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continuing and concluding the story
Well, we had been going at each other all morning and I was really looking forward to some real action in the bed between the two of us. He said, ‘now I need some food before I start fucking you, need to replenish my energies so to speak’ and he winked and grinned at me. So we did a Chinese take-out and came back home. I got plates, water and the required cutlery on the table while he opened the take-away and set everything on the table. We got our chopsticks out and started eating. He went and got beer for himself from the fridge and we settled to eating and we talked. We got to know each other a bit (got to know that he was clean and did not do drugs or had any infection-which was good because while away to get food, I realized what if he had aids or something, so good to know), he had a degree in management and was working with a top financial organization in Manhattan. So I had a good sex partner basically. I told him worked as a pre-school teacher but had so many job responsibilities that I considered myself a proper worker as a part of the workforce and not some part-time worker.
Once the basics had been exchanged, I was not in the mood to talk; I was getting naughty and horney again. I started playing tootsie under the table with him and slowly my leg going higher on his leg. His first reaction was that of surprise and then, he relaxed and widened his legs so that I could have easy access. Slowly, my leg kept creeping up and it reached his upper thighs. We continued eating and now, were eating Cantonese spring rolls along with some dipping sauce. I had a naughty idea. I said, ‘this sauce is not working with these rolls, let me get you some of my personal dipping sauce’ I winked at him and went into the kitchen. I got some honey, added some chilly vinegar along with soy sauce and some crushed Sichuan pepper and mixed everything nicely. All the time kept thinking naughty ideas so by the time the dipping sauce was ready, I was soaking wet, literally as if someone had put a tap in my pussy.
I took the bowl to the table and placed in the centre. Then I stripped off my clothes. He was shocked was to put it mildly. I got on the table and widened my legs and told him ‘dip the roll into my pussy and then in into the other sauce and then eat and tell me how it tastes.’ He followed to do that and took the roll, dipped it deep into my pussy and then in the other dipping sauce and put it in his mouth and said yum. But he had other ideas in his mind now that I had started the game. He took another roll and put it in his mouth holding it with his lips and then, got up and leaned into my pussy and rubbed it on my clit, rubbing it with varied intensities, giving me an orgasm and then, ate it and said ‘this tastes better’. The next one he took into his mouth and pushed into my pussy and began fucking me with the roll and then stopped suddenly and put the roll onto my mouth and told me ‘taste yourself on this, don’t bite’ he said sternly. So I started licking it and tasted myself off that roll and it was very erotic, to say the least; for me to taste myself on a roll like this; it was making my wetter. Then, he took the roll and ate it and said, ‘yum it tastes better after you suck on it’. He took the dipping sauce and asked me if he could slather it on my body and I said no since it had pepper in it, didn’t want my body burning due to chilly. He said ok, fair enough and went and put it in the kitchen because by now, we were done with eating.
I got off the table, collected everything from the table and went into the kitchen without putting on my clothes; no use, I would be removing them in sometime anyway. And I started cleaning the plates at the sink. I had just cleaned one plate and put it on the rack to dry where I felt him standing behind me, naked. After I left the table, he must have stripped down; he was standing behind me and I could feel him. He had a boner, standing at attention demanding some service. I began to move my hips against him, rubbing his cock and mewling with the sensations it was causing in my pussy. He pushed his hands forward through my hands and cupped my boobs and began to massage them. I threw my head back against him and a moan escaped me. Then, with his hands, he pushed my legs apart a bit from behind and pushed his cock between my legs and he started fucking my thighs from back. It went on for a few minutes; maybe 15 or 20 minutes, then I could not take it anymore. I just threw the dish in, turned around and told him I want a fuck right now and caught his cock in my hand and took him to my bedroom and he walked along like I was walking a dog with a leash.
When we reached the bed, he said ‘I’m gonna fuck you in the leap frog position’ and, he told me get on the bed but to stay on the edge and then asked me sit on my knees, facing away from him. Then, he asked me to bend down and stretch a bit on the bed and then asked me to spread my knees as far apart I could. This position made me feel very open and vulnerable, I felt. Then he raised my ass in the air and; in one swift movement, he thrust into me and began to fuck me. Then, he bent over and, with one hand, he started squeezing my left boob and the other snaked down to my clit and he began to massage it. First, he started with gentle strokes and slowly, increased his finger movement, making me wet more and more. I started groaning and grunting and then, started shouting, thinking maybe my neighbors can hear me but I couldn’t care if the world was crashing around me. I was getting fucked by the guy I was panting for a long time. I had lost the count on the number of orgasms I had since he had started fucking me froggy style.
I asked him to stop, I wanted him a lot deeper then he was at the moment. I moved to the middle of the bed, turned on my back and asked him to get me some cushions from the room outside and pushed them under my hips raising my vagina high up. I pulled him over me, took his cock in my hands and guided it in to my soaking wet pussy slowly, delicious inch by delicious inch, enjoying every inch that was sliding into me. I pushed my legs up in the air next to his shoulders and asked him to fuck me deep. He started moving in me deeper, a lot deeper then he was in froggy style, making me roll my eyes. I started shouting ‘yes,yes,fuck me harder, harder, deeper, deeper.’ He started fingering my clit with his thumb and then; my ass hole which was right there for him, he began to finger it. That made me jump off the bed; making me shout ‘yes, yes, yes, make me cum, make me cum hard, make me cum fast’ I could feel his balls slapping against my perineum. I raised myself and pushed my hands around his hips and pulled him closer; as if that was possible, and began to finger his ass-hole, pushing my finger in which made him go crazy. He stated pumping into me faster and faster yelling, ‘im cuming,im cuming’ and he started shooting his load into me; all nice and warm.
We both lay exhausted on the bed without moving for what felt like ages and then, when we could move, I told him we could be fuck buddies. Anytime he wants to fuck someone he could call on me and vice-versa. I’m a happy gurl today. Every few weeks, when he’s in town, we fuck each other crazy and have a good time.
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