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She walked into the bedroom dressed up pretty nice I thought...too me she looked classy. I don’t know what the others thought. By others I mean the other four guys in the room, not counting hubby.

This was my first time doing anything like this; watching a woman undress in front of a group of men with her husband cuck-ing in the corner...a bit weird but I was enthralled.
No names were exchanged and the Hotel was told it was meeting for potential buyers of coins. They had rented two rooms. One for them-selves and the other for our little fun thing...

Each of us paid $100 to the husband up front to get in ostensibly to pay for the rooms. It seemed fair to me... $100 bucks to see a woman take her clothes off. I made the husband laugh when I said at the time of payment;
”What, no beer”... [He did buy a dozen beer; Bud.]

This had all taken place a month in advance so there was some trust involved. No problem for me but I did overhear one guy bitching. The husband restricted the number to five guys.

The husband and his wife were out-of-towner'...good idea I thought. It had been on a porn site so I can imagine he got allot of requests. How I managed to be picked I had no idea, I never asked.

He had some pretty solid rules though; protecting his wife. This was apparently her first time doing this also... cool I thought. He told us she was 44 years of age, tall with big tits and long legs; a touch of grey in her otherwise brown hair.

I was second to come to the hotel. The first guy had taken the middle seat so I took one to his big deal I thought but he seemed put out that I sat beside him. The next guy took the farthest seat to the right. Followed by the seat beside me and finally between the middle and right end seat. All in all I thought it was ok. This guy in the middle seemed a bit on edge.

We waited a bit before the husband entered and went over his rules...again no problem I thought but this guy in the middle seemed antsy.

Enter the Mrs. -- Nice I thought. She was tall like he said, had a very English looking face. Big nose, hollowed cheeks. Lovely eyes though...I personally liked her mouth...her lips seemed nearly least to my tastes they were.

She looked nervously at us as she walked to the end of the bed were she sat facing us. Crossing her legs she showed very little in the way of leg I thought. Although I did have a brief glance up her skirt, half way up I suppose, when she crossed her legs; I liked that personally. I mean looking up a woman’s dress or skirt.

She wore a skirt, either dark yellow or gold, I am not sure which..., and a white shirt or blouse and a grey and black patterned jacket covering her large breasts. Likely ‘D’ cup in my estimation.

I could see the white of her cuffs extending past the jacket sleeve so I knew her blouse was long sleeved. Her skirt was short as in just above the knee. I looked at her feet and was pleased to see she had nice feet, I like nice feet.

I could see she wore heavy nylons to cover her veins... those in her feet showed thru...all good in my estimation. I got the impression the other guys were fine with it also. But I really never paid much attention to them.

She sat there for a minute or so looking at each of us before she moved herself back a couple of feet onto the bed. In doing so she showed us panties and the top of her hose...which were thighs-hi’s...solid beige in color.
I was pleased that she had on regular panties, white, because that turns my crank so to speak. I personally liked the bare upper thigh for the same reason...

Unfortunately the guy in the middle had a meltdown, jumping up he said;
“Oh yeah... I want to fuck her now, right now man...what a great looking cunt bitch”. [Or something to that effect...he caught me off guard]

She stopped and looked at him. The husband stood and said;
“Sit down, you know the rules”.

“I want ‘a fuck her...come on man, I paid my 100 bucks.” [He was kind ‘a hopping up and down a bit...odd for a mature man I thought.]
“Sit or leave”, the husband said.

I reached up to touch his arm;
“Your ruining it”. I said

He batted my arm away causing me to be lifted out of the chair a little... I continued with the impetus and stood with my back to the lady half protecting her I guess. She had already slipped off the bed to her right, with the bed between her and him; and was standing looking at this guy.

The husband said;
“Sit and be quiet or your gone”.

The guy got combative... I motioned to the guy who’d been sitting to my left to get up and stand behind me looking out for the lady... he did and that left only the shy guy who’d been sitting between the middle guy and the other big fellow from the right end seat...

He saw an opening and scurried past everyone to the far side of the room.

This guy continued speaking trashy; the husband finally asks him to leave. The guy from the right end seat took him on tell’n him to leave or he was gonna make him...the husband and the big fellow took it from there, the husband even refunded his $100.

He left pissed off;
“I want to fuck a good woman...instead of those skanky whores I always get”.
----- More words were exchanged but he finally in hand. Mumbling something about it being no fair...I figured he fucked it up so who was it not fair too.

He didn’t appreciate my comment, but he did look back at me mouthing;
‘Sorry man’... [Everything was going so well until he lost it. I was very disappointed]

The lady left the room. The big guy, right end seat, was talking with the husband. I stood to leave and the husband asked us to wait, he would see if she would come back see-ing it wasn’t our fault it went awry.

The big guy was talking with the other two guys’... I went to look out the window to see what I could see. I recognized the alley as one which ran behind the -K.L. Library. I had worked in the basement there a couple of years back when I was labouring with a sheet metal company.

This Hotel backed onto that same alley... I knew the area quite well actually. One could hide in that library basement for ever without being found. It seemed ‘no-one ever-went-down-there’. I thought back to those days remembering the basement and all the work we did re-fitting the duct-work. I hoped it still worked properly.

I was looking out the window, and noticed a tradesman leaving the Library via the rear exit. He reminded me of a tin-basher or a plumber. He stretched, looking up he saw me... I wondered what he would think if he knew what we doing up-here.

---- I heard the husband..., turning to get the news I could see it was good news...he had a very big smile on his face, a chubby face.
She wanted five to ten minutes he said. WE all agreed...I was excited.
“She asks me to thank each one of you for your efforts with ‘HIM’, as she referred to our heavy set buddy”. [He who was given the boot]

We removed the middle chair setting it off to one side; taking our respective seats waiting for her return.
AS I waited I thought about her..., and me. She’s about 20 years my senior and yet she turns my crank. From what I’d seen thus far her skin was aged, face, chest, arms etc..., but easy on the eyes.

My brief glimpse up her skirt left me with ‘AN’ insatiable desire; a powerful lust to see more. Her upper leg looked creamy to me...oh so creamy...I love creamy white thighs.

She entered the room whilst I was perv-ing. She’d changed to a skirt that was a little longer, and not as tight fitting. Her top was the same, or maybe not. It did look like I could see more breast...but I could be wrong there.

She sat on the bed opposite us as before. Crossing her legs she pulled herself back on to the bed about 3 feet. Keeping her ankles crossed.

Keeping her shoes on the bed...she bent her knees. As her knees rose I could feel myself getting’ excited.
Her skirt fell away for an instant;
“WOW”! --- Right up the skirt...dark blue panties...same hose. She had changed but I did not care...God she has gorgeous legs...with just a hint of a pucker.

I watched her roll about on the bed..., keeping her ankles crossed all the time, showing panties. Her hands always in play; God the class the woman showed was amazing. She even did head down ass in the air, exposing only leg.

After several minutes of this she rolled on to her back and raised her legs...bent at the knee ...her skirt slipped up or down, depending on your perspective.Showing allot of those legs of hers... I was rapt.

She allowed her skirt to move along those legs until I could see her panties, her bare upper thighs, and a hint of pussy.
“Oh God”! --- I mouthed, or spoke...I couldn’t help it...she’s so beautiful.

She moved about on the bed...ankles locked...for I don’t know how long...but when she unlocked her ankles I know I made a noise, or at least I think I did...I was lost.

Showing, her thighs, her panties, her crotch...I could see her lips beneath those dark blue panties. She rocked from side to side as she removed her panties...slipping them seductively along those legs...
‘MY GOD’--- my eyes could not get enough; pure euphoric rapture..., I was drowning and I did not want to swim.

Some-how I’d slipped from my chair...resting upon my knees...totally immersed in what I was see-ing... I never knew it could be like this.

I recall or think I recall the guy beside me touching my arm. I think as they were leaving, but I was lost in my mind...see-ing over and over and over...images of what I had seen.

Suddenly, or so it seemed...her face was right in front of mine... I felt her hands touch my face as she helped me move to the bed. She sat on the bed as she had before; after a brief moment she lay on her back and opened her legs for me. MY face rushed to her pussy bury-ing itself in her pink folds.

I kissed and licked this lovely woman’ thighs and pussy like I never licked and kissed a woman down-there before. There are no words to describe the feeling.
Eventually I sat on the floor off the end of the bed on my knees panting like I’d just run a mile. I kept staring at her; she was wet from my mouth..., my saliva all over her pussy and inner thighs.

She had an orgasm, I never knew until she told me.

As my breathing began to return to normal she sat up, and looked at me;
“Thank you”, she said. “You made this more than I could ever have hoped for”.

I looked at her face, loving ever thing about her;
“I wish I was small enough so I could live in your vagina for the rest-of my life”.

She smiled and slid across the bed, kissing me she said;
---“what would you do while living in my vagina”?

“AS you slept I would play with your ‘G’ spot and give you climax’s”.

“--- if I squired”!

“--- I guess I would get a head-ache from hitting the sheets”.

She laughed;
“Bud, my husband is going to invite you to our house in Florida. ... You can spend the whole week in my vagina”.

We had a beer together before I headed out; I needed. Our conversation was great; we seemed to get along very well. I gave my phone number to them.

I walked by a couple sitting in the court-yard of this Hotel as I left. She sure was a looker. I nodded and he returned my acknowledgement.

When I hit the street I turned left...walked several feet then stopped. Turning I looked up at the ‘POLICE’ sign on the –K.L. Library building;
‘Right I thought to car is the other way’...
[I noted the familiar red and blue reflection of emergency bars from the alley. I wonder what happen]

‘FLORIDA...I’m going to’!


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Nice start for lots of that sweet nectar. Keep us informed,

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