13-year-old Steve's first date with his crush, Helene, goes a lot better than he ever dreamed
As it turned out, my first date with Helene took place on Friday rather than Saturday (sort of): Sammi, a girl in Kit's middle school choir, was having a 12th-birthday pool party in the late afternoon, and both Kit and Helene had been invited. Helene's cousin Rene had already been dropped off at her house for the weekend, so Sammi told her she could bring her along. And Kit said something like “Can I bring my cousin too?” and the next thing I knew I invited as well.

I'd never met Sammi before, but I liked her: she was small for her age (by which I mean height as well as... you know) and, I guess you'd say, bubbly.

Helene, of course, I'd been crushing on since forever, and her cousin was almost an older male version of her: tall, good-looking, some sort of mixed-race combo that was common in New Orleans, where their families had lived before Katrina. I was pretty sure girls reacted to Rene's accent the way most of the guys I knew reacted to Helene's.

Kit was certainly entranced by it.

And speaking of “entranced”...

The town pool has a rule against “improper” swimsuits: it's not completely spelled out anywhere what that means, but every year the pool monitor ends up sending a few girls home to change. And this year one boy who, from what I heard, was wearing a brief-style swimsuit so tight, it looked as if it had been painted on. Ow.

A few of the girls here at the party were wearing suits that probably wouldn't have passed inspection at the town pool: Sammi's friends Zoe and Beth, definitely. I mean they weren't obscene obviously – this was a pool party after all and Sammi's parents were around – but they certainly showed off the fact that they were proud of their breasts.

For that matter, I think Kit was displaying a bit more skin than I'd ever seen before a couple weeks ago.

I ended up sharing a large beach blanket with Helene, I guess because this was a pre-date, which was fine by me: I thought her bright-yellow bikini contrasted with her light brown skin in a very sexy way, even if she wasn't exposing as much of that skin as some of the other girls.

Around 7, Sammi's dad grilled up a ton of burgers, dogs, corn and whatnot, then he and Sammi's mom too off for an evening out with friends, making Sammi and her brother Tony promise to clean up the patio before they went to bed, so raccoons wouldn't come after the leftover food tonight.

Helene made a point of stealing as many of my potato chips as she could, as if we were already a couple. I kind of liked that. But when she got to the last chip, I grabbed at it first. She gave me a very fake pout, then said “I'll trade you a kiss for the potato chip.”

“She must be desperate for that potato chip,” Tony catcalled.

Hell yeah, I'd make that deal. And it wasn't until halfway through the kiss that I realized this was my first-ever kiss from a girlfriend.

Kevin and Tia, who'd been dating for a few weeks, took a potato chip and placed one end in each of their mouths, intending to do the “Lady and the Tramp sharing a strand of spaghetti and ending in a kiss” thing – but the chip broke and crumbled to the floor, while the rest of us laughed and applauded.

Then Rene said to Kit, in his Cajun accent, “May I kiss you as well, ma chere?” I thought the use of “ma chere” was an affectation – yes, in fact, I do take Honors English – but she just about melted. “Mais oui,” she replied.

I really didn't want to watch Kit kissing another guy, so I kissed Helene again. From the corner of my eye, I could see Kevin and Tia locking lips as well. I decided it didn't get much better than this: warm summer night, the sun just starting to set, making out with your date...

Of course, for Tony and the four girls who were here without dates, it must not have been much fun, and I had a feeling the party was going to break up soon. Then Keera said “Who wants to go back into the pool?”

“I don't know,” Beth said. “Putting back on a wet, clammy suit...”

“I've got a one-piece,” Tia said, “and I don't know if I can even wrestle it on when it's damp.”

“I vote yeah,” Sammi said.

“Sure,” Kit said, “you can just go inside and get a dry suit.”

“I'd lend you girls suits,” Sammi said, “but I don't think any of you would fit into them. Lucky for you.”

“If everybody goes along with it,” Zoe said, “we can swim in our underwear. Just nobody tell anybody afterward, okay?”

“I'm out,” Helene said. “I didn't wear a bra coming over here, just my bikini top under my shirt.” Which means I was right about what I'd thought when we kissed: she wasn't wearing anything under her t-shirt right now.

“Me neither,” Tia said

“Me neither,” Sammi said with a grin, “but that's because why would I need a bra? So us girls can just leave our t-shirts on. I'm not going to go in to change: I'll do whatever you do.”

“Sorry guys,” Tia said, “not for me.”

I thought her boyfriend Kevin looked a bit disappointed, missing out on the chance to see all these girls in their wet underwear – he might not have seen Tia in her underwear yet either – but he said “Okay, we'll go.”

“I'll ride with you guys,” Beth said.

Nobody was wondering how us guys felt about all this: Tony seemed fine, but Rene for all his outward bravado seemed as conflicted as I was: not only had no girl other than Kit and Erica ever seen me undressed, but I was afraid of embarrassing myself.

The eight of us all stood and looked at one another. It was one thing for a bunch of 12-and 13-year-olds (and Rene, an old man of 14) to talk about stripping down to their underwear in front of everybody, and another to actually do it. Finally Sammi said “I'll go first,” took off her sneakers and socks, then slipped her shorts down her legs. Her panties were pink and a little frilly, probably more little-girlie than she'd have worn if she'd known she'd be showing them off.

Kit went next, stripping off her shorts and then her shirt. Her bra covered more skin than her bikini top had, but I was in the room when she'd put it on, so I knew it was much sheerer. So I knew Rene could see her nipples through the fabric.

Helene seemed nervous, so I took off my shirt, then my cut-off jeans. And of course, I already had the beginning of a boner, which she immediately noticed.

Helene made it as easy for me as possible: she pulled off her shorts, then took my hand and jumped into the pool with me. The cool water “settled me down” a bit – but only for a moment because when we jumped in, her shirt billowed out and rose up almost high enough to uncover her breasts.

I put both arms around her, slipping them under her shirt to hold the small of her back, and brought our bodies together for a kiss. This was certainly more assertive and impulsive than normal for me, but I guess I figured the rules are different when you're chest-deep in the water and almost naked.

She kissed me back, enthusiastically. I ran my hands a little higher up her back, pushing up her shirt enough to expose some of her belly, but nowhere near enough that she had to worry about her breasts showing. I wondered, though, if we'd been alone, whether she'd have let me push up her shirt all the way up and off.

By the time we came up for air (as it were), everybody else was in the pool: Sammy wearing a t-shirt that clung to her slim body, and Kit, Keera and Zoe in their bras. I had no idea whether Keera and Zoe's bras were as sheer as Kit's, but Kit probably wished she'd kept her t-shirt on.

As Keera and Zoe walked-swam past us, I heard Keera say to Zoe “I wonder whether Sammi will do the same thing with her t-shirt she did at my house during spring break” – which meant absolutely nothing to me at the time.

I could see Kit and Rene at the other side of the pool, kissing as if they'd known one another for weeks rather than just hours. I pulled Helene to me for another round, this time slipping my hands down the back of her panties, holding her bare ass. Not only didn't she seem to mind, she ground against me as we kissed, rubbing her pussy against my cock with just a thin layer of panties and a pair of pretty flimsy brief shorts separating us.. I suddenly realized that another few seconds of this, and a stream of cum would be floating in the water between us.

Just as I was trying to think of a way out of this situation – a situation I really didn't want to get out of – Keera said “Listen, guys, Zoe and I are feeling seriously left out here. And since we're not going to turn lesbian, how about we play King of the Hill?”

Helene drew a complete blank on that one, and it looked like Rene did, too.

“Let Zoe and me go first,” Keera said, approaching me while Zoe went over to Kit and Rene, “and you'll see how it's done.”

I knew the game, so I ducked underwater, Keera settled onto my shoulders, and then I stood up again. Across the pool, Zoe was explaining to Rene what to do, and on the second try she got properly onto his shoulders. Rene and I both walked to the center of the pool.

“Basically,” Keera explained, “if I can knock Zoe off Rene's shoulders and into the pool, we win. In the unlikely event she knocks me down, they win.”

And then we started, Rene and I maneuvering as best we could, mostly trying to keep supporting our fighters, while the girls tried to dislodge one another.

It was pretty hard to ignore the fact that an almost-naked girl was on my shoulders, her pussy rubbing against the back of my neck. And that Zoe's bra, now that it was wet, was close to transparent.

In the end, the round ended when Zoe twisted wildly to avoid Keera's grasp, which made Rene stumble and drop her.

Now Helene climbed onto my back, and Kit onto Rene's. Kit's bra was as transparent now as Zoe's, and when she saw me looking, she smiled and thrust out her chest.

And then before anybody said “go,” Helene reached forward and gave Kit a shove. Kit and Rene managed to keep their balance, and Kit grabbed Helene's t-shirt, as if trying to throw the t-shirt, if not Helene herself, in to the water.

Helene smacked Kit's hands away, then swung her hand if she were trying to slap her (and might have succeeded, if I hadn't stumbled backward). Rene and I were too startled to do the obvious thing, back away from one another so our girlfriends and cousins would stop fighting one another. These girls had been best friends for years; what the fuck...?

Regaining my balance, I got close enough to Rene for Helene to reach across and grab Kit's bra, hard enough to break the snap and pull it right off her. Almost naked in front of her friends, Kit was less embarrassed than angry, lunging forward at Helene so violently, Rene fell forward, face-first into the water.

I tried to catch Kit, which of course ended with me and Helene getting knocked down as well, the four of us hitting the water together in a series of bone-on-bone contacts that would leave us all with bruises by the following morning. By the time I'd de-tangled myself from Rene (not a position I'd particularly wanted to be in), Kit had lunged at Helene, grabbing the neckline of her t-shirt with both hands and ripping it off her, at the same time smacking Helene's head against the surface of the water.

You know, two girls getting into a catfight and pulling one another's clothing off looks sexy as hell in a movie or something; but when it's happening in front of you in real life, it's scary as shit.

I stepped over to Kit and wrapped my arms around her, to keep her from going after Helene again. It looked like Rene was doing the same with his own cousin. “Maybe we should go home. Come on, I'll go with you.” Not that I particular wanted to go, when I could stay in the pool with the most beautiful girl in our school, who was almost naked to boot, but I thought Kit would be better off out of here.

She pushed herself away from me. “You're not my boss,” she said hotly, then grabbed Rene's arm and led him back to the other side of the pool.

Helene came back to me and put her arms around me. I barely had time to notice her naked breasts before they were pressed against my own chest. She was kissing me wildly, her tongue deep inside my mouth (a new experience for me), grinding her crotch against mine.

Dizzy with excitement (and I suppose the rush of blood leaving my brain for lower regions), I decided to push my luck by pushing my hand between our bodies and cupping her naked breast. She moaned, still not breaking the kiss, and slipped a hand inside the waistband of my briefs, grabbing my cock.

That lasted for maybe five seconds before I shot my load all over her hand. My knees grew weak for a moment, and I had to stop kissing her. Two small clouds of cum floated up to the water's surface. Helene smiled at me, took my hand, and told me to come with her. We left the pool, and I followed her into the house and upstairs to Sammi's bedroom. Both of us dripping water in our wake, and each of us wearing nothing but a single piece of wet, almost-transparent underwear.

She jumped onto Sammi's bed, leaving a Helene-shaped puddle on the top-sheet. “My turn,” she said. “Have you ever eaten a girl's pussy?”

“Um... no.”

“Now you will,” she said, sliding her wet panties down her legs and tossing them to the floor. “You need to make me cum.”

I climbed onto the bed next to her, not certain how to begin.

“But first, I want you inside of me.”


“Your cock. Just for a moment. Steve, it's okay, I'm not a virgin.”

“I don't have a condom.” Or pockets. Or pants.

“It's okay. I don't want me pregnant either. Just a couple of strokes, just enough for us both to feel it.”

My better judgment told me not to risk it – but a 13-year-old boy with a beautiful naked girl in front of him isn't going to listen to his better judgment.

I pulled off my briefs, crawled between Helene's legs, and slowly pushed my cock into her very wet pussy.

It felt amazing, especially since I'd been dreaming about being with Helene for at least the past year.

“Ohhh,” she said, half spoken and half groaning, as I sunk my cock deep inside her. “I've never done this without a condom before. This is good.”

“Me neither,” I managed to say. I had had the tip of my bare cock inside Kit last weekend, but that was just for a moment. And nothing like this.

I began to pull out. “No, keep it there for another second,” Helene said.

I pushed back in, all the way in. She sighed. “That's nice.”

I thanked God Helene had jerked me off just a few minutes ago, otherwise I'd have filled up her pussy with cum by now. I had a feeling we were pushing our luck at this point anyway.

I pulled back a bit, then pushed into her once more. This was no longer “just seeing how it feels,” we were seriously fucking now. And neither one of us wanted to stop. Just one more thrust, I told myself. Again.

Her little breasts shook as I kept fucking her. Neither of us was thinking about consequences now.

And then just as I felt the familiar twinge in my balls I came to my senses and pulled out, spraying my cum all over her chest. My thick white cum on her light brown breasts might be, to this day, the most erotic thing I've ever seen.

She gave me a sheepish grin, even as she was still breathing hard. “Thanks for getting out in time. You did, didn't you?”

“Definitely, yeah.”

“Good. But I was so close. Please, you have to do me now.”

I put my face between her legs. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was certainly going to give it my best shot – especially since she'd already made me cum twice.

My first taste of pussy... it was musty, and of course she was wet as hell after we'd been fucking... and she also tasted of chlorine, from the pool. Even now, the smell of chlorine sometimes brings back memories and makes me horny.

I licked, I sucked... this was new to both of us, and neither of us knew what was right or wrong. Fortunately she'd started out very close to cumming, so after a few minutes her body shook and she gave a loud whimper, and I convinced myself I was just a pussy-eating stud.

We cleaned ourselves up a bit, then lay quietly side-by-side, still naked. She picked up my now-limp cock in her hand and said “Maybe I'll get to suck this someday.”

“Sounds great to me,” I said, with what I'm sure was a big goofy grin on my face. First Kit says she wants to give me a blowjob, then Erica takes my cock into my mouth, and now Helene... I didn't know what I did to deserve this good luck, but it looked like someone would be sucking me sometime soon.

“You know,: Helene said a few minutes later, “I'm going to feel funny walking back outside in just my wet panties. But that's all I had on when I came inside.”

“Me too. I mean my briefs, of course.” I looked around the room: Sammi's clothing was all around us, but even Helene wouldn't fit into the small girl's things, let alone me.

We could pop into Tony's room and borrow some clothes. I was about to suggest that, then I remembered we actually did have clothing here: everybody's bathing suits were draped over the shower curtain rod in the bathroom, drip-drying.

We pulled on our respective underpants, then scampered down the hall to the bathroom, where we got naked again and pulled on our wet, cold, clammy bathing suits, exactly what we'd all wanted to avoid doing not so long ago.

We went back outside to the pool area, and saw that we might as well not have bothered dressing: not only was everybody still in the pool in their underwear, but Sammi had taken off her t-shirt and Keera and Zoe their bras. On the far end of the pool, Kit and Rene were grinding against one another so heatedly, I almost wondered whether they were still completely wearing their underwear.

Helene laughed at the sight of all her half-naked friends, throw off her bikini top, and dove into the pool.

As we were walking home half an hour later, Kit was quiet – but not sullen as she had been earlier, at least. Finally she said “I was so angry with you for a while.”

“What did I do?”

“But then when we all fell, I was the one you tried to catch.”

“Of course you were. Kit, what was going on tonight?”

“You're such an idiot.”



“Say what?”

“Helene was angry that I was making out with Rene.”

“Still not getting it.”

Kit sighed. “Helene and Rene. They're having sex.”

“She told you that?”

“Of course not. And she knows we are too.”


“I could tell. She could tell. I was furious that she was all over you. That's why I was making out with Rene whenever I knew you two could see us.”

“And that's why you were both trying to kill one another?”

“You were clueless. So was Rene.”

“So now what?” By which I really meant “An hour ago I had my cock deep inside the girl of my dreams, and I want that again; and she promised to suck my cock, and I desperately want that too.”

She leaned in against me as we walked, and I put an arm around her. Good thing she didn't suspect I was daydreaming about fucking her best friend. “Steve, I wish we could be girlfriend-and-boyfriend, but we can't, not really. Not in public. Same with Helene and Rene. So I'll talk to her online after we get home, and we'll be BFFs again. Do you still want to all go out tomorrow night, the double-date?”

“Sure,” I said, trying not to sound too eager.

“Me too. We were mostly making out for your and Helene's benefit, but I did like being with Rene. We'll work things out.”

Next: Things work out. Big-time.

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