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Part 1 left off with Malika spending the night at Enzo's guest bedroom after having sex for the first time in months with a stranger. I would strongly recommend you read part 1 to fully appreciate part 2 and understand the back story but you certainly don't need to do so to enjoy this.
The morning hangover was surprisingly manageable. Despite my romp with a relative stranger, I woke up feeling quite satisfied and guilt-free. Last night felt good and was needed. I turned on my side and saw Roy still fast asleep. It was almost 10 am and by the looks of things, I was certain he would be out for at least another hour or so. I got out of bed, still completely naked, and looked for a robe amongst the clothes in the guest closet. The silk light robe would suffice. I tied it around my waist and quietly closed the guest room door behind me. Afraid to wake anyone else up, I quietly made my way barefoot to the kitchen. No one else was there. I grabbed some orange juice from the fridge and paused for a moment. I could hear some faint noises, almost like a patting sound. Curious, I followed where the noise was coming from. It was becoming more prominent, and just as I realized it was coming from Jenny’s room, I heard a faint moan. I froze for a few moments, uncertain what my next step would be. The door was open ajar and the noises continued. I could hear soft words of “yes” being repeated. Finally, curiosity got the best of me and I approached the room and looked in.

I was treated to a full frontal view of Jenny’s stunning naked body. She was facing me in the doorway, in the reverse cow girl position, on top of Enzo’s cock. She was leaning slightly backwards, her arms supporting her weight whilst Enzo’s hands were around her hips as Jenny pummeled his cock up and down into her pussy. Her breasts were moving freely, in synch with the furious up and down motion of her hips, her legs wide apart and bent to further support her weight. I stood there, gaping at the beautiful image in front of me. Hungry for a better view, I pushed the door a few inches wider.

Jenny must have heard, for she looked directly at me for a few moments before smiling. The up and down motion of her body didn’t skip a beat and she let out a long moan. Biting her lip, she raised one hand and, with her index finger, beckoned me inside.

I hesitated only for a second. Slowly entering the room, Jenny, still being fucked by Enzo’s thick cock, looked in the direction of the lounge chair that was just to my right. I sat down and continued to watch. Jenny had now rammed her pussy down hard and was grinding back and forth on Enzo, all the while fixing her eyes on mine. I could feel my clit starting to engorge and the inside of my own pussy getting a bit wet.

“ feel so good inside me. I want you to do me doggy.” Jenny moved on to all fours, her head still facing me. Enzo got onto his knees and must have seen me for the first time because he hesitated and looked at down at Jenny with a look of shock and embarrassment.

“You heard me. Do me doggy, right now in front of Malika. I want it. I want it so badly,” pleaded Jenny. Enzo didn’t need anymore encouragement as I watched him thrust his thick cock inside her pussy.

“FUCK,” gasped Jenny.

Enzo began making slow, long deliberate thrusts. He raised his hand and slapped Jenny across the ass as she let out groan. Her breathing was shallow and frequent. My own pussy was throbbing and I unconsciously found my hand raising to caress my breasts. Jenny noticed this too and demanded that Enzo fuck her harder. He obliged, and pulled her hair so that her back arched. She let out a satisfied noise of approval, as, like jackhammer, he drove his cock in and out of her, his abs tensing with every movement, as a thin film of sweat coated his magnificent body.

My hand had by now unfastened the robe I was wearing. One hand was rubbing my breast whilst the other had found its way to my clitoris. God I was so wet and horny. As Enzo’s pace continued to pick up, so did my own and I was now rubbing my clit in circles furiously. Enzo’s eyes kept darting from Jenny’s perfect ass, to my naked, masturbating self.

He finally let out a long moan, his thrusting became more robotic and eventually he stopped thrusting all together as he reached down, wrapped a muscular arm around Jenny’s toned abs, and pulled her up close to his body. Both were now on their knees in a moment of intimacy as he had climaxed. Jenny’s nipples of those perfect D-cup breasts were pointing straight at me. Jenny was smiling, and as Enzo slid back into bed, she cast a seductive look at me and beckoned me closer. I obliged, sliding the robe completely off. I could feel her eyes devouring my body as I approached, admiring my firm breasts, my hard dark nipples, my flat stomach, and my long legs. Our lips locked in a moment of tentative passion and I could feel her hand already on my lower back, pulling me closer to those enormous breasts.

“I want your mouth on my pussy,” she whispered in my ear.

She laid back down, grabbing the back of my head as she did so, guiding my lips to the sweltering, delicious mess of pussy juice, and cum.

I began by licking slowly around her thighs and pubic bone, inching my tongue closer to her wet engorged lips. Cautiously I wrapped my lips around her clitoris and began to suck.

“You’re such a fucking tease,” giggled Jenny and she wrapped her long legs around my head, pulling me in closer.

I unleashed my tongue, swimming its tip along her clitoris and the folds of her vagina before entering her with two of my fingers. My lips and tongue never stopped moving as my one free hand moved its way up to Jenny’s breasts. I had fantasized about feeling them from the moment I first met her, and finally, here was one of them, being squeezed and massaged back and forth by my hand. Jenny shuddered as her hips began to sway. She was about to cum and I sucked and licked faster. Grabbing my hair and pulling me even tighter to her sweet pussy. Like a vice it gripped my two fingers hard and she groaned loudly as I felt her reach a strong orgasm.

“Let me taste it,” she pleaded, and I dragged my bare body over hers and pressed my two, pussy drenched fingers into her hungry mouth. She sucked them thoroughly as my mouth found her hard nipples.

“Fuck you are good at eating pussy, but now I want you on your back” and in an instant Jenny used her superior strength to move me. Flipping me onto my back, she straddled me, pinning my arms to the bed. “Enzo, grab the strap-on in the top drawer, I’m going to fuck this pretty girl until she cums all over me.”

In my lust for Jenny, I had completely forgotten that Enzo was still in bed, watching. Tilting my head back I saw him remove a bottle of lubricant and massive dildo attached to an odd looking contraption from the bedside drawer. The dildo was a light purple and at least 9 inches long. It was incredibly life like and later on, I would learn it was made from silicone rubber. Despite its impressive length and girth, Jenny had no difficulties strapping it around her waist and before I could protest to what was to come, Enzo had already pinned my arms above my head. Between his strong grip and Jenny on top of me, I was absolutely helpless. Surprisingly I felt exhilarated! The mix of anxiety from the sheer size of what I was about to take in combined with my utter inability to move was enough to completely drench the inside of my thighs. My pussy was dripping wet, begging for Jenny to have her way with me.

“Do you want this massive cock inside you?” growled Jenny as she slapped my breasts, her own jiggling as she did so.

“Answer me!”

“Yes,” I whispered.

She slapped my breasts again. “Louder!”

“Yes!” I cried out, “please, put it inside me...I want it inside me.”

Jenny leaned over, her breasts rubbing against my own and planted a long deep kiss on my lips as her hand found the opening of my pussy.

“Please, I want it inside me. Put it inside me,” I was begging now.

Jenny knelt back and began to rub the massive dildo along my opening. Back and forth. I was practically dripping onto the bed. She pressed the gigantic head inside. Fuck, it felt so good, but I wanted more.

“More!” Holding my legs up, she slowly pressed deeper and deeper.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God...” left my mouth in short, shallow breaths, as I could feel the dildo pressing in. It was so deep already and it just kept going in, stretching my tight pussy wider and wider. I felt so incredibly fucking full.

“Fuck,” I gasped as it pushed into my cervix. I had taken as much as I could and still Jenny pushed a little bit deeper.

“Fuuuuck” I shouted. I was squirming around, flexing my feet and wrists, but Enzo continued to hold them down whilst Jenny corralled my legs and held them wide. The dildo was buried deep inside my pussy, and I could feel both an enormous amount of pain and pleasure tingling inside of me.

Satisfied that she couldn’t squeeze a few more inches into me, Jenny started to slowly move her hips back and forth. Slowly the pain started to subside and I just laid back and gave in the glorious deep fucking that Jenny was giving me. I could feel the whole plastic shaft sliding in and out of me, pressing hard against the entire circumference of my pussy. Her pace had quickened and my whole body started to tremor with pleasure.

At this point I glanced up at Jenny and saw the mad lust in her eyes. She was loving this as much as I was as she kept pummeling my sweet tight pussy over and over with hard deep thrusts. Craning my head back I could see Enzo, with his own impressive cock now fully erect, its vein virtually throbbing, begging to be tended to.

As if reading my mind, he shifted his body over, still keeping my hands pinned down with one of his enormous hands and held his beautiful cock in front of my mouth. It was Jenny that demanded I suck it. I obliged.

Hungrily I wrapped my full lips around his head and began to dance my tongue around it. Enzo moaned quietly and leaned his hips forward, pressing his cock deeper into my mouth. His washboard abs were in full view. He had let go of my hands and I quickly gripped his thick shaft with one of them, whilst the other went to explore his abdomen. Twirling my hand around his shaft I attempted to force his cock as deep as my throat would permit all the while Jenny kept fucking me. I could still taste Jenny’s sweet pussy on his cock and eagerly twirled my tongue in every direction imaginable.

“Yes, just like that. Oh, you are so good with your mouth,” whispered Enzo. Gagging, I removed my mouth to gasp for air, his cock, drenched in my saliva. Just as I began sucking his cock again I could feel my pussy start to tighten even more as a warm glow began to irradiate from my stomach down. My hips buckled widely as I glanced down at Jenny and the combination of seeing her fucking me with the strap on, and Enzo’s cock in my mouth was too much. I came in a sudden wave of ecstasy, pussy juice seeping out of what little space remained between the dildo and my vaginal walls.

“Oh my God, we have a squirter here,” marveled Jenny, grinning from ear to ear. She leaned in and put the dildo to my lips. I engulfed as much of it as I could, tasting my sweet nectar. Unfastening the strap-on, Jenny rubbed her four fingers on the outside of my convulsing pussy.

“Let see how much more you can give me hun,” and with that Enzo quickly retracted back and pinned both my hands to the bed once more with one hand. I was helpless with Enzo’s his free hand squeezing my nipples.

There was wetness all between my thighs, oozing down to my asshole, and a small puddle on the bed sheets. Jenny’s two fingers slid in me with great ease. She was using her middle and ring fingers in a curled like fashion and was pressing up into the ridges of my G-spot. Her pinky and index finger, like vices, gripped the exterior of my pussy’s lips. She immediately started to stimulate my G-spot, hard and fast she moved her wrist as if it were possessed. I could hear liquid inside me sloshing about as I let out a barrage of moans. Enzo held my body down as I began to thrash back and forth in a moment of possessed euphoria. Jenny’s pinky was gliding around the entrance to my anus, and provided a kind of stimulation I had never experienced before. It was heavenly.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum again...I’m going to cum again.” I arched back, my toes curled and my eyes rolled into the back of my skull. My mouth opened wide in an “O” shape as I let out a loud long moan before my eyes shot back open and... silence. All the air in my lungs had disappeared as liquid fired out of me like a tap, all across Jenny’s forearm, drenching her sheets. I squirted for what seemed like hours as wave after wave of pure bliss struck me. It was the most powerful orgasm I had ever had.

My body went limp, and crossed my legs as I lay there, paralyzed in content.

“Please, no more, no more,” I gasped. Jenny leaned into me and kissed me softly.

“You’re done, but I’m not. You still need to satisfy me my dear.” Skillfully, she flipped me to my side and crawled on all fours on top of Enzo, who’s cock was standing tall and proud, ready for her. After a few minutes of giving him head, Jenny slid his cock inside her own pussy and began to grind it slowly.

Having climaxed, I wanted to return the favour to Jenny and moved behind her. I gripped her breasts, squeezed her nipples, and sprinkled kisses all along her neck. Reaching back, she grabbed my head and pulled me over her shoulder for another kiss. Our tongues danced amongst one another before she instructed me to put the strap-on around my waist. I was surprised but immediately obliged as Enzo grabbed Jenny and pulled her close, locking into a passionate kiss, her breasts rubbing across his chest. He positioned his body for better leverage and began to thrust his cock up into her more vigorously. As I fumbled with the gigantic dildo, Jenny burst out “fuck my ass!”

A short pause. Enzo kept fucking Jenny’s pussy, but now slower.

“Malika! I want you to fuck my ass,” Jenny repeated.

I now knew what the lubricant had been brought out for. Slowly I coated it all along the dildo, then applied it to my fingers. Enzo had paused and allowed me to coat Jenny’s asshole with my fingers.

“Yes, just like that...please fuck my ass,” she whimpered. With Enzo’s cock still deep inside Jenny, I tentatively pushed the dildo inside her tight little hole. Her body stiffened, but only for a second. Surprisingly, the dildo slid in easily and I went deeper; clearly this wasn’t Jenny’s first anal experience. Her hands tightly clenched the bed sheets as she let out an authoritarian and loud “yes” of approval.

I thrust deeper. Enzo also resumed his thrusting. Two adults completely filling up this gorgeous creature to the maximum she could cope with. I loved it and picked up my thrusting, gliding the massive dildo attached to my hips in and out of Jenny now with ease. She was groaning and whimpering like a bitch in heat, occasionally spewing incoherent sounds of ecstasy. Her beautiful round ass was right in front of me and I spanked it a few times much to her delight before leaning over and squeezing her bouncing breasts.

I kept thrusting downwards until finally I heard Jenny scream out “Cum with me Lorenzo. Cum with me.” She buried her head next to his, gripping his hair with her hands and closing her eyes so tightly I thought she would crush her eyeballs. A soft gasp escaped her lips and I heard Enzo groan as he too went rigid. Jenny had a few convulsions before Enzo’s drenched cock slipped out of her. Neither of them moved and I tentatively pulled out the dildo from her tight asshole without too much difficulty. Jenny let out another gasp followed by a few shudders as the last few inches left her anal canal with a pop.

Satisfied, I collapsed on top of Jenny’s back.

I must have dozed off because when I awoke, both Enzo and Jenny were no longer in bed. Startled, I grabbed the robe I had been wearing and fumbled my way out of the bedroom. Jenny was in sweat pants and a tank top reading a book with a cup of coffee.

“Hey there beautiful,” she greeted me.

Sheepishly I greeted her back.

“Ummm, listen I’m sorry if I-”

Jenny cut me off. “It was AMMazing. I loved every moment of it so don’t you even worry about a thing. I don’t even know what on Earth you are apologizing for... ”

“I don’t know. I thought that maybe you’d be offended with Enzo being involved and everything.”

“Oh don’t be silly. We both wanted it badly. I’m just sorry he didn’t fuck you too. I wasn’t sure if you were comfortable letting him, despite the blowjob. Fuck that got me hot. Oh and the way he held you your arms down! You really got off to that!”

I giggled and let out a sigh of relief. “Yes, I have to admit, I really enjoyed that.”

“You should consider bondage Malika.”

“Maybe next time,” I teased.

“Aahhh, so there will be a next time,” Jenny teased back. “I now have you hooked do I? Little miss goody good is developing an appetite for the creative, is she?” Jenny winked at me, and flashed her brilliant smile.

“Maaaaybe...” I confessed.
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