This was an authorship task set by Master Mark, to recount my previous visit to my doctor for a regular check-up, as opposed to specific healthcare. By way of background, I have been enrolled in a Physical Development Research Project since I was 12 years old, where an annual check-up is used to record my current physical attributes and condition. Personal experiences over the previous year are recorded, and every 3 years a much more intensive examination is undertaken.

Title – Katie’s Research Assessment 2012 – written 20 October 2012

This was an authorship task set by Master Mark, to recount my previous visit to my
doctor for a regular check-up, as opposed to specific healthcare. By way of
background, I have been enrolled in a Physical Development Research Project since I
was 12 years old, where an annual check-up is used to record my current physical
attributes and condition. Personal experiences over the previous year are recorded, and
every 3 years a much more intensive examination is undertaken.

I received a letter from my MD a couple of weeks after my birthday inviting me to
make an appointment for my annual check-up, which I arranged for the following
Friday evening, after work. Since this was a routine visit, I didn’t have to worry about
timing it with my period, and the receptionist told me it would be alright to shave my
pussy beforehand as well. Sometimes I have to stop shaving so my pubic hair pattern
can be monitored, but that wasn’t required this time, which was a shame because I
know Dr Forrest likes shaving girls during their exam, and I also enjoy her doing it.

I arrived a few minutes early, and there were several other patients in the waiting
room, so I gave my name, and took a seat, picking up a magazine to read. Quite soon
after, the receptionist called me over to sign the permission forms, and then I was
shown in to the doctor, and invited to sit beside her desk. We went through the usual
medical questionnaire, following which I was asked to stand and Dr Forrest slipped
the straps of my yellow sundress off my shoulders and down my arms, baring my
breasts, with their pierced nipples. Taking hold of the silver hearts Grandad had given
me on my birthday, the doctor looked at me and asked, “Are you going to be a good
girl, Katie?”

This was a coded invitation for me to be submissive, allowing me to choose which
type of examination I wanted, so I dropped my voice, and answered quietly, “Yes
Miss, of course I am.” If I didn’t want to play, I could have replied, “I’ll try, Doctor”,
then we would have continued with a normal doctor/patient relationship for this visit.
As it was, I’d offered her complete control over me while I was here, so she pushed
my dress over my hips, letting the lemon material pool around my feet so that I could
step out of it. Now I was left in my high heeled sandals, and my little girl panties in
white cotton, with cute pink bows printed on them, while Dr Forrest was fully dressed
in a smart business suit.

Taking a tailor’s tape from her desk, the doctor measured my chest, bust, waist and
hips, recording them on my chart, then around my thighs and calves, finally pushing
my panties down to measure from my spine to my navel, twice. The first was over the
top of my labia, then she worked the tape between my lips, sawing it back and forth
till it was embedded deep in my slit, squashing my clitoris. She took me over to the far
wall to check my weight and height, the scales being located next to the door, which
I’d been instructed to leave open when I’d first entered. Two people walked past the
door while I was being weighed, both looking in at me stood in just my LG panties,
and the doctor even turned my hips when a young man was admiring me, so that I
was actually facing him.

Returning to the side of her desk, the doctor checked my blood pressure and pulse,
which she said were elevated, not surprising since I’d just been put on display, then
she listened to my heart and lungs with her stethoscope. Instead of going round to
listen to my back, Dr Forrest stepped forward and reached behind me, looking over
my shoulder. I could smell her perfume as I nuzzled into her neck, my breathing
getting faster as her hand slid from my lower back to my hip, then slipped under my
panties onto my bottom. I felt her right leg move forward to press her thigh hard into
my crotch, and I began to hump it as her hand pushed against my bottom, my pussy
juicing up as I became excited.

With a swift slap on my butt, she pulled away from me, telling me not to be naughty,
brought over a yellow plastic trash bag, telling me to drop my dress and panties into it
before she wrapped a zip tie round the top, and placed it next to her waste bin. My
pulse was even higher now, as I read the “To Incinerate” notice printed on the bag,
wondering if I’d have to go home naked tonight. This was always part of my visits to
Dr Forrest, being deprived of all my clothes at one point or another, sometimes she’d
lock them in her desk drawer, or give them to the nurse to look after, and I wouldn’t
know till the end if I’d get them back. I always did, except for one time when she
took me to the basement to watch her put them in the furnace, just to show she did in
fact have full control of me. That day I had to phone Mom to pick me up, as I’d gone
in on the bus, but I was still completely naked on the drive home, and dripping wet as

Sitting down, Dr Forrest swung her chair round, having me stand towards the middle
of the room, while she enquired about my sexual activity, how my piercings were
healing up, and if I’d recovered alright after losing my cherry. I had to tell her about
my birthday, because she always asks, knowing I enjoy describing the interesting
presents I’m usually given, and making me relate all the details of my spanking. This
part meant I had to turn my back to her and bend over, so that she could examine my
bottom to see if the marks had all healed up. It also served to remind me that I was on
display, as I now faced the mirror, which didn’t show my reflection, the position was
wrong for that, but instead allowed me to see all the way to the front desk. Just at that
moment the receptionist was looking directly at me, but then a young woman walked
down the corridor to the restroom watching my reflection all the way down.

Retrieving a camera from her desk, the doctor took several photographs, front side
and back, then close ups of my breasts and pussy, particularly where they had been

I was questioned about my periods, and explained about changing the sequence of my
Contraceptive pill to delay my birthday period so that it didn’t spoil having my guests
over for the week. Dr Forrest was OK with that, reminding me not to do it too often,
then instructed me to hop up onto the exam table so she could do an internal check.
With my feet in the stirrups, tied at ankle and knee, she opened my vagina with her
fingers, spreading it wider as she inspected the tiny scars left by the removal of the
last traces of the hymen, after I’d given my cherry to my Master last year. She was
very pleased with it, saying how well the bio-oil had worked, and enquiring if I’d
been doing my stretching exercises, which I assured her I had.

She inserted a cage speculum into me, with thin wire legs instead on the normal flat
leaves, opening me up wide so she could photograph the results of losing my cherry,
then put them in my research project folder later on. Leaving the speculum in place,
she brought over a Hysteroscope, and a set of steel dilators, my pelvic floor sucking
up as I watched her run her fingers over the largest shaft. I let out a loud sigh as she
picked up the smallest one instead, then felt her working the end round my delicate
cervix, pressing gently, twisting, and twirling till my tummy relaxed. It stung a little
when the slim tip finally entered, stretching my ring of muscle just the tiniest bit, then
a little more as the shaft went deeper. Dr Forrest worked the first part of the steel rod
in and out slowly, letting the cervix relax, then inserting a wider section to open up the
entrance to my womb further, extending her finger so that with each inward push it
rubbed across my clit. She worked three of the dilators into me until the 10mm shaft
was fully inserted, then she replaced it with the Hysteroscope, so now, not only was I
stretched open, but I was being pulled about as she moved the scope in my tummy.
Dr Forrest said everything looked healthy, but I needed a flush, so the Hysteroscope
was used to pass a pink probe that had a slightly flared end, and reminded me of a
tiny dick, like a baby’s penis. The doctor eased it through my cervix, attached the
clear pipe from it to a tank she wheeled over on a small cart, then filled the tank with
warm saline. As she pressed down a plunger on the side of the tank, I could feel the
warm water spray into my womb, a weird feeling, like an enema, but with the cramp
further forward, and lower, just above my pubic bone.

After two further pumps she stopped, which I was glad for, as my insides felt really
bloated, then she ran her hands over the lump that appeared in my tummy, pressing it
painfully as she looked through the scope. She guided my own hands to the bulge,
letting me feel its extent in my lower tummy, telling me that the inside of my uterus
was now 2 to 3 inches across, that’s about week 12 if I were pregnant. It was a very
strange sensation to feel my womb move about as I pressed it in different places, and
Dr Forrest made me push the bump as far as I could in each direction, till it became
almost too painful to bear. Then she had me hold it there for what seemed like hours,
but was probably less than a minute, while she explained that parts of my insides were
being pushed out of place. At one point the doctor said she was considering inducing
a phantom pregnancy in me, as she thought I’d look gorgeous with a fully bloated
tummy, and perhaps she would seek my Master’s permission for the procedure. It was
just a matter of inserting a balloon into my uterus, then inflating it with increasing
volumes of saline solution, she explained, sounding as if it would be no more than
changing a dressing.

While she was revealing her plans for me, she was moving my already bulging tummy
about, and stroking her nail across my erect clit, knowing full well the effect that
medical scenarios have on me. It wasn’t long before I reached a climax, thrusting my
hips upward as she cooed encouragement in my ear.

Finally Dr Forrest let me calm down, then drained the fluid from my stretched womb,
removed the Hysteroscope and the speculum, but left me strapped to the examination
table, my legs splayed wide, in full view of the open door.

While not part of my usual check-up, the doctor wanted to inspect my piercings to
make sure they had healed properly, so she removed the hearts from my nipples, and
the pendant mouse that hung from my clitoral hood piercing. She stretched the flesh
round each one, pulling and squeezing to check for scar tissue, then took a small case
from her desk drawer, opening it to reveal half a dozen long tapered pins. I was told
these were to check the size of hole that was pierced, and she slid the narrow pointed
end through each of my nipples, then another vertically up from the bottom of my clit.
There were lines on the side measuring the diameter of the hole, which she recorded in
my notes, then she attached a ring to the end of each pin.

The two in my nipples had both been pushed from the outside, so the rings now faced
each other, and Dr Forrest attached a stretchy thread between them, pulling it tight
enough that my breasts were drawn towards each other. A second thread was
fastened to my clit piercing, then to the tread between my nipples, putting tension on
all three tapered pins, so that I could feel them being forced further through the holes.
After making sure I wasn’t in too much discomfort, the doctor said she needed to talk
to her nurse, and I realised that it was time for me to be put on display again, as she
walked out of her office, leaving the door wide open.

While I love showing off my naked private places, being tied down and helpless adds
a whole new dimension to it, and the doctor knew perfectly well that my cunny
would be dripping wet when she returned. I was fine for several minutes, then a
young lady walked past the door, glanced in, a smile quickly replacing her surprised
look, before she moved on. The restrooms were further down the corridor, so a few
minutes later she walked back the other way, pausing to take a good look at me this
time, for quite a long time. About ten minutes later a man about Uncle Robert’s age
walked past, saw me laid there, and walked in to enquire if I knew where the
restrooms were, which I politely told him, while trying not to be too conscious of my
nudity. Instead of leaving, he explained that he’d brought his niece in, and they
always seemed to have a lot of waiting round whenever they visited. He was a nice
enough man, his eyes kept straying to my naked breasts and cunny, and I could see
him struggling to stop his hands from reaching over. Giving him one of my warmest
smiles, I assured him it was alright to touch, if he wanted to, as I didn’t mind, so he
reached out and gently stroked the underside of my breasts.

When he looked down to my hairless cunny, he asked “May I?”, and I felt a rush of
heat as he so politely asked permission to touch me, so I answered “By all means Sir,
please feel free.” His touch on my mound was so gentle I could hardly feel it, he
stroked the exposed shaft of my clit, down the outside of my labia, then down my
wet slit, coming to rest at my dripping vaginal entrance. He looked up at me with a
smile, raising his eyebrows questioningly, head slightly to one side, so I told him,
“You may penetrate Sir, if it pleases you”, and he slowly eased two fingers full length
into my tingling cunny. His thumb came to rest against my hard clit, and I felt the
fingers curl inside me, stroking gently along my G-spot, pushing me to one of the
softest orgasms I’ve ever known. He held me just over the peak for less than a minute,
an electric tingle running all through my sex, but none of the trusting and writhing I
usually feel when I cum. When he withdrew is fingers, the sensations gradually faded
away as he watched the expressions on my face, leaning forward, he kissed me
tenderly on the cheek, said, “Thank you Miss” , then turned and walked out.

A few more people walked past after that, most of them patients or companions, as
well as several of the staff, and I don’t think there was one who didn’t look in at me.
I was usually only left like this for about thirty minutes on my check-ups, but I was
just beginning to wonder if I’d been forgotten, when I had a lovely surprise. A young
girl walked past who recognised me, and she dashed to my side saying “Aunt Katie,
are you poorly? Have you seen the doctor? Did she give you some medicine?”

This was Sophie, a lovely little thing I’d met on one of my earlier visits, when I was
21, I thought, correctly, her Mom had brought her over to me then to reassure the girl,
who had just been enrolled on the research project. We had exchanged phone numbers
with each other, chatted a few times, and I’d even been over to babysit Sophie on a
couple of occasions. For now, I just put Sophie’s mind at rest that I was being looked
after, and her sweet smile quickly replaced the worried frown on her brow.

“Do I get a hug then,” I asked, “I’ve not seen you for AGES?”
She put her arms round my neck, and nearly pulled my head off in her excitement, just
as her Mom walked through the door, looking as if she was going to tell her off, but
then recognising me on the table. Claire, her Mom, said hello, giving me a kiss, then
told Sophie to apologise for bursting in like that, which she did beautifully, calling me
Ma’am, which I love her doing, then finishing with a little curtsey, even lifting the
hem of her dress. Claire apologised for catching me in this state, looking over my
naked body, legs bound with Velcro to the table, pins through my nipples and clit, all
tied together, then remarking that I’d been in a similar position last time. We had a
laugh at that, and a chat about how we were both getting on, then I turned to Sophie,
who’d been stood quietly while the grown-ups talked, her hands clasped in front of

“Now then Miss Sophie,” I said to her, “what are you doing here today? Poorly
tummy? Fallen off your bike again?” I had a good idea what her visit was, since her
birthday was only a week after mine.

“Oh no, Aunt Katie,” she said, pulling her shoulders back, “I’m going to have my
special check-up, and Mommy says it’s a minestone one.”

Claire and I both giggled, and Claire corrected her daughter that it was ‘Milestone’,
not ‘Minestone’. It must have been Christmas since I’d last seen them, and I could tell
that Sophie was beginning to blossom, the little buds now obvious under the top of
her dress. I took her hand, and told her the doctor was going to be really pleased with
the way she was growing up, then reminded her that we girls had to be very brave and
do everything the doctor told us to do. I leaned forward and whispered to her, loud
enough that Claire could hear as well, “If you are really, really good, then when you
get home you can ask Mommy if she’ll let me take you shopping, as a treat. If your
Mommy says yes, then phone me and we’ll make a date. OK.” Sophie nodded her
head, thanked me, gave me another kiss, and then Claire said they had to get going or
the doctor would be cross when they were late.

As Claire and Sophie left, Dr Forrest walked back into her office, commenting on my
visitors, so I explained how we’d met and become friends, and that Sophie seemed
pleased that she knew someone nice who was on the same research project as herself.
Dr Forrest said she couldn’t discuss Sophie’s case with me, not even to confirm that
we were in the same study, nor whether the child was as co-operative as I’d been
when I first joined.

We had just one more series of tests to do, so the doctor removed the pins from my
piercings, putting them in the autoclave, then brought over a very long, Barbie pink
dildo, which was to test my gag reflex. I took a few seconds to compose myself, put
the end between my lips, then slowly took more of the dildo into my mouth, moving it
slowly in and out. I had a couple of stalls as it reached my throat, but I recalled the
very first time I had taken Master Mark’s cock all the way down my throat, and how
proud I’d been to achieve that. Eventually I had taken the whole length of the dildo,
so Dr Forrest told me I could remove it, as she recorded my results.

For the next check, Dr Forrest brought me a large black dildo to test my anal dilation,
and had me stroking lubricant into the shaft while she worked more gel deep into my
bottom with her fingers. Gradually she loosened my muscles, and then began to work
the knob into my slick anus till it had entered, backing off and advancing quite a few
times. As she stroked the black shaft deeper and deeper, the doctor rubbed my clitoris
on each inward thrust, pushing my sexual response higher as she played with one of
my cheerleader rape fantasies. At last the full ten inches were inside me, the balls had
pressed against my pussy lips, and Dr Forrest patted the bulge in my tummy, saying
how well I’d done.

Vaginal dilation was a little more difficult, as I’d only started recently, but the doctor
had 4 increasingly large, realistic, pink dildoes to get me going, and she worked the
first two into my pussy reasonably easily. The third one went about half way in, but
my lips were so tightly stretched round the prick that I thought I’d rip in half, so I
asked for a pause, and Dr Forrest locked a plate to the table, pressing it to the bottom
of the dildo to keep it embedded. After a few minutes she resumed thrusting, making
me play with my clit and nipples while she pushed and twisted the remainder of the
dildo, saying she would get it all in my cunt if she had to tear me open to do it. This
threat pushed me into a climax, squeezing my pelvic muscles down onto the straining
cock wedged inside me. Then a quick spasm allowed the last two inches to ram hard
against my cervix, lifting my womb up into my tummy.

As I started to thrust my hips up, Dr Forrest tightened the straps round my legs,
tapping the end of the dildo after each strap, making me jerk, but less each time as I
was pulled tighter to the table. As a final push, the doctor extended the stirrups even
wider, till I was in a full splits, then stood at my shoulder, twisting my solid nipples
with each shudder that ran across my tummy. I didn’t notice her remove the restraints,
or take the huge plastic cock out of my stretched pussy, but eventually I looked at her
smiling face as she stood over me, gently caressing my smooth mound.

When I sat up she brought me a bowl of warm water and a washcloth to wipe my
hands and face, but told me to leave my juice coated cunny, and thighs, till I got
home, and then I could take a shower. She was very pleased with my progress so far,
especially taking all of the third dildo when I’d lost my cherry only nine months ago,
and suggested that twice a week I use the inflatable dildo my Master had given me
for my birthday.

I was then sent home in my dress and shoes, my panties laid on the top of my purse
for all to see as I walked through the waiting area, and my still wet cunny smelling of
girl juice.

As I passed the desk, the receptionist told me the report of my check-up would be
sent to Master Mark by the doctor, along with any advice for follow up.

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