A new friend
"A New Friend"

It wasn’t long before all the girls joined me in our much needed shower. Other than some goofing around it was thankfully uneventful as my cock was very raw and balls totally spent. Sore as it was, I still got hard washing my four lovely girls yet they left me alone as much as I think they needed some recovery time as well.

Alicia and Tawny exited quickly as they had duties to accomplish, helping with the pageant all day so Shelly, Sam and I made our way down to the pool. When we arrived I was not shocked but pleased to find it a nude event. I spent about an hour watching a few young girls and boys playing when I was joined by a beautiful tall blonde woman in her late 20’s, I watched her carefully as she walked over to the chaise next to mine. Long blonde hair, and slender build, with beautiful small tits, shapely legs, and she was well manicured from head to toe.

She sat facing me on the edge of her chaise smiling. “Hello, my name is Natashia,” in a thick Russian or Ukrainian accent. “Is it fine if I join you?”

“Sure”, I smiled, “my name is Robert”.

“It is very nice to make your acquaintance”, she continued. “Are you here with the pageant”?

“No, not really, just traveling and enjoying the event”, I answered.

“Oh, very good, I am also here enjoying the event, and have a booth in the promenade providing small arms and personal security for the patrons. I was a contestant many years ago and know of the need for security today in our shared world, so I brought my business here”.

“Well, that’s a great idea”, as I shared my growing concern for security in my life now for my girls protection. “Maybe you can show me your lines later today”?

Natashia grinned widely, “I would be happy to help you but I came over more to say I saw you last night at the club, you were, you were much occupied with my son”, she finished smiling.

“Oh, um, he is a very beautiful boy”, I said blushing, I could see the resemblance.

“Yes, he is very pretty, he loves cock as much as I do, maybe more, but I was very occupied myself and couldn’t make it over to enjoy you with him. He has talked about you all morning. Do you like boys as much as girls” Natashia asked.

“He was my first, and very nice, however I prefer women, girls, uh, females”.

Natashia laughed, “Oh, he will be sad”.

“What’s his name” I asked.

“Jason after his father, he died three years ago in an accident, he hardly remembers him”, Natashia answered.

Just then Jason ran up and in the sweetest way plopped down unceremoniously on the edge of my chaise.

“Hi”, Jason quipped, then reached grabbing my cock, “this is the beautiful cock that filled me last night mommy” as he began stroking it, “isn’t it nice”?

“Yes, Robert does have a very nice cock, but you shouldn’t be so rude and just grab him sweetheart”. Looking at me she continued, “He has the most terrible habit of grabbing men and walking away with them”.

Jason removed his hand smiling and rested it over his small cock and began playing with it.

I smiled, “yes, he took me away last night and it was very wonderful Jason, I enjoyed you last night as much as you enjoyed me”, winking at him.

Jason beamed.

Shelly and Sam ran over to us, water droplets clinging to their beautiful bodies.

“Hello”, Shelly smiled, “Daddy, we’re hungry”.

Natashia immediately offered we join them for lunch, so we walked over to the small outdoor café by the pool and had a light lunch enjoying each other’s company. Natashia played footsies with me for the first few minutes and as the kids concerned themselves with their food, we laughed and had a very engaging conversation. I cannot remember ever having laughed so much in years. Natashia was not only stunning but very bright and witty. She openly stared at me with her chin resting in one hand as if captured by my every word, we really hit it off. Natashia suggested the children go back and play at the pool while she took me to her room to show me some of her security items.

Shelly just laughed, “You two are going to go boink each other, you’re both all goofy eyed”.

The other kids just laughed as Natashia and I shooed them off to play.

Walking to the elevator I couldn’t help but watch Natasia’s ass wiggle all the way there, she would look back at me and grin, wiggle her butt some more and laugh. “She’s incredible” I thought.

We arrived at her room and as the door slammed shut, she directed me to the sofa and brought out a cart with several silver and black metal cases on it. Her expertise was impressive, I easily could have bought everything she showed me but only acquired two nine millimeter hand guns, one knife and an exquisite under shirt high tech piece of body armor that was light but easily the most expensive item on her cart.

Natashia sat down next to me on the sofa resting her hand lightly on my chest leaned in and kissed me. Her lips were soft and supple, her tongue teased my senses. I haven’t felt like this for a woman ever. Not even in all my years of playing with women growing up, through college, or overseas. Our embrace was intense and passionate. Our hands began exploring each other’s bodies, she broke our kiss and looked me deep into the eyes as she took my hand pulling me up from the sofa, leading me to her bedroom.

We both tumbled onto her bed embraced in another deep kiss, I rolled on top of her holding her face in my right hand, looking into her eyes I kissed her again as I entered her . My cock glided in smoothly, her pussy wet and firm she felt like a perfect fit, the comfort of her just pulled me in deeper as I stroked in and out of her. Natashia pushed on my shoulders urging me on to my back and she began riding my cock biting her lower lip while her finger nails dug into my chest. Her breathing became more urgent and I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock as her orgasm took her over, her mouth opened wide as she held her breath, her eyes looking deep into mine, her face flushed with exquisite delight.

Natashia fell forward onto my chest, sucking and kissing my neck, “That was wonderful Robert, I have not had that feeling in many years, it was more than an orgasm to me, did you feel that too”?

“Yes, I did. I cannot explain it either. I haven’t felt that kind of bond with a woman before”.

“Robert, you did not cum, can I please you more, I want to swallow you, may I please you with my mouth”?

I have never really been asked like this before. She looked so demur, so wrapped in a need to please me.

“Yes Natashia, you may have my cock”, I answered.

Natashia rose up from me and leaned over my cock, flipping her long hair over her shoulder then lightly grabbed my sore flesh, kissing my head lightly. Her tongue bathed the head of my cock slowly in circles just before taking me into her mouth with care. Again, the passion, the draw of her came over me as she slowly made love to my cock with her mouth. Soon her slow movements gained speed, her head bobbing up and down her tongue twisting around my shaft I erupted down her throat. She held my cock deep as I ejaculated, my ass off the bed, my back arched, my balls tight as my orgasm washed over me.

Slowly my body returned to the bed and she continued to slurp, lick, and suck my cock tenderly, her hand holding my balls. My cock stayed hard within her expert mouth, her tongue movements changed to a forward to back pushing movement just below the front side of my head.
I was cumming again. She continued drinking from me as she hummed in satisfaction, sucking and loving my cock. Still she did not stop.

I fought the urge to wiggle out from under her, she felt my body tense with the sensation but she simply moved further over my cock and took me deep down her throat holding my cock as her throat tightened and loosened around my shaft. She had one ball in each of her hands by her finger tips massaging each one, rolling, squeezing, and teasing each one as she still held my cock deep down her throat. Her head pulled up and she drew in another deep breath and took my cock deep down her throat again. Each time she took me down, she held me with her throat muscles for nearly two minutes each time. On her fifth swallowing of my cock, she made me cum again! My balls released liquid fire, my toes and legs felt like pins and needles were running up and down them, my cock throbbed in it's release deep down her throat.

Now she eased up my shaft, her mouth stopped, just keeping my head with her lips tightly wrapped around me. She blew hard, her cheeks expanded with the effort, like trying to inflate a balloon, her left hand cupping my balls, her right middle finger placing pressure on my prostrate.

No way, no way was she going to keep me going I thought. Days and nights of fucking and now I had came three times with mind expanding orgasms and she hasn’t released my cock.

Natashia’s left hand moved up gripping my shaft hard just above my balls, her blowing efforts continued, the air leaking past her lips sounded like childish attempts at playing a trumpet yet she continued. My softening cock grew harder and harder and she began going down on my shaft with her mouth, maintaining her inflating pressure, then suddenly she shifted to powerful sucking as she took me deep down her throat, faster and faster. She was now vacuuming my cock with greater intensity than her blowing.

Powerful sucking noises filled my ears as her speed still increased, her finger pushed past my anal ring deep into my ass as I shot three fast loads into her waiting mouth. Her finger continued in and out of my ass and she released my cock. She sat back smiling as she finger fucked my helpless body. Two fingers sliding in and out of my ass, she spit my cum down into her waiting palm, three fingers were now pumping in and out of my ass. My legs involuntarily rose up as she continued fucking me with her small slender fingers, my breaths nothing but pants of ecstasy.

A humming noise filled my ears. I looked down to see a large black dildo in her hand. Nastashia took it into her mouth and then placed it at my anus. The strong vibrations rocked my balls and ass as she pressed it in slowly working this nine inch dong into me. I pushed fervently towards her as she buried the cock into me, her efforts increased,

“I was being fucked”!

I couldn’t seem to catch my breath. The room went from bright to misty as an orgasm ripped through my mind and body. I had never experienced a pure anal orgasm before. No cum from my cock, just a deep warm filling satisfaction folded around me. Slowly, very slowly, she removed her instrument from my ass and climbed up onto the bed holding me.

“Natashia, that was amazing! I have never came that many times before orally back to back and have never, ever been pleased anally before, not like that. You are incredible”!

“Robert, I want to see you again” she said meekly. “I, I want to see you again and a lot, like every day, do you think that would be possible? I haven’t enjoyed a connection like that since my Uncle when I was young and I loved him so much. I feel the same as I felt then with you. I know it’s silly, we hardly know each other but I feel like home with you”.

I pulled her in close to me and told her I also felt something special with her. I told her that my life was complicated right now but would do everything I could to figure out how we could be together.

Natashia smiled at me, “and with time, I can have you cumming nine to ten times and experiencing sustained orgasms for two and even three hours."

”For some reason sweetheart, I do not doubt you”, I said before kissing her lightly.

The bedroom door burst open and there stood Shelly, Sam, and Jason.

“See, I told you they were all goofy eyed for each other” Shelly blurted.

They all came crashing onto the bed with us, naked, and hair still wet. Sam started toying with Jason’s cock, he seemed to pay it no attention as if it was perfectly normal and after thinking about it I concluded, he was right.

“Marcus was looking for you at the pool and said to meet him at four and make sure to bring us along because we were going shopping after business, something about two new cars and clothes for us”, Shelly announced.

“Ok, I need a shower”, I said climbing up from the bed but not before kissing each child then Natashia deeply.

The kids just said “ooh, kissy, kissy”, and giggled.

“Come on girls, we need to get ready”, and looking at Natashia, “I will find you when we get back. I look forward to introducing you to Marcus and his kids”.

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