Our first night together
(first story I've posted here or anywhere in a very long time. I hope you enjoy my little bit of erotica.)

Sitting in the chair near the window I waited, slightly nervous but excited too. Looking down at myself I wonder if he'll like what I'm wearing, what I bought just for his visit.

Running my hands over the pretty black corset, loving the added deep purple accent and how it thrusts my breasts up as in offering. Standing up I look at myself in the mirror,

checking how I look one last time before he shows. My long blonde hair down and slightly curled at the ends, he loves my hair down and I want to make him happy. Turning around

to catch a glimpse at my ass in the little black boy shorts, loving how my butt looks in them and thinking they look great with the corset. Turning to face the mirror again I think to

myself how I actually look sexy and not my normal "girl next door" self, at all. Grinning some of my nervousness goes away. I then walk around the hotel room making sure everything

was in place. Wine glasses, wine in ice bucket and candles lit. Noticing the time and knowing he'll be here any second I walk to the bathroom to start up the bath water in the beautiful

sunken Jacuzzi, adding just a hint of scented oil to the water. Just as the tub is full I hear the knocking at the door, my heart beating along with the thumps of the knock I walk to the door

take a deep breath and open it to see you standing there.

Not saying anything I just smile and take you by your hand, leading you into the room and over to the bed. You start to say something

but I take my finger and press it up against your lips and lean in for a soft, sweet kiss. Running my tongue over your bottom lip I taste the wintergreen mint or gum you must have had at some point.

Reaching up I caress my hand over your collar bone, up and around your neck as I lean in for a deeper taste of your mouth. Breaking the kiss as I lower myself to the floor between your spread legs,

one foot into my hands I start to take your shoe off. Never breaking eye contact I massage the sole of your foot before moving on to the other shoe, doing the same with that foot I deeply massage you

showing without words that I'm going to take care of you. After your shoes are off I sit up a little higher on my knees and start to work on your belt, sliding it through the loops I then unbutton your

jeans and lower your zipper. Taking your hand I give a little tug to show I want you to stand, as you do I lower your jeans down your legs and you step out of them. Leaving you in your boxers and noticing

your erection I smile and stand up. Hooking the hem of your t-shirt between my thumbs and index fingers but palms flat against your lower stomach I slowly raise your t-shirt up, caressing your chest as I go.

I know I'm torturing you with my attention and not saying anything but I know by your reaction and breathing that your enjoying my little bit of torture.

After getting your t-shirt off your standing before me wearing nothing but your boxers. I take you by the hand and lead you to the bathroom and as you walk in you see the Jacuzzi, as I stand you in front of it

I finally take off your boxers and say my first words "please get in". As you settle into the hot swirling water facing me, I lean over to the sink and turn on some soft music and slowly start to strip for you.

Moving to the beat of the music, swaying back and forth I start to unzip my corset but before it drops to the floor I hold it into place and turn around, facing the mirror.

All you can see of me is my long hair cascading down my back but then you look up and meet my eyes in the mirror, I smile and drop the corset. Watching you watch me in the mirror makes me hot and

I can feel the wetness bloom inside my pussy. I start to dance slow and provocative, cupping my breasts, lifting the heavy weight up a bit to run my tongue over my nipples making them glisten in the candle light.

Still keeping myself facing the mirror I start to bend down so my palms are on the counter, arching my back I slowly start to sway and dip my ass which also has my breasts swaying and bobbing to my movement.

I reach behind me, still bent over and slowly start to lower my panties all while watching you in the mirror. Loving how I can see your breathing speed up, body tense and as I lover my panties to the floor I watch

as you lower your hand into the water, eyes glued to my ass and pussy. I face you totally and watch as you start to stroke your cock as I continue to dance and sway, touching my body teasing you and myself as

I caress my nipples and work my way down my body. Lightly passing over my oh so wet pussy lips feeling my juices already starting to leak down my thighs I put my foot up on the Jacuzzi and slip my middle finger

between my pussy lips. Your eyes are glued to my actions as you start to stroke your cock a little faster just as I start to finger my clit in time to your strokes. I pull my finger out and bring it to my lips, sucking on the

tip getting my taste on my tongue. You groan at my actions and your eyes seem to flare in the candle light, you tell me to sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi and spread my legs. Knowing I could no longer keep teasing you

and knowing I was all yours, I did as you told me to. Feet in the still hot water, legs spread wide, fingers back on my clit I start to rub vigorously as you move toward me. You grab my hand and suck my fingers into your

mouth and clean my juices off at the same time your rubbing your cock against my pussy. Getting it all wet with my juices, teasing my clit with your tip. You give out a little growl and sink your shaft deep inside me,

one deep thrust and your completely inside, deep. We freeze, your eyes lock onto mine and grabbing onto my hips you tell me to hang on and wrap my legs around you. As I do, you start to pull out only to thrust

back in. My nails are digging into your shoulders, you feel my pussy grip your cock and you start to pound me with deep and sure thrusts. Every thrust making my breasts bounce, You lean

down and not once breaking stride you suck one of my nipples inside your mouth and start to suck. I'm coming undone, I can feel myself start to shatter as I'm begging you for more and begging you to make

me yours. You speed up, sliding in and out of me demanding that I come all over your cock. I explode! Crying out in shock because this was the first orgasm I have ever had from just penetration and so intense that

my pussy is clenching around you in ripples and waves. Knowing you are close to coming I pull you down close to me and whisper to you, to please come deep inside me. Having me say that to you drives you

to your own orgasm. With a groan and one deep thrust you shoot your cum deep inside me, shaking you lean down and we start to kiss. I can feel your cock jerking inside me, empting your cum and I start to massage

your cock with my pussy. You shudder and shake and wrapping my legs around you tighter, kissing you deeply, I let you collapse on top of me.

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Good story. Sounds like you're a very passionate lady.

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