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the title says it all
My name's Jenn, I’m 19 now but this is a story when I was fifteen, the year I learned to love girls and accept the consequences I first began to see the light at party/dance at my girlfriend's house.. I walked in the door of my friend’s house and immediately smelled the scent of grinding bodies and heard the deep bass of the music. As I made my way into the family room I was feeling a bit self conscious so I pulled up my bra to cover more of my 32C titties.

I was wearing a very low cut tank, and a loose bra. My skirt barely skimmed the top of my thighs, and I could hear an occasional moan rising from the throng of gyrating teenagers. To make a long story short, I was getting turned on and my sweet little nipples were growing harder by the second.

My long blonde hair hung loose about my head. The lights in the house were dimmed, and I could just make out couples kissing and grinding against one another.

Suddenly a boy I hardly knew came up behind me and began pressing his body hard against me. I could feel the hard bulge of his cock rubbing against my ass. I turned around and started laughing from him, he looked really pissed then so I quickly got away from him. What I really craved was the touch of my girlfriend Jas, that’s short for Jasmine.

I found a cooler and picked out a beer to suck on, and after about ten minutes, and too many passes from boys, I caught sight of Jas, her light blonde hair danced around her as she rubbed her body against another girl who, I had to admit, sported a perky set of tities, held in place by a white, lacy bra and tank.
Jas was about three inches taller than her, at five foot six inches, but when we were together we were face-to-face and breast-to-breast. I felt my nipples harden even more as I took in Jas’s perfect, slim, and shapely body. She was dressed in a light and mostly transparent golden silk dress, and I could see her nipples protruding her small but perfectly shaped titties. Her slightly curly black hair was halfway pulled back, and the rest fell around her face like a dark veil.

As I came up behind her and slipped my hands around her waist I could feel her heat and a sheen of sweat on her skin. I let my hand slip lower and to discover that her juices were leaking out of her delicious shaved pussy and were forming a wet spot on her short dress. We swung our hips to the beat of the music, and as I began rubbing my hands over her firm tanned thighs she moaned and whispered over her shoulder to me, "God, I thought you'd never get here. I need you so bad baby. I'm more horny than you can imagine,” she said loud enough for me to hear.

I giggled into her ear and said, "I feel the same way, Jas,” as I cupped her tities in my hands.

Jas and I moved into the thick of the press of thrashing bodies. It was perfectly normal for girls in my school to dance together, and after a quick look around to make sure that no-one was giving us any special attention I slowly slid my hand along her silky thigh and up under her dress. My other hand massaged her abs as it roved up her body to gently squeeze her breasts.

My hand clamped over her pussy covered by a soaking wet silk thong. I started to grind the heel of my palm against Jas’s sensitive clit through the soaked thong. Jas threw her head back and groaned.
I knew what she needed. I slipped my hand into the thong and I felt her juices against both sides of my hand. Her pussy was hot, I couldn’t believe the heat it was throwing off. With one hand I stroked and squeezed her perfect tities, while my fingers slowly caressed her pussy lips. I parted the puffy lips and rubbed my two fingers over her clit. Jas’s body jerked and she groaned into my shoulder as I slid s finger between her wet, juicy, and throbbing cunt lips. As I moved my finger in and out of her pussy my thumb pressed down hard on her slick clit, grinding it back and forth and sending Jas into a moan fest. I could hear her breath coming faster and more ragged.

I began to began to fuck my girl faster, “Oh fuck, you little bitch you are going to make my cunt cream right here in front of everyone,” she groaned into my ear.

“Well, bitch, do you want me to stop?” I said as I grinned at her.

The girl that Jas had been dancing was standing right next to us, taking the whole scene in and pinching her nips through her top. She looked to be about thirteen, a brunet with tiny tits and a hot ass.
“You two are so fucking hot,’ I heard her say as she unbuttoned her shorts and thrust a hand inside. She began rocking up and back on her fingers, but never took her eyes off Jas and I.

Then I saw Jayden, Jas’s older sister. She was standing just behind the other girl, but she had her arms crossed on her chest and she didn’t look the very pleased.

Jayden was seventeen and had an amazing body. Once I saw her in a tiny bikini at Jas’s place and I thought I was going to cream my pussy right then and there. Jayden just has this way about her, like she knows what everyone else was thinking. And at that moment I would have loved to have know what Jayden was thinking.

I knew Jas was close, and I wasn’t going to spoil her orgasm just cause her sister didn’t seem to like it. I leaned close to Jas’s ear, “Oh baby your cunt is grabing on my finger so hard I know you are close. I just wanted you to know that your sister is watching us right now and I don’t give a fuck.”
With my free hand I lifted Jas’s skirt to the waist and pulled her thong down faer enough so that her cunt was exposed.

“Oh fuck this is so hot, please make me cum Jenn, make me cum in front of everyone,” Jas groaned.
The girl in the shorts, followed my cue and pushed her shorts and panties down her thighs. She was fucking her cunt like crazy . she pushed her top over her tittes and twisted her nipples hard.

I looked over the girls shoulder and right into Jayden’s eyes. What I saw there now was something different. She glanced down at her sister’s pussy and then back at me. I formed my lips into an air kiss as I pinched Jas’s slick little clit and rammed three fingers into her foaming cunt. Suddenly arched against my body as an orgasm wracked her body. Her cunt erupted, sending a fine spray from around my fingers.
I looked at Jayden, she now had a hand down her jean shorts and was rubbing off.

I kept going, and Jas’s body continued to convulse and squirt creamy juice. The girl in the shorts crumbled to her knees cum spewed from her tight little cunt.

We had everyone’s attention now. A circle of girls and guys formed around us yowling and yipping at us, Then to my amazement Jayden stepped to the front of the sircle,. She trew off her tank, shorts and panties, and kneeled on the wet carpet between her sister’s feet.
Jas had her eyes closed but opened them the instant Jayden clamped her mouth onto her throbbing clit.
“Oh fuck!” Jas screamed as she began to grind her tight little cunt on my finger and her sisters beautiful mouth.

The place was going crazy and a few other girls in the front of the circle stripped and began fingering themselves.

Between Jayden and I, we ripped orgasm after orgasm from Jas’s delicious hot body.

Jayden was sucking and swallowing every ounce of cum she could, while she rammed three fingers fast and furious in and out of her own shaved cunt.

I couldn’t believe that I was in the middle of a fucking orgy, fuck I had started it.

Finally I felt Jas her relax against me and I removed my hand from her cunt and stroked her breasts and slowly laid her on the floor.


Soon there were a circle of girls all rubbing off over Jas, and she writhed on the floor, loving every minute of it.

The girl in the shorts straddled, Jas face as she furiously rubbed her pussy in seconds she sprayed a bucket of cum all over my girl friend’s face.

Jas groaned and lapped it up. I noticed a lot of guys had their cocks out and were jerking off, but I would have kicked them in the balls if one of them had stepped forward.

With my hand covered that was covered in Jas’s juices I rammed three fingers deep into my cunt as I undressed. A small read head rubbed her cunt on Jas’s knee then sprayed her own juices all over my hot girl friend’s belly.

My eyes grew wide as Jayden straddled her sister’s body. She began grinding her cunt hard and fast over Jas’s cum soaked hi. Both sisters were groaning like crazy. Jayden moved up her sister’s body and pressed her slick cunt on Jas’s little tities, first one then the other. Looking down on her little sister Jayden was grinding hard on those hard little tities. Then she groaned, shifted her hips upward and sent a torrent of cum into her sisters face. Jas opened her mouth and took in as much as she could.
This scene sent me over the top. I stepped up and sat my pussy down on Jas’s face and reached down and began slapping and grinding my hand on her cum drenched cunt.

“Oh fuck Jas, yes suck my clit baby, “ It was too much, I felt that I was in the centre of a volcano and it was erupting, my cunt exploded sending cum squirting over every inch of Jas’s hot little body.

Jayden put her arm around Jas’s other side and we lead her out of the room. Jayden led the way to her parent’s master bedroom. I knew it had a walk in shower.

I was still in shock over what had just happened, but then the night was still young, and Io had consequences cumming my way.

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2014-11-10 18:24:12
Love the story

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2013-02-08 11:58:00
you know I went to college in78 and i,ll addmit my spelling is still poor, But I can read most anything printed ,
now when you all read ome of the seual stories here you need to reallize your doing for pleashure? if you see an errow
just you know exsple"as my sweet little 12 year preeteen flicked her tounge pout
to swollow my long throbing 14" Cock she mist it and her eyeball it my eye sucket and she stated to cryout in pain so I jamed my cock down her throught to keep her from waking her mommy and that was when I found out she was great at deepthroughting but mom woke up and came down and cought us .. She smiled at me and told my doughder it toke you long
enoff to suduse him as she cralked up under her leg's and started lapplng away at oir little girls pussy"
now that is off the top of my head as I was taking a shit lol with my cellphone

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2013-01-31 23:15:02
I didn't pick up on too many spelling or grammar errors. I've definatly seen worse. Your story was short and sweet. It was one of the better stories I've read.

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2013-01-17 19:13:56
"...while the stories seem to be invocative, your execution, including your seemingly poor grasp of English..."

I believe you mean evocative.

evocative |iˈväkətiv|
bringing strong images, memories, or feelings to mind : powerfully evocative lyrics | the building's cramped interiors are highly evocative of past centuries."

If you're going to play language cop, watch out for the language detective!

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2013-01-17 12:51:02
I couldn't even make it through the first paragraph. I don't know why, but I keep trying to read your stories thinking maybe they'll get better. Sadly, while the stories seem to be invocative, your execution, including your seemingly poor grasp of English, makes most of your works largely unreadable. I jade to

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