This is kinky, and it is written by myself and my partner in conversation style, read the tags, this is a work of fiction, and is not in any way real, this is my first story so if you don't like it please be constructive in your criticisms, otherwise enjoy
Well, you'd be my daughter, this story starts when you are 6, i have never touched you and have been a loving parent. Your mom died at childbirth, at least that's what i told you. On the day you turn six and i come to pick you up from school, i tell you we have a present. I drive us back to our secluded house. Waiting in the living room is a blindfolded girl, that is all she is wearing. "here my love, meet your new friend" she's 10 or 11 with no breasts but a very thin body, her dark brown hair goes down to her ass. "she's going to be living in your room now, i took your tiny bed out and put a double in there so she can keep you warm at night"
The next day when you come home your friend is waiting for you on her knees, smiling. You hug her and then she stands up, you notice her crotch is messy, there is some stuff dripping out of her pussy. I dont get home until later in the day, but have mornings off. She plays with you, always smiling. She becomes like your nanny and friend. Me always getting home just after your bath with your friend kissing you and putting you to bed. Then i disappear with your friend into my room, you can feel the house shaking and hear moans through the walls, you dont know what it is. Every night she crawls into your bed and spoons against you, her pussy messy again.
She'd get pregnant quickly, getting bigger and bigger, finally at the end of the school year i explain to you that she has to go now. You had heard me say she would give birth soon. One day she just disappears. You cry and explain she had to be taken away, "but dont worry, you'll have a new friend soon"
The same thing would happen, over and over, all of the girls telling you that your daddy coming inside them meant i loved them. I tell you I love you, but never come inside you and prove that i love you.

One of the girls after coming from your room, seems very angry, this is her first day here, i ask what's wrong, she tells me nothing, but grabs my hand gently and asks if i love her, obviously i answer yes, and she teaches me how to pleasure her, you can hear her moaning through the walls as three of my fingers go inside her

Id let it happen this night, i can tell you like it when i hear you moaning and coming too. that night i come to the sounds i hear. The next day when you get back from school, your friend is roped to the floor, her hips in the air above her head. She has a wide butt plug in, its still bleeding a bit. There are bruises around her neck too. you look at her pussy and notice how it is overflowing with come over her chest and plug. She begs you to untie her, you can smell how horny she is, she hasnt come yet

I start trying to untie her, but I've never seen knots like that before, i ask why she is bleeding

She whimpers "your daddy punished me" she says evasively. "please untie me, i need to come"

Why would daddy punish you? Did you do something bad?" I look slightly angry and carefully avoid touching her pussy, "I'll wait till daddy gets home" i stop pulling at the ropes, and start watching cartoons

She whimpers and eventually says "you daddy punished me because i came without permission when you touched my pussy last night" "he said you could make me come today...." She looks nervous "but only if you use you tongue on me, please Miranda, just lick my clit once"

No, daddy was sleeping, and daddy doesn't like lying, so stop, daddy isn't mean" i turn the volume up, "and not until daddy gets home, if daddy thinks your bad, then you must be"

She starts crying on and off until i get home. I walk in the door and smile i open my arms and you run up to me as i hug you. I get down on my knees and kiss your forehead "how was your day my love? I hope your little friend didn't bother you"

"She said you punished her, but didn't give me a good reason why, and she was telling lies, acting like you're mean daddy, but you're not mean, you are a nice daddy, and she tried to get me in trouble too, i don't like this friend, i want a different one" You notice the ropes have been tampered with

"but if i get rid of her i wont have another one for a whole year, she takes care of my need" i walk over to her and she whimpers. I start untying the knots you tampered with. i pull her up when she is done "im sorry this one is bad my love, she'll be gone when you get home tomorrow of you want"

"She is really bad daddy, she told me you were bad-" she interrupts me, and calls me an awful name and a liar, i start crying and run to my room

You hear the door to my room slam after i lock the door to your room. For hours you hear moans and screams as the house shakes. When you wake up in the morning the girl is gone. I make you breakfast and get you ready for school, i kiss you goodbye. My cock is bulging in my pants.

When i get home from school i immediately turn on the tv knowing i won't have a friend there anymore

I get home at the usual late time, you should be in bed already, but i still have to make dinner. You notice that my cock is still bulging and hard as i walk in. I make you dinner and we both sit down to eat it. "how was it without your friend?"

It was very lonely daddy, but i got to watch tv all day, she was mean, wasn't she daddy?" I look sad again, "I'm glad she isn't here"

"you dont look very happy my love. I love you, isnt there any way i can cheer you up?"

"No, i was just thinking about the name she called me, a boy at school says its a swear word for yucky women"

"what did she call you?"

She said i was a slut daddy"

"aww baby you arent, im glad we got rid of her, she was the slut."

I love you daddy, i should probably go to bed though, i know it's past my bed time" i get up and start walking toward my bedroom

"my love, why dont you sleep with me tonight, i could keep you warm" i say as i walk up behind you, i open the door to my room amd kiss you on the forehead. I start undressing in front of you, my cock rock hard, you've never seen one before.

"Daddy why are you shaped different?"

"thats just the difference between men and women, they are opposites, made to fit together when a man and woman love each other" i say as i crawl into bed

"Oh, daddy do you love me?" I ask, my eyes big, as i climb into your bed, i immediately curl into you and kiss your cheek

"of course i love you my Miranda" i say as spoon against you. My cock between your legs. "you love me too, dont you?" I say as i rub my cock against your tiny pussy

Yes daddy" i move against you slightly, you notice my hole is way too small for you, although i am wet

"you are wet, that means you body loves me too, now im being nice and doing this earlybin your life, so you are small, it may hurt a bit my love" i say as i poke the head of my cock against your pussy

"Daddy, you're too big, couldn't you use fingers first?" You realize that the other girl had never touch anything but my clit

I nod and one of my hands cups your pussy, rubbing it gently, i slowly slide my pinky into you a littlr bit, i can feel your virginity against my finger. I stretch you a bit with my finger, slowly working up to my middle finger. Im kissing you the entire time, my cock wedged in between your ass cheeks

We had just gotten to your tiny body pressed against me, my huge fingers pushing your pussy open and stretching it out for my cock. You can feel my cock throbing against your ass. I kiss your neck from behind "i love you miranda"

"daddy your fingers are too big, they hurt, why are you hurting me daddy? I love you" I moan a little around your fingers, but I am still incredibly small inside, and still in discomfort

"im sorry my love, you are too small for my dick, im just trying to open you up" I say as I pull one finger out of you, leaving one in. I kiss you on the mouth passionately, then start leaving a trail of kisses down your body, I stop at your tiny nipples to suck on them. Eventually I get to your pussy and pull my finger out, I start licking you softly, then push my tongue inside your wet pussy

I moan and you can feel my muscles squeeze, it makes you need to be inside my tight body

I pull my tongue out of you and slide up your body. I kiss you as I guide the head of my cock to your tight pussy. I slam half my cock into you, ripping your virginity to shreads. I hold your head against me and slowly start pumping my cock further into you

I'm screaming incoherently, my body twitching, I'm bleeding and your cock is against my cervix and not all the way in

I moan "im sorry" as I pull my cock almost all the way out of you, then slam back in incredibly hard, breakimg through your cervix

I scream even louder, crying and sobbing, "daddy it hurts, please stop"

"im sorry my love, it feels really good for me, if you relax you will start enjoying it, show me that you love me" I slide in and out of you slowly, you start to feel tingling through the pain

You notice that i stayed wet, even through the pain and the blood, i am the tightest you've ever been in, "you're too big for me daddy"

"i know my love, you'll get used to it" I say as I kiss your neck over and over. "you feel so good my love, you are being a good girl"

I moan and you feel my muscles tentatively squeeze you, I'm still crying, but the moan was definitely pleasure

I moan loudly as you squeeze me. "oh gods Miranda, I love you so much, you feel so much better than all of your friends" I kiss you over and over, moving slowly and carefully

I moan again, this time louder, more pleasure less pain, it spurs you on

I start moving my hips faster, squeezing your tiny body against me

"Ohhhhh" i moan really loudly, my hips buck slightly

I start slamming into you incredibly hard, it feels like your hips might break. I shove my tongue down your throat as my cock twitches over and over inside you

"Wh-what's happening daddy?" I gasp noticing the difference.

"Daddy is going to come, you're making him feel sooo good." I moan and force myself deep inside you, as i come, i bite down on your shoulder drawing blood.

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cant wait for the next one ;)

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That was incredible.

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I'm not planning in writing a book, so i figured my punctuation and grammar didn't matter much, I'm writing PORN, not erotica, you want perfection, go read erotica. As for the writing style and short paragraphs, me and my partner wrote this together through texting, and i decided to share it, for the most part i was "daddy" and he was the little girl in the case of any gender inaccuracies. Hope you enjoy it


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You should go back to elementary school and learn punctuation and grammar. Horrible story. The basis was good but who was telling the story? The dad who wants to fuck his little girl or the little girl?


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Wow vry hott made me cum hard i didnt eve get halfway through before i came

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