waiting and thinking about you and your indecent proposal
I'm worth 20x that uno... no strings/hassles an best of all always still being friends
Depending on the services maximum amount entitles two encounters first a paid (extra cost) hotel rm second being a car park meet an bush walk
...the nudist beach (daytime) at the lagoon or park (night)
An the third being a quicki at my discretion when an where I say!
...First inside a motel room with spas and showers at you will be able to explore me with the lights on... ill be barely dressed and dancing while stripping. Straight into Sucking, stroking, biting an eating ass! Then jumping on your face out of breath ill say softly
"love my ass and get ready because you've waited a long time for this an since you've been such a very good boy, I'm taking you deep hardcore pornstar style with restraints i challenge you to make me scream"
and once again on your cock i bounce my mouth until i sooth you perfectly with my lips uno i'm a naughty slut ..sO you really should Spank/slap me, OwAh! As you slap my cheeks my ass becomes red with hand prints the kitchen you sit me on a dining room chair strapping my ankles with belts *provided* pulling my hair back holding my head back im looking up at you asking you to be gentle an you kiss my neck down to my knees
Then you say ..yeah your a sexy slut as you untie me push me down back into the 69 an on your throbbing hot cock thrusting it down my throat an slap my ass over an over ..kissing my clit between slapping and pulling it back with your teeth... I arch my back in pleasure as you gently enter 2fingers in my anus you spit violently onto it dripping your saliva down my hole awh I like ass I say lm a naughty sexy girl. Then I go back down on you circular stroking your anus with my tongue by now you've stretched me open with your hand an I'm ready an then you rip my shirt straight down fucking my tities with your hands an mouth biting on them gently while your workin your hand on my clit I want your fist, finger fucking me till I squirt in a screaming orgasm.. but that's for last min xXx
You lift me turning an bending me over to enter my hot wet vagina from behind Ahhhammmn
You speed up slapping your balls on my clitie in a violent rush of fluids.. I'm wetter than the ocean for you now so then you put your thumb in my ass slowly grabbing the cord an pulling one by one the beads out of my ass as you do I giggle an squirm its intense ..i can't help but push them out mmmn then you force them in my mouth
you can't wait, me either ....please just FUCK ME!! blow your load in my open mouth watch as it dribbles down my chin an I massage it into my tight hard tities
Second the beach is the beach an well we'll walk an you can push me against trees ill need to piss an well that's a complete new story ;) ...ahh do you want to watch me fuck myself into a squirting orgasm...ohh yeah I hope you like that shit!!! I'm creamin thinkin about you watching an helping me squirt in a finger frenzy ..truth! that's Y I like the water just taking a casual swim washing myself after I've pissed erotically all over myself mmn
I'm guessing you'd like it 100% hot an disgusting like that? if so just finger me 3fingers fast hard an then slamming if I'm moaning ill be squirting a screaming orgasm soon..
An at our special car park well ill get in the backseat leaning over to frenchy you an feel the hard rock! ill unbutton my shirt while your looking in the rear view at me ill blow you a kiss get up turn an kneel to slowly take down my jeans revealing to you my tight ass the one you've wanted so bad... I kno you want my ass in your face so you can head fk me twisting my nipples an ill blow you another kiss *X* my legs are open wide an im not wearin any undies under my mini skirt! Ill be a slut in the slut on the slut next to the slut an ill scream from over her! I'm leaving the rest of this story to your imagination
.. but holy fuck you have no idea how wet I am for a sneaky no strings hardcore fuck_friend like you
Please help me with my fuck friend fantasy I have been hot an wet for weeks be patient I'm still shy of you an not sure where to start so take my hand an show me our new personal space ...cause I want you no strings attached an to be still friends with no awkwardness who knows we're already great friends I reckon we'd be fantastic lovers to fulfill desires that are too hot to handle alone
Park bench, against a trees n the bush, over the 4wd on the bonnet of your car, in the shower, over the floor, with chocolate fruit an cream ill be your smorgus board ready for a delicious eating then you take me to the shower to get your lil slut all clean when I come out to you ill be dressed simply in underwear dancing for you again shaking my ass at you
after crawl around to you being your pussy cat purring an rubbing on your leg ill lap dance my ass in your face while you grab me forcing me down on your lap ill sit on your throbbing hot thick FKn rod you have I'm looking forward to you!!! ill be fisting myself to a frenzy this afternoon just thinking about you again
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