Five part series about two very close friends over many years.
This is a work of fiction with MANY true elements to make up a separate story. Emma and Alex are two very real people based on myself and my best friend. If you are that curious about which parts are true and which parts aren't, or maybe you might be curious where we are at right now. Feel free to ask. I will be happy to share those details.
As always, I welcome the feedback. Even if you didn't like it, that's perfectly OK with me. Know that I don't really give a shit. It's simply a love story fantasy about someone who means the entire world to me and I needed to get it out of my system.

I first met Emma when my family and I moved in next door to her family in the early seventies when we were just small kids in grade school. Even though I am a boy and she is a girl, we are the same age and enjoyed doing a lot of the same things together and quickly became inseparable friends. It also helped that our parents got on quite nicely as well. I was the oldest of three kids while Emma was the youngest of four. She was also an identical twin so even though the three of us were great playmates, it was Emma that I was the most close to. I would like to say our families all knew it as well as they never thought much of our spending so much time together. Looking back, I think they were just happy that we became such good friends that always looked out for each other. Such friendships are very hard to find these days.
My earliest memory of Em and her family was shortly after we moved into the house across the street. I had became really sick and when my mom took me to the doctor, I was admitted immediately to the hospital for spinal meningitis which meant I was isolated into my own room instead of the children’s ward with other kids my age. I did have a few visitors which were mainly my mom and dad. Em's mom and dad became friends with mine quicker than Em and I became friends but one day she did some to visit since my parents were there and she brought Emma and Anna with her. At the time, neither of the girls had spoke to me but did watch me a lot with curious interest as they tried in their mind to maybe figure out what exactly was wrong with me.
After I was released from the hospital and got my health back, the doors were now open for the girls and I to start talking and playing with each other after they had asked me questions about my illness that only a kid with no discretion filter can. I didn't mind though. I was just happy to have made a couple of friends finally and being new to the area; they were my first and will eventually be the best and most important friends I would ever have.
Summer time as a kid was always the best. I remember spending countless hours at Emma's house playing in their big above ground swimming pool with her and her twin Anna. If I didn't know any better I would say they were both mermaids in another life as comfortable as they were in the water.
Their skill and grace was amazing as they would in one motion slide out of the water, over the edge of the pool and outside in between the pool and the back fence on occasion. They would only be out for a quick moment before leaping back into the pool just as quick as they did when they jumped out. Of course I took notice after a bit before curiosity got the best of me. When I saw Emma doing it, I was close to where she made her exit and then peered over the edge to see what it was she was doing. To my surprise, I watched as she looked me in the eyes, squatted a little, pulled the crotch of her bathing suit to the side and let loose a stream of pee as if it was the most natural thing there was. I also noticed her smile as our gaze never left each other. We were only seven at the time and that was the first time I had ever seen a girl pee before. It was also the first time I had seen a girls private parts. Good thing I was submerged in water because I was getting rather excited although I wasn't sure why. Perhaps it was because I was seeing something I probably wasn't supposed to be seeing. I was not only intrigued, I also enjoyed it. I might add that Emma didn't seem to mind my watching either.
Later that same afternoon after hours of playing in the pool, Emma's mom came out back to tell us it was time to call it a day. We didn't really want to get out but we did so without a fuss since it was hard to argue when you looked like a prune.
"Hey mama. Can Alex spend the night tonight?"
Her mom was taken briefly off guard but was by no means shocked since she was used to the question.
"Um. Sure. It's ok with me if it is ok with his mom."
We dried off in record time before racing next door to my house to see if it was ok to sleep over at Em’s. Dad was working nights and mom had her hands full with my baby brother and my little sister who was just a toddler so it was no surprise she said yes.
Nearly forty years later, I can still remember what her bedroom looked like. At the time, I had never seen so much pink in one room in all my life. With her being the youngest and also sharing a bedroom with Anna, they were definitely girlie girls. They were both into Barbie and had two full sized beds lined side by side with each other with a bedside stand in the middle to separate the beds.
As kids do during sleep a over, we laid awake in bed for a while talking and laughing before finally drifting off to sleep with Emma and I in her bed and Anna in hers.
That’s the funny thing about thunder and lightning. You never really appreciate its true beauty until you are an adult and better understand it but as a child, they can be quite terrifying. As hot as it was that day, we had a storm roll through sometime during the early morning hours. The thunder clapped loud and heavy and flashes of lightning bathed the room while the rain poured outside in a loud peaceful rhythm. At seven, I was a bit terrified myself but I laid in still silence and braved it with eyes open.
It must have woken Emma up as well as she moved in as close to me as she possibly could. Huddled close to my right side, her right arm was draped across my chest holding on for dear life while her face was buried in my neck. I could feel her warm trembling breath on my bare shoulder. After a few minutes, I felt someone else joining us in bed on my left side drawing as close to me as possible too. I quickly realized that it was Anna as they both were looking to me for the comfort that they both desperately needed during this storm. Both girls were trembling badly as I put my arms around the two prettiest girls I knew.
With the girls staying close
and the storm eventually subsiding, the trembling ceased and their breathing became more calm as they slowly started to drift off back to sleep. Emma still had her arm draped over me but I was still awake enough to feel that she was slowly moving her hand down my torso until her small hand was cupping my genitals through my underwear. She had never done that before so she took me by surprise yet again. All I knew is that it felt pretty good. Little did I know that it was also the start of our childhood exploration and curiosity of the opposite sex.
It was no surprise when my penis began to harden in her hand. I was a little nervous because I wasn't sure how she would react as this was new to both of us. My mind began to settle though when she never took her hand away but rather slid her hand into the front waist band of my briefs and took a curious hold of my shaft. Silently she explored its length, softness and texture as if she were a blind person reading Braille.
What she was doing felt incredibly good the longer she did it and I found myself caressing her night gown covered back until I was eventually caressing her butt. I remember thinking that if she could be bold then so can I. I found the hem of her gown and started to raise it up and was met with nothing but skin where I thought panties would be. She wasn't wearing panties under her nightgown! Instead of chasing my hand away, she once again encouraged me to continue by lifting her right leg slightly and draping it over my own allowing my exploring hand to caress between her legs. Now we were both feeling our way in the dark and even though we couldn't see anything, we were certainly more curious now about the things we were feeling on each other than we were before we started. I could feel the heat radiating from her private parts onto my thigh while my middle finger caressed between her moist fleshy lips. I was too young to understand why I had a sack and a hose that got hard and grew on occasion while Em just had fleshy lips nor why she got wet instead of hard. It was still a mystery to me but I was certainly enjoying touching her there just as much as she was exploring me. I also noticed that when I touched her in certain places, her breathing would get heavier, her grip on my penis would get tighter and she would rub into my leg before giving a slight stiff body shudder. I had a similar sensation and I felt myself wondering if she had felt the exact same thing I felt. I wasn't sure if I peed on my best friend though. It felt kind of like I did but there was no mention from her to confirm but it wasn't long before we both drifted into dreamland with Em and Anna still both cuddled tightly to me.
The next morning I woke to sunlight shining through Em’s room which was a big change from the weather we had experienced last night. For some reason, I felt like I had the best sleep I had had in quite a while. Anna was nowhere to be found but Em was awake and standing at her dresser as if trying to decide what to wear that day. When she saw I was finally awake, she gave a big smile and then ran back onto her bed to give me several kisses on my cheeks while her arms wrapped tightly around my neck.

“What’s all that for?” I asked

“Just showing you how happy I am that you were here last night.”

With her last kiss, she pulled away until our faces were just inches apart.

“That was a scary storm we had huh?”

It was. At first. But it did get a lot easier to handle. You ok? I asked out of concern"

“Couldn't be better. So, whatcha want to do today? It's just the two of us today if you want to hang out and play. Anna will be at her friends house most of the day today.”

“Let's go to Paradise.” I said

Paradise was a little place that Em and I created that was all our own. It was more or less a roomy walled fort that we created in the woods out back of my house a ways. To everyone else it was just a kid’s fort but to Em and I it was paradise, a place where we would spend much of our childhood just being kids.

I was hoping you would say that said Em with the smile I have grown to love a long time ago. It may be a smile but it was certainly a smile that would let you know she was up to something if you were smart enough to recognize it... And I was.

I got up and we both dressed and had some cereal for breakfast before racing next door to my house to check in with mom and let her know where we were going to be. If you grew up in the seventies you know that you could be gone from sunup to sundown and most of the time mom didn't worry because there was no reason to for the most part. That was the beauty of it. Now days you can't let your children out of your sight for any reason.
Em and I made a beeline out the back door, through the yard and over the fence. Paradise was a few hundred yards past the fence through dense woods. I remember the two of us had worked a whole weekend gathering branches, plywood, and old carpet remnants that we pilfered from a dumpster of a carpet store close to where we both lived. When we were through, paradise was our own little seven foot by seven foot home away from home. It was also very peaceful and serene and nobody ever bothered us because it was private woods on land my mom and dad owned.
Once past the fence, I took her hand in mine like I always did and together we walked to Paradise. Once inside, we sat down on the floor and reclined on some pillows we kept laying about.

“I am glad we are finally here and alone said Em. Although it started out scary, last night ended kinda fun.”

I thought more about what she said when the memory was coming back to me rather quickly. “Yeah. It sure did. I take it you enjoyed yourself?”

“Of course! Didn't you?”

“Yeah, it was pretty cool. Different, but pretty cool. I am still a little confused though.”

Her expression was one of understanding rather than confusion. “I know. There are several questions I had but are hard to answer in the dark. Your...thing? It got hard but yet was still really soft when I was holding it last night. What happened? Why did it do that?”

“And your girl parts. They didn't get hard like mine but they got wet and slippery instead...Did you pee?”

She looked shocked at my question. “Of course not silly. It just seems to happen when I am think naughty thoughts or doing something maybe I am not supposed to be doing. All I know is I like the feeling I get when it happens. I get very tingly down there and I have to touch myself somehow.”

“That’s what happens with me. I see or think things I probably shouldn't and it grows a little but also gets hard. It's kind of embarrassing because I don't know why. I just know it feels good.”

“But you shouldn't be embarrassed Alex...I actually thought it was cool. I have never experienced anything like it. One thing I can't figure out though. You get hard and I get wet when we are maybe doing something we aren't supposed to be doing...but if it feels so good, how can it possibly be wrong?”

I don't know about her mom and dad but mine have never felt the need to explain it to me. Maybe they thought I was too young, maybe because I just never asked them but until now it never occurred to me if it was good or bad, if stuff like that was normal or if it even happened to them.

“I have an idea Alex. I am curious and you are curious... How about we take all of our clothes off and see if we can figure it out ourselves. I would like to see what you look like in the light instead of the dark. You can even do the same to me.”

I was all too happy to agree. “Really? Ok.” Any other girl and I would have been a little hesitant perhaps. But Em was no ordinary girl. She was the prettiest girl I knew. We are best friends and we have already shared something between us so I trusted her completely.

We both stood simultaneously like it was the most natural thing in the world. There was no thinking about it. Just a want, need and desire of two curious young kids trying to learn more about each other than they all ready know. We both kicked off our shoes then removed our shirts. As we were only seven, she was just as bare chested as I because she hadn't developed enough for a bra yet but that really wasn't important to me.
Next we took off our shorts. I was the first to remove mine when I was quickly standing before my friend in just my undies. Em removed her shorts and she too was clad only in her panties. We looked at each other. Moment of truth time. Again, we didn't hesitate. We just looked each other in the eyes and did what was natural. I removed my underwear and she removed her panties until we were standing before each other naked as the day we were born. I remember thinking to myself that I didn't know it was possible for Em to be anymore pretty than she all ready was. I was very wrong.
Ems first instinct was to grab a pillow, sit it in front of where I was still standing and having a seat. Eager but gently she took my genitals into her hands, cupping my balls, examining them and squishing them around a little.

“Ahhh. Be careful. They get kinda sensitive.”

She looked up with a little fear in her eyes. “Sorry, sorry. Did I hurt you?”

“Not really,” I assured her. “Can you feel that ball thing in the sack?”

Her hand gingerly feels for it to make sure she knows what I am talking about. Yeah, you mean this? She asks as she gently holds it between three fingers.

“That’s it. It can hurt pretty bad if it is hit hard or squeezed.”

“I will remember that,” she said apologetically. “I will try to make it feel better.”

With that, she took me by surprise and kissed my sack. Her unexpected gesture felt incredible as my penis suddenly came to life. Instantly it grew and hardened in her very small hand. Even Em was suddenly surprised as she could actually see it happen in the daylight rather than feel it happen in the dark.

“Wow! I don't know what you just did Em but I liked it. I think you might be on to something.”

“I'll say. That happened quicker than it did last night.” She thought for a moment then leaned forward and ran her tongue over the same spot.

Wow! An even bigger response. My penis gave a bit of a twitch which didn't go unnoticed by Em. She looked up at me with her smile again before taking it up a notch by lifting my penis up and running her tongue from the bottom base all the way to the bottom of the crown. My body tightened at the sensation as Em figured out that she was on to something interesting. When my body loosened, she went for broke and took the head of my penis into her mouth. Her hand was gently holding my ball sack and my legs were this side of finally giving out. I lasted all of about a minute tops before my body seized like never before.

“That was even more intense than last night Em. I don't know what you did but you certainly did it right.”

Em removed my penis from her lips and then sat back on her heels looking up at me with a smile more proud than I had ever seen her smile.

“Now it is my turn to do you.” I said eagerly.

Em was all ready sitting on the pillows and she just repositioned herself until she was lying on her back. I couldn’t believe that I was finally seeing my friend in all her nakedness. Something I never thought much about until now. I couldn't believe the visual treat I had been missing and how come Dad never told me about this before?

Em’s knees were slightly bent and she spread her legs so I was able to have better access to her charms. It was nice to finally see what my fingers were feeling last night. Her undeveloped little girl lips were bald, smooth and puffy and her scent was intoxicating. My face was just inches from her slit as I took my two thumbs and gently pulled her lips apart. I couldn't believe how wet and pink her insides were. Her girl parts really were like a flower bud opening up to its true beauty. I thought to myself if it felt that good when she put her mouth on me, maybe it would feel just as good for her if I did the same. I bent my head down and kissed her right on her pussy lips. She responded with a quick jerk and a slight giggle.

“Ooooo. That tickles but feels pretty good at the same time.
I am glad she was having the same response as it encouraged me to do more. With my thumbs still holding her open, I ran my tongue up and down her wet opening. I thought she was going to go through the roof of paradise...literally. The taste of her fluid was just as good as her scent and I could get enough of her.
Taking a closer look at her open pussy, I took notice that she had an opening that I also didn't have and I wasn't sure what it was for but out of curiosity, I put the tip of my index finger just inside. That’s when I felt her hands suddenly grip the sides of my head.

”Whatever you are doing, please don't stop it Alex!”

That was all the encouragement I needed to try and get as much of my finger inside as possible. When I hit what seemed like end of the hole, her hand reached down and took a hold of my hand and proceeded to pull me back out then stuff me back in a couple of more times. Seeing her response to what she did, she obviously enjoyed that a lot so I followed suit and started to move my finger in and out of her hole several more times until she started to squirt liquid. I wasn't sure if she was peeing now or what but truth be told it was fascinating to watch as close as I was. Her small body was thrashing about so I had my doubts she was peeing. Normal people don't thrash like that when they pee and besides, it didn't smell like pee.
Her breathing was very heavy by this point and her hands still had a grip on my head. Not to hold me in place but to actually keep me away. I was a bit confused by this because I thought she was enjoying what I was doing. Sensing my confusion, she finally spoke through heavy breath.

“That was unbelievable! I am way to sensitive down there now so you will have to give me a moment Alex.”

She didn't need to say anymore as I moved up until I was side by side with her. Our naked flesh was pressed close to each other and I did the only thing I could think of that just came naturally. I took my friend into my arms and held her closer.

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