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Chapter 2: An unexpected Arrival

Four months later...

Harry turned the page of the Daily Prophet, on the second page of the paper there was a large picture of a boy he did not recognize holding a golden cup with the headline reading. |WIZARD STUDENT AT THE SCHOOL OF STRAWGOH IN AMERICA WINS THEIR FIRST TRIWIZARD CUP. Harry glanced over the article with little interest, although he had never thought about wizarding in other parts of the world, he had little interest in anything to do with the Triwizzard cup. The days paper was thin and he quickly finished glancing over it and set it down on the table while picking up his glass of butterbeer.
Harry had been staying in this small hotel for about a week now. He had grown too bored at Grimmauld place and had needed to get out some. He had thought about going over to the Burrow to see Ron and Hermione, but still did not think he was ready to see them yet. So instead he had apparated nearbye to the forrest he, Ron and hermione had all stayed at durig there hunt for the Horcruxes. Surprisingily while he was hiking he stumbeled upon a small town called Nogard. It was a very quiet town here, altough even here the people knew who he was. Although normally this bothered him to have people looking at him like a god, here in this town he slowly began to accept it and just learn to ignore them.
He spent most of his time in the inns bar. The bartender there was one year below Dumbeldore while he was in school and told many good stories of Dumbledore and his time at Hogwarts. Stories such as one time when one of the professors had asked Dumbeldore to be his duel partner example, and then Dumbledore had beaten the professor made Harry laugh.
Harry noticed as he was walking up the stairs back to his room that his overall demeanor was lifting. He was starting to come around on all the pain and remorse he had been feeling. He had been thinking of pain his whole life, maybe that made it easier for him to come to grips with it now. He arrived at his room in the inn. He tossed his shoes to the foot of his bed and lay down and streched out across the bed. He wandered how the other two were doing at the Burrow. He closed his eyes and thought about Ron and Hermione probably cuddeled up consoling eachother throughout this time. Mrs. Weasley probably had Ron upstairs sharing a room with Ginny and let Hermione have Ron's room. Harry starting thinking while his eyes got heavier if he had been there now. He would be on the couch trying to sleep, Ginny would constantley be trying to corner him like she always did.
“Harry why don't you want to be with me! So all those kisses, you saving me multiple times,everything we have been through! You are trying to tell me it was for nothing!” Thats what she would always say to him. He could see her waking him up at night trying to pin him on the couch and trying to force an answer out of him. Harry's eyes got heavier as he drifted farther. Luckily this is when Hermione would always come in and save the day. Like she always does, Hermione would walk down the stairs and quietly grab Ginny and take her back upstairs and tell Ron to keep her up there. Then she would always come back down for awhile and sit next to him to make sure he was ok. He would always give the same reply of “yes, she just doesnt get it.” Harry drifted further.
And she would always respond with, “ I know Harry, you will be ok, Your the Chosen one, im sure it wont be hard for you to find another girl when the time is right.” she would say with a wink. She was always so sweet to him in his time of need. He wish he was there to help her like she always did. While she was sitting next to him he could of asked her how her and Ron were doing, or atleast held her hand or hugged her... Would she have wanted him to hold her? Would that have helped? He dreamt of her talking to him on the couch and him consoling her over a big fight they had had. He knew how much she had helped him he wanted to return the favor. He grabbed her and pulled her in for a tight hug. He wanted to let her know he was sorry for her, and that he was grateful for everything she had done.
While hugging her he had noticed how soft her skin was and could her hair smelled. He took a big wiff into his nose, and with this Hermione recoiled and asked “did you just smell my hair?”
Harry stammered”...uhhh no...”
“Yes you did! You just smelled my hair, does it smell bad or something!” She took a large fistful of hair to her nose looking embarassed.
“ Haha no Hermione it smelled soo good, im sorry I didnt realise I was doing it!” Her hair was still in her faise but she made contact with Harry. It was very dark in the room but he could still see her deep brown eyes in the illumination of her wand looking at him. “What?”
“Tell me!”
“Hermione please im sorry for smelling your hair!”
“Still nope, I couldnt tell you not with Ron and Ginny right above us.”
“What what do they have to do with me smelling your hair, just tell me!”
“No Harry I dont want to tell you, I want to show you.”
“Show me whaa?” And before he could even finish his sentence Hermione had grabbed him and swung her legs around him. She was now sitting chest to chest on him pulling his face into hers. She pressed her soft lips against his mouth and pushed his lips apart and let her old wet tounge begin to trace his. He wrapped his arms around her backed and pulled her closer to his chest. A soft gasp of breath left her lips as he did this. For what felt like hours they contiuned to kiss passionatley. Hermione was rubbing his hair while she pushed her face harder and harder against his. Her tounge was doing laps around his.
Harry began to feel his pajamas trying to force his penis back down, but having Hermione on top of him was making it to hard. His mind/ and his penis began to want more. He slowly let his hands slip down Hermiones back as she continued to press her wet lips against his. Finally his reached the top of her pajama bottoms, and he began to let his hand try to slip under the elastic, he was so close he opened up his hands to clasp her Ass in his han.. “TAP TAP TAP TAP!”
“What the bloody HELL!” Harry yelled as he sung himself up from his bed. For a few seconds he forgot where he was. He let his eyes wander around the room until he realised he was still in his room at the inn. “ It was just a dream Harry, It was all just a dream. A dream that Hermione and Ron will never hear about.” He was sweating, even though he knew it was a dream he still couldnt help feel slightly guilty. He could only imagine what his friends would think if they knew about him dreaming about Hermione like that. He continued to sit on the bed thinking about how real the dream had felt. He had never thought about Hermione like that before. I mean obviously she was attractive, probably one of the most attractive in Hogwarts. But ever since saving her from the troll she had just been his friend, an only that. “
“TAP TAP TAP TAP!” Harry had forgotten the loud tapping that had woke him up. He quickly went to the door grab the handle and with a swift movement opened up. He was surprised to see that the hallway was empty. He pinched himself as he stuck his head out into the hall making sure that he was still not in a dream. “TAP TAP TAP” Apparantley he was going crazy he thought to himself, he closed the door and turned around and that window to his room he saw an owl. He was surprised to see and owl at his window, surely no one knew that he was here. The owl was carrying a white letter which he quickly snagged from her beak. He gave the owl a pat on the head an a brush down her back and she quickly flew away. He walked back over to his bed and sat down while he looked over the letter.
He was instantly in shock. The letter was from Hogwarts. He quickly tore at the seal on the back of the envelope and opened it up, and began reading.

Dear Mr. Potter
Eleventy-Seven Inn room 4
I professor Mcgonagall am proud to announce that Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizzardry will be open this term. Repairs (and a few additions) have been made to the castle and with no threat of danger, I feel the need to return to the Hogwarts of old and let the MAGIC begin. Obviously all students are more than welcome to decline such invitation if they feel unabligged to come. Please respond with your decesion immediately. Your book lists and schedule are included on the second page.

P.s. Harry if you chose to return you will be Head Boy and Captain of the quidditch team.

P.s.s. Ron and Hermione have both already said yes.

P.s.s. You really should stay In a better hotel the bartender never even went to hogwarts and the maid is part troll.

Harry was taken aback, he had not even thought about returning to school let alone the school being rebuilt so quickly. He sat there in silence thinking over the letter re-reading it over and over again. Ron and Hermione had already said yes. The more he thought about returning the less he wanted too. He enjoyed being away from all the conversations of the war, and of all the “fame” people thought he deserved. If Ron and Hermione went, he wondered if that meant he had to go. Surely he couldnt be on his own for that long.
Harry decided to take some time to think about it. He went back to his bed and decided he would make a decesion in the morning after he had slept it off. So he fell asleep drifting off slightly hoping guiltfully that he would have another dream like before..

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2013-01-25 13:12:46
impossible to read. and the h/hr came out of nowhere after the first chapter that hermione is in love with ron and harry with ginny. it made absolutely no sense. feel free to pair whoever you want but don't you think that it must make sense inside the story and not coming out so fake?

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