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This is my first entry. As such, there is a bit more back story than some of my other future entries. I find the more I write, the more I'll get into it and (in my opinion) the better the storytelling becomes. Having said that, hopefully you'll enjoy them. Please feel free to comment or provide constructive criticism as this series is the first time I've ever really written anything fictional.
Tardiness is definitely one of my top pet peeves. I despise waiting for someone else and yet here I was, fifteen past eight in the morning and my superior was giving me a short lecture regarding the “dos and don’ts” of work etiquette; as if I were a child. I am perhaps one of the...more younger members of the office, but hardly a child, although half Asian genes surely weren’t helping. My mother, at the age of just 55 looked absolutely stunning and would frequently remind me that Chinese women always looked younger than their Caucasian counter-parts, a remark that both my Caucasian father and I were inclined to agree upon.

At the age of 24 I could probably pass for a 20 year old, maybe an 18 year old if I really pushed my luck, but who wants to be 18 again? I certainly don’t. Late nights studying, writing papers, and working rigorously formed the vast majority of my late teen and early adult years. Despite this, the stressors of academia did not seem to impact my appearance. My lightly tanned skin is smooth, my lips are full, and my eyes are dark and deep. To cope with the stress I worked out religiously, whether it was through running, a few weights, or yoga and am proud to say that this is reflected in my firm toned buttocks, my long slender legs, and flat stomach. I stand at 5’4 when barefoot. My breasts are perky, and on the larger side of a B-cup. I have black hair that falls to my mid-back when let loose, although I currently have it in a bun.

I rubbed the back of my heel as I sat there, waiting for this man’s monologue to end. Although at a modest 3 inches, running in these black heels was never a good idea, even if it was just for a few moments to catch a train. But they really matched the rest of my outfit. I was wearing a white blouse that was stylish enough to not be labelled a prude, but conservative enough to not be labelled anything obscene. Small silver tear drop earrings hung from my lobes and a fairly tight black pencil skirt hugged my round bum and hips. In my haste today I did not wear any leggings or stockings of any kind, which I thought was fine considering that the pencil skirt, when standing, stopped just short of my knees. Sitting here now however, I kept having to tug my skirt down and couldn’t help feeling grateful that my superior was sitting behind his large mahogany desk. There was no way he could see that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

Finally, I was dismissed.

“Fuck, that took longer than I thought it would.” Jenny was holding out a cup of coffee for me as I sat down at my desk.

“I know. I feel that he is constantly lecturing me about something. One day it is about tardiness, the other day it is about filing....Honestly, I really feel that he is treating me like a child and is exaggerating everything!” I let out a sigh of exasperation.

Jenny was quick to reply.

“Its just because you’re young, and have only been her for a few months. And, you know... everyone here knows how big of a hot shot you were coming out of university. He’s just being hard on you because he knows you can be really successful, thats all.”

Despite the semi-cliche remark from Jenny, I couldn’t help but appreciate her input. I had heard it before, if not from her than from Mr. Hansen himself; my boss. It wasn’t that he was mean or even particularly strict. He just seemed to critique me all too frequently and never praised me for things that I did well.

“Ya, I know, I know...I’m just glad its Friday.”

Jenny sat back down after feeling that her advice had had its impact. Our work stations were right across from each other. Jenny was both a friend and almost a mother figure for me every since I started working here. She was older, but at 30, Jenny was breath-taking. She had a grace and elegance to her in how she carried herself in the office. Her poise, her posture... At 5’11, she was tall for a woman, and loved to show off her height and body. She had straight blonde hair highlighted with streaks of light brown and large D-cup breasts, of which I was absolutely certain were completely natural. A small stud decorated her nose. She would frequently joke that it served as her one small act of rebellion when growing up.

Jenny knew how to have a good time. After divorcing a few years ago, she would often share stories with me of her sex adventures; young men she seduced, sex-parties she would attend, toys, threesomes...there wasn’t much she hadn’t indulged in. Jenny herself was well known amongst her friends for throwing her own sex parties.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I too have had my fair share of sex. Nothing like Jenny mind you, but, despite my rigorous studying habits, I was fortunate to have had a few boyfriends and explored my sexuality enough to know what I liked and didn’t like.

“Are you coming tonight,” Jenny asked as she put her glasses back on and swiveled her chair to face her laptop screen.

I had completely forgotten about Lorenzo’s get together. Lorenzo is one of Jenny’s close friends but it would be more accurate to label him as a “friend with benefits.” Jenny recently told me that he had been promoted at work and was throwing a small get-together at his apartment to celebrate. Jenny had invited me a week ago.

“I completely forgot Jenny! I think I’m going to be here until late tonight. I’m sorry, I don’t think I’ll make it.” Having missed a few days of work because of the flu, I had a great deal of work to catch up on and I refused to bring it home with me.

“Yes you will silly! Just come straight from work to his place when you’re done here. It doesn’t start until 9pm anyway. You have plenty of time. Come on Malika! Its been a while since we had a good time outside of the office. It will do you good. You get to sleep in tomorrow and everything.”

I paused and finally looked up from my work and nodded. She was right...again.

“Alright, I’ll be there.”

“Great! Honestly, this isn’t anything like the other parties I throw. This is just a small get together with a few close friends. Really.”

I glanced at the time on my laptop screen. Just past 9:30pm. I leaned back and had a good stretch letting out a sigh of relief.

Despite having been at work for over 12 hours, I felt energetic and was pleased with myself having made a good deal of progress with work. It was time to leave. Tossing aside the remains of my take-out sushi and coffee cups, I tidied up my work station and slipped my heels back on. Before exiting the building, I stopped off at the washroom for a quick self check. I undid my bun, letting my hair flow down my back, reapplied a bit of make-up and unbuttoned the top button of my blouse.

‘Just a little bit of a show for the others.’ I thought to myself. I then left for Lorenzo’s apartment.

As I arrived, Lorenzo himself greeted me at the door.
“Jenny will be really happy to see you Malika,” he exclaimed as he gave me a hug. Most of Lorenzo’s friends called him Enzo. He was of Italian descent, was roughly the same height as Jenny when she wasn’t wearing heels. He had dark brown hair and sensitive green eyes that juxtaposed his large working hands, thick muscular arms and prominent chest. I caught myself imagining that the rest of his body was equally well muscled as Enzo led me to Jenny in the kitchen.

Jenny, drink in hand was being her usual self, entertaining a group of men and women with more of her stories. She looked ravishing in her skinny jeans, 6 inch heels and blue top to match her eyes. The top was divided down the middle so that each of Jenny’s magnificent breasts were cradled snugly in its folds. The fact that everyone could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra made her outfit all the more magnificent.

Just as I was beginning to feel a bit out of place wearing my work clothes Jenny spotted us and made her way over.

“I’m so glad you showed up!” She exclaimed and gave me a huge hug, my face sandwiched between her tits. With those 6 inch heels, Jenny stood well over 6 feet compared to my 5’7, and that was with my own modest high heels on!

I stammered “I would have dressed up a bit more had I known -”

“Oh don’t be silly,” interrupted Jenny. “You always look great.”
She glanced at Enzo who nodded in agreement.

“Besides, I’ve already spoken to one or two guys here who find the whole secretary look a big turn on.” She let out a warm laugh and playfully nudged me.

We sat together on the couch, sipping away at our drinks and gossiping as the living room buzzed with conversation and laughter. Jenny had stayed true to her word. Despite the number of guests here, Enzo’s party overall was well behaved. The music wasn’t too loud, and although wine and cocktails were being passed around freely, only a few people were really drunk.

“This is nothing compared to all those crazy stories you’ve told me about,” I exclaimed, as I nestled back into my seat. I was nursing my third martini.

“I wasn’t kidding when I said its just a few people. No, you’ll have to come another time for those type of parties. At my place!” She gave me a sly wink and leaned in closer to me.

“See anyone you like?”

Being close friends with Jenny, for all its benefits, does have a few disadvantages. For one, she knows virtually everything about me. I had confided in her a few weeks ago that I hadn’t had sex in months and missed it terribly. Since then she was constantly asking for updates regarding men in my life.

Apart from Enzo, I hadn’t paid much attention to the men in the room up until then and did a quick scan.

“Who’s the guy in the black v-neck?”

Jenny and Enzo shared quite a few friends and she was quick to dismiss my choice “Steve’s an arrogant selfish prick.”

“Hmmm, the guy in the black jacket?”

“Over in the corner chatting to Enzo.”


“All the good ones are,” I drained the last of my martini and reached for a bottle of wine. My pencil skirt was really riding up and I could feel my face starting to grow warmer. It was hot in the room and I undid another button from my blouse.

“What about Derrick over there,” Jenny said. “He’s single and a firefighter!”

“No... I don’t find him that good looking to be honest. Besides, I want someone who doesn’t look so...” I paused searching for the right word. “Intimidating,” I giggled.

“So you’re looking for a guy you think you can control,” teased Jenny. “I didn’t take you to be the dominant type Malika,” she laughed and brushed aside her hair.

“I’m not! Just, I don’t know. Its been awhile since I’ve fucked anyone and I want to feel like I’m in control. have no idea how horny I am right now,” I said with a rather serious face. Satisfied with my reasoning, I boldly continued on “Seriously. Point out a cutie and if he’s single, I’d strongly consider at least approaching him.”

“You approach a guy? Oh my gosh, I have to see this!” She leaned back into her seat. Although I was certain that Jenny knew I had drunken perhaps a bit too much, she didn’t make any comments. Nor did this prevent her from exclaiming loudly “ok, I’ll call your bluff!”

Drinking wine, her eyes cooly surveyed the room.

“What about Roy over there? The guy in the black shirt with freckles. Black hair...See him?” She eagerly looked at my face, anticipating my reaction.

I scanned the living room and finally found who Jenny was talking about. I could see why she was grinning so much.

“He looks like he is frickin 16 years old,” I shouted, before going into hysterics. Jenny shared my antics before claiming that Roy was actually 18 years old and not a virgin.

“How on Earth would you know something like that?”

“Because Roy is Enzo’s cousin! He moved to this city for university recently and Enzo said he’d show him a bit of a good time. He’s mature for his age believe me. And smart. Enzo wanted to show him a bit of a good time tonight. Who cares if he looks a bit young. No one said this has to be a relationship. Just go up to him, talk to him. If you like him then...” her voice trailed off. I could tell that she doubted I would do anything.

I looked back towards Roy. He did look young. But he was cute. And legal.

“And Enzo would be ok with it?”

“For sure,” said Jenny. “Roy is spending the night in the guest bedroom.” She nudged my shoulder upon saying this.

A long pause ensued.

“Fine.” I drained what must have been my...7th? 8th glass? But who’s counting, and stood up, pulling my skirt down.

Jenny’s eyes widened and she hastily stood up with me. Her voice was all high and squeaky with disbelief. “Wait, actually? You’re going through with this?” She was smiling broadly.

“Yup! How do I look?”

“Hot.” Jenny reached out and unbuttoned my third button. My cleavage was practically spilling out of my blouse at this point but I didn’t even notice at the time. Turning around I marched straight towards Roy who was hovering in the corner of the room alone, nodding to the music and drinking a beer.

‘Yes, he will definitely do’ I thought to myself as I approached. He looked incredibly cute standing there. Although 18 he still had boyish features and an innocent look about him. I found myself growing surprisingly hungry for him as I got nearer and nearer and mused to myself whether or not this is what men felt like approaching an attractive woman.

I’d be lying if I said I could recall our entire conversation. Bits and pieces about university and the city. He was single, studying business, and like me...drunk. His lips were full and succulent. The few times I made him laugh I was taken aback by his beautiful white teeth.

About half an hour went by of us just chatting. God, I really was horny. Between the heat of the room, the alcohol, and this adorable teenager in front of me, all I could think about was experiencing pleasure. It really had been too long.

Teasingly, I stroked my hair back behind my ear and stood up straighter so that he’d have a better view of my breasts. It worked and I caught his eyes gazing at my cleavage. The poor dear darted his eyes away quickly. What a doll! He really was trying hard. I bit my lip and interrupted his monologue.

“Roy...I saw you looking. What do you think?”
“Of, umm, of what?” What a cutie! He was stammering. I was making him sweat.

I took quick look around. The two of us were in a corner of the room, fairly secluded from they eyes of everyone. Except for Jenny, who I caught looking our way. I decided to bring up the antics a bit.

“You know what silly... Do you like what you’re seeing?” I took a step towards him, pulling my blouse a bit lower so that he could see more of my cleavage.

“Uhh,” he let out a silent nervous laugh and swallowed hard “yeah. They’re ummm, they’re really nice.”

“Ya? Do you think they would feel nice too,” I cooed into his ear as I pressed my breasts into him. Our bodies were right up against the wall now. My nipples were starting to harden and I felt a glimmer of heat in between my thighs. My hand glided up his pant leg.

“Yes,” he whispered. I could feel his chest moving up and down in shallow breaths. A hard growing mound started pressing into my pubic bone. I starting getting a bit wet upon realizing how excited I was making him and in a move that surprised even myself, I pressed my hand into his crotch and squeezed my fingers lightly around the growing bulge.

He let out a silent whimper of delight and I clenched a bit harder. Leaning in I nibbled on his ear and whispered “if you want to see how good these feel naked,” I pressed my tits harder against his body “then take me to a room. Right now.”

Roy didn’t need to be told twice. He took my hand and led me straight to the guest bedroom. I didn’t get a chance to see the expression on Jenny’s face.

Although all the lights in the room remained off, enough light was shining in through the window via the city lights and moon that I could make out the entire room. It was relatively small and had a double bed in front of the door. Roy sat himself on the edge of the bed facing the door, which I turned and shut; locking it to make sure we weren’t disturbed.

As I turned to face him, he stood up and enveloped me in his arms. As if we were both starved for affection, we devoured each others faces for a few moments, groping, squeezing, and stroking one another blindly. I allowed the moment of alcohol induced, mad heat to continue briefly before gently pushing him away.

I unfastened the rest of my blouses buttons, tossing the shirt to the ground. His eyes didn’t leave me.

“Bet you would do anything to see these tits right now, hey cutie?”

“You have no idea,” he said, in between pants.

“This skirt has been bugging me all day. Why don’t you help me get it off.” It was more a demand than a question. He obliged. I turned to face the door so that he could unzip it from the back. As he was doing so I pressed my ass into his impressive bulge and swayed side to side for a bit. After he unzipped it, his hands moved to my stomach and down around my crotch. I slapped his hand playfully and turned around.

Slowly I wiggled my way out of my pencil skirt, letting it drop around my ankles, proudly displaying my perfectly shaven pussy. God I was so wet! I could feel his eyes drinking it all in, his hand stroking his cock through his pants.

I felt empowered. Admittedly the wine and cocktails were having their impact on me, but I embraced it. After all this time without any attention, my breasts were aching to be caressed, I was craving some cock, and I was so deliciously aroused. Not wasting any more time I unfastened my bra strap, my breasts finally spilling free from their confines. Naked, I walked towards Roy, still fully dressed and pressed my body into his as our lips locked for another few moments of wild, unexplained lust.

My body was flushed and felt hot compared to his cool skin. We let ourselves fall onto the bed.

“Play with my pussy,” I demanded, surprised at the command that left my own mouth.

Roy propped himself on his stomach near my pelvis and began to caress my thighs. My pussy was already so wet.

“Skip the teasing. I just want your fingers inside me!”

He obliged, immediately sliding two long thin fingers inside me. The warm feelings of past time familiarities flowed through me. I had missed this so much. I leaned back and started playing with my own breasts, squeezing my nipples and slowly rocking my pelvis. Roy worked admirably, twirling his fingers against my G-spot again and again, exploring every crevice of my long neglected pussy. He continued stroking against the folds of my skin until I grew too restless.

“I want your pretty mouth on my pussy,” I harshly whispered. Roy looked up at me stunned, but only for a moment. His full lips pressed into my hard clit, kissing it firmly. I moaned at his touch, encouraging him to go on. When he unleashed his tongue on my wet slit and clit I nearly came right there and then. His warm tongue and full lips felt heavenly and I gripped his hair and pressed him into me harder as I moaned “yes! Eat my little pussy!”

Hungrily he ate me out, moving his thick lips and tongue around inside me and along my clitoris. God it felt incredible. My toes curled and my abs tensed as a wave of pleasure washed over my clitoris. Warm feelings of electricity pulsed through it and I pressed my body into the bed. I had had my first orgasm from another person in months.

“Oh my God. Come here,” I pulled on his hair, “suck on my nipples,” I demanded.

Roy’s wet mouth did as it was told. His elegant long hands found their way to my breasts as he massaged and squeezed them together.

“You like my tits...hey? Sucking on my hard fucking nipples,” I slurred “these what you pictured in the living room?” I was having fun with more dominant role. So uncharacteristic of me.

I gently pushed him to the side and rolled on top of him, squeezing my breasts in his face. The alcohol had gotten the better of me, and, without any form of rationalizing, I tore open his shirt. Buttons popped all along the midline, falling into the creases of the bed. I didn’t bother apologizing and dug my nails into his chest before hastily undoing his pants. My lips met his large mouth as my body burned with desire.

“Wait, shouldn’t we at least -” he stammered. I cut him off, pressing my mouth against his harder. My hand frantically slid down his body. It found his cock and I pulled it out quickly jerking him off. It had been too long. Far too long since I had felt a cock in my hands. I picked up the speed. Roy had completely shaven his pubic hair, much to my liking, and his long shaft felt smooth and almost silk like as I ran my hand all along it, tugging as I neared the head of his penis.

I wanted him to come. I hadn’t been with a guy for so long. In an odd twisted way I needed to prove to myself that I could still get a guy off. Prove to myself that I still had it.

I stroked is cock faster, twirling my wrist at the top of his shaft to add to his pleasure. I could feel the precum oozing out of him and used it to add further lubrication. I flaunted my supple breasts in front of him, cupping one with a free hand and squeezing it. I could hear his shallow frantic breaths. He was about to cum...

No, I needed him to cum but I needed to satisfy my own needs.

“Where are your condoms,” I breathed heavily into his ear. Frantically Roy fumbled about at his bedside table and produced one condom.

“Open it,” I told him. My hand slowed its pace a bit. I couldn’t have him cum just yet.

Without any objection I took the condom from him and carefully rolled it over his smooth penis. Grabbing the top of its head, I didn’t waste any time or listen to his comments as I straightened up. In my drunken state, I clumsily guided his long slender penis into my hungry pussy.

He felt incredible. A wave of pain and pleasure wafted through my pussy. It had been way too long since I had felt a cock inside of me. Inch by inch I lowered my body, my pussy wrapped around his member. After the initial wave of pain vanished, I wasted little time going all out. I placed my hands on his chest for support, got myself into a partial squat, legs close together and, almost savagely, continued to drive my pussy and ass up and down repeatedly. Slamming on his cock I let out a flurry of groans as my breasts bounced freely and my pussy leaked its juices all over his cock, providing ample lubrication for the violent pummeling Roy was receiving.

The ride was short lived, but incredible. Roy’s body tensed as he let out a long moan followed by spurts of “holy shit.” He pulled me close, pressing my breasts against his chest as his cock went limp inside me. Gingerly I lifted my body off of his and collapsed at his side feeling extremely happy with myself. I still had it.

“Oh my God. That was amazing,” marveled Roy. Comically, he passed out soon after that, much to my amusement.

But it was okay. I had no regrets and tomorrow, I would wake up and be back to my usual self. This was just a bit of uncharacteristic indulgence I told myself. I had never been the one who was more experienced or in control in a sexual encounter and was pleasantly surprised that I had enjoyed as much as I did. It was refreshing.

Despite this, as I lay there drifting to sleep, I found myself missing the times where I was the one being dominated. Where I was the less experienced one. Times where I was the one who was feeling new and unexplored sensations.
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