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This is about a hard working chick that needed a break from studying
Alexandra is a hard working girl in college she and her boyfriend Daniel, who is also in college moved in together when they graduated last year. Alex is a goody-goody and she has to do all of her homework and projects as soon as she gets them. Danny is more of a slacker.
After 4 long classes and 3 assignments to do Alex is rushing home to get started because all of them are due in two days. As usual Danny is already home either doing nothing or play games.
~Danny I’m home. If you need me you know where I will be. Oh and food is in the kitchen.
Danny and Alex own a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment. One room is a bedroom and the other is a study room special for Alex so all of her work can be finished. There is also a bed in there so incase Alex is up all night she can just crash on the bed there. It was a couple of hours into working already done with two assignments when Danny came into the room.
~Hey Alex, how’s the homework going?
~It’s going good almost done then I think I’m going to go to bed.
~Well how about you take a break and join me
~Danny you know I can’t do that right now, next week is finals and I need to start studying by tomorrow.
Danny didn’t say a word. Lately Alex and Danny’s sex life have been at a standstill since they both got into college. Alex studying to be a FBI agent and Danny game designer. So that means there class schedules are different and homework is also different on different levels.
So the finals week was upon them Alex studying her brain out and Danny as usual calm as can be. Since tomorrow was the last day of finals and Alex was getting tired of reading she decided to take a break. She went to her bedroom to see Danny there on the computer as usual.
~Hey I didn’t expect you to come out of that room till tomorrow.
~Yea well I got tired and I decided I needed a break.
Alex got in the bed and just lay down to rest a bit. Danny knew this could be there chance to finally have some fun in the bed with Alex since they moved in together and started college. But he needed to think of a way to get her to cooperate but at the same time not make her just get up and leave to go study again. It was about 7 so Danny had two hours before Alex went to bed and he had just gotten an idea as to how to make the sex enjoyable but educational at the same time.
~Hey Alex I think you should finish studying before you have to go to bed.
~Huh yea I guess you right.
~But before you go I have an idea. Wait here.
Danny ran into the study room and grabbed the open book on the table. Then we came back. Alex looked confused.
~Ok here’s your book but first we got to do something. Danny placed the book on the night stand and crawled over the bed to where Alex was laying there on her back.
~This will be both fun and educational for you trust me.
With that said Danny started kissing Alex all over starting with a passionate kiss then slowly going down her body. He stopped at the hem of her shirt and he lifted it and took her shirt of revealing a lovely pair of 34Cs. He went back up her stomach leaving a trail of kisses until he reached right in between her breasts.
~Danny you know I’m bus----
Alex had gasped as soon as he had pinched one of her very sensitive nipples. Danny smiled to himself think how fun this was going to be. After rolling both of the nipples between his fingers for a few minutes and Alex gasping in pain and pleasure he took one of the bright pink nipples into his mouth. Hearing Alex gasping but suddenly moaning turned him on he could feel his 9 in cock trying to break out of its prison in his jeans. Danny pulled his focus from her perfectly round breast and went to unbuttoning and taking off her pants and underwear to see her mound. She doesn’t shave it and Danny likes it just the way it is. Alex’s pussy was already soaking wet and dripping onto the covers but the time. Danny had reached a finger and slid it up and down her snatch before finally sticking a finger in. it didn’t seem to affect Alex so he tried to and that made her squirm since she has a very tight pussy.
~Danny you got to stop I have to study.
~I know and I have good logic towards this. Just turn onto your stomach and you can study while I fuck you. How does that sound?
~Crazy but a good idea. Ok
So she turned over grabbed the book and started to study while Danny was licking up and down her dripping wet snatch. Soon he couldn’t take the strain on his dick anymore. So he stripped of his clothes. As his 9 in cock sprung out he was already back to eating Alex out. Then he went to teasing her opening with his cock.
~Danny will you stop teasing me and just fuck me already.
Without saying a word he teased her a little more. Just as she was about to say something else he slammed his cock right into her all the way Alex screamed at the top of her lungs in pain mixed with her first orgasm. Danny just stood there feeling her vagina pulse around his dick. After she had caught her breath he had started pumping in and out of her slowly taking it all the way out and all the way in. Danny was watching Alex during his seeing her study and moaning at the same time. As the moans started to go down he picked up the pace trying to get the moans out again. Soon he was pounding her and still getting faster. He was near his end and he could tell she was too. But for fun he stopped all of the sudden.
~I’m teasing you and distracting you to do this.
Danny slammed into her again spraying his load all the way into her womb while she screamed in ecstasy. Alex had collapsed onto the bed breathing hard and fast. Danny’s flaccid cock slipped out of her a little stretched out pussy and sat down on the bed just in time to see his cum dripping out of her. But seeing that made him hard again wanting more he saw that her ass was pulsing still from her orgasm. They had never done anal before and he would like to do it sometime so he thought today was the day. Danny stood up and lifted Alex’s ass up.
~Danny isn’t that enough for now I don’t know if I can take any more in my pussy it hurts.
~I’m not going for your pussy.
He paused looking at Alex’s confused look. Again he smiled to himself, so he took his cock and positioned it, and spread her ass cheeks. When Alex realized what was happening she went to protest but it was to late because again he had slammed her but this time into her really tight ass. Screaming at the top of her lungs in another orgasm , Alex felt her ass burning but at the same time feeling so good.
The next day on her last exam she remembered everything she had studied because of the hardcore sex done the day before.


2013-07-13 13:32:37
and thanks blackjack15 ;) ;)


2013-03-19 23:27:53
Love this story going to read it all the time


2013-01-15 20:56:28
i know my story is short but i tried my best trying to rememebr it from my dream

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2013-01-12 15:17:56
Good story, terrible ending. It was all too sudden

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2013-01-12 09:25:22
And there you go again with the 9" cock ???

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