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Idealized event


The day was beautiful, sunshine, not a cloud in the sky, 80 degrees with low humidity. As they had the day before the two boys had fooled around all morning in the fields and barn of the farm, and after lunch in the small farmhouse kitchen had were once again naked on the bed side by side.

The older boy was fifteen and close to six foot tall, skinny some would say very thin, but very strong, the kind of strength you get from day to day work on a farm all of your young life. He was also painfully ignorant of anything sexual in nature.

On the other hand the younger boy was quite sophisticated. He had been born in London where his parents had moved from Wales. They had immigrated to the U.S. in 1946 after the war and settled in a northern industrial city. They lived in a small cracker box suburban home on a very small lot. In about 1950 the mother’s brother came to live with them. Leslie, for that was the boy’s name, adored his uncle, a short wiry man an ex British Paratrooper who had fought in North Africa against the Nazi’s. Leslie could sit and listen to his uncle tell stories of his adventures for hours. The uncle for his part started buggering the boy almost immediately, and the boy loved that too. By the time the boy was ten he was blowing his uncle on a regular basis, and then bending over to take it up the arse. If his parents knew of this activity they said nothing, having a somewhat different attitude about this activity then is prevalent today. When the uncle moved to Chicago to take a better job Leslie was heartbroken for months.

Leslie was smaller than the older boy, perhaps 5’9” and also thin. He was well aware that his friend was much stronger than he, and did not want to make him angry, but he also felt his friend might be willing to replace his uncle.

They both lay there silently, the older boy tentatively playing with Leslie’s erection and staring at it, Leslie was gently masturbating his friend and noticed the location of the gaze. Thinking back to what his uncle had said the first time Leslie had taken him into his mouth to suck, he said: “Its’ alright lad, just go ahead.”

The older boy sat up a bit and looked at him, and Leslie was afraid he had broken the spell. ‘Oh well,’ he thought, ‘in for a penny, in for a pound.’ He humped his hips upward so his cock was high in the air, then he nudged and coaxed the other boys head down to the waiting erection. “Go ahead lad, it won’t bite you.” Sure enough in a tentative move the older boy took the head of the cock in his mouth. “That’s good lad, now suck it.” Said Leslie in the best imitation of his uncle.

The older boy began to suck, and Leslie’s hips began to move in concert with his sucking. Leslie reached around the boy and grasped his penis and stoked it, as he was being eaten.

The position was awkward for the older boy and soon he stretched out with his feet towards the head of the bed so he could have better access to Leslie’s cock. The cock was quivering and moving slightly in his mouth as he sucked Leslie, the hand on his cock encouraged him on. In his mind he had no comprehension of why he was doing this, except it seemed to be natural and the thing to do at this time. He turned on his side and pulled Leslie’s hips towards him so he could get more of the cock in his mouth. Now with the change in position Leslie moved his head over and took the older boys cock in his mouth. They stayed like this for perhaps twenty minutes eating one another, both were just at puberty and it took forever for them to cum. Finally, Leslie shot into the older boys mouth, the older boy immediately followed suit and dropped his load down Leslie’s throat.

They continued to suck each other for a couple of minutes, the term today would be decompressing, unknown in 1957. Finally they drew apart.

The older boy continued to caress and play with Leslie’s cock as they silently contemplated their actions, and in about five minutes Leslie was hard again.

Not knowing exactly why the older boy reversed positions and rolled onto his belly. He reached behind him and spread his ass cheeks, just as he had for his mother when she had given him a suppository to improve his disposition. Leslie knew immediately what the boy wanted; he was finally going to get to play the uncle. He kneeled between the outstretched legs, trying to find his target with his hard cock. When the older boy felt his probing, he moved his ass into the air, and pushed backwards, engulfing the eager cock. Surprisingly there was little resistance, and Leslie sank right into the waiting opening up to his short and curly. He lay down on the boys back, kissing the boys neck as he fucked him.

At that time and place doing someone in the ass was not referred to as fucking as it is today. The term would have been ‘corn holing’.

The older boy wanted this, the penetration, the fullness in his bowels. He accepted the ramming intruding cock into him, and pushed back to get the cock in as far as possible. He was not knowledgeable enough to move his hips and milk the cock that was fucking him. His erection grew, pressed down into the bed covers, and when he felt his fucker’s hard urgent strokes of orgasm the boy shot his load into the bedclothes.

After a brief respite while they both caught their breaths, both used the bathroom to clean up. They never spoke of the afternoon and the activities were never repeated. The next day the older boy’s father dropped Leslie off at his parent’s house, and the older boy remained on the farm.

When school began in September the older boy avoided Leslie, ashamed of what they had done. While no one in his class really understood what a queer was, no one would want to be labeled with that nickname. Leslie may have been sexually precocious but he was no scholar, and soon failed his grade and was set back. The older boy was quite bright, he received several scholarships, and at age 17 left the area never to return.

Things were different in the past.

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This doesn't seem like a sequel. It seems more like a prequel maybe


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