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I wrote this on my tablet, if the formatting is off I will repost later. Positive ratings and comments go a long way in motivating me to finish the next part.
 I awoke to the dim red light, the bunker completely silent. I rolled over and kissed Amber on her forehead before climbing over her and covering her nude body with a blanket. I slowly made my way through the corridors arriving in front of the security room. I swiped my finger over the biometric scanner and listened for the door to unlock. Seconds later there was a barely audible click, and I swung open the door. I quietly closed the door behind me and started up one of the desktops. I logged all of the information that I found out from our prisoner. Once that was finished, I used a map program to locate the old factory. The complex covered almost four acres, taking it down wouldn't be easy. I grabbed the portable fingerprint scanner, and scanned the girls into the system while they slept. Everyone received access to the different parts of the bunker as I saw fit. I checked the camera systems, to make sure that they were operational. I left the security office and headed to the armory, it didn't look as if anyone had been in there yet, so I left everything alone. I made my way to the bathroom and emptied my bladder before washing my face. I made my way back to the dorm, and shook Amber awake. I helped her out of bed, and led her down the hallway to the bathroom. I ran her a warm bath and set her down in the tub. I grabbed a shave kit and lathered the soap on her legs. I slowly worked my way up making sure not to cut her beautiful legs with the straight razor. When I made it up to her thighs I stripped my boxers off and climbed in with her. I grabbed my brush and lathered her up again as she sat on the edge of the tub with her legs spread wide. I worked my way down to her lips, carefully pulling them tight while I ran the cool steel edge of the blade down them. When I finished, I took the shower head and rinsed her clean. I ran my thumb up and down her slit, pushing on her clit with every pass. She moaned in delight, as she wrapped her hands around the back of my head and pulled me into her moist pussy. I sucked her clit past my teeth, she gasped in delight. I ran my tongue over her labia enjoying her sweet taste, before kissing my way down each of her thighs. I teased her hole with my index finger, while I worked my way back up her thigh lightly sucking on her skin. She ran her fingers through my hair, pulling me back towards her juicy goodness. She squealed as I suddenly pushed two fingers into her as I sucked hard on her clit. It didn't take too much of my attention to her g-spot and clit before she came. Her pussy gripped tightly around my fingers as she moaned and tugged on her nipples. I sat up and licked around her left nipple before sucking it into my mouth, softly grinding it between my teeth.

              She pulled my face up to meet hers in a long, passionate kiss. Our tongues danced in each others mouths, while our hands continued to eagerly explore the others body. Her fingertips found my hard shaft, and after a couple strokes, she began to guide me into her. She rubbed the tip of my dick up and down her wet slit, lubricating it with her juices. When I felt her tight entrance, I pulled her into the tub. Her weight gently forced her down, she impaled herself and moaned as her body adjusted to fit me. When she finally settled in, she took a deep breath and I watched her breasts heave. She started a slow rhythmic thrust with her hips. She ran her fingers through her hair, and drew her breasts taught. A moan escaped her lips, as she started to pick up her pace. Her breasts began to dance on her chest. She rubbed and tugged on her nipples as we both reached climax. I pulled her hips firmly to mine, holding myself deep inside her. Her muscles shook as her body milked every last drop of cum from me. Massaging my shaft as it slid from inside her.        

   We cuddled in the warmth of the water for a few minutes before drying off and dressing for the day. I showed Amber the areas of the bunker that she had access to before the others started to wake up. At 7am the lights turned from dim red to bright white, startling the last few awake. The girls were making food in the kitchen when I stepped in and grabbed an MRE to go. I gave Amber a pinch on the ass as I walked by and she glared playfully at me before kissing me. "Ahem," I heard from Stephanie and Elle's direction. When I looked I saw that both of them were waiting for a kiss too. I gave them both a kiss on the head, and received pouts from the two young girls. They were barely dressed, I could plainly see their nipples jutting from behind the thin cotton shirts. The shorts that they were wearing barely covered their assess, and Stephanie's were sucked up into her crotch. They revealed her plump lips nicely. I didn't really mind what they wore around the bunker though, as long as they were happy and comfortable. Stephanie and Elle held hands as I took them around the bunker. I dropped Elle off at the pantry, and told her to take inventory. Then I took Stephanie over to the hospital and told her to take inventory and read some first aid manuals. I went back by the kitchen and told Amber to take an inventory of everything in the armory.         

       I left and made my way to the shed at the end if the property. I stopped by an old pickup and grabbed a light bulb, and continued on my way. It pitch black in the building. I could hear Lucky breathing in the middle of the room as I slowly shuffled over. I screwed in the bulb and squinted as I turned it on. Once my eyes adjusted, I pulled the blanket from my prisoners body. The chill instantly sent shivers down her body, and the bright light forced her eyes closed. I sat down on the cold concrete and ate an energy bar. As I ate, I looked up and down her body. Her pale skin was pimpled, and her nipples were standing erect. I used an MRE heater to warm up some coffee for her before I untied her. Once free, she sat still and rubbed  her wrists before standing  on her unsteady legs. She lowered herself to the floor, slowly reaching out for the blanket in the corner and using to keep her bare ass of off the floor. She enjoyed what warmth the coffee had to offer, even though it was almost to bitter to drink. I tossed her some food, and she snatched it out of the air before noisily devouring it. "Are you going to cooperate today?" I asked,  interrupting her meal. "I'm sure a bath would feel great; I continued on, I will let you take a long warm soak in a tub with  a hot meal if you work with me." She thought for several minutes before she muttered a quick no. "That's perfectly ok," I said while I stood and stretched my legs. I tossed another energy bar to her and peered out of door, looking for Lilly. The sun was starting to rise, and the sky was blood red. The cloulds were starting to settle in above us turning the sky a dark to our west. "I need to know more about how your friends are equipped, and I am prepared to do what it takes to find out." I said while closing the door, and turning back towards her. She was already halfway through the energy bar, but she simply glared at me. When she swallowed the last bite of the energy bar, I pulled her to her feet and pushed her into her corner. She slowly pulled down her black lace panties to her knees, and squatted over the drain. She sighed as she started to go, the relief was visible on her face. When she finished, I motioned for her to give me her panties. She tried to get them off without standing up, but she was taking to long. I pushed her backwards with my foot, just hard enough to cause her to lose her balance. She fell back, and her ass hit the cold wet drain with a slap. I put my left hand on her chest pinning her down onher elbows, while I ripped her panties down her legs with my right. She sat still for a minute,   the cold metal pressed against her pussy. Sitting in a puddle of her own piss trying not to breakdown, but she did breakdown. She pulled her knees into her chest and started to cry. Rocking herself slowly back and forth. I shoved her still warm panties in my pocket, and pulled her up. Then I shoved her onto her chair and cuffed her hands together below the seat. She was bent foreward her breasts pressed into her thighs. Her ass was hanging over the edge of the seat, her head hung as continued to sob. I reached foreward and unhooked her bra. The elastic snapped loose, and the straps slid down her shoulders.              The sun was up now, and I left the shed. I needed to carefully think about my next move. After an hour, I returned to find Lucky passed out in her chair. The meds had taken a little longer to kick in than I had wanted, but such is life. I made my way back to the bunker, and check in on everyone's progress. Stephanie was reading up on sutures, Amber was stacking magazines in piles on the floor of the armory, and Elle was in the pantry shaking her ass as she counted cans. I found Morgan and Lilly asleep in the dorm, and left them be. After packing a bag with a few things to expedite my information gathering, I checked on the girls again. Amber was going through one of the gun lockers. I snuck up behind her and kissed her neck while grabbing her tits. She tensed up for a second, before realizing who it was. When I was finished, I whispered a "boo" in her ear. She turned around and held up a one gallon bag of empty brass, "why?" she asked with an irritated look. "Because, I can reload them." I retorted, walking to a door in the back of the armory. Inside Jesse was reloading some pistol ammo, listening to his music. Everyone will be taught how to do it eventually. I grabbed the bag and set it on the bench beside Jesse, he nodded and put the bag on the shelf before returning to his task. I left Amber with a kiss, and made my way outside.       

           The clouds were starting to stack up above us; promising to bring some much needed rain. I found Lucky still asleep in her chair, I walked around her and smacked her ass. I watched as the imprint of my hand start to form a welt, but still she slept. I uncuffed her, and laid her down on her blanket. I tied her wrists together and then to a stud near the corner of the room. I tied her ankles to her thighs, this would allow me to manipulate her legs at will. I organzied my materials next to her on the floor, and rolled her over onto her back. Her tits laid off to the sides of her body. Her legs fell limply outward, spreading her pussy wide. She was starting to get prickly, her dark stubble was a stark contrast to her pale  skin. I pulled the blanket from under  her lower half off  and washed it with a hose. Taking a little extra time to  rinse her pussy completely clean,  I spread her lips and ran the cool water down her slit. She moaned in her sleep, and I knew that she would start to come to her senses soon. I pulled the blanket back in place, and waited. It took another thirty minutes for her to start to come around, she immediately began to pull at her restraints. She screamed obscenities and glared at me. She started to  become hoarse, and finally stopped pulling at her wrist restraints. She continued to kick out, and  try to loosen her legs. "I told you that I was prepared to do what it would take," I started, " and you showed me earlier that your spirits were begining to break. So, give me what information I need; and I will let you go inside, take a hot bath, and eat a fresh meal. My questions aren't that hard to answer." she closed her eyes and looked away, refusing to cooperate with me. I pulled her legs apart, and slapped her pussy. Her skin immediately began to swell and turn red. She bit her lip to muffle her scream, as a tear ran from her tightly closed eyes. When I finally released  her legs, She pulled them tight to her body. I continued to ask questions, and she continued to refuse answers. Every refusal earned her a slap, soon she was sobbing but still trying to muffle herself. After an hour she was in obvious pain, but still held out. I grabbed a rather large, hard plastic dildo; and rubbed it against her swollen labia. She flinched before trying to pull away, but she couldn't move far enough before I began to push it past her lips. I met a lot of resistance, as I worked it into her. She began crying again, and asked me to stop. I released the toy, and it slowly slid from her body. I told her that if she told me what support assests they had access to, I would give her time unrestrained and a hot bath. She nodded, and composed herself. She informed me that there was a full complement of support assests, with the exception of artillery. I untied her wrists and legs, and returned her underwear. She composed herself and handed her the blanket to cover herself with.    

        We left the shed and much to my surprise, She didn't try to run. She hung her head low, and followed my directions foreward. Once we made it to the barn, I opened the hatch and forced her down the hole in front of me. Once down, the word quickly spread through the confined spacesof the bunker. I locked the girl in the bathroom, put Lilly in charge of the door and then made my way to the kitchen to make her a small meal. On the way I ran into Morgan, she pulled into a corrider to confront me. "This is not ok, we should not have a prisoner. We don't do this kind of thing." She whispered harshly, trying to display her discontent with the situation. "She is not one of us, she is the enemy, and she knows things that could save our lives. For instance we are only five fucking miles from their heaquarters. There is a massive force there that could wipe us off of the face of the planet if we are not careful. Do you understand now?" I asked with a very pissed off tone. "I understand the situation, but it still isn't ok" she muttered before storming off down the main hallway. Back on track, I cotinued on towards the kitchen and warmed up a can of soup to go along with some crackers and cheese. On the way back to the bathroom, I ran into Amber. "What the fuck is happening,  Is all this for real?" She asked. I knew that it would be a bad move, but I blew her off with a "yep" and kept walking. When I finally made it back the bathroom, Lilly and I walked in and locked the door behind us. Lucky was sulking, steam rose from the surface of the water as she sat staring straight ahead. The only movement came from her breathing, her breasts constantly rippling the water's surface. Her eyes had no life left in them, her spirit was completely broken. Lilly took the young woman her food, and tried to speak to her. She fed her bits of crackers and spooned soup into her mouth. I left them alone and returned to the shed to gather what was left. On my way back, rain began to fall and thunder rumbled in the distance. I disconnected the battery back from the solar panels and hookedmit up to the wind tubine power supply before heading down and securing the hatch from the inside. I headed straight to the security office, and logged the new information in the system. I brought up a tracking program on the computer, there were several others that hadn't shown up yet. There were four transponders near where Lilly had told me about the prison camps. And one transponder was only four miles from the compound. I flipped the radio on and tuned it to the proper frequency, and went through the compound to find someone to man the radio. I found Adam first, and told him to keep and ear on the radio. I went to the armory and started laying out my gear. I grabbed two rifles, threw on an ammo vest, and stuffed a backpack with enough gear to last a couple days. I stuffed a radio in my vest and grabbed an earpiece. I verified that my radio was transmitting with Adam before heading out. I told him to find Jesse and Amber after I left and tell them that they were to run things until I got back. I made it out of the bunker without running into anyone else. I secured the latch and set my gear down. The rain was hard and steady, so I disassembled the second rifle and put it in my bag. I put on one of the ponchos and covered my backpack with the second before heading out into the nasty weather. I headed west towards the location of the beacon.       

     I slowly walked up and down the wooded hills and across the muddy fields. When I got near the area where the beacon was I radioed in. After a bit of chatter, Adam cross referenced the tracking page to some satellite images and narrowed my search down to two buildings. I located the buildings and quickly made a sweep, looking for anything out of the ordinary. Finding nothing obvious, I began to clear the first structure. The building was empty, but I was able to find a few useful items inside. There were a few guns and some ammo, so I packed up the ammo and hid the guns inside a cabinet.  Knocking down the shelves and scattering the pans as if the cabinet had already been raided. I made my way to the next building and quietly made my way inside. There were two stories to the house, so I quietly cleared the first level and moved up to the second. There were two bedrooms and a bathroom, I found Hermia in the asleep in the tub. I took her sidearm away, and stepped back before saying her name. She was startled awake at the sudden noise, she reached for where her sidearm had been. When she recognized my voice, she calmed down and put her hand to her chest. "You do that again, and I will fucking murder you." She said as she lifted her small frame out of the tub. As I handed her revolver back to her, I noticed that her t-shirt was beginning to rip in a few places. I handed her a new shirt, and she pulled hers over her head and threw it on the floor. She was wearing a bright pink bra with rhinestones all over. Through the mesh of the bra I could just make out the edges of her dark areola as she stepped out of the small room, and into better lighting. I threw her a poncho, and took her rifle from my bag and assembled it. "I do not want to out in this crap, there is no need for it." she pleaded and pouted. "We're going three miles north, to check something out and then heading home. Period end of discussion." I said, handing Hermia her rifle and making my way down the stairs. She hurriedly grabbed her things and followed suit.      

      The rain was falling even harder now, only a fool would be out in this weather. Thunder cracked overhead, and the rain stung at my hands. We tried to stay between trees, and let them take the worst of the beating. The wet clay was making the the edge of the fields difficult, so we moved further into the trees. It took almost two hours to walk the three miles that we needed to go. When we got within 200 yards of the complex; I swapped rifles with Hermia and told her that she was on overwatch. There were no patrols, everyone must be huddled inside the buildings. The storm was getting worse, as more thunder cracked overhead. Hermia found herself a good hide, underneath a pine tree were things were relatively dry. I made my way to a side door that someone had left propped open, and after making sure that the coast was clear I creeped inside. Someone had laid their wet gear just inside the door. I could hear someone shivering up ahead, so I made my way into the shadows and followed he sounds. I saw one young asian male in soaked clothes, shivering in the doorway. Occasionally he would lean out and look to his left and right down the hallway. When he leaned back into the doorway, I wrapped my arm around his neck. He struggled for several seconds before his body went limp. I continued to put pressure on his neck, until I was sure that he wouldn't get back up. I began dragging the body into the shadows when I heard footsteps in the hallway. I froze, just as a man popped his head through the threshold and said something in chinese. He man chuckled, then shook his head before continuing down the hallway. I hid the body underneath some pallets and trash in the corner before deciding to lay some traps and leave. I grabbed my backpack, and looked to see what I had. I pulled out a pound of blackpowder, two pounds of salt peter, and some paracord. I found three grenades on the gear by the door. I found several cans of diesel in the adjacent room. At the end of the hallway was steel garbage can. I set everything up as close to the center of the building as I safely could. I suspended a grenade over the barrel and tied the trip wire to the pull pin and ran it to the entrance. I set all of my gear, and the gear I found outside the door. The rain had stopped, and a layer of fog was beginning to settle as the air cooled. I pulled the body from it's hiding place and open the entrance door wide, before laying the body out in plain view in the doorway. I made some noise, and high-tailed it out of there. As I neared Hermia's hide, a shot rang out. I instinctively dove for cover just before the building exploded. Debris was falling all around, the explosion was much bigger than I had anticipated. I couldn't hear, my vision was blurred, and there was a sharp pain in my shoulder.         

     I rolled over onto my back, and caught my breath. Hermia ran to me and helped me sit up. The building was in shambles, sections of the walls were blown out, and what remained of the roof was on fire. I touched my shoulder and felt a warm moist spot. "Fucking A, dude" Hermia yelled, both of our ears ringing. She lifted up my poncho, and put gauze on both sides of the wound. And put some butterflies on a gash on the back of my head. We slowly made our way southeast towards home, stopping often to change my bandages. My ears stopped ringing after an hour. Despite not being able to see ten feet in front of us and my wounds slowing us down, we made good time. We stopped forum food and water when we reached the creek. We would be able to follow it almost the entire way. As we started walking again, I couldn't help but watch Hermia's ass sway from side to side. It was well after dark before we reached the safety of the bunker. Hermia stayed very close the last mile or two, I could smell her perfume wafting from her neck. Taking the ladder down, was agonizing. I tried not to use my left arm, but I had too much gear and was forced to use it to keep close to the ladder. I braced myself before entering the blast door. I had tued my radio off earlier in the afternoon, so I'm sure that everyone was concerned. I started getting light headed, I was overexerting myself, and I was still losing blood. I forced the door open and collapsed over the threshold.
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