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It was the last 2 weeks of school, and I was going over to my girlfriend Jeni's. I go over there every friday or saturday. Went i got there me and her older brother messed around for a little while with some two lightsabers. We were really bored. So we messed around and got all sweaty and that fun stuff. ( I met Jeni through her brother)

After awhile it got dark and we went inside to mess around on the computer and I went into the kitchen and found Jeni. We walked to the living room and got comfortable on the couch and started to watch MTv2. We started to talk about our days and that stuff. Eventually we started to kiss, her tounge probing the inside of my mouth, mine doing the same to her. I had my hands on her back, and i slowly started to move my right hand up to her chest. I started to lightly squeze and massage her 36c breasts. She didnt say anything so i started to do it harder. All the while making out. Soon i found that she liked it better when i squezzed and rubed it softly. She started to buck her hips lightly into my thigh with each close of my hand on her breast. Then i moved my other hand around and griped her ass. She started to pull back and moved my hand back... After awhile her mom came to take me and amber home. (Amber is her brothers girlfriend.)

We all got in the car and headed back to town, (they live pretty far out in the burbs, and me and amber live in the center of town.) Anyway, me and jeni got in the back. It was 11p.m. and it was dark enough to kiss a little in the back seat, and her mom doesnt care anyway. So we made out a little on the trip home. After getting home i got on my computer and waited for jeni to get home so i could talk to her on msn. When she signed on her name was "i had soo much fun tonite (wink face)." The first thing i said to her was, "really?" She said "Absolutly, if you can come over saturday night, i just may let you give me another massage (wink face)" I COULDNT WAIT FOR THE NEXT NIGHT. When i got over there on saturday at around 3p.m. She came outside to greet me. She was wearing this button up blouse and a really really short skirt!!! Before i even got outta the car i could feel my rod growing. She said hi, and i gave her a kiss. We walked inside and i said hi to her brother. Amber was there already and they were on the computer looking at something, i didnt see it. Amber and Jeni went off to a different room. Me and mark started to talk about some rpg shit that we liked to do ocassionaly and were scheduling another table-top game for the next weekend when amber and jeni walked back in. They had gone to jeni's room, and when they came back, amber was in a skirt too, she said that she had borrowed it cause it was so hot outside, and she was getting warm in her jeans. So we all hung out in marks room, and listened to music.

Later that night we ordered some pizza. We were all eating in the living room and watching tv when mark and jeni's mom came in and said that her and jeni's dad were going out for about 4 hours. She also said that she trusted us not to do anything bad, and not to have anymore people over other than the regular people that lived just up the street. I said jokingly, "Awww Man, Mrs. Wiliams did you have to ruin the plans." And she said "Haha thats very funny Tyler but you better be kidding." In all truth i was being honest, little did i know that amber and jeni had something else planed. After they left and we finished pizza. We all went into marks room and messed around with some cards. Played a little poker and what not. When we got bored, jeni told me she wanted to watch tv. So we went downstairs and turned on the tv. She dropped the remote on accident and bent over and that was the first glimpse i got of her luscious ass, she had a small white/purple polka dotted thong on... My cock grew in about 3 seconds to fully erect. All of a suddend jeni says "So tyler, what about that massage you promised?" I said "Of course!" I leaned into her and we started to kiss. I moved my hand up to her breast and started to rub her genltly, after awhile she placed her hand on my hand, and started to make me rub harder. She was bucking gently into my thigh again. Soon she pulled away, grabbed my hand and started to pull me upstairs... i assumed we were going back to marks room, but just as we got to it, she sped up and we kept going to the end of the hall.... TO HER ROOM! Went we got in there she pulled me over to the couch in her room... a big plush suede couch. She fell down backwards and i fell on top of her. We started to kiss again. As we were kissing we rolled over so i was on my back and she was laying on top of me. I still had my hands on her back but she had moved up a little, so I gently led my hands down the back of her legs to just above her knees, and slowly started to rub upwards. When i got to the hem of the skirt i stopped for a sec. When she didnt say anything, i moved my hand under the skirt and started to grab her ass. I started to massage her ass and she started to buck on me again. All of a sudden she stood up and walked across the room, i got up and walked after her. She told me to lay down on the bed for a sec. So i did. She walked across the hall and to the bathroom.

After about 2 mins she came back in and i noticed through her white shirt that she was very hard, and i was pretty sure that she had no bra on. She climbed onto the bed, and started to kiss me, she started to move her had down slowly and before i knew it she had her hands on my zipper. She undid my pants and reached into my pants. When she felt my fully erect 7" she started to breath heavily. She said "can I look at it?" I said "absolutly" and started to pull my pants down. She took it into her hand and started to rub my cock up and down. "It feels soo good, can i...? well lick it?" "Uhh sure" She slowly bent down and started to take my cock into her mouth, her breath on the tip of my dick felt soo good. She was amazingly deep and could swallow it all. I she started to move her head up and down. It got to the point that i was gonna cum if she didnt stop soon. As if she read my mind she stopped all of a sudden. She started to crawl back to me and asked me if it felt good. "YES!" Then she kissed me and sat up, i sat up too and started to take her blouse off. As i suspected she had no bra on. She must have taken it off in the bathroom. She turned around and faced me in just her skirt. She had beautiful breasts. He nipples werent to big, and they were very perky, in fact she could have gotten away without a bra. I stood up, and took my shirt off. I pressed my self agaisnt her and we started to kiss. I reached down and undid the buttons on her skirt. If fell to her knees, and then i quickly realized that she had also taken off that sexy thong. I laid down on the bed, and she climbed on and started to lower herself onto my dick. I grabed her hips and forced her down on to my cock. She was so tight, and forced my entire dick into her, she screamed in pain. I had popped her cherry. She started to moan, as i bounced her on my dick. Soon she started to moan in pleasure, and was lightly saying "Ohhh im going to cum" So i started to force my dick into her harder and faster, just as she screamed and her pussy contracted i started to shoot load after load of cum into her tight cunt as her juiced started to flow down my cock. she collapsed beside me and we just layed there for about thirty seconds and then outta nowhere the door flys open and amber bursts in....


2005-09-13 13:32:05
excellent you should tell me what happens next.....with me


2005-06-04 01:06:51
finish it w/ part two. What happens with amber man? If you get some threesome action going on there that would be sweet. great job.


2005-05-25 11:31:22
very nice . Keep writin very good for first try


2005-05-21 11:34:35
Nice story and everything, could have made it longer, and its open to a sequel... make a pt 2 plz, and use our advice


2005-05-19 23:25:28
Good story 10/10

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