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I've decided to start publishing as dark fantasy. So that hopefully, I'll no longer have to worry about, some's, moral beliefs bringing on any kind of personal attack(s). As well, I've renewed my profile, wanting to separate myself from those first attempts. Apologizing for how badly they turned out... I present, an improved canvas. Yes, these stories are fantastical, all the same, they aren't fiction. As embellished true accounts, each one's basis in reality varies. With that said, in the sake of protecting identity, some names may or may not be altered.
This is something new and in which case much needed. An introduction of the crazier of my two sisters. How she lost her virginity, followed by our very first time together.


Volume II

Affairs of a Family in Sin -- Part One : Partner's In Crime


She screams in silence,

A slowly riot penetrating through her mind,

Waiting for a sign, to smash the silence with the brick of self control.

Are you locked up in a world that's been planned out for you?

Are you feeling like a social tool without a use?

Scream at me until my ears bleed,

I'm taking heed just for you.

- Green Day


I think back lovingly on the times I've spent with my female siblings. Both of them, the most gorgeous girls. Such taboo lust... So dangerously pleasurable...

Me and my sisters, I guess, just matured young... My older sister, especially...


Delanie Louise, older than me by a year, was born on February eighteenth. Describing her quickly. Intelligence would be her distinguishing quality. Extremely bright, she's a joy to talk to, wonderful with advice, and brimming over with life. Very analytical and exceedingly self aware. She can do any kind of difficult mathematics, simply in her head. Remembering it seems, an endless amount of number sequences: phone numbers, historical dates, and not just numbers... She remembers everything. By first grade, the school requested that she get an I.Q. test, noticing her as estranged from the rest of her peers. The results... She is without a doubt, a genius. Even, astonishing everyone, with a full scale score of a hundred and forty six, putting her in the population's ninety-ninth percentile!

As for her features, (Courtesy of our Mom), her skin is creamy with stunning bright, blonde hair. Usually kinked up cutely, just stopping at her shoulders. Everything about her is immaculate. Her looks --gorgeous being an understatement, are brushed into model-like perfection. Growing older, even developing a libidinous glow. Her nose is well-defined, complimenting spirited light-brown eyes. Her mouth, deliciously wide. With tender lips, so unbearably appetizing... Moving them as she speaks, I find myself staring. Anxiously biting down on her bottom lip as she tends to do... I find myself yearning...

She never dresses inappropriately for her age, though. Doesn't even cuss. In fact, annoyingly, she makes the rest of us look bad to our parents over everything! I, of course, always taking the blame... Even, with Lanny never far away. Little Miss Can't Be Wrong then boasts about such victories of deceit to us afterward! Regardless, her relationship with the each of remains steadfast. As the oldest sibling she rarely yells and never argues. Always finding compromises and far from being temperamental.

She's soft spoken, even completely silent at times as well as deathly shy in public. Though, still boisterous around us, she is very competitive. Which her and Eddie have in common as a mutual interest in video games. Her sister of course, she loves the most. In the pure joy of finally having one, she's practically raised Norma since she was born. Gladly, not having to play "swords" or wrestle with Ed and I anymore, she'd allowed her baby sister to tag around with her everywhere. Literally, Lanny's little shadow. Whether it be at school, home, or even with friends. (That is, until she recently started to hang out with Tasha...)

Not only is Lanny a nerd but an athlete, in track and cross country, her body only keeps closing in on perfection. Tight stomach, with large perfect breasts, her frame is slim with such long, voluptuous legs. (She's six foot by sixteen.) Legs of perfection. Her feet shapely and just as flawless; with toes neither long nor curving, the skin soft and unblemished. So perfect, in fact, a constant reminder... I'm crazy for my own sister! Catching me staring during a movie, with them, stretched out comfortably on the couch with her; scowling, she sprightly turns her head away, though, with the faint trace of a smile... Or, we're in the hallway... Fresh out of the shower, her hair wrapped in a towel; wearing booty shorts and a flimsy pink pajama top. Nothing else. Her ass, full and firm, causes my dick to harden as--bare thighs touching together--she walks past my secretive gaze. Unashamedly, admiring the tight shape of her ass, the smooth skin of her shins, down to her feet, every single toe and toenail; always done up so brightly, today in neon-red. With each stride--foot gingerly pressing into the carpet--I realize I have a goddess for a sister.

It seemed only natural, that one day... Everyone in the living room. Lanny and I, on the couch sitting closely. Her knees bent, legs limberly folded next to her; I, impulsively want to touch them, rub them, feel them... Giving in to temptation, I draw her leg toward me, then taking her foot I caress the whole of it with thumb and finger. She looks at me, annoyed as I put my fingers through her toes, "Eww..." she says. I attempt to massage her small heel, "You don't even know how... Ohhh." There we go. I feel the parts that are tight, rubbing these areas generously with my thumb. Getting into it so much... Now, through my massaging touch, able to release all of my suppressed carnal need... My foot rubs, soon become a daily requirement for her.

As you can see, Lanny, loves her whole family as passionately as her vigor for life itself. Though, that same rapacious spirit could be, in turn, what leads her to delve so deeply into drugs and unrestrained sex... Or, maybe, it's manic depression... Ultimately, her racing mind being her tragic flaw, manifesting itself as a severe chemical dependency. She searches fruitlessly for satisfaction. Time and again, getting herself into trouble doing so...


Memories fresh in mind... Of her first year of middle school. Now summer, she's glad it's over with. Having had sat quietly in the back of every class, by the end of the year, few even knew she'd existed. Her one and only friend, Tasha, has just invited her to a small kick-back at an ex boyfriend's. Tosh, turning thirteen when school starts, is a year older than her. Far from being boring, they also share the same interests: musical taste, boys, movies, etc. . Lanny, considering her the older sister she'd never had. The affinity between them, even, soon driving her to develop a severe attachment.

"But Mom..." She says. (Never mind, she's not going to wine.)

Mom throws her an understanding smile, then says, "Look, I know your not really staying at Natasha's for the night... Why would you be telling me right now, at ten o clock?" Her mom wasn't one you could fool, making getting away with things unnoticed, virtually impossible. In the kitchen she's putting dishes away as Lanny sits pensively at the dining table. She's having trouble bringing herself to tell her... Even, knowing that inevitably her mom would take her if she did... Though, only after giving her a small "talk" first. Which, actually, she could handle. One of the questions that would precede it however, she couldn't. These, boys, at the party... Were already starting high school... Even though, she knew she was in appearance much older than her age -- both in height and demeanor. Her mom might be hesitant.

In her room, she talks to her friend on the phone, "She's not going to let me..."

"Bullshit!" Already partaking in the fun. "Look" She slurs, "Just tell her your coming over to a cousin's of mine."

"It's to late, she knows I'm covering. Look, why don't I just come out another night..."

"No! Just lie to her then... You know, you don't have to be honest about who's here. I want you here with me... Come on..."

"Fine, I'll just tell her... Where I'm going... And, yeah..."


"Thanks Mom." Getting out of the car she looks around. The house is surrounded by darkness. Her mom had agreed to take her, only after first telling her, "Look, I know your getting to that age where you want... To experiment..."


"No, I understand. I was there myself, whether you want to believe that or not. The point is, is that every teenager wants to more or less, live a little -- OH, my baby's first party... OOooo I'm so happy for you. So... Just be careful, okay?" And that was the extent of it. Our mom isn't strict in any sense, free spirited, actually would be more suited in describing her parenting style. Also, Lanny had told her the get-together was of all girls from class, the alcohol being supplied by one of their moms'... From the car, she asks, "Do you want me to wait until you get in?"

"No mom! I'm fine..."

"Okay, call if you need anything." She drives away.

Walking up the drive she notices no cans, bottles or anything next to the trashcans. Coming up to the front door, there isn't a doorbell, so she knocks. No one comes. After minutes of standing, she creeps around the back looking for any lit windows. Once in the backyard, she has trouble finding her way through the darkness. Hearing what sounds like crying, she looks for the source of the sound. "What the.." Coming up to a window she's able to better hear. The crying was not what she had thought... "Whose ever's parents!.." Unable to fight biology, subconsciously restraint slips away mind lingering on the sounds... She continues walking, her pussy growing agitated as the woman's moans, now, consciously turn her on.

Hearing music, she comes upon the door to a backroom. Lanny can't help her heart from pounding out of her chest. "Ahhh, I hate people..." Which was the truth of the matter, semi anti-social, she's only doing what's necessary to function comfortably... In this case get fucked up and hopefully meet a cute guy. Speaking of which a handsome dark eyed boy, with long shaggy hair answers the door, music blaring. She sees, at least, three other guys inside. The room's only illumination a black-light hanging from the ceiling. "Lanny! Is that you" Tasha calls out to her, appearing, with short hair and even shorter skirt. Hair, dyed black and eyes a deep green, which Lanny, constantly tells her she's jealous of. Hugging her friend, she follows them into the room.

Unsettling Black Metal plays from surround stereo speakers. Thinking to herself, "The smell of liquor and fruit... Something else too, harsh, but pleasant..." The room actually contains six other kids, counting Tosh. Who, on a couch covered with mismatched blankets, sits between two of them. Kissing one, then turning to the other, hungrily sucking tongues with him. "W.T.F. !" Is all she can think watching her slut friend.

The two boys grin wickedly. Tasha looks over at her with a wink. Apparently, having been in the middle of something before Lanny had arrived and interrupted. She jerks one off, small, not even thick, while the other, undoes his pants. Sitting up on the couch, after pulling her shirt off, he rubs her small tits. Putting his dick up to her face she swallows his much bigger one, sensuously sucking him. Looking piercingly into his eyes. As well, as gazing over into Lanny's! She blushes, absently wondering, "Always so... Lascivious... Ever since we met this last year... Though, she's never made a move. In fact... What a tease..." She turns her head away, smiling shyly. She sits on a couch opposite her friend, the other kids next to her. The host reappearing from somewhere with a plastic cup.

"Thanks" she says perkily. "What is it?"

"It's jungle juice... You've never had any?"

Not wanting to admit the answer, she says, "Of course." Chugging the surprisingly tasty drink down, she finishes it so that he leaves and brings her another. Once returned, sitting next to her on the couch, Lanny's heart again starts to race. Nervously she distracts herself, drinking from her cup. On the other side of her the two others have gotten off the couch. Quickly tiring of just watching Tasha go at it and now wanting some for themselves. Lannie and the hottie sit alone in silence.

Watching, in awe, her friend brazenly slides of the couch, gets onto her knees and then on all fours. Letting her head hang lazily as she grinds her hips swaying them in a crude dance. One of the kids kneels down with her, fondling her cunt as they kiss. Two more dicks are pulled from individual pants, as she's now surrounded by drunk, horny cock. The four circle around her, their hands clasping her hair as she happily allows them to guide her head between them. The boys all moaning loudly, Tasha's sucking and wanking their dicks so animatedly, one starts to cum right away. Bringing her face right up to his dick-head, he spurts his load all over her forehead.

Next to Lanny, the boy asks, "So what's your name anyways?"

(Cum glowing brightly on her skin, Tasha's now putting Big Dick back into her mouth. She jerks the others, while with amazing passion sucking his.)

"Delanie" She says.

Before she could ask his. "Cute name, hey Tosh said you'r cool... You want to try some of this with me?" Distracted by her friends show, she hadn't noticed what he had been holding. An aerosol can of some sort, along with an empty ziploc bag. Realizing now, what the smell had been...

Smoking a cigarette here and there with Tosh and already getting drunk plenty with her parents. Loving the thrill that came with such, she finds herself open to the idea of trying any drug. All the same, seeing solvents lying around the house, she'd always chicken out... The image popping into her head of someone finding her in her room, cold and blue. Body, lying folded over her lap, head on the ground next to an open can of rubber cement... Here though, with all of these people and in the mood -- it was on.

"What is it?" She asks pointing toward the can.

"Good shit, it's supposed to be degreaser, but look, hexane, butane, propane... Haha, why the hell would they need all of that in a degreaser?" He berates. "It's like, they don't care people buy this shit just to get high!"

She laughs thinking, (Wow...) Asking. "Did you buy it?"

"Hell no... I stole it!"

"Oh.." (Well, that is a good way to stick it to them then...) "So, why do you care?"

"Corporations worship money and people that feed into that are all slaves... I don't care."

"Oh." Interest in his bullshit gone. "Well, let's try it."

Telling her, "Okay!" he opens the bag up enough to poke the can's straw in as he sprays generously, filling the bottom of it with a layer of cold liquid. He then puts the opening to his mouth breathing in and out deeply, next passing it to Lanny, who does the same...

Within a couple of breaths, it's as if time slows down, her breathing longer and deeper. She hears each of her breaths, coming in and out from the bag as they echo inside of her, further and further down... As if she'd swallowed the sound itself... Everything gaining an ethereal glow while at the same time light becomes dimmer, basking the phosphorescent room in a dreamy shadow. Her head feels detached. The music is distorted as she hears a strange chiming hum.

Tasha's in slow motion her head bobbing on cock. Her lips parting haltingly from the head as kissing it, she continues to stroke him. Bringing her hand up to expertly cup his balls, beaming up at him as they tighten and he shoots his load onto her lips. She purses them, rubbing her face all over his cock. Bringing her tongue out, she licks up the cum, sucking the rest of it into her mouth with a finger. Then, dribbling the glob down her chin and onto her chest; with the same finger, twirling it around her petite bust.

"Mmm -- Mmm, your a bad girl..." Lanny finds herself saying as in a warm rush as an increasing state of inebriation blankets over her. Picking up the bag, she brings it to her mouth, only, to suck in just a bit more...

Ears ringing, staring dumbstruck at the scene in front of her...

Big Dick shoots his load, Tosh with her mouth open right under it as each shot blankets her tongue and the back of her throat, she gurgles it, then choking, spits it out onto the carpet. Coming back, to make sure and suck him dry of any remaining spunk.

Next to Lanny, the kid has now taken out his dick, slowly jerking himself. He sees her while in a haze. Gently, he takes her hand, bringing it to his semi-erect penis as she begins to stroke him, enthralled by the sensation it gives her. Then, bringing her head down, she eagerly consumes his rod. Tasting his meat, tasting penis for the first time in her life, she feels her her pussy ache underneath the, now, moist fabric of her panties.

Then, she doesn't remember anything...

Tasha bends over as everybody's taking turns running a train. Fucking her doggy style, hard into the couch, black skirt still around her thin waist. Stroking their dicks as each waits his turn...

Not recalling how, he's taken Lanny's jeans, her panties, even her socks off. Lustfully, he pokes at her pussy with tongue and finger, licking and sucking her pussy lips. Sticking his finger in and out, he continues to eat her savagely. Lanny moans, the feeling heavenly as seeing the bag of spook again, she reaches over and brings it to her mouth once more...

"Ahhh Ahh Ahh -- AHH! Oh MY god!!!" She thinks in the fog of her trip, that she's in a dream... Her pussy, currently ablaze in intense pain. He's in front of her, guiding an alarmingly large hard-on into her pussy. The head squeezing in, he slides up further. Once every inch of him's inserted, he begins to thrust into her amply. Fucking her virgin twat, everything but gently. After awhile, in and out of consciousness, despite the pain... She feels such fulfillment! Realizing, that... She's found her bliss... Continuing to yell out as she's right away cumming onto his penis, warmth seeping out of her vagina.

Her cherry had popped. Her assailant, doesn't bother to clean it up either and keeps on plowing her. Dick red with her hymen as it runs down her butt, onto the couch. Tasha has come over now, booze and dick on her breath as touching Lanny's cheek she tells him, "Ssssshit, Oh yeah... Fuck her brains out! Oh shit yeah!" Now, plowing into her steadily harder, everyone watches open-mouthed as he drills into her repeatedly, fucking her so hard it causes Tasha to then say, "Hey asshole, chill! You'r hurting her!" Lanny feels everything... Everything, keeps spinning... As she tries to remain--

In the bathroom, looking up blearily, she doesn't remember how she'd gotten there. The boy's there with her... Jacking off furiously right over her head. So close, she can smell his dick. "What are--" She begins to ask.

"Ahhh yeah!" He groans, as Lanny feels the warmth of his hot seed, landing thickly over her cheek, she turns her face into the toilet bowl. More cum lands on the back of her neck. She starts to cry as to her utter disbelief, she hears cheering! Everybody's watching...

"Oh shit!"



Whimpering, room spinning, she makes out the group from the living room. Now clothed, all huddled around the doorway. As she's looking, a jet of warm liquid's suddenly hitting her hard on the face, misting gold onto the toilet-seat and getting into her mouth. Squealing in protest, she realizes that she's being pissed on. Everyone frantically shouting, "YEAH! Jimmie!! Yeah! HOLY shit!" Jimmie sprays her cheek, then, ear as turning away, he's drenching her hair; coming down gradually all over her back and down her ass crack. Dark yellow and sticky, it drips from her hair and into the toilet bowl. Whole body soaked, she sits dripping as a puddle of it pools around her feet. She clings to the toilet, to fucked up and surely to paralyzed with fear to move. Everyone there in the bathroom with her as she sits naked, covered in someone's piss... Cum... Even, in her dried up flower... Humiliated.

She continues to cry until Natasha finally shows up, clothed and looking lively, her expression changing from playful, to instant shock. From where she is, Lanny watches as disturbed her friend yells loudly for everyone to get out. Then, red faced turns to Jimmy. "Dude! I'm calling the fucking cops, right now! What the fuck did you do!"

"Nothing I just... I still had to cum..."

"First of all this isn't cum..." Now next to her, Tasha soothingly brushes her cheek. "Here, I'll get you in the shower and out of here okay, Babe, don't worry." Turning back to Jimmy, her face livid she says, "We're leaving, you tell all your pervert friends to stay the fuck AWAY!" Getting up she starts the shower, then leaves with one last glare at Jimmy to collect her friends clothes. She call's her aunt for a ride while Lanny bathes. Once she's done, they leave the house; everyone staring silently as they do.

Outside, Lanny lies in Tasha's arms as they wait. Their ride showing up within minutes."What's happened! Why'd you sound so panicked!? Tasha's aunt asks in a fit of worry. When she'd called, she'd been scared to death that the boys wouldn't let them leave... Looking at Lanny though, reading her expression, she knows what to say, "Nothing, we were just bored and wanted out of there! Thanks for coming, Auntie."


That happened at summer's start, spending her whole vacation in dejection. She was aware of what Tasha had done... Telling her so, her friend had openly admitted it back to her. Being scared after what happened to say anything. She apologized, swearing that she'd been going to tell her that night. It turns out, her ex boyfriend, Jimmie, had actually set up that whole tryst between his friends and her. Returning the favor, she'd called Lanny over not only as a friend but to hook her up with Jimmie. Regardless, Tasha's been apologizing profusely since it's happened... Writing him off as well as even spreading rumors about him at school. So, at least, her sincerity and loyalty made up for her selfishness...

Barely coming out of her slump though, she's been keeping busy with school to further take her mind off it. Spending most of her time in the band room practicing, messing around on the xylophone... Hiding out in the only place in school free from judgement. Being that track doesn't start until Spring, she's also joined a weekly drama club. That. Along with her most recent hobby...

Lanny quickly locks her door behind her. She's just gotten home, even running the short distance in a sprint. Particularly stressed today, she hadn't wanted to miss... Her younger brother... She'd been anxious at school all day long and now, craved a nice, long foot rub. Before that though... She wanted to watch... Next to her door is a large indenture in the wall, smashed in from when the room was her parents... Looking through it, there is a perfect, eye sized -hole with a clean view through to her brother's room. Certainly, something she wouldn't have been chatting with anyone at school about... She felt ashamed of her recent perversion, though right now, her desires over-ruled rational thought.

Kneeling down in front of her wall, she's just on time... His penis is fully erect, head red with excitement as he strokes it teasingly slow. She understood the truth of the matter. Feeling like a klutz and a druggie, at that moment, no boy was jumping out of his way to ask her out. She wondered if every single boy in school didn't now know about her summer incident, laughing about it with one another behind her back... Soon though, she forgets herself, distracted by the sight that's become her most recent obsession.

Then, thinking to herself, "Oh... I've got to do it!.. You know he wants it! I mean, look at how he gets when he massages me... He wants this..." Her pussy wettens... Itching annoyingly for him as she peeps in on his indecency through the wall. "My brother..." It didn't help matters that the eleven year old's pole was so... It looked the size of a fleshy highlighter. And the way he handles it... Seeming like... He really know how to use that thing! Since, she'd first chanced upon him, she's been drawn to the sight...

Deciding that she does't care who's dick it was, she's gonna get some today! Being that Scott's was a lot thinner than Jimmie's was as well as smaller in length. It was so perfect... How could she pass this up? Getting up, she opens the door. Then, walking out of her room, she opens his a crack and peaks in...


I'm oblivious to her as she does. On my back, lying in a cocoon of lust. Reminiscing on my first love, her relished tightness, her dad's big dick and her super hot mom.... Of Christie and her young, amazing ass. Of that neighbor letting me into her house the other day... Staring down at my stiff dick, sticking awkwardly from between my thighs. Watching porno. All the while looking down at my own sex. Watching while imagining doing the same with my "cock". I wag it around, stroking it on and off. The Porn Star's about to cum on the kneeling blonde as she demands him to "Cum all over me, oh yeah, cum on my face!" Stroking my shaft in tingling anticipation. " Man!" Wanting so badly to see this blonde's face covered with his white spunk.

All the while, my sister standing there without a sound, now closes the door as she comes into the room. "Wow... What are you doing..." Boldly, walking up to the bed. Her humorous smile disappears as her lips purse, mouth twisting to one side as she's now right up to my naked body extending her hand, "Wow" Beginning to stroke it, "It's so....... Hot. Oooo, that feels so good in my hand."

"Lanny! What the hell are you doing!"

Having someone touch it though. Even if it was my sister... Since Megan, all I've been able think about was sex... The brief encounters I've had since her and her parents, only making it worse. Now, having her perfect, little hand stroking me confidently. With such an insisting glare... I can't help but allow her to continue.


"I want to learn about sex, and you seem willing enough don't you so why not!?"

I groan to her, "Ohh I'd be willing... don't you think... It's wrong though..."

"You'd be willing?.." She blushes. "Shut up, I've been wanting this... Ever since I caught you..."

"What!?" I ask startled

"What, you think dummy. Your not exactly discreet."

The small hole from my room to hers!.. I've gone up to it from my side, able to see her T.V. and dresser. But, from her vantage... She's been using it to look in on me my bed in full view! "Your a perv!"

"A perv? Look at you! What does that make you then?" The porn having been stolen from our parents stash.

"At least I'm not spying on you while you masturbate!"

"Really," She asks sassily, "how do you know I even do that at all?"

"I'm sure you do. Look at you, your obviously in here... For a reason, right?"

"What!... So what!?" Her face reddening.

"So, if your not going to admit this is wrong. It's because your in here to fuck."

"Oh look at you Mr. Man..."

I get up from the bed. Taking her from around the waist, I pull her against my naked body. "Hey!" I spin her around with me and we plop down onto the bed. "Ohhh, " She moans as I rub her breasts, a mouth watering 38B. I tell her, "These are really nice."

"You like them?... Mmmm"

In answer, I take off her shirt and bra, sucking her nipples one by one. I squeeze her tits together, burying my face into her chest as I shake them, feeling them jiggle against my cheeks. "Ohh shit!" Doing it again, I blow air into her warm chest, she giggles cutely. Prick starting to hurt, my need shoots through the roof. The very sister I pine for, lying shirtless in bed with me... My hand goes down to explore her paradise cove, feeling around experimentally, fingers rubbing together all over her little mound as such heat exudes from it. She whispers, "Ohhh keep doing that" Rolling onto my side, I stroke my dick as it gravitates toward her cave. Rubbing it all over her cunt, the smooth lips brushing against my head. The gravity that pulls me in, now pushing me into her vagina. Positioned over her, I steer my cock inside. Pushing with, at first, no admittance. Until, to my dick's delight, her snatch finally snaps firmly around my head.

Crowing for me to go further, her juices ease me in as I push delicately. Exalting at the feeling of the pinch on my prick; she too, looks as if she could want nothing more. Panting, she begs for it deeper still. Looking into her eyes, there is a fierce determination. She'd planned this would happen, I know she did. Wrinkling her face she turns her head away. "What are you staring at me for? Harder!" My head's sliding in and out, being squeezed tautly as the most glorious feeling overwhelms my body. Burying gradually deeper into her cunt, she's practically mooing with pleasure. I brush my lips against her's, pecking her on the cheek, then starting an attack on her neck. By the hips, I pull her into me, her pussy swallowing my shaft even further. Finding her budding breasts. "Man, I love your tits, Sis." Squeezing, I clench both of them, using them as handles while I snugly thrust my way further into her.

Now, all the way inside of her, she moans her agreement. (Having sex with the one girl I've always wanted the most. The most, but could never have... I now have!) My cock pummeling all it's length into her. The surrealism of it putting me into another world. My sister, as if she were some fascinating stranger... I pull out of her, up to just barely the tip, then, ease generously back in.

Just as much, I leisurely slide out of her again. Thrusting even harder back into her .

Again, I slide myself slowly out of her sweet lips. The feeling of her snatch so sublime, as I'm smashing violently back into her. "Ahh! Ahhh! AH! AHH!!!" All the while, still seeing the same exotic impostor. With my hands holding her by the armpits, I pin her down hard. Head hanging next to hers as I hump mechanically...

"Uhhh, I'm cumming!"

"Pull out!" She pants into my ear. I trace my hands down her legs, the feeling in my prick phenomenal, the touch of her skin orgasmic. Holding her thin ankles I cup her feet covetously, sticking my dick in and out of her fleshy arch. Until, showing her just how happy she makes it, I shoot my pent up seed. Aiming, as I squirt onto her ankles, onto her feet, and squeeze the last drops of it onto her sexy red toe nails.

"Is that it already?" She asks disappointed.

"Oh no I can go all day." I assure her.

"Well, mom and dad'll be home soon..." Indiscriminately, wiping herself with my blanket.

"No, not until at least seven. Well, why, what you have in mind?"

"Lets get on a bigger bed... "

"A bigger bed?"

"Yeah come on." She pleads. I assent as she leads me upstairs to our parents room.

* * * *

Trailing her hand over their vanity dresser, she glances around the room. "So, where'd you find the porn anyway?"

"Look! In the closet here." I say. Entering their small bathroom, I show her a walk in closet that's just as big. Inside there's a hidden compartment behind the hanging clothes. "You just have to push in on a certain spot here... And then... Slide sideways." She crams into the messy space with me. Inside, the compartment has a two by three foot floor, a depth of about three in a half, with a shelf near the top. Inside: a box full of porn videos, (even a home movie...), dirty mags and books, two vibrators and a fairly huge dildo... Fit inside the shelf is a safe, the key being with the porn. Opening that, I show my sister. Inside are some vials of white powder, his handguns and their ammo. Lanny, amazed, asks, "How did you find this thing?"

"I don't know, I was going through my sleuthing around phase... I had been looking through all of the closets for secret passageways... And, lo and behold, this one actually had something in it... Ha!"

"You know, your a little nerd." She tells me, eyeing one of the vials closely with a dangerous grin.


"You know what this is don't you?"

"I saw it on their bed stand once, I asked Mom and she said that Dad doesn't like to swallow his pills, so he crushes up his Tylenol and stuff like that."

"You don't know what coke is?' She asks, surprised.

"I watch movies, I'm not an idiot, I just trust my own mother..." I say defensively.

"Maybe she's just lying because your too young to be knowing that they do this stuff... Since this is definitely drugs." She's opened it, smelling inside. "It smells, weird..."

"Are you really about to do that then!? You know you'll have a heart attack or something! Don't even try it, Lanny, put it away!"

"I'm pretty sure I'd be fine"

"How would you know. You don't know anything about cocaine you liar!"

"I've read about central nervous system stimulants, which is what this is. It's like coffee. Ha! I've also heard Mom telling Dad once about how she can't drink the same as him because she's a girl. Come to find out, it's processed faster and slower depending on weight, sex, and even age. Which would go for any drug. So, since I know that... I should be... Very, careful then, right? hahaha!"

"Okay. Thanks for the info smart ass. See exactly, you wouldn't know how much to take."

"I'll risk it. Besides weren't you bragging about how you got high the other day... Why are you acting so lame then, huh?"

"I smoked pot--"

"--Oo I've been wanting to--"

"--with my girlfriend and her parents."

"What, are you serious? Wait, that's kinda messed up..."

"Whatever and this isn't. I say, gesturing. "Or this." Slapping her hard on the ass.

"AH! Oww, Scott! Mmm, here let's do this stuff, I want you to do me while we're high..."

"You'r crazy, you know that!"

"Look." (She's grabbed a cassette with a monster black cock and a thick chick whose bent over showing her ass. Huge DDD tits hanging down to her knees as she does.)

Ignoring her implication. "You want to watch it with me!?"

Going to the bed, she clambers on to it. Looking over at me fiercely with her evil grin, so recently fond of.

I tell her, "We're going to get in trouble... Dad'll know."

Opening the stopper and again smelling inside. "Stop being such a wuss." Imagining the bedroom door opening in a rush as our lives come to an end. I regardless, climb up next to her fascinated by her defiant disregard. With a look of concentration she begins pouring out her guess of enough for the both of us. At the end of the bed, we sit staring at the pile. A small mountain to my eyes. She pokes at it, bringing her finger to her mouth. Closing her eyes she sticks out her tongue. "Tastes like crap." Looking to me. "So, how do we do this right?"

"We?" Not big on doing drugs and just wanting to fuck some more.

"Yeah... Your gonna have me do it by myself..?"

"Well we'll need one of those straw thingies..." I say quickly, not wanting my sister sad.

"How do we get one of those?"

"Why you acting dumb!? Look, this thing has a little nose stopper, why'd you even take it out like this?"

"Stop wining!"

"These are Dad's drugs... I can't believe you right now." By now, she had gotten some used mail from the bed stand and hands it to me. "Here"

Sitting close now, she looks into my eyes rubbing my upper thigh. "Come on Scottie, it'll be fun." Her look determined, lust raging in her eyes. I start to grow hard again. She looks down and strokes me as I harden in her palm. Rock hard, I try to kiss her. "Wait..." she says pulling her head away. My sister seems to be on some kind of rebel rush, and really pissing me of with it. At the same time, intrigue wins out. Impatiently, with the paper, I split the pile into two separate ones. A bigger one for her. "Lanny, I don't even know how to do this." Tearing a small piece from the paper, she tells me, "Obviously you just roll it and lick it closed." I make the straw and pass it over to her, saying, "Here, just don't do it all, this looks like a lot..." Coming down to the case, nervousness evident. She remains there with the straw touching for awhile.. Then, takes a breath and snorts. Hard. Through one nostril, then the other. In horror I watch as she does the whole pile at once.

"What the hell!?" I take the movie case away and grab the coke. "I'm putting it away!" Head down she's rubbing the bridge of her nose. I shove the powder back inside the vial, only dust remaining on the case. "Man! Lanny, this is BullShit!" She's on her back laughing at my anger. So, I finger the remaining powder into my mouth... Not wanting my psycho sister to get to it first. With her still distracted, I shove the rest of it far underneath the dresser; so that for now, it's out of her reach. I'm terrified it's too late though... Telling her, "Why the hell would you take so much!? Do you want to die!?"

She looks over, "Will you come here and pound me already!"

"Fine." I think to myself. Watching her for a bit as she plays with her clit attentively. I then climb onto the bed, realizing my whole mouth has gone numb. "What the..." Embracing her, my hand careers down her leg feeling a rush of renewed lust. Once there, I rub her little feet. She giggles as I again touch her feet together and poke my dick through her arch, holding her legs and watching those sexy little toes touch together. I thrust roughly into her feet. She moans erotically. Lying back, affectionately allowing me to indulge in her body at will. Looking so innocent as she does.

"How do you feel?" I ask. Her eyes are closed.. "Mmmmm" She's rubbing herself raunchily from her breasts pinching her nipples, to her soft, sensitive armpits. Not saying a word but her face communicating the rush she was feeling. I come up to her, touching where she does, brushing against her skin with her. "Ahhhhh" We start rolling around giggling, eyes gleaming. Finding that, my favorite place to explore continues to be her vagina. Teasing it, fondling it as I feel her squirm in pleasure under my touch. Then, kissing her. Her face, so close to mine. Looking as if she's just beat me at something! Smugly confident, yet with such a sexed up expression mixed in... I feel myself growing infatuated with her beauty alone.

She's now lying on her side with her legs together--feet brushing back and forth over the sheets--arm on her elbow as she lets her head rest in her hand. Looking to me longingly. Calling me inside of her with her eyes. Between closed thighs I rub her raging twat. Her hand caressing my stomach. Ignoring my sudden throbbing heart, I roll over on top of her. Entering, this time, without any pretense. She grunts with pleasure as I squeeze into her. Her body loosening in welcome, pussy finally placated as it's stuffed with all five in a half inches.

Something's definitely changing in me... I'm now giddy as grinning stupidly, I fuck the shit out of my sister. Turning me on all the more. Making sure to completely thrust into each sweet, sweet spot. Every motion bringing forth honeyed sounds from her tasty mouth. Our lips meet. The feeling sends such a shiver, I shake and have to pull away, face heated. I pound her alright... I pound hard. Pushing her legs down from behind her knees, I pound as deep as I can. Breathing rapidly each of her heart beats visible through her chest. I think to myself, "She's alright, your just fucking her too hard that's all... She looks fine..."

I pull out, to her frustration. Saying, "Oooo, I just wanted you to sit on me, here." She tisks. Lying back, I hold my dick up. Positioning herself she cradles me, placing the scarlet tip against her teeny pussy, grinding it against her flesh. God! It's so nice! Her lips sliding over me, once again tightly wrapping around my cock. Completely. Filled to the brim, her ass against my balls. Groaning in delight, she begins to ride me as if having a fit. Slapping her ass down so hard, I have to grab and guide her backside just to keep my dick from breaking off. She comes to kiss my ear as I hear she's breathing in the same ragged hiccup. Our lips find each other as chills overrule my body A white light envelops my vision, then, is gone as afterwards everything remains slightly out of focus.

The feeling indescribable, my penis swells. With a hot rush, I cum into her. "Uhhhhh!" Every spurt of semen erupting from it, taking me far, far away...

"You came in me..." Her eyes are of the same dark hunger... In loving embrace I kiss her deeply, bliss, still bringing me to shiver. Lanny breathing so heavily... I try to soothe her with my touch. As we spoon, I fondle her, through my touch portraying my feelings for her. Thinking of how I've definitely fallen for my sister... It's all happening so fucking fast! It's actually pretty sickening...

Getting up to relieve my stomach, I walk over and put in the tape. Her voice's slightly hoarse and very tense."You like watching those big peters, ha!?" She teases. "I think it's gross..." Despite this, she sits up intently as it starts. "Hehee, look see!" Watching, I agree. Surely someones penis can't grow that large...Wow.

This guy's already hard as Black Beauty's blowing him passionately, loudly slurping on his rod. She's on her knees while she sucks him off, back straight, her head coming down... Filling her mouth, shaft still only inches in. She strokes the rest, his cock the size of her wrist. Peaking over at my sister I see, she herself has her back stiff, legs crossed, absently fingering her lip as she watches entranced the woman now bending her amazing ass over a wooden chair. I meanwhile, lie back to enjoy myself fully. (His pole entering her wet, rosy cunt.) Lanny gasps, (His dick's filling her, the majority of his length having slid in.), her hand sneakily moves it's way south.

The girl's busty body is being rocked forward on the chair as he grabs her ass, the camera angle lowering to an underhand ball-shot. Watery cum trickles down her thighs as her pussy is being filled with every inch, trembling in noisy orgasm.

Lanny looks back at me, her excitement seen through her radiance. She lets out a laugh, as her eyebrows raise questioningly. "Look at you, can't you go without touching yourself?" Crawling over to me seductively. Jaws clenched tightly, sweating profusely, you would thing she's not well. Her look tough, with a blatant want for sex, is convincing enough otherwise. She keeps eye contact as briskly her tongue meets my head , swallowing it, twisting her mouth all around. Then lustfully swallowing the rest. Cupping my balls, with her outstretched palm she admiringly rubs one then the other. "Mmm, lick my balls.." She does, poking her tongue rapidly over my ball skin, nabbing at them with her soft lips. She sucks one into her mouth then moaning as she rubs the other against her mouth, the vibrations on my nut sending thrills down my spine. Tracing her palm along my shaft she jerks it, staring while she does. Then, bringing her pink-glossed lips to the head, she licks all along it and down the rest of the shaft.


"Shhh," stopping to put her finger to her lips. Bending forward on hands and knees, her pert ass sways enticingly as she throws her whole body into swallowing me. After so long, I stop her, roughly placing her onto her back. She squeaks with delight as my pole again enters and I quickly find my rhythm. That's when she starts to cum... "Oh shit!" I exclaim as the first one gushes onto my cock, squirting over it as her body shudders. I rub her twat hard and fast, "OH MY FFFffrrick!!!" Another jet of glassy cum launches from her pussy onto the blankets. I come down between her thighs, sucking her pussy ravenously. "MMmm, you taste good!" I tell her.

"I... Wow-- that was weird... Ohhh, that felt sooo--"

Stroking my dick. "Damn... You'r so hot! Hey, you should like... Let me fuck you from the back, yeah? She eagerly bends over in front of me, looking over her shoulder in lusty anticipation. Grabbing her firmly around the ass my fingers bury into her as I shove back into her glistening snatch. Steadily, I'm picking up my speed, as I poke her ass button with my thumb, rubbing forcefully down on it. All around the tiny hole, occasionally spiting on it, lubing her up more and more, until -- I squeeze in. Thumb in her ass, I pound even harder. She takes it gladly. Her moans now a long wail, with sharp gasps as I fuck hard, my cum bubbling to the surface.

"Oh Fuck! Turn around Sis." She turns around quickly, as my dick spits it's sperm onto her face. My slime falling in hot wads, she smiles with a wince, grossed out as it touches her skin. She brings her arm up to it, loosely swatting her hand, "Eww it's alot!" Getting a web of it right across her small, perfect nose (Damn! three times and still full of cum!) She brushes away the sperm that's under her nose, into her fingers. "Wow, so"--she smells it wincing--"Gross!" Wiping it onto her thigh. "Oh my god I need to call Tosh and tell her about this..." Despite the fact that Tasha was her best friend, and super hot... I wasn't too thrilled about her sharing this with someone right off the bat. I tell her so. She nods her head rapidly at me "No yeah, yeah, I wanna talk to her!"

"You weirdo! Your all... Wired! Besides, Mom and Dad, remember!"

She wasn't listening to me, already up and dialing the number into the cordless phone.

"Whatever, I'll clean myself then..." Reaching under the dresser I have to get back up to get a hanger. Then once back down, I get the coke, grab the video case, wipe it and get the tape from the VCR. Then in the bathroom, putting everything away.

Lanny's going on into the phone at a rapid pace. "--Uh huh. --Yea. --Oh my god I know! --Stop it! --Shut up, I know he is... --But...Oh my god, it was sooooo! --I know. --I know!" I shoo her off the bed so that I could make and fabreeze it. Her tone grows heavy "--No....--Huh?... No, I never told him about it..." Wondering what she was talking about, I look around the room. Looks good.

"Alright, come on let's get out of here." In the living room we watch T.V until our mom arrives home with the other two, Dad an hour later.


"Mmmm, smells good Mom!" The four of us are at the table. Mom bringing over a fat lasagna as Ed and Norma cheer. Sated already, I look over at Lanny who has since calmed down, though, she doesn't look good at all. With exhaustion etched into her face, she also doesn't seem herself. Nontheless, catching my glance, she smiles lovingly back at me. Dad, whose been showering, is probably on his way out to eat.

Now served, I stick my fork into the lasagna, wondering if I'd put everything away just right--


"Fuck, fuck, fuck..." Ahhh shit. Now, I remember! The other tape... Dammit -- see what I mean about her!!!

Next Volume: Melissa & Her Big Brown Beaver
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