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I attended a Gymnastics meet for young girls and I got so turned on I had to write this story so I could cum and get it out of my system...yummy.
My name is Nikki, I am fourteen years old. My life revolves around gymnastics. My younger sister Melanie and I were introduced to the world of gymnastics by our mother at a young age. Mom was also a gymnast in her younger days. Like a normal gymnast, I have always been petite but I’ve always had a lot of upper body strength and balance.

My sister Melanie is the same way, although she is a bit than I am but anyone could tell straight away we are sisters. Some people even confuse us with been twins even though she is thirteen. We have the same hazel brown eyes, the same long dark brown hair and the same distinctive facial features, as well as similar personalities. My boobs are quite a bit bigger than Mel’s but I love her tiny little tittles. We actually bought matching leotards one year to make people believe that we were twins.

In gymnastics you get used to people checking you out. I have noticed most of the fathers and some of the mom’s at the gym checking out my body in my tight leotard. I love it when the fabric in the crotch works its way into my shaved slit. I know most of the girls would straighten out their crotch, but I don’t. Sometimes I see Julie, our coach looking right at the slit in my crotch, and I smile, thinking that maybe I’m turning her on.

In PE at school and at our gymnastics club we are starting to have group showers, which really freaks me out. I am self conscious about showing off my smallish frame, and my tities are small compared to a lot of girls in my gym class. It’s also weird because I shave my pussy so I can have a clean look when I’m performing my gymnastic routines. I often shower after the popular girls had come out who don’t seem to bother wrapping towels around their bodies, then again they didn’t need to. They all look so hot with their perky titties, tall figures and it was obvious that they had all lost their virginity. The sight of all these girls showing off their amazing bodies gave me all kinds of nasty thoughts. I was beginning to think I was becoming bi-curious. Although all doubt about my sexual likes stopped earlier this week when I finally had a taste of a bit of female companionship.


Great job today girls, hit the showers,” my gymnastics coach Julie bellowed around the hall. As usual I stalled. Melanie is in the same gymnastics level as I am, and she stayed behind on the floor with me because of me being nervous about my body and it wasn’t like we hadn’t seen each other nude before, considering we were sisters. Julie didn’t really mind us practicing on the equipment, as long as we spotted for each other

I took this time to perfect my vaulting skills, as I hated the vault and usually underperformed on the apparatus. Thirty minutes passed quickly, it was time for Mel and I to shower. As we walked into the changing rooms, surprisingly we were greeted by Amy, one of the girls in Melanie’s grade. Thankfully she was just leaving, which left the entire changing room to just us two.

As sisters do, we began gossiping about stuff happening at the gymnastics club and with each other grades. I asked Mel if she thought Julie was a lesbian, and she said she didn’t think so.

I slid my trademark pink and black leotard down my tight little body, exposing it to a nice, refreshing breeze coming from the window at the back. Mel just giggled as I pulled a Hercules pose with the breeze blowing my hair a little bit.

For some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off of Mel as she slowly slit her blue leotard down her slim frame. Her tiny little boobs were so round and firm, the size of a Christmas orange. Her nipples were exact replicas of mine, Mel seemed to be showing off her pussy to me, which she didn’t really need to shave yet. Although Mel’s nipples were hard, I didn’t say anything and just figured it was the breeze that was making them that way.

I made my way over to the window to close it but I knew my nipples were hard too and it wasn’t because of the draft. As I reached for the window I heard a little giggle coming from Mel. As I looked back she was sat there with her legs spread wide, just looking at me with a finger to her mouth.

I didn’t take my eyes off my hot little sister as I closed the window. My little sister didn’t try to hide the fact that she was staring at my pussy, but I chose to ignore it. I
then began to move over to the showers, which is unusual for me but I just couldn’t be bothered with an ice bath today. As I turned the showers on, I felt Mel’s warm breath on the back of my neck.

Startled by this I turned around and looked into her lovely eyes.

“Mel, what are you doing?” I asked in a whisper.

She didn’t reply, she just put out a hand and pushed me against the tile wall and pinned me there. I gasped as I felt her tiny tits push against mine, our matching brown nipples wrestling with one another.

“Mel stop, we are sisters, this is wrong,” I said firmly as she moved into kiss me.

I told myself to turn my face away, and then suddenly I let myself go. She moved in closer, her lips were all over mine, my back against the wall she thrust a leg between my thighs and began rubbing her firm silky skin against my pussy.

I was kissing my little sister. I tried to pull away from her, but I couldn’t pry myself away. Her tongue was my as she thrust it deep into my mouth was like a drug, I couldn’t get enough of it. I loved the feeling of Mel’s quick long tongue dancing with mine in my mouth. I then began to feel my leg rise with her hand underneath it grasping at my thigh as she continued to hump my now wet cunt with her wet thigh.

As we continued to make out. I cupped her face with my hands, and pulled her in closer. My heart was racing with excitement as we kissed. I felt her hand
moving to my back and then down to cup my perfectly toned ass, she gave it a playful squeeze before spanking it softly.

After what seemed an eternity, we broke the kiss.

“That was pretty fucking hot huh Nik? I can’t believe how wet your pussy is” Mel said licking her lips, “You were right, this is wrong and that’s why we are both so excited. I’ve noticed how you look at all the girls, I was jealous cause I want to be the first girl you fuck sis. How about we go a little further?”

With my back still against the wall, all I could manage to do was nod. Mel began kissing down my neck, to my collarbone and to the tops of my titties. She spent extra long just kissing my pert tits all over with her open mouth before suddenly taking a nipple into her between her soft lips. I gasped gently as I felt my nipple being engulfed in saliva and
her hand reaching between my legs, I moaned expecting her fingers to begin rubbing my hot wet pussy. Instead she gave my cunt lips a swift, sharp slap with a flat hand.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned, loving the roughness of her slap.

“Fuck yeah sis, you play shy, but you are a fucking cunt freak, you just don’t know it yet,” said Mel with a twisted grin.

I looked down as my sister parted my pink pussy lips between her fingers and then move her middle finger slowly inside me. Our eyes met as Mel, began to finger fuck me harder and faster.

“Oh Mel, I want you, I want you to fuck me! Please don’t stop sis, fuck my little cunt!” I groaned.

I closed my eyes loving my sister’s finger deep inside my pussy and I could feel her tongue circling my stiff nipple, before having one long suck on it, then repeating the process. She would rub up and down my slit harshly before, pushing with her middle finger into my cunt. I yelped with I felt her finger pound against my “special spot”, which I had discovered by using the handle of my hair brush.

With her other hand Mel reached up and pushed my shoulder back against the tile wall, she continued to make me shiver with ecstasy. Her finger was pumping in and out of me
and I loved every second of it, letting out soft moans of pleasure.

Mel’s mouth moved to my other nipple. Like she had done with the previous one, she began by circling it with her tongue, then sucking on it hard and repeating the process.

Her finger was getting deeper and deeper into my tight little pussy. She was really putting me to the test. I reached down and grabbed her hand. I guided it up and pushed, trying to guide her to my g-spot again. Her fingers began to slow down, her hand overpowered mine and I was back to being her little bitch.

Suddenly Mel slid her finger from my pussy and brought it to her mouth. She moaned as she sucked my juices, from her middle finger.

“ Your cunt tastes amazing Nik, but it’s my turn,” Mel commanded.

My sister moved her back to the tiled wall behind her and raised her hands in the air, waiting for my tongue to meet her nipples. I moved my head closer, remembering this was my sister I hesitated and closed my eyes before taking her nipple into my mouth. I opened my eyes to so turned on that I was sucking on my sister’s nipple, making her moan with delight, as I started to circle her nipple before sucking it through my perfect white teeth.

I let my hands roam over her tight little body, squeezing and slapping her divine little ass and letting my fingers trace up and down her thin, hard thighs. My fingers circled her pink, puffy pussy but I teased her for a long time, letting the backs of my fingers brush over her outer cunt lips but not enough to give her the pleasure she needed so badly.

“Nik, you fucking bitch, give it to me, fuck me sis like I fucked you,” she pleaded.

I grinned at her and as our eyes connected as I moved my middle finger to the small wet entrance of her cunt then drove it into her in one swift stroke.

Mel wailed with joy as my finger penetrated tight little pussy. I couldn’t believe just how tight her pussy felt, but the sensation of my finger entering her wet , silky hole made me groan out load.

I began finger fucking my little sister, at a slower pace while I returned to sucking on her perfect little tits. I began to softly nibble on her nipples first one then the other.

Seeing my sister’s face begin to glow, I picked up the pace, darting my finger in and out of her soaking wet cunt. Mel looked like she was in heaven. Her cunt walls began to grab at my finger and I knew her orgasm was building inside of her.

“Oh fuck Mel, your pussy is on fire. I want you to cum for me sis, give me your cum please baby sister, let me taste your hot cunt cream!” I groaned

“Get on your fucking knees sis, I’m so fucking close, don’t stop fucking my little cunt, but lick my clit Nik, oh fuck get me off!” said Mel breathing heavily.

On my knees I thrust my face between Mel’s legs and flicked my thirsty tongue over her stiff little clit. The taste, the sensation of my tongue on her slick cunt flesh was amazing. I had to have her clit in my mouth and just like her nipple a few moments before I sucked the nub of flesh into my hot mouth and began to nibble on it gently with my teeth.

Mel’s body began to jerk wildly as she slammed her cunt against my finger and mouth several times.

With one final thrust, I heard her scream, “I’m cumming. Oh sis I’m cumming all over your pretty fucking face.”

The force of her climax pushed my finger from her cunt as the first squirt of her hot cum hit my face. I nearly came myself to taste Mels, creamy juice on my lips as I watched her little cunt convulse. I clamped my mouth over her throbbing cunt lips as the second wave of cum entered my mouth and slid down my throat.

I groaned, as Mel came for the final time and I did my best to swallow all her delectable cum but some of it spilled from the corner of my mouth and down my chin and neck.

Mel seemed shaken by her powerful orgasm she crumbled to her knees and put her face in her hands. She stayed there for a long time, breathing heavily, and making mewing sounds.

I had just given my little sister an orgasm, guilt started to flood my body, but I quickly remembered that she was the one who had enticed me to the point of no return.

Then I felt something soft and damp entering my pussy. I looked down to see that Mel was eating my cunt. I placed my hands on the back of my sister’s head, pushing her hot tongue deeper into my dripping pussy.

Mel reached up and began to squeeze and tug on my tits with her hands as she thrust her tongue deeper and deeper into my needy cunt.

Mel moved her hands from my tities to my ass and squeezed my small cheeks hard as she sucked my sensitive clit into her hot mouth. It was like nothing I had ever done to myself when rubbing off. To have my sister’s tongue swirl around and around my clit was like nothing I could have ever imagined. Then, without any warning I felt one of Mel’s small fingers circle my anus and then enter.

I had never even fingered my own ass so it was an ecstatic shock of a sensation that got better with each thrust.

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck sis, you fucking bitch, you are going to make me cum. Don’t stop fucking my ass or sucking my clit. Never stop sis, oh fuck I’m so close!” I groaned.

The burn of a finger inside my ass was too much for me. As Mel continued to slurp anhd lick on my clit, I knew I was about to go over the top. I couldn’t hold it anymore. My body began to erupt!

I rocked my cunt into Mel’s beautiful face and finger as she tried to lock her mouth over my cunt lips. Her finger slipped into my ass to the hilt as my cunt began to convulse and shoot a spray of hot creamy cum into my sister’s waiting mouth. I was overcome with emotion and my eyes began to well up with tears, as a second wave of cunt juice few from my pussy into Mel’s mouth.

I leaned on the wall for support as my climax left me lightheaded. Mel continued to lick and suck up my juices as I began to slide to the floor of the shower emotionally and physically spent.

“For fuck sake sis, spread your legs, I’m not finished!” said Mel.

I spread my legs again for my sister, and she let her tongue trace the inside of my full slit and I shivered and groaned, Her tongue retreated back to her mouth and with it
a bit of her prize, my cum. With a lick of the lips she returned her head to between my thighs and continued to lick me, this time taking a couple of breaks by sucking on my clitoris. My little clit was beginning to ache from all the sucking, this was the first time anyone had sucked on it.

For her part I could tell that Mel had a lot of experience at licking pussy. Later she would tell me about her hot cabin mates at summer camp who had turned her on to girl on girl sex.

I could also tell that Mel was enjoying showing her older sister just what a good little cunt licker she was. With every slurp, every suck and every lick, I felt my body and my mind give in not just to bisexuality but also to incest. I recalled thinking this was wrong at the start of this encounter, but now I could only think of one thing ‘HOT’. Just as the thought of this been my little sister entered my head, another orgasm began to build deep in my cunt.

I could feel that this was going to be bigger and more powerful than the last,
Mel placed her hands on my ass as she sucked my clit so hard I could feel it pressed to the roof of her mouth. My cunt erupted as my orgasm crashed through my body sending another shower of girl juice from my pussy. Mel was there to suck and lap up every last drop.

Exhausted by the orgasm, I propped myself against the wall. Mel kissed her way up my body. She kissed me and I could taste my juices on her tongue. I groaned because I
tasted fantastic.

Mel shuffled her ass back so now she was also back against the wall.

“My turn.” my sweet little sister smiled.

On all fours, I leant in between her legs; playfully I kissed her young tender mound, then her clit and finally spread her eager lips before sliding my tongue inside her. Her pussy tasted just as good as mine, I closed my eyes and let out a long, “mmmmmmm” as I began sucking on her tasty little cunt.

Mel pulled my head in towards her, pressing my nose against her clit. I felt her hands running down my back, then to my ass. She playfully squeezed my cheeks and spread them as I carried on eating her. She then moved her hands down the sides of my slender body, and underneath to my pussy where she began to rub my clit. The feeling of hot water spraying onto my hole while Mel rubbed my clit was amazing.

I could feel another orgasm building up inside of me I was so turned on by what my hot little sister was doing to me. A I pushed my tongue deeper into her cunt hole. The walls of her pussy began to tighten around my graceful tongue, she was cumming. I felt her pussy begin to fill up with her more of her succulent, sweet juices as my body also began to twitch.

Remaining in control of me, Mel pushed my head from between her legs and ordered me to turn around. She pushed me face first up against the tile wall, and nestled in behind me with her tits on my back. I turned my head as we made out once more, exchanging juices with our tongues. As we broke the kiss, she started kissing my neck, then kissing my shoulder blades and making her way down my back, until she reached my ass.

Mel began to kiss and fondle my ass, teasing me. She lowered her head and with one big lick, her tongue went from my pussy opening up the entire length of my crack,
then back down where she rested it on my asshole. I squirmed as I felt her soft tongue on my sensitive little hole. She began to lick around the hole, until it had enough of her saliva around to slide her tongue in.

This was the first time I had ever been rimmed by anyone, and it was my younger, more promiscuous sister. Her tongue swirled around inside my asshole as she plunged two of her fingers deep inside my pussy. Once more, my baby sister was giving me double the pleasure.

Before long I could feel my orgasm building up for yet another time. I knew this would be bigger than any of the previous ones. As Mel’s tongue kept swirling around in my
ass and her fingers thrust into my pussy, I began rubbing my clitoris. It made my whole body begin to spasm as I came hard sending a waterfall of cum over my sisters tight young body. My cum soaking her firm little tities. With one final swirl, Mel removed her tongue from my ass, and took her fingers from my cunt.

“Your turn.” I panted.

“No, Nik,” she replied as she pointed at the clock which was on the wall, just to the side of the shower block.

My eyes widened as I saw what time it was; our mom would be wondering where we were. She was supposed to pick us up forty minutes ago. We both exited the shower, hand in hand, to go get dressed. We kept making sexual remarks to one another as we did. Recklessly throwing our leotards and towels into our bags, we left the changing room to go meet our mom at the front desk.

As we made our way up the stairs, we saw our mom sat with a cup of coffee and a magazine. Mom looks so sexy in a tight leather mini skirt and a see through blouse that showed of the lacey bra that held her big creamy tits. I felt my cunt twitch when I saw her and I’m sure Mel did too. Did we have the same thought at the same time.

If incest was best, then maybe incest with your mother was best of all.

Mom stood and came to us. She gave me a brief hug and I felt the soft warmth of her breasts against my body, and nearly moaned. She hugged Mel then smiled at us as we stood there exhausted from our intense sexual couplings in the shower.

“Enjoy your training girls?” she asked.

We just looked at each other and nodded, “Yep!” with smiles on our faces

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