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For any of those who have read my True Story (My wife, Her friend an Opportunity) regarding my now ex-wife then you would wonder why in the world I would fuck her. Even though she drove me almost pure crazy back in the day plus I would never consider getting back with her, I sure didn't mind the sex back then. Did I miss the feel of my dick in her soft wet pussy, the way she sucked me and her wanting me to fuck her in the ass, well HELL YEAH.
I mean it didn't keep me up at night missing it or anything like that but the fact that I could fuck her and not have any further commitment was great.
The situation where I could come into town to have my weekend time with our youngest child and possibly getting her pussy on the side now and then (I have a girlfriend) just made it so naughty and hot.
She would hint to me on occassions and refer to us having sex but I had typically been ignoring her.
There was one time in particular where things coincided and I let it happen.

Now, on to the story:

I live out of town and I typically arrive early evening on my Friday but getting held up I arrived late at night one time at around 10:00pm. Since I stayed out of town I would stay with our kid at her place while she went off and stayed with friends all weekend.
Her plans had gotten messed up with my late arrival and, just like she did on a few rare occassions, she stayed home but left the next morning and would be gone the remainder of the weekend.
When those times happened it was completely plutonic and the only thing that happened was she would start an argument with me however, on this one occasion things progressed a little differently.

I finally showed up and it was close to our childs bedtime and once asleep I simply sat back on the couch and watched TV and didn't even have sex on my mind. We each minded our own business and didn't converse much except to talk over a few parental issues or like I said previous she would start an argument.
She was being unusually kind and cooperative this particular night but then again she always did run hot and cold and like I explained in my initial story you never knew who/what she was going to be.
We finished talking then she went into her room and took a shower while I continued to watch TV.
Like usual when I was sleepy enough I was going to sleep in our childs room. When she was done with her shower I heard her opening and closing her dresser drawers and rummaging around as she got ready for bed.
She came into the living room and sat down striking up a conversation and telling me how much she appreciated the things I did for them, etc, etc. I let that go in one ear and out the other because I've heard all this shit before and then the next day I would be called a heartless bastard. She remained sincere then just like other times when she was like this she got up and stooped over to give me a hug as a gesture of "friendship" and "cooperation". I typically recoiled anytime she did this because I really didn't want to be close to her or portray that I wanted to be with her. She still had it in her head that at some point we may get back together. I never gave her that indication and in fact told her outright on several occasions that it would absolutley not happen, EVER.

Her hug didn't break when mine did so I just kind of went limp and waited until she eased off. When she did then pulled back she only pulled back so far then leaned in wanting a kiss. I pulled my head back in revulsion and she said,

"OH come on it's a harmless little kiss", she said.

I leaned in and gave her a peck so this could be done and she could go on to bed and I could finish watching my show.
She quickly leaned in for another longer full on the lips kiss, then another and another and another. She was horny as hell and wanting it bad and the things I used to think about when it came to fucking her surfaced so I let things progress. I knew she may interpret more from us having sex then what I would ever do but I figured what the hell. I always liked fucking her because she always had a soft juicy cunt.
We began to embrace and smooch while rubbing and squeezing each other. Well needless to say I found my dick growing harder and harder and I started justifying the potential of simply fucking her, blowing my load and going on about my business afterwards. Unlike way back in the day I could have sex now and it not mean a damn thing other than getting satisfied. I knew she thought it was some kind of power over me, or any man, so I knew her motive was more than her just starting this to satisfy her need.

"Come on, lets go to bed". She said.

We got up and headed to the bedroom and standing next to the bed we undressed and crawled onto the bed. I laid back and she kneeled at my waist and once in the right position she sucked my cock into her mouth.
She was always pretty good at sucking cock but in the past she was never good enough to bring me off. I'm not sure if she had been getting extra practice over the last couple years or if she was pulling out all the stops to try and hook me but she was taking me much deeper with greater suction than almost anytime in the past I could remember. The whole situation was hot enough in of itself but the way she worked me was quickly doing the job. I was trying to keep quiet so as not to let her know how much I enjoyed it but I couldn't help it.
I began to grunt and moan and as I would have usually put a hand on her head to pull and guide. She was doing a wonderful job so I laid back and let her do her thing. Back in the day I pretty much knew what her limit was and about the time I figured she did all she could do I was surprised as she increased her effort and continued.
I was thinking that if it would have been like this back in the day, plus not being an intolerable bitch, then we would still be together. Her efforts had the desired affect and she really was coaxing the cum to rise from my balls and steadily climb towards her sucking mouth. As bad as I wanted to blow a load in her mouth I also wanted to be in her pussy but if she was going to bring me off then what the hell. When she had gotten me close and I started to squeeze my muscles I had to speak up,

"I'm gonna blowwwww", I said.

She immediately stopped and pulled off of me. It was like she thought for about 2 seconds then went back to sucking me very hard but once she pulled off I felt my cum ease back down like if you quit sucking on a straw and the liguid slowly descended back down. The feeling was gone once she stopped and the only thing that would bring it back again was another kind of feeling. After less than a minute she stopped then got up and laid down on her side with her back to me. This was how we fucked back in the day, she would lay on her side and lift her leg up because I could get some of each.
I scooted up behind her and placed my dick at her slot and sank my cock in all the way to the hilt. It had been a long time since I was in her pussy and the familar feeling was almost instant. Once I had about three strokes into her my need to cum was damn near immediate. I slowed down while still pumping but then had to stop to keep from shooting my load already.
I also didn't want to cum in her pussy because she can still get pregnant and nothing on this earth could get me to take that chance. I wouldn't have cared if she had a hysterecomy and I had a vasectomy I still wouldn't have taken that chance WITH HER, sounds paranoid I know.
I finally had to stop and be still so I could calm down, she grunted and bucked a little because I quit. After several seconds I started pumping in and out of her again and in short order I had found myself having to blow again. It was frustrating for me as well because I wanted to fuck her cunt uninterupted but it was just to damn good. It went on this way for a little bit and as was typical back in the day she asked me, rather she was begging me, to fuck her in the ass.
This was her true intent from the start and even though she loved getting her pussy stuffed she absolutely loved me to fuck her in the butt. I didn't mind because this was where I had deposited uncalculable loads back in the day.

I pulled out of her cunt and moved my dick until it found it's mark and I immediately started to press it into her ass. My head popped right in before she clenched up but I started pumping her and forced more cock inside. As was typical she put her hand behind her and pressed against my hips while I grabbed her hip to pull and hold her while thrusting forward to get more cock in her butthole.
I always wanted more inside of her than what she could take but I haven't had a good piece of asshole since before I left her. She wanted to be fucked in the butt and I needed to get some really bad.
Since we were no longer married and I didn't have to live with her afterwards I intended to do just that plus due to some of the fuss she had been giving me off and on over the last couple years.

I wasn't planning to be gentle and I was going to force more of my dick in her ass than she has ever had, I brought my body closer and using my leg to lift her leg I shoved my dick into her ass and continued to pump.
She struggled to hold me out but I became possessed and squeezed her fleshy hip tight while I thrust harder and worked myself in as deep as I could. She pushed her hand against me and tried to lower her leg and work her hips forward to keep me out but I kept her into position. She bucked and grunted and groaned while I worked to bring myself on. The sensation was different than before and I was able to do plenty of fucking without the need to instantly blow my load. Her pussy was so damn juicy, soft and warm that I could cum in less than 30 seconds but fucking her ass was great and it helped me extend my time for some reason plus I didn't have enough dick in her butt just yet.
Even with the jizz flowing from her cunt and down her crack to keep things lubed she was quickly getting to the point where she needed me to finish up.
She has certainly been giving up her pussy to somebody since we divorced but probably hadn't had anyone to fuck her in the butt since we parted. I intened to give it to her real good (as I always did) and take plenty for myself (as I always did) since this may not happen again.
I increased my thrusts while pushing in as deep as I could get, I wanted to be as deep as I could when it was time to cum. I had moved my hand from her hip a put it under her leg to raise it up and pushed it forward to give me better access while I fucked her harder and deeper. As my cum worked it's way up I began to moan out loud now and became even more frenzied. I was working feverishly fucking my ex-wife in the ass while wanting to shoot my long pent up load as deep as possible.
No longer able to contain it I pushed her legs forward while thrusting my hips and suddenly buried more dick into her butt.
When I shoved my dick in a breath caught in her throat from my sudden intrusion. Not able to speak she could only smack my hand with her hand but it was to bad because I was not about to show her mercy or cede any ground I had made inside of her.
I groaned out in sweet relief as cum shot from my dick as deep into her guts as possible. I pressed harder into her with each succesive pulse of goo that drilled into her. There was some squirting noises due to the pressure and amount of cum filling her. I held in until I knew I was totally spent then pulled my cock out of her ass. She dropped her leg down then rolled over to jump off the bed and into the bathroom.
I heard the lid of the toliet hit the tank, her sitting down and grunting then some squriting noises as she expelled my cum from her ass.

She hasn't messed with me since then but if she needed it now and then I might fuck her.

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2015-07-03 11:55:03
When I was 62, I was in excellent physical condition... living in a highrise and getting 35 to 60 year old Black, Hispanic and White pussy every single day. (sometimes I fucked two of them) .... There was one particularly hot 59 year old Hispanic woman who went absolutely wild when she was fucking me. She always came so hard that she soaked the bed... said no man ever made her cum like that in her life. The bldg. had balconies for some apts. Hers had one. One night we were on her balcony and she'd had too much to drink when she pulled my shorts down, knelt between my legs... hesitated, as she looked around at the other balconies above saying "Is anybody watching us? ... Fuck'em." and she gobbled my cock for 15 min or so till she swallowed the last drop. I mentioned how good it was the next day, and she was appalled.... said I should have stopped her. I asked why. She answered, "You're older than me." lol So I fucked her on her living room carpet and she made a huge wet spot.

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2015-02-26 20:18:56
This happened several years ago, so I don't remember it as well as I should.
There were several "girls" from my first wife's office at a happy hour and I showed up early to take my wife home. Loose lips follow a few drinks so I was privy to some sexual talk that perhaps I shouldn't have been. One of these "girls" volunteered she loved getting butt fucked which brought surprise to everyone present. She left shortly after and I said that I didn't really believe she was telling the truth. Someone dared me to go find out and my wife seconded that suggestion. They all promised to stay until I came back. I went to her house and challenged her claim to which she offered to show me. There, in her kitchen, she lowered her panties and bent over the table and told me to drag my cock through her pussy and fuck her hard in the ass. I did as I was told and had all 71/2" in her when I blew my load. Went back to the bar and reported to lots of hoots and hollers.

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2014-11-18 09:45:42
Then call the police and have them sercah for the cat whose holding a gun to your heads forcing you to come to this website every day and watch his videos. There are PLENTY of sites on the net that do the same thing that he does And, try showing some respect when you ask for something to get done. I would ignore you as well with the nasty and disrespectful manner in which some of you have came off.

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2014-11-10 17:34:13
I fucked my ex alot. Sex was never the issue. She is still the best cock sucker and ass fuck I have ever known. She liked both alot and loved physical sex. She's a great face fuck and you can fuck that ass all you want. That woman eats more cum than a hooker. I fucked her thru 2 additional husbands and some boyfriends.

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2013-04-01 12:13:04
had to settle some property. Ex invited me over for a drink after. She gave me BJ and we 69 for a while. I gave her one last pounding fuck while I had her legs up I backed up and pushed in her ass. I pounder her ass and pumped a load in her. She pushed and yelled but I would not stop. As I wiped my cock on her kitchen towel I told her how I hated her. She lied to me and fucked up 3 years of my life. for that I fucked her up her ass.

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