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What are friends for? Earlier Story
Late one evening, I was in the living room listening to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and drinking Jack, when I heard a knock at the backdoor. I knew from the lateness of the hour it could only be my best friend Dave. He often dropped by late to see if I wanted to offer him a drink or jam a little on the guitar. My wife of twenty years had retired to her bathroom to have a hot soak and get ready for bed. She heard the knock at the door and called out asking me who it was? I let Dave in and pointed to the bottle of Jack on the counter and told Dave to help himself while I went to the bathroom to tell my wife he had stopped by.

My wife was quite the sight lying back in her tub of hot water. Looking sexy as hell she asked if Dave had stopped by and told her he had and he was fixing himself a drink and we might play some music if it was okay with her. She winked at me and said it was a shame he had stopped by because she was rather horny and would rather go to bed and screw. Without thinking about what I was saying I asked her if she would like to have Dave join us. We had known Dave for almost as long as we were married and this was the first time I brought up this idea even though I had fantasized about it for years. To my surprise she spread her legs apart and asked if I really wanted her to share her pussy with Dave? My mouth went dry and I just shook my head up and down. She said okay with her but I had to go fix her a strong drink and then let her know what the rules were for the evening.

My imagination was a-whirl thinking of all the possible acts we could commit as I walked into the kitchen to fix her a drink. Dave walked in from the living room to see if I wanted to play guitar and I just turned to him and asked if he wanted to join me in fucking the wife? Dave thought I was kidding until I told him he could take a shower in the quest bathroom if he was interested. He slugged down his drink, asked me to pour him another and headed to the bathroom. I poured my wife a drink, Dave a drink and myself another and returned to her bathroom.

She had one leg spread over the tub and was rubbing her clit when I handed her the drink. She asked me what she was to do next. I told her Dave was in shock but went to take a shower. She took a big swig from her drink and asked me if I was sure I wanted Dave to have sex with her. I was. She wanted to know what the rules for the evening were and I told her that any rules were were up to her. Finishing her drink my wife asked me what she should wear to the gala and I told her to wear only her sexiest high heels. Smiling a wicked smile she asked me to have another drink for her ready in the kitchen and soon she would join us in the living room.

Dave took a record breaking shower and was already in the kitchen when I returned. He asked me if this was for real and what was he supposed to do? I told him it was real and his job was to make her happy. We poured ourselves another drink and went to the living room to await our fate. I told Dave that having another man join us was a fantasy for both of us and tonight was going to be a fun night.

Within a few minutes I heard my wife walking down the hall in her heels. She paused in the kitchen for her drink and then appeared in the doorway for Dave and I to gaze at. She was completely nude except for the sandal high heels. We both stared at her from the top of her beautiful head to her brightly painted red toenails. Her large breast displaying her erect thumbnail size nipples caught my eyes first but Dave’s eyes were affixed on her smooth shaven pussy. She slowly turned around and offered us a grand view of her perfect ass. Turning back around she asked us why we were still dressed.

My wife then walked to me and giving me a kiss asked if I was ready for anything? I hardly had the yes out of my mouth when she walked over to Dave and unzipped his pants. Kneeling down she pulled his jeans and underwear to the floor, then took his dick into her mouth. I must admit that the sight of my wife sucking another dick was quite exciting. Once I stripped down I moved behind my wife and fingered her pussy while I watched her sucking Dave’s cock. It was then I heard a Rod Stewart song playing in the background and I told Dave and my wife I wanted to see them dancing together. My wife stood up and they pretended to slow dance while she was rubbing his dick and his fingers were exploring her pussy. It was a fantastic sight to watch my naked wife in only her high heels and my best friend fondling each other for my pleasure and theirs. His hands roamed over her large soft breast and he lightly pulled at her long nipples. He fondled her soft round ass cheeks and fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit. I found myself totally engrossed in the their displays of lust.

My wife noticed me stroking my dick and asked me if I liked the show? I told her I would like it better if Dave would spread her ass cheeks and show me her asshole. He did just that and I told my wife to stick her finger in her spread ass. She pulled away from Dave and got down on all fours on the floor so Dave and I could both watch her as she spread her ass. She wet her finger and forced it into her tight asshole. Dave said he had never seen a woman do that before. My wife was so excited by her exhibitionism that she soon had four fingers sunk deep into her ass. I asked Dave if he wanted to slide his finger up her ass and he jumped at the chance. As he worked several fingers into her asshole she rubbed her clit until she came. Her entire body quivered and she let out a loud shriek. Before she could recover her breath Dave replace his fingers in her ass with his dick. In a flash he was fucking her ass and she came again very quickly just as Dave was coming. This was his first time fucking a woman’s asshole. My wife collapsed onto her belly on the floor with Dave’s cum trickling from her ass. I thought see might be totally spent until I heard her ask what was next. Rolling onto her back she wanted me to straddle her face so she could suck my dick. I was on her in a flash and she put on a skillfull show for Dave on the art of the blow job.

Dave watched as she sucked my dick, licked my balls and ass and played with her pussy. Dave got between her legs and used his tounge on her pussy and clit and It did not take him long to have another erection. When my wife noticed he as hard again she got on her knees to suck my dick and she asked Dave to fill her pussy with his dick. We had her plugged at both ends. I finally came as I watched Dave fucking her pussy and she swallowed every drop of my cum. I sat on the sofa and watched as they continued to fuck their brains out. My wife was enjoying our little party. Her large breast were swinging wildly with every thrust from Dave. It seemed like forever before Dave came again and my wife must have had at least three orgasms while they were fucking. When Dave withdrew his dick from her pussy she turned and took it in her mouth and licked it clean. She then came over to me and sat in my lap with her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear that this had been a great evening. I could feel cum leaking from her pussy dripping on my leg as she gave me a deep french kiss. I slid my fingers into her pussy and rubbed cum on her clit and over her asshole until she was ready to go one more time.

To my surprise my wife straddled me on the sofa and then lowered her asshole on my now hard dick. She eased her ass up and down my dick as Dave watched from across the room. I held her pussy lips apart so he could get a good view of her cunt. Her pace quickened until she was bouncing wildly and it only took us a few minutes to come again. She kept my dick in her ass for a long time afterward. Finally she stood up letting my dick plop out. She gave me a big wet kiss and then walked over to Dave and gave him a wet kiss too. She walked towards the kitchen and turning in the doorway stlll wearing nothing but her heels suggested that the next time we got together that she would like to have a hard dick in her ass and another in her pussy at the same time and maybe another in her mouth too. She starting rubbing her clit again but decided she needed to go pee and wondered if we would like to watch her? Dave and I gave her a big smile.

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Hi I am looking for a couple of days to get back to the same thing as a whole new world and

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Its great one day my best friend my wife and I was looking at a movie before that I told her that my friend like her and she did not believe me that nite I proved to her I told her to get comfortable and she went and remove the bra and she ware a see true shirt you could see her big breast and dark nipples and my friend every chance he got he looked at her I told them a was sleepy and went to my room and left a crack in the door in a few minutes he was sucking her nipples will post the rest of the story if anyone is interested

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OMG loveit

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wow this is exactly what i want to get my wife to do....

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My husband share me with his friend and it was great. Just having two cocks, we plan to do again.

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