"Hey, honey, it's almost time for dinner."

"Okay, Mom, I'll be right there." The sound of her mother's voice almost made Amber shudder. So cheerful, so... average.

Carolyn Hackstrom lived in a world of middle-class American life that barely existed anymore, if in fact it ever really had. A world where everyone looked the same, sounded the same, had enough money and a little more, and the problems of the rest of the world were somehow never allowed to intrude. It was enough to make Amber retch. God, she didn't even work, just stayed home and took care of the house. Amber would sooner kill herself than wind up in a life like that. At fifteen she was ready for something different, something more.

Jerry squinted a bit as he tried to focus on the image in the display of the digital camera. Time to get in and have the old eyes checked. He turned his concentration back to the camera. Let's get this done and take a break.

He looked at the girl in the display. About fourteen or fifteen years old, cute but certainly no super-model type. Not that it mattered. Jerry didn't work with professionals. He watched through the range-finder, snapping a few shots as the girl unbuttoned her blouse, exposing a pair of very small, cone-shaped breasts.

Amber somehow managed to make it through dinner without either puking or killing somebody, and headed out of the house as fast as she could. It was Summer, so she didn't have to worry about homework. She could have buried herself in her bedroom, something she did a lot lately, but tonight she just needed to be away from her family, physically separated. She headed for the coffee house where Jessie hung out, hoping that she'd be there.

Megan stared at the girl who was now slowly squeezing her breasts, looking more nervous and embarrassed than turned on. That was okay. Jerry's customers didn't worry too much about how good his models were, just how young they were. At eighteen, Megan still looked young enough to turn on the people that Jerry did pics and vids for, but now she spent most her time as an assistant instead of a model. She'd found her way off the street.

Megan watched the girl - Jill? Yeah, that was it. - as she shrugged off her blouse, ran her fingers over her belly. Megan saw that she was chewing on her lower lip, maybe getting turned on after all. She wondered what the girl's tits would feel like in her mouth, how her pussy would taste. If she was really a virgin, and if Jerry would get a chance to find out.

Amber plopped down next to Jessie on the bench in the coffee house. Jessie glanced over, mumbled, "Hey, honey, how you doin'?" then turned her attention back to the muscular black man in the sleeveless T-shirt sitting across from her. Amber didn't really pay much attention to the conversation. She was wondering if Jessie was fucking him. But of course, she was fucking him, dummy, that's what Jessie did with guys. She used her body to get what she wanted from them. Amber wished she had the guts to do something like that.

She knew she didn't fit in here. She looked like she just popped out of a department store ad, while she looked at Jessie with the streaks of electric blue in her black hair, the ring through one nostril, the purple eye-liner. Then she glanced at the man Jessie was talking to, noticed the tattoos running down his arms, how they rippled when he moved. Jessie liked big guys, always said that big guys had big dicks, and that was better when they fucked her. Amber figured she'd never get a chance to find out about any of that. She'd wind up like her mother, a nice, middle-class housewife who only had sex with one guy her whole life and who never did anything interesting. Everything inside her was screaming for her to let go, do something that Jessie would do, just once, but she knew she'd never have the guts to try it.

Jerry snapped pics as fast as the camera would take them for several minutes, then lowered the camera and looked at the girl. Actually looked at her for the first time. Hair that split the difference between blond and light brown, parted in the middle and hanging past her shoulders. Oval face with regular features, nothing spectacular. The small but nicely-shaped tits he'd noticed before. She'd stopped playing with them when he stopped taking pictures. She was naked to the waist now, her hands resting at her sides. She looked like a robot that had been put on "pause."

Jerry had gotten hooked on photography when he was just a kid. Deciding what to do with it came later. Actually, he had his cousin Krissy to blame for that.

It was about ten years ago. Krissy was sixteen, ten years younger than Jerry, and definitely a hot little number, with long, wavy blond hair, blue eyes, a round face with just a hint of freckles across an upturned nose, and a pouty little mouth that practically begged to have a cock shoved into it. Not to mention that tight little teenager's body, that always seemed to be just a little bit too big for the clothes covering it.

Not that Jerry spent much time thinking about that. He wasn't that kind of pervert. It was just hard to avoid thinking things like that when he saw Krissy. Which wasn't all that often, really, mostly at family things. They'd never been particularly close, and Jerry didn't think there was any reason for that to change. Until Krissy decided she wanted to take advantage of Jerry's photography skills.

This was before everybody and his pet lizard was carrying around a cell phone with a built-in camera and every teenage girl started using them to take dirty pictures of herself to send to her boyfriend, and all the boyfriends decided it would be cute to post the pics on the Internet so everybody could see how hot their chicks were. Krissy was ahead of her time. She wanted to have some pics of herself, naked, to give to her boyfriend. She knew that photography was Jerry's hobby and hoped he'd help her out. She couldn't pay him, but, well, he'd have copies of pics of a hot sixteen-year-old to look at.

Jerry didn't have to think about it too long. He knew he could get into big trouble since Krissy was underage, but she was his cousin and he was doing her a favor, so he wasn't too worried about her calling the cops on him. Besides, he had an idea of how he could turn a profit on the deal.

It wasn't hard to set things up. Jerry lived alone, so they did the shoot at his apartment. Krissy showed up in a tank top that barely covered her tits and jeans that didn't quite cover the crack of her ass. Jerry could feel his cock starting to get hard just thinking about what he was going to see.

He wasn't disappointed. Krissy's body was every bit as delicious as he thought it would be, and she was a natural at posing for the camera. She slowly started stripping off her clothes, licking her lips and staring right at the camera as she did. Jerry was doing some lip-licking himself as his young cousin exposed herself to him. He was also snapping pics like crazy. He'd been one of the first to go from film to digital, and had a camera with lots of memory, so he didn't have to worry about changing film or running out of room. By the time Krissy was naked and lay back on his bed, spreading her legs, he had plenty of pictures, and a raging hard-on. When she slipped a finger into her trimmed pussy and let out a moan, Jerry thought he was going to cum in his pants.

After a couple of minutes of fingering herself, Krissy gave Jerry one of the sexiest looks he'd ever seen and moaned, "God, dude, I need a cock bad!"

Jerry could barely believe it, he was actually going to get a piece of his hot little cousin. His mind was still working, though. Before he jumped on her, he said, "Hey, Krissy, okay if I do some pics of us getting it?"

"Sure, but I don't think I'll show those to Justin." She giggled. So did Jerry, as he quickly set up the tripod and timer. No, these would be for a different audience.

As soon as the camera was ready, Jerry was out of his clothes and on top of Krissy on the bed. She'd looked at his cock with undisguised lust when he got his pants off, and he figured that Justin, who was sixteen like Krissy, didn't have anything to match his own thick seven inches. He rammed it into Krissy's cunt in one stroke.

"Fuck yeah, do me hard!" Krissy's hips slammed back at him just as fast and hard as he stroked into her. Her head tilted back against the bed, rolling from side to side, her eyes closed, her blond hair whipping around her gorgeous face. Her pussy was tight and hot. Jerry didn't lack for sex partners, but it had been several years since he'd had one this young. She was underage, and his cousin, and all of that just made it more exciting for him as he slammed into her.

"Yes, FUCK YES, I'm cumming!" Krissy's body bucked, her fingers dug into Jerry's shoulders, and he felt her pussy clutching at his cock. "AAAAHHHHH!"

Jerry grunted as he felt his own orgasm hit, his balls pumping wave after wave of semen into his teenage cousin's pussy. It filled her, spilled out around his cock onto the bed. They lay there together gasping for a few seconds.

"Wow, Jerry, that's the first time anybody came inside me." Krissy had a smile on her face that guaranteed she'd liked it.

"No shit?"

"Yeah, Justin's afraid I'll get pregnant, or give him a disease or something, so he always uses a rubber. I like to feel it in me."

"There's more where that came from." Jerry was feeling pretty good.

He showed Krissy the pics, then made copies for her on a CD. The ones of her stripping and playing with herself were all good. The pics of them fucking were a little inconsistent, of course, but there were a few pretty good ones, including one just after Jerry pulled out of Krissy where you could see his cum dripping out of her.

Krissy gave him a big kiss when she left, along with a wicked grin. "Maybe we can do this again sometime."

"Maybe." Shit yeah, we can, was what he was really thinking. He already had ideas about what would be next.

Megan had been what was usually called "a child at risk" these days. Her mother was a junkie who spent most of her time in the bedroom nodded out. Her father on the other hand was one of those alcoholics who manage to maintain just enough of a facade of sobriety during the day to hold down a productive job and otherwise function in society. At night, at home, he let himself go, giving in to fits of rage alternating with sobbing bouts of depression. And he was always horny, partly because the only thing his wife wanted in her was a needle.

Megan was ten the first time she saw her father masturbating. He was in the bathroom, standing over the toilet, and hadn't bothered to close the door. Too drunk to think about it, probably. Megan stared at him, feeling something churning in her belly that she wasn't used to. It was the first time she'd ever seen a guy's dick. She didn't care that it was her father's. As she watched him stroking his shaft she realized that her mouth was open, her tongue gliding over her lips, her breathing deep. She watched like that until she heard him grunt and saw something milky spurt out of his dick into the toilet and over the seat, then she quickly slipped away to her bedroom. She didn't want him to see her, even if he probably wouldn't remember anything tomorrow morning anyway.

That night, in her bed, she let her hands wander over her body for the first time.

"Amber, what in the world are you doing in a place like this?" Amber's head jerked around at the sound of her mother's voice. Her face flushed instantly, the embarrassment of having her mother track her down here was just too much. She wanted to scream at her mother to go the fuck home and leave her the fuck alone, but she was paralyzed. She did nothing but blush harder as her mother walked to the table, took her by the arm, and started pulling her away.

"You're coming with me, young lady. And you're grounded." Amber just wanted to die. And if she didn't get away soon, she was going to.

Krissy was barely out the door before Jerry was on the phone.

"Hey, Don, it's Jerry. Remember what we talked about a couple of months ago?"

"You mean the pics? Yeah, I remember. Did you find something?"

"Yeah, you still interested?

"Oh yeah!"

"Well get over here, then."

Don worked with Jerry. He was in his fifties, had been with the company for years, and would never move any higher than he was. For some reason he'd decided Jerry was somebody he could trust, and had started telling Jerry all of his deepest, darkest secrets at lunch and over drinks after work. The major thrust of those secrets was that Don was a dirty old man, and a frustrated one at that. He was interested in girls from twelve to sixteen years old. What he really wanted was to find one, or several, to fuck, but he was pretty sure that wasn't going to happen, so he was willing to settle for photos or video. Except that he wasn't having any luck there, either. If he could get a few naked pics of an actual underage girl, he was willing to pay for them. Jerry was hoping he was willing to pay a lot.

Half an hour later, Don was salivating over the pics of Krissy.

"Yeah, hey, these are great. She looks so young."

"She is, like I told you, sixteen, guaranteed. This is the real thing, not one of those twenty-five-year-old porno stars trying to look like she's underage." Jerry was doing a little salivating himself. He hadn't even shown Don the pics of him fucking Krissy, just some of the ones of his cousin by herself.

"Ill give you a hundred bucks for these. Do you think you can get more?"

"Maybe, but I won't know for sure for a couple of days. I'll let you know."

"Okay. Some real fuck pics would be good, too. Or video" Don was actually licking his chops at the thought of pictures of Krissy fucking.

"I'll see what I can do." Shit, if Don would pay a hundred for a few pics of Krissy fingering herself, he was bound to pay a lot more for some with a cock inside her. Jerry's mind was racing now. If Don would pay for those, so would other guys. And they'd pay more for video, of course, maybe Krissy would let him record their next session. But he'd need more than just Krissy if this was really going to work out. In fact he'd need a whole stream of girls, new ones to replace the ones that got to old to interest his customers. Damn, slow down, man, one thing at a time.

Don left with his pics. Jerry stuffed the hundred dollars into his wallet and started figuring out when he could get Krissy back for another round.

Jerry grinned at Jill, lifted the camera again.

"Okay, honey, break time's over." He was ready to start taking pics again.

Jill ran her tongue over her lips, let her fingers drift to the waistband of her jeans. She unfastened them, slipped her hand inside. Her head tilted back and she moaned. Megan still wasn't sure if she was actually getting turned on or if she was acting. Didn't matter, the guys who bought the pics wouldn't be able to tell anyway. And wouldn't care if they could. As long as the girls were young enough and willing to get naked, Jerry's customers would be satisfied.

Megan watched Jerry work, her attention moving between her boss and his subject. She had to be ready if Jerry needed anything, and had to know what it was that he needed from a nod of his head or a look. She knew him probably better than he knew himself, that was why he kept her around. Well, she had to admit the sex probably had something to do with it, too, but he got plenty of pussy, so there was more to it than that.

Still, just because she was there to do a job didn't mean she couldn't enjoy her work. Watching Jill, she could feel her pussy getting wet, noticed that familiar feeling creeping through her lower belly. She wasn't sure what the shoot was going to include. Maybe she'd get to play with herself while Jerry fucked Jill. Or maybe she'd get to fuck the girl herself.

When Megan was twelve, her life took its next big turn. She was stretched out on her bed on a Friday night, relaxing and browsing the Internet. She was almost ready to go to sleep, and had on just a long t-shirt and panties. Suddenly the door to her room burst open. She looked up and saw her father silhouetted in the doorway, absolutely naked, his dick in his hand.

"Hey, honey, daddy needs some pussy!" Megan was shocked. She'd seen it all before, of course, but her father had never shown any indication that he was interested in her sexually. Maybe he'd finally gotten frustrated enough. Or maybe he just thought she was old enough now.

He stepped toward her bed, stroking his cock. He was drunk, Megan knew that, although someone from outside the family probably wouldn't have been able to tell. He stopped just in front of her and grabbed her hair in the hand that wasn't stroking his shaft, pulled her face inches away from the end of his dick.

"Have a good look, baby, you've probably never seen one before." She couldn't tell him that she had, that she'd seen his, that she'd wondered what it would taste like, what it would feel like inside her. She wondered now if he'd force her to suck it, or if he was just going to fuck her.

He dragged her up by her hair until she was standing in front of her, took his hand away from his dick and wrapped it around her wrist, forcing her hand to replace his in stroking it. It felt hard and smooth, and huge in Megan's small fingers. She moved her hand up and down on it, feeling it, getting to know it.

Megan felt her father's hand, the one that had just been on his cock, lift up the front of her t-shirt and slip inside her panties. At the same time, still holding by her hair, he forced her face up to his and crushed his lips against hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth. He tasted and smelled of cheap whiskey, and it almost made her gag at first, but then she relaxed and opened her mouth, took his tongue in and sucked on it. Seconds later she felt his finger slip into her pussy, the first time she'd ever been touched by anyone besides herself. Her pussy grasped her father's finger and she moaned deep in her throat, increasing the speed of her strokes on his cock. He pulled her head back away from his, looked at her and gave a wicked laugh.

"Shit, you like it, don't you? You little slut, let's see how you like this." With that, he pulled his finger out of her and shoved her against the bed so she flopped onto her back. He reached up and pulled her panties off, quickly and expertly, and a moment later, she felt the weight off his body pressing her down into her bed. Her legs had opened when she fell back, and now she could feel pressure against the opening of her pussy. In an instant the pressure turned to intense pain as her father's cock split her open, ripping away her cherry and opening her up as it plunged fully inside her.

"God, Daddy, it hurts!" Her body shuddered, her head jerking back against the bed. She knew it was supposed to hurt the first time, but she hadn't expected it to be this bad. Later she'd realize that her twelve-year-old body hadn't been ready for a fully grown cock, and a pretty good-sized one at that. All she knew know was that she was in agony, and her father didn't care. He was slamming his cock in and out of her, pulling almost all the way out with each stroke before forcing himself all the way back inside her. Her belly was on fire as she was raped by her father.

But was it really rape if you wanted it? And she'd wanted it ever since the first time she'd watched her father stroking his cock. She'd just never expected it would really happen. And now it was, and it hurt so much she couldn't really enjoy it. After a few minutes, though, the pain in her pussy started to ease up, and she was able to relax a little bit, start to get into it. Her hips started to move in rhythm with her father's thrusts into her, and the opening and closing of the walls of her pussy around him began to feel good. Then, just as she was really starting to enjoy it, he drove deep into her and stiffened.

"Shit baby, I'm cumming!" She felt his cock pulsing, something wet filling her pussy. Her father grunted a couple of times, then collapsed on top of her, looking like he'd passed out. She rolled him off, pulled her covers up around her, curled up to go to sleep. She was disappointed because he'd cum just as it was starting to get good. But she was excited, because she knew it would happen again, and next time should be better, without the pain. She could feel his cum leaking out of her pussy as she drifted off to sleep

Jerry wasn't surprised when Krissy called and wanted to know if they could get together again. He could tell his teenage cousin had enjoyed their fucking as much as he had. In fact, he wondered a little if she'd actually wanted those pics to give to her boyfriend or was just looking for an excuse to get naked in front of him. No matter, this time when she called she didn't say anything about posing, just asked if she could come over.

Once she was there, they wasted no time getting into bed. About the only delay was when Jerry asked if he could tape their session, " I'll have something to do when you're not around." And that wasn't much of a delay. Krissy thought the idea was great.

He was pounding her from behind, doggy-style, Krissy's face buried in the bed, soft moans escaping from her. Jerry looked down, watched his cock pumping in and out of his cousin's pussy, watching how her asshole seemed to pulse with every stroke. He'd never had a girl that way, had never found one willing to take it there. He wondered what Krissy would think about it.

"Oh fuck yeah, fuck yeah, mmmmmm, god yes!" Krissy's hips bucked back at him, her hands clawed at the sheets. He pumped her hard and fast, felt her body shake with her orgasm. She was at her most vulnerable now, and he grabbed her hair, pulled her head up near his, and almost growled at her.

"I want to put my cock in your ass!"

"Fuckin' do it, man!" She sounded like she was begging for it. Jerry quickly jerked his dick out of her cunt and moved it to the ring of her ass, shoved in for all he was worth. Krissy yelped in pain, but within seconds she was getting into it. Jerry was thinking about how tight his little cousin's ass felt around his cock, and how much money this was going to get him from Don.

Amber was mortified. Not just about her mother practically dragging her out of the coffee house, but because she didn't have the nerve to do anything about it. She just let her mother do it, instead of fighting back. That's what she always did. And now she could never go back, could never face Jessie or the others again after what had happened. They'd just laugh at her and treat her like the little wuss that she was. But she had to do something. If she stayed, if she let her mother keep treating her like that, she was simply going to lose her mind. Amber started thinking about how she'd get away, where she'd go.

The how actually wasn't going to be very hard. There was a good transit system, with buses and rail, that connected the suburbs where Amber lived (duh, like her mother could exist anywhere else) and the city about thirty miles away. The question was whether she wanted to stay that close to home or take off from there to somewhere else, maybe California. She was a pretty girl, maybe she could go to California and be a model. Yeah, right. Amber was smart enough to know that there were thousands of other girls with the same idea, and she didn't have anything to make her stand out. Maybe once she got to the city and didn't have to worry about listening to her mother's whiny voice anymore she'd be able to figure something out.

Amber spent a little time throwing some clothes into her backpack, along with her MP3 player. She packed up her cell phone, too, but knew that she'd have to get rid of it pretty soon. Hanging on to it would be an invitation for the cops to find her once her mother figured out that she was gone. Next a check of how much money she had. Not much, but enough to let her get to the city and feed herself for a couple of days. Then she'd have to figure out how she was going to get more. She didn't even think about where she was going to stay. It just never occurred to her.

After a couple of years of taking her father's cock, Megan decided she'd had enough. It wasn't that she didn't like fucking. Oh, no, she loved having her dad's big dick inside her. The problem was that he just wasn't good enough. Maybe it was the booze, maybe it was just an attitude that sex was just for him and not for the woman, but he never seemed to be able to get her off. She knew she could cum, she did all the time when she masturbated, and when she rubbed her clit while Daddy fucked her, but she wanted a guy who'd make sure she was satisfied before he dumped his load into her, not one who just wanted to jump on her, hump til he shot, then climb off and fall asleep. She'd tried a couple of guys from school, but they were even worse than her father. The only solution was to get out.

A couple of weeks after her fourteenth birthday, Megan hit the road. She packed up a few clothes and what little else she had and hitched to the closest big city. She wasn't sure what she'd do with herself, but she figured that there had to be guys who'd be willing to fork over some cash for a chance at a hot little piece of jailbait like her. She didn't even think about what that would make her.

"So, what have you got for me?" Don looked like a man who was trying to hide how excited he was so he could drive a harder bargain. He wasn't succeeding very well.

Jerry handed over one fairly fuzzy pic of him pumping his cock into his cousin, although he'd made sure to crop all of the photos so Don couldn't see it was him doing the dirty deed.

"That one's free. There are fifteen more. Those'll cost you fifty bucks apiece." Don swallowed hard, seemed to be calculating whether he could afford it. Jerry was afraid he might have overplayed his hand. "But before you make any rash decisions, I've got something else for you to see."

Jerry fired up the video he had ready on his computer. It was about thirty seconds worth of what he'd shot of him fucking Krissy, including a shot of his teenage cousin moaning into the camera. Jerry thought Don was actually going to start drooling as he watched.

"There's about half an hour of that. She even gets fucked in the ass. Two large will get you the whole video." Don tucked his eyeballs and tongue back into his head, groaning.

"Shit, man, I can't afford that. You know how those assholes pay us." Jerry nodded, Don wasn't kidding about that. "But I need it, I need all of it. If you give me discount I can turn you on to some other guys that'll pay for it, too. And some of them don't need the discount."

Jerry made a big deal about not being sure he wanted to do that, but he'd actually thought about it already. If Don could put him in touch with some perverts who had real money, it would be worth the discount. Of course, Don could have just ponied up what Jerry asked for and then sold copies to the other guys and made the money himself, but Don just didn't have the balls. Looking at pics of underage girls was about all that he could manage. Jerry was surprised he could do that without shitting himself.

The deal was made, Don was gone, and Jerry started doing some hard thinking. He was going to have to figure out how to expand his operation. One sixteen year old girl wasn't going to do it. Especially since Krissy wouldn't be underage forever. He needed more variety, and probably some girls younger than Krissy. Yep, he had some work to do, but if he handled it right, he could make some serious scratch. And get a little young snatch while he was at it.

"Hey, girl, you look like you could use something to eat." Jerry had a pretty smooth line going by now. He'd been at it for several years, and he had a knack for finding the young girls who were either desperate for food or money, or adventurous enough to be willing to try anything. And he knew just where they hung out.

"Yeah, that'd be okay." The girl smiled up at him. She was a young one, probably about fourteen, auburn hair, gray-green eyes, just a hint of freckles across a straight nose, mouth that was wide without being too big. No makeup. Pretty, but not killer looks. Slim, without being a stick like some girls her age. Just the kind of girl to make his customers pant and moan.

They walked to a burger place a few blocks away. Jerry introduced himself and found out her name was Megan. She seemed pretty confident, and he had her pegged as one who ran away because she was looking for adventure. She'd come to the right place to find it.

"So, you want to make some money?" Jerry didn't get this far with all of the girls he bought a meal for. He had to be sure they were desperate enough for money or kicks that they'd jump at the chance to take off their clothes, or do more, for some cash. If he wasn't sure he'd simply feed them, give them a few dollars to keep them going, and say goodbye. He had no doubts about Megan.

"What do I have to do?" She had a sly smile that told him she was pretty sure already.

"Get naked and let me take pictures."

"That's all?" She sounded almost disappointed.

"Well, there can be more if you want it."

There wasn't much question she was going to want it. They finished eating and Jerry led her to his studio, not far away in a run-down warehouse area. He'd rented it once he'd started branching out with more girls than just Krissy. It was close to the spots that tended to attract runaways, and nobody much cared what went on there. The perfect spot for his little side business.

As soon as they walked into the studio, Megan plopped down on the bed and started rubbing herself to get hot. She knew what this guy wanted, and knew she could give it to him. She was hoping he could give her what she needed. Once he had his cameras ready, she started doing a slow, sensuous strip-tease. By the time she had her clothes off, Jerry had a hard-on that wouldn't quit. He snapped a few pics, set the still camera and the video camera to run automatically, and practically jumped on top of her on the bed.

Jerry did things to Megan that day that he'd never done to any other girl. He spanked her, twisted her tits, choked her. For some reason he wanted to make it hurt for her. And the more he did, the more she seemed to like it. She was no virgin, that was for sure, but she was pretty young, he was guessing no more than fifteen, and it was probably the first time she'd had some of the stuff he was doing. He didn't much care. The only things he was concerned about were that this was the hottest little piece of ass he'd ever had, and that she was going to make him a lot of money.

Megan was hooked as soon as she had Jerry's cock inside her. This was what she'd been looking for, what she'd thought her father would give her, and was always disappointed. Every touch, every bit of pain, turned her on more. She came over and over again as he fucked her, ate her, shoved his cock up her ass. She felt his cum pump into her pussy, her mouth, her bowels. She knew he was filming it all, doing it to make money, but she didn't care. She finally had someone who could satisfy her sexually, and she'd do whatever necessary to hang onto him.

Amber looked around the bus station in the city. It was darker than she'd expected, grimier. She'd been there before, but always with friends, or her mother, and hadn't really noticed how it looked. There were people lying on some of the benches, looked like they were asleep. They were dirty, in clothes that looked like they hadn't been washed in months. In fact, the people wearing them probably hadn't been washed in months. There was a nasty, almost rancid smell in the air. Amber's stomach felt a little queasy. Her introduction to the real world outside the suburbs wasn't going all that well.

Like most guys, Jerry was only interested in two things - sex and money. And that made Megan the girl of his dreams. She was young and hot, fucked like a wild animal, would do absolutely anything in bed, or anywhere else, and was a gold-mine for his videos.

The other girls Jerry picked up he used once in vids, then sent them packing with some money in their pocket. Some of them came back a few times, did more shoots until they got on their feet, or something else happened to them. Jerry didn't worry about what that might be. Others he never saw again. Well, except when he jerked off to the vids, or sold them to some dirty old man who'd do the same. Megan was different. For the first time since he'd starting fucking and filming his cousin Krissy, he had a girl he wanted to do over and over again. Megan stayed that first night, and just never left.

She was smart, too. She was curious about how to take good pics and make vids, and before long she was not only Jerry's lover and star, she was also his assistant. She helped with everything. Besides handling the cameras, she went into the field to recruit girls, explaining to them how Jerry would give them lots of money for just a little work, and how she'd have been lost without him when she came to town. If a girl got nervous once she was actually in the studio, Megan could talk her down. And Megan was more than willing to dive right in to sex scenes with other girls. She'd go girl-on-girl with ones who wanted to do more than just touch themselves but weren't quite up for having a cock inside, and did plenty of three-ways with the ones who were more adventurous.

After a few months Jerry realized that he was depending on Megan for quite a bit. He was glad he had somebody to help out, but it also made him a little nervous. She knew pretty much everything about his operation, which meant he'd have to keep her happy. But since she liked the same things he did - sex and money again - it wasn't all that difficult. They'd been together for four years now. Megan had just celebrated her eighteenth birthday. That meant that she was legal now, but it also meant that she wasn't the star in his vids anymore. His customers wanted the real thing, not eighteen- and nineteen-year-olds who looked like they were underage. Megan could still do scenes with younger girls, and do all the other things to help out, but it wouldn't be quite the same. Still, there was an advantage. Jerry didn't have to hide her anymore, pretend that she wasn't living with him and fucking him.

Amber was sitting on a bench in the corner of the station munching on a hot dog when she saw the girl. A little older than Amber, pretty, but with a kind of hard look to her. The girl was staring at her, and it made Amber nervous. After a couple of minutes the girl walked toward her. Amber wanted to run away, but she realized that if she was really going to start over she had to take a stand, do something different. She stayed on the bench, waited for the girl to reach her.

"No place to go?" The girl didn't waste any time. Amber shook her head. She wasn't sure if she wanted to talk to the girl or not. Amber was a little naive, but she wasn't stupid. She knew if anybody was going to help her out there was going to be a price.

Megan wasn't sure about this one. She wasn't the usual runaway, not like Megan herself, from a rough home or one where there was no money. This girl was upper middle class all the way, wearing a t-shirt and shorts that were supposed to look casual but had cost a mint. Blonde hair, maybe even natural, sharp blue eyes, light skin, one of those faces that will still look like a teenager when she's thirty. She didn't belong here. But there was something in her eyes that said she was looking for the kind of new experience that Megan and Jerry could give her. Megan decided to take a chance.

"Hey, girl, you want something more than a hot dog to eat?" Megan was pretty sure the girl wouldn't get the joke, and she didn't.

"Mmm, this is about all I can afford right now." She looked curious, but hesitant. Megan decided to see if she was ready for and adventure.

"Well, I can make it so you can afford more than that. Interested?"

"What do I have to do?" Girl wasn't dumb, she knew Megan wasn't giving out money for nothing. But the way she looked at Megan, like she was some little piece of shit from the wrong side of the tracks, pissed Megan off. She almost turned and walked away from the little rich bitch. But she knew Jerry would want her. Something new and different for his customers.

"Get naked. Let my boyfriend take pics. Get it on with him, or me, if you want more money." Usually she would have taken it a little slower than that, but she was still pissed, half hoping she'd scare the little cunt away.

Amber swallowed hard, cringing a little at the thought of doing things like that. But she realized that the girl who felt that way was the kind of good girl who'd been so embarrassed by her mother in front of Jessie. If she was going to leave that life behind, she was going to have to change. So she chewed on her lower lip, nodded at the older girl, and followed her out of the bus station.

Jill had stripped off her clothes, and Jerry had gotten some good shots of her fingering her naked cunt. His dick was ready for some action now, and he was hoping she was too. He looked at her skinny little body, tiny tits, narrow hips, and knew that his customers would pay big time for anything with this girl in it. She had that long hair and big brown eyes, and with her clothes off, looked like she was about twelve. Hell, maybe she was, Jerry was past caring about anything like that.

"Okay, baby, you ready to get fucked?" As he said it he was stepping toward the bed a peeling off his clothes. She nodded nervously. By the time Jerry was standing next to the bed, he was naked, and Jill was staring at his dick.

Megan licked her lips. She wasn't sure what it was, but there was something about Jill that turned her on more than most girls. Maybe it was that she looked so young. Maybe her obvious nervousness. Didn't matter. Megan's pussy was wet and pulsing. She double-checked all of Jerry's settings to make sure they'd get what they wanted, then started undressing as she watched Jerry climb into bed with Jill.

Jerry spread Jill, moved his cock to her pussy. She still looked nervous, more than most girls he shot. He pushed the head of his cock between her lips, heard her gasp. Then he shoved himself into her, hard, all the way in one shot. Jill screamed as he ripped through her cherry. Most of them didn't scream, not even the virgins. No matter, the room was soundproof. And Jill's pussy was the tightest thing he'd ever had his cock in. He started fucking her, hard and deep.

The scream that ripped out of Jill when Jerry deflowered her sent a shock running through Megan's body. She was already turned on, but now she felt like some kind of animal. She climbed onto the bed and looked down at the girl. Her face was contorted with pain and lust, she was whimpering like a whipped dog as Jerry rammed into her. Megan let her left hand drift between her legs, began playing with herself, while her right reach out toward Jill, her fingers wrapping around the younger girl's throat.

Jerry watched Megan choke Jill, felt the little girl's body start to twist and jerk on the bed. Without slowing down his fucking, he looked over at Megan. "Fuck are you doing? Let her go!"

Megan opened her fingers and Jill sucked in a huge, gasping breath, but then almost begged, "Do it again!" Megan looked at Jerry, who nodded, and she put her hand back on Jill's throat.

It took less than another minute for Jerry to start pumping his cum into Jill. As he did, he felt the girl's body shudder on the bed. He watched her chest heave as she tried to get some breath, but Megan's fingers were too tight around her throat. Just about the time his last shot of cum poured into her, Jill's eyes rolled back in her head and she went limp.

Megan had cum from her own fingering, and from the rush of choking Jill. Now she looked down at the girl. Her chest was moving, finally taking in air. Megan realized that she was disappointed.

A lot of that first night was a blur to Amber. The guy's name was Jerry, he was older than she expected, thirties at least, maybe forty. Tall, medium build, with light brown hair. Not bad looking, but not somebody she'd stare at on the street.

Jerry and the girl, Megan, took her to a room that was set up as a studio, no big surprise, they did this all the time. Jerry had her strip, slowly while he recorded her and Megan took pics. Amber felt weird, she'd never been naked in front of people before, but she kept thinking about Jessie and her friends and what they'd think if she backed out now.

When she was completely naked, Jerry smiled at her and said, "Lay on the bed and play with yourself."

Amber stretched out on the bed, spread her legs, and started fondling her boobs with one hand while she let the other glide down her belly. This at least wasn't too hard, she'd been doing it at home in bed for a couple of years. She closed her eyes, pretended she was alone in her own bedroom, moaned as her fingers slid between her legs and touched her pussy lips. She felt herself getting hot as she let her finger slip between her lips up inside herself.

She was wet between her legs, thinking about moving her finger to her clit when something pushed her knees farther apart. She gasped, her eyes snapped open. It was Jerry, of course, naked as she was, his dick standing out straight and hard, holding her legs apart as he moved between them. Amber froze, not sure what to do. It didn't matter, she didn't have to do anything.

"Let's see what that little pussy of yours feels like." Her hand was moved out of the way, replaced with Jerry's dick. She stared up at his face as she felt the tip slip into her. Then she gasped, reached up and clawed at his arms, as his hips bucked forward and rammed his entire length inside her pussy.

"Oh god, yes, fuck me!" She couldn't believe she was saying things like that, couldn't believe the sensations taking over her body. It was supposed to hurt the first time, but it didn't, or not much, anyway, it just felt incredible. She felt Jerry pull back, thrust back into her, and her hips jerked up at him, trying to suck him even deeper into her. Her eyes were locked on Jerry's face, watching the animal lust there, wondering if her own face looked the same. Then her pussy spasmed and her whole body thrashed on the bed in the best orgasm she'd ever had.

Jerry could hardly believe what was going on. He'd been a little hesitant when Megan had brought her in, had seen the same suburban bitch that Megan had seen. He'd half expected her to run away when she saw the cameras. But this was the hottest piece of virgin stuff he'd ever run into. She was fucking like a little slut who'd gone without for a month. Not that Jerry was about to complain. He could already feel the cum churning in his balls.

Amber heard Jerry groan, felt his dick twitch inside her, and her pussy was filled with something hot and wet, knew Jerry had shot in her. She moaned, "Fuck yeah, feels good." She knew she could get pregnant, but it didn't matter.

Amber didn't know how long they went on that first night, but she was worn out when they finished. when Jerry pulled his dick out of her that first time he scooted up on the bed by her head, made her lick and suck him until he got hard and could fuck her again. The taste of his cock, with their juices all over it, was like nothing she'd ever had before. She loved it.

Later Jerry licked her pussy, sucked on her clit, fingered her ass. Fucked her again. Made her suck him and shot his stuff into her mouth. She gulped it down like a little slut. And the whole time the video cameras were running, Megan was taking stills.

When they were finally too worn out to do anything else, Jerry said, "It's late, you might as well spend the night." He was looking at Amber, waiting for her answer. He completely missed the lethal look that Megan gave him.

The next couple of months saw Amber find out everything about sex that a girl could ever want to know. She was Jerry's main star now, taking the place of Megan, who was too old for the underage market Jerry sold to. She did plenty of vids with Jerry, of course, but also with girls, first with Megan, then with others that Jerry and Megan found. There were three-ways with Jerry and Megan or another girl, and even some with all three of them and a girl off the street.

Amber found out that she loved all of it. The first time Jerry put his cock up her ass she wasn't so sure, but after it had been there for a couple of minutes she got used to it. She liked sex with girls, although it was different from fucking Jerry. She was having the time of her life.

Megan, on the other hand, was about to go out of her fucking mind. This little slut that she'd brought in off the street didn't understand that Jerry belonged to Megan, and that she needed to keep her hands off. She was going to have to do something about that. And she was starting to get an idea. She remembered the way she'd felt when she choked that girl, Jill, and made her pass out. And how disappointed she was when Jill was just passed out and not something worse. Yeah, she was starting to think she might know what to do about Amber.

Amber looked at the dildo that Megan was holding. It was huge, bigger around than anything she'd ever seen, and it must have been two feet long. Megan was grinning.

"Come on, baby, let's have some fun while Jerry's gone. Just you and me this time, no cameras."

"Uh, sure, but, uh, are you really going to put that in me?" Amber was excited and scared at the same time. She'd been surprised at how much she'd liked fucking Megan, and other girls, since she'd been there. She realized now that Jessie had been more than someone she wanted to be like, that she really wanted to be in Jessie's bed instead of all those guys Jessie had been fucking. And she was starting to think that maybe she should go home, see if Jessie felt the same way about her.

Megan pulled Amber close, whispered in her ear, "I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked, baby. I want to make you cum so hard you can't stop shaking."

Amber tingled as the girls kissed, suddenly realizing that this would be the first time she'd ever had sex when she wasn't on camera. Ever since the first night with Jerry, everything she'd ever done had been recorded. But this time was just for the two of them.

Megan's hands were all over Amber as they kissed, the older girl already starting to strip Amber's clothes off. Megan hated Amber's guts because Jerry was paying more attention to her now, but she had to admit that Amber was a hot little piece. She could certainly understand why Jerry and his customers liked young stuff so much.

Amber was naked now, spread out on the bed. Megan stepped back, took a good long look as she peeled out of her own clothes. She could feel the heat rising in her own pussy as she stared at the little fifteen-year-old. Megan lay down on top of her, caressing her, kissing, running her mouth over Amber's throat and tits, while her fingers probed the girl's pussy. Then she reached for the big dildo.

Amber's body was on fire at the touch of Megan's fingers and mouth. She'd been afraid Megan didn't like her, the older girl seemed to be jealous of the attention she got from Jerry, but it looked like she was wrong. Amber closed her eyes, let her head lay back against the bed. Megan slowly pushed her legs wide apart, and Amber felt something hard pressing against the mouth of her pussy. She gasped as the head of the monster dildo opened her up.

"You want it,don't you, baby? You want me to fuck you with this big, hard cock." Megan's voice was low and husky, and made Amber even hornier.

"Yes, god, put it in me!" Amber couldn't believe what she was saying, the dildo looked like it would split her in half, but she wanted it, all of it. She felt it twist and move into her. It felt like her pelvis was being torn apart. It pulled back a little, then leapt forward again, driving deeper into her this time. Amber craned her neck to see between her legs. Four or five inches of the thing was inside her, and it was so big around that it was making her belly bulge out. As she watched, Megan, holding the rod with both hands, pulled it back so it was almost out of her, then plunged it back in, a couple of inches deeper this time. The muscles in her pussy pulsed around the dildo and Amber's head flopped down against the bed as her back arched up.

Megan stared at Amber's face as she shoved the monster dildo into the younger girl's pussy. Shit, she was loving it. She was a hot one, all right. Megan felt her own pussy twitching, wanting to feel something inside. But that wasn't what this was about. Megan had a job to do. She could enjoy herself later. She started fucking Amber with the dildo, long, slow, rhythmic strokes, each one pulling back until just the head of the monster was inside the little girl, then plunging a little deeper into her than the last time.

Amber's body was on fire as she felt herself being opened up little by little, wider and deeper than she'd ever had anything in her. She moaned, gasped, writhed on the bed. She trembled as the shocks of little orgasms coursed through with practically every thrust of the dildo. She craned her neck up a couple of times to see the progress, saw her belly sticking out like she was pregnant. She needed it, now. Amber looked up at Megan, begged her.

"Fuck, baby, give me all of it, please!"

Megan couldn't believe it. This little slut was insane. She pulled the dildo back one more time, braced herself, and rammed it forward with as much force as she could manage. Megan's eyes got wide as what looked like a foot-and-a-half of the plastic cock disappeared inside the teenager's pussy.

Amber screamed. It felt like things were ripping apart inside her belly. The dildo mashed up against her cervix, and the cramps that shot through her made her body flop on the bed like she was having a seizure. Her head whipped back and forth, her hands clawed at the sheets as the strongest orgasm she'd ever had washed over her. She twisted around the thing inside her, trying to bend it, move it, but she only succeeded in making the pain worse. Amber felt Megan shove the rod even harder into her. She saw lights flash behind her tightly-closed eyelids, her body stiffened, then went limp as the lights went out and the world turned black.

Megan stared down at the girl's body, looking for signs of life. She felt the charge that she'd felt when she'd choked Jill out. She started this wanting to kill Amber, to fuck the little bitch to death. Partly to punish her for replacing Megan with Jerry, but partly to feel that extra thrill, the one she'd wanted but hadn't gotten with Jill, to have another girl die. But now, as she saw that Amber was breathing - barely, but breathing - she realized that she didn't hate Amber. In fact, she actually liked her. Jerry was the one she hated, the one who'd hurt her, the one who needed to be punished. And she knew what she had to do.

It took a while for Amber to open her eyes, and when she did her body felt like it had been through a ringer. The dildo was gone, but her pussy was still sore, and still pulsing from the incredible orgasm it had been through. Amber looked up, saw Megan crouching over her, looking worried.

"You okay?"

"Fuck. Yeah." Still hard to talk, not much breath. "That was. The best. I ever had."

"Really?" Megan figured Amber would be pissed.

Amber nodded, reached up for Megan. The two girls wrapped their arms around each other, cuddled together for what seemed like a long time.

Megan and Amber had a long talk later that night, after they were done with filming and Jerry had gone to bed. They both had things they needed to do, but they didn't want to lose touch. They had each other's cell numbers, of course (Jerry had gotten a new one for Amber), and Amber gave Megan her mother's address, and Jessie's. She had a feeling they'd hook up again some time.

The old desk sergeant at the police precinct house watched the girl come through the door and head straight for him. Pretty blonde, late teens or early twenties, a little rough around the edges. He'd seen plenty of her type come through the door. Runaways who'd decided it was finally time to go home. Or who'd been beaten up by their boyfriends until they couldn't take any more. He waited for her to stop in front of him. She took a deep breath, then spoke softly, but with a nasty edge.

"My name's Megan. I'm eighteen and this guy kidnapped me when I was fourteen. He's been raping me ever since, and taping it, and selling the videos. He uses other girls, too. I finally got away while he was raping another girl. I can show you where he is."

Amber swallowed hard before she rang the doorbell. She was hoping that Jessie would be home, that her parents wouldn't. Although Jessie's parents were cool, they probably wouldn't tell anybody that she'd come back if she didn't want them to. But she wanted to see Jessie. Just Jessie.

Jessie gaped at Amber when she saw her standing on the porch.

"What the fuck? Where have you been? Come inside." She led Amber to the couch in the living room and they sat. Amber started talking. And didn't stop until she'd told Jessie everything. Including why she'd come back.

"Of course I want to fuck you, baby! I want to fuck everybody!" Jessie was grinning. Not exactly the answer that Amber was looking for, but it would have to do. "Hey, I was just going to go meet Leon. You should come along."

Amber nodded. Leon was the black guy Jessie'd been seeing when Amber left. Amber was surprised she was still with the same one.

They met Leon at the coffee house. He said he remembered Amber, but she had a feeling he was just being polite. He took a good look at her, and then suggested they go to his apartment, where they could be alone.

An hour later, Amber was as disappointed as she could remember being. The three of them spent the whole hour fucking, and the only way Amber got off was by rubbing her own clit. When they were done, she excused herself and walked away from the apartment, thinking as she went. She realized that Jessie, who seemed so on the edge a couple of months ago, was really just a little bit less tame version of the suburban good girl Amber herself had been then. But she was beyond that now, needed more.

Amber checked her phone, saw a text from Megan. "wnt 2 tlk"

"So I turned Jerry in to the cops, then got out of there as fast as I could. I know Jerry will tell them I was his partner, not some lost little girl. But he's toast. And I've got this." She patted the backpack sitting next to her in the coffee shop. A backpack full of Jerry's money. He always got paid in cash. And he'd never put any of it in the bank, because he didn't want anybody asking where it came from. Megan knew where he kept it, of course, she knew everything about his business.

"How much is there?" Amber's eyes were wide, listening to Megan tell her what she'd done. And her pussy was wet, thinking about the things they'd done together.

"Don't know, but it's enough to get us started." Amber tingled when Megan said "us." "First we need to find someplace to stay for a while."

Amber licked her lips, slowly shook her head. "No baby, first we need to find someplace to fuck."


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As we all know females can be vindictive and cruel,good part and bad parts in this story but i enjoyed it.

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"Runaway's Lesson" - Megan, Amber Hackstom, et al; and Jerry - (Young Teen Female Runaways, and Photogrpher/Stud)

This story and the context is a crash course in Economics 101 for the entry of pornographic stills and videos of young teenage female runaways from discouraging homelife!

Megan is Jerry's first "star moneymaker" that aides him in getting his pornography business sustained and making money. Amber enters the business several years later and, after some time, Megan and Amber click as friends.

The story of young and venturesome females, looking for life-saving adventures and income to sustain themselves. Eventually Megan and Amber decide they need to move on; the suspense of their departure is somewhat nail biting. An unusual insight and unique adventure into the lives of the mostly sex exhibitionsist and quickly maturing young women. A great story of every facet of young, female sexual perversions.

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