A young girl set off on a peaceful hiking vacation, that went horribly wrong at the beginning, but turned out not so bad when she encountered a Guyver unit, an alien device that gave her a protective suit of Bio-Armour.
Credits: This story was written by Katie, and based on one of Katie’s
childhood fantasies.

Guyver – Second Chance – Part 1

A young girl set off on a peaceful hiking vacation, that went horribly wrong at
the beginning, but turned out not so bad when she encountered a Guyver
unit, an alien device that gave her a protective suit of Bio-Armour.


Joyce Butler was out hiking in the woods, enjoying the freedom of open
spaces, along with the deep peace and quiet you just couldn’t find in the city.
She’d been walking for three hours now, and stopped by a lake to rest and
eat lunch, before completing the remainder of today’s route.

Taking off her shorts, t-shirt, boots and socks, she laid on the soft grass in
only her bikini, to sunbathe for an hour or so, luxuriating in the warmth of the
bright sun in her sheltered little clearing. When she’d taken enough sun, she
was going to have a swim in the lake, but needed to pee first, though she
couldn’t do that in the lake, and foul the water. She took her restroom visit
behind a tree, removing her bikini bottom completely, because it was easier
than having to squat and aim past it. It felt good to empty her full bladder, and
the warm pee rushing out was tickling her pussy lips, turning her on, so as
the flow slowed to a dribble, she slipped her fingers into her wet slit.

Rubbing her hardening clit, she closed her eyes to concentrate on the
pleasure building in her pussy, but her attention was suddenly wrenched
back by the sound of a breaking twig. Opening her eyes, she saw a guy
stood right in front of her, but when she put her hand between her legs,
apologising for her public display, he slapped her hard across the side of her
face. The force of the blow dazed her, as she sprawled in the leaf debris
under the tree, and she felt the unknown man tying her wrists with her
discarded bikini bottoms, using the long side ties as an effective rope.

Her attacker couldn’t believe his luck in finding such a good looking girl out
here, all on her own, so conveniently half undressed for him, and pleasingly
displayed. He’d followed her, unseen, for the last mile of so, and intended
just to spy on her, which was even better when she’d stripped down to her
skimpy swimsuit to sunbathe. He’d changed position a couple of times, till he
could see right between her legs, where the tight bikini outlined her sweet
pussy. Fortune smiled on him when she stood up, holding her crotch in
obvious need of a toilet, and she’d walked straight towards his hiding place.
Moving behind a tree that sheltered her from the clearing, she was about 4
yards in front of the bush he was concealed behind. He could see right up
her slit from here, and when she started to finger herself, he knew he had to
take advantage of this rare opportunity that only turned up once or twice a
year. He quietly stood and moved toward her half naked figure, but he was
so intent on her fingers rubbing her clit, that he missed a small branch under
the fallen leaves, which snapped with a loud crack when he stood on it. The
woman looked up, and began to apologise, but he hit her by reflex, knocking
her to the ground, and had her wrists bound with her bikini in seconds.

He was committed now, but then he was probably going to attack her
anyway, so her turned her on her back, and replaced her gentle fingers with
his rough ones, in the exposed wet slit between her spread thighs. She tried
to close her legs, but he had her pinned open with his knees, as his fingers
worked at the entrance to her warm cavern. She began pleading with him to
leave her alone, and she wouldn’t say anything, so he slapped her again, on
both cheeks, making her head spin. When she kept complaining, he picked
up a small branch that had dropped from the tree, showed her the broken
end, with its sharp spikes of shattered wood, and threatened to use that
instead of his fingers if she wasn’t quiet.

Joyce didn’t want this to get any worse, so she kept quiet, there was
obviously no reasoning with the guy, and the chance of another hiker
coming along this path was remote. She resigned herself to losing her
virginity to this evil man, hoping to avoid getting beaten up if she co-
operated, as he’d already hit her several times, so he wasn’t averse to using
violence on a woman. Even if she tried to call for help, before anyone got
near them, this man could easily kill her and make his escape in the dense

As he fingered her slit, slipping one finger into her tight pussy, rubbing her
clit painfully hard with his thumb, he reached up and pushed her bikini top
upward to expose her small breasts. He squeezed and pinched her nipples
with his free hand, digging his fingers into her firm tit flesh, and twisting
them till she cried out, which earned her another slap. He was swearing all
the time, calling her crude names, telling her what he was going to do to her,
and after only a few minutes foreplay, he unzipped his trousers and pushed
his erect prick into her spread pussy. It really hurt Joyce as his prick tried to
force its way through the barrier of her hymen, and when she cried out in
pain, he ripped off her top and shoved it in her mouth to quieten her
screams. Realising she was a virgin drove his passion to new heights, and
he rammed harder and harder at her barrier, his erection growing stronger
with each painful thrust. Finally the thin membrane ripped in three places,
bringing fresh agony to his victim, but cruel victory to the rapist, as he
ploughed deeper, and faster, into the girl’s depths. Relentless in his
onslaught, he fucked her to his full length, hitting her cervix on each inward
stroke, driving the breath from her body, till at last his orgasm exploded in his
balls, pumping hot spunk deep inside her.

Satisfied for the moment, he pulled out his softening prick, removed his
pants altogether, and brought his backpack over. Looking down at the
helpless girl laid on her back, arms bound behind her, legs spread, and
pussy leaking spunk, he took out some rope to continue his fun. Straddling
her tummy, he wrapped a piece of rope round each tittie, pulling it really tight,
then flipped her over so he could see her butt. It had leaves and dirt stuck to
it, which he began to brush away, then slapped it away, harder and harder,
making the girl moan and wriggle. When her ass was pleasingly red, he
picked up a slender branch and whipped her firm cheeks with it, quickly
bringing up red lines, then he struck much harder, till the weal’s turned deep

Agony coursed through Joyce’s rear as she was viciously whipped, and all
her struggles only served to rub her painfully bound tits across the rough
ground beneath her, her own weight pressing them down.

When the man stopped beating her ass, he unfastened her wrists, turned her
over, and re-tied them in front of her, then hoisted her up, against the tree,
hooking her bound wrists over the protruding stump of a broken branch.
Although her poor bottom was rubbing agonisingly against the rough bark,
Joyce was still aware enough that she noticed that the branch she was
suspended from was giving a little under her weight. When the man turned
to get something from his backpack, Joyce stretched as far up as she could,
till her hands were on the end of the branch, then pulled with all her weight.
With a deafening crash, the limb tore loose from the tree, Joyce spun round
and caught the guy right on the side of his head, just as he looked up to see
what all the noise was about.

He flew sideways through the air, but Joyce was not about to wait, even to
see where he landed, and she took off running as fast as she could, not
even looking back. Every footfall caused excruciating stabs of pain through
her body, from her lacerated rump, her ravaged vagina, and her tightly bound
breasts, which still had enough slack to bounce about on her chest. Her bare
feet were being bruised by the stones and roots that littered the pathway, but
her mind was focused on one thing only – FLIGHT.

She knew she had only one chance to escape her rapist, and if he caught
her, she was probably dead, so she ran.. and ran… Ran till her lungs burned,
then she turned off the path, through a narrow gap between the bushes, in
case he followed her down the path, and had more stamina than she did.

Now her whole body was being whipped by branches as she passed, her
hands were raised to protect her face, but her chest, tits, belly, hips, and legs
were all covered in stinging welts. Gradually the movement of her hands, as
they fended off the higher branches, worked the knots loose on her wrists, till
finally they came free, allowing her more freedom to work her way deeper
into the brush. She could feel herself weakening now, and she desperately
hoped she’d come far enough to be safe. Bursting through a bush, she
tripped, and fell into a small gully, rolling down the side till she hit her head,
and knocked herself out.

Laying there unconscious, her knee rests against a strange round stone
which lights up slowly, a section opens on the side, and a slim tentacle
comes out to creep up her leg. It stops at her bleeding pussy then slowly
enters, just a few inches, moving gently in her damaged entrance. More
lights come on along the top of the device while the tentacle explored the rest
of Joyce’s body, into every crevice, and over every surface. At last it found the
contact point at the base of the skull, glowed with a dull, wavering light, and
the unit coalesced with Joyce, seeming to be absorbed into the girl’s body.


The Guyver device was a suit of alien Bio Armour that fitted the wearer in full
symbiosis, with a contact point somewhere inside the body, that connected to
a sub-dimension, which held the main body of the unit, activating to a full
suit when needed.

Millions of years ago, when Earth was young, and large dinosaurs were the
dominant life form, a group of aliens would visit the warm blue planet for
some recreation, and to perform basic research on the native animals who
were still developing. The Kourinsha wore protective suits against the
corrosive oxygen in our atmosphere, and any stray attacks from animals
who’d not seen their like in these parts before. The suits were powered from
a Guyver unit, and not much is known now about where the G-units were
made, nor how they were manufactured. Remember, dear reader, that most
of this story is told from the perspective of the human, many thousands of
years after the alien left.

The Guyver unit is symbiotic to the host who wears it, and the Kourinsha
were modifying the design to suit the simian species found in these steamy
jungles because of their dexterity, and the ability of large brains that were
under used.
With selective breeding, and the proper conditioning, this planet could
provide the aliens with a sizeable army. However, Galactic politics change,
and the Kourinsha were called away to fight in a distant sector, but destined
never to return and continue their research. In their hasty departure, a case
was left behind containing 3 Guyver units of simian configuration, and over
the years it slowly became buried under the shifting surface of the young

Eventually the case was acquired by the Chronos Corporation, initially out of
curiosity as to why it could not be opened. Anything that secure, capable of
resisting a large engineering company’s every effort to gain entry could have
some very interesting potential in many areas of science. Even with the vast
resources of Chronos it took five years before the lock was breached, and not
by brute force, but the application of science, mixed with intuition and luck.
Inside were the three discs of the Guyver units, and after many experiments
which resulted in the deaths of a great number of test subjects, the use of the
device as a weapon became very clear. They've been trying to recreate them,
without success, since that time, as their potential was severely limited in
such small numbers. What Chronos wanted were Guyvers by the thousand.

Deep in the woods the Guyver unit stirred slowly to consciousness, roused
by an external bio contact, but with its power levels critically low, this would
have to be a very cursory survey. Gradually a sensor extended to the outer
layer of the creature that had touched it, feeling the warmth, the vibration of
circulatory systems deeper inside, and the absence of any major movement
that might signal danger. Extending along the limb towards a nearby
juncture, the sensor detects a fluid discharge from a narrow cavity, and crude
analysis cells return gross indications of life feeds. Hard decisions have to be
made as initial signs indicate a potential host, but an investigation with
power reserves at such low levels could prove fatal. It’s been many cycles
since a host was available to recharge energy storage, and system damage
had been seriously affecting a whole range of routine processes, including
diagnostics and repair. However, there was one more reserve not yet tapped,
and the Guyver cautiously eased into the cavity as far as the damaged
structure that was leaking fluid.

Absorbing sufficient quantity for analysis, the unit brought back online those
memory sections that held host configuration data, finding them only
partially responsive, then activated the diagnostic systems, again with limited
success. The results confirmed its initial signs that this was indeed simian,
but though it was vastly different from the configuration data, it would suffice
for now. Shutting down diagnostics, the Guyver now sent its sensor tentacle
to find the contact point, moving slowly to conserve power, until it reached
the base of the creature’s skull, then carefully merging a slender tendril into
the standard resting zone. It took a few minutes to locate the host’s energy
system, then a worrying expenditure of it’s own precious power to form a
workable bond into the unfamiliar structures. As the Guyver unit vaguely
sensed an energy flow begin to pass into it’s sensor unit, internal systems
began to shut down as the survival circuit monitored power reserves fall
below critical, and once more it was engulfed in blackness.

Gradually awareness returned, and the Guyver found its timing circuits
failed, so it had no knowledge of how long it had been inactive, but the
critical power dip had passed, and there was now minimal energy in several
reserve cells. Recalling the attachment it had made to a prospective host
before shutdown occurred, the unit checked the sensor unit and found it
actively feeding power into its systems. True, the levels were low, but in time
they would enable full activation. However, it was in danger, lying dormant
outside of the new host, exposed to external threat, or even disconnection,
but a quick inventory had shown there was just barely sufficient power.
Initiating the trigger sequence internally, the Guyver unit changed shape,
dissolving into a fluid mass that drew itself along the sensor tendril to the
hosts neck, then slowly merged inside the body structure to anchor itself in
the sub-dimensional resting zone. There was only just enough power
available to stay above critical, but the unit was patient enough to wait while
it could absorb more energy from the host.

Joyce slowly stirred as consciousness gradually returned to her spinning
head where she lay in the gully, with a pain in her both her temple, and her
knee. These were no doubt injuries from her fall, but even more distressing
were the pains deep inside her vagina where she’d been raped, and the
intense aching in her breasts from the ropes tied tightly round them. Looking
down at her tits, Joyce saw that they’d turned purple from lack of circulation,
were swollen up, and her nipples were painfully sticking right out. Gingerly
she tried to unfasten the knots, but they were too tight, and it hurt her breasts
too much to be pulled about like that. She would have to go back to the
lakeside and find her knife so she could cut through her restrictive bindings
before her tits dropped off.

She desperately hoped that her rapist was gone by now, and scouted very
carefully along the path, trying to keep under some sort of cover, despite the
pain in her chest. When she arrived at her camp there was no-one about,
just a pool of blood where she’d struck her assailant with the branch, and a
track that was clearly showing someone had staggered away. The knife was
still on her belt, and she cautiously worked the sharp blade against the rope,
trying not to cut her skin, and wincing as every movement sent bolts of pain
through her blue tinged flesh. At last the ropes came loose, and Joyce
moaned in agony as the blood rushed back into her sensitised titties, but
rubbing them only made it worse, and even jiggling about added to the hurt.

After the pain subsided, Joyce washed herself in the lake, then dressed to
continue her journey, hurrying in case the man came back this way when he
recovered. Within a few hours she was at a camp site, where she rented one
of their single room cabins, took a long relaxing shower, then cooked herself
a meal. It was soon dark outside, so Joyce locked the door, and retired to her
bed, slipping naked under the covers, rubbing the back of her neck, which
had been feeling uncomfortable since her attack.

As she fell into a deep sleep, filled with dreams of her attack in the woods,
she became more and more anxious, tossing about on the bed, throwing off
the covers as she fought her imaginary attacker. Suddenly she screamed out
in a terrified panic, adrenalin racing into her bloodstream, and the back of her
head felt as if it were about to explode. Wide awake now, she felt something
move beneath her, like warm leather spreading across her shoulder blades,
lifting her, then moving over the tops of her shoulders, down her chest. She
could now see the dark grey coating dip between her breasts, then spread
sideways to cover her globes completely, moving downwards across her
stomach. Joyce felt one side of her mind race in panic that she was being
trapped, while another logical section of her brain noticed how much this
coating, whatever it was, looked like full body armour. Stunned into
immobility, the helpless girl watched as her legs and arms were covered right
down to her toes, and fingertips, then gasped aloud as the final section
covered her head and face. Strangely enough, she could still see, and
breath, as if she was wearing a motorcycle crash helmet, so she carefully got
up from the bed, and went over to the mirror.

Looking back at her was some sort of monster, fully armour clad, with blades
coming from it’s elbows that looked lethal, and a head covering with two thick
lenses over it, and a ridged centre. Fear began to rise quickly as she realised
that there were no apparent joints to remove the gloves, or the breast plate, or
even the helmet. Maybe she was trapped inside this thing for ever, and she
tugged at the face plate helplessly, panic rising higher as it didn’t budge.
Then she tried to move the body section, managing to twist it a little by
applying all of her strength to one side of it. However, the suit’s response to
this was only to grip her more snugly, though it didn’t crush her, but then she
felt the crotch section tighten in, and two protrusions start to press between
her legs.

Crying out as her hands flew protectively to her covered pussy, Joyce could
feel hard shafts press against her cunt and ass, inside the suit, sliding into
her helpless body. Her cry turned to a scream as the shafts quickly entered
fully into each warm, defenceless passage, then swelled up to fill her
completely. Though it was painful to be ruthlessly penetrated in this way, the
feeling quickly became less till she merely felt filled inside, and as she
realised that she wouldn’t be torn apart, she gradually relaxed. Once the self-
preservation instinct subsided a little, Joyce began to look for ways to get this
strange contraption off of her, but a lengthy study revealed no ways to open it
up, and it fitted so snugly that she couldn’t possibly slide out of it in any way.

Now that she was in no danger at the moment of being killed by the suit, she
concentrated on how it fitted to every line of her body, and as she breathed in
she could feel the warm inner surface expand with her chest. It was a
strange feeling, like soft hands held against her, supporting each movement,
but also sliding across her bare skin. She tried to look down at her covered
breasts, but the lenses so distorted her vision that it was difficult to see, and
she quietly wished that the helmet could somehow be taken off. There was a
faint buzz, and a tickling sensation under her chin, and as Joyce looked in
the mirror to see what was happening now, the helmet peeled back from her
jaw, up her face, and over her head. Somehow it just disappeared, because
there was nothing at all behind her, no helmet stuck at the back of her neck.
It had just vanished.

Sudden hope sprang up that she might be getting free, and once more she
tried to pull the top half of the suit free, to no avail, as it remained glued to her
upper body. After tugging and twisting for long minutes, Joyce at last gave
up, and sat on the bed, feeling the two shafts pressed deeper inside her body
as her weight shifted, then she was positive that they moved about.
Gradually they settled, and Joyce was relieved that they hadn’t gone any
deeper, or swelled up any more, as she already felt stretched to capacity.

While the Guyver unit was resting, it had been mapping the host’s systems,
few of which it recognised completely, but there were similarities to the DNA
configuration it held internally. Definitely simian origin, but a more advanced
design than it’s memory banks held, yet still terribly inefficient in almost
every area of operation. Several damaged structures were detected, and
logged for later repair, two potentially dangerous parasites were identified, so
it modified the host’s chemical balance to eradicate them before their next
reproductive cycle completed. The host’s main energy processing systems
lacked control sensitivity, but there was enough flowing that the Guyver
could tap directly in to the power without using its own reserve. It spent
several hours stimulating neural growth in the connection fibres, strength as
well as increased numbers of strands, till it measured a 15.34% increase in
energy delivery. Some of the extra power was left for the host to utilise, but
most of it went to charge its own reserve cells, which were still dangerously

It was monitoring the host’s brain activity as a background process to it’s own
main investigation, when increased activity began to trigger a shift in focus.
Neurons were firing much faster than any levels detected so far, endorphin
and adrenaline levels were rising rapidly, respiration increased, random
nerve impulses fired to the major muscle groups. The host’s fight or flight
response kicked in, pushing system reaction through the roof, and even
though there was no direct activation command, the Guyver’s own
monitoring procedure triggered suit deployment.

Power levels were not a problem, as the host output was well above initial
requirements, so the Guyver reconstructed the armour coating in the
standard configuration, protecting core systems first, then extremities, and
finally a skull covering with the control disc. The fit was not exact, as the
host’s body didn’t match the simian configuration stored on file, so several
adjustments were made, and the new parameters recorded. The host was
trying to reposition several sections of the bio-armour, identifying more
inaccuracies, which were adjusted and logged, tightening the suit to the
outer surface. Two secondary anchors were deployed to the lower location
points, swelling in size till they locked solidly in place.

External scanning revealed no adversaries, or physical dangers, the suit’s
weapon systems were partially charged, and the shields were on full power.
The host was now scanning the outer configuration of the bio-armour, and
inspecting the weak points, which remained satisfyingly solid, and the
Guyver noticed that the host was sub-vocalising. Running its own
comparative scans from the suit’s interior surfaces, the Guyver found several
cross-references on the data store that indicated the host was female, which
was unusual, as only males were normally suitable as symbiotic hosts.
There were also some audio patterns that were recognisable from the unit’s
occasional monitoring of radio transmissions, and it struggled to identify a
configuration request detected from the host. There was a delay while it
verified the command to withdraw the skull covering, the host’s term of
Helmet was not familiar, but now retained for reference. The Guyver
deconstructed the “Helmet”, from beneath the jaw backwards, right to the
base of the skull, redistributing the material back to the sub-dimensional

Once more the host performed a shape conformity assessment, then
lowered herself to a sitting position. The secondary anchors entered further
into the two receptacles, one of which revealed a further chamber as the
probes tried to reconfigure, and the Guyver logged this also for later
investigation. It found no reference to these structures in the DNA records,
but there were several damaged sections of information, which it would have
to attempt to replenish.

Joyce was still exhausted from her ordeal this afternoon, and this situation
wasn’t helping at all, as it seemed she was now trapped in a weird battle suit,
out of some video game the kids played. The whole thing appeared
hopeless, and Joyce burst into tears, gradually crying herself into a sleep full
of dreams.

She awoke gradually as the morning light filtered through the curtains,
gentle tingles running through her breasts and pussy, and a soft warmth
spreading through her insides. Maybe she had only dreamed yesterday, it
had all been a horrid nightmare. One hand caressed her soft, warm tummy,
the other hand stroking her thigh, as she often did first thing in the morning,
but she soon felt the edges of yesterday’s suit still encasing her body. She
was somehow much calmer about this now, and quickly realised that most of
the bio suit had, in fact, disappeared, leaving her clad in an armour plated
bra and panties.

She could feel the inside of the breastplate changing shape every now and
then, as if it were performing the routine self exam that Joyce practiced each
week to make sure there were no signs of cancer. She always found her own
exam to be arousing, but this was even more stimulating, as she didn’t know
what was happening, and kept getting squeezed in unexpected places.
The armoured panties were also actively pressing and squeezing her lower
tummy and crotch area, and she felt as if her labia had been parted, under
the gusset. Every few minutes she could feel the two objects that had filled
her pussy and ass last night pulling back a few inches, till they were almost
out, then working there way back in again, with a tingling sensation along
her inner walls. It was maddening being stimulated without knowing what
was going on.

She wasn’t being hurt, although it was a little uncomfortable, but she wished
that she could see what was happening, just so she knew. There was a
tingle at the back of her neck now, a faint whirr, and she could feel the
helmet start to close over her head again. In panic, her hands flew to her
face, but not fast enough to stop the device being fitted in place, and as she
grabbed hold of it, she realised that it wasn’t a full helmet like before. It was
just a visor across her eyes, and round the back of her head, blinding her,
then suddenly all the inner surface lit up, like a TV screen, except the depth
perception was wrong.

There was a split screen showing the breastplate as semi-transparent on one
side, and a cross section through the suit and her breast on the other side.
She could see dark areas develop inside the suit structure, then bulge
inward as she felt the pressure in her tittie, while the cross section displayed
all the internal composition of her breast being compressed, deep inside,
right down to her rib cage. After several similar displays, all a few seconds
apart, some from the top, and some horizontally at the base of her tits, the
process began to speed up, Joyce recognising the process as a physio

There was a nearly constant stream of talking flowing into her ears from the
side of the visor, which sounded like Chinese, or something, but every once
in a while she could identify an English word. When one of these words next
came up, she repeated it, and the talking stopped, and said the word again,
then the phrase “Repeat – Yes”. The visor said the word she’d recognised
once more, and Joyce repeated it, at which point there was a warm tingle on
each of her nipples, and her clit, for several seconds, which Joyce was sure
meant a reward. The massage of her titties resumed, concentrating on the
damage caused by the ropes that had bound her breasts so tightly when she
was being assaulted in the woods.

The screen now displayed two long, thin shapes, like needles, forming above
her nipples, with several more appearing round the aureoles, which began to
worry her a bit, so she attempted to pull the breastplate away from her titties.
The device’s response felt like an electric shock to her finger tips, which
made her let go, while there was another stream of conversation from the
visor, from which she picked out, and repeated, several more words, such as
damage, and repair. It seemed that this thing, whatever it was, was trying to
heal her injuries, though she wasn’t too keen on what this next stage looked

There was a strange sensation down her arms and legs, like water flowing
under her body, which wrapped another piece of the suit around her wrists
and ankles, then stiffened in texture. The previous time, yesterday, the suit
had formed like leather, soft and supple, but now it was rigid, holding her like
restraints, so that she couldn’t move. Helpless to resist, she watched the
monitor as the two central needles were driven into her nipples, though not
to the full depth, then they injected a hot fluid that she could see spreading
through the surrounding tissues. The insertion was not as painful as she’d
expected, though it did hurt, then the other needles in turn were pushed into
her captive flesh, under the surface. The procedure was repeated, with each
needle being pushed further in, administering an injection, then the points
going deeper for what must have been twenty times. While each separate
action was bearable, the sensations mounting one on top of another were
becoming excruciating, and her titties felt like they were on fire. Just when
she was ready to scream, the tingle in her nipples and clit returned, like it had
earlier, distracting her like the early signs of an impending sexual climax.

The monitor changed it’s viewpoint as her feelings of arousal subsided, and
it took Joyce a few moments to realise that the image now showed the inside
of her vagina, and a cross section of her vulva. There was an area
highlighted in red, just inside her entrance, and a probe began to extend
from her panties, until it was just inside. The end of the device swelled, and
Joyce could feel it pulsing against the walls of her pussy, pressing into the
delicate flesh, then emitting a sharp charge of electricity, which made her
jump. As it worked it’s way round, the sensations started getting more
painful, just as they had when her breasts were being treated, mounting in
intensity to a nearly unbearable peak, then the stimulation of her pleasure

This time, the sensations continued till she had an orgasm, arching against
her restraints, which were still in place, for longer than she’d ever climaxed
before. The stimulation died down, and Joyce relaxed into that warm post
excitement phase, but then the tingle started to mount once more, and in
minutes she was cumming again, even stronger this time. The device went
on making her orgasm for more than an hour, over and over, till it just
blended into one continuous climax, and she pee’d herself, then she fainted.

While the Guyver was trying to map the missing information sections, the
host female had indicated increased levels of distress, then gone into a
standby mode, shutting down most functions to maintenance levels.

While it’s own energy levels were no longer critical, they were still in need of
much more charging, so the Guyver deconstructed the bio armour, then drew
on the host power only to run some more extensive diagnostic investigations.
It identified surface damage to head and knee, deploying the suit across
those limited areas only, then running local repair sequences using the
surrounding DNA tissues. It then scanned some of the damaged sections it
had logged earlier, deploying the suit over the lower torso, where it had first
detected the fluid leak from one of the lower entrances. Tissue damage was
minimal where an unknown membrane appeared to have been ripped in
several places, but the leakage had already ceased. The damage to the
upper torso seemed to be more extensive, and as the suit breastplate re-
constructed, the scan was identifying two structures that were vaguely similar
to the simian mammary constructs, but of a greatly differing configuration.
The damage was easily identified, including the rudimentary repair
processes being performed by the host, which the Guyver modified by
enhancing the DNA sequence for tissue restoration. It would take several
days for the changes to spread through the whole body, so it took control of
this particular repair job itself.

While it was working, the host functionality returned to normal levels, and
then issued a sub-vocalised configuration request for visual updates. These
alien commands were not issued in any of the standard languages, but did
contain words and phrases that the Guyver recognised. It cross-referenced
them to radio communications it had recently monitored in its random
sampling sweep of all frequencies, so it directed some of its energy to
constructing a language database. Where it found more cross-matches, it
inserted these new words in the update commentary until the host made a
response, then it supplied the standard physical reward feedback.

When it had completed the massage, the Guyver was about to inject
synthetic enhancement fluid into the deeper tissues, when the host began to
struggle, showing indications of intense stress. The unit deployed restraints
to the limb extremities, stiffening the suit till the host was immobile, then
administered the full range of injections, as well as stimulating endorphin
production. It also set the reward sequence running, as this seemed to calm
the host.

When it moved on to the lower torso, and began sealing the tears in the thin
membrane that had been damaged, the host tried to struggle again, so the
Guyver began applying stimulation to the external pleasure centres. When
the repairs were complete, the Guyver noticed that the host was producing
really high energy levels, which were being directed into the unit’s storage
system. Dropping the stimulation levels made the host calm down, but output
dropped quickly, so the Guyver stepped up the pulses to the host’s nipples
and it’s clitoris, switching between sites, then directing power to all three at
once. Keeping this up through a series of 36 peaks, the unit managed to
store a big enough charge to last several weeks before it fell to dangerous
levels again.
It would have continued, but the host voided her bladder, then dropped into
standby mode.

After considering bringing the host on-line again, to continue energy output
at the previous levels, the Guyver unit decided to allow the host to rest. It had
been many cycles since a power source of this potential had been available,
and the host appeared to be eminently compatible, more so than any
previous host the unit held details for in its database. The length of time it
had recently spent surviving on critical power made the unit reluctant to
compromise the host’s availability. It had nearly died on several occasions,
and the last five cycles, with no power source at all, had been so desperate
that it had fully expected to be totally extinguished. Now it had a second

Joyce woke up about an hour later, her tits and pussy still throbbing from her
earlier treatment, but at least that horrid underwear suit was gone, along with
its restraints. She got out of bed, went over to the mirror, and examined her
sore tits, noticing that a lot of the bruising had faded, and her breasts didn’t
feel so swollen. She spread her thighs, pulling her labia apart to inspect her
pussy, and was surprised to see that her clit was still erect. Distracted from
her immediate task by the memory of those wonderful orgasms this morning,
she ran a fingernail across the protruding end of her clitoris, watching it grow
as the hood peeled back.

Pulling her concentration back, Joyce carefully put a finger inside her
vagina, shivering as she watched it penetrate her love mouth, then gasping
in surprise as it came up against her hymen. How could that be, when she’d
been raped only two days ago, and that weird suit had forced two huge
dildoes inside her only this morning. Whatever this thing was, it would
appear that its medical skills were exceptionally good, to restore her virginity
like that, even if her cherry was still a little sore as she ran her finger round
the tiny hole in its centre.

Maybe things weren’t so bad after all, but it undoubtedly needed some more
thinking about, then her tummy rumbled, and she realised that she needed
her breakfast. Taking her finger out of her pussy, Joyce put it in her mouth,
sucking the juice off, a dirty little habit that she loved, precisely because it
was so dirty. She went to the bathroom first, to answer the call of nature, then
made herself a bowl of cereal, followed by a bacon sandwich from the stocks
in her backpack. She hadn’t bothered to get dressed, since she loved
walking about naked whenever she had the chance, even while she was
cooking the bacon on the twin electric rings in the kitchen area.

She’d do this at home sometimes, stand in front of the frying pan with the
heat turned a little too high, so that the bacon fat was spitting, splashing onto
her bare skin. Sometimes she’d lean over so the hot liquid fell on her
exposed breasts, small stabs of heat burning the tender flesh, and if one hit
her nipple, she felt a wild tingle in her pussy. Now she’d stood up straight,
letting it splash her tummy for a while, then she put the frying pan on the
corner of the table, where it was a bit lower, moving closer till her pussy was
directly over the spitting fat. Lifting her foot onto a chair, so her slit spread
apart, she let the splashes reach into the soft pink, inner flesh, where it was
more tender. One piece had landed on her clit, stinging like mad, making her
pee a little, but when the urine hit the hot pan, it had boiled furiously,
bubbling and spitting even more of the hot liquid over her delicate little
cunny. Her first instinct had been to pull away, but she forced herself to
remain in place, getting her cunt painfully cooked, along with her breakfast,
till the pan cooled down. Sitting at the table to eat her fresh sandwich, her
nipples and clit hardened at the thought of the lightly flavoured bacon she
was eating so heartily.

Joyce had intended to move on today, but her ordeal in the woods had
meant a change in her plans, not that she really had to be anywhere by a
particular day or time. Her schedule for the holiday was quite flexible, so
she’d stay here for a few more days to try and work out what was happening
with this suit that kept appearing out of nowhere. She got dressed in her
walking gear, taking a small pack with just a drink and sandwich for lunch,
then headed over to the admin office for a guide map. She knew there were
several small trails at this camp, and she wanted a quiet one so she’d have
time to think things through. The guy behind the desk gave her a copy of the
local map, marking out three trails that she could do, out and back, in about
four hours each, all of them not too busy. Two of them had a way station or
farm at the other end, where she could get something to eat or drink, and
were a fairly easy route, whereas the last trail ended up at a small waterfall
and pool. He’d been up there about a year ago, and it was pretty overgrown
then, so it was likely to be heavy going since there weren’t many hikers who
went that way, and he advised her to give that one a miss. She thanked him
for his help, and set out, heading up towards the waterfall, as this was just
the sort of trail she wanted, one with no people.

She nearly missed the first turn, coming up to a signpost that was about ten
yards past it, according to the map, so she backtracked till she found the faint
depression which marked the path. The bushes had nearly grown together,
hiding the entrance, but she pushed through easily enough, and it opened
up a little bit further on. As she walked, Joyce tried to recall everything she
had noticed when the suit had appeared, how it had changed shape, and
what she was thinking at the time. As far as she could recollect, it had always
appeared behind her, but she’d never noticed it approach, other than a tingle
at the back of her neck. She knew she couldn’t pull it free, once it wrapped
round her, but she remembered the helmet had disappeared when she had
wished that she could see better.

When she’d been wearing the bra and panties outfit, it had changed shape
to fit a visor over her face, and that had also been when she wished she
knew what was happening, so maybe the suit had a thought link to her brain.
That was stupid, of course, she’d been watching too much SciFi on TV,
those things were only stories, but she consciously thought about the suit
appearing now. And nothing happened. She concentrated on an image of
the metal panties wrapping themselves round her hips, covering her pussy,
then the two dildoes forcing their way painfully inside her. Nothing
happened this time either, except her clit was now tingling, and her panties
were getting damp. “Pull yourself together girl”, Joyce muttered to herself,
then jumped as a couple of birds were startled out of their cover by the noise
she just made.

Maybe that was it. She hadn’t just thought about the suit, like most people
did, she usually thought out loud, well at least she sub-vocalised her
thoughts, to try and make things more clear. The trouble was, she had no
idea at all where to start. So far, she had always been encased in the suit
already when she’d got a reaction out of it, but she didn’t know how to make
it start. It was a good job this was a quiet trail, because Joyce started talking to
herself now, hoping that at least something she said would trigger a
response. Mind you, she was still nervous that she’d end up trapped inside
the thing again, like she had the first time, with no way to get it off. Although
it had disappeared while she was asleep, so there was definitely some way
to remove it.

After walking for another half an hour she was no nearer working this out
than she’d been this morning, and she felt so useless. “What I need,” she
said to herself, “is a user manual. Come on you half baked excuse for a
fancy dress costume, show me how to make the stupid suit work.”

As always, there was no response, and now she had a headache coming on.
Well, a dull tingle really, at the back of her neck, like the slight vibration you
get inside a car when the engine’s idling. No, that wasn’t it, not an engine, it
had too much variation to be that, it was more like a radio playing in another
room, where you couldn’t quite hear it. Just then, she came out into a large
clearing, so she went over to a fallen tree on the edge, sat down, and took a
couple of painkillers from her pack, washing them down with water from her
canteen. She decided to rest for a while till the tablets kicked in, sitting in the
warm sun, and soaking up the quiet atmosphere. Now that she wasn’t
walking through the woods, brushing against trees, and swishing through
the grass, a small birdsong could be heard, off to one side. Joyce could also
distinguish crickets in the grass, some bees feeding in a stand of bright blue
flowers, and the breeze stirring the leaves high above her.

That nagging ache in her neck also had a sound to it, now that she listened,
so subdued that she couldn’t make out any patterns, other than it was more
like speech than music. Nothing was recognisable to her, it just sounded
foreign, like Chinese, maybe a bit like that visor this morning, but it was too
soft to make out properly.

“I could do with some earphones,” she said out loud, and seconds later she
felt a buzz on her neck, like a cell phone on vibrate, then a warm touch on
her skin. Her hands reached up to the side of her neck, and she could feel
the surface of the suit, but it was really small, like a wire, then it reached her
ears, and thickened up just inside them.

“Shit!,” she said, “Earphones. So it is voice activated.”

“Earphones” repeated the speakers in her ears, in an atrocious accent, then
a dozen other words she didn’t understand. She was positive it was the suit
doing this, as it was identical to the visor, so she started repeating any words
that she recognised. Then the voice repeated those she’d identified, just like
before, but without the sexual stimulation, which she felt sad about, though
she realised that it would probably have been too much of a distraction.

After ten minutes she’d picked out about a dozen words, most of them were
random, but the three most likely were, Malfunction, Repair, and Scanning,
which she assumed meant there was something wrong with the suit. She
asked what the malfunction was, but recognised nothing in the answer.
Asking what it was repairing was even worse, getting her a lot more words
she didn’t know the meaning of. When she asked what it was scanning, the
results were better, even though she still didn’t recognise any of the first part,
which she assumed was the suit’s explanation in its native language.

What did pay off, was when it then switched on what it was scanning. A local
radio station played for ten seconds, then another and another, all different
styles of music, talk shows, even adverts, were being scanned, so it must be
picking up thousands of words. So why were there so few of them when the
suit gave its explanations? It must be a lack of understanding, like Joyce
listening to a Chinese radio station, then trying to explain that she was
thirsty, in Chinese. She wouldn’t know which word to use for drink, or water.
What she needed would be pictures, like television, so if the suit was
scanning radio stations, maybe it could scan TV stations as well. So how do
you ask a Chinese man to turn on the television when you don’t speak
Chinese, and he doesn’t speak English.

When she’d worn the visor before, it must have been an active response to
something she’d said, or muttered when she was thinking out loud, so that’s
what she tried, asking the suit to show her what it was scanning. Nothing!
This was obviously going to be a trial and error exercise, so she rephrased
her question with as many variations as she could think of until she felt the
visor being wrapped round her head again. It still made her panic to be
enclosed like this, her hands making an instinctive grab for the visor, but this
time she held it gently, feeling the warm material move under her fingers. It
was easier when the screens activated, as it removed the sense of being
blinded, but all the display showed was a stream of numbers across the top,
and an audio visualisation, like a voice analyser.

What she needed now was to get the suit to scan for TV stations, so she tried
asking it to search for television, pictures, images, photograph, film, movie,
video, as many variations as she could think of again. It was working to some
extent, because the channel kept changing to sections of talking that had the
same words she was saying, so at least it was responding to her. What she
needed was a channel that would show her something like news footage. As
soon as she said it, the display changed to the local TV news station, then a
second one, and another, and another, changing every ten seconds, but
they mostly showed the newsreader, or shots of other people. She needed to
stay on one channel for longer, and change them when she wanted to, so
that she could separate out individual objects, and translate them for this
infuriating machine. “Show me CNN News,” said Joyce, and immediately the
channel on the monitor changed to CNN, and stayed there, running through
all the current news stories. She then tried CBS News, Fox News, and finally
Star Trek, one of her favourite shows, all with the same success.

She changed back to Fox News, and started naming some of the objects that
came up on the screen, car, train, money, power station, each of them being
repeated in her ear by the visor. Then a story came on the screen about the
police looking for a girl who’d gone missing in the woods, and her body had
been found by hikers this morning. Suddenly Joyce realised that she’d been
sat here, in the middle of the woods, for ages, playing with the suit controls,
and she’d no idea what was going on around her. She reached up to take
the visor off, and met with the same problem she’d had before, it wouldn’t

This was not good. Anyone could walk up on her, and she wouldn’t even
know they were there till she was tied up, stripped, and raped again, like
she’d been only a few days ago. Everywhere she turned her head, she could
see the news displayed on the visor, and she began frantically asking the
suit to show her the immediate surroundings, outside, the woods, whatever
she could think of.

“Show location,” was the one that finally worked, though it was displaying a
map with a lot of trees, with three trails winding through them, one of which
ended at a river, and had a flashing red dot on it. She assumed the dot was
her, or more likely the suit itself, but then she saw some more red markers on
the edge of the display, at the tree line just past where her trail started. She
could see them moving slowly along the line of trees, where she
remembered the original trail had gone, so she was seeing an actual display
of people on the map, and there was no-one anywhere near her. With at
least the immediate danger gone, she now had some time to work out how to
get this damn thing off her head. After her previous success with controlling
the suit, well sort of, she began to repeat various combinations of commands
till “Remove visor,” worked, and the whole construction began to peel
backwards over her ears. Joyce put her hands to the back of her head, and
she could feel the suit moving under her fingers, but it wasn’t piling up there,
it just seemed to disappear till it was completely gone. The only sign it had
ever been there was a tingling sensation at the base of her skull, not just on
the surface, but a couple of inches inside her head as well.

Now the visor was gone, she could see her surroundings again, everything
looked clear, and safe, but she was wary of doing anymore tests out here, so
she put her backpack on, and continued her walk. She’d save her testing till
she was back in the cabin, with the door locked, and the drapes closed.
She walked for another couple of hours till the trail ended at a small waterfall,
with a shallow pool at its base, and a wide, grassy clearing, just as the guy at
the camp site had said. The whole area was in full sun, and with the waterfall
south facing, it probably caught the sun all day, which explained why it was
so warm here. Joyce sat on the grass, her back against a boulder, and ate
her lunch, enjoying the sound of cascading water, and the bird song,
watching as some of them came down to drink from the clear pool. The sun
was hot on her skin, and she would have loved to sunbathe for a while, but
the last time she’d tried that, she’d been attacked. Well, at least she could
check if anyone was in the area, “Show location,” she said, and the visor
wrapped round her head, displaying the map as before, her red dot in the
centre, a set of markers to the east, another set to the west, and a set of 3 dots
to the north, which looked to be on her trail.

“Show range,” she said, and green lines joined all the other groups to hers,
with Chinese symbols on each line. “Show range in miles,” she said, and
there was now a long delay, ‘Scanning’ showing on the display, then all the
symbols changed to English, and she could read them. The east group were
15 miles away, the west group 23 miles away, and the northern group were
10 miles away, so it would be a couple of hours before they got near her.
“Remove visor,” Joyce said, and was pleased to feel it disappear behind her
head again, so she seemed to have at least some control over the suit.

She took off her walking boots and socks, her pants and shirt, then laid out
on the soft grass in her bra and panties, squirming as the sun’s rays warmed
her bare skin. She set the alarm on her watch for an hour’s time, just in case
she fell asleep, then closed her eyes, and relaxed her body, but her mind
was still trying to work out what was happening with this strange suit thing.

After about 30 minutes, she heard something moving in the undergrowth,
and she was instantly alert, looking round her, then off to her left, a huge
bear burst through the bushes. The animal stopped in its tracks, probably as
shocked as Joyce was to find someone else in the woods, but while Joyce
kept quiet, the bear let out a loud roar, then started running towards her. She
could feel her heart pounding as she struggled to her feet, looking for which
way she could run, and was just about to turn when she felt the suit begin to
wrap round her body again. It seemed as if the big bear was now running in
slow motion, as Joyce noticed the armour had already covered her chest,
arms and legs, with shoes and gloves just forming, then the helmet wrapping
round her head. Just when the bear was almost upon her, Joyce
sidestepped, with unexpected agility, and the animals sharp claws slashed
out at her, catching her upper left arm, and knocking her off balance. She
rolled into the fall, then was on her feet in seconds, facing the bear as he
struggled to halt his headlong charge, when she felt a searing pain in her
crotch. The dildo inside the suit had been forced into her pussy, and she felt
it tearing through her newly repaired hymen, going right up to her cervix,
then expanding like it had before, till she thought she’d be split open.
Quickly, the pain died down, and looking at her arm, expecting to see it
ripped open, she saw instead four shallow grooves in the suit, one of them
with a broken bear’s claw embedded in it. The animal turned to attack again,
and as she sidestepped the charge this time, she caught its shoulder with
the long blades that stuck out of the suit’s elbow, and the bear howled as it
ran off into the woods. Joyce stood in the middle of the clearing, panting from
the sudden exertion, her heart racing as she stared after the retreating bear,
surprisingly grateful for having this remarkable suit, which had obviously
saved her life.

As she calmed down, she realised that she was once more fully encased in
body armour, and she didn’t know with any certainty how to remove it. She
looked at the damage to her left arm, and noticed the surface moving slightly,
then realised the grooves from the bear’s claws were filling up. The suit was
repairing itself! Then the claw which was embedded began to bend over, and
she could see that the suit was actually pushing it out, till it had dropped to
the floor. She had survived a bear attack, with no apparent harm, other than
an ache deep between her legs, which focused her attention to that part of
her body. Tensing her pelvic floor, a sharp stab of pain in her pussy made
her realise that when the suit had been wrapped round her, it had inserted
the two large dildoes into her pussy and ass, just like it had the first time. The
problem was, after she’d been raped the other day, the suit had somehow
repaired her hymen, restoring her virginity, but now it had broken her cherry
again, and she realised that it was actually quite painful, but she’d been too
occupied before to notice very much.

As she walked over to where her clothes and backpack were, the two shafts
inside her moved about, and she began to get aroused by the penetration.
She felt the suit shifting in her crotch, pushing along her slit, up to her
clitoris, then it seemed to surround her quickly hardening shaft, pulsing
against it. Her clit started to tingle, as if electricity were coursing into the erect
flesh, then her sexual excitement blocked out the pain in her pussy. After a
few seconds the breastplate began to move against her tits, and she could
feel her nipples tingling, just like her clit was, but the intensity was going
much higher, almost becoming painful.

She realised the suit was stimulating her to mask the discomfort of having
her pussy ripped open, but she didn’t care, it felt so good. The tingling started
to alternate between her pussy and her breasts, building up in one area as it
decreased in the other, switching her attention in a wildly distracting fashion,
but steadily building up an orgasm in her belly. She dropped to her knees,
clutching her crotch and chest, but she felt nothing through the gloves and
the suit covering her. She was helpless to resist as the suit played a
shattering climax over her sealed body, leaving her writhing on the forest
floor, with the two dildoes now adding to her delicious torment. She could
feel them retract, then drive into her again as the power to her nipples and clit
peaked, each of the shafts getting fatter, pushing deeper with each thrust.

When she finally came down from her sexual high, she tried to get the suit
off, not by force as she’d done yesterday; she knew that wouldn’t work, but
trying different spoken commands. She wasn’t speaking normally, but rather
she was sub-vocalising, as if thinking out loud, taking notice of which
commands were not working. At last, “I want this suit off.” was the one that
worked, the helmet peeling back first, then the rest of the armour, in what
seemed to be the reverse order of how she remembered it wrapping round
her earlier. Whatever it was doing seemed to be concentrated at the back of
her neck, near the base of her skull, which tingled maddeningly throughout
the process, but Joyce had no idea where the sheer volume of the suit had
disappeared to.

Finally she was left standing completely naked, her bra and panties having
vanished, but when she turned round they were laid on the floor behind her,
presenting another mystery for her to ponder. Right now, though, she
needed to get dressed, and back to the safety of her cabin. This whole affair
was far too changeable to be out here in the open, even though she’d
enjoyed her hike, so she took her things, and headed back, her mind racing,
but trying not to say anything which might trigger that futuristic suit.


When the host became active again, the Guyver unit remained at rest, in the
background, monitoring the host’s bodily functions, comparing them to the
historic records it held, and updating internal databases.

At one point the host had been heating some of the things it had removed
from its storage container, when the unit detected a rise in the power output,
seemingly connected to increasing sensations from the surface nerve points.
Heated liquid from the process was being ejected; striking the host’s skin,
and triggering an endorphin increase, enhanced brain activity, and finally
what looked like a sexual response. The host made no effort to rectify the
situation, but rather sought to increase the external stimulation to more
sensitive areas.

Later the Guyver monitored an interaction with another creature similar to the
host, the differences being identified as gender based, and the exchange
seemed to concern the local terrain, as a small map was provided to the host
before she started moving away from her current location.

While the discussion was underway inside the structure, the unit detected
other voices, tracking them down to a communication device against the
wall, which was outputting a stream of conversation, interspersed with
modulated harmonics. Closer monitoring identified a carrier wave that the
device was picking up, then using it to reproduce the audio output. Bringing
several of its detector circuits online, the Guyver picked out the signal from
inside the unit, tracked it to a broadcast stream, then varied the monitored
frequencies to discover thousands of similar streams. They were all very
weak, carrying an unintelligible data stream, mostly in analogue waveform,
though there were some digital streams as well. The unit recognised several
pieces of data that matched words spoken by the host, assuming this could
create a language database to aid communication, and began a building
process, monitoring several data streams as source information.

After the host had been walking for some time, it began speaking, even
though there was no-one else nearby, but the unit couldn’t understand what
it was saying, even though it recognised many of the individual words from
the language database it was building. What it needed was a primer to allow
it to cross-reference the host’s language to one of the other’s that the unit

When the host said the phrase “user manual”, the Guyver recognised it from
the previous day, when the host studied a document about the food heating
device in its shelter. While the text had been unintelligible, it apparently gave
instructions that enabled the host to make the device work properly.
Accessing the training information it used with previous hosts, the unit
began to stream them as sub-dermal audio, running through the basic
operating procedures for the bio-suit. The host seemed to take no notice, and
just kept on walking. The appearance of a clearing in the woods signalled a
halt, while the host took on some liquid, and several small tablets, sitting
down to rest, and apparently listen to the background sounds of the woods.

After a few minutes, the host said “earphones”, and the Guyver translated
this to a small listening device the host had used previously. It now deployed
a thin communication line along both sides of the head, terminating them in
the ear cavity, with small speakers that relayed the information it had
streamed by the sub-dermal connection. When the host repeated the word
“earphones” in its next stream, the unit copied it back, then explained that
they had been deployed in response to the host’s request, but there were no
further signs of understanding. The unit resumed its previous delivery of
basic suit operating information, along with status reports, and current
projects, trying where ever possible to include words from the current
language database, though there were pitifully few of them.

Every so often the host would pick out a word and repeat it, the unit would
respond to say the match was noted, and then it continued. When the host
identified “Malfunction”, the Guyver explained the current operating
problems, but got no response back. The report on “Repair” was similarly not
understood, as it too was a very technical subject, with little correlation to the
host language. The term “Scanning” was a much easier report to present, as
it mostly consisted of relaying to the host each audio stream that was being
sampled, along with the associated statistics.

The host began speaking again, but there was no connection to the current
report, until it asked for the visor, which the unit immediately deployed, then
displayed the information visually. The Guyver tracked the next portion of
interaction by switching data streams to ones that contained the words the
host was asking for. When the host requested “news footage”, the unit linked
it to a much more complex series of data broadcasts, that were heavily
loaded with visual elements. These streams seemed to interest the host
much more, as the unit could easily detect increases in brain activity, heart
rate, breathing, and eye movement. It switched to a single channel, “CNN
News”, when the host requested it.

The Guyver had identified the host’s recent voice patterns, and catalogued
this sequence as stating a specific requirement. Several other requests
followed, with each broadcast being studied for a few minutes, much longer
than the unit had been presenting them before. One stream was left on
display constantly, and the host began to relate specific words each time an
image changed, the word also being included in the audio stream,
somewhere near the displayed image. Most of the objects presented were
fairly easy for the unit to identify, and with the host supplying the native
words, the language database was now growing quite well.

One of the image sequences was presented in its entirety without a single
word from the host, although it’s bodily functions began to rise, including the
stress levels that the unit had included in its basic monitoring program.
Taking hold of the visor, the host began to apply pressure to it, while it ran
through an extended sequence of random words, some of which the unit
recognised, and displayed, but none of which made any sense. The request
“Show Location” triggered a topographical display of the surrounding area,
showing the terrain, and the nearest groups of others like the host. Tracking
data indicated that it would be several hours before any of the groups would
reach this vicinity, if they changed direction, but most of them were not on an
intercept course. Following a request to remove the visor, the unit initiated
deconstruction back into the base of the skull, which the host seemed to
track with its hands on the outside, but not the redistributing of the material
back to the sub-dimensional storage.

The host now resumed walking till it found another clearing, where it stopped
to eat, and rest for a while, before requesting a location display once more. It
asked for range data, then a configuration change to “mile” units, which took
the Guyver a while to identify and recalculate, changing the display to suit.
Asking for the visor to be removed, the host then took off most of its outer
clothing, laid down on the soft ground, and began to go into stand-by mode
for most body functions, although brain activity remained quite high.

After a short while, the Guyver detected a native animal suddenly come into
close range, and a detailed scan revealed the entrance to a deep cave, which
had shielded the animal until now. As it approached their position, though
still hidden by the trees, the unit began to stimulate the host’s adrenaline
system till it could detect the animal’s approach. Monitoring the rising anxiety
levels, and the approach rate of the animal, the unit waited for the command
to bring the bio-suit into play, but when it wasn’t forthcoming at the critical
point, the unit deployed the armour automatically. The host managed to
easily evade the animals first attack, and the Guyver unit monitored the host
body drawing energy from the reserves, as her strength and reflexes were
enhanced. It was satisfying to receive confirmation that the symbiosis had in
fact worked, as this greatly improved the unit’s chances of survival. Damage
to the armour had been minimal, just surface abrasion to one arm, but it
indicated a need to increase shield output. On the second attack, the host
managed to inflict an injury on the animal, whereupon it retreated into the
woods, and the battle was over. The Guyver felt a sense of elation at beating
off an enemy after so great a time of inactivity, noticing banks of control
circuits that it had almost forgotten, becoming active once more, and power
rippling through its being.

It was a matter of moments to repair the damage to the armour, and as the
host walked over towards her belongings; the unit felt the muscles tense up
around the lower anchor points, detecting some minor tissue damage that it
logged for later repair. Energy output from the host gradually began to rise,
unexpectedly, which the unit identified as being triggered from the pleasure
centres, so it deployed the reward mechanism. Firstly it stimulated the erect
sensory organ between the host’s legs, and then activated the reward system
in the breastplate, varying the output randomly, but with an overall increase.
As the host’s power output increased in line with the sexual arousal, the unit
started to drive the lower anchor points in and out of the passageways, until
the host lost all major motor control, and fell to the ground.

Analysing the power storage statistics, the Guyver calculated that initiating
the pleasure reward system on a regular basis, such as twice a day, would
take 150 days to replenish the existing storage capacity, without having to
use the bio-armour in any large battle scenarios. There would be a small
power usage for maintenance, as well as several vital modifications the unit
had identified as necessary to the host’s basic structure, and control systems,
which would improve its overall efficiency.

Shortly after the host recovered, it began speaking again, eventually ordering
“suit off”, at which the Guyver initiated deconstruction of the armour back into
storage, and retrieved the host’s original clothing from the sub-dimension.

The host then dressed, and set off back towards the shelter she had
inhabited for the last few days, remaining uncharacteristically quiet, although
her brain activity was quite high.

Footer :-
This story is fantasy, not based on any real events, and should not be re-
enacted in any way.

If you, the reader, do not know the difference between reality and fantasy,
then leave now, and seek urgent medical help.

Feedback, and constructive criticism, is very welcome
via mykatiekittykat at yahoo dot com

Continued in part 2

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