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Another Craigslist adventure
All of my stories are 100% true accounts of my personal experiences. No one may replicate them without my permission. I'm 28 years old, 5'2 127 lbs. Dark brown hair with blonde underneath, falling a little passed my bra. Perky B cups and a Latina ass. I'm Spanish and Native American with a couple tattoos. My boyfriend is 30, White, brown hair, hazel eyes, dimples, a 7.5 cut cock and the nicest bubble butt I've ever seen on a white guy.LOL

Now to the story:

It was the weekend, Lawrence and I were enjoying some drinks and smoking bowls(pot).

"I'm in the mood for a guy, let's have someone over" Lawrence suddenly exclaimed.

A big smile appeared upon hearing this. I'm so hot for seeing my boyfriend play with other guys. However, he's only hot for it once and a while.

With that we hopped on Craigslist, posting an ad. We received about 50 responses. Lawrence found an acceptable guy and invited him over.

He was white, about 6'1 180 lbs,cute probably about 26. We will call him Evan. He sat down on our Red Futon we used as a couch. We offered him a drink and chit chatted for a minute.

I was getting drunk and horny, I could see the lust in Lawrences' eyes.

"Well Let's have some fun" I blurted out.

We all giggled a bit and Lawrence reached out for his jeans. Unzipping his pants, he reached in and pulled his soft, cut cock out. I leaned back and spread my legs, I was wearing a short denim skirt, I rubbed my now wet pussy through my panties. Teasing my clit, watching my boyfriend now greedily suck and lick his cock.

"Come help me with this" Lawrence said as Evan's cock popped out of his mouth.

I joined him between Evan's legs. I took his warm cock in my hands and licked the tip, then sucking on the tip, finally taking it all in. Up and down, in and out his cock went, I pushed it down my throat, then opening my throat, I got it in deep. I pulled it out of my mouth and slapped it against Lawrences' lips.

He opened his mouth and stuck his toungue out. I slapped it and rubbed it against his mouth. Then I slid it between our wet mouths, occasionally slipping in my or Lawrences mouth. We were really loving sharing that cock, moaning in between sucking and licking.

We let up and took our clothes off. Evan went for Lawrences now rock hard cock. I kissed Lawrence, feeling him moan in pleasure with my toungue in his mouth.

"Mmmm suck that cock" I cooed, encouraging him to suck more vigoriously.

"I think he wants some pussy in his face" Lawrence suggested.

"Want this pussy in your face?" I asked

Evan simply grinned.

I laid down spread my legs and Evan dove in, licking my clit, sending shockwaves of pleasure througout my body. I opened my eyes to see Lawrences' cock in my face. I gladly opened my mouth, taking it down my throat, letting my throat massage his cock. He face fucked me while Evan sucked and licked my now dripping wet pussy.

"You want to get fucked?" I devishly suggested to Evan.

"Fuck yeah" he exclaimed.

I grabbed the lube as Evan got on all fours. Lawrence lining himself up behind him. I grabbed a condom and slipped it over Lawrences' hard cock, stroking it with some lube. I then spread Evans smooth ass cheeks, slapping his ass then rubbing it. I grabbed the bottle of lube and squeezed it out, drizzling it over Evan's pink hole.

"Fuck yeah, that ass looks so good" I said "Mmmm you ready to fuck this ass baby?"

I rubbed his hole sticking my finger in a little. I spread his cheeks and Lawrence put his cock head to his tight hole. Pushing it in further...

"Ugh! Fuck yeah!" Evan yelled out as Lawrence slid it all the way in, in one long stroke. He started fucking him, long even strokes, grunting in pleasure.

I put my pussy in Evan's face. I could feel him getting fucked as he licked my pussy. I was in heaven watching my boyfriend fuck this cute stranger.

Suddenly I got an idea and ran in our room. Returning with our pink double sided dildo.

The boys were pleased and got up. I instructed them to lay on their backs, legs spread. I dripped lube on the dildo and both of their pink holes. I lined it up with Evan's hole first, pushing it in. Then Lawrence scooted in, impaling himself.

I just about came seeing this incredible site of this pink dildo in both of their tight holes. I sucked both of their cocks while they pumped it in between them. Sticking both of their cocks in my mouth, rubbing them together, dripping from my enthusiastic cock sucking.

I got up and squatted over Lawrences cock, reverse cowgirl. I lowered myself onto it, his cock filling my wet pussy, making me moan. Up and down, I bounced on Lawrences' cock while they fucked the dildo. I grabbed Evan's cock and rubbed my clit with it, feeling myself getting close to cumming. All of the sudden I felt Evan's cock tense up and then he shot his cum, groaning in extacy. His cum landing on my pussy and his stomach.

"I'm going to cum!" Lawrence shouted "I want to fuck you"

I got off and bent over. Lawrence stuck his cock in my pussy and pounded away as Evan fondled and licked and sucked my nipples.

Within three minutes my pussy tensed up and convulsed, I came shouting "oh my fucking god, oh fuck!"

Two minutes later lawrence started fucking me hard and deep. I felt him suddenly pull out and yell "UUUGGHHHHHHH!"

I looked back to see Lawrence cumming all over Evan's face.

We all had huge smiles on our faces. Evan thanked us over and over.

Craigslist bisexual fuck fest....success

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2013-06-22 18:02:39
when the dildo was deep in their asses she sould have put one dick in her pussy and one in her ass . that would have been perfect

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2013-01-13 04:39:11
Then shall we fuck please

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Your story is very .....s

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