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this is the englis versiion of my original work.
Bobby and Spanky
Lamia Lobato

Since few months ago, I have new neighbors in the house next to mine, they are a small family: both parents young and beautiful with two equally beautiful little children and a big and obedient dog which the kids take out for a walk every afternoon. The girl may be around 16 years old, tall and slender, with a young body but yet fully built with a round butt and a good pair of 34C boobs, and the younger brother of about 12 or 13 years old with blond hair and blue eyes. He is just a kid. Both of them are very serious and formal. When we crash onto each other or when I take out the garbage, they bow attentive and polite.
Last week while sunbathing in my garden, I heard an unusual noise in the fence dividing the two houses. I noticed their dog trying to cross my fence. I did not pay too much attention because I assumed the dog was too big to go through the fence’s planks so I closed my eyes again... A few minutes later, I heard noise again, I opened my eyes and, to my surprise, I found a huge dog next to me, its tongue hanging out and saliva jets dripping from its muzzle, and behind it, the handsome face of the boy next door.
— My sister taught my dog a great trick; would you like to see it?
— What?! Of course not. First of all, I want to know how you both got in here and why you did not asked permission to come into my house.
— I came behind him — said the boy blaming the dog sitting next to him —. His name is Spanky. And, you know, I've been watching you and I am sure that you will like the trick that my dog can do.
— What are you talking about kid? Have you been spying on me? What have you seen?
— My name is Bobby and I have been watching through your window at night when you go to bed, my bedroom is opposite to yours, and as you do not close the curtains, it's easy to see when you masturbate with your toys. I know you have pierced nipples and you can reach them with your tongue. —I almost fainted when I heard that, and I swear I mean to interrupt, but he would not let me — my sister does not have rings on her nipples, but she has toys in deed and uses them quite often. That is the reason why she taught that trick to Spanky.
— Bobby listen, I think we should not be having this conversation. How old are you?
— I’m 12 and a half, and my sister Sally just turned 16.
— Well, it has been a great pleasure to meet you guys, Spanky. Bobby. Now I want you both out of my house; I am sunbathing, alone.
—You have not told us your name, and that's rude.
— My name is Tisha; and it is ruder to come into the house of a lonely woman without knocking the door. — I said as I stood up from the chair and tried to cover my body with the gown. I wanted to step forward to walk away, but Spanky the dog stopped me sniffing my crotch as they dogs do — Hey, that's not right, very bad dog; Bobby stop your dog please.
— You surely smell good; he feels it and likes it that is why he does that. Don’t you want to see the trick that my sister taught to Spanky? It's a great trick.
— No! — I answered already very upset; I started walking towards my house, both the dog and the boy followed me to the kitchen’s entrance —. That animal cannot come inside.
— It is a very clean and well trained dog. I know you will like him very much. Besides, I also know a trick that you may like.
— Okay, okay, you convinced me. Show me his trick, and then you show me yours and then both of you go away and leave me alone. And I do not want either of you to show up here again, got it?
— Yes, I do Miss. To make Spanky’s trick work, we need you to sit down in this chair, with your knees slightly apart please.
I obeyed and, still wearing my bathing suit and my bathrobe, sat in the chair next to the kitchen table with my knees slightly apart, the dog came and sat very still in front of me. Spanky is a big and beautiful young black Doberman specimen, with huge erect ears and thriving and lively black eyes. His hair is short and shimmering and he does not smell like dog. It's a little strange to say, but as I am an absolute dog lover, this was a perfectly obedient and well behaved very handsome dog.
— Spread your legs a little more and do not move, please. — I fixed my posture and the dog moved closer to my body, between my knees —. Observe how obedient he is. Spanky — the dog raised his ears in an attention signal waiting for the next order — Pussy Spanky, pussy, now.
Then the dog immediately stuck his snout between my legs looking for my vagina. I inevitably spread my legs while trying to remove him from me, but he would not let me go. He found my pubis with his nose and pulled out his large tongue to give a couple of licks onto the swimsuit making me shiver. — Wow what is going on here? That's not right. Bobby, stop it please!
— It is better if you do not resist and opened up your legs a little bit more. — He said with a tone in his voice that seemed to be an ominous premonition and repeated the same command to the dog — Pussy Spanky, pussy. — The dog insisted with his nose in the exact point of my clit, the boy spread my knees to help his pet have better access to my crotch. Then, the dog started licking my pubes; I froze and gripped the edge of the chair. I could not help sighing at the feel of his huge tongue and closed my eyes. Bobby separated further my knees and I allowed him to. Spanky hit my clit with his nose looking for the soft skin beneath the fabric with his tongue. — It is even better if you just move apart the swimsuit so that he can do you. Move it aside.
I suddenly opened my eyes realizing that what was happening was not right and must stop immediately. I agree that my sex life is a little wild and exotic and I have done some crazy things and I have seen some porn of women doing it with dogs and other animals, but I personally had never been involved in similar acts, and much less, I never had any kind of sexual approach with any minor at all. Even if the actual circumstances seemed that this time would be my first time with both at the same time, since Bobby and his dog were determined to make me lose my mind one of them with small bites over my clothes directly above my super swollen clit, and the other one with his commentaries and his tricks.
— Let Spanky do you, while I’ll show you my trick. You just relax. You do not need to open your eyes, just give me your hand. — Then the boy handed me what my brain, closed eyed, identifies as a hard on adult penis: big, fat, hard, throbbing in the palm of my hand, I sensed it with my eyes still closed, recognizing that this penis was indeed alive, but could not, for any reason, be the penis of a 12 ½ year old and 1.40 meters tall kid. — Pity. This is the end of the trick, but before getting like this, it is really small. Mom says that it's because I'm growing in disorder, and that I will be bigger than Dad, and my sister finds it quite amusing and that it is wonderful that I have this size since nowadays. What do you think Miss?
From that moment on, I was not thinking clearly at all, and I did not answer, but I was able to open my eyes and find out that, indeed, there was no trick, that one perfect 8 inches long and as thick as my wrist dick was stuck since birthday to the boy's body. I was amazed and could not help to pet and stimulate that delicious cock, Bobby finally moved the fabric of my bikini bottom and Spanky lastly reached what both wanted. — This is not right, this is not right ... — I kept repeating to myself and to him — but...
— Good boy, very good — Bobby encouraged his wonder dog — Pussy Spanky, pussy. — And the dog ate my pussy fervently while I stimulated the giant cock in my hand repeating in my mind that that was not right, but it felt so good.
Spanky worked skillfully from the opening of my butthole to the tip of my clit, the feeling was overwhelming, so that it did not take long to blow me into a delicious and watery orgasm that the dog happily drank.
— Ah, Spanky loves the taste of the water coming out of you women when finished. Why don’t you take off your panties and let him finish, too?
— That you want him to do what? Finish, too?
— Yes, we can all finish at the same time, but I must tell me how.
— Hold on little friend, how come you know so much about this? - I said catching my breath and changing position in the chair, never releasing the turgid phallus in my hands.
— I am not supposed to say, — he replied hesitating for a moment — but I like you and I trust you, too, so I'll tell you: 2 years ago, when my penis began to grow and it got this good, my sister began to teach me all these tricks I know now. — He said pointing with his eyebrows to the weapon I was worshiping —. It's fun because we spent a lot of time by ourselves, so we try killing time and she has great ideas, and we can also play with Spanky.
— Do you? And tell me, how is it like playing the three of you all together?
— I’ll tell you, but first I want you to show me your trick. I want you to suck your own pierced nipples. The first time I saw you I could not believe my eyes, the next day I asked Sally to do it but she failed.
— It's an easy trick, — I said. I was somehow surprised about his request; I found with fear that we were getting a little closer and I was holding him by the penis, plus I now knew his incestuous secret, I could show him my delicious 34C tits crowned with pink drilled nipples that proudly wore golden horseshoes that morning without feeling too guilty. — I need to let go — I stepped back and pulled my bra up shamelessly showing my friendly tits to my new friend. I was going crazy with lust and I was enjoying it; so, while the boy was rubbing his erection, I saw directly in his eyes and opened my mouth to stick my tongue out and effortlessly raise both boobs up to my chin and touch first one nipple and then the other. I felt them getting hard, reacting to the stimulus of my tongue´s heat. Bobby could not believe his eyes. So I repeated the trick a couple of times to the delight of my audience.
— It's amazing, I love that trick! — Bobby said — Come, I will show you how we both can play with Spanky; you are ready.
Then we changed the position: he sat on the chair with his underwear down to his ankles; I was in front of him on my fours, with my pants below my buttocks and the dog standing behind me. Once we all were in position, Bobby give the order to Spanky and the dog came up to my ass with his tireless tongue again; I took Bobby´s hard-on in one hand, weighing that wonder of wonders: it was a perfect specimen of human cock and it was delicious; with my other hand, I was stimulating my nipples the way I know that starts my engine up. That was when I get carried away by the moment and encouraged by the whole experience of my years in sex, opened my mouth and stuck that dick all the way to the back of my throat in one thrust. And I gave him one of the best blow jobs of my life, just because this beauty deserved it.
— Wow, my sister cannot eat me like that! I'm going to cum soon ... I think we're ready to end Spanky’s trick. — Then he took my head in both hands and jammed his weapon to the back of my throat choking my answer. — Up boy, up. — And the dog jumped on me immediately riding me just like a bitch. His huge body and his hands were in perfect position to hold me from my hip bones; I could not defend myself and, silenced by a cock in my mouth, it was impossible for me to do anything. The dog was looking for the entrance to my luvhole; when he found it, he just needed two thrusts to get inside me. I could not see him, but I felt its great size and that it was extremely hard. Bobby loosened his hands and I could get his cock out of my mouth and breath.
— Ta da! Spanky can fuck!
— Do not let him finish inside; do not let him push it all inside me, please! — I have seen some porn movies and red some stories that is why I knew that if the dog pushed his knot inside, I would be lost and then stuck there at least 10 minutes and the idea terrified me. I begged: — Do not let him push it all inside!
Bobby came up behind me and stopped the drive of his dog, but Spanky never stopped his step, he continued pumping into me with a force that no human could have ever pierced my vagina. The scene itself was completely unrealistic: the neighbor of 12 years with adult cock had come to my house to fuck me with his giant trained-to-fuck dog. How much perversion had I just added to my collection? At least: incest, rape, bestiality, child abuse. Simply thinking of them all, turned me double horny. All those dark and forbidden words, acts characterized as dirty and evil by society, were now driving me to the edge of losing myself in pleasure, risking myself to accomplish the wildest acts. I was living on the flesh an animal rape commanded by a pre-teen, but at the same time, I could be accused of child abuse for having sex play with him, even if the kid was promoting it and having a lot of fun, too. All those things turned me into a wild animal and it did not take long to make me explode in a watery orgasm, triggered by a 20 inches dog cock in the bottom of the uterus. I opened my eyes as I caught my breath with the dog still on and inside me. Bobby’s cock was throbbing and hard before my eyes, ready to attack anything that moved.
— Down boy, down.
The dog got off me and went to a corner to lick his pink penis. I was on all fours panting and dripping vaginal juices, my nipples hard as stone and my mouth dry as sandpaper. At this stage of the game, I did not care about anything at all, so I took Bobby's cock in my mouth and worked as a real blowjobs professional, obtaining copious sperm jets onto my face in less than the blink of an eye.
— You also cum like an adult, huh? Great, I am happy.
— We are very pleased that you cum, too, even if Spanky did not really finish. — He pointed to the dog that was licking his pink and odd dick. That was an important moment of the day because that was when I could finally see Spanky’s cock and, besides of being ugly, it was as large as the kid’s and the knot at the base was as big as my fist. How am I supposed to bear something that big? — And we are at your service, and we can come with our tricks whenever you would like.
— We will see. Now I want you to keep that thing you have there out of my sight— I said, pointing his penis still swollen with a drop of semen hanging from the top — and take your giant dog home, take a shower and make yourself a jam sandwich and leave me alone. It was more than enough for today.
— Yes Miss Tisha. Ah! And I remind you that Spanky is tireless and he can do it many times in a row ... And I last about the same time as him, but I can cum more than once! — He boasted proudly and slammed the door behind him.
So my 12 years and a half little neighbor Bobby took his leave that morning. I must confess we have been together twice this week and we have had more of their tricks. Thanks to that, my sex life has had an important turn. Now, the words incest, rape, bestiality and child abuse, and all the evil arising from them, are the main dressing of my sexual fantasies and activities. I confess that I am trapped and addicted.

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2013-02-20 14:04:42
Have you eve heard of punctuation marks? Your story would haav been so much more readable if you just learned how to use quotation marks to indicate what part of the sentence is being said by someone.

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2013-02-17 03:02:12
You have a hit, great story...made me wish you lived next door and I could enjoy getting into the mix of the sex. Would love to see a woman getting fucked by a dog

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2013-01-21 10:19:37
I saw my 40 yr. neighbor widow,,Susan...and her dog fucking in her kitchen one time..they were ass-to-ass..and Susan was crying with joy...It was a unique experience to me.

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2013-01-21 10:19:11
I saw my 40 yr. neighbor widow,,Susan...and her dog fucking in her kitchen one time..they were ass-to-ass..and Susan was crying with joy...It was a unique experience to me.


2013-01-16 00:42:18
Mmmm loved it great story goint to read the nxt part now

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