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An onyx haired beauty comes into the path of a lustful serial killer, and things end badly for the poor college student.
My Dying Dark Angel

I don't think she had a clue what was coming.
I doubt it ever even crossed her mind that I was following her.
Stupid cunt.

Please, let me introduce myself. My name is Alexi. I was born in Russia but have
lived in America for many years now. Who I was is not important.
My life, in fact, is not important. And neither is anyone else's.

Who am I now? Some would say I'm a killer. A rapist. A cruel hearted bastard.
A sadist. A psycho. And those people would be right, it's true. I am all of those,
and more. But others, the ones I favor, would call me an arist. A genuis.
Just because I actually end lives, and take beautiful girls against their will,
does not make me worse than most men. Everyone has their sick fantasies,
I just prefer mine to be satisfied.

Tonight, they were.

She wasn't quite like the girls I usually captured- I generally prefer blonde girls with blue eyes and small, child breasts. She was an ebony haired dark fairy, with glittering green eyes
and very light alabaster skin. I don't know why, but she appealed to me deeply
and I knew I just had to have her.

I saw her first at Starbucks, and I followed her home. For two weeks, I monitored her
from a distance, all without her knowledge. I knew her patterns, her movements.
And now I was ready. I followed her, leaving my car some ways away, since I knew
she was on foot tonight, because her Porsche had been in the shop for three days..
fucking rich bitch. She wore a tight red tank top and black skinny jeans with black boots,
her long black hair left loose down her back. She smelled of roses, just like the funeral

I grabbed her as she was unlocking her front door, and pushed her inside.
I normally would have taken her with me, but convient for me, she lived
even more isolated than one would hear her pathetic screams.

She tried to scream, and as a reflex tried to kick me from behind, but I
was having none of that tonight. I shoved her to the floor, laughing as she kicked and yelled.
“Go ahead. Who's really going to hear? Who will care? You poor, poor thing...
I bet you never thought this would happen to you.” No one ever does, you know.
They all think crime happens to other girls, not themselves.

“You'll go to jail!” She hissed through her teeth, the fight still in her eyes.

“I doubt that, bitch. Who's going to call the cops?” I asked, leering at her.

Seeing that she was struggling for an answer, I leaned close to her ear and whispered
into it: “You are going to die tonight.” Her face paled, and the thrashing got more violent.
She was struggling, trying so fucking hard to get free, out of my strong arms.

I am tall. I am heavy. I am built. She's just a girl, probably not weighing more than 120 pounds.
What chance did she ever have? Against me? Against any man? I held
both her arms with one of mine, and used the other to tear off her shirt. She
wasn't wearing a bra, which just made things easier for me. Her tits were
bigger than most of my girls, a nice 36C, with puffy pink nipples. I glanced
down and noticed a naval ring accentuated her pale stomach. On impulse
I leaned down and kissed it. She cringed, of course.

“Please. Please, just...take all my money and stuff, and leave. No one
will know. Just don't kill me!” She whispered suddenly, trying to look
innocent. They all said the same stupid shit, I thought irritably. I was
already getting exhausted with her. I jerked her pants down, letting the button
pop out. Again with the kicking and thrashing.

Why do they always fight? They never win. Foolish little sluts...

I pulled out my dick, not bothering to undress completely,
and without any lube or foreplay, thrust it inside her tight clit.

God it felt had been a while, I realized. Really shouldn't let myself
go so long without satisfaction. Not healthy, you know.

She screamed louder and louder, so finally I put my hands around
her white neck and squeezed, silencing her cacophony of screeches.
I got enough screaming and bitching back when I was married,
damn if I wanted to hear too much of it these days.

I kept choking her as I fucked that tight ass cunt of hers, thrusting my hard cock
in and out of her bush, loving the feel of her against me. I don't think
she was a virgin, but she obviously hadn't had much sex. I pounded away
as the life in her eyes faded and dimmed more and more each second,
her attempts at self defense becoming futile.

I watched her eyes, barely alive, as I bit her nipple as hard as I could,
pleased at the blood which oozed out. I let go of her neck- I like
to prolong it a little, let the bitch suffer. I rolled her on her stomach,
sensing she was far too weak to really fight now. Any tries to do so
would be futile and useless.

She had a nice ass, round and firm and untouched. The kind of ass
every man wants to stick his dick into someday. I kissed down her spine
and to her ass, licking it to lube it up some, squeezing her ass cheeks hard.
“Nooo.....” She whimpered as I pushed my dick against the tip of her butt,
letting it sit there, rubbing against it, before I finally rammed it in
and began pounding her ass. Fuck, I was going to cum....with a few more
deep penetrating slams, I exploded in her ass, sending shudders of ecstasy all down
my body. I laid on top of her, inside her, for a moment, before getting off.

“Don't kill me...”She said again, looking at me warily. She knew I was going to.
I hated it in a way- I really had planned to go back to fucking her pussy after I pounded
her ass, so I could strangle her and watch her die as I fucked her, but now...well now, at least I would get to torment her more.

I pushed her on her back again, and pulled out my hunting knife. I cut off one of her nipples
quickly, and she cried out. I laughed at her and ate it, just to see the expression of revulsion
in her emerald eyes. Then I grabbed her hair and spit in her face.

“You are nothing. Nothing but a fucking little slut who deserves everything she got tonight
and more. You are lucky- be grateful- because I'm going to go ahead and kill you.”

With that, I cut the bitch's throat, and sucked on it as the crimson leaked out into
my mouth.

Later, I disposed of the body, and did my best to clean up any traces of DNA and just
make it seem like she packed up and left. I'm sure I won't be caught- I never am.

Now, I'm just driving home, but I already know the perfect girl to be my next

This one, I know personally, my lovely coworker Abby. And like all the others,
she would belong to me.

I always get what I want.

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2013-04-10 21:40:38
That's not just logic. That's really senibsle.

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2013-01-15 19:43:22
you are one sick... sick piece of shit and the fact that you were able to think this up is disgusting and shows how much of a lowlife you are

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2013-01-14 14:54:00
Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy.

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