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This happened. It’s up to you if you believe me, I don’t really care. I want to write it down though. While I don’t think I will ever forget this for the rest of my life, I want to remember the smaller details while they’re still fresh in my mind. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head ever since it happened. A large amount of it is about me, a 17 year old male with nothing but my dick and my messed up thoughts. So no homo. You’ll get a better idea of what actually happened and how amazing this was for me if you read it all.
Two weeks after finishing school for the day I decided to visit my auntie and cousin with whom I haven’t seen in quite some time. I've always been really close to both of them, and they're more like a second mother and sister to me. My auntie is a single mom. The dickhead dad ditched her and his daughter around 4 years ago. He moved 200 miles away and started a new family with some other woman. He sends money and Birthday cards though, so that’s OK.

Both myself and my cousin are only children with no siblings, so the two of us have been especially close to each other growing up. She's a little bit older than me, 18 years old, in her first year of University. I’ve always thought she was pretty. The fact that she is related to me has always compelled me to limit my perception of her as merely “pretty”. You can judge for yourself from the New Years Eve photo. Not sure why the Christmas tree is still up though.

My cousin Emily was on her Christmas break from University for a few weeks. So I got there and there was no one home. I’ve had a key for years since it’s my 2nd home, so I decided I’d go in any to get some food. I went and made myself a sandwich and coffee and watched some TV. I wandered into my Emily’s bedroom, curious to see any University work she had brought home just to see how difficult it was.
I spent a few minutes looking at some of her books, and photos, I dunno, just snooping around...bored. I don't why, but I to opened up the top drawer on the dresser. I saw all her panties, bras, socks, and tampons. I questioned why I was looking through her drawer and was about to stop, but just before I did I caught something shiny out of the corner of my eye. It was one of those small "bullet” vibrators. I picked it up and turned it on, and it started vibrating quite softly. An image immediately crept into my mind of her lying on the bed, naked, with the vibrator on her privates while she moaned softly. I looked around further, and found a dildo with some sort of weird attachment which I suppose was meant for the clitoris. There were also several condoms in the drawer, including a few empty packets that had obviously been opened.
That was the first time I had any sexual thought about her. Yeah, I know she’s hot, but we’re cousins. You don’t really think about that sort of thing unless something triggers it. There was only two occasions I can remember in my life that might be considered sexual between the two of us. One time when I was about 6 years old, during a time when I was obsessed with Wrestling, I found a porno mag which must have been her dads. This was my first exposure to sex and it confused the hell out of me. Why are the man and woman naked and holding each other? Why do they look so happy? All I can remember afterwards was that myself and Emily were playing as we always did upstairs in her room when my mom was visiting my aunty. We were both naked. We were both copying positions that were in the porno mag. Out of fucking nowhere my mom opened up the door on, looked angry, split us up and we went home. Nothing else was said and never has been. I’m not trying to say I was having sex with my cousin at 6 years old, we were just sort of rolling around and play fighting. We had no idea what the fuck we were doing. 10 minute beforehand she was watching saved by the bell on TV and I was playing Pokemon Red on my Gameboy(blue is for faggots son)
The second incident, to cut a long story short, was my proper introduction to sex. Emily’s dad had bought a new PC and an internet connection. This was the only computer in the house, and no one was allowed to touch it. Absolutely no one. Apart from her dad. So she’d always be over at my house using my family PC to go on Myspace or Kazaa. She was around 13 years old, and one day when we were alone she showed me a hardcore porn video.* Dick. Vagina. Semen. She said that I was supposed to watch it and pull on my penis and it would feel good.
“That’s what some of the boys in my year said they do”
And that was that. My Sex ED lesso. So it began. I guess this was the exact moment I became a teenager. Like before, this was never brought up again. But within one week of Emily showing me that video and saying the words “Pull” and “Penis”, my family PC was littered with “DIRTY-TEEN-FUCKEDHARD-18YEAR-ANAL.exe” and thousands of its variants. Gone were the days of looking curiously at the lingerie section in my mom’s clothing catalogue and questioning the meaning of life. Welcome to the internet. Enjoy. I’ve been jacking it almost every single day since then like the filthy animal I am.
I've never heard her talk about boyfriends or anything like that. She teases me about girls and deliberately makes me embarrassed when she asks me if I’m a virgin. I’ve always thought of her as a sweet and innocent girl. It’s not like she dresses slutty or even talks about guys she thinks are hot. No posters of Justin Timberlake and Enrique Iglesias on her wall If you get what I mean. But It would be quite naïve to think a girl as hot as her doesn’t get any sexual attention from other guys. And the condoms in her drawer pretty much confirmed that. Behind all the innocence, girls can be just as naughty as guys.
Anyway, I kept looking. There were bikinis, briefs, french knickers, shorts, thongs, g-strings, suspenders, tights, stockings. Everything from plain white cotton to dark red satin and see through black mesh. All styles and colors and materials. Hard to picture her wearing any of this stuff. After a quick scan I picked up one of the thongs and without even thinking of what I was doing, my motions on cruise control, put the part where the vagina sits up to my nose. I inhaled deeply.

It was absolute heaven.

These weren't dirty panties, but I could still smell the scent of her vagina. I didn’t even know what a fucking vagina smelled like, I had yet to so much as finger a girl. But it was a smell so distinct it had to be it. And mixed with that "fresh out of the washing machine" smell, it was just beautiful.
Standing there in the middle of the room with my head back and a pair of panties on my face, I suddenly realized the fucking window in her room looked out to the entire street with the curtains wide open in broad daylight. I was almost about to snap out of it, to stop being such a fucking weird perv, and just go home and distract myself from all of this with my crack-like addiction to Starcraft and 4chan (shoutout to mah niggaz MVP, Zyzz, and based adam farrignton)
I felt a twitch in my trousers. I felt aroused. Very aroused. Then I felt like any moment now my Auntie or Cousin would walk past the window and see me standing there with the panty drawer wide open and with absolutely no explanation to offer. So I went into panic mode. I picked up 4 pairs of underwear. Rationally thinking that 4 missing would be too suspicious, I put one back. Irrationally thinking with my dick, I picked it back up.
Regular cotton white briefs with a black playboy logo on the front. Some sort of tutu/micro skirt black underwear with frilly pink bits that stick out. Then I don’t know what they’re called, but like a tiny version of mens boxer shorts that were yellow and with a sort of see- through mesh material. And finally, a dark red and black satin/ silk thong. Really smooth.

So I crammed them all into my jacket pocket. Left the house, and started walking. It was a good 15 minute walk to the bus stop, which involved me having to go the shop to pick up some things, so my arousal level slowly faded until I had forgotten everything about the last 15 minutes.

I was sitting at the back of the bus where the only other person was a middle aged woman and her daughter at the other side. I had my music playing, half reading the newspaper. In the back of my mind was trying to ignore the fact that I had just stolen 4 panties from my cousin, for no apparent reason. I stared out of the window and contemplated for a good minute how fucking weird this was. One part of my conscience telling me I should be so fucking ashamed of myself, the next It’s “normal” to do this and not that bad really. Whatever it is, when I put my hand in my pocket and felt the materials of each of the panties, I didn’t give a shit about what I was doing. I imagined how I would feel if I found out some girl had stolen my boxer shorts so she could rub them on her pussy. That would be fucking awesome. Then I remembered the really weird part about the situation. That the panties didn’t belong to just any girl, but my cousin. So then I pictured Emily masturbating with them instead, and well…that didn’t really change my mind.
I was sat right next to where the bus engine is, and anyone in Britain knows how much vibration there is at the back of the buses. Felt like a faggot getting turned on by erections, but it felt good. Those slight vibrations in my penis. I was just sitting there staring out the window, quietly content with the semi in my pants and the silky texture of the panties in my hand. I was telling myself to be patient, because I knew my mom wasn’t home and in about 15 minutes I’d be jacking it like a motherfucker.
The patience ended after about a minute. Packed bus. Woman and child sitting a few feet away. Couldn’t give a fuck. I just couldn’t help myself. Delving into that fucked up weird sexual state of mind every guy knows, I decided to up the ante. I slowly pulled out the pink satin panties that were in my jacket pocket, and slid them down my trousers. I was looking sort of to the right a little bit, so I could see the woman and child out of the corner of my eye just to make sure they weren't looking
(No homo for the next part. Seriously, the girl will come, chill out. I’m just enjoying remembering every detail of this as I type)
I hadn't masturbated in over a week, and as soon as I put that soft material touched on my penis…rock hard. All 7 inches of my virgin dick. Thick, solid, tight. I felt it grow an extra half inch that I previously didn't know was there. Every capillary felt like an artery. Testosterone and every chemical aphrodisiac hormone there is were flowing through my body. My dick was pulsating. For the guys reading this, you can identify with this state of dickdom. There are different tiers of erections, sometimes you can masturbate while semi hard and it’s not so great. Sometimes when you think you’re fully hard you look at your dick and notice it’s slightly smaller than what you’ve seen before, and you can feel a slight limpness in it. On those rare occasions, you know your dick is a fucking Redwood tree. You just know it.
And that silky sensation of the panties brushing over the head of my penis was a hippie treehugger nourishing and taking care of my 100 foot wood. I began to become less aware that I was in a public place, and my alertness faded as the sensations and fantasies took over. Very slowly, as if I was I tugged the strap of the panties, moving my foreskin up and down. I’d grap it hard and let go. I’d pull my foreskin all the way down and hold It there, then massage the exposed head with the saddle of the thong. Imagining my cousins warm juices that were previously once there mixing with my precum, which by now was literally flowing down the entirety of my penis. A weeks’ worth of semen is demanding to be released, but I’m just enjoying this as much as I want right now. I was sitting there, not giving a fuck. Hand in pants, rock hard cock, the bulge In my pants visibly moving up and down. Eyes staring out the window at nothing. Jaw open like a complete and utter retard. I don’t even have any idea if anyone had saw me. If they looked in my general direction for even one second they would have clocked it. Some 17 year old virgin loser jacking off in the back of a public bus in the middle of the day. Fuck it. So I continued. In a total trance. Then I realised I had missed my stop. 5 fucking minutes ago.

I snapped out of it, looked around and the woman and child were long gone. They fucking saw me I knew it. Fuck it I need to get home and spew this fucking load.

Next stop. Ring the bell. “Thanks.” Out the bus. Hands in packets, feeling those panties around my fingers as walked as fast as I could back home trying to keep an erection.

I got back home, my dick hard as ever. No one’s was home so it was straight to work.

Laptop positioned, lube in place, trousers down to my knees.
I felt like some Sunny Lane. I’ve always had a thing for her.

To keep this sort, what followed was an hour of ecstasy. An hour of hanging delicately, but with a state of the art harness, on the edge of orgasm. Sometimes you can control it. Sometimes you get within an inch of It and your body just takes over you. My dick was in a different state that day. An hour of watching porn and an hour of jacking off my rock hard dick in which I was almost constantly on the edge of orgasm. Throughout my fap, I did all sorts of weird shit with those panties. I couldn’t help it. Half way through I…..I put the lace ones on.
Possibly the lowest I’ve ever sanked so far, and it’s hard to admit. But yeah, I was sat there jacking off while wearing a pair of my cousins panties. Weird I know, but fuck it felt good.

I decided I had had my fun for the day and time to go for the money shot. Fuck it, not even going to cum in my hand or a sock or tissue or anything. All my clothes are off. I’m aiming for the ceiling if I can. Sunny Lane is getting railed and she’s loving it. Taking it like a champ. She turns around and some dude is about to ejaculate into her mouth. I decide to cum as well, and I increase my intensity.

Just at that point.

I hear the back door open

“Anon, are you home?” my mom said

There were other voices there with her

They were my Auntie and my cousin Emily.

Most guys know the deal here. Being caught masturbating is not a nice experience. Those few seconds you have between being caught with your dick out or sitting there chilling on the computer are precious. Girls don’t know shit about multi-tasking.
Picture the situation. I have Sunny Lane on my laptop about to receive a gallon of cum down her throat with the fucking guy who won’t stop moaning with the volume very loud. I’m sitting in the living room completely naked except for a family members panties wrapped around my crotch. I have dick that is screaming to cum everywhere and to top it all of I have lubricant on the table, a pair of panties in my hand, and another of which I have no fucking idea of their whearabouts.
I made a decent effort though. It was almost perfect. Emily was the first one to see me. I caught her eye as soon as she appeared in the doorway, while my waistband was simultaneously being snapped back into place over her thong I was wearing and the laptop lid being smashed closed. She had witnessed the final few milliseconds of the aftermath of what had been a weirdo sexual adventure that lasted a good 3 hours, starring my fucked up self and the her panties.
It hadn’t clicked immediately, but it was the very first moment of eye contact with her that gave it away for me. Some of these things you just know, an unexplainable sixth sense. Or just a tiny giveaway in visual communication.

Despite this, I hadn’t seen her in like 4 months. She walked towards me with her arms wide open and a huge smile on her face. Too afraid to get up and reveal my erection, I remained seated as she leaned over to hug me. I snapped back to reality. She was my beautiful cousin. Like a big sister. I missed her.
My mom and auntie came shuffling in yammering about something uninteresting. The three of them had been shopping in the post-Christmas sales and had bought a shit load of clothes
I was so fucking paranoid. I was still transitioning from sexual beast mode to my normal self. Emily was asking me how I was getting on, telling me she missed me, telling me about the University, her classes, how much fun she’s having... I was finding it hard to pay attention, more worried about the missing panties that were somewhere in this room. I know I had a pair stuffed in my pocket. And a silky red thong riding my asscrack and holding in place my limp dick. The other two were a fucking mystery. Emily kept trying to talk with me. More chit chat. What Universities I applied to. Telling me I should go to the same as her. Telling me about the apparently crazy parties that happen. Wasn’t paying any attention. Face was still red, tiny beads of sweat crawling down the sides of my face.
Emily is staring right into my eyes having a one way conversation. I’m looking at the ground mumbling incoherent responses. I hear something coming from my mom and aunty, who have been engrossed in conversation with each other and arguing somewhat. I picked out the words “use” “anon” “ebay” “laptop”, and aftwerwards “anon im just going to order something off ebay”.

My Auntie reaches over to grab my laptop. As soon as she opens that fucking lid she, my mom, and Emily are going to be greeted with a full screen image of the beautiful Sunny Lane. All glazed up with fresh cum and with a huge veiny cock resting on her tongue.

I snatch at the laptop at yank it away from her in with one hand in one lightning quick motion.

“hold on a second I need to check some of my music downloads” I mumble.

Emily lets out a faint giggle. I glance at her and she’s covering her mouth looking at the ground, trying to stop herself from bursting into laughter. My mom asks her what’s so funny and she just says she’s remembering something funny that happened earlier.

Well there it fucking goes. I might as well have whipped out my dick and finished the job in front of my whole family. The jig is up.
While this was extremely embarrassing, out of the three of them I’m glad it was Emily who had caught me in the act. No doubt my mom and auntie would have made a huge scene. And I can imagine your own mother catching you in the act must be the worst feeling in the world. It had to happen sooner or later. Multiple times a day, every day since the the time Emily showed me that video of the cheerleader on her knees getting demolished by the big black dude. * (google “Vivian valentine cheerleader locker room” if you’re curious)
My cousin is a very chilled out girl. She makes light of everything, and has never seemed to have either a care in the world or be bothered by anything negative in her life. I knew she knew. And she probably knew I knew that she knew. But she was nice enough to not make a big deal out of it. I’m just jacking off after all. Right?

A few hours go by. I eventually relax and catch up with my cousin. We talk about everything, with most of it being about her first semester at University. When my mom and auntie leave the room to make some coffee, me and Emily were left alone. I was expecting her to mention something, but instead she just continuous as normal. Yapping about whatever. She had matured so much since the last time I saw her. A different person, like she had gone from a teenage girl to a woman in the space of a year. I suppose it feels that way for any high school kid who meets a University student. Something about her did seem slightly different though. Whereas before I was somewhat of an equal while growing up with her, now she was like a big sister teaching her little bro about life at university. I had noticed how much more revealing her clothes were as well. I’ve never seen her dress like this before, but she was wearing some sort of leather type pants and a white vest and jacket. Her legs and ass in those pants, everything was skin tight, her curve in her lower half revealed. I could see her goddamn camel toe whenever she stood up. I knew she was hot, or to be appropriate since she’s my cousin, I always thought she was a pretty girl. Now though, seeing her like this…
She’s fucking smoking.

Eventually, my mom drives them home. They live only 10 minutes away, so before they leave I’m already planning my ninja wank. I tell Emily I’ll see her before she goes back to University, say bye to my auntie and give my mom some money for some food, trying to delay her as much as possible. Emily is the last to leave the room. I’m sitting on the sofa watching her walk out. With the laptop sitting in front of me on the table. Just before she walks through the doorway, she turns around, looks me in the eye, and says “Have fun anon”, giggling as she walks away with a huge smile across her face. I’m sitting there and I don’t know how the fuck to respond.
Sure enough, as soon as I hear the car driving away, I’m pulling my dick out of the red satin panties I’m stiill wearing and I’m going to town. I don’t need any porn. I’m rock solid within seconds with my eyes closed picturing that tight little ass moulded in those leather pants she was wearing. That tiny waist those perfectly shaped perky tits. Jacked off to my cousin. Finished within a minute. Exploded everywhere.
I cleaned up, found the missing panties which were stuffed down the gaps in the sofa, and tried to come to terms with the shame I brought upon myself that day.

For the rest of the day, I was just alone in the house with my mom, doing a bit of studying, wasting away time on the internet. The house phone rang at 8pm and my mom answered it. It was Emily.
She asked my mom if she had left any underwear there, I could hear her on the phone too. Telling my mom she thinks some of her panties she bought from the store had fell out of the her bag.
“Can you ask anon if he has seen them please?”
“Have you seen any underwear lying around anon?” my mom asks.
Emily then gives a deion of what they look like, and specifically asks my mom to pass this information on to me in case I find them. The yellow shorts/hot pants. The white briefs with the playboy logo. The black mini skirt. All described in perfect detail.
“Yeah ask anon if he has seen any of those.”

My heart is fucking pounding. As if getting caught wasn’t embarrassing enough. She now knows that for whatever reason, 3 of her panties happened to be in my house at the time she caught me. And not only that, two of them stuffed in the sofa that I was sitting on, one of them hanging out my trouser pocket clear as day.
My life is fucking over. I’ll never be able to look her in the face again. Ashamed of myself for the rest of my life. And now she’s just fucking with me.

So for the next week, nothing eventful happens. I’m on my Christmas holidays doing a little bit of night shift work when I can for some extra cash. Mom is working through the day. New years eve comes and goes with nothing special happening. I’m not so big into parties, and I just end up spending new years eve with a couple of friends and family. Emily had arranged weeks in advance to spend New Years Eve with one of her University friends and her family who live across the country.

Two days later. It’s Thursday morning. Four days ago at the time I’m writing this.

Emily hadn’t spoken to me yet about anything, and I’ve deliberately tried to avoid her. I honestly just don’t think I’d be able to handle the embarrassment. She might not have come out and say it, but I knew she knew I had been jacking it with her panties.
I wake up around 10am to the sound of my phone vibrating. My mom has already left for work a few hours ago. I pick up my phone to read the text..
Emily – “Hey anon need to use your printer for some coursework, be down in 20 minutes xxx”

Nothing I can really do, so I prepare myself for inevitable awkwardness and beta behaviour. And I’m guessing she’ll end up staying for a while and want to spend some time with me before she leaves for University. Because coming in, printing a few things off and leaving straight away without saying anything isn’t in her nature. She could meet a stranger and be best friends with them by the end of a day. She’s an incredibly friendly girl with no malice in her whatsoever. Everyone gets along with her. Not even the most jealous girls would dislike her.
Me on the other hand, I’ve just turned 17 years old and I’ve ever been with a girl. The most I’ve ever done is make out with some girl in school when I was 14. It wasn’t exactly asking my friend to ask her friend to ask her if she would isn’t exactly the smoothest move. I have few friends as well. To be honest, I’m just shy. I live in a remote town of less than 10,000 people.
I stayed in my bed, analysing the situation. Running it through my head, everything that happened over the holidays. I’m still ashamed and extremely embarrassed. Wearing my cousins panties. Masturbating in them while thinking about her. How fucked up can you get. I had to throw them away as soon as I could that day.
And there I was, waiting for her to arrive. Absolutely petrified. It will be ok. She won’t even bring it up because she knows how embarrassing it was for me. I masturbated with my cousins panties and she knows about it. The thought never goes away. I get changed and go and wait in the living room for her to arrive

I hear her open the front door and she calls me name
“Yeah I’m here” I respond.

She walks into the room casually and says hello and asks me what I’m up to.
While I’m talking to her, she talks off her winter coat and hangs it up. I don’t know what the fuck she’s trying to do, but she’s wearing a tiny skirt that must have been around 10 inches long and a fucking tied up t-shirt showing off her stomach. She is so goddamn sexy.
I can’t even look her in the eye I’m so nervous and embarrassed
She says she’s making coffee and asks if I want one. When she comes back she sits down next to me on the sofa. What the fuck is she doing? I thought she needed to use the printer?
General bullshit chat continues. The fact that she’s dressed like a stripper doesn’t is never mentioned. She’s just her normal old self. But the way she’s dressing is so out of character. I consider asking her why she’s dressed like that, but I pussy out. She tells me about her New years. Asks about mine. Asks me if I hooked up with anyone. Yeah. We spend 10 minutes talking, although much like before, it was more of a one way exchange with me mumbling back short answers. I wanted her out. I love her as a cousin but I can’t handle the embarrassment and tension. She’s acting as if nothing happened but to me it was really fucked up and shameful.

I ask her if she still needs to use the printer, Trying to rush her out.
After I tell her where it is, a few minutes later she calls me through, unable to get it working.
So I get up and go in the other room. I fiddle with the printer and then sit in the chair and ask her what the problem is. She shows me what she needs printing off while leaning over my shoulder. The smell of her perfume is overwhelming.
She stands up, and then out of nowhere I hear a spark. I turn around and she’s lighting up a fucking joint. What the fuck?
I was pretty fucking shocked. She’s never so much as talked about any drugs. She isn’t even a regular drinker.
She’s acting casually, as if she’s been smoking weed her entire life and explains that everyone in her University dorm does it. She really has become a completely different person. Not necessarily in a bad way, but seeing her smoke weed is really weird. She asks if I’ve ever tried it and after saying no she puts it in my mouth without even asking if I want to and tells me how to inhale it. I honestly didn’t really feel any different. Probably didn’t inhale properly. But she is completely baked. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen her like this, and I don’t know how to react. She tells me to put some music on and I then remind her that she wanted to print something off.
So I ask her what she wants done. She moves around the chair and sits on my knee, explaining that she can’t see the screen.

Her coursework is printed off. It was only 3 pages. And it just lies in the printer next to the computer. She stays sat on my knee and asks me to check her Facebook.
So now I’m sitting here with Emily on my lap, my arms around her waist controller the keyboard and mouse, and she’s telling me where to go. She continues smoking the joint and hands it to me every so often. I have no idea what I’m doing or if I’m even inhaling properly, but I don’t want to seem like a pussy. I’ve started to warm to her being her, and my embarrassment over the situation a few days ago has gone. We’re both kind of chilled out and just having fun together at this point. Listening to music, watching youtube videos, browsing facebook. She shows me various pictures of her at University and tells me all about it. We’re chatting away and having a good time. This is what it had always been like. We were always close friends. I realised there’s no point in being embarrassed about what happened, and to just get over it.
At this point, what I think are the effects of the weed start happening. It’s not very intense, but I do feel a warm glow in my body. A light tingling. I notice I have a huge dumbass smile for no reason. Emily continues talking about the people she’s met at University. She’s still sitting on lap, just down next to my knee.
Then things start turning a little strange.
She starts talking about the boys she’s met at University. She turns around and looks me in the eyes, and she’s completely stoned.
“Are you still a virgin?”
“You can tell me the truth you don’t have to be embarrassed”
I fucking hate this. She’s done it before and she’s doing it again. She’s giggling while saying it as if it’s cute that I haven’t been with a girl. It’s embarrassing and I still haven’t admitted I am. So I try to dodge the question by saying dumb shit like “I don’t kiss and tell”. She knew I was lying and after pressuring me she got me to admit it.
“Jeez it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, stop worrying.”
We continue chatting about random stuff. And after a while we end up reminiscing about the fun times we had together.
She brings up the time we both got caught “wrestling”. She can’t stop laughing about it and I’m playing along pretending it’s funny when all I can think about is the enormous erection that has now filled my shorts. If she ever looks down she’d see the outline of it stretching all the way down the other leg from the one she’s sitting on.
We continue laughing about old times and at one point she shuffles her body, raising her left leg over my right so that rather than sitting on my leg she’s now straddling it. Her skirt is splayed over my leg as she continues talking, I can feel her underwear on my bare leg
She is soaking wet.

I’m getting extremely nervous at this point and I have no idea what to do. We’re both high as a kite. My dick has been rock hard for 10 minutes now and now I can feel her pussy on my thigh.
Suddenly, she brings up the event that happened a few days ago.
I knew it was coming.
“The other day, when I walked in on you. Were you jacking off with my panties?”
I froze. Complete silence. The only thing that filled the air was the sound of the computer fan and both of us breathing.
I didn’t know how to respond, so I just came clean.
“Yeah…” I said sheepishly.
Another five seconds of silence passed, then she replied with “That’s hot”, while she simultaneously began grinding her pussy on my leg very slowly.
I was speechless. I have never been in a situation like this before. For the next minute or so, I was pretending to be clicking on websites with the mouse, oblivious to the juices seeping through her panties and down my leg as she continued moved back and forth. Back and forth, never gaining speed, just going slow. We didn’t speak. All that I heard was very faint moaning. I could tell she wasn’t trying to make it obvious, I think we both knew what was happening but were too afraid to admit it and go all out. We are first cousins after all. It’s fucking weird. But she sure as hell was enjoying herself. We were both facing forward and I leaned forward to look at her face. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip. She was the one taking charge and I just let her. This was my first sexual experience with a girl and I didn’t know what to do. I reached down my pants and grabbed my dick, moving it up to lie on my belly. I started stroking it slowly over my shorts, while still clicking away on random things that I wasn’t paying attention to, trying to act cool about the situationill.
She continued lightly moaning, making it slightly more obvious every time.
She asked in a me stuttered mumble, “Why did you jack off with my panties, that’s…uhhh, kinda weird”.
All I could say was that, “They looked nice and feel really good on my dick.”
At that point she stood up and in one slow and smooth motion without hesitation turned around and faced me. I leaned back in my chair, I had never been so fucking excited in my entire life. Adrenaline was pumping like a motherfucker. She was looking me in the eyes as both her legs hanged over mine, her skirt covering her panties. She lifted it up and reveal her crotch.
“What do you think of these ones?” She asked.
At this point she’s staring deep into my eyes. My eyes are darting all over the place. I can’t look her in the eyes even though I know she wants me to. It’s just too intense. I look at her underwear an just mumble “”
Her plain jane white cotton panties are two different shades. She is absolutely gushing.
She moves her body forward and rests her pussy on the obvious bulge in my shorts. She begins grinding up and down. Slowly to start with. My hands are behind the chair, but she grabs both and moves them around to her ass, making me grip her ass cheeks tight. She’s still looking at me in my eyes, every time I tried to look back I can only last a few seconds. She stops for a second and stands up.
She pulls my shorts and underwear down, and my dick springs right out. It is rock hard. Absolutely fucking rock hard. It’s actually a tiny bit painful, as if there is too much blood in my dick, but when she sits back down she’s resting her panties right on my dick. She starts moving up and down faster and faster, moaning louder each time. Her hands are on my shoulders and she’s really working it. All the precum from my dick creams her panties, and by now they are so wet that they are almost see through. She’s grinding really hard and I can see the outline of her pussy lips underneath her panties. They’re wrapped right around my dick, with her clit riding the shaft up and down. By this point she’s not moaning but giving out short exasperated gasps. She leans forward and throws her arms around me, her pussy is not moving up and down on my dick like a jackhammer. I can feel her thighs vibrated as she lets out a huge moan.
I’m pretty sure she had just come. Her legs twitched randomly as she slowly came to a rest. She sat upright with a look of complete exhaustion across her face, her hair messy and with sweat on her forehead. Her eyes went moved staring at the ceiling down to meet mine. She was still sitting on my dick. Still twitching. She leaned forward and we both stared deep into each other’s eyes.
She whispered in my ear
“I want you inside me”
I didn’t even respond. I didn’t know what to say. Was I really about to lose my virginity right now?
She sat upright once again, pulled her panties to one side. Her pussy was amazing. It was tiny, with small hole with two tiny pink edges. Her clit was in clear view and glistened with whatever fluid was on it. She grabbed my dick and raised her body.
I wanted to say something, I don’t know what, just something. I blurted out
“But I don’t have any condoms”
All she said was “It’s OK”. I didn’t even know why I said that, because to be honest I couldn’t give a fuck. I was about to put my penis in a vagina.

She took control of my penis and rubbed the tip on her clit. She moved it down, made sure it was positioned correctly, and in one motion she just sank into it. All the way down. I went right inside her as far as I possibly could. I couldn’t believe how tight it actually was. It gripped my cock as much as I did whenever I masturbated. It was just fucking amazing. She went up and down slowly to start with, and it didn’t take long until she was riding me hard.
I don’t think she was getting as much enjoyment out of it as I was. She had already came, but she fucked me hard, and gazed into my eyeballs. A minute after it began, I was ready to blow. I said to her “I’m gonna cum”.
Without taking my eyes off me the entire time, she just whispered “Go ahead…”
And then it happened. I squirted out cum about 7 times. It started spilling out of her pussy and on to my stomach immediately. We kept looking into each other’s eyes, and she slowly began to ease the pace. And our heaving panting slowly began to die down.
While still inside her she leaned forward and embraced me. At the point, she whispered inn my ears.
“I’ve wanted this for so long”
She immediately felt embarrassed after saying this, and then she climbed off me. Cum started dripping out of her pussy as she got up off my still erect cock. She didn’t even clean herself up, just moved her panties back over her pussy and that was it.
She told me what would happen. She told me it was a one off thing and the weed she smoked just made her lose control. Apparently, this was probably some bad weed, that had been sprayed with “crystal meth” and that was the reason she had lost control.
I’m not an idiot. Even I knew she was bullshitting and making excuses. She told me not to ever tell anyone or she’d never talk to me again. After we had both regained our composure and settled down, we realized together how fucked up it was. But I could sense that she didn’t regret it. I know I didn’t. We lay down on the bed talking for a while, and through all the excuses and shame, she still couldn’t help herself and told me she had had the best orgasm of her life. We both looked at each other with wry smiles.
After a while, I noticed what time it was. My mom had finished work already and was on her way home. She wouldn’t have been suspicious about anything if Emily had stayed, but we agreed it was best to save ourselves from the awkwardness. I walked her to the front door and we said our goodbyes. She started walking towards the door to leave, and I just gazed at her firm ass I could see from under that tiny skirt.
She stopped at the door and turned around to look at me for one last time. Then she looked at me and smiled. Walking back towards…she said “Since I might not see you again for a while….and this sort of thing seems to turn you on…” Reaching under he skirt, she pulled down her panties and held them in her hand. She moved closer and shoved them down my trousers, wrapping them around my cock while stroking it and standing on her tip toes to make out with me.
She stopped just as I had got erect again.
“…You can keep those”
She turned around and left. And that was that.
Anyway, she went back to University on the 8th of Jan. 300 miles away. I’m have no idea what will happen in the future, but when we do see each other again it’s certainly going to be interesting. She didn’t get in contact with me since it happened on the 3rd until I woke up this morning and noticed she had sent me a text last night at 3am, the night before she she was leaving.

“Remember Anon, DON’T TELL ANYONE. If you do, we’ll never be able to do it again. xoxox <3”

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