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The Foster's are simultaneously in Recovery and Discovery
Chapter 16
Case Study 301: Elado Vagy Kiado ~ Pussy for sale or rent

Thank you for returning for yet another episode of Case Study 301. We are continuing onwards with Jim Foster’s interview who is the father of Kristen Foster who is our protagonist. FBI Agent Tom Murphy and LAPD Homicide detective Gemma Porter have flown to the island of Corvo which is part of the Azore Islands off the coast of Portugal just to get this interview. Also we are finishing up with Kristen’s therapy session after she described her brutal rape. This is a transitional chapter setting up the remainder of the story.

Dr. Miles Spencer sat in his leather chair scribbling as many notes as he could before forgetting his train of thoughts. Kristen was a well of new information that is finally leading him to the baseline of her psychosis. Miles is certain the reason why Kristen is Catatonic was because of the events that happened the evening that she was raped and then compounded after witnessing four men tearing their bodies apart with bullets. Miles feels that Kristen has chosen instead of living in the real world within her conscious mind where she feels that she is no longer safe. That could be the very reason why she is now Catatonic and is hiding deep inside of her subconscious mind.

Kristen just divulged one of her singularly worst nights of her life. She revealed to her therapist Dr. Miles Spencer how she was beaten unmercifully and brutally raped by three grown men at the young age of twelve. The psychological pain has scared her for life but this was the first time that she actually told anyone the exact truth as to what happened to her, her baby brother and mother on that fateful night.

Kristen continued sitting Indian style like she always had on the couch revealing her tight thong as the lips of her labia were pushing the tiny triangle to its limits. She was still sobbing heavily after recanting her rape so many years ago. Then for the first time in any of their sessions Kristen rose from the couch moving hesitantly over to Miles’ oversized leather chair. She uncomfortably sat on Miles’ lap as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders then buried her face into his broad shoulder. She was looking for solace from her memory like any child would from their parent. Miles was shocked by her move as she was always a confident young lady and succumbing to comfort from another person outside of her family showed her confidence and loyalty to Miles.

Once Kristen’s body coalesced into a tranquil oneness in the warmth of her therapist’s arms she softly whispered telling Miles what happened after her rape and said, “Then very, very early the next morning just as the sun was coming up I felt the lightest touches to my shoulder. As I opened my eyes I saw my mother’s face battered, bruised and blood everywhere. She was naked and she was still tied with the rope from the night before. She was softly calling out to me. She was begging me to call Pop-Pop to come to our house and rescue us. I thought I had the worst nightmare of my life but it wasn’t a nightmare ~ it all really happened. When I tried to stand I fell back to the floor as my leg was not able to hold me up. I then held onto the chair and seeing my bone sticking out of my leg. I became so squirmy that I threw up on the kitchen floor a little bit then I knew we needed real help and called for the police to come and help us.

When the police finally arrived at the house they called for ambulances right away for all of us. After the police saw what happened to us they called for more police to come to the house to help all of us. As the other officers searched thru the house they found drugs like everywhere around our house. When they untied my mommy a police man in a suit asked her, ‘where did the drugs come from?’ and my mommy told him that, ‘the drugs were brought by the three bad men that attacked us.’”

Miles heart was broken so badly for her, “Do you remember what the police told you about how your brother died?”

Kristen said, “There was a nice girl police detective there. She told me that, ‘my brother swallowed a lot of bleach and he died because it was like poison or something like that.’”

Miles watched as the pain resonated from her inner being and the absolute pain that she was clearly in. He remained quite holding her tight offering her the comfort that never came on that fateful night. After some time of just sitting breathing in unison Miles realized his feelings for Kristen went far beyond that of therapist slash patient relationship. That bothered him a little bit and he finally helped her off of his lap and back onto the couch and said, “Did you tell the nice police detective about what happened to you? I mean you were so badly hurt.”

Kristen said, “Yes, I wanted to get back at that greasy fat man really bad.”

Miles asked, “Did you tell the truth to the police or did you lie to them and make things up?”

Kristen said, “No, I told them exactly what I saw and what happened to me.”

Miles asked, “So did you tell them about the drugs even though your mommy did some with the men?”

Kristen said, “Yes.”

Miles asked, “So, what did they do to your mommy?”

Kristen said, “Nothing at first. My mom and I stayed in the same hospital room for a day or so. My mom wasn’t hurt as bad as I was. Then just before she was ready to leave the hospital the same police officers that came to help us ~ they were the ones that came and put handcuffs on her ~ then they arrested her. They took her to jail and she has stayed inside ever since that day.”

Miles asked, “So, when you felt better did you have to go and stay with a strange family?”

Kristen said, “No, my Pop-Pop and my Grand-mom came to the hospital and took me to their home. I stayed with them until my daddy returned home from Europe with my Pap-pap.”

Miles wanted to keep things straight, “So your Pap-pap is your mommy’s daddy right?”

Kristen said, “Yup that’s right.”

Miles went for the obvious, “So Pop-pop and Grand-mom are your daddy’s mommy and daddy?”

Kristen said, “Yes, that’s right.”

Miles asked her, “So, how long after you went to your grandparent’s house was it until you daddy came to get you?”

Kristen said, “It seemed like forever but it was really only two days after I went home with my Pop-pop. I couldn’t wait for him to come get me. You see at first my daddy was traveling around Europe so much that it was hard for the police to find him to tell him what happened to us and to come home. Once they did ~ it was really hard for daddy to find an airplane to bring him back to Picksburgh because this happened so close around Thanksgiving time.”

Miles asked, “So how did your privates feel after you left the hospital? Did you finally go home to your house with your daddy or were you too scared to go back to the house?”

Kristen said, “No, no, no I wasn’t scared to go back to my house. It’s just my naughty places hurt so badly Doctor Spencer. I hurt for like almost two weeks and all.” As she sat on the couch her buttocks started to squirm as she was remembering the unbearable pain she suffered. Her remembrance of the pain she suffered that night was manifesting itself psychologically to the point where she was actually starting to feel the actual pain she suffered that night so many years ago as she sat on the couch.

Kristen stood and hiked her skirt over her hips and hooked her thumbs inside of her thong and pulled them down around her thighs. She climbed on the couch with her knees on the cushion as her buttocks faced Miles. Using her hands she spread her cheeks apart revealing her pussy and butthole. “If you come over you can see where I was red and bloody from that night. Can you see the stitches on the bottom of my vagina and they had to reshape my stinky hole because it was ripped in like ten different places.”

Miles slid down onto the floor on his hands and knees and crawled over on all fours. His eyes were transfixed on her most sacred parts of her body. As his face came closer to her buttocks he once again smelled her special aroma that was emanating from between her legs. Miles reached his hand between her legs and gently touched his patient once again. Miles and Kristen had been lovers since ever their first session although Miles wipes her mind clean of any impropriety after each encounter. It still amazes Miles as each time he hypnotizes her no matter where he taps into the age of her subconscious that she has continually offered herself sexually to Miles not having any knowledge that she has done so in the past.

Miles over the past month or so has fingered, licked, sucked and fucked both of these holes even to the point of abuse and as he scanned deeper between her legs he could see the tiny scars from where they sowed her up. Once again Miles’ heart almost came to a stop as all he could think about was how her family made her essentially into a sex slave. Miles fingers lightly touched her scars as Kristen would lightly jump in reaction to his touches as if it was still painful from all those long years ago and said, “Please be careful Doctor Spencer. I am still very sore down there and the doctors from the hospital said that it was going to hurt down there for a little while longer.”

Miles realized that in her mind she has transported herself to a point in time just after her rape and he asked, “So, like I asked before, when you came home from the hospital was it very painful between your legs?”

Kristen turned her head and looked back at her therapist with total trust in her eyes as she felt his fingers lightly brushing over her scars and said, “I couldn’t sit down at all and I couldn’t really walk it hurt to even stay in the bed. When my daddy came back from Europe he was like really worried about me. He stayed with me day and night, he wouldn’t leave me alone.

He helped me take my sponge baths because I had the casts on both of my arms and my lower leg. When I had to use the bathroom my daddy wiped me clean each time and he continued to check my vagina and butthole, just like you’re doing right now, until they stopped bleeding all together. He told me that, ‘he wouldn’t take me back home until I felt absolutely okay about it.’ I thought about it for a couple of days then I really just wanted to sleep alone in my daddy and mommy’s bed and try to feel like ~ normal again ~ you know what I mean Doctor Spencer?”

Miles began to finger her vagina and said, “I sure do Kristen.” Miles for the first time in his career as a therapist was wiping tears that were welling up in his eyes but at the same time couldn’t help but contribute to her psychosis as he fingered her. He couldn’t believe the brutality of her rape and how three grown men could do this sort of thing to such a young innocent girl and he collected himself and said, “Wow, you are such a brave girl. So what happened after you got home with your daddy?”

After Miles removed his finger Kristen sat on the cushion turning to face Miles as he was on his knees. She sat with her legs spread allowing Miles to continue his inspection of her scars and said, “Well, I felt really sorry and sad for my daddy because mommy was in jail. He didn’t know it but I could hear him through the walls as he couldn’t stop crying at night time. The first night back I heard him crying and he was like calling out Kevin’s name a whole bunch of times. So, I went into his bedroom that night and I wanted to take away some of his pain so I snuggled with him. We slept together from that night on. I promised him that, ‘I would never leave him and that we would always be together forever.’

Several weeks later I woke up and daddy was downstairs in the kitchen making breakfast for us. He was finally in a much better mood. When I slipped into the kitchen I was hobbling with my crutches. My daddy looked at me and said, ‘Morning ~ Sunshine! How are you feeling this morning? I have a surprise for you.’ I hobbled over to my daddy hugged him and kissed him the French way ~ just the way I like it with my daddy. Then I said, ‘I feel much better that you are in a better mood daddy.’ I sat at my spot at the table and sitting on my plate was a small little box with a bow on it.”

Miles took a chance and put his lips to Kristen’s vagina and kissed her gently. He waited for any sort of reprisal from Kristen but none came as usual. He continued smelling her and tasting Kristen’s most intimate body part and that made blood to rush between his legs. Miles knows how wonderful it feels to slip his penis inside of this young co-ed. He collected his thoughts and asked, “Who was the box for?”

Kristen’s hips began to rock against Miles’ hard tongue that slipped between her inner lips and said, “Oh Doctor Spencer your tongue feels wonderful on my naughty spot. Keep licking me right there it is taking away the burning pain. The box on my plate was a special present for me.”

Miles tongue began to lap like a kitty cat at a saucer of milk and mumbled the best he could between her legs and asked, “Do you remember what it was?”

Kristen’s mind was dizzy with pleasure from her therapist’s onslaught between her legs. She remembered what was in the box and her face blanched bright red as she was nervously gnawing on her thumbnail. “Daddy bought me a new pair of special panties. My daddy told me that he bought them when he was in Europe and he wanted me to wear them when we were alone together. They were so small I felt embarrassed to put them on. They didn’t cover a whole lot that’s for sure. I took them out of the box and once I got it over my cast the tiny triangle in the front just barely covered my naughty place. Then the string that went between my butt-crack didn’t even cover my butt hole at all. It was like a tiny string that went between my butt-cheeks of my backside. There was something written on the front but it wasn’t in English.”

Miles face was now being covered by Kristen’s love juice. He unzipped his pants and released his penis and started stroking it with his hand and asked “What was written on the front?”

Kristen looked at her therapist stroking his cock and eating her pussy and said, “On the front was three words in silver glitter I didn’t know how to say them. I never saw them before it said ‘elado vagy kiado.’ Please don’t stop what you’re doing Doctor Spencer. Your tongue is taking away the pain of my stiches.”

Miles smiled as he knew that the light just turned to green and he was given permission to proceed with his exploration of her vagina and asked, “Did your daddy tell you what the words meant on the front?

Kristen’s face blanched red again and said, “Yes, it was some sort of strange language that I think is fake ~ my daddy said it was Hungarian or something like that ~ it means ‘cunt for sale or rent’ I wasn’t really sure what it really meant until daddy brought a video camera into the bedroom that night and told me to put on my special panties for him. Oh yes Doctor Spencer I really like the way you’re tongue feels on me but if you want you can push your penis inside of me. I am so wet down there and I feel so achy ~ please care of my cunt. Don’t worry the doctors said that it’s all healed down there now.”

Miles lifted his face from between her legs and wiped his mouth. He leaned forward and took his chance and kissed Kristen full on the mouth. He lined the tip of his penis with her vagina and she took hold of his shaft slowly moving the head up and down between her slit. Her pussy was so wet that the tip began to be naturally sucked in between her legs. The feeling was exquisite as Miles finally pushed forward inside of her and said, “Well actually those types of panties are called thongs just like the ones you’re wearing today. I’m also glad that my penis can give you the relief from your pain down here.”

Kristen corrected Miles and said, “I know Doctor Spencer that this is wrong but you feel so good inside of me but my daddy said it was called a g-string thingy they were a lot smaller than the one’s I’m wearing now. It makes sense because all it was just like a tiny string that went around my waist. Here let me show you.” Kristen allowed his penis to slip out to his dismay as she stood and pulled on her thong pulling the edges between her labia creating another hairless but very wet camel toe for Miles to gaze at only making his cock that much harder. “See, Doctor Spencer the triangle only covered that little bit.” Then she spun around and pulling her thong as hard as she could and bent forwards over the couch and said, “Can you see my butthole Doctor Spencer?”

Miles penis had a mind of its own and that was hot lustful sex. He pushed her down on all fours and spit on her butthole after he moved the thong to the side. He lined the tip of his cock with her asshole that she described as being completely torn apart several years ago and he murmured, “Yeah, I can see pretty much the whole thing. I think I should try and put my penis inside of you down here to see if the doctors fixed it right.”

Kristen looked back at Miles and gave him a lustful look and a smirk as she was pleased the way Miles was staring at her naughty places and said, “You know something Doctor Spencer? You look at me the same way my loving father looks at me. Perhaps one day when I’m all better the two of could have some fun with me at the same time? I’m sure my daddy will invite you to one of our special parties. I can introduce you to so many young girls that are my age. We could have so much fun together.”

Miles’ mind was racing as he slipped the head of his penis inside of her anus. He gently began to pump inside of her and he wondered what it would be like to be at one of these swinger parties with her and actually see her in real action when she wasn’t hypnotized. Miles was balls deep and he could already feel his balls beginning to twitch like he was going to explode. Then he thought about how he just started an incestuous affair with his own thirteen year old daughter. Kristen was once again putting new hot lustful ideas into his mind that he can try with his young impressionable lover. Then he asked, “So, did you and daddy have sex that night?”

Kristen said, “Yeah. My daddy was away for almost a month. He told me that, ‘he was totally faithful to mommy and me.’ My daddy said, ‘he couldn’t wait to get home to both of us to have sex with us together.’ Now that mommy was sitting in a jail and all ~ my grand-mom told me when I was at her house waiting for my daddy to come home ~ that, ‘I needed to be like ~ the woman of the house from now on’ or something like, that. It was going to have to be my job from now on to, ‘take care of my daddy and all of his special needs from now on.’ She told me that, ‘I should do anything and everything that my daddy tells me to do just like I’m enjoying taking care of all your needs for you right now.”

Miles could no longer hold back as one again the act of sexually re-enacting what has happened to this young co-ed continued to make him orgasm so quickly and as he was buried deep in her bowels he asked, “Kristen do you want me to finish inside of your newly repaired butthole or not.”

Kristen pushed forward allowing is penis to escape from its constraints and slipped off the couch between his legs. Her face was aligned with his cock and said, “Fuck my mouth Doctor Spencer! I want my mouth to get you off.” She opened her mouth and Miles accepted her invitation and began to pump her mouth as he secured her head with both hands. Kristen’s eyes went wild with excitement as she felt his penis slipping in and out of her throat. When she was able to catch her breath she looked up at her therapist and said, “Come on doc I want you to come all over my face and my mouth. I want to watch you jack it like my daddy used to do when I would be sleeping. I remember how my dad would sneak into my bedroom late at night and sit on my chest and play with his penis until he finished on me? Come on do it just like that.”

Miles was being so turned on by the way her father abused her so many years ago that he couldn’t hold back and he stroked his cock as Kristen slipped even further under his legs and began sucking on his balls and said, “I want to taste your sweet sperm that are sitting in these tight beautiful balls.”

Miles could feel his impending orgasm then he felt the tip of her tongue slip inside of his anus. He put one leg up on the couch giving her greater access as his free hand shoved her face deeper to his asshole as he stroked his manhood. “That’s my little girl. Come on honey eat my man pussy down there.” Kristen heard what he said and began to giggle a little but kept up her onslaught.

Miles’ balls were resting on her forehead as he worked the head of his cock. Then Kristen stopped and re-appeared from between his legs with a big smile. She kissed the tip of his penis taking it in her mouth as her tongue swirled around it. “Are you ready? I want it right here.” She was pointing to her open mouth.

That was enough for Miles as his head leaned back and he grunted, “You are the best Kristen I wish that I could keep you all to myself forever.” Then two more hard stokes later he began to unleash and ungodly amount of sperm on her face and in her mouth…….

Meanwhile back on the Isle of Corvo in Azore Islands, Portugal
Interview of Jim Foster continues

Agent Tom Murphy of the FBI and Gemma Porter a homicide detective with the LAPD have traveled to the Isle of Corvo which is part of a small Island chain a thousand miles off of the coast of Portugal known as the Azores. They have flown all this way because they have finally found Kristen’s father Jim Foster at his newly built estate. They have shown him pictures of the people that were shot and killed in a hotel suite in Los Angeles. They also revealed to him that his daughter Kristen had witnessed all four murders.

Tom wanted to move away from the line of questioning that Gemma was on but she just wouldn’t let it go. Gemma couldn’t believe the dedication that Jim and his daughter showed by moving from Pennsylvania all the way to Oklahoma just to be closer to his wife who was locked up in a woman’s detention center, “So, how in the world did you find a place to live in Oklahoma?”

Jim said, “Every weekend when we would fly out to Oklahoma we would look at houses. For a while there kiddo didn’t come with me and I was left alone with the Relator, Beverly was her name, until I found the right place. The next time my daughter returned with me to Oklahoma I showed her five different places. She finally felt comfortable with the one place and all I then took her to the school that she would attend. My daughter liked the school and the house so we moved. It was an old farm for a lack of a better word but it was much larger than our home in Latrobe. It was about a hundred acres and had several barns for my daughter’s horses. Plus as an added bonus we were only 30 minutes from the jail.”

Gemma smiled, “So, I guess things worked out for you until your daughter grew up?”

Jim said, “Well, that’s really not the case. After about two years of going out to see my wife it became increasingly hard on my wife. At first the two of us visiting her kept my wife going and in good spirits. Then as my wife saw our daughter growing up right before her eyes it became more and more depressing for my wife as she was wasting away in jail. After she lost her first shot at parole my wife slipped into a dangerous depression. So much so that she actually was transferred to an undisclosed psychiatric clinic for almost a year until the doctors returned her to general population at the detention center. After she returned she contacted me and told me not to come back anymore. That I should start a life without her and I should find someone new now that she was going to have to remain in prison.”

Tom jumped back in as he was curious, “So did you move on?”

Jim said, “Well, no not really. We would go back to the jail but my wife wouldn’t come out to sit with us. After several months of this Kristen finally said that, ‘we should just leave mommy alone for a while and only see her maybe once a month.’ Then my wife finally wrote a letter to Kristen telling her that it was time for her to help me around the house and become the woman of the house until I found someone new.”

Gemma said, “So how did your daughter take the letter?”

Jim said, “Well, I guess she grew up faster than I had ever intended. She told me that she didn’t want me to go out and find someone new. She told me that it had been two years since I was with a woman. She told me she was okay with my having sex with another woman because I used to have sex with the women at our swinger parties all the time. But she told me that ‘I shouldn’t have girlfriends and that I should wait for her mother to get out of jail.’”

Tom said, “So what did you do?”

Jim said, “Well, what my daughter didn’t know was that, I was having special ‘nooner’s’ with the Relator Beverly and some of the other ladies from around town every now and then. I just left my dating and sex life away from the house to protect my daughter and to keep her dream alive that her mother and I would get back together one day. Then when my daughter turned fourteen I had been seeing Beverly for over a year and it was time for Kristen to meet the woman that I was seeing. At first my daughter took the news well. She was okay with me seeing this woman Beverly but after a while Beverly let the cat out of the bag that she wanted to move in with us.”

Gemma said, “So what happened?”

Jim said, “Kristen didn’t take that news that well at all. She felt like I was replacing her mother and she stopped talking to me all together. She did that one other time to me before when she was ten years old. She didn’t speak to me and my wife for almost a full year and stopped eating to the point where she came dangerously close to killing herself. We sent her to a shrink to help her but she refused to talk to her as well.

Then one morning when she was 14 she got up and went to school just like any other day. She kissed me goodbye and told me that she loved me and that was the last time that I saw her alive. A couple of days later I found that she had stolen over three hundred thousand dollars from one of my accounts. I haven’t seen or heard from my daughter in the last six grueling years.

Now, you two special angels show up at my home here in the middle of nowhere with a current picture of my daughter and I have to know Detective Porter, is she alive or is she dead? I have lost half of my family already and I have been putting out hope against hope that Kristen is still alive. So, please stop toying with me. My wife is coming up for her last chance for parole or she will have to serve out her last two years. I built this place to entice her to come back to me once she’s released so we can live out the remainder of our lives here in peace together. Now, if you have found another piece to my family I need to see her, talk to her and bring her back here so that we can live in unity as a family once again.”

Gemma was touched by the love Jim displayed for the women in his life and asked, “Did you ever go after your daughter?”

Jim said, “Of course I did. What kind of father do you think I am? I had the state police of Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri looking for her in every train station, bus station, airport, hotel, motel and bed and breakfasts.” Then he looked directly into Tom’s eyes and said, “After a week or so of not finding her I involved the FBI and they couldn’t find her. After several months of no news I started hiring out bounty hunters and private detectives to try and find her. Every time they felt like they were getting close to her she would mysteriously slip away.”

Gemma’s heart was breaking for this man, “What cities did they get close to finding your daughter?”

Jim said, “Well, at first I thought we found her in New York City, then Miami, Chicago, New Orleans and Los Angeles. Every time these guys got close to nabbing her she was able to disappear and each time my heart got smashed into so many different pieces that if I find out that she is dead then I’m going probably have a heart attack and die.”

Tom saw the cruelty that he was putting this man thru and said, “Well, Jim you don’t have to worry about dying today. I can confirm your daughter is very much alive I can assure you of that.”

Jim said, “You’ve got to be an angel sent from heaven ~ the two of you. You guys just waltz into my life today and you are now telling me that my daughter is alive and well.” Jim’s demeanor went from being depressed to happiness and glee his eyes were wide with wonderment wanting to know more about his lost child and said, “I need you to take me to her immediately.” Jim’s excitement began to overtake him and he said, “This is just absolutely amazing I have been looking for her and six years later you walk in to my home and tell me that she’s alive! You see God does answer your prayers ~ maybe not when you’re ready for it but when He is. Amazing, stupendous please let me know where she is and I’ll be ready to leave here in fifteen minutes.”

Tom said, “Jim I need you to calm down for a second here. Your daughter is alive and well but contacting her ~ well ~ that is going to be a little difficult. I would love to take you to her but right now she is in the witness protection program and I’m not even allowed to talk to her let alone take you to her. Your daughter is in clear and present danger Mr. Foster. You see there are people that are looking for your daughter. This particular Cartel that we’ve been describing to you ~ well ~ they may be after her and they have unlimited resources and will stop at nothing to put an end to all of this. Unfortunately that means ending your daughter’s life. Can’t you understand that?

Jim looked at the pictures then pointed at the people and asked, “So who was the person that they wanted killed, again? What did he do that they wanted him dead? And how is my daughter involved in all of this mess.”

Tom looked at him picking up Sal Palandolpho’s photograph and said, “We’re not sure why they wanted this man right here ~ dead. He was making them a tremendous amount of money. We are hoping that your daughter may have some answers for us. This is the man that the cartel wanted assassinated.” Then he picked up the photo of Alejandro Ruiz and said, “This is Alejandro Ruiz and was known as one of the best hit men in the world before being killed that night in the hotel suite. A total of four people were murdered just a little over three weeks ago. Tom started pointing at faces and said, “These two gentlemen here are the bodyguards for that man Sal. They were all in a hotel suite with your daughter.”

Jim said, “What? My daughter was actually in the hotel suite with all three of these men having sex with them?”

Tom said, “Sir, I can’t confirm or deny that. The thing you need to know is that these four people are all dead. The people we are looking for are well connected and have unlimited resources and will fight to the bitter end to protect their ways of life, do you understand that?”

Jim said, “As a father, no sir, I don’t understand at all. All I want is my daughter. The rest we can sort out later Agent Murphy.”

Tom said, “Mr. Foster as much as this seems simple to you it is not. We have painstakingly put a cover story together that your daughter passed away not at the hotel but at the hospital. Mr. Foster what you need to understand is that we have firsthand knowledge that the cartel has already paid off one of the EMT’s that was working that night just to double check and confirm if your daughter is alive or dead. We’ve arrested the EMT after we noticed a large sum of $25,000 deposited into his bank account. He told us that he told the Cartel members the truth as they threatened his family. He told them that she was alive when they got to the hospital and that is all that he knew about her.

The next step for Cartel will be to pay off some orderly in the ER to get whatever records as to what they had done to your daughter that night. After that they will look for a death certificate and finally will pay off someone in the coroner’s office that pronounced your daughter’s death. If our cover story gets blown or they just don’t believe that your daughter is dead then they will hunt for her ~ forever! These people have long memories and they will never forget about her. Can’t you understand that?”

Jim said, “Yes, I understand. Is there a way I can talk to her on the phone?”

Tom was at a loss for words knowing that Kristen was at this point still Catatonic and stashed away at Camelot the secret FBI facility they used to psychologically torture Al Qaeda members and he said, “Well, I am not ~ you know it is ~”

Gemma finally interrupted and said, “Tom, just tell the poor man I don’t think he can handle this anymore.”

Tom took in a deep breath in and seeing Gemma’s eyes tearing up. The better part of Tom felt that he shouldn’t tell this man. Here he is full of hope and yet his daughter is not one hundred percent then he said, “Jim you may not like what you are about to hear so you need to prepare yourself?”

Jim said, “I’m a big boy Agent Murphy just please tell me. Is she somehow involved in the homicide?”

Tom very carefully began, “Honestly Jim at this point we are not sure what role your daughter has played in all of this mess. We don’t know either way but we are one hundred percent sure that she witnessed the murders.”

Jim blurted out, “I don’t care I just want to see my precious little girl once and for all.”

Gemma reached out her hand and grabbed his forearm, “Jim you need to prepare yourself for what you’re about to hear.”

Jim said, “Hold on a second I need to get my head on straight.” Jim stood up went over to the blender and poured his self another margarita. He came back sat down squared his shoulders and held his head up high and said, “Agent Murphy just tell me what you know.”

Tom looked at Gemma and Gemma looked back at Tom and said, “You tell him.”

Tom looked at him, “There is no easy way for me to tell you this. Your daughter spent the night in a hotel suite in Los Angeles at the Viceroy Hotel with a well-known member of the Moretti crime family.” Tom picked up the photograph and pointed to a face and said, “This is Salvatore Palandolpho.”

Jim said, “Okay, so far.”

Tom pointed to the other face on the same photograph and said, “This is Alejandro Ruiz he is a hit man from a Columbian drug cartel. He is the best at what he does. Usually he kills anyone in a dwelling. So, how your daughter survived is a miracle in of itself.” Then he picked up the other photograph and said, “This is Tony Ricci and Kirby Smith they are bodyguards of Salvatore’s. What we feel happened is this man Alejandro knocked on the hotel door and first killed Tony he put three bullets in his head and then shot Kirby in the head three times. Then for good measure he finished by shooting each one three more times in the chest at close range. Then it appears that he kicked in the bedroom door in of the hotel suite.

From there it gets confusing. We are not sure where your daughter was at this point but Salvatore and Alejandro shot it out together. We believe that Alejandro killed Salvatore but Salvatore only wounded Alejandro. Before Alejandro bled out your daughter made her way to him. We found his blood from her naked torso to her shoulders and a bloody hand print on her arm belonged to Alejandro as well.

When I finally arrived on the scene it was a complete mess. There was blood everywhere, sex toys strewn throughout the room, there was semen everywhere, there were pillows and blankets all over the room. When I made it into the bathroom that was the first time I saw your daughter Kristen. She was being taken care of by Detectives Gemma Porter here and her partner Karen Morgan.

Your daughter was sitting in the bathtub completely naked. Her knees were in front of her chest and her arms were wrapped around her legs. She was rocking back and forth and she had a crazed look on her face and she was staring at something but there was nothing to stare at.

When your daughter finally noticed me I looked at her and told her that I was an agent with the FBI and then she stood up and left the tub and walked over to me and climbed on to my waist and said the word protector or protect her we are still unsure. The other thing I noticed and you’re not going to like this part Jim, is she was covered in male semen from her hips to her face.”

Jim sat there and his stiff exterior became a relaxed state and his body began to ball up like he was going to cry. He then stood up and for the second time in the last twenty minutes. Jim’s eyes were filled up with tears and he turned away from them trying to compose himself and with a broken voice asked, “What did they do to her?"

Tom said, “We are not sure, we’re just not sure Jim. We are not sure if all the men had sex with her or not. The forensic evidence shows that the only semen on her body was Sal’s. She had Sal’s blood splatter on her face and the only other blood on her was that of Alejandro Ruiz.”

Jim was pacing up and down next to the table and he was mumbling to himself, finally Gemma and Tom looked at each other then finally Jim said something coherent, “My poor little baby ~ what did they do to you?” Then he looked at Tom and sat back down, “If you have her in custody then why don’t you just talk to her?”

Tom was non-responsive to Jim’s question then finally Gemma stepped in and said, “Jim you have to understand that your daughter Kristen witnessed something horrific. Jim you have to understand the situation she was in ~ it took me several months after I became a homicide detective to be around dead bodies. Here she was partying at one of the most hip clubs in LA. She was in the VIP lounge with very rich men. She meets Sal they hit it off and she agrees to go back to the hotel with him. Then while in bed with him all of a sudden four men have their guns out and start shooting each other. That can be too much for a lot of people.”

Meanwhile back at the Camelot Clinic:

Miles realized the trauma that Kristen just relived he knew that continuing on this path could be detrimental to her recovery. Once she cleaned the sperm from her face after returning from Miles’ private bathroom in his office he decided to bring her out of hypnotic state and end this session once and for all. It was quite intense as she relived her rape and the events that happened directly after it. He let her take a break and have some lunch and told the orderlies to make sure that she showered. Miles wanted to revisit this subject as he feels this trauma is the basis for her psychosis.

Later in the afternoon the orderlies brought Kristen back for her second session of that day. Once again Miles set his office for her hypnosis. He drew the shades, lit several small vanilla candles that seemed to keep her calm and put on soft orchestra music to keep her mind in a soothed state. She was brought back into his office and the orderlies sat her on the couch and closed the office door behind them as they left.

This is the afternoon session with Kristen:

Miles once again started their session by videoing it. He started by asking the same control questions as he always did. As usual Kristen sat like a living, breathing statue as there wasn’t any kind of movement or responses from Kristen. Then he hypnotized her and used the technique of Regression to tap into the subconscious part of her brain. Kristen’s transformation from being a stoic statue into what a person would consider to be normal started. She began to relax as her subconscious mind began to take over her body as you could actually see the life being breathed directly into her eyes and facial expressions.

Miles then watched in panic as Kristen closed her eyes and her body started to shake violently for a few moments. Miles was more than concerned about her wellbeing. This had never happened to Kristin before during any of their sessions. Miles was about to shut down her down and bring her out of her hypnosis then her body stopped flailing. Miles was worried that he was pushing her too hard. Usually she only has one session per day and this could have been too much for her fragile brain to handle.

Miles sat still awaiting any kind of response from her. As Kristen’s eyes remained closed she took in a deep breath and when she exhaled her eyes popped opened and came into focus on Miles. She uncharacteristically stood then roamed around the office quietly. She then returned to the couch plopping her tiny butt down on the cushion of the couch and said, “Wow, this is a cozy couch.” She started snapping her fingers and closing one eye tapping the side of her head, “Uh ~ uh ~ uh” Kristen continued snapping her fingers and her eyes rolled up in her head, “I’m sorry I can’t remember your name there stud.”

Miles was somewhat perplexed Kristen had never used the word stud to describe him also she never started the conversation but Miles didn’t want to inhibit her so he let her continue, “You don’t remember my name? That hurts my feelings.”

Kristen turned and said, “Really? That’s what hurts your feelings?” She looked down at what she was wearing and then hopped up onto her feet again scanning the office quickly with her eyes. “I like the fact that you’ve tried to set the mood for us. I like the scent of vanilla it makes me feel warm all over. The lighting is just right ~ you’re a player aren’t ya? The orchestra music is soft ~ I kinda like it. You should’ve shut the shades all the way down so no one can peek in to see what we’re about to do.

So, you’re too cheap to pay for a hotel room aye? Well, it’s been a while since I did a guy in his own office. I see you wanted a conservative girl huh? I mean really? A jean skirt and a white blouse buttoned to the top of my neckline? Really? This is your idea of a fantasy there stud? If you wanted me to be a nun I could’ve gotten a nun suit.” She then moved around the room again, “Oh look you went to the University of Florida impressive especially when we live right here in Florida.”

She then seductively walked over to Miles and leaned forward and in a sultry whispering voice started to spin her web of seduction in his ear and said, “Soooo, you want to get started here stud? I don’t have all day if you know what I mean? Besides you’re pretty attractive for a guy your age. It’s going to be fun doing you, you know that? So, who do you want me to be, your student, your daughter, your niece, the babysitter or your young intern who’s just so naïve but oh so beautiful?”

Miles was shocked by Kristen’s blatant wantonness as the last time she was under hypnosis she exhibited a twelve-year-old ego now it seemed a quite bit older and much more forward in years. Then Miles picked out the one of the innocuous things she said and focused on a safer subject than sex, “Yes, I went to the University of Florida. I graduated with a Psychology Degree. Do you think that you are in Florida right now?”

Kristen said, “Sure do~ I mean we’re in Miami right?” As Kristen was asking she question she hiked her skirt above her hips and just before she sat down on Miles lap she said, “White thong huh ~ so how young do you want me to be?” Then as she stood directly in front of Miles she pulled on the white thong making the edges dip between her outer labia lips creating a camel toe for him, “See isn’t this better sweetie? You like what you see don’t ya? Look at that studly ~ look how nice and smooth that is ~ cleanly shaved.” Kristen started to rub her pussy with her finger and said, “I can act as young as you want me to.” She put her finger to her mouth and licked it with her tongue, “but isn’t that what all you studs want, is to see this tight pink teen pussy right?”

Miles was perplexed. All of her sessions to date she exhibited a shy young female that needed to be coaxed into telling him her story. Now, she is being brash to the point of being overbearing and he said, “What did you think you’re doing here?”

Kristen leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek and said, “You know.” She smiled and pointed her finger at Miles’ face and shook her hips for him excitedly and said, “I’m here for you ~ baby!”

Miles wanted to pursue this for a little, “You’re here for me? Why would you be here for me? What did I do to deserve you being here?”

Kristen moved her hips around seductively as she slipped her fingers under her thong and touched herself. She smiled at Miles and lifted her fingers to her mouth and tasted them, “I’m almost ready for you. I need to get a little wetter for you to just slip inside of me.” Then she moved over to Miles’ large leather chair and sat on Miles’ lap and began to grind on his lap. She could feel his penis beginning to grow between her legs and she smiled at him, “So, you saw my cute little ad on Craigslist and called to me to meet with you. You see I’m here just for you. So you must have decided to meet with me, right? Ooh I can feel that trouser snake getting all long and hard for me. I can’t wait for it to strike deep inside of my slippery cunt” She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek and then let a small hot breath on his ear before licking it.

Miles was in heaven. Kristen was one hell of a seductress. He could feel her hot wet pussy over his trousers. Kristen’s eyes were intoxicating and he wanted to drink in more of her. Miles though was curious about her claim but her pussy felt so warm and moist as it was grinding on top of his manhood. He was able to collect his thoughts and asked, “I saw your ad on Craigslist? I’m not sure what you mean by that? What kinda of ad do you have on Craigslist?”

Kristen moved her breasts that were still concealed under her dress shirt up to Miles’ face and she was gently letting her nipples cascade over his lips. Her nipples were very sensitive and immediately became hard sending shock waves down to her stomach and then directly to her pussy. Kristen was confused a little as she continued to grind on his lap, “You know my special ~ dating ad?”

Miles smile was ear to ear as in the past Kristen acted out her personal memories in her life with Miles while she was psychologically in her younger ego. She didn’t really know how to express things in words that actually happened to her so it was easier for her to act things out with Miles. She slipped on to her knees on the floor kneeling in front him. She unzipped his pants and fished his long semi-hard penis from its constraints. She smiled at Miles, “Nice! You’re not tiny like all the others ~ I think we’re going to have a lot of fun in the next hour.” Then she opened her mouth and engulfed his semi-rigid penis into her mouth. Her head was bobbing up and down as she felt it growing inside of her mouth.

Miles remained calm as he smiled as their eyes locked on one another. Miles let out a large breath of pleasure as he watched his penis disappear inside of her mouth. He knew that he was going to taste the goods of his young patient again today. Her wet mouth was washing over his shaft making him hard like a piece of iron and he asked her, “Why don’t you tell me how your real age?”

Kristen smiled and slapped Miles’ thigh. I think you’re more than ready now, stud. Standing she moved her triangle thong to one side. Then she maneuvered her hips back over Miles’ lap again. Her hot volcanic pussy open a little and she rubbed her wet pussy on his cock as he was still outside of her. Then she adjusted her hips upwards and bringing Miles’ cock upwards she allowed the tip of his penis to finally push inside of her. Kristen’s arms went to his shoulders as the look of pure pleasure overtook her face. She smiled as her hips gyrated in circular motions over top of him. Kristen slowly slid down accepting his shaft inside of her and she could feel Miles’ hot penis filling her up between her legs, “You like the way I do that don’t ya stud? What does my age matter? How old do you want me to be?

Listen you’re paying me for our time together here ~ so unless you’re planning on taking me somewhere else let me do my thing okay?” She then let Mile’s penis slip out of her love canal and said, “I mean unless you want to just spend all your time talking to me, are you one of those guys? I mean that’s okay if you want to do that. There’s no pressure here to fuck me!” Miles sat quietly for about thirty seconds or so thinking about his option and she said, “Listen you don’t have to do nothing if you don’t want to there stud. I can put everything away if that’s what you want but here’s a hint ~ I’m a sure thing right here ~ you can do whatever you want to me ~ daddy ~ is that what you want me to call you?” Then she moved her face close to his and kissed Miles on the lips.

When she pulled back from her kiss Miles said, “Kristen I don’t understand what kinda game you’re playing here today?” This hurt Miles because he truly wanted to stay inside of her but he also realizes that he needs to help her and said, “Why don’t you go back and sit down on the couch. Then we can pick up from where we left off.”

Kristen had a confused look on her face as she stood up, “Where we left off? Honey ~ I never met you before today.” Then her face became uncomfortably contorted and her head tilted to the side and she said, “By the way ~ how in the world did you know my real name? I never used my real name on Craigslist.”

Miles was pulled out his chair by Kristen. She fell on her back on the couch jolting Miles abruptly between her legs. She smiled at him and helped him to reintroduce his penis inside of her wet love canal and said, “There you go with that Craigslist thing again.”

Kristen interrupted him and said, “You feel amazing inside of me. Is this what you wanted when you contacted me? Do you like the way my pussy feels?”

Miles wanted to get her story straight as his penis finally slipped all the way inside of her tight little hole, “It feels incredible! Why don’t we just clarify once and for all what this Craigslist thing is okay?”

Kristen wrapped her legs around her lover, “Doesn’t that feel better. Now, I’ve got you right where I want you.” Her eyebrows went up and down and she smirked at him, “Right between my legs.” She looked up into Miles’ eye and asked, “You did answer my ad on the Craigslist website, right?”

Miles was hoping that this could be a tipping point in which her conscious mind would overcome her subconscious mind and snap her out of her Catatonic State and said, “If you haven’t followed what I’ve been telling you; I don’t know what this Craigslist thing is?”

Kristen began to gyrate her hips up and down accepting and releasing Mile’s cock as he pumped hard and deep inside of her, “Come on honey, can you feel how wet I’m getting? Why are you so worried about Craigslist? Craigslist is a website where you can buy and sell whatever you want. You put up your own personal ads for free. You mean you didn’t go to the adult section and click on my ad today?”

Miles moved her ankles over his shoulders giving him greater access to her pussy and said, “No, sorry. Why don’t you tell me what exactly your ad says?”

Kristen was biting her lip as she felt her hamstrings being stretched further than they had in a long time said, “It’s an ad where men such as you can call me. You can either come to me or I will go to you and we can spend some special alone time together. I’m like a special companion if you know what I mean? I am willing to spend my precious time with you for a certain amount of roses. The fact that we are both adults, once we meet whatever happens behind closed doors is up to us ~ two consenting adults and all ~ you know what I mean just like we are doing right now. I met you talked to you and thought you are very interesting and decided to let you inside of me.”

Miles pulled her up so she was no sitting on him and they were face to face. He kissed her full on the lips as his hands began to play with her breasts. As he was gently caressing her he asked, “Interesting so what you’re saying is, if I just wanted to talk to you for say thirty minutes how many roses would I need to buy from you?”

Kristen said, “That depends on how many roses you decided on. If you decided to give me two hundred red roses then I’m willing to give you thirty minutes of my time. If you say gave me five hundred red roses then I’m willing to spend an hour with you.”

Miles wanted to smash this memory of hers while she is under hypnosis and try to shock her directly out of the hypnosis right into reality, “Well, you know my computer is right over there on my desk its connected to the internet could you show me your Craigslist ad?”

Kristen had a look of shock, “Well, no one has ever asked to see my ad once we are alone together but you seem to be a strange bird. Okay, follow me I’ll show you.” Kristen extended her hand to Miles and led him over to the desk. She pushed Miles down on the chair. She spit on her fingers and rubbed it around her anal crack. She slipped onto the floor and smiled at him. “Here before we begin on the computer let me clean my juices from your cock.”

Kristen sucked on him taking him down her throat a few times as Miles helped her by pushing on the back of her head, “That feels so good. You are an absolute great cock sucker!”

Kristen stood and smiled, “You have no idea how great I am if you stayed the whole night with me.” Kristen then lined up his hard penis to the crack of her butthole and slowly felt him stretching her asshole open. She slowly sat down in his lap giving him his personal anal lap dance. Kristen’s ass was bobbing up and down only taking about half of his cock in her asshole as she leaned forward taking hold of the mouse she fired up the computer.

She hit the little blue E, she then typed in the website address. “You see you can pretty much find anything you want on this site.” She moved the mouse around and she said, “Okay so, you click here on ‘Miami’ see. Then you come over here to ‘adult’ like this. I mean you know how to do it ~ I mean you did this already. Now you wait a couple of seconds for all the profiles to download and then you can browse them all.”

Miles’ eyes were closed as he was enjoying her young co-ed asshole grinding on his lap. He was taking a huge risk of hurting Kristen’s stability while under hypnosis. She’s already revealed that she feels she’s at a greater age of twelve then the session they had before this morning. At best guess Miles and the FBI both is guessing that she is currently twenty, “Kristen today is the seventeenth so let’s just do a search under that date. When you find your profile let me know.” He grabbed her hips helping her to sit down all the way in her lap making his cock reach the inner depths of her bowels.

Kristen had a hard time concentrating as Mile’s cock was bringing her closer and closer to an intense orgasm. She fucked his cock for several minutes, grinding on his hard penis and she continued to get frustrated as she couldn’t find her profile. The more she got upset the harder she worked Miles’ penis to the point where her ass was slapping against his wet thighs, “I know it’s in here otherwise there is no way for you to have found me I’m going to look back a day or two.”

As Kristen continued to look for her profile she became ever increasingly agitated then Miles stopped her for a second as he could feel his balls ready to release a load into her shit hole. He wanted to fuck her a while longer and said, “Oh hold still honey or you’re going to make me finish inside of you.” She quickly slipped off of his lap and quickly opened her mouth. Engulfing Miles’ penis Kristen made it her goal to suck his load into her mouth.

Miles looked into her co-ed eyes and warned her, “If you don’t stop honey I’m going to finish in your mouth. Oh God you have unbelievable cock sucking skills. Please stop I want to fuck you more. Please stop or I’m going to cum!”

It took a few more seconds of Kristen’s mouth sliding up and down on his shaft as his first cannon blast rattled into her mouth. Kristen sucked on him for a couple of minutes until his limp penis slipped from between her lips. She opened her mouth and collecting his sperm she showed the pool of his sperm on her tongue. She smiled at him and closed her mouth and smiled, “Now, that was fun now wasn’t it?”

Miles sat quietly allowing his body to recover from another amazing orgasm provided by Kristen and once he collected himself he said, “Okay, Kristen that’s enough.” He tapped on her head and she stood and he led her by the hand and led her back to the couch. “I’m sorry Kristen but I had to show you that we didn’t meet the way that you had thought.”

Miles watched as she adjusted her panties and then her skirt and her demeanor became much more subdued, “You don’t remember talking to me? You don’t remember telling me about your childhood or have you forgotten the reasons why you’re here?”

Kristen looked confused, “First tell me how you know my real name. I haven’t gone by Kristen in over four years since I was twelve. The only reason I know is I came here to fuck you. I did that ~ maybe I should just go?”

Miles immediately deducted that she has jumped upwards in age once again and it was important for him to re-establish the Doctor patient dynamic, “Don’t you remember our last conversation when you told me about how your brother passed away and how your mother was arrested? I mean that is where we left off, don’t you remember?”

Kristen was ready to leave but then after she just heard what Miles said she fell flat on her ass onto the couch and a face of disbelief arose, “Ho ~ how ~ how do you know that?”

Miles leaned forward putting down his pad and pen he pulled up his pants and buttoned his shirt said, “Kristen do you remember any of the conversations that we’ve had in this very office?”

Kristen looked at him knock-kneed with a dumbfounded look, “Who are you really? And what am I really doing here in this room? Are you telling me that you just didn’t hire me to come over here to fulfill one of your perverted fantasies?”

Miles reached out and took her hand and had to make a tough decision to let her know the real truth while she was under hypnosis, “No I didn’t call you to come over here to do what you just did to me. I am a Ph.D. that has been given your case to help you with some of your short term memory losses. Kristen do you remember what happened in Los Angeles a couple of months ago?”

Kristen said, “I haven’t been to Los Angeles in more than a year, why?”

Miles was really taking a chance here by telling her the truth. At this point he hasn’t crossed that invisible line with her sub-conscience but this could be the jolt that pushes her forward, “Kristen a couple of months ago you came here under some very special circumstances. Do you remember being in a hotel room in Los Angeles?”

Kristen said, “I don’t know and like I said before it’s been more than a year since I’ve been in the Los Angeles area. I mean I wasn’t even in LA itself I was in Malibu. That was the last time I left Miami.”

Miles looked at her, “So, do you know where you are right now?”

Kristen said, “Yeah, I’m in your office here in Miami?”

Miles was worried she was still stuck in a loop in her younger ego, “What if I were to tell you that you are actually in New Mexico right now?”

Kristen said, “You flew me all the way out here to New Mexico just to be with you ~”

Miles said, “No, no you came here with the FBI. Don’t you remember what happened in the hotel room that night?”

Back at the Azores:

Gemma was trying to explain to Jim the situation that his daughter experienced the night of the murders.

Think about it Mr. Foster. Here is a very wealthy man Sal Palandolpho who needs bodyguards. Sal is your typical bad boy that all women fall for at first. She has sex with him and then all of a sudden BAM! Someone kicks in the bedroom door of the hotel suite and everyone starts shooting. In the blink of an eye four people are murdered in less than a minute. That’s a lot to take in Jim. One minute she’s laying next to a guy and then the next he’s dead. I think she went into shock and she hasn’t been able to come out of it.”

Jim said, “What happened to my little girl?”

Gemma looked at Jim and touched his hand in a consoling way and said, “She didn’t seem to be physically hurt or beat in any way. Once we realized that the blood wasn’t hers we checked her out but we couldn’t find anything wrong with her. We tried to interview her or engage her in any way possible but she just sat there with a blank stare looking out into nothingness.”

Jim said, “What about Farah and this other guy over here on that picture?”

Tom said, “They were there at the hotel, they were the other couple. They went along with your daughter to the same hotel although they stayed in a different suite all together and they are both alive and fine. We felt later that your daughter wasn’t saying the word ‘protector but protect her’ meaning to protect Farah who was in the other room. They must have been good friends for her to worry about her like that.”

Jim looked at them and said, “Well, Farah and Kristen were friends but I don’t think she was saying protect her I believe she was saying protector. See, when she was just a little girl and we had bad thunderstorms she would crawl into bed with me and my wife. She wouldn’t fall asleep right away but if I held her and walked her around the house she would fall asleep in my arms as I rocked her back and forth. Her nickname for me was protector. It seems she was reaching out to you Tom the way she used to do for me ~ to help her.”

Tom looked at Jim and said, “Look Jim we have your daughter under the care of one the best psychiatrists in the country. He tells us that your daughter has suffered what he calls a psychotic break between her conscious and sub-conscious minds.”

Jim said, “How in the hell did this happen?”

Tom said, “Right now we have some conflicting information. When we first started investigating your daughter Kristen was using an alias Karen Valentine. There are still many things that just don’t add up. We still don’t know how your daughter ended up at the night club and to make matters worse she’s stuck in this catatonic state and we are unable to talk to her.”

Jim said, “I’m sorry that you are having a tough time putting time lines together. All I want is to do is see my daughter and I want to see her right away. Understand that my whole family has been torn away from me. Call it bad karma or whatever but right now the most important thing for me is to see my daughter who ran away from me six years ago. Right now you are telling me that my daughter is alive that I thought was dead a half hour ago. It’s my job to take care of her not you.”

Tom looked at the distraught man sitting across from him, “Jim as much as my heart goes out to you ~ it is too much of a risk to bring you back and visit with your daughter at this time. Just know that she is perfectly safe and when the time is right I’ll make the arrangements personally. I must warn you that you clearly DO NOT understand the unlimited resources these criminals have. Everything that the FBI can do they can do but they don’t have to wait for court orders or for orders to come down from the top. When they find out the information it is one phone call then action ~ can’t you understand that?”

Jim looked at both of them, “You came here by private plane right?”

Gemma said, “Yeah, so what?”

Jim said, “You are the FBI right?”

Tom looked at Jim, “Yeah so what?”

Jim said, “So that means you can take me in your private plane to the location of my daughter. I can visit with her and then you can send me back. If it’s the cost of the fuel you are worrying about; don’t. I am worth millions I’m willing to foot the bill.”

Tom smiled, “I like your aggressiveness and problem solving skills but Jim right now I just can’t do it for you. I don’t have jurisdiction over your daughter the US Marshals of WITSEC has that pleasure. Listen I know her location and I can assure you that she is totally safe no one can get to her to hurt her. The whole point of this interview Mr. Foster is to collect background information about your daughter that could help her to come out of her catatonic state.”

Jim pleaded with Tom, “Please, please I don’t care about all of this. I just want to see my daughter ~ my baby girl is alive ~ I need to see my baby.”

Tom pleaded with Jim, “It’s just not a good idea. Listen the doctor says it could be the smallest thing that brings her out of her catatonic state. Now, don’t take this the wrong way Mr. Foster but your daughter left you over six years ago, you said, and she never made contact with you again. You may not be the best person right now to see her. You could possibly make things worse than they already are.”

Jim looked at Tom, “How could you say that about me, you don’t know me Agent Murphy. I just want to see her why can’t you understand that?”

Tom said, “Trust me I understand what you are saying to me. Like I said before she is no longer under my jurisdiction I can’t see her unless I myself get permission. We still don’t know if the cartel is still looking for your daughter or not. If they are then you and your wife in jail becomes a target as well. This cartel will find you ~ their methods of operation are to torture people until they tell them what they want to hear. God forbid if that ever happens ~ trust me.”

When Tom was speaking something went off in Gemma’s head then she picked up the photograph with Alejandro Ruiz and then pointed at his face and asked, “Earlier you were asked if you knew anyone in any of these photo arrays. Aside from your daughter and Farah you said that you sorta recognized this man that you may have met him before? This is the hit man who works for the Cartel that wants your daughter DEAD! If they get wind that she may be alive they will do whatever is necessary to tie up all the loose ends. Tell me how do you know this man?”

Jim shrugged his shoulders and said, “Look I didn’t say that I knew him ~ I said he looks awfully familiar somehow. He looks very familiar to the lady that I have been seeing the last couple of weeks.”

Tom jumped right back in, “Okay let’s get back into this. I think that your familiarity with this gentleman is more important right now than seeing your daughter” Then Tom pulled out his laptop and then fired it up and in a few minutes he spun it around and said, “Here take a look at this picture. Is this the young lady that showed up on your doorstep several weeks ago?”

Jim looked at it as his face went to shock and awe and said, “Yeah, that’s her! How did you get that picture? That’s Latisha!”

Tom said, “Remember when I told you that this cartel has unlimited resources? That my friend ~ is Latisha Ruiz ~ she is the sister of this gentleman right here.” Tom picked up his photo. “This is the hit man Alejandro Ruiz this is his sister Latisha. You see Latisha is what is known as a cleaner. She comes in after Alejandro kills everyone and she makes all the bodies and evidence just like sorta disappear like nothing ever happened.

Jim if this woman has been staying with you in your home then she’s been gathering information on whether your daughter is alive or not. If she thinks you know where your daughter is; then this Latisha woman will do whatever is necessary to you until you give up her location. Do you understand what I’m trying to tell you?”

Jim said, “You mean that Latisha is here to kill me? She was there the night when all this took place and she would have disposed of my daughter’s body?”

Tom said, “Jim what do you think we’ve been talking about here? Salvatore Palandolpho was a very high profile hit. All the others were just innocent bi-standards that were in the wrong place at the wrong time. You see this picture of Sal. This guy is one bad bastard of a human being. He runs guns and drugs all over the world. He was into human trafficking. It could very well be that your daughter was being kidnapped that night and to be sold into prostitution on the black market. He also moves illegal aliens across the southern border from Mexico into America. Now, another cartel member has been living right under your own roof without your knowledge. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was going to end your life sooner rather than later.”

Jim’s face became panic stricken and his hands began to shake violently and with a trembling voice asked, “What am I going to do?”

Tom said, “Well, first we are going to call the US Marshall’s to protect your wife and then Gemma and I have to figure a way to apprehend Latisha before she tries to kill ya.”

Jim said, “I can’t believe that Latisha is here to kill me.”

Gemma turned to Tom, “Listen if this Latisha Ruiz is really here then we’ll need to find a way to take her out.”

Tom looked at his surroundings and said, “Jim are any of the boats down in the cove yours?”

Jim pointed at one of the luxury yachts in the cove and said, “Yeah I have that 120 footer down there why?”

Tom looked at Gemma, “Well, if we can get her on the boat an out into international waters then we can do anything we with her. I can arrange to have her snatched by the DSS but I need to make some phone calls.” Then he looked at Jim and said, “Have you ever taken her out on that thing?”

Jim smiled and said, “Yeah it was her idea to have a romantic dinner on the boat about a week ago. We went out and sailed to mainland, why?”

Tom said, “Okay ~ that’s our in. Can you have your people put a nice dinner together? Do you have a lot of different people come through here when you need help?”

Jim said, “Sure all I have to do is say that you guys are from one of the hotels and they’re the ones that are catering the meal. She won’t suspect a thing.”

Gemma said, “How much time do you think we have before she gets back here?”

Jim said, “Well, she left on the ferry about an hour ago ~ she went shopping and the last time she was gone more than several hours. So that means she would have to take the afternoon ferry back here. So, we have about five hours or so.”

Tom looked at him, “Why don’t you arrange the romantic dinner with the hotel to be set up on the boat and I’ll make the calls necessary for her extraction. Look Jim, if Latisha wants you to take her out then she is probably going to bring her two cohorts with her. They are probably the muscle. She’ll more than likely ask them to come along and they will probably drug you. Out on the boat the first time was a dry run to get a picture of how you do things. They’ll probably drug you to knock you out then a truth serum after you wake up.”

Jim interrupted as he continued to shake, “I can’t take this ~ I don’t know if I can do this Agent Murphy. I’m not a spy ~ I’m not a special Agent with the FBI for god’s sakes. I’m just a hippie who likes to fuck a lot of different women. I don’t want to be the scapegoat here. Is there any other way?”

Gemma put her hand on Jim’s and caressed it, “Mr. Foster we don’t have time to put a sting operation together. If we grab this Latisha with her muscle we can start to put this all behind you and your family. That is what you want right? You want to put your family back together?”

Jim turned with tears welled up in his eyes. He looked deep at Gemma and began to calm down, “Detective, I just want to put my family back together. My daughter has been missing for six years ~ my wife has been in jail for over eight and my son is dead. I’ll do whatever I need to so that I can get my girls back to me safe and secure.”

Gemma gave Jim her cute smile and said, “I believe you Mr. Foster. Agent Murphy and I will be with you the whole time. All we need you to do is play along ~ I promise that we will not let anything happen to you I swear.”

Tom then asked, “Well, now that you know that you’ve been sleeping with a cold-stone killer what was her cover story?”

Jim looked confused, “I don’t understand ~ her cover story?”

Tom said, “Yeah her cover story. She just couldn’t show up here and tell you that ~ she and her family are contract killers for a Columbian drug cartel sent here to kill you ~ now could she? She obviously told you some other story right?”

Jim said, “Yeah ~ yeah she said that her and her family makes plastic dishes that are safe for microwaves. She said that the company was based in Brazil but she did admit that she was Columbian though. Besides, her Portuguese was horrible. I know that it’s close to Spanish but there are many subtle differences between the languages. Can both of you speak Spanish?”

Meanwhile back at Camelot:

Meanwhile back at Camelot Miles has Kristen’s subconscious up against the ropes as he was hoping to finally snap her out of her Catatonic state and Kristen said, “I don’t remember anything brainiac that’s what I’m trying to tell you. I don’t remember telling you my real name and I certainly don’t remember telling you about the blackest day in my life either. This must be some kinda joke or a set-up! I’m outta here this isn’t funny! Oh by the way no refunds either!”

She stood and walked to the office door and before she was ready to open the door Miles said, “Before you decide to go through that door you should know that I haven’t lied to you. How in the world would I know all those personal things about you unless you were the one who told me?”

Kristen defiantly opened the door and sitting at her desk was Trish, Miles’ secretary, who was shocked to see Kristen actually standing there under her own power and not catatonic. Standing at the outer office door guarding it was Carl in his Air Force uniform. He stood there in awe as well. He’s never seen Kristen actual conscious and moving around like a normal person. Carl looked like an immovable mass and when he saw Kristen he moved forward as an imposing force and said, “Miss I’m going to have to ask you to go back in the office.” When Carl finally came within in arms reach he gently touched her shoulders and spun her around ever so gently and led her back into Dr. Spencer’s office, “Did you lose something Doc?”

Miles was standing and as Carl ushered her back inside, “Kristen, please take a seat on the couch.”

Carl turned and made sure everything was okay and shut the door behind him and Kristen said, “Tell me ~ tell me right now where the fuck am I? And who the fuck was that in an Air Force uniform? How the fuck did I get here? I have a right to know! Why is there a man in an Air Force Uniform protecting your office door? Who are you ~ really!?”

Miles thought to his self, ‘well you crossed the line you can’t go back now’ “You are at Camelot a secret facility run by the FBI and is protected inside of an Air Force Base in New Mexico. Carl is the man guarding the door he is your personal orderly he makes sure nothing ever bad happens to you. You were brought her by Special Agent Murphy of the FBI several weeks ago. I am Doctor Miles Spencer and I run Camelot my specialty is helping people with their memories. You should be impressed I am one of the best at what I do. Okay?

Kristen just sit back down and I’ll tell you what I know and the reason you are here. Like I said a couple of months ago you were at the Vanguard Hotel in Los Angeles. You know what ~ why don’t we do some visuals okay?” Miles stood and went to his desk and pulled a huge file from one of his drawers. He took a few minutes and when he finally found what he was looking for he came back and said, “Can I sit next to you and show you this photo?”

Kristen said, “I just ate a huge load of your sperm and I was grinding my cunt on your cock not more than five minutes ago. So, yeah sit right here.” Kristen then started to pat the couch inviting him to sit next to her.

Miles giggled a little, “I want to show this picture. Now, before I show it to you I want you to realize that I’ve never lied to ya. Now, I told you that you were in Los Angeles a little less than two months ago.” Miles noticed the date on the picture and didn’t want to freak her out because she thinks she is sixteen when in reality she’s more like twenty. He put his finger of the time stamp and hid the year and then revealed the picture. “Okay, take a peek at the picture and tell me if you recognize anyone?”

Kristen looked at the picture and said, “Well, there is one person and she looks a little like me ~ like an older me and an older Farah but the rest of the group I don’t know.”

Miles very gently said in a soothing voice, “Do you see the date on the picture?”

Kristen quickly scanned it not noticing the thumb covering up the year and said, “Yes it say October on it.”

Miles said, “And now we are in the month of December so that means that this picture was taken of you back in October. Let me try to help you a little but I really need you to remember more than me telling you everything okay? You see the young girl in the picture standing next to you?”

Kristen said, “Yeah.”

Miles pointed at her face, “You recognize her at all?”

Kristen said, “Yeah.”

Miles then pulled the picture away from her view and said, “Okay, now what if I were to tell you that one of the men in that picture picked both of you up from a well-known University in Los Angeles and brought both of you together to a club called the Viceroy.”

Kristen said, “I see the date on that picture but I don’t remember that at all and I don’t even recognize the name Viceroy at all.”

Miles then said, “What if I told you that the police over the last month or so talked to many of the patrons that night and the majority of them would testify that you came in with that young lady and danced with several of the gentlemen in the photograph, would that shock you?”

Kristen said, “Shock me that I was dancing with older dudes? No, that wouldn’t shock me in the least but I don’t know those people are and I don’t know the club that you are talking about.”

Miles continued to press forward hoping that, that fateful night would finally push through her sub-conscience and bring her back to reality instead of living in a hypnotic state, “Fine. What if I could pull out video and prove that you were taken up to the VIP room where you ate drank and danced for several more hours before leaving with everyone in this photograph?” Miles then held it up for her to view once again.

Kristen said, “It sounds like something I would do but how many friggin times do I need to tell you that I haven’t been to LA in over a year ago and I was actually only in Malibu oh yeah and Sherman Oaks.”

Miles said, “Well, look here.” Miles pointed to the photograph and said, “All of you left together and made your way to the Vanguard Hotel. There were two very large hotel suites that were purchased. You went to one of the suites with this man and his two bodyguards do you remember that?”

Kristen was becoming agitated again, “How many times do I have to tell you I don’t remember anything from that photograph or that night that you say I was with those people.”

Miles said, “So, you don’t remember what happened that night in the room and the reason why you were brought here under my care?”

Kristen said, “Well, this is the first time that I’m hearing that I am under your care.”

Miles pushed a little harder, “You don’t remember sitting in the bathtub naked rocking back and forth until the FBI Agent Murphy showed up and the only words you spoke that night was protect her or Protector.”

Kristen said, “Well, if I was naked and scared by myself I would have said Protector because that is what my daddy was for me when I was younger.”

Miles said to his self, ‘There we go she’s starting to move her mind back and forth and remembering her childhood without suggestions,’ “So you don’t remember Special Agent Tom Murphy of the FBI?”

Kristen said “No, I don’t remember him.”

Miles said, “When he found you he said that you were staring straight ahead in to nothingness and your eyes were completely blank. He asked you all kinds of questions but you couldn’t remember anything because you never answered him.”

Kristen sat there in awe as her jaw dropped listening to this fairytale. Kristen shook Miles hand away from her and she stood up and shaking her head said, “So, what you’re trying to tell me is that I can’t remember who I am, where I’m from or what happened to me? Do I have like amnesia or something because I can remember my name and a whole to other bunch of stuff?”

Miles said, “No, not necessarily ~ you’ve pushed this memory of that night so far down in your mind that it is affecting your everyday life. Just like you have suppressed your secrets about your family life –“

Kristen turned and faced Miles, “No, no I didn’t tell you about my family did I ~ I mean aside from my brother and mother right?”

Miles smiled, “Kristen I think that you’ve been waiting to talk to someone about all of your deep dark secrets for a real long time now. I think that your memories haunt you. I think that it is good for you to share them all and like I’ve told you before whatever you say or do inside this office stays here. This is a safe place for you.”

Kristen said, “So, what you’re telling me is that what I was doing to you earlier ~ fucking you ~ will stay right here in this office. You won’ tell anyone about what we did?”

Miles said, “This is like a bank vault once you leave the door gets shut and all the secret things you do and talk to me about stay locked nice and safe to protect you.”

Kristen said, “Then tell me ~ tell me everything that I’ve told you about my family right now! I want to know how you tricked me into telling you about things that are none of your business.”

Miles said, “Okay but let me first say that I never tricked you into telling me anything. Just like today I asked you certain questions and you answered them freely. I didn’t trick you into anything. When you first got here the first thing you told me about was about you and your grandfather’s special relationships. You told me how they loved you so much and how you liked to bounce you up and down on their knees playing horsey. Then you told me as you got a little older and bigger they let you bounce up and down on their laps. That’s when you discovered that you were exciting them. That was the first time you became aware that your grandfather’s got excited sexually by you grinding on their penises. Then after a while you told me that you became bold enough to ask them why their penises grew so large and hard under your butt when you bounced up and down on them.

The first time this happened was with your Pap-pap your mother’s father. You told me that he let you play with his penis by using your hands and then he encouraged you to use your mouth. You said that you were nervous at first but your Pap-pap promised that you couldn’t hurt him and that he wouldn’t hurt you. When your Pap-pap ejaculated in your mouth he had already told you that his special white pee was good for you that it was medicine and that if you swallowed it you wouldn’t get sick. You believed him and you began to perform fellatio on him every time you were alone with him and also your father’s daddy Pop-pop.”

Kristen’s face was in sheer shock her eyes were wide open like she was scared that she was in a lot of trouble, “I can’t believe that I told you that. My grandfather told me that I shouldn’t tell anyone about what we did together except for my mommy and daddy. I never told anyone about what I did with them; are you sure it was me that told you?”

Miles continued on as he wanted to keep pushing her to see if he could snap her back into reality, “Well, later in that session I had asked you about the happiest day in your life and you told me how your older cousin Timmy took your virginity. You told me about it in great detail. You were very proud of yourself that you had become a real woman that day.”

Kristen put her hands over her mouth and tears began to well up in her eyes as her head was shaking back and forth, “No ~ No ~ No, I was sworn to secrecy I would have never told you about that. My whole family would have to go to jail if I told you about it.”

Miles became dismissive of Kristen’s shock, “Then the next session you told me about your trip on the plane to Disney –“

Kristen interrupted Miles, “NO! I DIDN’T TELL YOU ABOUT –“

Miles jumped back in, “About how your mother and father had sexual intercourse with you for the first time. How your mother and father urinated on you and you did the same to them. That on your birthday while still in Disney World you and your father had sexual intercourse for the first time. You even told me about your mother having extra marital affairs and that your father approved of, while you were at Disney World. Then you regaled me with a story of how your parents took you to an orgy that included another family that was vacationing at Disney World and that all of the teenage boys from the other family had sex with you. The story was amazing almost to the point where I began to doubt you.

You then over several sessions described how you and your girlfriends seduced each of your fathers. Then the next session you told me about that fateful day when your brother had passed away and that you were raped while your mother was beaten to a pulp and her hands and feet were tied to the bed posts as she was passed out in her bedroom. As you told me that your mother was put under arrested you became so agitated that I feared that I was doing more damage than good for you to continue the session so I stopped. Now, in this session you seem to be a little older than your last session and are no longer that frightened twelve-year-old girl that was raped.”

Meanwhile back at the Azores

Tom and Gemma looked at each other and both nodded in agreement with Jim and then Tom said, “Listen tonight address us in English when we are on the ship. We are going to be servants we are to be seen and not heard so don’t ask us any questions.”

Jim said, “What if she drugs me?”

Tom’s eyes were scanning his computer and then he looked up at Jim and said, “It says here that Latisha’s MO is that she is more than likely to give you some kind of truth serum probably in your drink. She probably has already drugged you several times over the past couple of weeks without your knowledge. Have you ever just blacked out or woken up somewhere in the house and you don’t remember why you were there?”

Jim interrupted Tom and said, “Yeah, now that I think about it I’ve seemed to have been taking a lot of naps lately and waking up with horrible headaches ~ migraine headaches. I also have been feeling kinda woozy if you know what I mean.”

Tom held up his hand as he was tapping in his keyboard then he looked at Jim as he spun his laptop around and said, “Here look at this. These two men showed up on the video cameras at the hotel the night of the murders. This man here is Cesar Medina his little specialty is he’s a chemist. He blends several different concoctions together to suit whatever needs that Latisha may need. This here is Ramón Diaz he’s the muscle as we say in the biz. He has no conscience he’s a torturer he’ll do whatever he needs to do in order to get the information from you.”

Gemma said, “It sounds to me like they’ve been knocking you out and checking out your home for clues and any information they could use against you or your family. They probably have tapped your phones gotten into all of your bank accounts credit cards to check for any unusual spending or if you transfer any monies to say like ~ your daughter.”

Jim said, “I don’t think they found anything because all my personal information is encrypted. That’s probably the only reason why she’s stuck around so damn long.” Jim thought about everything that has been talked about in the last fifteen minutes and analyzed his options and then looked Gemma and Tom in the eyes, “Look I’m still not sure of what’s going on but I trust you guys so I’m going to call the hotel and have the meals prepared.”

Tom said, “And I need to make my own calls….”

End of chapter 16
Sorry that this was a transition into the final chapters of this saga. Stick with the series as there is plenty of sexual contact and surprises right up to the very end. Please leave a constructive comment that will help me become a better writer to entertain you guys. Well that’s all until next time.

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