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This is written at the special request of my Mom's very good friend Frank. Here is the task he set us for the weekend -- I want both of you to describe in detail your wildest, most wanton fantasy. What makes you really wet? So wet, that only a slight touch takes you over the orgasmic brink. This will be a secret shared among the three of us, so don't be bashful.
Hi, I'm Katie, and this is written at the special request of my Mom's very good friend Frank.

Here is the task he set us for the weekend -- I want both of you to describe in detail your wildest,
most wanton fantasy. What makes you really wet? So wet, that only a slight touch takes you over the
orgasmic brink. This will be a secret shared among the three of us, so don't be bashful. Discuss it, but in
a competitive way, because I want both of you to know intimately that much about one another. If you
already have this knowledge, then, I want you both to be creative and tell me a new and different
fantasy -- something that may have been subliminal --that you have not dared think of
before...something so taboo you were afraid to entertain it as a thought. Remember, I find nothing
repulsive, since I firmly believe the mind is our most sensitive and pleasurable erogenous zone.

Since I am the youngest, Mom let me tell you my special fantasy first, in my own words.

Something that really turns me on, and I mean seriously, is to be a fashion model in one of those new
season events where all the latest designs are shown for the first time to a very select audience, with
the fashion press reporting on it. All of the clothes are totally impractical, except for wearing to special
parties by the celebrities who want to make some kind of a wild statement, or just for their shock value.
I’m with half a dozen other models on a catwalk, but they are all skinny beanpoles with their bones
sticking out, you know the sort the media uses, whereas I’m a beautifully proportioned young girl. Every
outfit we’ve demonstrated so far has been either nearly see through, fitted very loosely so the audience
could see beneath the garment, or else so tight as to reveal even my goose bumps. When I walk out for
my fourth parade along the runway there is a change in the audience somehow, though it’s difficult to
see with the floodlights, but I can hear them passing comments about my tits as they jiggle beneath my

Then as I turn at the end of the runway the split skirt flows out backward to reveal my panties,
which I realize have no crotch in them, so the audience can now see my bare cunny. Not only can they
see my bare flesh, but it is totally bare, freshly shaved to a hairless split peach when I first arrived in the
changing room. You see this is my first modeling job for this designer, who is utterly camp, and when he
saw me getting undressed before the first change, he insisted that my bush would ruin the look of his
wonderful creations, and should therefore be removed. Since it is required for this job, and on occasion I
shave it myself anyway, I agreed to shave it, intending to go into the restroom to perform this rather
intimate task. To my surprise, he snapped his fingers, and three of the young male dressers grabbed me,
spread me across a bench and proceed to shave my cunny with everyone watching. When I was
completely smooth they poured baby oil onto my soft mound, massaging it into my delicate skin, with
numerous side trips along my slit as well. When they had finished, I was let up, and no-one took any
notice, as if this had been all part of the routine chaos of backstage, and I was just another little setback
to be dealt with as quickly as possible. I must admit that my smooth flesh felt deliciously sexy, every
touch of each new outfit adding to my stimulation, especially as I was fitted with a new and different
pair of panties each time. Somehow, showing my bald slit didn’t seem too important anymore, and I
twirled several more times on the way back, each round of applause from my audience sending shivers
through my young body.

When I reached backstage, I was seriously turned on, and could feel my cunny lips sliding wetly against
each other. I stood on my “Spot” while the dressers removed every stitch of my clothes, allowing them
to move my limbs about as they saw fit, but now the slightest touch to my bare skin was electrifying.
The head dresser decided that I needed a hair and makeup change for the next outfit, and still naked, I
was quickly lead over to the dressing table, naturally enough by the woman gripping my erect nipple to
pull me along behind her. There were several others being re-done, and as one of them rose up I noticed
that the seat had a dildo protruding from it, so when I was led over to the very same position I objected
to sitting on it. I was told not to be so silly, all of the models had to be held in position like this, and a
pair of hands took my hips, and pushed me down into a sitting position. Just a quick, skilled twist of my
waist positioned the shaft against my already wet hole, and I slid down like butter. The firm pink rubber
penis was larger than my own, and it filled me painfully, but through my excitement I hardly noticed any
of the discomfort. My hair was pinned up while my cheeks were blushed, my lipstick was applied quickly
and expertly to my relaxed mouth, but then also to my erect nipples, leaving them bright red. Quickly I
was lifted from my seat, the dildo slurping noisily as it was dragged from my tight love tunnel, pulling at
the delicate walls, but I had no time to savor the feelings as another dress was fitted to me.

I was stood by the curtain with the stage director psyching me up to be beautiful, to be sexy, flaunt my
body, show off my dress, to make them want my body. With a sharp pinch on my butt, I was handed out onto the
catwalk, strutting like I owned the place, my cunny buzzing with pleasure, and now I could see that the
audience loved me. The women had their skirts drawn up, hands between their thighs, or inside their
bodice, squeezing firm titties, and I extended my shoulder so they could see my pert red nipples under
my dress. Further down along the walkway two men had removed their pricks from the confines of their
elegant dress trousers, and were openly stroking huge erections as they studied my nubile figure.
Turning at the end of the catwalk, my senses heightened by passion, I realized that the raised post we all
used to pivot on was extremely phallic, though not an actual penis, the form was there. The head was
small and tapered, but it widened dramatically near by the base, and I lingered with my hand caressing it
till the next girl was almost upon me, before I retreated on the return leg.

Backstage I was stripped again, and taken to the dressing table for makeup, but had to wait for a seat.
Meanwhile, my dresser slipped her hand between my legs, sliding a stiff finger along my slit, and even
deep into my cunt. She shook her head, telling me I was too wet, and would stain the clothes, then
called over one of the trainees, a young girl about 16 years old. Taking no notice of what happened, as I
watched the head model seating herself on the designer’s lap, his huge prick stretching her tiny bare
pussy, it was a few moments before I realized what the trainee was doing. I had expected a tissue, or a
warm washcloth would be used to clean up my dripping vulva, and vaguely felt the warmth, but a
sudden burst of passion to my clit made me look down to see her knelt cleaning my juices with her
tongue. Her hands gripped my butt as I jerked against her face, and she pulled my cheeks apart to allow
my dresser to rub a greased finger across my asshole, then push it right inside, twisting the finger to
spread lubrication right round the inner lining. When a seat became vacant at the dressing table I was
hurried forward, again by pulling at my solid teats, but when I was seated this time, the phallus was
embedded in my bottom, painfully stretching my sphincter till I thought I would split wide open.

By the end of the night I was getting dizzy with all the sexual excitement, in spite of the fact that
I hadn’t yet climaxed, always being taken off somewhere else as the passion reached almost to a peak.
Both the designer and the stage manager were thrilled with my performance, and the audience were as well,
they kept looking at all the orders being placed on a computer screen, saying that I could win the
competition if I kept on being sexy. While I had no idea what they were talking about, being sexy was
something I could do, and went at it with even more enthusiasm. The final parade had all the models
dressed in the flimsiest of gowns, and as we gathered at the end of the catwalk, the announcer told
everyone that the winner of most popular model for tonight’s show was Katie. Everyone cheered as the
designer took my hand and brought me forward for a bow, making me twirl so my skirts few out to
expose my naked cunny, as panties hadn’t been allowed for any of us this time. Stood at the front, on
full display, I was shown proudly to my fans, being turned back and forth, bowing and curtsying, then
the designer came over and gave me a kiss, not on the cheek, but fully on my lips. A passionate embrace
that included his hand running over my bottom. Then the lady announcer came on stage, and gave me
an even more fervent embrace, with her tongue going in my mouth, and her hands fondling my lightly
clad titties. I was almost cumming from all this stimulation, and hardly noticed the crowd calling out for
the pole to be given me.

I assumed this was the trophy for being best model, and was surprised when the head model took my ankle,
raising my foot up sideways in a ballet split that must have been displaying my bare cunny to everyone.
With the whole audience wild about me, cheering and shouting, I began to notice as I was moved slightly
sideways till my spread legs were over the pivot post at the end of the catwalk. The smooth metallic rod
was slipped between my lips, four inches of the narrow shaft entering my dripping cunt as I was helplessly
impaled on the stage. My skirt was pulled aside and pinned up so as not to hide the centre of my young
girl’s cunny, stretched by even the top part of this post that I’d been turning on so innocently all
evening. Slowly I was turned to face different sections of the audience, the shaft twisting against my
delicate walls, then the head model leaned forward and told me to curtsey. I dipped slightly, forcing the
metal pole deeper into my small tender hole, then a hand reached over into my slit to rub my throbbing
clit to greater heights of passion.

I could feel my orgasm building after being so long denied through the evening, each painful turn and
curtsy pushing me nearer to the brink of release. Gradually I felt my legs weaken, the knees trembling as
new waves of erotic pleasure flashed through my clit, and I knew they would soon give way and drop me on the
floor. Helpless to resist, I was now turning and bobbing to everyone who wanted to see, till at last I could
stand no more stimulation. Timed to perfection, my arm was grasped at each side, raised up in a wave of
appreciation, then swept down to a an extremely deep curtsy, just as my legs finally gave way. A scream
of intense passion left my throat as a massive climax swept right through every fiber of my young body,
drowning out the pain as I dropped down along the widening shaft that was tearing out my precious
virginity. Only the most slender of shafts had ever penetrated that most sacred passage, protecting the
barrier of my hymen that would be a precious gift to my special lover. Now I was being sacrificed on the
alter of fame and fashion, and I had no other care but my own fulfillment as I tried to lift my weight so
that I could drop once more onto that cruel stake. Each deep thrust renewed fresh waves of orgasm that
set my hips shaking, driving the heartless metal dildo deeper into my aching wet cunny.

Well Frank, I hope you enjoy reading my secret fantasy, it’s been special to me during the last few years,
and after talking with Mom over the weekend I’m now privileged to share this with the both of you

Hugs and kisses


This is Mom's story of her favorite fantasy.

Well, here we go with my account, Frank, something that I have never allowed to fully develop, but
elements of it do surface now and again, always with a most dramatic effect on me.

We are all at my Dad’s house in High Bridge for some holiday, such as Thanksgiving I think, and we’re all
in the lounge chatting. There are all four of us there, Dad and my step-brother Robert, my daughter Katie,
and myself, when somehow the conversation gets steered round to sexual activity. This had always been a very
taboo subject at home, but in my fantasy it all seems quite natural, although I still have strong memories
of the way everyone used to react when I was a girl, and I’m desperately trying to reconcile them in my
mind. When Dad asks how my sex life is getting on now, I hear myself explain that I masturbate quite a
lot, and download porn from the internet when I need it. Dad smiles, nodding his head as he says how
glad he is that I’m happy, and I squeeze his hand in gratitude, but inside the back of my mind is a
nagging dread of something I can’t quite grasp. Robert turns to ask the same thing of Katie, and she
enthusiastically tells everyone about the new dildo she bought last week, including how she tried it out
in the shop, much to everyone’s delight. I too praise my daughter’s open honesty, and I feel my pussy
getting wet as she tells her Uncle Robert about sitting on the dildo in her bedroom when she got home
with it. Both my Dad and Robert have big bulges in their pants, which I notice they are stroking openly,
as they reminisce about how I always used to play with myself when I was a young girl.

When Dad asks to take a look how much I’ve grown over the years, I happily begin to undress, slowly
unbuttoning my blouse, then leaving it fully open to display my bra covered breasts while I remove my short
skirt. As I strip down for my family, I hear Robert order his niece to take off her clothes as well, so
that they can compare the naked bodies of their two favorite ladies. When we are both undressed to our
undies, we are stood side by side, still half naked in front of my Dad and brother, and strangely enough,
everything is fine, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. While all my repressed anxieties are
still there, my most prominent feeling is one of rising sexual passion, and I can feel my pussy juice
flooding into my lace panties. On command we both step forward, and Dad begins to feel my breasts through
my bra, caressing them gently, while I can see Robert doing the same to Katie, and both of them are
showering us with compliments about how beautiful and sexy we are.

Robert suggests we compare our breasts, and both bras are removed so that our naked tit flesh can be
examined thoroughly, Katie panting just as hard as I am when her nipples are pulled gently. The men want
to check our butts, and we are now turned by our hips to face away from them, our panties pulled down,
and the bottom cheeks meticulously fondled. Next we are bent over so that the central groove parts widely
to expose two little rosebuds which are gently lubricated, then penetrated by a strong male finger.
Katie reaches over to hold my hand, looking at me with lust in her eyes to match my own raging passions,
then we moan in unison as our assholes stretch to take a finger full depth.

After a short while we are stood facing the men again, still with our panties below our butts, the front
edge just against the line of our pubic mound, but not for long as Dad and Robert carefully lower each
waistband to slowly expose a pair of smooth shaven pussies, turning the panties inside out so that they
reveal gussets covered in thick girl juice.

“Still a wet little slut, my darling,” Dad says to me with a smile, and turning to Katie he continues, “Your
Mom always had wet panties, sweetheart, it was one of the things I loved about her. Even when she was
freshly changed into clean underwear, you only had to catch her nipples, and straight away she would
flood her panties.”

Knowing that my Dad approved of my wet pussy was a wonderful thing to hear, and made me tingle
deep inside my tummy. Robert then pointed out to Dad that his granddaughter also had a dripping wet
cunny, just like her Mom, and added how nice it was that both women were such hot little foxes. Pulling
down our panties altogether, Dad and Robert now had us totally naked, and we were made to pose for
them in the most erotic ways, spreading our thighs wide apart, offering up our titties for them to suck
our erect nipples, and being passed from one to the other for inspection. Finally we were told to kneel
before them, then asked if we would like to relieve the erections we had caused, to which we both said
yes, finally being allowed to unzip their pants, pull them down, and gaze upon two large throbbing pricks
just waiting to be caressed. Katie’s eyes were wide open as she studied her Uncle Robert’s cock, and she
reached out to wrap her hand round it, stroking it slowly, while I reached out to play with my Dad’s long
hard prick.

I had wondered what this would be like for so long, ever since those rare occasions when I saw him in the
bathroom, and now I was free to enjoy giving him the pleasure he deserved for taking care of me for so many
years. After stroking him for a while, I leaned forward, watching him smile at me as my mouth slid over the
knob of his manly shaft, playing my tongue across it before sliding its length deep into my mouth. Glancing
sideways, I saw Katie watching me suck my Dad while she played with my brother, then she too slipped her
mouth over her Uncle’s cock, forcing her lips wide enough apart to take him inside as her Mom was doing.
It felt wonderful to be together as a family, sharing sex and love with each other without any regrets or
recriminations, knowing that we had so much enjoyment that we could give to these two wonderful men.

After twenty minutes of oral attention I could see both of them begin to lift their hips, and feel my Dad’s
prick pulsing in my mouth, so I kept my tongue working steadily along his shaft, holding back at times to
make him last. When Robert began to thrust into Katie’s mouth, I increased my pressure, bringing Dad up
to his climax just a few seconds behind Robert, feeling the first jets of thick spunk flood in my mouth,
holding it as I heard Katie swallow. Both my Dad and Robert then pushed our heads backward, off their
pulsing cocks as the rest of their climax was sprayed across both of our faces in sticky white jets.

We knelt there covered in cum, strands dripping from our chin onto our bare titties as Dad told me to open
my mouth. Showing him that I still held his juice inside me, he told me to share it with Katie, so I leaned
over to give her a sticky kiss, passing my Dad’s spunk into my own daughter’s mouth, then taking it back as
she pushed her Granddad’s cum into her own Mom’s mouth. When we’d swapped juices a few times, Dad had us
both open our mouths while he and Robert looked at the strands of sperm across our tongues, and the pools
of thick fluid behind our teeth, finally ordering his two girls to swallow it all down into our tummies.

This is the ultimate acceptance of my sexual drives, that I am loved enough to share this most intimate,
and forbidden of erotic acts with my closest family. As Dad reaches out to my bare pussy, slipping his
fingers into my slit, his nail scraping the tip of my erect clitoris, I explode in orgasm, staying on my
knees in front of him while spasms of violent pleasure ripple through my whole body.

With gratitude to my very special friend
Love Shelly

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2014-11-15 00:42:52
the three of them. It is a blessing to see her grow into such a happy and bihgrt 2 year old (see here and here). You can't help but fall in love with her. No


2013-02-02 18:56:03
Hi Anonymous 2
I'm sorry I couldn't hold your attention span for more than 2 paragraphs, please try harder next time, I'm sure you'll enjoy the rest of the story.


2013-02-02 18:41:40
Hi Anonymous 2
I'm sorry I couldn't hold your attention span for more than 2 paragraphs, please try harder next time, I'm sure you'll enjoy the rest of the story.


2013-02-02 18:39:07
Hi Anonymous 1
Cunny is a word used quite often in our house, and is more socially acceptable than more vulgar terms.

Just because this is a sex stories site doesn't mean that everyone reading here wants to see the same level of literary construction.


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We really liked the story please keep up the good work, do not understand the negative comments (the must have tiny little _ _ _ _'s)

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