Amy was the Hispanic girl that I was attracted to in high school who gave me my first blowjob. While she wasn’t the most attractive girl in school with her smaller breasts and flat ass, she was super kinky. As a high school boy who was inexperienced, I was eager to let this girl who was nearly a full two years older than me show me the ropes.

But we couldn’t spend every night at my house or hers. At my house, we were under a constant state of surveillance with my parents “checking in” on us to make sure we were behaving. At her house, her family was not nearly as intrusive. But she lived in a ranch style without a basement for us to go to. It was impossible to be sure what part of the house her parents were in at any given moment, and she was terrified of what would happen if we got caught by her father.

So we took our make out sessions on the road. Sometimes we would go to the mall and mess around there. There was for a long time an adult novelty store in the mall between our two homes, and while this store didn’t contain any porno, it did have posters of scantily clad women, sexy outfits for women such as “The Naughty Nurse” or “The French Maid.” It also had sexually oriented board games like “Strip Monopoly” and “Dirty Minds,” the latter of which we bought to have fun with on our own.

We would also go to one of the bookstores at the mall and go through the adult books section. She loved looking at some of the different positions in the Kama Sutra. While I didn’t think I could contort myself into many of the positions she wanted to try, it was arousing to see the look in her face while she read the book, like she was hungry.

During the summer, the book stores were always less crowded during the days. Amy and I would go to the mall for lunch, and then walk around the mall for a while, and we would always end up in one of the larger book stores. The adult sections were always in some nook or corner near the back of the store where little kids weren’t likely to just wander into. In this one store, the book shelves were only about shoulder high, so in this one corner, you could see everywhere in the store except the storeroom. On this particular day, there were two women working the bookstore. One woman was at the cash register, she was old enough to be near retirement. The other was a girl much younger, perhaps her early twenties, who was stocking a book display near the front of the shop.

Amy and I had been going for about two months at this point, and she had only just revealed to me that she was bi-sexual. Not just bi-curious, but she actually had lesbian experiences that she had enjoyed. Ever since then, she had hinted that she would be interested in having a three way with me, and my whole existence had since turned on the very notion of the possibility. I openly sized up other women, even when Amy was around. A few times I even pitched the idea to her. Amy would look the women up and down and usually say she wasn’t interested. Amy had a particular taste in women that I didn’t quite grasp at the time.

That day, as we entered the bookstore, she grabbed my arm and said, “Her!” while pointing to the younger woman stocking the display. She was tall, taller than Amy and taller than me even by about an inch. She had long brown hair and she wore glasses. She was very skinny, but had wide hips and a bigger chest than Amy’s. But even though she had a great body, she seemed to hide it behind somewhat baggy pants, and a sweater that covered her torso. Either she was shy or humble. That’s when I realized what Amy was looking for, A good looking woman that she could break in. She must have liked breaking in the newbies like me.

We walked back to the adult book section, Amy kept one eye on the sexy brunette the whole time. The older woman at the register was reading from a thick catalog and took no notice of Amy and I as we walked to the back of the store. As soon as we got there, Amy started looking for books on lesbians. “I have a idea,” she said.

“What?” I asked with a note of hesitation.

“I’m going to ask her what she knows about this book,” she said, holding up a book titled, “The Women’s Guide to Laying Women.”

While the notion of having a three way with Amy and the bookworm was appealing, getting thrown out of the bookstore wasn’t on my agenda. “Why don’t you just calm down here a little. Don’t you think that you are coming on a little strong?”

“I can’t help it,” she said. “I’m like super horny right now.”

“Well here, maybe this will help.” I said, and then handed her a copy of “The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio” which I had found on an adjacent bookshelf. Amy got that hungry look in her eye and looked around, first at the ceiling, and then at the front of the store. I knew what she was looking for. She was trying to find any cameras on the ceiling (there were none, I already checked) and the location of the older woman (still reading the catalog, also already checked). Then she quickly dropped to her knees.

By now, she had become a pro and getting my penis out of my pants in less than three seconds, and today was no different. My hard cock was out in fresh air in no time. Amy started by licking my shaft up and down and then swirling her tongue around my cock. I looked up to check on the rest of the store. The two women had still not moved, and there were still no other customers in sight.

Amy took the head of my cock into her mouth and began swirling he tongue around it while she sucked. I knew she was teasing me but I didn’t want to take forever, not while we were in the store. So I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her further down the shaft of my dick. She moaned as soon as I put my hand there, she loved feeling controlled.

Looking back up to survey the store, I could see that the older woman was still reading at the cash register. A customer had just entered the store, but hadn’t come any further in than the magazine rack where they were looking at newspapers. The brunette though had moved. It took me a moment to find her, but when I did I was shocked to see her striding purposefully and silently towards the back of the store, right where Amy and I were hiding.

I briefly thought not warning Amy. What would happen if this brunette just found us back here? Most likely she would throw us out or call mall security, most likely the latter. Getting out of the shop would be easy but getting out of the mall with every fake cop on the premises looking out for us would be more difficult. Still, for a moment I considered what would happen if the brunette didn’t get angry, If she instead got turned on. Would she drop down to her knees and join Amy in polishing my cock with her tongue? Would she grab us and guide us to the back room where we could take our cloths off and fuck on top of stacks of books and magazines? The thought of Amy and the brunette making out with each other as I fucked one of their pussies was unbelievable.

I was about to pull my cock out of Amy’s mouth when the brunette turned off her course suddenly and went through a door into the stock room. I turned my attention back to Amy who was now aggressively bringing her lips up and down the shaft of my cock. She reached into my pants with her right hand and found by balls, playing with them by squeezing them softly as she blew me. That was good enough to push me over the edge.

I looked across the bookshelves briefly to see if there was a book on sperm somewhere that I could flash in front of Amy’s face to let her know that I was about to cum, but with none available I simply leaned forward and whispered “Here I come baby.”

Amy squeezed my sac as I threw shot after shot of come directly into her mouth. She squeezed my balls lightly as I come, forcing more and more out. She waited a few shots and then swallowed, waiting for a few more before swallowing again.

I tried to maintain my composure, but the orgasm felt so wild that I had my hands on either side of Amy’s head as I came, holding it in place so I could shoot my load for as long as I needed. As I finished, she began licking my cock to clean it off, and then gently replaced it into my pants.
Amy stood back up and surveyed the store. “Where did my girl go?”

“Into the back,” I replied, “For a few minutes now. Don’t know what she’s doing.”

Amy nodded and turned back to me, with a wide smile on her face. I knew what she wanted. Since the first time we had messed around in my basement, she would often make reference to my “magic fingers.” She loved it when I gave her a hand job because I could apparently do it just the way she liked. She turned her back to me and leaned her ass into my crotch, and then began doing almost a dance where she would rub up against my cock to make me hard again.

I was already interested so I reached around to the front of her pants and undid the top button. I forced my right hand down her pants and was surprised to find that she was not wearing any underwear. She was shaved so smooth I wondered if she even grew pubic hair at all, and she was also dripping wet. I ran my fingers over her pussy for about a minute before she moaned for the first time. She was close to begging for it, so I thought I’d go ahead and push my luck.

“What do you want me to do now, Amy?”

“I want you to finger fuck me. I want to feel you inside me.”

“Well you have to do something for me first then.”

I did a quick survey of the store. The brunette was still in the back somewhere. The cashier was now ringing up the customer who was buying the magazines, and there was no one else in sight. I looked back at Amy and said, “Show me your tits.”

She did as commanded, without any hesitation. She pulled her shirt up and pushed her bra out of the way. The air conditioning had turned her nipples hard, and she had goose bumps all over. She quickly tried to hide them again but I grabbed her shirt and held it up. “Not yet,” I said, “not till you come.”

Her eyes went wide as she looked around the store, trying to see who else was around. She tried to stand so that her back was to the front of the store, but I quickly turned her around. “It’s no good, you standing like that. I have to be able to see anyone walking our way.”

She backed up to me with her tits out facing the front of the store. She was short enough and the book racks were tall enough that it would not be obvious to anyone near the front of the store that her breasts were out. But if anyone got close enough to see the look that was on her face and got curious enough to walk by, we’d be caught for sure.

I had already come, so a degree of clarity had returned to my previously lust driven mind. When she leaned back into me again, I slipped my right hand back down her pants and positioned my left hand over her left breast and squeezed. My left hand was poised to pull down her shirt, rapidly if need be. I began by rubbing the outside of her smooth pussy, again feeling her wetness. She moaned softly and closed her eyes, laying her head back so that it rest on my shoulder. Amy began grinding her hips into my hand, and I began running my middle finger into her pussy. At first I only pushed it about an inch inside her, but rubbed it around her clit which caused her to gasp loudly.

Suddenly the door to the backroom opened and the brunette reappeared only a few yards away with a stack of books in her arms, and began walking directly at us. She was focused on maintaining her balance, so she didn’t see me roughly pull down Amy’s shirt. She also didn’t see Amy issue an alarmed gasp and drop to her knees so she could quickly fix her pants. I, having already been dressed and ready to go, wandered out of the aisle and into the path of the brunette.

The brunette and I awkwardly walked around each other, I purposefully got into her way a couple of times. By the time I passed her, Amy was already in the opposite aisle, pretending to be interested in a coloring book in the children’s section. When we walked out of the store, Amy dug her fingernails into my arm. She was clearly upset that I didn’t have time to finish her off, and the adrenaline stemming from our brush with being caught had clearly not worn off. We exited the mall and walked to my car.

That day was the first time we ever did anything in the car. On the way back to her house, we took neighborhood roads so that the drive would last longer, and so that no car could pull up alongside us like on the larger four lane roads. While I drove, I kept one hand on the wheel and reached the other across the console to run down her pants. She was more than accommodating and even pulled her pants halfway down for me. She came well before we got back to her house. By then I was horny again, but her parents were home so there was little hope of going inside. We made plans to go out again later in the week. This would be a recurring theme for the rest of the summer, and it was going to be a fun summer.


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