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I reached down and helped Matt slide his briefs down. He shifted to kick them to the floor as he looked me deep in the eyes and eased his huge cock into me. "Oh Matt," was all I could say as he worked himself up to a steady pace. After a few hours of Saturday morning fun, Matt went to get dressed as I grabbed a shower. It felt like I had a gallon of Matt's hot cum inside of me. I came downstairs to make breakfast for us when I was greeted by the most amazing smell. Matt was in the kitchen wearing khaki shorts and a red t-shirt. While it was easy to get distracted by the sight of his ass, I was equally impressed by the delicious breakfast he made. I grabbed a slice of crisp bacon and sipped some coffee and said "You really have some impressive skills there boy." "You know about most of them," Matt said with his familiar sexy grin as he came around behind me wrapped his arms around me. This was the kind of intimacy I never got from John.
I knew it was a matter of moments before Matt's hot seed flowed inside of me, but I wanted to really enjoy the moment. It was August already and Matt had to get back to school for football practice. He wasn't moving back into the dorm just yet, but he was busier than ever with his summer job and his side stripping gig. Now, he was going to be busy getting ready for football, which would involve more of his time since he was the new quarterback.

John wasn't being as careful as he used to be. His excuses seemed more obvious than ever and he's now out of town on most weekends. It didn't seem like John wanted to end the marriage. It was more like he didn't want to have to explain another divorce to his friends or his boss. He was vying for a big promotion and wanted to make a good impression. Matt knew he would be busy as the weeks before school started up again grew closer. He had been fucking me every single day for the past few weeks in what seemed to be his way of making it up to me.

I screamed Matt's name as I had yet another orgasm as Matt continued to pump away. He was even more amazing in bed. He seemed more intense and more determined to make each session last as long as possible. It wasn't unusual for the sheets to be drenched with sweat and cum by the time Matt and I finally finished. He was still fucking Mrs. Miller, but to her it was just sex. One day over lunch I asked her if she had feelings for Matt. I was just casually asking and not trying to be jealous. I actually got turned on watching Matt fuck. I just wanted to make sure she wasn't getting feelings for him. So I guess it was borderline jealousy.

She came right out and said she loves her husband and it's just pure sex on the side with Matt. I had that feeling by the way she treated him like a piece of meat whenever I caught them fucking from my usual perch at the top of the staircase. She would smack his ass and yell at him to fuck her like the fuck machine he was. After one of their fucks, I was in the shower with Matt and noticed some deep scratches in his back. He said Mrs. Miller was a total freak. He told me about one time when he was fucking her in her garage and she kept smacking and pinching his ass the whole time. Another time he was fixing her car and she got down on the ground and gave him head while he finished working on her car. Susan actually told me about that one before Matt did.

I snapped back to the here and now as Matt let out a loud moan and yelled "Oh fuck" and declared "I'm fuckin cumming" before blasting his hot cum inside of me. He was completely dripping with sweat as he kept pumping. I heard the sound of his balls smacking and the headboard banging as Matt poured out every drop of cum he could muster. "Holy shit," Matt said with a husky sound in his voice that resonated throughout the room.

Matt got up on his knees and pulled me up with him. We faced each other as Matt instructed me to wrap my legs around him. I grabbed onto Matt's back and starred into his deep blue eyes as he pulled me forward and eased his still hard cock into me. "Getting creative," I said as Matt inched his fat cock into me. "Just enjoy it babe," Matt said with a sexy grin on his face. I felt like I was being impaled. Matt so damn thick and big. It seemed like forever before Matt finished easing his way back inside of me. While resting on his thighs, Matt started to pump his hips. We were holding tightly onto each other as Matt slowly fucked me. Sweat dripped off of our bodies as Matt looking me right in the eyes and leaned forward to give me a kiss that seemed to last forever.

Matt kept up his steady pace and finally erupted inside of me. With his cock still buried inside of me, Matt kissed my neck before slipping his tongue deep down my throat. He slowly pulled his still hard cock out. "I have to get to work this morning and then I have football practice this afternoon. I'm gonna be so fuckin sore," Matt said. "I'm fuckin sore now," I managed to say while catching my breath. "Good," Matt said with a smile as he slowly walked out of the room naked. I glanced up and starred at his amazing ass as I recovered from what had been more than two hours of intense sex.

Later that day, I had lunch with Susan again. She was curious about Matt's abilities, even though she knew perfectly well what the boy was capable of doing in that department. She told me that the hottest sex she ever had with Matt was when he fucked her up against the side wall of the house while her husband was on the patio out back making burgers. She said that he just unzipped his shorts and hiked up her skirt and went to town. She said he ended up pulling out and blowing all over her roses before stuffing his monster cock back in his shorts. He then came with her to the backyard and sat down and had a burger her husband had made when he just fucking her minutes ago. "Matt has balls," Mrs. Miller said. "He sure does," I said as we both laughed. "Any really hot stories," Susan asked me. "Every time with Matt is hot, but there is one time that was especially hot," I said with a smile as I thought back to just last month.

Matt had to go to some awards thing for his college football team. John was out of town again, so I went there to cheer Matt on. After the ceremony, I took Matt out to dinner. Even though it was innocent, it kind of felt like our first real date. We really talked and got to know each other even better. It turns out that me and Matt actually have some stuff in common outside of the bedroom. Afterwards, we got home and Matt had on black dress pants and a white dress. He looked incredibly handsome. Matt went upstairs to get a shower. He was upstairs starting to get out of his clothes when I let out a scream. There was a spider in the sink and Matt came running downstairs with just light blue dress shirt and a pair of white briefs on. He grabbed a paper cup and carried the thing outside into the yard. I playfully closed the patio door as Matt stood there in his shirt and briefs.

I let him in and closed the door as he playfully patted my rear. In a matter of minutes, he picked me up and put me on the counter. I looked into his eyes and started rubbing his rapidly growing cock through his briefs. I told him how proud of him I was for winning those awards. He had set all kind of records for a college freshman football player. He slid my panties off under my black skirt and I reached for the waistband of his briefs and yanked them down as his erect penis smacked against the counter. He was about to unbutton his dress shirt when I told him to leave it on. He pulled me forward onto his cock and picked me and fucked me. He stayed in the kitchen with just his dress shirt - which was now half unbuttoned - on.

We ended up making a banana split to have for a late night snack. He playfully put whipped cream on my nose and I took the cherry and put it on top of his still hard cock and got down on my knees and wrapped my lips around his head and the cherry and managed to swallow the cherry with my lips wrapped around Matt's cock. He stuck around to help me clean up and I smacked Matt's bare ass before he finally went upstairs to finish getting his shower. I have to admit that Matt looked so fuckin hot in his dress shirt and nothing else. My eyes were practically fixated on his muscular bubble butt as he walked upstairs. I finished my flashback as Susan took a deep breath and took an ice cube out of her drink and ran it over her lips. She may have been visualizing Matt's ass with the tip of his dress shirt brushing over his muscular cheeks, but it was the look on our waiter's face that was priceless. I tried not to laugh after he slipped her his number on a paper napkin as we left.

Over the next few weeks. Matt was busy finishing up his summer job and practicing for the upcoming football season. John wasn't home any more than usual. Most of the time he was too tired to fuck or he would do us usually 5-10 minute performance and roll off to sleep. I went off the pill since it had been a few weeks since I had Matt's cock and the few deposits my husband made weren't all that frequent. The mysterious phone calls continued off and on and John made any excuse to go out of town when he could. I did find a preion of Viagra, but John said he got for us. Our fuck sessions weren't getting any longer, so I had serious doubts, but I let it go. The only other direct hint I got regarding his extra marital activities was the one time I found some condoms in the dryer. They were the regular ones, so I knew they weren't Matt's. I never said anything to John.

One afternoon, Matt had invited me and Susan down to watch one of his practice sessions. Actually, he invited me and Susan ended up coming along too. It was a hot mid-August afternoon. It had been almost a week since I got laid, so the sight of a bunch of college boys in football gear definitely got my mind drifting. Matt looked just as muscular as ever. As quarterback, he was even more defined. It was hard not to notice his big muscles when he caught the ball or tossed the ball, but what really caught our attention was Matt and some of the other guys made contact or when they were running with the ball or making any motions that really showed off their bodies. Let's face it, me and Susan were starring at asses and jockstrap covered cocks. Even with his jock on, Matt had a serious bulge. Matt gave us the occasional wave when he could. By the time we left, me and Susan were so fuckin horny, but we managed to contain ourselves.

Later that night, I was laying in bed alone again and I just couldn't take it anymore. Matt had moved into a new apartment off campus and he said I could text him anytime I wanted, but I kept it casual. This night, however, I just couldn't hold back anymore. "Get your ass over here now," I texted. "B right there," Matt texted back. I went downstairs and unlocked the door and went back upstairs to bed. About an hour later, I was woken up by the familiar smell of Matt's cologne. "Hey, long time no see," I said as my eyes focused to see a naked Matt crawling into bed. "I see you knew what I had in mind," I said as I felt Matt's muscular body. "Fuck yeah," Matt said with that familiar husky sound in his voice as he eased his swollen cock inside of me.

Matt had the bed shaking. He continued to fuck me with such urgency. It wasn't long before we were dripping with sweat. We paused for a minute to kiss my lips and then my neck. "God damn, you feel so good," Matt said as he picked up the pace. I felt the weight of Matt's hefty balls as he kept up a frantic pace. I had already had multiple orgasms before Matt finally unleashed his load with a loud moan. By now, sweat was pouring off of our bodies as Matt grabbed me and put me on top of him. I took the cue and started to ride him until he came again. I got up on my hands and knees and Matt took the cue and started pounding me from behind. All that I could hear was the sound of Matt's sweat-drenched balls smacking against me as he rammed his cock in and out with incredible force.

By this time, I was screaming so loudly that I was sure that Mrs. Miller heard me from across the street. Matt's cock felt so fuckin thick and big. It was almost unreal how much he filled me up. He just kept ramming with such force that I was screaming non-stop until he finally came with such a force that it literally felt like a fire hose going off inside of me. "I want you to have my fuckin baby," Matt said in his deep, husky voice. "Oh, Matt I love you," I blurted out. I was frozen for a second. I thought for sure that would shut him down instantly. Instead, Matt lowered himself back on top of me and said "I love you too" as he slid his hard cock back into me and started pounding away. With his tongue firmly planted down my throat, Matt blasted one last load of cum into me before we fell asleep together.

The next morning it was a Saturday. I woke up and Matt wasn't there. I wondered if maybe I really did drive him away. Just then, Matt walked back into the room in a pair of white briefs. "Good morning," he said as he crawled back into bed with me. "I had to take a piss and I went ahead and grabbed a shower," Matt said as positioned himself back on top of me. "I just thought....," I started. "Thought what," Matt asked as he I felt his cock start to inflate again through his briefs. "Most guys your age don't like to hear the "L" word," I tried to explain. "I love you too, what's the big deal," Matt said as he kissed my neck. "I love you," I said with more confidence as I ran my hands down Matt's back.

I reached down and helped Matt slide his briefs down. He shifted to kick them to the floor as he looked me deep in the eyes and eased his huge cock into me. "Oh Matt," was all I could say as he worked himself up to a steady pace. After a few hours of Saturday morning fun, Matt went to get dressed as I grabbed a shower. It felt like I had a gallon of Matt's hot cum inside of me. I came downstairs to make breakfast for us when I was greeted by the most amazing smell. Matt was in the kitchen wearing khaki shorts and a red t-shirt. While it was easy to get distracted by the sight of his ass, I was equally impressed by the delicious breakfast he made. I grabbed a slice of crisp bacon and sipped some coffee and said "You really have some impressive skills there boy." "You know about most of them," Matt said with his familiar sexy grin as he came around behind me wrapped his arms around me. This was the kind of intimacy I never got from John.

Later that day, I came back from visiting my sister. I had some stuff she gave me to take home with me. She's more the domestic type than I am. We're both good at cooking, but she's on more a gourmet level than I am. I put the food away in the kitchen and I glanced out the patio doors and saw that Matt was laying in the side of the pool. I thought I would go outside and spend some time with him. I walked over towards him and started talking to him. We just talked about our days and he asked me how my visit with my sister was - just small talk. I walked a little closer and realized that we weren't alone. A brunette was perched between Matt's legs with her head bopping up and down on his cock with his swim trunks lowered past his massive shaft and balls. "I can come back later," I said. "Nah, stay," Matt said with a smile as the brunette glanced up real quick and went back to "work."

"I worked out so fuckin hard today," Matt said as he explained his football workout. "Looks like it's paying off though," I said while starring at Matt's muscular arms and back. "Thanks babe," Matt said as he reached down and shifted the brunette's head some so she could get a better grip with her mouth. After coming up for breath, she cupped his balls and eased his cock back down her throat. "How long has she been at it," I asked casually. "Almost a half hour now," Matt said as he invited me to come watch his first official game a week from now. "Sure, I'll be there. I'll leave my foam finger at home though," I joked. "Bring it," Matt said with a smile as the Brunette appeared to be growing frustrated waiting for Matt to blow as she started jacking him off with his head still in her mouth. "Hey, I brought some food home. Help yourself later," I said.

"This the sister who's the gourmet chef," Matt asked as the unnamed brunette frantically tried to make Matt blow. "Good memory," I said. I only mentioned that once one time when we were in bed together and he managed to member it. John, meanwhile still couldn't remember which sister is which and couldn't care less how either of them was doing. "What all did she make," Matt - who was something of a amateur cook himself - asked with serious curiosity. We proceeded to get into a discussion of food as the brunette continued to struggle with Matt's throbbing cock. "Hang on," Matt said as he grabbed the brunette's head and let out a moan as he blasted a huge load that was soon flowing down her cheeks and into the pool. She eased his cock out of her mouth as Matt started to stroke his still hard cock as the brunette licked his piss slit. In a few minutes, Matt spewed another load all over her face as she licked up what she could.

The brunette got up and grabbed her clothes as Matt casually said goodbye. "So, wanna come in," Matt said as he stayed in his position in the pool with his dick still sticking up. "You're a fuckin god," I said as I stripped off my clothes and joined Matt in the pool. He turned around so that he was in front of me and started kissing me with his big muscular arms keeping me in place against the wall of the pool. Matt managed to kick off his swim trucks as he eased his still hard cock inside of me. Matt looked so fuckin sexy with the water dripping off his body.

He pulled out for a second and did a quick lap in the pool before coming back. He wrapped his arms around me and eased his cock inside of me again. This time he kept going until he came inside of me. He gave me a long, deep kiss before he eased his cock out of me and dived down to get his swim trunks, which he tossed up on the side of the pool. "Let's swim for a while," Matt said. "Alright," I responded as we swam naked in the pool with the light of the full moon and the light from the house as our only illumination. When we got out of the pool, I slipped into my summer dress again and Matt remained naked as we went upstairs to bed. I marveled at Matt's ass as he walked in front of me. I had seen a lot of male behinds in my day, but his was my definition of perfect. By the time Matt crawled into my bed, I was horny again just from starring at his ass. It wasn't long before Matt's hot seed was flowing inside of me again.

About a week later, Susan and I went to Matt's first football - technically preseason game. He was in full uniform though. His team had white and blue jerseys with white pants that left little to the imagination. Susan was literally licking her lips as we sat there and cheered on Matt and his team. "Looks like Matt's wearing a jockstrap," Susan said with her eyes fixated on Matt's ass. It was especially appealing to watch when Matt would dive for the ball and his ass would shake from the force of hitting the ground. Matt wasn't the only hot guy on his team. While I kept my eyes mostly on Matt, Susan was going sizing up all the hot guys on Matt's team. The crowd went wild when Matt's team won. Susan and I went down to the field and made our way over to Matt. He came right over to me and gave me a hug, which would have bothered Susan if she weren't busy chatting it up with one of Matt's teammates. Later that night, Matt was pumped up from the win and had even more stamina.

John was home briefly for a few days. I tried to remind him that we hadn't even had sex for about a month now. He said he was too busy with work and didn't have the energy. I needled him some more, figuring he was just making excuses. I was surprised when John grabbed me and pushed me down on the bed and just starred at me with this wild look in his eyes. I thought for a second that he was either going to hit me or rape me. Then he let me go and went to get dressed for work. Later that day he didn't even bother to come home. He just called and told me he had to run to the airport and he'd be back whenever he could. I found John's preion of Viagra in his dresser drawer the next day, so I was pretty sure he was getting it up for somebody.

I woke up a few days later the sound of the phone. John called to say he "expected" be home later that day. Matt walked back into the bedroom - still naked with his hard dick swinging between his legs. "Dad's coming home," Matt asked. "Later is all he said," I said to Matt as he crawled back into bed. Matt was back on top of me as my mind drifted to something I had been wanting to tell him all week. He was so preoccupied with getting ready for the game and getting ready for school, that I kept putting it off. Just as Matt was about to cum, I said "I have something to tell you."

"Go ahead babe," he said as he struggled to hold back while easing his huge cock in and out. "I'm pregnant and this time I'm sure and I'm also pretty sure that it's yours since John hasn't fucked me in about a month." I thought Matt was going to freak out, but he just intensified his thrusts and filled me up with his hot cum. I wondered if he even heard what I had said. As Matt clenched his teeth about to cum again, I asked "Did you hear me." "Yep," was all Matt could manage to say before he blew his load into me. What was I going to do now?

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