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Just a nice long chat with a girl on omegle ;)
Stranger: f 17

You: Μ 18

Stranger: mm okay

You: ok what?

Stranger: is it bad if i just straivht up say thag im horny
Stranger: thT
Stranger: that

You: nope not at all ;)

Stranger: ohhhh ok ;) goood.

You: so what do u have in mind?

Stranger: anythinggg. i wanna talk dirty :
Stranger: ;)

You: ok then
You: do u have any fantasies? ;)

Stranger: 8
Stranger: my bad. it doesnt matter really

You: so do u want to just start?

Stranger: i mean sure haha you can go first, youre in charge ;)

You: ok. i grab u and kiss you passionately
You: touching you all over

Stranger: mm id like fhat
Stranger: that

You: i then start to kiss your neck
You: and take off your shirt
You: then i start massaging your breasts

Stranger: i have big boobs too ;) 32D.

You: and unbuckle your bra
You: mm i love big boobs ;)

Stranger: well ive got em ;)

You: i start playing with them and go down to suck on your nipple
You: i get it all hard and wet and then i go to the other
You: then i lie u down and kiss u lower and lower

Stranger: mmm

You: i take off your pants
You: and then your undewear
You: and i start licking and kissing around your gorgeous pussy

Stranger: mmmm i wanna be so wet

You: mmm i love that pussy
You: then i start licking on it
You: slowly
You: tasting it
You: mmm the smell and taste is so arousing babe

Stranger: come and get i the.
Stranger: it then. ;) and mmm baby.

You: mmm i lick and suck your clit
You: your pussy is leaking
You: and i drink it all
You: wanna get me ready babe? ;)

Stranger: mmm yeah baby
Stranger: im gonna push you over on the bed and start kissing you

You: mm

Stranger: and then we start making out really hard and i move down to your neck
Stranger: im kissing it slowy a

You: mmm

Stranger: slowly and biting it gently

You: i love a woman in control ;)

Stranger: ohhhhh okay ;) and then ill move hard to your abs

You: mmmm

Stranger: ill rub then with my hands and start to kiss thsm
Stranger: them too and lick them up and down

You: you make me shiver babe

Stranger: thats a good thing baby
Stranger: and then im kissing down farther
Stranger: and rubbing farther

You: mmmm getting closer ;)

Stranger: when i get to your big dick and im going to start licking it

You: got i love that
You: it makes my cock twitch

Stranger: start on the end and tease you ;) ill put part of it in my mouth and swirl my tounge all around

You: mmm god i love that suck me babe

Stranger: and then put all of it in my mouth and suck it so damn hard

You: mmm blow me babe
You: suck my cum out

Stranger: yes sirrrr. im keepin on sucking it and youll feel your dick all the way down my throat

You: god i love deepthroat
You: but can u get all 7.5 inches? ;)

Stranger: i can try to ;)

You: mmm beautiful! looking me in the eyes while blowing me is so fucking hot
You: im gonna cum babe. where do u want it? ;)

Stranger: i willll baby

You: mm where should i shoot?

Stranger: hmmm

You: do u wanna swallow?
You: i wont go flaccid i promise u that ;)

Stranger: how bout you do it on my boobs and my mouth so i can swallow some and there still be more ;)

You: mmmm id love that babe
You: u like being a dirty girl dont u? ;)

Stranger: mmm i wohld too ;)
Stranger: yessss baby

You: mmm i cum a huge load on those big gorgeous tits
You: suck my cock and clean it babe

Stranger: mmm then you can watch me lick it off my own boobs if ylu wang
Stranger: want***

You: only if u look me in the eye while u do it ;)

Stranger: ill do anything you want ;)

You: mm your my little slut arent u?

Stranger: hell yeah baby

You: i wanna lick u again babe
You: licking u makes me so fucking hard

Stranger: it makes me so fucking wetttt mmmm

You: i lie u down and start licking your pussy again
You: i lick it rough and hard

Stranger: just how i like if

You: till its all sloppy

Stranger: it *

You: and wet

Stranger: ill be moaning like helll

You: do u like getting your ass licked? ;)

Stranger: do you wanna lick my ass baby

You: i do. i wanna lick both of your holes babe

Stranger: mmmm i want that. the thought of you licking me and your dick has got me crazy

You: mmm my cock is aching too babe
You: i love your tight holes

Stranger: your huge dick got me achin but i like kt
Stranger: it

You: mm do u want it?

Stranger: god yes babg
Stranger: baby

You: how bad? ;)

Stranger: so fucking bad ;)

You: beg for it ;)

Stranger: mmmm please baby i want it so damn bad ;)
Stranger: give it to me, now. ;)
Stranger: and hard baby.

You: mmm ok babe
You: i put my cock in your opening slowly
You: and rub it up and down

Stranger: mmmmm

You: from your clit to your asshole

Stranger: mmm ill be screamin

You: and then i push inside
You: slowly
You: the head goes in
You: and then i push hard
You: going balls deep
You: slamming that pussy

Stranger: mmmmmm
Stranger: youve got me shaki

You: how do u like that cock babe? u like how it stretches your hole

Stranger: shaking
Stranger: j
Stranger: i love it baby

You: mm i then start going out
You: slowly
You: until only my head is in
You: and then i slam it back inside
You: all the while i play with your tits

Stranger: mm babyyy
Stranger: feels so good

You: then i pick up the pace
You: going faster and faster

Stranger: mmm

You: till were fucking hard and fast

Stranger: my tits will be everywhere

You: mmm a sight to see ;)

Stranger: damnnnn baby and yesss. all yours to do abything to.
Stranger: ,)
Stranger: ;)

You: mmm i then turn you around
You: i want you doggiestyle ;)

Stranger: mmm i want yiuuu ;)

You: then i align my cock to your pussy
You: and slam back inside
You: and start fucking you hard

Stranger: mmmm

You: i slap your nice ass babe

Stranger: im a bad girl ;)

You: u like it rough huh? naughty girl..... ;)

Stranger: yeah baby i di
Stranger: di
Stranger: do

You: i want to fuck your ass babe
You: do u want my cock in your ass?

Stranger: i want
Stranger: i
Stranger: i want your cock in my ass baby

You: your hands are shaking babe ;)
You: alright then
You: i get my cock out

Stranger: your fault too ;)

You: and while you're doggy i get down and lick your asshole
You: while i play with your clit

Stranger: ohhhhh babe

You: i put a finger in your pussy and then i take your juices and put them on your ass
You: i shove that wet finger in your ass
You: then take it out and start fucking your ass with my tongue

Stranger: mmmmm ;)

You: i get it all wet and loose
You: are u ready for my cock babe?

Stranger: ithink so baby (
Stranger: ;

You: ok then i align my cockhead with your tight hole
You: and push inside till its in
You: god its so tight babe
You: i push slowly
You: i dont wanna hurt u babe
You: i push till im all in

Stranger: how bout you can hurt me during if you promise to kiss it better after ,)
Stranger: mmmm its so big and it feels so good

You: mmmm that i will babe ;)
You: i start going out slowly
You: so tight
You: then back inside
You: and when i feel u getting looser and looser
You: i start going faster and faster
You: i play with your pussy and clit

Stranger: mmmm you know just how i want it baby
Stranger: yesss mm

You: mmm i go fast and hard
You: till u moan and grunt

Stranger: it hurts but it feels so fucking good

You: i bet it does babe ;)
You: i feel my cum boiling babe
You: im gonna cum soon

Stranger: mmm baby i wanna suckit out of you ;)

You: mmmm ok baby suck all my cum babe
You: suck my dirty cock

Stranger: im sucking it so hard
Stranger: slowly

You: mmm i can feel my balls move babe

Stranger: i put my lips on your head
Stranger: and i just start k
Stranger: licking it and sucking it

You: mmm make my cock wet babe

Stranger: then i slowly the whole thing in my mouth

You: mmm im gonna cum babe

Stranger: i shove it down my throat and keep licking and suckkng hard baby
Stranger: when yku can feel it in my throat and i make you come
Stranger: cum

You: mmmm im gonna cum straight down your throat babe

Stranger: it all goes in my mouth and i can feel every bit on my tounge and in my throat
Stranger: mmm

You: mmmm dont swallow babe
You: i want you to show me my cum

Stranger: okay baby how you want
Stranger: i can start licking every inch of you while its in my mouth so you see it ande
Stranger: and feel it all over everything

You: mmm so warm
You: show me all the cum on your tongue baby
You: mmm i love that babe

Stranger: mmmm i

You: now swallow it

Stranger: sir yes sir
Stranger: ;)

You: mmm thats a good girl

Stranger: mmmm baby its so fucking good

You: mmm nutritious ;)

Stranger: mmm oh yeah ;)

You: wow that was fun babe

Stranger: damn i know it was baby

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