Amy, my Latina first girlfriend, and I had been seeing each other for months by the time summer rolled around. Neither of us had summer jobs, so we had pretty much every day open. We started meeting during the day and going to places where we could be more sexually explosive without our family being around.
One of our favorite places to go was the movie theater. Going to the movies in the middle of the day offered several advantages over the mall. First, we would get a dark room where everyone’s attention would be drawn to the front of the screen, not the back row. Second, since we went towards the middle of the day during the middle of the week, there were always very few people there. Often times we would be the only ones in our particular theater. Finally, we knew people who worked there, which meant not only could we get in for free, but we also got to know the building pretty well.
I had one friend, his name was John, who worked the theater over the summer. He told me that the employees basically used the place as their own swinger pad during the days because the managers wouldn’t leave their offices until things got busy, which was never until after six. He gave Amy and I a tour of the place one day, not necessarily to show us places where we could hide and make out without being caught, but that’s essentially what we were learning these hiding places for. He showed us the projection room, the maintenance closet, each of the three concession stands, and the second floor.
The second floor was rarely used by customers, according to John. The four largest theaters were big enough that the very back rows were on the second floor. Customers were allowed to exit doors at the top of the theater into a hallway above the main concourse. In this hallway were exits from the top of the other biggest theaters, plus the entrance to the projection room, men’s and women’s restrooms, as well as the maintenance room and a separate storage room. Down the hall and around one corner was the manager’s offices.
One day, Amy and I went to the theater to see a movie that had already been out for a couple of weeks. We were virtually assured an empty theater because it was a movie that had been highly unpopular. When I picked her up, I was pleased to see what she was wearing.
We had long since worn off the phase of our relationship where we dressed up a lot for each other when we went out. We now focused more on ease of access. She was wearing sweatpants with an elastic band waist, and a loose fitting t-shirt. I was wearing gym shorts, and also a t-shirt. So we were both pretty dressed down. Her sweat pants were baggy, hiding her toned legs and ass. Her shirt was similarly loose, hiding her firm breasts. But her face was showing, alive with beauty.
We got to the theater and bought our tickets. We were about fifteen minutes early, so we found our favorite seats in the second to last row of the theater, and waited. We were both disappointed when we saw another couple enter the theater, and we were both even more disappointed when they sat in the row directly behind us. The reason we chose the second to last row was so no one would think we were there to do anything other than watch a movie. We knew why the couple who sat behind us was there.
Amy and I were by no means in an open relationship, but because she was bi and I was a red blooded high school boy, we both would check out other people, even when we were together. As time wore on, we dropped all pretenses and just started checking out the same girls at the same time (I never joined her in checking out the guys though). Amy and I both saw that the girl who had just walked in with her boyfriend was pretty hot. Short and blonde with long hair that went halfway down her back, she had enormous breasts for someone her height, and she was wearing some of the shortest shorts I had ever seen. Her boyfriend was significantly taller than I was, but I paid him only secondary attention. They sat in the back row, but closer to the aisle than us.
When the movie started, I looked over my shoulder to make sure that they were watching the movie instead of Amy and I. About a half hour into the movie, I was satisfied enough that I began to run my hands over Amy’s body. I just about choked when I felt that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I looked at her and she was already staring at me with a “oh, yeah, I knew I forgot something,” look on her face. I tried to pull her shirt up, but she resisted, and indicated that she was still nervous about the other couple. But to relieve my annoyance, she started running her hand over my crotch.
I returned the favor by moving my hand from her breasts to the top of her sweat pants. I didn’t need to even untie the lace at the front, she did that for me and guided my hand to her pussy. I then assisted her in removing my cock from my pants. Amy had recently taken an interest in expanding her handjob skills. She liked watching me jack myself off, and I taught her how to jerk me exactly the way I liked. She learned about how liked her to focus on the top of my dick near my head, how I liked more of a twisting than just an up and down motion. Most importantly, she learned the pace that I liked.
She spit on her hand to use as lube, and then began twisting my cock with her hand. My hand had slid down her pants to her pussy, which was just getting wet. I looked over my shoulder again and saw that the couple down the row behind us were making out, and were completely ignoring us. I began rubbing Amy’s clit as she continued to jerk my cock. The movie playing in front of us was now a complete afterthought. The only thing I worried about was if the couple in the row behind us saw what we were doing.
I looked over my shoulder again. Those two were in the middle of a hot and heavy make out session themselves. I rubbed Amy’s pussy, but only enough to tease her. She was sticking her hips up, and spreading her legs, encouraging me to stick my fingers inside of her. But I resisted, lightly rubbing her pussy, making her wetter and wetter.
“Stop teasing me,” she purred in my ear, “please finger me…pleeease…” She was actually begging for me now.
“No,” I replied, “you’re going to have to earn it.”
She moaned, and then stopped jerking me, giving my cock a tight squeeze. “Finger me now,” she ordered, “or you won’t get off either.”
I pushed one finger about halfway into her pussy and began moving it in a circular motion. She began jerking me off again. The movie had moved into an action sequence, with lots of explosions and guns firing. The flashes from the projector illuminated the theater like a strobe. Amy’s face changed with each burst of light. Once, I could see her with her eyes closed and her whole face squeezed together in pleasure. Just a moment later, I could see her again with both eyes open and panting. Then, just a few seconds after that, I could see her eyes on me, hungry, wanting more.
My dick was hard as a rock, but I had been focusing more on her than on me. I leaned over to her and asked, “Can I get some head?”
She didn’t even bother saying yes. Her head fell into my lap, and she began licking up and down my shaft. I took my hand from the front of her sweat pants as she went down. Then I ran my hand down the back of her pants, feeling up her has for a moment, before leaning over a little further and fingering her again. She moaned as my finger reentered her pussy, and stuck her ass up and out a little more, inviting more fingers to come inside.
I looked back over my shoulder at the other couple. I was impressed to see that they were thinking along the same lines we were. Because of how tall the seats were, I couldn’t see the guy’s cock, but the way her arm was moving, she was obviously jerking him off. The poor girl wasn’t getting anything in return, however, except for him kissing her neck with his arm draped around her. She seemed to be enjoying herself none the less.
I looked back down at Amy as she took the head of my cock into her mouth. She gave in a clean wash with her tongue, taking in the couple drops of pre-cum which had formed in anticipation. Then she went down on me, her lips gliding up and down my cock cleanly, her tongue gently caressing me. I ran two of my fingers deeper into her pussy. I pushed them in, and when I had them in as far as I could from where I was sitting, I gently massaged the inside of her pussy. This drove her absolutely crazy, and I knew it did.
This went on for a few minutes. She gave me head, and I fingered her, until I could tell she was starting to lose control of herself. She was moving a little bit faster on my dick, and her hands, one of which was clamped on my knee, the other holding the base of my dick, began squeezing in anticipation.
The theater went dark as the movie on screen began a series of scenes where the main characters would be in a darkened tunnel. There was enough light in the movie itself to ensure that the actors and actress could be clearly seen, but the scene plummeted the rest of the theater into near complete darkness.
I desperately wanted to fuck Amy right then. I looked over my shoulder again, and was surprised to see that the man and the woman had disappeared. I hadn’t seen them go down either of the aisles, so I looked over my other shoulder just in time to see the exit door to the second floor above the concourse snap shut. The other couple had left the theater.
I scanned the rest of the theater, it was empty. I pulled my fingers from Amy’s pussy and lifted her away from my penis. She looked around, suddenly panic stricken, clearly believing that the only reason I would pull her off of me was if we were caught. But we weren’t caught, I was planning an escalation.
“They left,” I whispered in her ear, “what do you think?”
She looked around and then back at me, biting her lip. Then she nodded. I undid my belt and pants button and pulled my pants and boxers down to my knees, all the while I was wondering if anyone’s bare ass had ever touched one of these theater seats. Amy removed her pants completely so that she was only wearing a thong and straddled me.
If anyone came into the theater now, we would be completely smoked, and I knew it. There are ways you can make it look casual if a girl is giving you a handjob or a blowjob in a theater. There are ways to make it look not like what it seems if you act quickly enough. But there is no way to explain why two teenagers are half naked and fucking. I couldn’t imagine the other couple would reenter the theater, and the movie was probably three quarters finished, so there weren’t going to be any late arrivals. The only way we would be caught is if someone from the projectionist booth saw us and called security. But that was far out of my control, and in my state of horniness, I just did not care.
Amy kissed me passionately for a few seconds, and then started to grind her pussy up against my cock. The only thing stopping me from getting insider her was her thong, which was getting wetter and wetter. I wrapped my left arm around her and put my hand on her ass, giving in a soft spank and a squeeze. She smiled as she wrapped her arms around my back. I pushed my right hand up her shirt and began groping her breasts. She responded by leaning back a little and lifting her shirt up, exposing her small but firm breasts and puffy nipples.
I kissed the side of her neck and inched my lips down her chest to her nipples, lightly biting and sucking on them. She moaned, briefly losing herself, before snapping back to reality and looking around the movie theater. When she didn’t see anyone, she kissed the top of my head and reached down to my dick. She gave a squeeze and a couple quick jerks before asking me “Are you ready for this?”
All I could do was nod. She smiled and lifted herself off me just enough so that she could pull her underwear to the side and let my dick slide into her pussy. It was wet and warm and tight, and I had to fight the urge to start thrusting my hips like a damn rabbit or something. When she slid back down my pole, Amy got that lost look back on her face, but it didn’t go away this time. She began twisting her hips, thrusting back and forth, bringing us both waves of pleasure.
I gave the theater my own quick look around before going back to her breasts. I place both hands on her tits and give them a tight squeeze. She leaned back so that her hands were resting on my knees, with her chest sticking out at me. As I played with her breasts, she moved her hips in ways only a belly dancer could, and I began to get close. She was still on another planet though, so I knew I was going to have to get her attention
I pinched her nipples, not hard enough to hurt her, but hard enough to make her gasp and look down at me, “I’m about to cum baby,” I whispered loud enough for her to hear.
“Not yet,” she pleaded, “I’m soooo close…”
“I can’t cum in you,” I said. I meant it to be a statement, but it came out more like a question. She shook her head no.
I tried to hold back for her, but I was getting really close, and it was getting extremely difficult to hold myself back. When her body began to shake and convulse, I knew she was cumming. But her orgasm made it impossible for me to hold back any longer. I pulled my cock out and replaced it with one hand, rubbing her clit to prolong her orgasm as long as I could.
But she must have been at her end anyway because before I could get my hand on my own cock, she got her hand there first. She jerked me hard, bringing me to my own orgasm. When I came, she pointed my cock at her stomach. I shot rope after rope of thick white cum on her stomach. After my fourth shot, she gasped at my longevity. Finally, I trailed off. She stroked my cock a couple of more times with her right hand, using her left to scoop up my cum from her stomach with her fingers. She licked my cum off her fingers, savoring it. All the while, she watched me watching her. She knew how much it turned me on to see her going after my cum like this.
After she got all of the cum off her stomach, she pulled her shirt back down and got off my lap. Before she pulled her pants up, she leaned over and licked the last of my cum and her own pussy juices off my cock. As Amy did this, I did a quick look over the movie theater. The Movie itself looked like it was in its own climax, and the rest of the theater was still empty. When Amy finished, she pulled up her pants, and I stood up to pull up my own.
I shouldn’t have stood up. When I did, I was facing Amy, looking down the aisle. I looked to my right, and saw a woman in the projectionist box looking straight at me. She could see that my pants were still half down. She could even see my cock standing still at half-mast. She darted away from the little window where the movie showed through, and I couldn’t see her anymore. I replaced my pants in a panic.
Amy could see my sudden urgency. “What is it?” she asked.
“Someone saw, we have to go. Now.”
“Aww,” she fake cried. “I wanted to see how the movie ended.”
We darted out the second floor exit just as we could hear theater security entering from the doors beneath seats at the bottom of the theater. I knew it wouldn’t take long for them to figure out where we left. We ran to a stair well and shot down the stairs. At the bottom, there were two exits. One led into the concourse, which would be crawling with security. The other was a fire exit which led outside. The door was fitted with a fire alarm, so I knew setting it off would draw attention to our exit. But it was the only way out of the theater.
I pushed the door open, warm air flooded the stairwell from the heat outside. But there was no alarm. Apparently, the door alarm was not hardwired into a power supply, but was battery powered. We snuck through the door and closed it silently behind us. We were behind the theater. We walked quickly, so not to draw attention to ourselves, to the nearest side of the theater, and from there to the parking lot. By the time we got back to my car, we were in the clear.

Addendum: Not very many people have had sex in a movie theater, and that one time with Amy was the only time I ever had. But I wasn’t entirely sure we hadn’t been caught. At the end of the summer, when school started up again, I met with my friend John, who worked at the movie theater. He told me about a couple who the projectionist had seen having sex in the movie theater. I asked what the movie was, and he confirmed that it was the one Amy and I saw. I thought it was kind of funny that Amy and I were the ones he was talking about until he mentioned that theater security had caught the couple. Confused, I asked how. He said that they were caught hiding in the second floor women’s room. Then he described to a T the other couple in the theater that day. Apparently, when they were ready to get busy, they moved to the ladies room to hide instead of remaining in the theater with me and Amy. A funny end to a fun encounter.

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