After my walk back to the room my balls felt wonderful, my cock all good surprisingly, like after a great work out, but my asshole, was feeling a bit stretched. I wondered if I was walking funny because it sure felt that way.

The shower was rejuvenating, and I was all dressed. I had my hide-away gun, a sweet little Sig, loaded and strapped on. Now, I had to just finish loading my extra clips for my new Glock and I’d be ready to go.

Tucking my Glock into my shoulder strap, I headed out to the front room to find Marcus, Shelly and Sam ready to go. We headed for the elevator and made our way down to the hotel office.

Marcus directed the girls, “Girls, wait here in the office, we will back up in about 30 minutes, go nowhere, talk with no one if possible, and then I’ll take you shopping, deal”?

They of course were very agreeable and sat perfectly straight in their chairs looking like perfect angels. I couldn’t help but admire their beauty, each wearing cute flowered sun dresses with white bobby socks and white LaCross tennis shoes. “Beautiful”.

Marcus and I were escorted to the Hotel Vault room and Bunker. I thought it odd they called it a bunker but once I got down there it all made sense. As we sat at a large conference table of solid wood that had to weigh several hundred pounds, our escort offered us “cognac, whisky, any other beverage, or perhaps you would like a cigar gentleman”?

Marcus accepted yet I declined as I rose from my seat, hearing the voices of others approaching.

“Easy Robert, it’s safe here”, Marcus smiled at me.

“I just feel better standing”, I answered.

A very short round older Mexican man came in followed by four men carrying large bags, smiling widely, grabbed Marcus and hugged him.

“Hola Mr. Sanchez, it is good to see you," said Marcus, returning the hug.

“Here is all your money Mr. Powell”, Mr. Sanchez gestured, “I hate to see it go as I have cared for it a long time now, but I look forward to helping you again in the future”.

Marcus simply smiled and they chatted a bit before Mr. Sanchez left, the four guards remained. I recognized two of them from the interior security detail in the foyer. Marcus walked over to the liquor cart and poured us two whisky’s handing me one.

“Relax, hard part is over” he said.

I heard footsteps of what sounded to be six or seven people coming down the hall then it reduced to a few. A tall slender man with a thick Arabic accent walked in.

“Mr. Powell, a grand day for business. I am so happy to be of assistance to you as arranged”, while shaking Marcus’s hands.

“The additional business previously discussed from the photos you sent me is agreeable, especially after seeing the merchandise personally upstairs. I will include the four million into your deposit today at receipt of the merchandise”, the new man continued.

“Robert, please be kind and watch over as they do a quick weight count of the funds as I speak with our new banker”, Marcus said smiling as they moved to a side office talking in hushed tones.

Two men rolled in large scales setting the bags onto them and read the weight, concluding they now had possession of three hundred and sixty-seven million dollars.

Marcus and the banker walked out and the security detail all exited with the money, Marcus clapped his hands, “well that’s it, it’s done, let’s go shopping”!

Marcus, Shelly, Sam and I, hopped into a large black Lincoln and Marcus directed the driver to an address. Looking at me he said,

“Now we are off to pick up two armored SUV’s for the rest of our travels here and after that girl’s we’ll go shopping”!

The girls just lit up with glee, Shelly leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“We’re not wearing panties Daddy”.

My mind raced in excitement but my cock just laid there, content and happy.

We took several side streets wandering through the small town pulling up to what looked like an old factory. The driver took us around the back of the building and pulled in through a large garage door of a docking bay. We came to a stop in front of what looked like a shipping office to the warehouse portion of the building. Two black SUV’s were parked in the middle of an expansive dock area. As Marcus and I exited the car, I noticed there was a solid concrete floor and steel cat walk above our heads going around the entire square warehouse room.

Four Mexican men stood at the front of the vehicles dressed all in black very similar to the security detail at the hotel. Marcus walked towards the men speaking in Spanish with very jovial sounding tones I began moving round the vehicle and spotted a third black SUV parked behind a large stack of pallets.

“Excuse me, Marcus, can we have a word”?

“Hold on a minute my friend, it's ok, really, just relax”.

“How many times is he going to ask me to relax?” I wondered.

The back door of the closest vehicle opened and the Arabic banker stepped out, Marcus glanced back at me.

“Come on over Robert, let me introduce you, we are going to be doing a lot of business with this gentleman over the next several years you should get to know him”.

The hair on the back of my neck was standing up as the man smiled and waved at me, something was off. I walked around the front of the car and catching a flash of glass or a reflection from the interior of a dark upper room off of the cat walk, I looked up but too late. I felt two hammering blows hit my chest as if punched by an elephant, I knew this feeling, I had felt this before when I was deployed in Iraq years ago.

Stumbling back I crashed to the floor, my hand already instinctively was in my jacket, I lay still with the handle of my Glock gripped in my fist.

I could hear the girls screaming and as the men were looking up at the cat walk or distracted by the screams I quickly rolled over behind the car, the pain of not being able the breathe taunting my consciousness.

Several gun shots rang out missing me completely. Looking under the car I quickly aimed and shot, destroying two of the black dressed bandit’s shins and knees.

“Two down”…

Yelling, running, and little girls screaming filled the old building.

I got to the back door of the car, placing two shots into the drivers head. I knew I’d seen him before. He was one of the security guards from the hotel at our arrival.

The girls crouching, covering their ears were screaming and crying. I looked at them both.

“Sshhh, I have you and nothing or no one is going to hurt you, be quiet, and do as I say. Stay down and run to that office behind us, go now”!

I stood and took quick aim. I fired three shots into the dark cat walk room, a man fell forward collapsing on the cat walk. Twelve to fifteen shots rang out in succession from behind the SUV’s all hitting the car or going high into the cinder block walls of the office behind me.

You see, most gun battles are nothing like what you see in the movies, most shots are wild, unmeasured, fired in reckless and uncalculated fear. Most gun battles up close, the majority of shots miss, but not all. If I’m lucky I took out the most practiced shot on their squad hidden in the cat walk room.

Silence fell in the building, Marcus’s voice yelled out.

“Robert. Robert, they’ve got me and they’re going to kill me if you don’t come out. Robert”?

“What do they want Marcus”? I yelled.

I knew what they wanted. It wasn’t the money, they had that, it was my girl’s and my life, but why?

“They want the money and your girls Robert, they want it all. If we give it to them they’ll let us live. You and I can make more money, we still have resources, we’re brothers now”, Marcus answered.

I looked down at my palm, the cut still healing from the ritual, my heart racing, my chest full of pain, I breathed.

A man with a thick Mexican accent yelled, “I blow his fucking head off, kill you, and still get what I fucking want puto. Those little bitches don’t mean shit to you man, they ain’t even your kids. Throw out your gun and we’ll let you live after I fuck you up a little”, he laughed.
My mind slowed, my adrenaline came under my control, the environment captured in my mind’s eye like a still photograph ready for my use.

“How did he know they are not my kids? Why was the banker here? Why are the same three black SUV’s sitting here?” I thought it through, just like any poker game, but I knew the likelihood of the last card.

“Robert please, my kids need me, you need me, Shelly and Sam are lovable but they are not blood like you and I”, Marcus pleaded.

Peering through the window I took a snapshot.

“Ok, just put down your guns, don’t point them at me”, I yelled.

Shelly and Sam’s cries got louder, “No daddy, don’t let them have us, you swore”.

“Sorry babies” I yelled as I tossed my Sig out over the hood of the car and it came clattering to a halt between the car and the SUV’s. I looked at the girls holding my finger to my lips and winked.

I whispered, “When I stand up, when they are distracted, you run out that door and hide”.

“I’m coming out”, I announced.

Standing I raised my left hand to my right shoulder feigning injury, and just as I thought, they were all standing in the open. From left to right, the two guards, the banker, and Marcus with a gun in his hand as I expected.

“Sorry buddy, it's business, step on out, it’ll be clean and fast”, Marcus grimaced.

My left hand jerked outward, the throwing knife purchased from Natashia met its mark sinking into Marcus’s chest, my right hand followed as I put down the two guards each with a shot to the head then drew aim at the banker, his hands came up empty.

“I, I am not armed”, he claimed.

A shadow moved to my right. My arm turned and fired three shots without looking, Mr. Sanchez crashed back into the stacked pallets falling limp to the floor. I walked around the car, gun aimed at the banker's face. Then with a slight shift I pumped four more rounds into the injured guards.

“You can have, you take all the money, please Mr. Robert”, he begged.

The shot blew the back of his head out, splattering grey matter all over the nearest SUV. I dropped the clip out slamming in a fresh full one as I surveyed the room, the cat walk, the corners, and walked to Marcus. He laid still, his eyes blinking, blood escaping the corner of his mouth, I just missed his heart.

“Don’t. Don’t tell my girls or Zachary, please”. Robert pleaded. “Tell them things went bad. Tell them their daddy died in a good way, not in betrayal. Please watch over them, I know you don’t owe me this, but they don’t deserve to be left with no one or nothing, promise me”.

I gripped the blade looking down into his eyes, “fuck you”, twisting the blade over into his heart.

Standing I checked out the SUV’s, the third one had eight big black bags in the back. I opened each discovering they were all full of cash. I climbed in and drove it out of the garage and yelled for my girls. No answer, no movement. I yelled again.

Strawberry blonde hair peeped out over the next building’s roof. I couldn’t help but grin as now two angels waved at me. “So smart, so cute”, I thought as I signaled to them to come back.

I moved with purpose back into the building sliding under each remaining vehicle inside, puncturing the gas tanks several times to get a little fuel out, then cut Marcus’s sleeve off soaking it in fuel. Just then I heard a gasp.

Looking up the girls was standing at the door staring at the carnage.

“Go to that truck”, I pointed, “and get in now”!

I quickly moved the bodies into the vehicles except for Marcus which I hung from a small ceiling winch after slicing his throat and pulling his tongue out through the freshly cut slit, a known under-world signature.

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