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I've decided to start publishing as dark fantasy. Which now seems appropriate for Scott's Chronicle's. So that hopefully, I'll no longer have to worry about, some's, moral beliefs bringing on any kind of personal attack(s)... As well, I've renewed my profile, wanting to separate myself from those first attempts. Apologizing for how badly they turned out... I present, an improved canvas. Yes, these stories are fantastical, all the same, they aren't fiction. As embellished true accounts, each one's basis in reality varies. With that said, in the sake of protecting identity, some names may or may not be altered.
Here's Volume One, re-re-edited. For those who have been reading already, thanks for your patience, something new is on the way. For those who haven't, this is Scott's Chronicles, the memoirs of a boy with a very generous... Love life.


Volume I

The Lady Who Picked Me Up -- Tales Of Sport And Hunting : Part One

She was a princess, queen of the Highway.

Sign on the road said "Take us to Madre."

No one can save her save the Blind Tiger.

He was a monster, black dressed in leather.

She was a princess, Queen of the Highway.

-- The Doors

It was ten till seven and a very fucking cold morning. Knees shaking and torso trembling, it couldn't have been a more miserable walk to school! This is me -- Scott, at a time when living on the uppity side of Salt Lake City. "What a drag." I think dully. "Goddammit..." I sullenly trek downhill; past apartments, snow piles, black ice... Almost slipping on the black ice... Walking along the highway.

Finally! Nearing the school, I turn down a side street, past residences with acres of lawn to each house. Coming upon a parking lot of what I remember as some kind of old person hospital, a small, dirty, white car slows next to me walking past the front entrance. The window rolls down, "You okay dude?" A middle aged, mildly attractive women asks. "It's freezing out here! You going to school?"

"Yeah..." I tell her.

"Let me give you a ride then." She offers, concern showing on her pretty face. "It's Union, right?"

Hesitating only for a second, I nod, "Uhhm--yep," coming closer to the car.

"Okay cool. Get in." She rolls up her window.

"Hell yeah!" Thinking to myself as I get in and thank her.

"Sorry about the mess." She tells me, pointing toward fast food trash, dishes, plastic bags with clothing spilling out and what looked suspiciously like a used condom poking out from the floor underneath her backseat. "It's fine." I assure her. My eyes roam from the floor to her silver, leopard-print, fuzzy pants she has on. Her hips are sensuous is what first comes to mind. Huge! Comes next... Her thick thighs invited, the skin underneath the material enticed; and even sitting, her ass portrayed its enormous succulence to me. Trailing up her sweater, at least D sized breasts are evident. Then, to her slightly pudgy face, crows feet underneath her eyes but a cute nose and mouth just the same; her eyes a cold brown with hair to match, curly and evident of a recent shower.

"Man!" A part of me is already thinking. "This is -- just too good to be true!" (It's not like I haven't been with an older women before. Once a neighbor of mine. Actually though, she'd still been twenty... But... There was Gloria... The very person, who taught me how to please a women so well! However, she was still only twenty-eight at the time...) So, little did I know about the female body once a little more, properly aged and damn... Did I want to see this one! She was definitely doing it for me. I was getting super horny, considering she smelt good and any middle schooler gets turned on even being around girls! At least, I always do...

I hypnotically watch her earrings, little colored gems dangling in silver loops, bouncing as she drives. Slight neck wrinkles, but still, beautiful skin. So soft... Glowing even... Probably simply from the car heater... Exaggerated though in my state of overwhelming, teenage desire. Breaking the silence, I tell her respectfully, "Thanks again. I could've walked from here, but I'm still not used to this weather... I'm from the desert compared to this place! So I really appreciate it."

Glancing over, she asks, "Oh. Where you from?"

"Fort Worth, Texas. I lived there all my life, in fact, we barely moved here this summer."

"Crazy! I saw, you did look cold! That's why I felt bad. I have to be at work where I picked you up, but I have plenty of time to get you to school..."

She tells me this, passing an intersection through which she should be turning left. Instead... Driving straight through, putting the school behind us... I look out the window, a little tensely. Still, the only thing on my mind... How it would definitely warm me up to have that pretty mouth around my stiff throbber. I feel it harden... She notices my slight nervousness though and assumes that I'm instead getting scared. Looking at me, judgingly, she says, "Sorry I know where it is, don't worry... Just wasn't paying attention." She laughs a little.

I figure it's now or fucking never. "No it's fine. Why, where were you taking me?.. To your house or something, Lady?" Stopping at a light her frame turns to me, a look on her face that turns me on so tremendously... (Even to this day and it now a fading memory...)

Like a damn animal, spotting it's prey!

All I can think is, YES! I'm in! Internal pressure -- that is my sex-drive, finally bursts into a wave of ecstasy as I realize I AM about to get exactly what I want! (Yes, I have had a very God, or whatever, blessed childhood. At least, being graciously blessed endowment-wise, that's for sure... Quite possibly, from over masturbation since way before puberty. Once that kicked in though...) Thirteen in a month, I'm already a proud seven and three quarters inches. Which, with it, having had such an excellent sex life so far, why become complacent now?

Contemplatively she drives with a look of curiosity--tongue pressing into the corner of her slightly open mouth--in what is either a show of surprise, or quite possibly seduction...


I tell the cougar, "You'r fucking beautiful you know!"

She lets out a reedy giggle, then mutters to herself, "Oh my God what am I thinking..."

"Its cool." I say quickly, "Look I'm not an idiot." Thinking fast, "Your horny. I'm obviously horny."

"Who says I'm horny?"

Without pause. "And... I'm just going to say it... I have a really big dick. And trust me -- this can stay between me and you."

Saying this I had unzipped and begun to fish out my very, hard on. She's glancing over with a little surprised O on her mouth as I'm thinking, "Man, I love life!" I ask, "Since I gots to be at school and you work, we can just go somewhere right?" Looking up from my cock, into my eyes. With a fleeting sadness (I'll always remember), she smiles enthusiastically as she reaches over with her free hand to touch my newly pubescent manhood. Lightly brushing it with the back of her hand, teasing it as it throbs madly for her. "Come on that's messed up!" I groan. Big smile as she apologizes and begins to stroke the very tip of my prick in a circular, up and down motion causing me to throw my head back in a passionate sigh. "Here," she says hurriedly, "Let me pull over.."

We were on some residential street near the school. She continues to excellently stroke the long shaft between my legs. With that same lioness expression, she moves toward me. Continuing to stroke me as she tongues, then fully consumes my head. "Ohhh, fuck yeah Lady, suck my dick..."

Sitting in bliss, I look down on this woman doing her magic. "Man, I kinda really wanna fuck you." I tell her as she's munching my whole shaft down, just short of an inch. Her tonsils massage the tip of my dick as she deep throats my meat without even gagging. "Ahhhhh, or, okay. Never mind, this is good." Slurrrp Slurrp Slupp. "Aww shit yeah..." I start to feel control fading. Caressing the back of her head, with my other hand I make my way up to those giant tits. Squeezing and fondling them greedily as I feel her bare breasts in my hand. That, bringing me there all the more... I pant, "Goddamn.. I have ta see them..." Ripping the sweater off, up and over her head. Then, she continues with the head. Swallowing my dick whole as it glistens with her warm saliva. Exposed tits gently bouncing as she sucks...

"Oh, I'm cumming!" Adjusting myself, I put my left leg up on the seat, standing with my right. Lady leans over the middle dash, face flushed and eyes ravishly looking into mine. "Fuckk Yeeea! Uhhhhh." One squirt, two squirt, rope after thick rope of nice and pearly white, feral spunk. Hitting her upturned face each squirt splashes off of her aroused skin, cum globules splattering me and the seat. I get the last of it in her hair before she pulls away. "What the hell!" I Smile. She's upset now as she's trying to pull it out... Her cheeks a cute pink, the left one covered in sperm. On her forehead, a wad of it makes it's way down the bridge of her nose and into her eyes. Whiteness speckled in her hair... "That was awesome.." I tell her.

"Yeah except, you came in my hair you little shit! Now I have to shower again..." Teasingly frustrated, blinking cum out of her eyes.

"Sorry.." Taking my nut from her cheek, tracing from her her neck down her chest, I rub it into her cleavage. "Well, Lady I'll always remember you."

With a sinister smile. "Me to cutie, your a lucky kid with that thing trapped inside your pants!"

"Yeah." Agreeing... More, than she'll ever know...

"So, you've been with a lot of the little girls already, huh?" Looking around in her backseat, she uses her wrists to wipe the cum from of her eyes.

"Girls my age? Uhhm... Eight." (With my sister it's actually nine. I was surprised she'd asked.)

"Uhh uh!" Shaking her head. "Your too much, you know that!.." She looks to me gleefully now, absolutely glowing as my spunk dries on her skin. "So man, what about this mess you made, I need something to clean it up with... How about, you give me your boxers!"


"To remember you by, Texas, there's nothing I can use and you got it everywhere!.. Hand em over!" I pass them over to her... She laughs as she's finally able to wipe my seed from her face. I leave there free balling. My boxers, now no more than a cum rag. Indifferent amongst the rest of the trash that belonged to, my Queen of the Highway. Thank you, Lady...

Next Volume: Affairs of a Family in Sin


2013-02-13 00:22:51
This story bothers me because it was my first written attempt, I edited it and edited it but some stuff still slipped by. As well as having just tweaked on it a bit too much... I think it bothers me though, because this particular one is for the most part a true story.

Oh well. check out Part II, just now released! Sorry it took awhile... Editing and many interruptions... Melissa & Her Big Brown Beaver and Oh What A Night, coming up next. Thanks for reading.

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your very funny and obviously sane... making that all the more pathetic.

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CUMMIN TO HELP COLORADO SPRINGS!! ... very well, i start while using the tits! licking in atodiidn to sucking and possessing those nipples difficult, starts the mindset flowin! then... when i start rubbin ones mound through ones panties (yes, it is advisable to leave you panties on)x fingers running around from your bush for the ass. i make the way down relating to the legs. move your panties to at least one side and launch fingering and licking and even eating that cunt... i ease your wet briefs off while x fingertips probe your pussy... i slowly commence to push your under wear inside that delicious hole... but at this point, im down to make sure you x fingers, considering that the middle and list fingers go deep up into your top of your current mound, where that g-spot waits in my opinion... sex date now cumms this fun part!! finding that an tongueing of which plumb... pushing in place inside with a person hand, pushing with your mound with atodiidnal, and tearin in the clit with

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I'm releasing next -- Part Two: How I Met Karen's Clit / Improvising In Band Class, Volume V. Thanks


2013-01-14 22:12:40
I realize now that this series isn't a chronicle and will not be referring to it as such anymore...

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