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She killed her baby, big mistake bitch
Rape,anal,violence,cruelty,sodomy,murder and torture.

Part #1 :

Rape,anal,violence,cruelty,sodomy,murder and torture.


Part #1 :

I had been following the murder trial of a mother in another state who had killed her child and I became pretty upset.I would watch it after getting home from work. She claimed she was innocent and had no idea what had happened. I followed the trial and the investigators kept saying how much she had lied and made numerous false claims, blaming a babysitter,her father, and someone else.I was getting even more disgusted and nearly puked when she was found not guilty.

I could only dream what this bitch needed. I decided to write a fictional account of how it would be to get some "hillbilly justice" on her lying, murdering ass.

I had become more angered and had been talking with my best friend from childhood, Junior.I had finally come up with a plan, a screwy one ,but a plan none the less. Junior and I had decided to head south from our home to another state to see if we could find this bitch.

I was a auto mechanic and Junior was a detailman at a car wash in town.I had spent all my 27 years in a small town with small town valuesand I had no living family other than one sister. Junior had been married but his wife had died of cancer and their child had gone to live with her grandparents since Junior was unemployed at the time. He had since been able to find a job ,low pay,but a job none the less. He was able to support his girl with what he did make.

We thought of each other as brothers so when I told him what I wanted to do he said ,"when are we leaving?" I said, "tomorrow early".

I had played high school football as a defensive guard and made all american twice. Junior was our center and he was all conference center three seasons in a row, so both of us were pretty big guys.

I went by the shop and told my boss I would be gone a few days on family business. Jr. put in for some vacation he had accumalated at his job and now our trip was set.

I woke up at 6:00 AM the next morning, packed my duffle bag fixed some breakfast before calling Junior to see if he was ready. He said he was, so I threw my stuff in the back of my truck and headed to his house.I pulled into his drive and he was standing there waiting for me. He loaded his clothes.Then I went by the ATM and drew out all the money I had and we hit the road.

We were on the road about 7 hours before we arrived in the city where this bitch supposively lived.

I figured we would stay in a cheap motel for a couple of nights after that we would have to figure out where else to stay since neither one of us had very much money.

We looked around and found a cheap motel at the edge of town,"ghetto-licious" as Junior called it. We checked in and was given a key after paying for two nights. we went across the street and picked up burgers and beers for dinner.

We had absolutely no idea where this bitch lived or where to start looking, great plan, huh?.

I picked up a local paper and looked in it to see if there were any clues in it as to where she lived.I didn't find much out but in the editorials I read there seemed to be some people who were just as mad as we were.

I figured we would get gas and see what we could find out. I pulled into a convenience store and pulled up to the gas pumps and filled up. I went inside to pay and a young guy was behind the counter. I paid for the gas and said ,"by the way do you happen to know where this bitch, Linsey King lives? He said he couldn't help me, so I started back to the truck when an older lady that had been waiting in line behind me in the store, walked up behind me and said she knew where she lived. I said you do ,what is her address? She said she didn't know the address per se but would draw a map to her neighborhood she lived in. I said that would be great. She drew the map and I thanked her, as I started to walk away she said "someone needs to put that bitch exactly where she left her baby and just as dead".I said I agreed.

Jr. and I went back to the motel to wait for darkness because we didn't want to drive around during the day in case they had police patrol around her house or take the chance of being seen by a nosey neighbor.We figured it may take us a while to pinpoint the right house once we found the neighborhood.

I pulled into the motel and as I did a guy got out of a car carrying a pizza into the motel. The car had a lighted pizza sign on the roof, "PIZZA". I parked and looked around a minute then I got out and approached the car and unplugged the powercord from the cigarette lighter and pulled the sign off the car. We went into our room with the sign. Jr. said, "what the heck was that about"? I said ,"someone with a pizza sign on their vehicle won't draw as much attention as someone just driving a strange truck slowly through their neighborhood". He said,"hell yeh bro, maybe you will make a crook".

I looked out the window to see what the guy would do after he realized his sign was gone. He came back and saw the sign was missing. I saw him look up at the second floor and holler at someone I couldn't hear exactly what he said but I heard someone on the motel balcony holler back,"fuck you, I didn't take your damn sign". The guy got in his car and left.

We watched tv until dusk.We decided we would try to find the neighborhood before dark and go in and to locate the exact house after it was dark.I picked up the sign and went to the truck with Junior.

I decided out of state plates would throw up a red flag so we went to a parking lot where I stole some in-state plates off another truck to put on my truck.

We rode around for a while until we found the neighborhood.We decided to wait a little while until it was darker. We drove down a road and it led us into a industrial complex. We saw a huge roadside display as we entered of teddy bears,balloons,cards,and candles. We went by slowly and pulled over behind a few cars already parked. We walked up and stood behind some the other people gathered there. We saw the baby's name, pictures, placards saying "rest in peace", "God Bless you" and other condolences. We realized we had happened upon the place where the child had been thrown away like trash. It was a overgrown, wet, desolate area.

I made a silent vow no matter how long it took I would get this bitch.

One woman said to the man she was with,"I wish I could get my hands on that bitch I'd claw her eyes out".

We left and drove around behind one of the buildings where I decided it would be a good place to switch my license plate with the stolen one.

We figured it had gotten dark enough so We went to the neighborhood with our "pizza" sign and saw a kid on a bike so I pulled up next to him and ask,"hey, do you know where the Kings' live?" he said ,"yeh,in the yellow house down on the left, but you'll have to check in at the guardhouse before going to the house".I ask why and he said the man that lived there had paid for security to protect his family after his daughter went to court and got off. I said ,"thanks" and we pulled off.

We drove past the house where there was a temporary guardshack set up at the end of the drive with a sign attached to it saying 'No Trespassing',"No Press". There was a old man setting in the shack and he looked at us as we drove by. We figured we better leave so we didn't attract any more attention.I pulled the sign off my truck after we left the subdivision and threw it away.

We drove around until we found a road on the backside of the subdivision. We went up on top of a hill and parked where we could watch the house through some binoculars without drawing too much attention. We set there almost two hours when we saw a female come out with two men and get in a car and leave, we weren't sure it was her, so we decided to follow them to see if it was her.I raced down the road and saw the car just as they were leaving the subdivision.

They went to a seedy looking nightclub close by.They went in, so we waited a few minutes and went in behind them.

It was fairly dark inside so I could barely make out who was who inside.I went into the bar and my eyes started to adjust to the low lighting. After a few minutes I was able to recognize the girl, even though she had dyed and cut her hair.She was dressed in a tight halter top and a micro mini skirt with high heels. Her ass was hanging out of her skirt but she didn't seem to care.

Jr. and I set at a table nearby and ordered a couple of beers. We were there a few minutes when this bitch started laughing and dancing around like a drunk slut. As the music played she was dirty dancing and grabbing the guys ass he was holding onto her ass and rubbing his leg between her legs as they danced. She sat down between them in a booth and she was hugging and kissing both men.

I watched as one of the men had his hand down her top and she was kissing the other. She acted like she didn't give a shit who was watching and was ready to fuck them right then and there. I noticed her head go down in one of the guys lap and her head start bobbing up and down. I couldn't believe my eyes, the bitch was sucking his dick. Anyone in there could see if they looked at her and several people,male and female, were watching the show she was putting on.Some of the men were even cheering her on and saying "baby I'm next".

I almost lost control right then, but Jr. saw how angry I was getting and leaned over and said,"not now, not here".
I ordered two more beers and the waitress said ,"are you enjoying the show "?.

I said ."hell yeh",Who is she?

She said,"I have no idea but after tonight she'll be popular with more of these horny guys if she keeps doing what she is doing".

When she left We made plans for Jr. and I to wait outside to jump them. Jr. was to take one of the guy's out when he came out and I would jump the other one and which ever one was free first would grab her before she got away.

We were waiting outside when Jr. got the idea to flatten her tires. He used a tire iron had a sharpened end to puncture her tires. He told me later he wanted to do that just in case we were too busy with the guys to grab her right away.

I waited by the door smoking a cigarette when I saw one of the men come out, get into a car that had just pulled up and leave.

I figured that would put the odds more in our favor for grabbing her.

It was a some time later when I saw Linsey and her friend come out. I signaled Jr. and he got out of the truck acting like he had just gotten there and was going inside. He walked past them and turned around just as he passed and hit the guy over the head with the tire iron he fell like a rock. I rushed out of my hiding place and grabbed her from behind and drug her to the truck squirming and kicking. I put my hand over her mouth and held a knife to her throat and said,"struggle any more bitch and I will slice your throat from ear to ear"!

Once in the truck I tie-wrapped her wrist behind her and threw her in the floorboard. Jr. got in the drivers seat and we sped out of the parking lot.

She was kicking and screaming as she laid under my feet. I kicked her in the ribs and told her to shut the fuck up.She started crying and pleading to be let go. I said," keep it up bitch and you'll get a lot more than a boot in your side".She quieted down some and whimpered as we drove down the road.

We drove quite a few miles until we found a side road and drove down it as far as we could go. I got out of the truck and looked around. There were weeds, bullrushes, swamps and a small cleared sandy area. It appeared to be a boat access area. There was a small weathered sign that said "Day use only" hanging between two metal post on a rusty chain. I listened and only heard insects, frogs, and some sounds I didn't recognize. I didn't see any lights near by or hear any road noises so I figured we would be secluded enough to do what we needed to do.

I went back to the truck and pulled her out of the truck by her hair.She was dressed in a red halter top,no bra, and a white mini skirt. She looked like some whore out for the night. When I threw her down I could see her red thong and he nice ass. I realized under different circumstances I would've fucked her and bragged about it.

She was hollering ,"please don't hurt me". I told her to shut the fuck up. I said," bitch when we're finish with you you'll be begging to die,I promise".

Jr. said,"bro,she looks like a fine piece of ass to me".

She said,"why are y'all doing this to me"?

I drug her over to the sandy area and threw her down.I told her,"we know who you are and what you did to your kid".

She was crying hard and pleading for us to please let her go.

When I ask her again if she was Linsey King ?

She said,"no!, you must have the wrong girl". Jr. walked up to her as he heard her pitiful cries and he took his fist and hit her as hard as he could in the face. He said, "shut the fuck up you motherfucking,lying, child killing bitch".

Junior stands 6'2" and weighs 260 lbs, so I was afraid he had killed her with one punch, but I looked and she was still breathing so he evidently had just knocked her out.

I went over to where she was laying and I took my knife out and cut her clothes off,except for her red thong.

I had my phone with me so I took a few pictures of her lying there semi-naked. I pushed her legs apart and took a few more.I took out my knife and cut her thong at the crotch baring her pussy and I took several more pictures. I rolled her over to show her tits and her pussy.I figured I'd have use for them later.

I picked up her clothes and threw them into the swamp, When the clothes hit the water I heard a loud splash from something in the water.

I retrieved her purse from the truck.I looked inside and found her gredit cards and driver's license which confirmed she was Linsey King.I said to myself,"you lying bitch ,is that all you can do is lie and kill kids"?

She had about $50.00 bucks in her purse so I took the money plus a photo of her,credit cards,and the driver's license. I threw the rest of her purse into the swamp.

She had laid there a few minutes when she started to come to. I told her to get up and get on her knees. She was groggy but did as she was told. There wasn't much light but I could see her tits weren't large but were nicely formed.

I said ,"now you will suck our dicks like you did the guys in the bar and you better do a damn good job of it".

She crawled over to me ,as she did I unzipped my pants and took my dick out. She pleaded for us to let her go. I said you can either do what we say or I'll slice your throat. I grabbed her by the back of the head and forced my dick into her mouth. She started sucking while I grabbed her nipples and started to pull on them making her wench.

I am not hung like a horse but I do have a 7" dick kinda small for a 6'5" 312 lb. man.

I was slowly fucking her mouth and it felt warm and wet.When I pushed it down her throat as far as I could,she jerked her head sideways and squirmed against her restraints trying to stop me .I said,"listen bitch,you bite me and I'll pull every tooth in your mouth out, understand?".

She said ,"yes".

I put my hands behind her head and forced even more down her throat until she was gagging and heaving against my dick.I said ,"you better not puke on me". I continued to fuck her deep in her throat until I cum. I kept my dick in her throat to make sure she swallowed all of it.

When I had finsihed I wiped my dick off on her hair.I told her I had had worse but it was from a $2.00 crack whore.

She said ,"please untie my hands I can do better if I hold your cock".

I said, "sure". I had her turn around when she did I grabbed hold of the loose end and pulled the tie-wrap even tighter, she screamed and I just laughed.

I told her she was lucky that I had tied her up because Jr. wouldn't have been so nice to her since he was a very good father and what he hated the most was women who killed their children.

I said here Linsey,"Why don't you get to know Jr. better" as I drug her on her knees toward Jr.

I said to Jr.,"she is all yours, bro".

Jr. had been patiently watching us as he sat on the truck's tailgate drinking a beer. He said,"bro, I think fucking her ass is the way to go". She started begging for Jr. not to fuck her ass.He grabbed her by the arm and threw her face down against the truck's tailgate onto the truck bed and ripped off what was left of her thong. He grabbed her wrist and forced them towards her head driving her head into the truck bed which nearly ripped her arms out of their sockets.She screamed so loud I was afraid we would be heard. Jr. didn't seem to care as he just kept pushing her arms forward more and more.

When he had her where he wanted her he took his dick out with one hand and held her arms with the other.He rammed his big dick in her ass with no warning or lube. He was fucking her ass as deep as he could get and she was screaming like she had been shot.

Jr's nick name in highschool was "mule" and it wasn't because he was stubborn, but because he was hung like a mule.He was probably 10" or 11" inches and had plenty of girlfriends in school to prove it.

I laughed as he fucked her ass. Jr. went to whooping and hollering like a cowboy ,"how's that bitch, does it hurt ?, baby let's see just how much you can take, yee haw, bro this is just like riding a bucking bronco",he said. He was using her arms like raines on a horse as he fucked her.

He was fucking her so hard he was shaking the truck like it had ten people bouncing it up and down.I was laughing so hard I had to sit down. He was fucking her for a while when he said,"here it comes bitch, I'm going to fill your ass up now". He grunted as he exploded in her ass.He fell on top of her as he did and blood oozed out her ass all that was visible as he laid on her was her legs.

He turned to me and said ,"your turn again bro".

He pulled his dick out,dropped her arms and slapped her ass hard with his huge hand,she only flinched a little. He said,"didn't hurt huh?" He took off his belt and laid into her ass for a good 2 minutes until she was screaming and begging for mercy.Her ass was stripped from the belt and blood was seeping from the red wounds on her ass.

I said to her,"see I told you I was the "nice one".

I told him to leave her where she was. I walked up and grabbed her by the hair and whispered in her ear,"had enough bitch?" She said,"yes please let me go."

I said." I want to hear your confession about killing your baby".

Linsey said,"I didn't kill anyone". I said,"that's fine, we'll continue with our games ".

I took my pants off and rolled her on her back so her blood wouldn't get on me from Jr. fucking her ass.I took my dick and pushed it into her pussy and started fucking her as hard as I could.I told her she sure as hell better fuck me better than she had sucked me.

I told her she had better start begging for me to fuck her.

Linsey hollered, "fuck me ,fuck me harder,please fuck me with your big cock,fuck me,I love you,fuck me!!!

I said, "I don't believe you bitch, beg! She said,"Please,please fuck me,fuck me harder, give it all to me,fill me up with your cum" .

"Tell me you want to have my baby".She said,"I do,I do want to have your baby, I want all your cum deep in my pussy so I will get pregnant".

I continued fucking her when I said ,tell me," I killed my baby and lied about it".

Linsey said." NO!,I didn't kill my baby".

I was getting madder and madder when I said ,"you have one last chance you fucking bitch", she then said,"just fuck me and let me go, please !!!, I swear I will never tell anyone"

I ask Jr. to hand me the tire iron. He went into the truck and brought it back to me. I rolled her over onto her stomach. I took the tire iron and forced the sharp end up her ass about four inches and she screamed as the sharpened end started to cut into her flesh.

I said, "I'll ask you again , are you a fucking baby killer"?, she said "NO !!". I pushed the tire iron in a little further when I felt it stop, so I pushed harder and felt it give and blood came flowing out of her ass.I twisted the handle in a circle motion about four times, as I did I felt some resistance. I guessed it had snagged her guts and was twisting them up, she was screaming bloody murder. She went silent after a few minutes so I figured she had passed out from the pain. I picked her head up and slapped her until she woke up.

I said,"no,no bitch you will be awake through all this ,you're not getting off that easy".

I pulled the tire iron out and stuck my dick up her bloody ass. I fucked her ass as hard as I could and the blood leaking out felt sticky and warm ,but I finally cum in her bloody ass. When I took my dick out blood was running freely out her ass onto the tailgate.

She was mumbling and babbling about how we would go to jail for this. I just laughed and back handed her as hard as I could. I told her she would never see that day, besides we would probably be considered heroes in most peoples eyes.

I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her over to the grass and threw her down.I picked up her thong and wiped the blood off my dick and legs.

Jr. said he hadn't yet fucked her pussy so he rolled her over and started fucking her like a wild animal.He raped her for a good thirty minutes until he had cum again. He stood up and pumped his cum all over her face and tits. He pushed his foot into her stomach and said,"look bro she is bleeding pretty good out her ass".

I sat on the truck tailgate and watched as she laid in her own blood crying and begging for us to take her to a hospital.I said."bitch tell us you're a fucking baby killer and we might take you to a hospital otherwise we'll just let you lay there and bleed to death"

Linsey said ,"yes I am a baby killer"!

I said," whoa bitch,let me hear that a little louder". she hollered ,"I'm a fucking baby killer".

I said to Jr.,"she finally admitted it".

"Tell us how you did it".

Linsey said,"Get me some help first"!

"No, tell us now "!!

In a weak voice she said,"I was in my parent's house and my baby was crying while I was on the phone having phone sex. I was laying beside her on the bed.I was trying to get her to be quiet but she wouldn't shut up.I put my hand over her mouth when I accidently smothered her. I was so distracted at the time I didn't realize I had held my hand over her mouth too long.I told my boyfriend I would fuck him later that night so he wouldn't know what I had just done, and hung up.

I panicked and figured I would look on my mom's computer to see what some of the causes were for children getting smothered to try to come up with some accidental reason for her death.

I was crying as I set on the bed with my baby when my dad came in and saw that my baby was breathing. He tried CPR but it was too late.He ask what had happened.

I explained to him I had went to sleep and rolled over on her. He said she was too big for that to have happened. He said no one would ever believe that story. I told him she may have fell in the pool.

My dad said," are you on drugs or are you just fucking crazy"?

My dad and I had never gotten along because he had been coming into my room at night since I was very young and would rub my pussy with his hand or rub his bare cock against my swim suit covered pussy in the pool.He would do it any time he felt he could get away with it. When I was older I told my mom about it. She confronted him and he said it was a damn lie, She believed him not me.After she left for work one day he beat the shit out me for telling. He fingered me from then on and took pictures of me nude whenever he wanted. He would make me masturbate him until he cum and then lick it off his cock.

I said,"dad ,will you please help me".

Her dad said, "I'll help but it comes with a price slut".

My dad took my baby ,wrapped her in a blanket and left.

when he came back some time later he ask me what had really happened and I kept telling the same lie I had given him earlier.He got mad as hell and started to beat me until I told him what had actually happened. He sat there a few minutes thinking before he stood up in front of me.

He told me this is what you will do, say a friend was babysitting her if mom or anyone else asked. My mom knew I had been using babysitters for a while and it was normal for others to watch her while I was at work. Mom went out of town for training often for her job so she usually saw the baby only on weekends.

Linsey told me,"I'm really hurting please help me"

I said,"We will soon, continue with your story..".

She continues by saying her father dropped a bomb shell and said she would from then on be his personal sex slave and that I would suck and fuck him whenever, wherever he wanted. He pulled his cock out and made me suck him right then while he video it. He then took me outside where our neighbor Bill would be able to see me getting fucked by the pool.

I said ,"Bill will see us",and he said ,"I hope so, I been wanting to fuck you and his daughter for a long time and I know he wants to fuck you. He said you will fuck him if I tell you to, do you understand ?"

I said ,"I do ".

Linsey said to me,"Please, please may I have something to drink and some clothes, I'm cold"?

I said ,"when you finish your story we will get you some help and all the water you want"

Linsey said,"okay".

My father said he would tell my mother a lie to cover up for me but that went all wrong when my mother found an inquiry her computer where someone had googled about "smothering" a person. That's when she comfronted her dad about it.

My mother had become more curious because she had not seen the baby for several weeks.

He told her the bullshit story, but he later decided to tell her the truth. She was told she had better lie too if the cops came asking questions. He told her he had logged onto google with her ID and password so it appeared she had made the inquiry about "smothering", so it made her look guilty of killing her own grandchild or at the very least of trying to help her daughter cover it up.

Her dad told her mom, "Linsey doesn't live here, you do and it is your computer and I'll swear in court that you looked it up. When the police come who are they going to believe, me or you"? You and Linsey are the two who made the inquiries".

He told her how he had went to an industrial area near a swamp and disposed of the baby. He said she and I would do as he said and fuck and suck whomever he said or me and mom would go to jail.She felt trapped and deathly afraid of him so she gave in to whatever he wanted.

My mom and I have both been fucking and sucking anyone he told us to since the day he told her what I had done.

He has fucked my mom in front of me and made me suck his cock at a theater while he was sitting beside mom. He traded me to Bill,our neighbor,for his daughter. I was forced to fuck and suck him and his wife any time they wanted. His daughter is much younger than me and dad regulary fucks her as mom watches.Mom sometimes joins in.

My mother was passed around to all his friends just like me.He charges them for fucking or being sucked by us, sometimes they fuck both of us at the same time. She said,when he would fuck the little girl in front of us he made us clean them off with our tongues.

She said,she was sent out tonight with the two guys that had paid for her to suck them in public. Her mom had been ordered to pick up one of the men up at the bar later so she could be taken to a party at a college fraternity.

Linsey said,"please get me some help I'm dying".

I said," not yet"

She said her mother had told her she had been fucked by 21 men the previous weekend. She had been made to suck one and be fucked by another.They had cum on her so much, when she went to leave her clothes stuck to her body. She said she hurt so much she couldn't pee for two days without crying.

She said her dad was making big bucks pimping out them while he stayed home and fucked his little toy from next door.

I said, "I believe you, so I am definitely going to take care of you".

Jr.looked at me and said," are you crazy,you really going to get help her"? .

I said ,"sure am,help me put her in the truck bed,bro".

We drove around the area until we were at a wildlife refuge. I saw a sign saying ,"no swimming,fishing,or boating allowed / alligators present". I picked up a burger we had left in the truck and threw it in the water, as I did I shined a light at the water and saw the red eyes of two large gators race towards it. I opened the truck tailgate and told Jr. to grab her ankles as I grabbed her shoulders. When we got close to the water I said,"your baby is in heaven", and you bitch, now you're going to hell".

She screamed as we were carrying her towards the water,"you said you would get me help, PLEEEASEE"!

I said,"we are, we're ending your miserable life right now"!!

We carried her close to the water,swung her back and forth a few times and then threw her as far out as we could. She landed in the water with a big splash.

She tried in vane to wade back towards the shore but It didn't take two minutes before the gators were all over her. We heard her scream a few times until the water erupted with the sound of the gators fighting over her. One grabbed her by the neck and drug her under, after a few minutes it went silent, she never surfaced again.

We finished our beers and then left.

We drove to a car wash and washed all the blood out of my truck and washed our shoes off.

It was then that we decided to find her mom and dad and do to them what we had done to her, maybe worse to her kiddy fucking daddy.

We went back to the motel to take a long shower and change clothes. When we had gotten clean we made plans to finish what we started. we had paid for another night in the motel,so we figured we'd make good use of it....

to be continued if wanted .....
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