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I stood up and looked into the sky, Damon was out there somewhere, somewhere far. I was going to find him, and then kill him.
(This is the second part of "A Year Of Darkness". Read the first part to fully grasp the story.)

Over the next twenty years, the world was slowly getting back to normal. I was now married to Jamie, we had two kids, there was a population boom worldwide, places were being rebuilt. Things were normal again; primal, but normal.

That was until, one, very unexpected person, showed up at the doorstep of my kingdom...


This man, I had seen in my childhood, I never had talked him, I had seen him everywhere I went. I thought he was a manifestation of my young and naive mind. However, my theory was wrong as other people could obviously see him.

"Forest, its has been a long, long time, my friend" the man said.

This, man, was dressed in solid black, much like Forest. He had a long black leather jacket that went to his ankles, and a black hat. There was a baseball bat with nails sticking outside of it, attached to the back of his jacket.

"Who are you?" I asked

"I am Damon" he replied

"I watch over 'The Sorrowed'. I am the creator of them" Damon added

"Why are you talking to me now?" I asked

"You didn't have the strength to talk to me before..." He paused

"Your personality is ruthless, a special and rare mix has possessed you, one of darkness and hatred, as well as one of bliss and loving-ness" Damon added

"The darkness inside of you, enhanced your anger, and took away any feelings you had for your parents, therefore, letting you kill them ruthlessly" Damon said.

"Come with me, I have some things to show you" Damon added

We walked for a while, Damon stopped and lifted his hands, a massive boom, sent me falling onto my back. When I got up, there was a portal, I walked through it, Damon soon followed me to the other side.

"This was a planet full of "The Sorrowed", about 50 Million years ago" Damon said

"There was a massive war, and you sacrificed your life, but this planet was destroyed anyways, your a reincarnation, on the planet earth" he added

Damon teleported us back to the TBM entrance. Where he looked at the sky, it was gray, as if rain were coming soon. I saw his face for the first time, he was old, really old.

"Thank god it's cloudy, because I'm allergic to sunlight" Damon said with a smile.

I had no clue how he knew that, but he did; that was a title to an 'A Skylit Drive' song, I loved it, it was a song I listened to throughout my life after the apocalypse, it gave me a feeling of hope, a hope that earth wasn't a dead planet.

"Forest, you hold unfathomable powers, powers that can change this planet, you will know when, child, I'll be seeing you soon. Until then, take care." Damon said as he faded to black smoke, and blew off with the wind

As I thought, it started to rain, it pounded into the ground relentlessly, watering the ground. I couldn't get the image of Damon out of my mind, I sat outside for hours, in the cold, harsh, bitterness of the rain, and winter. Jackson was working with a group of scientist's, on creating a bio-food, that needed no time to grow, as well as safe and completely edible.

I walked in to my bedroom to find Jamie sleeping, I laid down gently next to her, careful not to wake her up. She woke up anyways.

"Forest?" Jamie said

"..." I didn't respond.

"Forest, I hate it when you get all quiet like this!" Jamie yelled

"..." I was still quiet, as I had been all day.

"Maybe this will make you talk" Jamie said

Jamie moved down under the covers, she stripped me of my.jeans and boots, after a little work, Jamie had worked my hardness, that's when her mouth went down full boar onto my cock. Her repetitive motions continued, when she giggled at my grunt, the vibrations caused me to go over the edge, and blow my load down her throat. She swallowed it all, not even a drop ran down her chin.

"Clap, Clap, that was hot" Devon said walking into the room, just realising I had forgotten to close the door.

"Forest, you forgot to make her cum, I guess I'll have to take your spot 'til you get hard again" Devon said

Within seconds Devon was naked, as well as Jamie. Devon walked up to and straddled jamie, Devon and Jamie were soon making out, and to go along with that, they were exchanging rough gropes to eachothers tits. It wasn't until that point I realised how hot Devon was.

Her 19 year old frame, was very sexual in itself, her tits were at least a DD, slim hips, and great abs, her ass was in a league of its own, it was one of those asses that you just want to squeeze. I loved the shape of it.

I was taken of my thoughts when both of the girls were achieving a constant moan rhythm. They were scissoring eachother! Devon got back on top of Jamie, that's when I got behind Devon and rammed balls deep into her sopping wet cunt.

"Fuuuuuccckkkk!" Devon screamed in a devilish guttural growl

Jamie was now on all fours, sitting in front of Devon, who was lapping at Jamie's cunt, every time I pushed into Devon my balls hit her clit, sending her into spasms every time. After minutes of constant slamming I blew my fresh, potent load into Devon's teen cunt.

There was three spontaneous orgasms all at once, leaving this threesome in a state of heavenly bliss, they had all rendered unconscious in there exact positions. Devon's tounge in Jamie's pussy, and my flaccid cock buried inside of Devon.

Later that night...

I had woken up with a hard cock inside of Devon's pussy. I rocked gently back and forth, careful not to wake either of the girls. I fucked Devon's sleeping, but willing body, I felt that ever so familiar sensation of cumming, I pushed balls deep into Devon again, for the second time that night, I blew my fresh load into her young pussy.

I got up a few minutes later, at the crack of sunrise, I took a shower. I then had the cooks bring the girls breakfast. I went outside to have a cigarette, the high pitch screeched throughout my skull again.


It showed a massive castle, with dragons, and winged beasts flying around the sky and the castle, as if they were guarding it. The picture flashed to a king in a throne, and tall, naked, almost amazonian like women around him. The king was Forest, back then.

"King Martin! 'The Bled' have landed on Ground Zero, and are invading the small villages!" His assistant said

"Send 'The Sorrowed', Now!" King Martin said.

The picture faded to black...


I picked myself up off the floor, with a pounding headache, I pounded the floor with my fist in a fit of anger. The next thing I knew everything was shaking, had I caused an earthquake?.

After the earthquake had subsided, I stood up. Something was different. But what was it? My head was farther from the ground! I had increased in height, my muscles were bigger also!
I felt a stabbing pain in my back, and I fell to my knees. I let out a ferocious scream that echoed into the mid-day sky. I stood again, and twirled my arm's, that's when I realized I now had wings! They were black, and triple the length of my arms. My nails were black claws, and all my teeth had sharpened.

There was a echo in my head, that repeated itself a dozen times.

"My son, you have embraced your inner darkness, and have become the evil beast that has lived in your soul for all your life, he is free!" The voice said, then another came.

"This beast will only appear with your anger, you will now be able to control him" the voice said again

"Forest, are you okay?" Devon asked

I looked up to see her, she had the same look as me, but everything was white, her eyes, wings, and claws were all white.

"I sensed some type of darkness from this area, and then this happened to me, it looks like it happened to you too" Devon added

As my nerves cooled, I returned to normal, except for one thing... My cock.. it had grown three inches, and hadn't went down to its original size. A darker, more evil voice, had spoken.

"Just a little thanks for releasing me" the demon said with an evil fading laugh.

Devon, had also returned to normal. We decided on not telling Jamie until we knew how to control our newfound powers. That's when Damon appeared out of nowhere.

"Hello, my children, you both have discovered your power, and have embraced your inner beast" Damon said with a laugh.

"Devon, you hold the power of light and heaven. Forest, you hold the power of darkness and hell. With both of your powers combined, you will return this planet to its normal way of life, just like the apocalypse never happened..that is if you can..." Damon paused.

"If you can defeat 'The Bled', of course" Damon continued.

"Who is that?" I asked remembering that dream.

"You'll find out soon enough, my children."

"Just remember, anger and happiness can be your worst enemy, but if you can control it, it can be your best weapon" Damon said with a laugh, as he faded to black smoke and blew away, again.

Jackson, came to us with the perfected bio-food, we could now live on this. That night, the whole militia feasted, we all ate like starved animal's.

Later that night in bed, that demonic voice came back,.speaking more words of wisdom.

"My child, to complete the prophecy, you must turn your wife, into one of us, then impregnate Devon and your wife, Jamie. I will return for the next step of your prophecy" the demon said.

The next morning, I waited for Jamie to wake, when she did, she took a shower, and I sat her down after she got out. She had a towel wrapped around her.

"Jamie, I know this may sound weird---just let me show you" I said

I angered myself, and I turned into that creature again. I looked at Jamie, and took a breath.

"I need to impregnate you, with a Sorrowed baby. As well as Devon, in order to move on with the prophecy" I said in a deep growl.

"Do what you need to do, baby" Jamie said as she spread her legs

I stripped my clothes, my cock stuck out like a sword, it was longer, and the girth grew also! Jamie looked scared, but was willing to do anything for me. I stood her up, and put my mouth into her neck, I bit down, and injected some kind of venom into her blood stream.

I then threw her down on the bed, and slowly stuck my cock into her, she was crying in obvious pain. I pushed into her more, she felt so much tighter than when I first fucked her, it was weird in all honesty. I bent over and kissed the side of her neck, where I had previously bit her, a few thrusts, had me spewing black cum, into Jamie's ravaged, freshly stretched pussy.

Later that night I had done the same to Devon, in her Sorrowed form. Within days, both girls were fully pregnant, it was rapid, a day later both girls gave birth, it took 15 minutes, it was painless, weeks had passed, they were fully grown, half copies of me and both of the girls. They were emotion-less, lifeless, what the demon made me do was starting to make less and less sense. I stood outside in the cold winter air, trying to contact the demon.

"Come, I need to talk to you" I said

There was no reply. I transformed, into the Sorrowed beast, I flew into the sky, and let out a roar, that would scare a lion. Lightening and thunder, flashing and cracking throughout the dark sky.

"What do you want? My child?" The demon asked

"You made me make robots, not humans, they are just lifeless beings, mutants!" I replied

"My son, they will help you along your journey" the demon said

"What's next?" I asked

"There are more Sorrowed throughout this, and many other planets. if you want to defeat 'The Bled" you will need to contact these beasts. To do this, you and your friend Devon, as well as your wife Jamie; will need to be in this exact situation, with the rain, thunder, lightening, as well as a full moon, the three of you will roar at once, at the same time, three times, the soundwave is a signal, that calls all beasts to this specific location" the demon replied.

The demon vanished, I went down to the ground, causing a loud boom throughout the area. There was a week before the next full moon. I walked into the living room, and told the girls the plan.

There was an evil presence coming our way, we needed help fast. There were way to many enemies heading our way for the five of us Sorrowed to hold off. The only way was the other Sorrowed beasts. Jackson came to me hours later, ecstatic, was the easiest way to explain his face.

"Forest, we have created something...something massively powerful.." Jackson paused.

"Come with me" he added

We drove to the hi-tech, massive, scientology building, that I had built for Jackson, and his fellow mathematicians, and scientist's. We walked through the doorway. I was greeted by the head biologist.

"We have created the ultimate beast, sir." He said

"Come, Beau!!" The biologist added

There was a massive roar, followed by black wings, it fully came out, a massive dragon, red eyes, with a deadly glare. Sharp teeth finished off its mouth.

"Sir, this dragon, has a piece of you, you own him with your demonic counterpart, a natural killer. He will only listen to me and you" the biologist said

The roof of the building opened up, and the dragon lifted off the ground and to the outside air, blowing massive gusts of wind. He landed in front of the massive building, appearantley waiting for me. I walked outside, and touched the dragons leg, he had an almost cat-like purr, with excessive vibrations running throughout its body. I walked back to my house, Beau, at my side. He laid down in front of the house.

"Sir, there is a visitor for you" a guard said

"Bring him to me" I replied

Seconds later Damon appeared, in his usual outfit.

"My child, 'The Bled' are moving in, they will be here within weeks" Damon said

"I sensed it, their darkness, it is overwhelmingly powerful at some points" I replied.

"You must hurry, my child, or the consequences will be dire" Damon said

"I must be going, my child" Damon added as he vanished into thin air.

"What happened?" Jamie asked as she walked up behind me.

"The war will be coming soon..." I replied

"How are you feeling?" I added

"I feel different that's for sure, this power feels amazing, like I can take on anyone, or anything." Jamie replied

"Don't think like that, what's coming for us, is much stronger than anything I've been against, and much stronger than you can imagine" I said.

I walked over to Jamie and picked her up, she wrapped her legs around my back, we both fell onto the bed. Tying our tounges into a knot, while I groped her almost bare tits. My jean covered cock, rubbed against her panties-less cunt, causing my jeans to absorb her fresh wetness. I pulled my cock out and went all the way into her fuckhole, I pounded her pussy relentlessly while pinching her clit, causing her to consistently spasm, and orgasm, I blew my searing hot cum into her womb. We soon fell asleep.


Tonight was the full moon, the night we needed to complete the prophecy. I gathered the girls, we transformed, lightening and thunder spread throughout the sky, we flew up, and the three of us released a roar, spontaneously. We did it two more times nothing happened.

"Whats supposed to happen?" Devon said

"More of us are supposed to come" I replied

"The Bled are moving in" I added

Just after I said that, a giant portal opened, hundreds of Sorrowed beasts came through, landing roughly on the ground. One came up to me, he seemed to be some type of king.

"I'm Russell" he said

"It seems that you have completed the prophecy, and are ready for war, is Beau ready yet?" Russell asked

"Yeah, Beau come!!" I yelled

Minutes later Beau came into view above us. A roar came, he moved downwards, with heavy breathing. He came closer, then landed flawlessly onto the sand-ridden ground.

"I sense 'The Bled' will be here in days, we must move to ground zero!" Russell yelled

"Where is that?" I asked, remembering those two words from that flashback.

"Let me just take you there" Russell replied

Another portal opened, we all flew into it, on the other side, I harshly smashed into the ground. Russell put out a hand and lifted me up.

"You'll learn how to land" he said

I looked around, it was a battlefield of some sort, everything was gray, the grass, barriers, mountains, and the sky. Beau soon came, and landed on my side. We camped, and had Beau search the area every few hours.

The next day, creatures, appeared out of thin air, on the other side of the battlefield. Russell and I stood up, ready to move.

"Not yet, they are just decoy's, I don't sense that darkness from them, don't let your anger be your enemy" Russell said

Another person appeared, just like the decoy's, but someone I recognized! He wore that black jacket, that went down to his ankles! It was Damon! What was he doing here?.

"Wow! Russell, I'm surprised you knew that" Damon said

"Forest, you look surprised!" Damon added

"I thought you were on our side! You said you created us!" I yelled

"No need to yell, child, I only said all that to keep an eye on you and your friends" Damon replied.

Hundreds of the Sorrowed beasts were know ready for war, with Beau in the sky. Hundreds of The Bled beasts appeared out of thin air, just like Damon had.

"Let the war commence!" Damon yelled

The war started, bloodshed, viciousness, brutality, violence, fighting, beliefs, were all on line in this contained bloodbath. This was for it all, the final end of the world or to keep the world as we knew it alive and living.

I ran towards Damon, I threw a knife at him, he disappeared, then reappeared behind me, and kicked me in the back, sending me roughly into the battle floor.

"Anger is your worst enemy, my child" Damon said

I tripped him and started throwing blows to his face, he vanished again, and didn't return. I stood up shaken by everything that has been going on.

"Forest! Watch out!" Devon said as she jumped in front of me and took multiple gunshots.

That was it, I bent down and grabbed onto Devons's hand, and smashed my fist into the ground. There was a bright white light shining down onto the middle of the battle field. It explosion and it hit the darkness of 'The Bled' beasts. They shattered when the light hit them, it killed them all. I passed out next to Devon.

A Week Later -

All throughout the week I faded in and out of conscience-ness, I appearantley had died a few times, but they brought me back to life. I sat up, a nurse had come.

"Where's Devon?" I asked

"Hold on one moment, please" the nurse replied as she left.

Russell and Jamie came in with a happy, but depressed look.

"Where is she?" I asked angrily

"Forest, Devon didn't make it, it was too late when we got back here to do anything" Russell said

I got dressed and left the room to find Beau sleeping outside.

"Beau, find Devon" I said

I got onto his back and he flew me to a graveyard, I found her huge grave-stone, it had her picture, and a picture of her Sorrowed beast form. I felt horrible, for the first time since the apocalypse, I had feelings for other people, a slight empathy for her, she had sacrificed her life for me, my worthless life, she deserved to live more than I did, why did this happen? Was it destiny? Was it part of the prophecy? I could not figure this out myself.

For days, I sat in my room, staring out the window, thinking if there was anyway I could have changed what destiny had planned, what the prophecy foretold. I visited Devon's grave daily, thinking of how it should have been me, and not her. It wasn't fair. Why should have someone died for something right, when the thing we were fighting for was wrong?

Earth, is a majestic planet, filled with different types of people, and that is what makes it great. Bad or good, they are still people, Earth would have been a dead planet a long time ago if not for the differences. Two words repeated themselves throughout my head "I'm Sorry"

"Forest? Is that you?" A female voice said.

I stood up and looked to my right, it was Devon, I walked towards her and hugged her to only have my arms go through her ghostly body. I thought I was seeing things.

"Forest, I'm dead, if you haven't noticed." Devon said

"It should have been me, my life is worthless, while you still have so much more to live for" I said

"No, Forest, you have a lot to live for" she paused

"A loving wife, two beautiful and healthy kids, a family. Family is something that will always be there for you, and love you indifferently, no matter what." Devon added

"It was still my fault Devon, and I can never live that down, if it wasn't for me you'd still be here" I replied as a tear ran down my face.

"Forest, it was destiny, you can't change your own destiny, of the way you want it to happen" Devon said with a slight echo to her voice.

Tears were now streaming down my face, the most I had cried since the day of the apocalypse, the worst day I had of my life, at that point.

"I must be going, Forest, but just remember"

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions" Devon added, her voice echoed, as she faded away.

I sat there mentally processing, everything she had said to me, family was important, especially my wife and children. But what did she mean about the road to hell being paved by good intentions? I had no clue.

Beau flew me back to my house, where I was greeted by my children and wife, I went down onto my knee and gave my son and daughter a tight, long hug. I walked to Jamie, I kissed her, we swapped spit in a passionate, true-love kiss. She broke the kiss.

"Wow, what's gotten into you?" Jamie said as we continued kissing

"Baby" Jamie said, breaking the kiss again as she pointed into the direction that my back was towards.

It was Russell, he was in his normal form, long brown-red hair and a brown beard. We exchanged looks, and then we hugged, in a tight embrace.

"Forest, we have completed the prophecy! We have decided to stay on this beautiful and eccentric planet" Russell said.

"Hail to your new king! Fellow Sorrowed!" Russell screamed to the crowd of normal formed Sorrowed, as he raised my hand, the crowd cheered.

Later that day, I was watching my kids play with the other kids that had been born, over the past twenty years. Russell came and sat next to me and Jamie.

"I'm sorry about your friend, Forest, but destiny had lined up its path that way" Russell said

That's when it hit me, what Devon had said earlier; "The road to hell is paved with good intentions".

Anything you do that is meant to be good, can be deathly wrong, even if its not meant to be bad, she had went to hell, for her life saving decisions. I was in shock. Nothing I could say, nothing I could do.

I stood up and looked into the sky, Damon was out there somewhere, somewhere far. I was going to find him, and then kill him.

I wanted vengeance for Devon...

That was exactly what I set on doing...


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