Lesbian fun in a barn, with a special guest...
Three Teen Girls and a Burro

By billy69boy

My name is Veronica, Vero for short. I just turned 19, and I'm not sure if I should even be telling anyone about this. But, I am so amazed that three teenaged girls could act so depraved, I just know I have to write it down. If you find that my story is too disgusting to read, I don't blame you.

My younger sister and I were walking home from a party late one Friday night, in a rural part of Mexico. We decided to take a short cut through our cousin's farm. As we approached the barn, we heard some strange noises. It sounded like an animal was in distress. Getting closer, we could see the faint glow of a lantern shining through the partially opened barn door. We quietly stepped up to the door, and peeked inside. To our astonishment, we saw our cousin Ariana kneeling on the dirt floor, facing away from the barn door. Her dress was draped over her back, revealing her naked rear end. One hand was between her legs rubbing her pussy vigorously. Her head appeared to be bobbing up and down feverishly. What was that she held in her other hand? Could it be? We looked at each other, eyes wide, and then looked back inside the barn in utter amazement. It was her pet burro's hard fat erection that she was busy milking, with her lips wrapped around his huge cock head.

Elmo brayed and whinnied, nodding his head up and down, as if to encourage our young cousin. Ariana struggled to satisfy her pet burro, and herself, at the same time. She was so enraptured with her task that she was completely unaware there was a pair of shocked gawkers watching her every move. My sister Mon and I couldn't stop watching. For several minutes, Ariana jerked his shaft, sucking wildly at the head, and fingering herself all at once. Elmo brayed louder and got even more excited. We could hear our cousin choking and coughing, as she struggled to swallow all of his cum load down her throat, to no avail. Her fingers must have done their job, because we could see her ass bucking against them, until finally she collapsed in a heap before the satisfied burro.

Mon and I were stunned, as we crept away silently, and continued our short walk home. That night in our bedroom, we didn't talk about what we had seen. But I couldn't get the image out of my mind. I tossed and turned in my bed, barely asleep, and I could hear Mon softly moaning and groaning, and I suspected she was masturbating under her covers. At least, that's what I was doing…

As the dawn came, I knew what I had to do. I woke Mon up by shaking her until her eyes opened. She seemed confused as she tried to focus in the dim light of the new day. No doubt, like me, she was still feeling the effects of all the rum we drank at the party the night before. I was already dressed in a white halter top and jean shorts. I stood up, and told Mon to get dressed: we were going out. She didn't question me. I think she knew where we were going, and she quickly threw on a skimpy yellow sun dress. Neither of us bothered to put on a bra or panties.

It only took a few minutes before we were slowly opening our cousin's barn door, and slipping inside. Elmo greeted us with a soft braying sound, seeming to welcome our visit. I swore he already knew why we were there. We opened his stall door, and led him out into the middle of the barn floor. Mon stroked his head, while I found the grooming brush, and began to run it over his back. He seemed to love the attention. My shorts were already damp, just with the thought of what was to come. Gradually, I brushed down to his belly, while Mon stooped down behind him, and rubbed his back legs. Elmo constantly brayed his approval, as we showered him with loving attention. As Mon reached between his legs and stroked his semi-flaccid cock, I stood in front of him, unbuttoned my blouse, and offered my firm tits to him. He immediately began to lick them, like he had apparently done many times before. It made me wonder just how much Ariana had done with him.

His tongue was hot and rough against my tender tits, but it felt so good and so naughty all at once, that I couldn't resist digging my finger underneath my shorts and into my wet pussy. I came almost instantly, such was the intensity I felt. In the meantime, Mon had Elmo's shaft in both hands and she gently fondled it to full erection. It was a lot bigger than any penis we had ever seen, that's for sure. She couldn't take her eyes off of it, and I swooned when she leaned over and licked the precum from the burro's cock head. Elmo whinnied his approval, and nodded his head up and down. Fascinated and aroused like never before, I knelt behind my sister so I could watch her lick his thick shaft up and down until it was glistening with her saliva. Instinctively, I reached under Mon's thin dress, and rubbed her pussy. She was just as wet as me, and I had no trouble burying two fingers deep inside her quivering cunt, and rubbing my thumb on her clit, as I worked my own clit with my other hand.

Mon must have gotten inspired, because she wrapped her lips around Elmo's cock head, and really started sucking him in earnest. I was mesmerized, watching my innocent little sister endeavor to take more and more of his shaft into her mouth. I was inspired to lean down and mash my mouth onto Mon's slick pussy, and suck her juices out, just as she was doing with Elmo. She let out a low moan, even as her mouth was full of burro dick. After she squirmed and wiggled with her climax, I took advantage of her vulnerability to drag her out from under Elmo, and I took her place. I was so eager to try sucking that huge cock, I gagged on it right away…too much too fast, I realized. As Mon lay on her back trying to regain her normal breathing, I licked his fat meat up and down, gently cradling his massive cum filled balls in my hand. That seemed to excite him even more.

Apparently, it also excited Mon as well. She moved around in front of Elmo, and stood, bent over, in front of his head. Her exposed ass was just inches away from the aroused burro. Her legs were spread wide, and her dress fell over her body, almost covering her. With her hands on the barn floor, her pussy was perfectly positioned to accept the burro's eager tongue. He took one sniff of her feminine offering, and began to lick her hot cunt with abandon. She moaned so loud, I had to shush her, lest she wake the whole farm with her shrieking.

While Elmo licked my sister's pussy juices, I had other ideas. I wasn't even sure it was possible, but I was determined to try: I worked my way underneath Elmo's body and knelt on all fours. I reached back and guided his hard penis between my legs. My pussy and his cock were both so wet, that after a few movements up and down my slit, the head parted my labia, and slipped into my quivering cunt, as I pushed back on to it. It didn't really hurt, much to my surprise, but I never felt so full in my life. Elmo was so busy savoring Mon's sweet pussy, that he didn't resist my efforts. In fact, he seemed to welcome the feeling of my hot young flesh surrounding his meaty pole.

Slowly and deliberately, I began to rock back and forth, pushing more and more cock into my expanding love canal. I felt dirty and nasty and euphoric all at once. Having Elmo's large member disappearing deep into my sex cavern was even better than I had imagined it would be the night before. As I increased the rhythm under the burro, I pinched my nipples hard, sending shock waves down my spine and directly to my throbbing clit. Listening to my sister groan and encourage the burro to lap her swollen cunt made the scene all the more naughty, and soon I was bucking and spasming in glorious orgasm, until I couldn't take it any longer. I disengaged and rolled away from Elmo, lying on the dirt floor and panting heavily. Elmo brayed as the cool air surrounded his stiff erection. It got Mon's attention, because she quickly came around and knelt facing the burro's bobbing cock. Without hesitation, she boldly took the head in her mouth, and stroked his shaft with her hand. In just a minute or two, I watched her head stop moving, and saw that Elmo was shooting his cum down her throat, squealing loudly in the process. His cum overflowed her mouth, despite her best effort to swallow it all. It ran down her face, and sullied the front of her yellow sun dress, but she didn't seem to mind.

In a flash, the barn door was thrown wide open, and in strode Ariana, wearing nothing but a pink string bikini. I sat bolt upright, and Mon looked up, as Elmo's spent cock popped out of her mouth, dripping the remainder of his cum onto the ground.

"Well, I see my cousins are a pair of slutty whores!" she bellowed indignantly. "Just what do you think you are doing with my Elmo? How dare you! The nerve! Where did you ever get such a sick idea?" she berated us, her hands on her hips.

My sister's eyes met mine, and we smiled. "From you, cousin," Mon sheepishly blurted out immediately, "we saw you last night…"

"WHAT? Well, I NEVER! Last night? What did you see? There was nothing to see, cousins…" she lied.

We looked at each other, rolled our eyes, and couldn't suppress our giggles. Ariana's face turned a bright shade of red. She tried to come up with something to say, but couldn't seem to find the words. Instead she strode over to Elmo and fell to her knees. She grabbed his waning erection in both hands.

"You are wasting all his precious cum!" she admonished. She eagerly began to lick the remainder of his slick cock shaft and suck his fat knob, pumping his shaft to make sure she swallowed every last drop. Mon and I stared in amazement. Mon whispered in my ear that she had heard our cousin say that she was in love with her pet burro, and now she understood what she meant. We both grinned and nodded, as Ariana stood up and walked in front of Elmo, stroking his mane and rubbing his head.

"Now we have to start all over," she complained, as she reached behind her back and pulled the string on her bikini top. With a flourish, she whisked it off and threw it on the ground. We gasped in shock as our young cousin took hold of Elmo's head, and buried his nose between her firm tits. Her hand disappeared down the front of her bikini bottom, and she shamelessly fingered herself. She was just a month older than Mon, but she looked as though she was no stranger to the burro's charms.

"If you two nasty-ass cousins can manage to put your eyeballs back in their sockets, I could use your help here," she barked out. We stepped forward, in awe of our cousin's actions. She told me to start playing with Elmo's cock, as she pulled Mon's arm, dragging her closer. She deftly pulled at her bikini ties, and stepped out of her pink bottom piece, depositing it with her bra on the barn floor.

Pushing the top of Mon's head, she got her to kneel down close to her. Ariana then pulled my sister's face up against her saturated pussy, and commanded: "Eat my pussy, cousin." I was so excited; I started to jerk Elmo's cock with more vigor, only to be reprimanded by my young cousin.

"Not so rough, Vero, he likes gentle strokes, and lots of tender kisses on his handsome cock," she explained. "OH! OH! YES!! OH, MON!! MMMMMM! THAT'S IT! SUCK MY FUCKIN' CUNT, YOU SLUT!!" She almost screamed it. She grabbed the back of Mon's head and held it still as she ground her hot pussy into her mouth.

By now, Elmo was almost all the way hard again, and I licked his slick shaft up and down the whole length, fingering myself as well. The air was thick with the smell of nasty sex, and we all seemed to feel it. Ariana pulled away from Mon's hungry mouth, and stooped down until she was face-to-face with her. She planted her lips on Mon's and pushed her tongue into Mon's mouth. They made out passionately, like long lost lovers who found each other again. My lust boiled over by then, and I couldn't resist taking Elmo's now rigid sex tool into my mouth. No sooner did I start sucking it, Ariana was already taking me to task:

"Not too much, Vero, I want his cum this time!" With a look of annoyance on her face, she pushed me out of the way, and got on her hands and knees under the burro. Turning to me, she told me to lick her ass! How bold! She took Elmo's stiff rod and lovingly wrapped her lips around it, as she wiggled her ass at me impatiently. Her young bottom was round and smooth and inviting. I took a good look at it before I spread her cheeks, and ran my tongue around her dark star. She bucked in response, and moaned softly, encouraging me to twirl my tongue round and round, finally penetrating her forbidden entrance with my stiff tongue.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Mon taking it all in, her fingers buried deep in her own pussy. Taking a cue from our brazen cousin, I wiggle my ass at Mon, saying nothing. She easily took my hint, and started fondling my ass, and dipping her fingers in my wet cunt. Another quick ass wiggle, and Mon began to lick my clit at first, working her way up and down my slit, and then my ass.

Abruptly, Ariana pulled her mouth away from her burro love, and away from me. She jockeyed into position underneath the aroused beast, laid her head on her arms, and pushed her ass skyward.

"Put his cock in my ass," she ordered no one in particular. Mon and I looked at each other in surprise, our eyebrows raised. "Well, come on, cousins, what's the hold up?" she wanted to know. "Don't give me that look…I've done it hundreds of times!" she told us, answering the question we didn't even ask. She did it hundreds of times? I couldn't even imagine doing it once. His cock was so big, how could she fit it…?

"Please cousins, before he loses interest!" she insisted. Without further delay, I nodded to my sister, and we got into position. I spread Ariana's ass as wide as it would go, and Mon rubbed the fat cock head up and down her crack, spreading the slick fluids evenly. She held his cock steady, and our kinky cousin pushed back on it slowly and deliberately, maintaining pressure until it popped into her rectal opening. Ariana exhaled deeply, and held still, as her sphincter muscle adjusted to the massive girth of the four-legged intruder. I figured that was it, but soon she pushed back a little more, and another inch of animal cock disappeared inside her dark passage. Again she pushed, and more cock entered her tight ass hole. Elmo whinnied, and thrust deeper into her, causing her to groan pretty loudly, but she kept her composure. Slowly, she eased forward, and more of his cock shaft was visible, but then she pushed back the same time that Elmo plunged forward, and several inches more cock was driven into her forbidden cavern.

By now the two familiar lovers no longer needed our help, if they ever really needed it at all. Mon and I sat down on the dirt floor, and watched slack-jawed as our skinny young cousin got properly fucked in her ass. The lusty atmosphere was thick with the sexual electricity, and my sister and I took full advantage. We kissed and fondled each other's breasts, and explored our wet pussies. By now, the burro was lunging forward with each stroke, wickedly pounding Ariana's ass at a fast tempo. Each stroke pushed her a few inches further across the barn floor, but she didn't seem to notice. She was in another world now, filled with heated passion and animal lust.

Watching her in action made our heads spin. We feverishly fingered each other's sex as we enjoyed the show playing out on the barn floor in front of our astonished eyes. Mon's spread legs stiffened, and I knew she was reveling in orgasm. I guess the feeling was contagious, because my climax immediately followed my sister's. It was so intense, probably because of how depraved the whole scene was. I felt so nasty, yet I couldn't turn away. I was mesmerized by my cousin's familiarity with her pet burro. They seemed like two passionate long-time lovers, and when you get right down to it, I suppose they were.

Just then, I saw Ariana's eyes widen, and heard Elmo's high pitched whinny:

"Okay, girls get ready! He's about to cum!" she announced. "Come closer, there will be plenty for everyone!" With that, she disengaged herself from the excited burro, and turned around to face his throbbing shaft. She pumped it vigorously using both hands, until it jerked and twitched. She opened her mouth and took his first offering, swallowing quickly. She motioned for us to move in, and Mon positioned her face next to Ariana's, mouth wide open. She took hold of his thick pole, and steered it in her direction, catching a second large flow of semen directly into her eager mouth, gulping hard.

Now, it was my turn. I was both disgusted and aroused at the same time: I couldn't believe I was sexually involved with a burro, of all things, yet I was obviously turned on, and I wasn't about to miss collecting my share of his thick nectar. He shot the rest of his considerable load onto my tongue, and I had never tasted anything quite like it. It wasn't a particularly pleasant taste, but it was acceptable enough for me to swallow, and to wrap my lips around his slick cock knob, and suck the remaining juice from his formidable balls.

When he was finally empty, I let his softening cock drop out of my mouth. I looked up, and apparently my two partners in crime were staring at me with gaping mouths. I guess they were seeing me in a whole new light, I don't know. No one spoke, as Elmo trotted back to his stall, obviously satisfied. Ariana silently reached out to me, and caressed one of my hard nipples. I didn't resist her overture. Mon and I shot a quick, knowing glance at each other as if to acknowledge our secret lust. Our cousin Ariana wasn't yet aware of our sisterly love, but after seeing her with Elmo, discovering that her cousins were bisexual couldn't have been much of a shock to her.

I knelt in front of the two young girls, arched my back, and my tits jutted out in front of their faces. Mon began fondling my other nipple, and I was surprised when the cousins' lips met simultaneously, and tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths. It was so arousing to watch them share the remnants of the burro's sticky juice in their mouths. Eventually, they looked my way, and each girl locked her lips on my firm breasts, pushing me onto my back in the process. I was in ecstasy, as they sucked my nipples until they were standing straight up.

As Mon slid down my body, she pushed my legs back and focused her attention on sucking my trembling cunt. Ariana turned around and sat her wet pussy onto my mouth, as she vigorously grabbed and pinched my willing tits. She slid her body forward and back, making sure I tasted her slimy ass crack, still oozing Elmo's precum. My orgasm welled up inside my loins and my body visibly shook, as the girls put me completely over the top. Their movements were so well coordinated, I wondered if they had planned the whole thing. It felt so good; it didn't really matter to me.

Having been thoroughly sated, I lie there exhausted on the dirt floor as Ariana and Mon worked each other to their own frenzied climaxes beside me. Looking back, what started out as something despicable turned into the most incredibly exciting sex I could have ever imagined. Something told me this was just the beginning of a summer full of wild times.

(Lovingly written for my darling Niece Vero.)

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