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In part 2, Malika had just finished participating in a threesome with Jenny, a tall blonde with large breasts and Enzo, a muscular Italian who is close to Jenny.
My sexual appetite had increased remarkably since that morning. Three weeks had passed since and I had slept with two strangers. To give you an idea of my previous activities I had only slept with two men the past two years before Jenny’s party and one of them was a boyfriend. I was beginning to think that Jenny’s comments regarding my appetite for sex were becoming true.

This was verified Monday when Jenny and I were on our lunch break. She had gotten a call mid-way through. I could hear disappointment in her voice and she hung up with a deep sigh. She looked upset.

I asked what was wrong.

“You know I host those sex parties...”

Yes I did. I have already mentioned Jenny’s own appetite for sex and her numerous sexual adventures, many of which were realized through her famous, monthly sex parties. She had shared such stories numerous times and had also invited me on occasion. Each time I declined.

“Well, I was supposed to host one this Wednesday, but my apartment is being painted. I just got off the phone with them and they said they would need the whole of Wednesday and Thursday to finish it.”

“I’ll host,” I blurted out.

Jenny looked at me with skepticism.

“I’m serious. I’ll host it if you can’t.”

Jenny leaned closer, now grinning from ear to ear.

“You know they can get messy right? I mean, we are talking about like, 14 people.”

I knew all this already. Jenny was picky about her sex parties. All 14 guests, including herself and Enzo were regulars. This party, like most of the others would be composed of 7 males, and 7 females, all of whom knew each other very well. The guests were always composed of adventurous couples, most of whom had been together for a long time, or were already married. The age spectrum ranged from mid 20s to early 40s. Each participant had regular STD screenings, and knew the rules inside out, including, no cumming inside another woman, unless you were wearing a condom. Other rules included, you were only allowed to decline an activity once, and all acts were to be carried out immediately upon drawing the card. There would be no postponing or rain-checking of a sexual act.

Jenny flashed a wide grin from ear to ear and clapped her hands.

“Yes!!” Jenny exclaimed. “I’m so excited. That means you are obviously going to be there this time!” She laughed. Her glee was evident. “Don’t worry about bringing a plus 1, this is your first time so I can make an exception. Oh my God, I’m sooo excited! Ok, so let me tell you how this is going. You’re sure about this right?”

“Of course I am! You’ve been trying to invite me for months now, and I feel like I’ve turned over a new leaf. I want to be there, otherwise I wouldn’t have even offered hosting.” I smiled. Jenny’s excitement was beginning to rub off of me.

“Ok, well Wednesday worked best this time around because everyone could come. What’s going to happen is all of us are going to show up, obviously, and ummm, well, you know how it is! Usually we socialize for a bit, sometimes there is a bit of you know...”

Jenny was referring to drugs. I had forgotten about this and to be honest, the thought did bother me a great deal. But I felt that refusing now on the basis of this would disappoint Jenny too much, so I repressed my new found anxiety and allowed her continue on.

“If there are 8 or fewer, sometimes we just end up having just one massive orgy, but this time everyone is coming. So we will do the usual and play that card game...”

She continued to explain but I had heard it so many times that I memorized it. Jenny would compile 3 groups of blank paper cards. At the beginning of the party, cards would be passed to everyone. Each person would write their name down, and then Jenny would collect all these pieces of paper. She would separate the males from the females, shuffle, and alternate the stacking so that the cards were arranged male, female, male, female etc.

The second stack had sexual activities on them. Examples ranged from the less scandalous such as giving a lap dance, making out, a touch session, all the way up to oral sex, and full on sex.

Closing their eyes a person would draw a card from the first stack and shout out the name. The named person would then pull a card from the second stack and read out the activity before drawing from the third and final stack.

This final stack of cards had pre-written numbers on them; “1” and “2.”
“1” indicated that the person who’s name had been drawn first, drew one additional card from the stack of names, “2” indicated they drew two cards from the stack of names. This basically told the person who they would be doing the activity with and whether it would be with one, or two of the people at the sex party drawn. Jenny assured me that there were always more “1s” in the stack than “2s” but other than that it was all completely random.

“I think you and I should start setting it up right after work on Wednesday. Any questions,” asked Jenny.

I didn’t have any.
“I can’t wait until Wednesday,” I said.

Jenny and I both left work that day at the same time at 5. We dropped our stuff off at my apartment and went out for a light supper. After we had finished, we made our way back to my apartment and began cleaning up my living room, where we decided the festivities would take place. My living room is open and adjoins to the kitchen. The only thing separating the two is a large island counter and Jenny suggested we place all our alcoholic drinks on it. Enzo showed up shortly afterward already dressed and ready to help.

He looked hot, wearing a white V-neck t-shirt that show-cased is body quite well, and light tight jeans that highlighted his sculpted ass. We continued to collect a variety of chairs and cushions I had, setting them up along the walls of my living room. Enzo pushed my one sofa to the side to provide further seating. We then swapped my small rectangular dining room table with my coffee table, so that it was the sole object in the middle of my living room. As I finished clearing the magazines and cups off of it, Jenny called out and suggested that we start preparing ourselves as we were both still wearing our work clothes. Enzo stayed behind and contributed to some of the alcohol already on my island counter. It was 8:30pm.

We went into my one bedroom. Jenny had brought a change of clothes with her to work that day and without hesitating she began stripping. God she looked good. I could never get over just how gorgeous she was. I began undressing as well and helped her slip on her short one-piece dress, pulling the zipper up her back. She turned around and gave me a warm, unexpected kiss. I could taste her strawberry lip chap.

“Hopefully more to come later,” she giggled and rather seriously asked me what I was going to wear. With Jenny’s help, I settled on some sexy red lingerie. A red, frilly bra that pressed my breasts up and cost a fortune considering a how little fabric was actually on it. Matching it I had red frilly panties that hugged my ass. I then decided on a simple black silk top that revealed just one shoulder, and an extremely short black skirt that I could simply unzip from the side of my hip and whip off when the time came. I white belt around my waist, large hoop earrings, and 6 inch high heels completed my outfit.

It was 9:30 by the time Jenny and I were done changing and I hadn’t realized that some of the guests had already arrived. Enzo had been entertaining them in Jenny’s absence. I glanced at the array of liquor that we had procured on the island counter. My eyes settled on a basket of condoms and gel capsules. I pulled Jenny to the side and asked what they were.

“Ahh those,” she grinned. She nodded curtly in the direction of a short man with sandy-coloured hair. “One of James’ creations. The man is a biochemical genius. Graduated with top honours and everything. I don’t know the exact science, but basically those pills make you horny as fuck! He said they’re like super concentrated aphrodisiacs or something. We had a bunch of them at our last party. He says he’s still working out a few of the bugs and stuff, so they aren’t legal or for public use yet but I’m telling you, they work way better than ecstasy,” she laughed. She then handed me a simple shot of Tequila and told me not to worry so much. I scoffed the drink down and was quickly given another drink. She was right. I didn’t have to take the pills, even though I was certain that a few of the others had.

After a few drinks and some mingling with the new guests, I began to loosen up a bit. This was fun and I enjoyed the attention my outfit was getting. Being new to these, otherwise exclusive events, I certainly felt like I was becoming the center of attention. Compliments about my looks were lathered on me, surprised claims at my mixed race and ethnicity, interest regarding my job. I answered all the questions I was asked that night rather openly.

It was 10pm now and I marveled at how much my apartment was beginning to look like something from the United Nations. There was a black couple, Jerome and Chantelle, mid 30s I guessed, both of whom were tall, rather slim and extremely fashionable. There was Neil, a tall man who looked very much like Nordic God, with long blonde hair and a short trim beard. There was a beautiful small Thai, maybe Filipino, female, named Tina. She probably was a bit younger than me. Eduardo, a Hispanic man who wore a smart simple sweater, glasses, and a few wisps of grey hair. It seemed that every characteristic imaginable was in some way represented and they were all here in my apartment, ready for a night of pleasure and ecstasy.

Amidst the chatter and music, I heard the door knock one last time. Despite being virtually next to it, Enzo managed to answer first. A short blonde lady with brown eyes entered followed by her plus 1. My heart skipped a beat, just for a moment. He was absolutely gorgeous. He flashed Enzo a brilliant white smile and the two embraced, exchanging pleasantries. I heard Enzo say his name, Alex.

He was about 5’9, 5’10; in my high heels it was difficult to gauge. He had dark brown hair that came up in tight curls and caramel coloured skin. Alex’s lips were full and his eyes extremely dark, almost black. When Enzo introduced me, Alex’s eyes fixed on mine and I could feel myself almost being pulled into him. I can’t explain it, but those eyes stripped me. It was as if he could see into me completely, decipher my desires, my dreams, my fears, and my thoughts. I felt quite exposed. Now, I know some women would strongly dislike this; but not me. To me, it felt like he could see me as whole person and accepted me without judgment. The feeling was strangely refreshing.

I snapped out of it. You’re being silly and childish I told myself.

“Very brave of you to host this,” Alex said, cracking a devilish grin. We chatted for a few moments; about how I knew Jenny and Enzo, if I was excited about tonight... what I did. Small talk. He was funny though. Twice he made me laugh, poking fun at some of the guests, including himself. I teasingly poked at his stomach to show my appreciation. Solid six-pack. My eyes flickered over the rest of his body, noticing his chest through his long sleeve sweater, his biceps... I’m sure we would have continued talking if not for his plus one coming back to his side, suggesting they get drinks. He politely excused himself and together they walked towards the island counter, where Jenny greeted them with open arms.

I stared at his ass as he left, tight and firm, his legs long, and his shoulders broad. Although he was thinner than Enzo, Alex’s body screamed athlete, and I knew that underneath those clothes I would find a well-sculpted man.

Mental images of what I would let him do to me were interrupted by Enzo. His vast arms ushered me to mingle with the rest of the guests.

About half an hour went by. I had had a few more drinks but was feeling good. Whilst mingling with other guests, my eyes constantly were drawn back to Alex. We locked eyes once and I blushed, turning to face another direction hastily. A few times I caught him looking at me as well. Clearly we were checking each other out. Finally, I managed to catch Jenny on her own. She had just finished collecting everyone’s name cards.

“What can you tell me about Alex?”

“Aah, Alex. Have you got a bit of a hot spot for him?” The question was clearly rhetorical. “Enzo told me you two had a bit of a spark going between you,” she giggled.

“Yeah, but who’s the girl he’s with,” I demanded, scared of the answer to come. She was the only thing preventing me from socializing with him. I know it was a sex party, but the game hadn’t begun yet, and I was afraid that I would be overstepping my boundaries.

“Oh, first time I’ve seen her. She’s new. Alex was seeing someone a few months ago. Quite seriously actually. They were together for a long time...” she trailed off, “but it broke off for whatever reason and they both have managed to move on. That girl here tonight,” she pointed at the blonde. She was sitting next to Alex in the living room, where most of the guests were waiting for the games to begin.

“I wouldn’t worry about her,” Jenny continued, “she’s just a date. Nothing serious in Alex’s mind. So if you really want him, you better cross your fingers hard that you draw his name! But I’d say go for it! Sex-party or not.” She winked at me and hustled into the living room.

Relief washed over me. He was single. At a sex-party usually reserved for couples, I no longer was the one anomaly. Alex was single!

Everyone was now seated, some with a few drinks in their hands. I noticed that their were fewer aphrodisiac pills on the counter and some of the condoms were also missing. Music was in the background, and Jenny thanked everyone for coming. She reminded everyone that I was the host, which was met with thanks and applause as well as some affectionate whistling. And just like that, the game began.

Emily was the first name drawn. A young woman stood up eagerly and went to the center of the room. She had porcelain skin, light blue eyes, and kinky wild red hair that dropped past her shoulders in tight spirals. Jenny held out the second stack of cards and Emily pulled the top card off. “Oral,” she shouted and held the card up as if in celebration. Some jeering and whistling followed. She went for the stack of numbers and pulled out a “1.”

Emily slowly spun around, looking at everyone in the circle. “Who’s going to be the lucky guy...”

“Or girl!” A Korean girl joked out loud and laughter ensued. Emily laughed too and pulled a card from the stack of names.

“James!” Applause rang out. James looked sheepish but happy as he took his glasses off his sharp nose.

Emily spun to James and slowly walked her way to James, swaying her hips as she did so. “You very very luck boy.” She straddled his lap and gave him a kiss. James’ girlfriend looked on in excitement. Someone hollered “tie his hands,” and this too was met with shouts of support.

His hand bound behind his back, Emily went on her knees and aggressively unzipped his pants, before pulling them down to his ankles. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. Without her hands, Emily craned her head sideways and gingerly inserted the head of his penis into her mouth. I leaned sideways to get a better look. James’ girlfriend unbuttoned his shirt and began to make out with him. Emily’s head bobbled up and down between his legs, wet slurping, gurgling noises resonated throughout the room as James’ dick grew harder and harder.

Although I definitely wasn’t drunk, the combination of liquor in me, the noises, and site of this fine fiery red head giving one of the sloppiest blowjobs I had ever seen was getting me very wet. I could feel my nipples pressing into my red bra as everyone was now crowded to this side of the room to watch the show.

Part way through, Emily paused and straightened up. She pulled off her turtle neck sweater and quickly yanked off her bra. I was surprised that two perky well shaped breasts spilled out, the turtle neck hid them well. Her pink puffy nipples were perfect in size and she did a shimmy for everyone to appreciate them before she bent back down and resumed sucking off James. James’ was enjoying the view very much. We all were. Finally, James’ girlfriend slid down next to Emily and started squeezing her breasts which was enough for James’ body to go rigid. Emily gripped the bottom of his shaft with a hand and urged him to cum inside her mouth as she furiously twirled her lips around his head. He came instantly after that, much to the delight of everyone watching. Emily, like a good little slut, swallowed everything and stood up, breasts heaving, opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out for everyone to see that it was all gone.

Lots of clapping and cheers followed and James, looking extremely content thanked Emily, kissed his girlfriend and looked like he was about to pass out, as he sunk back in his chair, not bothering to pull his pants back up. Emily remained topless too as she skipped back to her seat next to her own boyfriend who squeezed her nipple and kissed her on the cheek.

Jenny went back to the center of the newly formulated circle and drew another card from the stack of names. “Malika!”

A rush of nervous energy flowed down my throat and to my stomach. I stood up and went toward Jenny. Whistling ensued and more clapping. Comforted by this, I reached for the stack of activities and drew a card.
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