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this is and on going story please read the other parts. if you comment don't be an ass
Anna is coming over every night now, She is hooked on the tea and the sex. Tonight we are going to tell her that we are going to Dubai for work and ask her if she could go with us. She is going to say yes! Right now she can not be away from us. She is hooked!

A few weeks go by, we are all packed and headed for the airport. Omar's private jet taxis over to us, the door opens and the ladder comes down,we go inside. Anna is wondering who we know who has their own jet. Hours and hours later we are landing in Dubai. The limo picks us up then a hour later we are at Omar’s palace. Omar comes out and escorts us into his living room, there sits Sasha and Jane in their burkas. Omar introduces everyone, then says Anna it is so nice to meet you, I have heard so many things about you. Anna says thank you. Then Omar says you are very beautiful we do not have many red heads in this country. Anna says then I must be one of a kind! She smiles and laughs. Everyone talks for awhile then Omar says Jane will show you to your rooms, my wife is going to take you ladies out tomorrow to do some shopping so sleep well you have a long day tomorrow.

Jane takes everyone down the hall, stops at the first room and says this is Anna's room, she goes in shows Anna the room then she take the rest of them down to Steve’s room. They go in the room, start setting up their computers, Hanna takes off her burka, rose says master can I go over to Anna’s room? She might be lonely by herself. Steve say sure go ahead! Hanna then comes over, takes Steve’s hand and guides him into the bath room. She starts taking his clothes off, turns the water on, then pulls Steve into the shower and start to wash him.

Rose goes over to Anna's room, knocks then goes in. Anna is in the bathroom taking a shower so she does not hear rose. Rose takes her clothes off goes into the bathroom and steps into the shower. Anna at first is scared until she see it is rose. Rose goes over, kisses Anna, she kisses back. Roses hand goes down to her slit, start moving up and down, up and down. She whispers in her ear that she wants her to come! Anna shake, shakes and shakes. Rose hold her up then kisses her again, Anna has never had sex like she has been having since she met rose that one day.

The next day he girls get up, dress, go down for breakfast with Sasha. They eat, talk and of course have tea. Anna says this tea is stronger that the tea Steve has, Sasha says that this tea is better for you, it will make you feel good and give you a big smile all day. All the girls start walking out to the limo, Sasha, Hanna, Jane in their burkas, Rose and Anna in western clothes. In the limo more tea, more tea and more tea. The limo pull up to the burka shop, the ladies go in and into the backroom. There Sasha takes her burka off, Hanna and Jane follow with theirs. The lady shop owner comes in with some new burkas, Sasha says Hanna these are for you. Hanna looks at them and says what is the design on them? Sasha says it is something she has been working on, it is Steve’s mark! So this is Steve’s number 1 wife.
Hanna can not believe Sasha would do something like this for her, Hanna is crying. Sasha says Hanna you were the best slave I ever had, we had a lot of fun over the 10 years you were my slave. Hanna is crying more then goes over, kisses Sasha and says thank you. The shop owner comes back in with more burkas. Hanna looks at these and says these have Steve’s mark but a number 2. Sasha goes over to rose, says these are for you! You want to be Steve’s number 2 wife so you have to dress like it. Rose says she has never had a burka on! Hanna goes over to rose, tells her to take your clothes off, we will dress you and let you feel what I feel all the time. Sasha then tells rose that we need your help, Steve wants Hanna to wear western clothes but she has a problem with it, so maybe you can help Hanna transition between western clothes and burkas. Rose yes that will be fun. Anna is sitting back drinking her tea, then shop owner comes in again with more burkas. Sasha says these are for Anna, you don't want to be left out do you! Anna gets up takes her clothes off, picks up a burka, puts it on. Sasha says I love you all, I wish I could have all of you as sister wives.

Later on the girls are back at Sasha’s living quarters. Sasha say that tonight they are having a dinner in honor of Anna. The girls take Anna into the spa, starts bathing her. Sasha looks at her pussy, there is hair down there but just a little fluff up by the top. Sasha says that looks cute so they leave it, just a little trim on it. They dress Anna in her new burka, then tell her that she can not speak at this dinner so they are putting the ball gag in her mouth.

Steve, Omar and Omar’s brother are sitting talking when the door opens and in walks all the ladies in burkas. Sasha guides Anna over to sit in front of Omar’s brother, rose and Hanna sit in front of Steve and Jane and Sasha sit in front of Omar. The band starts, drinks go around and tea is served to Anna and food is served. Then a slow song, Omar’s brother gets up, put his hand out to Anna, she gets up and they go dancing. She is in a cloud, then feels a finger down on her pussy, moving up and down, up and down. She is getting turned on, he leans next to her ear, says “you love my finger, you want more” she pulls herself in tight to him, he says “you love it here, you love my finger you want more.” It is true she loves it, she looks up into his eyes, he is a very handsome man, he is turning her on. The song ends,he takes her back, she sits down, Jane comes over to her gives her some more tea, whispers in her ear he really likes you. More food and drink for everyone, another slow song, he gets up, goes over to Anna, they go dancing. Again his finger is on her pussy, up on her clit rubbing up, down, up,down. He again whispers in her ear, “you want to say here with me”, she leans into him, pushes her pussy into his hand looks up in his eyes, she now knows she can not leave, she shakes her head up and down, he says “I want you to come”! She shakes, shakes and shakes, he holds her up then he takes her back to sit down.

Steve looks in front of him, sees his 2 woman in burkas, a slow song starts playing, he gets up puts his hand out to rose, she gets up to dance. He is going to show her the tricks of the burkas! As soon as they start dancing she feels his finger on her pussy, he whispers “do you like that”, she says “she loves it and I love you.” They hug she can not believe how great she has it.

After the dinner they take Anna back to Sasha quarters, take the ball gag off, give her some more tea, then tell her that Abdul is waiting for her back in her room. She is so excited she almost runs back to her room. She goes in, Abdul is there, she goes in front of him, put her head down. He says “you will stay here?” She shakes her head yes. “You will be my slave?” Again she shakes her head yes.
“Will you be my second wife?” Again it is yes. “Take your burka off.” She does with no questions asked. She goes over to him, takes his clothes off, get to his under wear, pulls them down, sees his cock and is thinking everyone here must have big cocks. She takes it in her mouth and starts sucking it.

Anna went from being a free American girl to an arab slave in months with just some tea.


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i want some of that

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