

Pulling Anja from my cock, I bent her over the sofa arm. Anja looked back over her shoulder knowing what was coming. She reached back grabbing her ass cheeks and spread them wide for me. I grabbed a bottle of anal lube from a table and sprayed my cock, then dumped a large deposit on her pink little asshole. I bent and pressed my cock to her rosebud, her little anal ring opened more easily for me than her pussy. I slid half of my cock into her the first push, a groan of pain and pleasure exploded from her lips. The girls on the sofa sat straight up and stared at Anja, her tiny asshole being spread open by my big cock.

Three more pulls and pushes I was buried to my abdomen inside Anja’s ass. My thrusts gaining strength and speed, her mouth wide open in a silent scream was soon covered by Lilly’s pussy as she scrambled underneath Anja’s face, the small red head riding Lilly’s face.

I fucked and fucked that little girl’s tight and hot ass, slamming her body back and forth over the sofa. Finally I began to feel my balls tighten. I backed out of her ass pressing into her tight pussy again. It was well lubed from her ass juice and the anal lube. My animal came alive as I fucked her tiny twat like a pile driver busting cement, my cock erupted a volcano of hot cum splashing out and around her tiny vaginal walls, filling her with the first gush from my loins.

I pulled my cock out and raised it in my hand, spraying cum shot out all over the red head's chest and on top of Lilly. My third load shot down and across Lilly’s chest and stomach, my fourth and fifth loads were lost deep inside Anja’s tight little ass as I continued pushing inside her for more.

I looked around wildly at the sexual carnage splayed out across the entire club, my cock not subsiding. I had to have more! A drug induced, sex crazed frenzy took control of my mind and body. I wanted to have every little girl here and was determined to take each one I could get.

I pulled out from Anja. She didn’t move, her body lay spent on the sofa arm. I passed five people in one large pile, a small boys hand reached for my cock, and he slurped me into his cute mouth. Licking and sucking me clean, he stood and led me by my cock to a sex swing. He hopped into the straps, and arched his legs up over his head displaying his ass for me. His small but hard cock lying against his belly, his asshole exposed for my cock.

I was lost in the raw sexuality of all that surrounded me. I pushed my cock into his ass. His small balls bounced with each motion of me slamming into his tight little butt. His hand stroking his tiny cock, the beauty of his flushed cheeks, he was an incredible little fuck machine. He had no problem taking all of me and all of me I gave him until little squirts of cum ejaculated from his cock spraying into his waiting mouth. I pulled from his ass, the young boy rolled expertly forward in the swing taking my cock to his mouth he licked and sucked me clean, only smiling gratefully at me as I walked away.

Just feet away I found the cute little red head that was riding Lilly’s face peeking out from behind a post, playing peek a boo with me. She darted to one side then quickly ran to another post in front of me, her pert firm breasts bouncing to her next hiding place. She wiggled her finger at me to catch her.

“Would you like to fuck me”?

“I think you would like to fuck me very hard wouldn’t you naughty man”!

“Your cock scares me, but if you can catch me, you can have me”!

My hand snaked out like lightening grasping her wrist, she screamed in laughter. I pulled her to me, she was about five foot tall, and her bright red hair accentuated the whiteness of her pale skin. I pulled her into my arms as she fought me.

“Do you want me to fuck you little girl”, I asked.

“I think you want me to fuck you hard, don’t you naughty girl”?

“Yes! Yes, I want your cock inside me”! She answered softly.

I picked her up over my shoulder and manhandled her to a large round pillow covered bed. I lightly laid her down onto it, and she demurely crawled back into it's softness biting her finger looking up at my hard dick. She was stunning! So sexy, so innocent looking.

I got down on my knees. Then grabbed her ankle pulling her to me, slowly I took one of her dainty feet into my hands, staring into her bright green eyes. I kissed her foot, and then lightly ran my tongue up the arch of her foot, snaking my mouth around to her big toe only to suck it into my mouth. She squealed that precious little girl squeal that can make your heart fill with joy. I slowly sucked each of her toes. They were so small and soft, her flesh tasted heavenly.

I felt small hands caressing my body, and I felt weight shift on the bed. Glancing up I was being surrounded by the quads and my two girls Shelly and Sam. They all joined me kissing and licking this sweet little girl. Her body was ours. Her eyes rolled back into her head as ecstasy washed over her from seven mouths and tongues tasting her. Fourteen hands caressed her body adding to her ecstasy. Shelly worked furiously on her sweet light pink pussy.

Anja had now positioned her ass over this physically overwhelmed girls face, having her lick and drain my cum from her. The other girls were on her tits or on each other as I gently nudged Shelly from her pussy, I climbed onto the bed.

Either feeling the weight shift on the bed or it was sensing the absence of Shelly’s tongue she spread her legs wide. I grabbed each ankle pulling her legs over my shoulders, her face slid out from under Anja’s ass, it glistened with saliva, vaginal juices, and cum from Anja’s ass.
My cock had dried sticky cum, lube and saliva. I gripped my shaft, sliding my head between her lips wetting my dick, preparing to press between her labia. For some erotic reason two of the quads grabbed her wrists, restraining the cute red head's body to the bed, the other four girls steadily continued their rampant tongue baths or biting her firm breasts as I eased my cock past her tight mons.

Our confined red head's mouth opened wide as I stretched her walls wider and wider pressing my throbbing cock deep into her trapped body. She strained and pulled at the small girls restraining her to no avail as I thrust in and out of her. She began to scream. The impact of my loins to her body sent shock waves up into her, rocking her head back deeper into the soft pillow of the bed arching her neck upwards, her svreams grew louder. Seeing the opportunity of the bare flesh of her neck, Sam and Shelly bit deeply into her, the small red head screamed even louder in the exquisite moment of her total consumption.

“You asked for my cock! You played at wanting me, now you shall have all of me”! I growled.

With a fury unknown to most women and to only a few girls, I pounded my entire cock into her small pussy. Relentless in my thrusts, she now had all nine inches of dick sliding in and out of her, my hips had found a rhythm matching the heavy fast beat of thumping music filling the club. Her body tensed and I could feel her tiny walls clamp hard on my shaft, she screamed loudly again matching the strength of her tumultuous body quaking orgasms.

Her screams turned to more begging “Yes, fuck me, fuck meeee, please fuck meeeee…eee”!

I felt Sam’s slender hand slide between my ass grabbing my balls, she squeezed hard, just as she pressed two fingers into my ass and began fucking me with her fingers, her tiny fisted knuckles between my cheeks meeting the speed of my thrusts into our little red headed victim, my hot cum burst from my piss hole pumping a torrent of semen flooding her bruised cavity.

I collapsed onto the soft bodies of the seven little girls. Tiny lips and mouths licking or kissing any part of flesh near their hungry faces. We were one large satisfied pile of sweaty flesh. I leaned in and kissed our little willing victim, her kiss was passionate and sweet.We all cuddled together for about twenty minutes, some girls starting slipping away. I felt the familiar tickle of hard wet kisses and tongues on my cock causing it to stiffen. I pulled myself up and found Anka, Anna and Annette all at my sex stick.

Stopping them was like stopping a car with no brakes. After much encouragement I got them to gather their clothes, I found Alicia and Tawny, then headed for our penthouse. We walked through the grand hall and into the lobby nude. For the first time in my life I felt truly free.
Strolling through a hotel of remarkable beauty, nude, with eight nude preteen girls around me, added to that sense of unparalleled freedom. I trailed the pack of eight girls delightfully watching their small slender backs and swaying hips. Their sweet asses bouncing and jiggling, my eyes moved down their naked legs to see the arches of their feet appear and disappear with each step.

I swiped our card and the elevator rose to our private foyer, we entered the family room and my eyes filled with men and boys, naked. All either sucking or fucking in piles of male passion. Marcus totally unaware of our arrival was being bent over by a particularly large black man hammering his ass, Marcus’s face full of satisfaction. I hushed the girls and pushed them towards my room.

Once in, I locked the door and directed them to the shower and bath tub, thinking to myself, now I know why I have never seen Marcus with any of our girls. Glad he’s getting some!

If I had any illusion that the evening was winding down I would have been mistaken, but I had no such thoughts, and neither did my cock. It was fully hard and ready for more, even though it was raw in some places.

An interesting discovery about my balls was becoming clear, they now had begun to ache from all the fucking similar to the feeling I would have if I hadn’t fucked in weeks.

All the girls were washing each other or kissing, or sucking some body part of preteen girly flesh. I went back into the bedroom and grabbed one of Marcus’s camcorders I had stashed and went back in recording the scene.

Anka, Anna, and Annette took it upon themselves to pull me to the bathtub. I sat the camcorder down directing its gaze at the tub.

On entering the water, they started washing my chest with small soapy hands. I think it was Annette who moved to my back, standing on the wide marble ledge started washing my neck, then slid her tiny soapy hands down my shoulders and back.

Anka stood in front of me and lightly washed my face, as Anna moved down my hips bypassing my bits and tackle, to my thighs. Annette followed the same course with Anka joining Anna at my thighs. The sensation of so many small hands was undeniably erotic and exciting.

Looking through clear glass shower walls, Alicia, Tawny, Sam, Shelly and Anja were mixed and mashed together, suds covering parts of their bodies, hands exploring as much as cleaning.

My personal eight year old body team was now moving back up my legs. Anka and Anna were now gently washing my balls, Annette had reached my ass, and her small hand was rubbing between my cheeks. I do not believe my ass has ever been so gently and completely cleaned. Anka and Anna started washing my shaft with long gentle twisting strokes of their tiny, slender fingers. Annette inserted a soapy finger into my ass. The mixed sensations was fantastic, each girl was slow and gentle with their motions, Anka and Anna occasionally looking up at me would smile and giggle. All three girls took great pains at rinsing my body of suds.

I stole another look at the shower, my attention pulled there by loud moans of pleasure spilling out with the sounds of falling water. I couldn’t be sure but it looked like Sam had been pinned against the wall by the other girls.
My three attentive girls pulled me from the tub and lightly dried my body, pat drying my dick and balls, Annette again paying close attention to my ass.

As soon as they had me finished, Anka and Annette lead me to the bed.

Please stay here they asked and ran back into the bathroom. Anna walked in carefully setting the camcorder on the desk. She took her time appearing to focus and angle the camera correctly, and then she ran back to the bathroom on her tip toes, water still clinging to her naked body.
Hushed giggles and whispers erupted as she returned. A plan was being hatched without my input or approval. My cock throbbed in anticipation.

Tawny darted from the bathroom and exited the room returning quickly carrying a black canvas bag that I knew carried assorted toys. Her exceptional body full of excitement jiggled in front of me, she turned and locked the door.

“Ok girls”, Tawny yelled. They all exited the bathroom with devious smiles and giggles. Alicia reached into the bag bringing out a dark blind fold and handed it to Shelly, who boldly approached me.

“Time for a new game Daddy”! As she took the blind fold and fastened it to my head covering my eyes.

Through hushed whispers and giggles eight smooth and soft hands grabbed my arms urging me to turn over onto my back. I flexed my muscles pulling them back, they fought and laughed, soon all the girls were pushing and tugging me.

Tawny’s sweet voice entered my ear, “Relax now”, she whispered. “Give yourself to us Uncle. Focus on what you feel on your skin and think of nothing else but what you feel, taste and hear”.
I surrendered, rolling over.

The bed jiggled and bounced as little bodies climbed on. Tiny fingers danced all over my back, my thighs, and my ass. Every hair stood up on my body, each sensation highlighted by the lack of sight. Their small hands kneaded my muscles. My body sank deeper into the bed. I moaned relaxing at their loving efforts as they slowly worked on my body. I had no idea I was so tense. One of the girls stood up and placed her feet on my back, she walked gingerly up and down from my shoulders to my waist. The others continued on my arms and thighs, another moving up sitting on the bed above my head, her fingers slid through my hair massaging my scalp, the nape of my neck, and ears.

My ass cheeks parted by small hands, I felt warm breathe followed by a hard tongue licking my anal ring. A warm mouth pressed around my asshole sucking and pressing a small hard tongue into me. I thought, “Annette maybe”? Her sucking became powerful, her tongue angrily seeking it's full length into me, the sensation was beyond that of any anal pleasure I had ever experienced mixed with small hands teasing the rest of my flesh.

Sam’s voice was in my ear, “Roll over Daddy”.

The little face pulled from exploring my ass, little hands urged me over onto my back.
Some girls starting at my feet while others kneaded my calves and thighs, the girl at my head tenderly rubbed my forehead and face.

Bypassing my cock, small hands placed pressure on my abdomen and hips, kneading and pulling my skin and muscles. Girls that were on my arms slid to my chest working on my pectorals.
Light kisses rained down on my flesh added to their touches. A few girls began sucking and licking my toes and at the same moment mouths sucked hard at my nipples. I could feel small rapid breaths on my lips, the girl above me leaning herself over my head, small soft lips pressed to mine kissing me upside down, her small tongue dove into my mouth deeply kissing me. Another girl had started licking and breathing heavily in my ear while purring like a kitten. My cock throbbed, my balls curled tight to my body, the skin on my body alive with sixteen dainty hands, eight mouths, and eight tongues sending me to erotic heights.

There is no delight on this world or in the heavens that could match this. Days ago, I dreamed of having one preteen during my fitful masturbation sessions, now my body was being consumed by eight of the prettiest and most beautiful girls I could ever find or dream of.

Their massaging turned to light touches of fingertips, drawing small to widening circles on my flesh and back to small circles moving up my thighs or down my chest to my abdomen, closer, ever so closer to my cock.

Light brushings of fingers ran up my scrotum as other fingers brushed up and down my shaft, one finger rolling a large circle around my head mixing with my seminal fluid leaking from my piss hole. I inhaled sharply as they touched me. I started to pant taking short and rapid breaths while moaning at the pleasure of their touch.

My legs, urged gently to spread, as one little body crawled between them. Six knees pressed against the outside of each thigh and one girl straddling my waist. I could feel her bald wet pussy on my flesh. They all focused their attention to my cock and balls. The girl on my chest leaned forward, her breath teasing the flesh of my crown, hands tickling my thighs and balls, light touches moving up around and down my shaft her tongue lightly moved in circles over my head. Slowly, she licked me like an ice cream cone, not taking me into her mouth. Two more tongues lightly danced at the sides of my shaft, licking lightly up each side, warm breath on my balls just before another tongue was added to my flesh. My scrotum pulled tight, my balls curled up close and high from this sweet teasing. My crown was taken into a warm wet mouth pressing past tight lips, just my crown, popping in and out of a mouth creating a loud sucking sound. The sound grew louder and more intense, popping each time my head left her lips. Weight shifted back and forth on the bed as girls bobbed up and down like carousel horses licking or sucking my shaft sides, my balls, or crown.

A small hand cupped my balls, another the base of my shaft, I felt the girl in the middle straighten up higher on her knees, there was a long pause, no licks or kisses, the girl on my chest leaned forward taking six inches of my cock down her throat and she came back up as quickly as she went down. The next girl on my right side bobbed over my cock taking me a good four inches into her mouth, the next swallowed me whole, and the carousel ride continued with each girl taking me to their mouths. The hand at my shaft directing my cock to each mouth, cum started to boil and froth in my balls. A cock feeding frenzy of no order started on my cock and shaft. Girls diving in as one mouth moved away, sometimes one would hold me long and deep in her throat, other times tongues would just lick and roll up and down my shaft. The small hand clasping my balls squeezed and tugged at me, a consistent pulling pressure sent me over the top. Girls squealed and laughed in delight as I came, my cum erupting from my piss hole, mouths and tongues sucking and licking up my goo. The pressure on my balls released, I pulled the blindfold from my eyes watching this harem of preteen girls suck every last drop of my cum. Their cute and sexy bodies hunched down on their knees, I wished I had a picture. “Wait”, mind my screamed, it’s all been recorded.

“Ahhhhhhhh girls. You pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, naked, wonderful little girls, thank you” I said.

All of them pulling at the covers, girls climbing in up next to me, on me, and around me, I was surrounded by cooing snuggling preteen girls.

“Did you enjoy that Uncle Robert”, Tawny asked smiling.

“Yes, very much”, kissing her lightly on her sticky lips.

Calm and peaceful warmth washed over me, lights clicked off, squeezes of tiny arms and legs all over me. “Goodnight girls”!

Goodnights filled the room as we faded off to sleep, the last thing through my mind, “Is this really my life”? Smiling, I knew that it was.
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