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                 The Adventures of Maid Marion  

This is my first story please let me know what you think

  Marion moaned as her father thrust into her again from behind his large member rubbing her cervix as he bottomed out, She loved the feel of his thick veiny penis in her tight pussy, she was broken from her thoughts by the loud groaning of her father as he thrust violently forwards spilling his seed into her. Thankfully she had taken the contraceptive potion that the local hedge witch had brewed for her, she was however annoyed as he hadn't given her an orgasm yet again.   Once again she would have to rely on one of her father's hounds to satisfy her needs she made to rise and leave but her father pushed her back face down on the table and resumed his thrusting. To her surprise he was still rock hard she moaned again with pleasure, enjoying the surprise of her father's still hard cock in her pussy and the sensation of their juices squelching inside her. These feelings and the sudden sensation of her clit rubbing on the rough wood of the table finally sent her over the edge in to a mind shattering orgasm. The tight clenching of her pussy in orgasm clutched and milked her father's cock causing him to empty his balls once more into his young tight daughter.   They fucked several more times that evening until Marion struggled to walk to her chambers in the early hours of the morning her legs wobbly from repeated orgasms and her pussy sore from the multiple fuckings she had received, large white globs of cum ran down her legs as she staggered into her chambers to exhausted to even clean up she passed out on her large bed in deep slumber, she awoke later that morning to a wet rasping sensation on her sore hairless pussy turning her head slightly and still dazed she saw that one of her father's hounds was standing on her bed with his head buried between her thighs his tongue greedily lapping the the fuck juices from the night before from her tight pussy.  

After Marion had left his chambers her father Lord Richard lay on his bed reflecting on the evenings fornications he had been to see the hedge witch himself and she had made him an elixir she claimed would make him as strong and virile as his stallion, he had doubted her word but had taken the Bottle and mixed it with his evening wine as she had told him to, soon after he had found himself with a raging hard on straining against his britches.  He had called for a maid to attend him, whence he had thrown her down upon the floor on her hands and knees, tearing skirts from her like a crazed lunatic he had knelt behind her unlacing his britches lined the head of his 7" inch cock up wither tight virgin pussy and pushed into her till he felt her membrane he had paused whispering to her to relax nuzzling her neck he thrust forward bursting through her hymen whilst grazing her neck with his teeth to take her mind from the sudden burst of pain that shot through her body resting inside her to allow her to adjust to his size and girth, he started to steadily move back and forth the base of his hard cock grazing against her clitoris slowly she started to rock back against him moaning quietly then louder as her passion grew. Lord Richard leant forward thrusting deep into her and grasping at her bodice her firm breasts staring beneath the cloth he tore it open her breasts springing free, he grasped them one in each palm massaging the her hard nipples. The Maid entered her her orgasm throwing her head back and howling in pleasure her tight pussy grasping his cock and milking it of his thick sticky cum spilling into her fertile womb. Lord Richard knew she would be pregnant by his sperm, he determined to set her an allowance when she was no longer able to perform her duties.   This little foray would usually have been the end for the elderly lord nearing his 70th birthday however after the maid had left the chambers he had found he was still hard. Later his daughter had arrived for their usual evening fuck to find her father already naked and hard to boot waiting for her. Her father had hungrily removed the dressing robe she was wearing before bending her over his table and starting the long evening of depravity. Lord Richard had been fucking his daughter for 6 long years now ever since she had first bled.  

Meanwhile back in her chambers Marion was experiencing another mind shattering orgasm as the dog lapped at her juices. Coming down from her first orgasm of the day she looked behind her again to see the dogs large pink cock protruding from its sheath she managed to climb to her hands and knees as the dog leapt forward and began to try and mount her as he would any bitch. His large red member sliding back and forth over her slippery pussy without managing to penetrate finally Marion could stand it no longer she reached between her legs and guided the large slick member towards her sopping pussy begging for relief, the dog pushed straight in without restraint causing Marion to grunt from the force once he was in he began furiously pummeling her pussy with out mercy, Marion felt his knot slip inside her abused opening and knew that he was locked in her now till he was finished with her. The hound pounded away at her with Marion howling like a bitch on heat as he satisfied her craving for cock, the hound started to be come more frenzied with his humping Marion knew it would not be long before coated her pussy walls and womb with his sticky seed she squeezed down on his scum covered tool with the walls of her vagina massaging the cum through his knot till it exploded into her like fire hose gushing into her slit till it overflowed and ran out from her ravaged pussy and down her thighs. She lay there face down in her mattress. Waiting for the hounds knot to slip from her pussy after 5 minutes it eventually came free and the fluids of there coupling ran freely from her stretched gash pooling on the linens beneath her.  

Marion tidied herself up and called her hand maidens to attend her and assist her to bathe.Soaking in the warm water she relaxed and enjoyed the sensation of the hot steamy water on her sex ravaged body. Once she had suitably bathed she headed to the kitchens to see the cooks about a late breakfast. On the way she decided she would take a ride out to the forest today and see if she could catch glimpse of the famed outlaw that everyone was  talking about. When she reached the kitchens she found the cooks pulling freshly baked sweetrolls from the oven, and was given one on request.

  To Be Continued

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2013-01-11 16:50:16
If this story were to be developed better and the punctuation and sentence structure were fixed ie. Run-on sentences it could be an interesting read. The way it is now makes it more of a chore to get through than for the stroke factor it ends up providing. Give it another try.

anonymous readerReport

2013-01-10 09:05:53
so why can't my dog remove him self from my gf after hs has knotted her then?

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2013-01-10 02:04:01
you should back up, show the history of how he started fucking his daughter and how she started fucking dogs


2013-01-09 19:18:06
thanks mate i appreciate the support

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2013-01-09 19:13:41
Well, it is very amusing story if nothng else. Very well wrote which maks it readable can't wait for part 2!!!

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