Read part 1 if you want the full story.
The next day, on my way to school.

As I approached the auto shop, the gates where open as normal, but I
was kinda scared to walk through the yard. I don't know why... Maybe
because of the dog that fucked me yesterday, or maybe because I didn't
want to see the dog right now... I was afraid. I took the LONG WAY
around the auto repair shop, but could not help myself from looking
for the dog. As I walked by, business was as normal at the shop and
the dog was nowhere to be seen. Also as I walked by the auto repair
shop, my ass was still a bit sore from the fucking that dog in there
had given me yesterday. Though, I wanted to be fucked him again. I
don't know why, but there was something inside me that liked being
controled by that dog. It's hard to explain... But it was diffrent,
and I liked it a lot.
During my classes at school that day, the soreness of my ass from
that dog fucking me yesterday was a constant reminder. And the
strange thing was, that I liked it. I would sit in each class, and
whenever I thought about the dog fucking me yesterday, I would get an
instant hardon! I think the biggest problem for me that day was
walking to each class. Everytime I walked, my ass would remind me that
it just got fucked good by that dog yesterday just by the soreness and
tinglinging feeling I was still having.

This time I wanted to see just how big this dogs cock was, and how
big his knot was that held us together last time for about 30 minutes.
So I came up with a plan to reach around and put my fingers around
his dick when he was fucking me so he would think it was my butt hole
and his knot would form outside of me, and not lock us together this
time. I was kinda scared..but at the same time horny as hell, and I
wanted to do this. I then walked around the yard looking for a good
spot where we could be hidden from anyones possable view. As I walked,
he was right behind me wagging his tail and just acting all eager
knowing he was about to be fucking me again.
I found a good spot on the side of the shop on a patch of grass with
a van and two cars blocking all view from the street. I then looked
down at him and said "Are you ready boy" and I could tell he was
ready...His eyes where all lit up, tail wagging, pure excitement was
running all through him....and me too.
I then kicked off my shoes and took off my jeans. My bare ass was
now exposed to him, and he began sniffing my ass and my cock and
balls. I then took another look around just to make sure we would not
be seen by anybody, and all was clear. I them got on my hands and
knees and I was ready for him. As soon as I did, he instantly started
licking my ass hole and would even lick my balls. He did not do that
before, but it felt awesome! His toung would lick my ass hole kinda
hard really cleaning me (I guessed). After about a minute of him just
going at my ass hole with his toung, my dick was rock hard, so I
started to stroke myself when all of a sudden, he mounted me and I had
to put my hand back on the ground to re-gain my balance.
I remember gasping as I felt his strong arms grip around me again,
and I felt his claws once again start to dig into my sides. I then
felt his cock jabbing around my ass hole looking for the entrance. I
moved my ass to where he was poking at the most, and with in two more
pokes, he found my hole and instantly drove himself inside me! This
time the pain was much less, when he entered me. The poking part hurt
the most, but once inside me, it felt pretty good. He then tightened
his grip around my body and began to fuck me hard! His hips where
pounding at me like a machine, driving his cock as deep as he could
inside me with every thrust!
I then began to hatch my plan... I reached around and grabbed his
dick that was thrusting in and out of my ass, and I was able to get
ahold of it even though he was in full fucking mode and bouncing me
around under him. As I grabbed his dick, I was able to put my fingers
around it, and he did not seem to mind at all. As he kept pounding
away at me, I began to feel his cock growing thicker and going deeper
inside me. This feeling alone was giving me flash-backs when he first
fucked/raped me the first time. I then began to feel his knot forming
around my fingers. He then moved his front legs from around my waist
down to my hips and started to really drive himself into me! As he
was doing this, his knot was getting bigger and bigger around my
fingers, it got so big that I had to adjust my fingers, and I could
feel it in the palm of my hand bouncing between my asshole and my
hand. Wow! It felt big! After a few more thrusts, the dog was done,
and he thought he was once again stuck inside me. but he wasn't. I
then just held my hand around his knot and waited for him to dis-mount
me. As I waited I could once again feel the thickness of his cock
inside me, and how deep it was in me again. Damn it was deep inside me
again! I then felt my insides warming up again as his cum was
shooting deep inside me.
A few minutes went by, then he unlatched his grip from me and turned
so we where both butt to butt, with me still holding onto his knot
with my hand. I waited a few seconds and I began to slide his cock out
of me while I still held onto his knot. As his cock began to slide
out of me, I remember feeling it comming out, but it felt like it
would never stop comming out of me. His cock was thick and long! When
it finally ALL came out of me, I gasped as the last inch fell out of
me and smacked my balls as it fell out. I then turned my body around
'while still holding onto his knot with my hand' and I was shocked at
what I was looking at!!!!
The very first thing I noticed was the thickness and how long his
cock was. It was huge! His cock was WAY thicker than my 16 year old
dick, and I was a good size. His dick had to be about 11 inches long
from its tip to where the knot first started. I then looked at his
knot that was still in my hand, and I gasped at the size of it! It
was huge!! It was about the size of a tennis ball! I then noticed
that the dog was still cumming. I then just still held onto his knot
and waited for him to stop cumming. As I waited, I was SO horny, that
I just had to get off too! I then put my hand down and let some of his
cum spray onto my hand, and I then started to jack off useing his cum
as lube. Within seconds I was shooting my load all over the grass! I
then looked at his cock and he was still shooting spurt after spurt of
his cum onto the grass for a least 10 minutes straight! I could still
feel the warmth of his cum that he put inside me before I pulled him
out of me, and I was in amazement at just how much cum this dog was
shooting out of him!
I then looked at his full cock size and knot again and said to
myself, "Wow, all of this dogs cock was once locked up inside of me.
I was truely in awe at it. I held onto his knot for about 5 more
minutes when I noticed he had stopped cumming. I then just let go of
him, and I watched as he just stood there for a few seconds with his
massive cock hanging below him, almost hitting the ground. He then
turned his head and began licking away at his cock. As he licked, it
would start to get smaller, and he would then flop on the ground and
keep licking it until I watched it go back into his covering.
I was just about to get up and put my pants back on, when the dog
came over to me and started to lick away at my asshole once again. I
thought to myself 'Is he ready to do it again?" After about 2 minutes
of him licking at me, he then just stopped and plopped down beside me
with his body pressed against mine as if he was protecting me or
I then did get up and put my pants back on, and thought to myself
again 'Wow, all of that dogs dick, and his huge knot was once inside
me.' I then started to walk back to the gate, and the dog was right
behind me. I climbed over the fence, and just as my feet hit the
ground, I heard the dog give out a slight 'woof'. As I turned to look
a him, he woofed again. I then reached through the fence and gave him
a few pats on the head and actually said to him "Good boy, I will be
back to see you soon.. and next time, you can fuck me like you did
On my walk home, All I could think about was his huge dick, and how
once that his cock and knot where all inside me locking us together.
Also as I walked, I could feel the cum that he put inside me warming
my insides, but not leaking out this time. I thought to myself "Im
going to try and keep his cum inside me this time, just to see if I
can." When I reached my house, I went into my bedroom and layed
down. As I layed there, I could feel my insides still being warmed up
by that dogs cum. I then fell asleep.
I woke up around 1:AM and I was horny as hell! I began to think of
that dog, and how big his cock was. My teenage cock was rock hard and
my butt hole was a little moist. Some of that dogs cum had leaked out
of me while I was sleeping. I then went into the bathroom to clean
whipe my ass clean of the dogs cum. When I turned around and began
cleaning, I noticed the scratches on my sides that the dog have given
me when he first fucked me. They where around my chest and lots of
them around my waist area and some on the top of my legs. Seeing them
just brought back flash backs of him fucking me. I remember looking at
the ones around my waist and legs and thinking to myself 'Thats the
ones he made when he was makeing me his bitch and locking that huge
knot of his deep inside me. Just seeing them made me hornier. I then
thought to myself 'Next time I better wear a thick jacket or
something'. I then went back into my room and I was just about to
start jacking off while thinking of that dog fucking me, when I got an
idea. How about if I sneak out of the house and go to the auto shop
yard and jack off while the dog is fucking me again... It was late, my
parents are asleep, and was horny as hell!! I grabed a jacket
(thinking of the scratches) and snuck out my front door and headed to
the shop.
When I got there, the Dog came running and barking at the sametime,
which kinda scared me since I didn't want him to alert anyone. When
the dog saw that it was me, he quickly stopped barking and his face
and eyes kinda lit up with joy. I then just petted him through the
fence and waited to see if his barking had awoken anyone in the nearby
houses. After about 5 minutes, all was still quiet, so I climbed over
the fence. As soon as I was in the yard, the dogs nose was all over
me! He was sniffing my crotch and ass like crazy! I would pet him on
the head while he was doing this and I was saying to him 'Good
boy...are you ready to fuck me again'? It's almost as if he could
understand what I was saying, because he got all excited and he would
push his nose hard at my ass and then run circles around me. I then
started walking to the spot where I had jacked him off earlier. As I
walked, my teenage cock was so fucking hard that it felt like it was
about to come out of my pants! I had to adjust my cock a few times
before we got to the grassy patch area on the side of the shop.
Once there, the dog was so excited that he would jump up on me tring
to take me to the ground with him, and he almost did a few times.
Because he was so excited, I started to have second thoughts about him
fucking me. But I was horny as fuck. I then took a look around to
make sure the coast was clear, and I un snapped my pants and let my
rock hard dick pop out. When the dog saw my dick, he quickly started
to lick the hell out of it, which just blew me into pure excitment!
He was really going at my cock and would try to get at my balls with
every lick he was giving me. I then just let my pants fall to the
ground, giving him full access to my cock and balls. He went to town
on my balls and cock so hard that sometimes he would almost knock me
over since my pants where around my feet and I would almost lose
balance. I then leaned against the wall of the shop and kicked off my
shoes and let my pants completely come off of me, and while I was
doing this, the dog was relentless and never stopped licking away at
me! I then stood back up and the dog just kept at me. About 30
seconds later, I felt myself about ready to cum. I then grabbed my
cock and began to stoke it knowing that any second I was about to
explode! When I grabbed my cock, the dog then walked behind me and
began to start digging his tounge in between my ass cheeks trying to
get to my ass hole. I then bent over a few inches and his tounge hit
the spot, and that did it for me! My cock was shooting huge loads of
my cum into the air and landing on the ground. I then jerked my cock
a few more times getting all the cum out of me, while the dog was
still digging his tounge onto my asshole.
I was completly drained, and my legs felt weak from standing. I
then noticed that some of my cum was on my hand, so I turned around
and let the dog have a sniff at it. He quickly lapped up all of it
until my hand was clean. When the dog stopped cleaning my hand, I
looked at him and said 'Good boy'. He then looked at me kinda odd
which kinda scared me. I then looked over at my pants that where
about 3 feet away, and all of sudden WHAM! The dogs front paws hit my
back which made me hit the ground. I knew what he wanted.
I then got up on my hands and knees and began to spread my legs when
Instantly he was on top of me with his front legs wrapped tightly
around my chest, and the jacket I was wearing. I then kinda got scared
knowing that he was about to fuck me and put that huge cock and knot
in me again. But I came here for it, so I raised my ass and let him go
for it! I felt him poke at me a few times (and those pokes hurt when
they miss) I then reached around and grabbed his cock and guided it to
my asshole. Once he entered me, he was a fucking machine! As he began
to fuck me, his grip around my chest tightened, but at least his paws
where not digging into my skin this time. I then felt his cock
getting thicker and longer inside me, and I knew at any moment now I
was about to feel his knot growing inside me and tieing us together
As he kept pounding away at me, I noticed that he was not fucking me
as hard as he did the first time he fucked/raped me. He was still
fully into fucking me, don't get me wrong. But this time he was being
more into the fucking of me, and makeing it last longer. I remember
feeling his huge cock grow inside me and it felt like it was deeper
inside me than before. This time I felt it sliding around inside me
with every pump he was giving me, and his thickness sliding in and out
of me made my insides tingle with every thrust he was giving me. It
was a totaly great feeling! This dog was not rapeing me like he did
the first time, this time he was fucking me, and fucking me good! I
was trying hard not to moan while he was fucking me (I didn't want
anyone to hear me) but the dogs cock felt like it was still getting
bigger and bigger and going deeper inside me than before. My insides
where tingling to no end as his huge cock moved back and forth inside
of me. The friction from his cock inside me became so great, that I
began to moan pretty loud as he just kept fucking and fucking AND
fucking me! I felt like I was just about to pass out from all of
this fucking! When suddenly he slid his paws from around my chest,
down to my waist. As he did that, I felt his paws start to dig into my
skin again. The jacket I was wearing was not covering up my hip area.
He then began to fuck me even harder, and while I was trying to
stop his paws from digging into my hips, I suddenly felt his knot
starting to grow inside of me. I no longer cared about his claws
digging into me, and just held on as his hips just pounded away hard
at me, shoving every inch of him deep inside of me. I then felt his
knot expanding more inside me and just about to lock us together, when
all of a sudden I heard the dog begin to moan himself, and he was
pretty loud. I then began to moan myself as his knot expanded inside
me, and was now locking us together again. I was both in pain, and
pleasure at the same time...It was an awesome feeling! I was now
fully locked again to this dog. But the dog just kept moving his hips
and fucking me. I kinda hurt since his knot was tugging at me me with
everyone of his pumps he was giving me. I began to feel my insides
warming up as he was filling me with his cum again, but yet he kept
pumping away at me. He finally stopped his fucking and then moved his
front paws back around my chest and held onto me very tightly.
I was waiting for him to get off of me like he did before, and be
butt to butt with me again. But this time he did not do that. He just
stayed on top of me as his cock kept filling me up with his cum. He
was heavy as he rested on my back, but once again, there was nothing I
could do since he was locked to me and in full control of my body. I
was at the mercy of him while his knot was tightly locked up inside my
asshole holding us stuck together. I was now his bitch again, and
whatever he wanted to do, I had to like it since we where now one.
Once a dog locks his knot inside you, you are at his full mercy. He is
now the master!
About 15 minutes went by, and my insides where burning up from all
the cum that was still being unloaded into me, and his knot was still
holding us tightly together. I figured that we would be stuck
together for about another 10 or 15 minutes before his knot shrunk and
pulled out of me like the last time he fucked me. But once again, the
dog had other ideas.
Around 20 minutes of him being inside me, I felt the dogs front paws
(that where around my waist) tighten, and he lifted his head up off my
back and then his hips began move again Fucking me! I had no idea
what he was doing since we where already stuck together, and his knot
was still firmly locked up inside me And his cum was still filling me
up, but he started to fuck me again. As he started to fuck me again,
my ass would go with him as he pumped away at me, since we where still
firmly locked together. He fucked me for about 2 minutes before he
stopped, and then he just layed his head back down on my back. I was
in a bit of pain from his second fucking because his knot would be
tugging away inside me, and not moving. I didn't know what to think
about what just happened, but I was glad he was done.
About 5 minutes later, I knew that anytime now I was going to start
feeling his knot getting smaller inside me and letting me loose from
him like it did the last time he fucked me. As I waited, I remember my
insides just feeling filled to the max with all the cum that he had
put in me. His cum was heating up my insides, and the amount of it was
also expanding my insides! I then remember squezzing my ass muscles
to see if I could get his knot to shrink faster, but nothing happened.
The dog and I remained firmly still locked together.
Another 5 minutes went by when I began to feel his knot shrinking
inside of me. I then knew I was about to finally get untied from him
and get him off my back. I then started to move my ass a bit trying
to pull him out of me, but even though his knot was shrinking, it
still would not come out of me. I then stopped and thats when the dog
AGAIN had other ideas. He lifted his head again off my back, and
moved his front paws from my chest back down to my hips and clamped
down on me again. He then began fucking me AGAIN! His hips where
pounding away at me again, but this time just so slightly. He was
being very gentle, and just doing a few easy strokings of his cock
inside me. As he was slightly re-fucking me, I felt his shrinking
knot move around inside a bit and with in a few more of his humps at
me, I felt his knot begin to re-expand again inside me and lock us
AGAIN tightly together.
I was now really becomming this dogs bitch, and there was nothing I
could do to stop him while his knot was locked up inside me. The dog
then stopped his re-fucking me, and moved his front paws onto my back
and dis-mounted me this time. As he jumped off me, I could feel his
whole dick AND knot twist around inside me as we once again became
locked butt to butt. His knot was again pulling at my ass, and the
pain from it made me move backwards so I could get my ass as close to
his ass as possable so his knot was not pulling at me so much again.
AS I adjusted myself and we once again butt to butt, I remember
thinking to myself "Fuck! Is he ever going to pull out of me?!
As we stayed there butt to butt again, I could not tell if he was
putting more cum inside me or not. My insides where already burning up
from all the cum he put in me when he first locked us together. I was
more worried about just how long I was going to be stuck to him, since
it felt like 30 minutes or more BEFORE he re-fucked me and made his
knot re-expand inside me. But once again, I knew that I had no say-so
in the matter. His cock and knot where locked up inside me, and I was
under his full control/his bitch.
A few minutes later, the dog wanted walk around. He would move a few
feet, and I would have to crawl backwards on my hands and knees since
we where still firmly locked together. It was kinda painful, but what
else could I do with his knot locked up inside me. The dog forced me
to move with him to a side of the fence in the yard where we could be
seen CLEARLY if any car drove by or someone would walk by on the
sidewalk. Im guessing it was around 3:am when he put us in full view
of any traffic or people. We just stood there at the fence for about
15 more minutes when I felt his knot starting to shrink inside me. I
was so ready to get him out of me! Since we where at the fence where
people could see us, and my ass was sore from him walking around the
yard with us still both stuck together.
About 5 more minutes went by, and his knot released us. I remember
fallng to the ground as his massive cock slid out of me, and his cum
poured out of me. I was so weak from the fucking and walking
backwards, that I crawled inbetween two cars on the lot (Out of view)
and just layed on the ground to rest. As I rested, I layed on my
stomach and just kept feeling the dogs cum running out of my ass and
onto my balls spilling onto the ground. Both my ass and my legs where
tingling, and very weak, from the fucking I had just got, not to
mention my hip area that was full of scratches when the dog was
digging his claws into me when he was fucking me. So there was no way
I was going to be able to stand up and walk home. I was really sore
all over my body, but I liked it. I came back to get fucked by that
dog that night, and I got fucked by him but GOOD!!! A lot more than
expected this time, but I still enjoyed it.
As I layed there on the ground 'waiting to be able to walk again',
a few minutes later the dog came to me and began to lick my ass and
clean up all of his cum that was leaking/pouring out of me. He licked
away at me for about 2 minutes before he just plopped down beside me
and held his body against mine.

More to come.

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