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1970's - Italian city school girl goes out to deliver her scout cookies but finds trouble in a changing neighborhood.
Lisa the poor little kidnapped Girl Scout stood on the dirty floor in the dimly lit old garage.
She was strung up by her arms behind her back. Her young body stretched, exposed for the old men around her to see. Parts of her scout uniform tattered and stained still clung to her but she was naked from the waist down.
The Girl Scout -1
The Gril Scout -2 Daddy

The men surrounded her, Laughing, drinking smoking. They had all either fucked her mouth or cum and pissed on her. Cum dripped down her leg as she had her first fuck.

Raped and fucked, tormented and abuse she had reached her first climax. Now she waited, helpless at the total mercy of her captors. Her mind raced.
What would they do next? What would happen? Was she missed yet? Her Mom was probably still not home. What would they do with her. Would they have sex with her again?

She felt so many pains but more than anything her shoulders ached. Every movement pulled painfully on her shoulders. Her personal areas ached from the rough fuck. She suffered bruises and cuts, not serious but all painful. How could they do this? Why did they hate her?

The mood of the men was deepening, driven by booze and pot and of course, the sight of the helpless
piece of white meat strung up before their eyes. There was a driving lust. A lust to fuck this white girl.
Inherent in all men, a combination of lust, hate, desire.

Whirling through all the men were thoughts of what they would like to do. What they had always dreamt. What they had always talked about. Fuck a young white Bitch.
Now they had what they wanted all these years.

Grady had been first and he was all smiles. Some of his cum dripped from her crotch.
Man dat sum good shit, dat fo sho. Fuckin hot, feels so good.
He relived the moment talkin how good she was, how good it felt.

Bubba The ToolMan stepped up. He would be next. An old burly black man his face showed the
the hard life of his many years. His face was pock marked and his hands rough and calloused from
years of hard work.

Lisa could feel his hands on her ass.
A rough caloused finger probed her. His finger pushed inside her stroking probing, twisting.
She could feel his nails and his rough skin. The she could feel two fingers and then a third.

NONO Don’t Stop

His fingers twisted round and round. Then he fucked her with his three fingers brutally penetrating
her. In and out his fingers moved, stopping only to stroke her clit. He massaged her and the fucked.
Dat one sweet pussy, Dat fo sho.

Done, he walked around, took his hand, smeared his fingers on her face and then stuck his fingers in Lisa’s mouth.
Taste it, suck it clean.
Gagging but no choice but to obey Lisa sucked down the cum and pussy juice from his hand.

Now Girl, I got something special for you. I am Bubba and they call me the tool man because
I got all kinds of tools. This hear is a power staple gun. I got an adapter on it an it has a clip
of staples they use for pallets, extra longs the call them.

What are you going to do with that. Are you crazy. No NOOOOO
Bubba fired a staple into an nearby board. BAM BAM
Yu gonna be next. NO NO You are Crazy.

THUMP! Lisa hit the ground when the cable holding her up in the air released.
Laying on the ground she felt the instant relief on her arms.
She immediately began to beg. Crying. Please no more.
She tried to crawl away. A pathetic useless attempt to escape.
She tried to get up but was pushed down.
The sorry fucked bitch was at their mercy.

Where u going cunt?

SCRREEECH. She saw Bubba drag over a wooden saw horse.

Arms grabbed her and pulled her up over the saw horse. The held her ankles and tied them to the legs on one side. Her legs were spread along the side of the legs of the horse.
Sweet. Fuck look at dat shit. Ready fo sum mo fucking honey.

Lisa closed her eyes, it was so hopeless, so helpless. Her wrists were tied to the saw horse legs
at the other end.
As she lay cruelly on the top board, her breasts spread on either side.
The gang watched in anticipation as the tool man took up position behind the
helpless Lisa strapped to the tool bench sobbing waiting.

Yu gonna git it now, dat tool man some mean shit.
Bubba, do it, do it.

The power stapler Bubba had could shoot staples a good distance. Bubba took up a spot
about a foot from the little bitch Lisa’s ass. He shot a staple and missed on purpose but
Lisa recoiled at the sound.

Two staples lodged in the bitch ass. Small blood trails and small bruising appeared.
Bubba, go man. Staple dat ass. Hit her again. Staple it Man

Lisa ass meat twitched, muscle’s contracted as she reacted to the staples.
A slight sound and she jumped.

Looked at ass jump Bubba, hit her gain.
Her ass meat quivered just from the sound.
BAM BAM Lisa screamed as Bubba fired again. The staples were lodged deeply.
Good bite to dem MF’s. Loook how they dig in.

He Stepped back again – BAM BAM BAM BAM more staples slammed into Lisa’s ass.
She was crying screaming while the men only laughed and told Bubba to shoot again.
Yea dats it staple dat ass, Dats it.
Please no more. Lisa was trembling crying begging him to stop.
BAM BAMBAM rapid fire.
While she was still trembling Bubba was inside her. He grabbed her ass with
His big rough hands pulling her toward him as he thrust deep inside her.

Fuck her hard man. Fuck dat white shit man.

To Be Continued

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2015-08-06 05:41:06
bat man

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2013-05-27 09:48:09
Well now this one was much better than the last part. Liked the staple gun idea but why not use it on her tits and nipples as well as her young tight ass or perhaps her clit...

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2013-03-01 00:30:19
Very impressive!!! She is very smart and has a tlanet! Cant wait to see her progress in this area! Sorry we havent visited in a while.. but we are catching up now and will be asround regularly!Your impressed friends,the collies and chuck

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2013-01-26 06:04:02
stop with damn crap about with abuse already god have some compassion for her ...being staple in the rear end that sucks .... i hope she gets away from the black mens safely.

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1st two god
thrd one crap

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