Have no fear readers, I am working on the next chapter of Stepsister Seduction, this is just another story I'm working on, that will become a series if I get good reviews. This chapter has a lot of build up for future chapters, with no intercourse in this part. James went to the garage to retrieve his model paint, but as he tried to get the box down, another box fell down and spilled its contents. As he went to pick up the mess, the magazine intrigued him. Read on and enjoy! Constructive criticism please.
James is a normal 13 year old boy. He stands about 5'4" with black hair and hazel eyes, weighing about 130 lbs. His sister Carrie is 14, standing 5'5" tall, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes, weighing 115 lbs., with nice 36C tits. They also have an older sister, Karen, who is 19. Karen stands 5'6", with light brown hair and green eyes, weighing about 130 lbs., with firm 40D tits.

Karen was home on summer break from college, so she was watching her siblings so their mom and dad didn't have to get a babysitter. Most of the time, James and Carrie kept to themselves and stayed in their rooms, or elsewhere, away from each other. But every once in a while they would get into quarrels, that Karen had to break up.

Pit's Tuesday afternoon, Karen was lounging on the couch in the front room, watching TV. Carrie and James were in their own rooms. James was finishing up putting a model together, while Carrie was watching TV. As James finished the model, he set it aside, getting up to head to the garage to retrieve his model paint.

James found the box that had his paint in it, in the rafters. He pulled a ladder over and climbed up it, tugging at the box, when he reached it. The box was between two other boxes, that had, "Dan's Stuff," written on them. Dan is their dad. As James pulled the box with the paint, one his dad's boxes started moving off the rafters. Before James could catch it, the box tipped over and crashed onto the garage floor below, spilling the contents all over.

James looked down at the box on the floor, magazines strewn about now. He climbed down the ladder, knowing he needed to pick it up before his dad got home. He stood the box back and looked into it. Inside was more magazines, his eyes widened as he looked at the cover of the one on top. On the cover was a blond girl standing there, topless, with little stars hiding her nipples. She had her thumbs in the waistline of her panties, pulling the front of it down slightly. His young 6" dick quickly began to harden in his shorts, as he stared at the girl, picking up the magazine. He looked at the top that read, "Cheri," in smaller writing, going vertically.

James continued to stare, wide eyed at the magazine cover, reading the writing on it. It had stuff like, "Jesse Jane Ready to Ride Your Throbbing Cock, and Gang Bang Whore Nailed in the Ass." He also looked at the other pictures of girls on the cover, one of the pictures had a girl sitting on her feet, with another girl standing over her, one leg going straight out, her hand holding a dildo in her ass, and stars hiding her pussy and asshole. He slowly opened the magazine, his dick throbbing and beginning to leak. As the magazine opened, he just about dropped it in shock of what he saw.

James and his sisters were raised rather conservatively, and had never masturbated, or knew anything about sex. While Karen had lost her virginity in college, James and Carrie didn't know anything about it, just knowing they were having feelings about the opposite sex.

James stared at the pages in front of him, one picture took up both pages. It had a picture of a blond woman laying on her side, wearing a black laced bra, that covered her tits, and matching black laced stockings coming up to her mid-thighs. What really shocked him, was a guy laying on his side, behind her, his hard dick inside of her asshole, his hand on her ass cheek. James's dick throbbed even more, as he stared at the woman's loose pussy and the guy's dick in her tight asshole. James finally broke the stare, turning back a page, his eyes grower wider.

On the left page, the woman was bent over, her head on a bed, with the guy standing behind her, his dick buried in her asshole. Below that picture was a close-up view of the guy's dick in her asshole, giving James a better view of the woman's loose pussy lips. He looked at the other page, the top picture had a close-up shot of the woman's face, with the guy's dick in her mouth, his pants still on but open, only a couple of inches of the guy's fat dick not in her mouth. James's dick was starting to hurt, as it continued to throb against his shorts, more precum oozing out, forming a wetness in his boxers, as he focused on the picture.

James's eyes drifted to the picture below, his left hand going to his crotch, rubbing his young dick. The picture had a shot of the woman almost laying on her back, her head on the guy's stomach, her mouth wrapped around the head of his dick, and her hand at the base. The guy's face wasn't visible, but his hand was holding a small vibrator in the woman's ass.

A groan involuntarily escaped James as he rubbed his dick harder, enjoying the feeling it was bringing him. 'What kind of magazine is this?' He thought to himself. He slowly closed the magazine, moving his hand away from his crotch. "I better get this picked up, then I can look at it in my room," he said to himself, setting the magazine aside and picking up the other magazines, throwing them back into the box. After they were all picked up, he grabbed a few more of the magazines and set them on the other one. He put the box back up, grabbed his model paint from the other box, and grabbed the magazines, heading for his room, his dick still raging hard.

As he entered his room, James put the paint on the dresser, and climbed onto his bed, magazines still in hand, curious now about what else was in the magazine. He selected the one he was looking at earlier, and laid the other ones next to him on the bed. He propped his pillow up against the wall and laid back, trying to get comfortable. He slowly opened it again, this time almost all the way at the end of it, his eyes widening again at the picture in front of him.

On the two pages was a full picture again, this time of a blond girl getting fucked from behind. She was on her knees, with her left elbow holding her up, as her right hand was holding a dildo in her ass, looking back at the guy. The guy's pants were just below his dick and ball sack, his shirt pulled up a little, with his dick buried in the girl's pussy. James's dick was forming a small tent in his shorts, standing straight up, as he studied the image.

James turned a few pages, and held it with one hand, while moving his other down, pushing his shorts and boxers down over his aching erection. His dick popping up and slapping against his abdomen, as he looked down at it. He used his legs and feet to take them completely off. His dick had never felt this way before when it got hard, this time it was throbbing and leaking clear fluid from the peehole. 'Is that pee?' He thought to himself, as he touches the fluid with his forefinger. As he felt it, he noticed it was sticky to the touch. He slowly pulled his finger away, watching as the precum strung out from the tip of his dick to his finger. 'It can't be pee, it's to sticky,' he thought, as the string broke, some of it landing on his shirt and sticking to it.

James sat the magazine down on the bed, face down, sitting up and taking his shirt off. He threw it aside and picked up the magazine, holding it one hand, while wrapping his other hand around the shaft of his dick, just below the head, just like he saw the guy doing in the picture of the magazine. In the pictures on the pages, the top one was a shot of the woman laying on her back. The guy's dick was in her mouth, while he was on his knees leaning over and sucking on one of her tits,while the woman held them. The picture below had the guy kneeling up with his dick in his hand, while the woman was on her back with her mouth wide open, holding her tits, with the guy's cum all over her chin and upper chest. The picture on the other page, was a close-up view of the woman sucking on the guy's softening dick, some of his cum on her chin, and her eyes closed.

James's hand involuntarily started moving up and down the shaft of his dick, as he studied the pictures, his dick beginning to throb more and more. James set the magazine back down, as he felt his legs beginning to tingle. "Ohhh, that feels good," he groaned aloud to himself, looking down at his hand moving faster on his dick. James could feel his balls beginning to tighten and tingle, wondering why this felt so good. His gripped tightened on his dick, as his body began to tingle all over, his legs beginning to involuntarily jerk and shake.

James started to grunt and groan, as he felt his dick grow a little bigger in his hand, his hips starting to move in time with his hand, as he felt a warm rush course through his body. His body stiffened, as his dick surged hard, his cum rushing up his dick and flying out. James watched, wide eyed, as the first shot of his cum rocketed out, into the air and splashed down on his lower abdomen. His hand was a blur on his dick, as it surged again, more cum flying out and pooling on his abdomen with the previous shot. James grunts were growing louder, each time his dick throbbed and shot more cum out, his body being rocked with the most pleasurable feeling in his young life. His dick throbbed and jerked out a total of 5 thick ropes of cum, forming a good sized puddle on his abdomen.

James continued to slowly stroke his dick, his body jerking and twitching each time his hand went over his sensitive head, his body completely relaxed now. His dick continued to ooze cum out, as it slowly began to soften in his hand. He finally released his, letting it fall onto his thigh, as he brought his hand up to his face, looking at the cum on his thumb. 'Well it's not pee,' he thought, as he sniffed it. It had a distinct scent to it, but he knew it wasn't pee. Being even more curious, he hesitantly stuck his tongue out and licked it off of his thumb. He pulled his tongue back in his mouth, trying to taste it, but it didn't have any flavor to it, a little salty, but no real flavor.

Just as James swallowed, there was a knock on his door, startling him a bit. "James, I need your help a sec," came Carrie's voice from behind the door. James was taken by surprise, not sure what to do. "Um, um, what do you need Carrie?" He yelled back, a little out of breath, trying to find something to clean up the mess. "I need your help moving my bed," Carrie yelled, her hand grabbing his door handle. James froze when heard her hand hit the door handle, knowing she was about to come in. "Ok, but give me a few minutes ok? Just wait out there." He yelled, hoping she didn't open the door, as he grabbed his shirt and started wiping up his cum.

Carrie turned the door handle, opening the door and taking a step into his room. "Why will it be a few min..." she trailed off, her eyes looking right at her naked brother laying spread eagle on his bed. James's face immediately turned bright red, as he looked at his older sister, shirt still in hand, wiping up the mess on his stomach. Carrie's mouth was agape, a look of total shock on her face, as she looked at her brother's limp dick laying on his thigh, and his hairless, tiny ball sack dangling below the base.

"Wh... why ar... are you naked?" Carrie stuttered out, still in shock. James's dick, is the first one she has ever seen. While she had been told about the penis in sex ed, and her friends had tried explaining what one looked like, she had never seen one before.

James was still blushing with embarrassment, as he shrugged his shoulders, not sure what to tell her. All James knew was, that what he had just done, had brought him great pleasure.

Carrie thought about yelling for Karen, to come to the room, but she slowly entered James's room, closing the door behind her, unable to take her eyes off of his dick. James watched his sister, as she very slowly walked towards his bed. "S... so... so that's what a penis looks like," Carrie said nervously.

James smiled at her, replying, "yep," realizing this was probably the first one she had ever seen. Carrie nervously bit her lower lip, feeling a warm rush come over her as she stared at his limp dick. She slowly looked up at him and stuttered, "wh... what wer... were doing?" James's smile widened, "well I really don't know, all I know is that, it was really hard from looking at this magazine," he said, picking up the open magazine. "Then it started hurting, so I started rubbing it, and it started feeling good. The more I rubbed it, the better it felt, until all of a sudden it got even bigger, and this white stuff shot out, all over my belly," he stated, holding the magazine.

Carrie looked at the magazine, then back at James, "you mean, you shot cum on your belly." James looked at her with confusion, "huh?" Carrie giggled lightly, "that's what the white stuff was. My friends told me about it." James lifted his head in acknowledgment, "ok, but I tell, it felt so good when it came out." Carrie didn't pay any attention to what he had just said, reaching out and taking the magazine from him.

Carrie looked at the pages, that James had just been looking at, her eyes widening at the picture of the woman laying on her back with the guy's dick in her mouth. She looked at the pictures on the other page, amazed at what they doing in the pictures. She quickly turned it back a page looking over the three pictures on the pages. The picture in the top left, showed the woman with her hips turned to the side, and her back flat on the bed. The woman was looking over her shoulder, with her tongue sticking out, and her hand holding a small dildo in her ass. The guy had his face and nose mashed against the woman's leg, with his tongue stuck out and against the woman's pussy.

Carrie's eyes grew even wider as she looked at the full page picture on the other page. The woman was on top of the guy, with his dick buried in her pussy, while she was holding the same dildo in her ass. They both had their eyes closed, while the guy had his tongue out, and against her nipple. Carrie felt her pussy tingle, as she turned it back another page, and looked at James. "Where did you get this magazine?" She asked, feeling her body beginning to get warmer.

James shrugged his shoulders, "I found it in the garage." Carrie looked back at the magazine, looking at the pictures of the same guy and woman in 3 different sexual positions. "What are they doing?" Carrie asked in shock. James looked at her, "I think they're having sex, all I know is that it made me get hard." Carrie nodded, studying the pictures on the pages, feeling her panties beginning to get wet.

James laid there, looking his sister up and down, admiring her tits hidden by her tight T-shirt. "You know Carrie, now that you've seen my penis, I think I should get to see yours," he said bluntly. Carrie slowly lowered the magazine down, looking at James, "I don't have a penis." James laughed at her, "I know, you have a vagina. Carrie shivered a little at his bluntness, "but mine doesn't look like this woman's." James slyly smiled, "what do you mean?"

Carrie stood there for a moment, then, "mine has hair on it." James chuckled, "yeah so, just let me see it." Carrie let out a long breath, "ok, I guess it's only fair." James sat up on the bed in anticipation of seeing his first pussy up close.

James watched with interest, as Carrie unbuttoned her jeans and slowly began to push them down, along with her panties. James's eyes widened as her pussy was slowly revealed to him, his dick beginning to twitch again as he saw the light amount of her black pubic hair covering her slit. Carrie pushed her jeans and panties down to her ankles, and stood back up, using her feet to step out of them. She looked at James, giggling at his wide eyed stare, "are you ok James?" James slowly nodded, staring at her pussy, as his dick was beginning to rise again. Her tiny pussy lips were closed tightly together, looking nothing like he saw in the magazine. Carrie looked down at his dick, and noticed it beginning to harden, "oh my god James, your penis is getting bigger," she exclaimed, covering her mouth in shock.

James looked up at her, smiling, "I know. Now can I see your boobs?" He asked quickly, getting more excited now. Without a word, Carrie pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it on top of her jeans, standing there in a white bra in front of her brother. James watched with growing anticipation as she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. His eyes fixed on her chest, as he watched her tits jiggle when she shucked her bra off and let fall to the floor. James swallowed hard, as he stared at her pert tits, his dick fully hard once again.

Carrie smiled at her brother, not realizing how wrong this was, "do you like James?" James slowly nodded, staring at her tits, admiring how firm they were. He looked at her tiny nipples and slowly said, "th... they also look different than the girl's in the magazine." Carrie giggled, "what do you mean?" James licked his lips, then said, "they look bigger, and they are standing up straighter," as he slowly moved closer to her. Carrie giggled at his statement, watching him move closer to her, and looking down at his fully hard member.

"C... can I touch them?" James asked nervously, biting his lower lip. Carrie shrugged her shoulders, "I guess so." James sat on the edge of his bed, slowly reaching out, his hand shaking with nerves as it got closer to his sister's chest. Carrie looked down at his hand getting closer to her tits, her breathing becoming shallow and quick. James put his hand over her left tit, his palm completely covering her nipple. A soft moan escaped Carrie when he put his hand on her tit, a shiver coursing through her. James cooed as he lightly squeezed it, amazed at how soft it was.

Carrie's pussy began to tingle even more as her brother squeezed her tit a little harder. She moaned a little louder, "wow James, you're making me tingle all over." James groaned, his dick throbbing harder, as he felt her nipple poke against his palm, "it's so soft Carrie." Carrie giggled at him, as her back arched a little, pushing her tit into his hand. James looked at her nervously, "ca... can I try doing what they are doing in the magazine?" Carrie looked at him in confusion, "what do you mean? Do you mean put your penis inside of me?" James shook his head, pinching her nipple with his thumb and forefinger now, sending shocks through Carrie's body, "no, I mean putting my tongue on your boob."

Carrie stood there, quiet for a moment, "I guess you can." James looked at her excitedly, patting a spot next to him on the bed, "ok sit down here." Carrie nodded, as she slowly sat down next to him, nervousness coming over her even more.

James slowly moved closer to her, looking at her in the eyes, his nerves going crazy as well. His eyes moved to her chest, as he slowly lowered his head towards her tits. Carrie's eyes followed his head as it got closer to her tits, her breathing hastening even more. As James moved his head next to her tit, she could feel his hot breath blowing across her nipple, sending another shiver through her. James slowly stuck his tongue out, nervously wiggling it towards his sister's nipple. When Carrie felt the tip of his wet tongue brush against her nipple, she moaned aloud, arching her back. She couldn't explain what she was feeling, but her body was getting hotter and hotter as her brother flicked his tongue against her nipple.

James's breathing was rapid, as he felt his body temperature rising again. He didn't know if it was because of seeing his sister naked, or what he was doing, but he was getting those same feelings he had from looking at the magazine. His natural instinct took over at that point, as he opened his mouth and slowly covered his sister's nipple completely, lightly sucking on it. Carrie threw her head back when he sucked on her nipple, another warm rush running through her, directly to her pussy. She put her hand on the back of James's head, pulling him against her tit harder, "wow James, that feels good," she groaned, feeling her pussy getting even wetter.

James groaned into her tit, his dick bouncing as it throbbed, his hand moving to Carrie's thigh. Carrie's legs involuntarily opened when he put his hand on her thigh, her pussy beginning to ooze her juices as it got even wetter. Carrie had her eyes closed, mouth wide open as James moved to her other nipple, sucking it into his mouth. James's hand slowly moved up her thigh, edging closer to her pussy, her legs trembling and spreading further apart as his hand moved up her inner thigh. She sucked in her breath as she felt his forefinger brush against her slit, her hips moving towards it. James groaned into her tit again, as he felt her pubic hair tickling his finger, slowly pushing it harder against her pussy lip.

Carrie let out a louder moan, her pussy tingling and oozing out more of her juices. "Oh my god James, what is happening to me," she moaned aloud, her hips involuntarily beginning to gyrate on the bed. James tried to pull away from her tit, her hand still holding him there. Finally she relented on the back of his head, letting him pull free. James rubbed the tip of his finger against her pussy lip, as he looked at her with lust, "oh my god Carrie, I feel like I did earlier." Carrie also looked at him with lust, "you mean your penis is hurting again?" James quickly shook his head, "no, not really, just my body is starting to get all hot."

Carrie moaned in response, "mine too. Do you wanna try something else they are doing in the magazine?" James looked at her with interest, still rubbing his finger against the outer region of her slit, "what do you have in mind?" Carrie smiled shyly, "maybe try what the guy is doing to her vagina?" His look turned to confusion, "what do you mean?" Carrie looked down at his finger rubbing her pussy, then back at him, "try putting your tongue on my vagina?" James's eyes widened, looking at his sister in shock, "bu... bu... but I don't know how to do that." Carrie smiled, "I don't either, but you did it to my boobs and it felt really good, so can we try it." James slowly shook his head, "I don't know Carrie, I'm a little scared to."

Carrie let out a long breath of frustration, "I tell you what, if you try it, we can try whatever you want, that they are doing in the magazine." James slowly nodded, "ok I guess we can try it." Carrie smiled wide, her face lighting up, "ok just lay on the bed, and I'll sit on top of you." James slowly moved his hand away from her pussy, laying back onto his bed, not taking his eyes off of Carrie, as she rolled towards him, grabbing the magazine to study the picture.

The picture showed the woman sitting on top of the guy's chest, her fingers holding her pussy open, while the guy licked her hole. Carrie climbed on top of her brother, her ass resting on his chest, as she slowly scooted herself up. James looked up at her, as her pussy got closer to his face, beginning to smell the distinct scent coming from her. It wasn't a bad smell, but distinct. He watched as she put her hand over her pussy, then using her fingers to open her tight, virgin slit in front of him. James's eyes went as wide as they could, as he stared at the pink insides, her tiny clit sticking out from under its hood, and her tiny hole looking right at him.

Carrie looked down at her brother, more lust coming over her, as she moaned, "ok, now stick your tongue out." James reluctantly opened his mouth and slowly stuck out his tongue. Carrie moved towards it, looking down as the tip of his tongue began to brush up against her pussy, letting out a soft moan as her body shivered on top of him. James could taste her nectar as the tip of his tongue pushed against her pussy, her juices running down his tongue and into his mouth. Carrie kept her eyes locked on his, as her hips started gyrating against him, causing his tongue to slip into her hole. "Ohhh, James," Carrie moaned, feeling a pressure building inside of her. James was groaning into her pussy, feeling his tongue getting squeezed tighter, as he tried to push it into her further.

Carrie put her hands behind her, arching her back, as she ground her virgin pussy against her brother's face. "Holy shit," Carrie groaned, feeling the pressure coming on greater, and had the urge to pee. Her hips started bucking up and down, feeling James's tongue go further into her. "Ohhh," Carrie moaned loudly, as her orgasm slowly began to course through her. She was lost in her own world, as she moaned, "yes, yes, yes." Bucking her hips harder, as her whole body tingled and trembled, her juices beginning to flow out of her pussy.

James groaned loudly when his sister started cumming, her pussy clamping down on tongue. His mouth was wide open, as her fluids oozed out of her and into his mouth, causing him to choke on the amount, spitting it back onto her pussy and abdomen. As she continued to cum, his tongue was forced out of her pussy, as juices continued to flow out of it, her hips bucking harder and higher over him.

Finally her orgasm began to wane, her hips still slowly gyrating over her brother's face, her breathing shallow and ragged. Her arms gave out in exhaustion, laying back on top of James. "Holy shit James, that felt incredible, what did you do to me?" She said, out of breath. James groaned, trying to push her off of him, so he could catch his breath.

As Carrie was cumming, Karen was walking past James's room, and heard the moaning and groaning coming from behind the door. She stopped there, putting her head against the door, trying to listen closer. 'It sounds like they're having sex in there,' she said to herself, listening to James choke and cough, and Carrie's moans getting louder. As Karen listened to them calming down, she giggled to herself when she heard what Carrie had said, realizing that must have been Carrie's very first orgasm.

Karen quickly turned the door handle and shoved the door wide open. "What is going on in here?" Karen yelled, looking wide eyed at her naked younger sister and brother.

To be continued if I get good reviews. Constructive criticism please.

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